Friday, November 4, 2011

Occupy arrestee Kayvan Sabehgi badly hurt (armed forces veteran)

Summary from article: "An armed forces veteran was in the intensive care unit of Highland Hospital after suffering serious injuries that he said were caused by a confrontation with police during this week's Occupy Oakland protests.

Kayvan Sabehgi was among the 103 people arrested early Thursday after a day of peaceful protests turned violent. He was arrested for remaining at the scene of a riot and resisting arrest, police said."

Congratulations, Mayor Quan and City Council.

No dead .. yet.

but a lot of tension and hostility is still bubbling below the surface,, stay the course.

You’ll get your immortalization of the cause yet.. even get to have pics of you at the funeral services empathizing with the ‘cause’ , I bet.. and the inquests that will likely follow.. oh yeah, lots of pics.


He chose his side.


They’ll drag Neil Young out of retirement to perform “One Hurt in Oakland”.


Veteran or no, I have zero sympathy for these scumbags.


When I was out of the military and in school, some professor said, you are ex military what do you think about what happened at kent state. My answer, do not throw rock at a man with a gun. He never ask me another question.


In 1974, four of us ex-Viietnam vets were in Madison, WI. There were a bunch of University of Wisconsin long-haired, maggot infested, dope smoking, anti-war types holding a rally and waving their North Vietnamese and VC flags in a local park.
We watched their antics in silent disgust. Then we moved on. As we were walking along, I said: “I'd wish for one thing — a ground-to-air radio talking to two A-6E Intruders loaded with 250-pound Snake Eye retarded bombs and napalm. I'd give these bastards and bitches the experience of their worthless lives.” We agreed it would be interesting to watch.


Yeah, sucks to be stupid.

Hurts, too!


Anyone find it odd that the ONLY (supposedly) seriously injured Occuoy protestors/rioters are “veterans?” Something is hinky.

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  1. "They’ll drag Neil Young out of retirement to perform 'One Hurt in Oakland'."

    I'll admit, that made me chuckle a bit.