Saturday, June 2, 2012

Nancy Reagan endorses Romney's bid for president

From the article:

She said that her late husband, Ronald Reagan, would have approved of a Romney presidency.

"Ronnie would have liked Gov. Romney's business background and his strong principles, and I have to say, I do, too," Mrs. Reagan said in the statement. "I believe Mitt Romney has the experience and leadership skills that our country so desperately needs, and I look forward to seeing him elected president in November."

Most of these are responses to the first two or three comments on the article, one of which insults Nancy Reagan, and one of which supports Mitt Romney.

"No, he would not have."

Maybe you're right. But there is always the slight chance that she knew her husband better than you.


"Nancy Reagan is almost 91. To see her mouthing Willardbot talking points that were pushed on her is sickening. I grew up with Ronald Reagan and he’s a large reason why I’m a Conservative. Willard is the ANTI-Reagan. A dishonest, chronic liar, fraudster, con-man, megalomaniac, sociopath & incompetent leader and a Socialist (raised as one by his Reagan/Conservative hating parents). He proudly championed the fact that he did not support Reagan. RR is rolling over in his grave at this abomination."

I bet if Ronald Reagan would run for president today, you would call him a RINO.


I know Mitt Romney better than Nancy Reagan, Romney despised Reagan, and Reagan would never have wanted the GOP to come to this.

This is the worst version of what Reagan was fighting when he was leading the anti-rino wing of the GOP.
Reagan actually ran against the liberal, anti-war father of Mitt.


Do you honestly believe Ronald Reagan would’ve endorsed a Socialist like Willard and actively campaigned for him ? If you do, then you never knew Reagan. He would be disgusted at charlatans like him. These are the people he fought against his entire political career.


Everyone can breath a little easier now that we finally know who the 200 yr old Nancy Reagan will vote for.


"Did Reagan pick Bush St as his VP or not? And eventually his successor? Even at the primaries, Bush was considered from the moderate to liberal wing of the party."

I'd bet he wasn't in the top 5 or possibly 10 of who he would have wanted. But the vetting process goes far beyond the candidates choice. Paul Weyrich explained it years ago. What VP choice really comes down to in most cases is one of whom got the most support. How many will walk away if this or that person is the running mate.

IOW while Reagan certainly had input the decision was likely done by inside party politics a compromise he had to make. Basically throughout Reagan's term there seemed to be a distance the two kept between each other. Poppy Bush basically stood against all Reagan stood for as his one term as POTUS would show. 


Mitt Romney was weaned on politics, he was born into a politically aggressive, liberal, anti-conservative family in which dad was a national figure, ending in a liberal presidential run, and mother was a 1970 liberal Senate candidate.

Romney has always known and lived his liberal convictions, and his anti-conservative drive for revenge against the conservatives of the GOP, the Reagan/Palin/teaparty types who he shuns and insults even as he gains control of their party today.

Romney was anti-Reagan, he left the GOP and from 1989 to 1993 only gave money to, and fund raised for democrat candidates, he voted for Paul Tsongas in 1992, he was giving to and fund raising for Planned Parenthood in 1994.

His father had run against Reagan for the Presidency in 1968, Mitt Romney and his father formally protested the victory of the conservatives at the 1964 GOP convention in which Goldwater was nominated and Reagan gave his famous speech. Romney was anti-conservative in every way during the first 59 years of his life.


So does this mean you are voting for Obama then? I can’t wait to see the tally of Obama voters come election day from Free Republic. I will be proud to cast a vote against the American hating, God hating, Freedom hating Kenyan. I can’t wait. Hell if I was a Democrat I’d vote fifty times in each state!!!!!!!!!!!


"Reagan and Romney have nothing in common."

Bingo. One is a beloved Conservative icon. The other, a vile fraud and leftist reprobate (and just to let the Willard groupies in on a little secret, so is the Communist in the White House). 


Pretty shameful how the GOPe is manipulating this fine woman who is at an advanced age and without her stalwart husband by her side. Amazing those here who cannot admit that this is complete manipulation of an elderly person. If I did that as a conservator of my elderly relative I would be admonished by the court.


Reagan was the President the candidate that I hated because I was told to do so as a young person... and came to love, because of he kept his promises and helped me to succeed by getting government out of my way. God bless Ronald Reagan and may he punish those who so cynically use the woman he loved so much.  


Attacking intelligent, accomplished, older woman speaking her thoughts and those of her deceased husband for your own selfish lying purposes and arrogance is certainly not Christian, but the act of a weak minded, naive, emotionally acting out liberal that can't process intelligent reality. That my dear is not a conservative.
Conservatives usually have barely enough time to fight hard to get their people elected much less fight losing battles. Move on. The pacifier has pushed out your front teeth and looks odd on an older man walking around sucking on it. Even a real tit would be better than a pacifier. 


Nancy was never a staunch Conservative as Reagan himself was. Reagan loved Nancy with all of his heart... including putting up with some of her weird beliefs. I will respect her for Ronald but I pay absolutely no attention to anything that she says. Those that misuse her to promote their candidacy are going to face the FATHER and there will be a day of reckoning.

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