Wednesday, June 26, 2013

U.S. moves one step closer to Civil War – SCOTUS strikes down DOMA

From various articles (I liked this one's title the best, though). 

I don’t think this is the 1776 moment, but I believe that it is close at hand.


G-d is going to do something about it. Make sure you know Him.


Our founding fathers would have been shooting by now. No question.

We have more to lose. And they know it.


AMERICA is dead...... No more.
We are living in aMeriKa. Now get over it. Don’t get your pink panties in a wad.


America had become a deviant, evil farce of a country. A pathetic, putrid embarrassment of its former greatness. It’s no longer a country worth taking up arms to protect. However, I’d take up arms in a split-second for red-states like my state of Texas, to fight this cancer.


Civil War may the only answer. America is lost and will never be corrected without bloodshed. The rights of the States have been taken away. Marriage or gay rights is not a matter for the Federal Government but States rights. The SCOTUS are communists led and that is the final place for rule of Constitutional law could be supported and the court has failed. It has mostly now the arm of the communists political beliefs. Disappointing.


I no longer consider SCOTUS a legitimate government entity - they have joined our dreadful White House as enemies of the American people. SCOTUS has no legitimate or moral authority at all, just the power to attempt to compel compliance in some situations. We all know where it leads when the organs of government lose their legitimacy; I just hope the thugs will back off before it reaches that point.


I no longer consider this the United States of America, but a fallen, reprobate shell of what was once the most blessed nation to have ever graced the earth.


In other news, the Justices also voted 5-4 to rewrite the Holy Bible.

Somehow I don’t think they’ll get away with that. It’ll probably take Der Leader’s executive order.


First, gay marriage will be back in California and will be legalized in many other states. Then, there will be federal action to compell ALL states to let gays marry. Then, there will be direct legal persecution of all religious organizations that “discriminate” in any way against gays. As the above are happening, marriages among heterosexuals will continue to decline and the fight for polyamory will be kicked off. Also, as religions and religious schools are killed by “anti-discrimination” laws, the public schools will step-up the brain-washing and even young children will be taight by out of the closet gays who are married to people of the same sex.

It's over, folks. 


Yeah we are dangerously close to a conflict. If amnesty passes, Obamacare gets fully implemented and the coal industry is bankrupted and we still do Quantitative Easing after all that then plan on conflict to spill. Especially when fraud happens at the ballot box and the DOJ, IRS, DHS and NSA come after us. Enough will be enough. I hadn’t even thought about gay marriage until today. Then there is Sharia and Common Core and Agenda 21 and a secret attempt to get a North American Union.


Next steps the communists will take:

1. continue campaigns in each state to have statutes against homosexual marriage overturned;

2. sue traditional churches for not performing gay marriages and pressure state & local legislatures into revoking the tax-exempt status of these churches, specifically the Catholic Church. As John Marshall warned in 1803, the power to tax is the power to destroy.

3. begin in friendly local jurisdictions (CA, MA, etc.) to have the age of consent for children lowered dramatically. They will tread lightly here at first, since there is still widespread public opposition to child molestation, but once they taste some success, that will go nationwide as well.

4: Tell parents htey have no right interfering i ntheir kid’s ‘descisions’ to be gay or sexually active, or oppose anythign they want- oh wait- it’s already happening in NJ

5: Parents will no longer be able to make decisions cocnernign the care their children get- hospitals are to be the sole determinors and hsould a parent object, the parent will be arrested and the children taken away... oh wait, alreadyu happening in several cases where parents wanted secodn opinions but were denied and bullied by hospitals and chuild welfare organizations

6: Parents shall have no say as to what their kids are taught, leavign hte door open for public schools to ram perverted disgusting vile immoral pedophilic teachigns down their throats- oh wait- again, already happening

7: Conservatives shall be abused by powers over them without any way to protect themselves- yep- happenign already

on and on it goes

Our country is VERY quickly devolvign into a sewer pit


"We need to split this country”.

I can see God supporting this...more than once he called for the people to stand on one side or the other...and sometimes that meant traveling to where they took on the name of “ One Nation UNDER GOD”.

He could do it again...however I am of the mind this nation has served it’s purpose to be a “safe” haven for the worlds people...and it has become now Un-American..and no longer under God....therefore no longer “safe” from dictatorship...we’ve become one...or very close to that.


I can’t wait until God destroys them all!


Time for All Good Men to apply for a marriage license to marry the Dog - a Male Dog - and Why Stop at One Dog. Let’s do away with the Unconstitutional Bans on Bestiality and Polygamy. Damn the GOP and Conservatives.


"This is the end for this country. I expect God to unleash his full wrath on us now. He is patient, but ultimately will judge."

Thankfully he is very patient, he put up with Sodom and Gomorrah until there were less than ten good men left. So he'll put up with a lot, and give us chances to correct our mistakes. But when his patience finally runs out.... 


Jose: Hey Pedro! Do you want free, instant American citizenship!
Pedro: I'd love it Jose, but I'm at the back of the line, it will be ten years before I'm even considered.
Jose: No, No Amigo! Just say you're my same sex partner!
Pedro: But I like the senorita's...
Jose: So do I! It doesn't matter, it's not like we have to prove we are gay.
Pedro: Ha! Ha! Sounds like a plan... Seriously! Those Gringo's are such fools! 


As I read Leviticus, the next appointed day for God is July 7/8 and it is the feast of weeks or Pentecost.... that would be an interesting day to watch for news.


It all starts at the top folks. And when you have a Christian-hating president, who is probably bisexual, and who openly comes out and advocates for sodomite “marriage”, all bets are off. Elections have consequences. I would rather have Putin as president than this sickening, disgusting POS.


"Game, set, match. Now, on to polygamy!"

That's right. If people of the same sex have a "right" to marry, then so too do multiple people.

1 man, multiple women.
1 woman, multiple men.
groups of people
Mothers and sons.
Fathers and daughters.

If the argument is, that gay's can not have their right to marry be denied by the state, then the state can not deny the rights of those people involved in any of those other situations either (so long as the individual is an adult).
Clearly, this is a dangerous slippery slope. 


God gave us the rainbow as a symbol that He will not destroy the Earth again with rain. He destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah for their wickedness, but he gave no sign to say that He would not repeat this. Beware America.


Americans have been desensitized to intolerance. Mostly as a result of the Civil Rights Act and employers fear of being sued, the workplace conditions people to tolerate the intolerable or lose their jobs. Tolerating the intolerable is an epidemic in America. I agree that we are WAY past the point of no return. If we can accept a Marxist, Muslim, gay illegal alien president, we'll accept anything beyond that and we have. George Washington would be disgusted that we are more obsessed with our toys and goodies and keeping our jobs than we are the fate of America. We're more worried about being called a racist for questioning 0bama and his protected class minions than we are ensuring our children have an America to live in tomorrow. Washington walked away from a cushy life on his farm and risked death in battle numerous times to oust Tyranny from America.

The story of the 33 year old reporter who crashed into a tree is very chilling. There is more evidence he was working on exposing details of 0bama's police state. I have no doubts this guy was 'taken out' and that his car was electronically commandeered by someone else. 


This will eventually drive bible believing churches underground, sooner than later.


"Ping me when the civil war starts"

With 3% (queer) and 15% (black) of the population driving the cultural and political agenda, it won't be long. 


  1. "Tolerating the intolerable is an epidemic in America."

    Too true. The Christian right demands that we tolerate their intolerance.

  2. God, I'm glad I abandoned that sewer a decade ago.

  3. Long timer follower of Freep (from afar), so I appreciate your attention to that hive of insanity and pure hate.

    Big fan of Dalereed.

  4. "Big fan of Dalereed."

    I actually met the guy. Those are some strange folks.

  5. Quit circle-jerking the Queer Lazarus. Anything else you want jammed down your throats?

    Everything here is taken out of context. Except for the hate and the vitrol about the constitutional separation of powers, that is spot-on.

  6. "I actually met the guy. Those are some strange folks."

    Please dish. As many details as you can. I'm fascinated by the guy.

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