Saturday, September 14, 2013

Michelle Obama: "Drink More Water"

"First Lady Michelle Obama's office is holding a conference call with reporters now to tout her "New Effort To Encourage Everyone to Drink More Water," according to the White House."

Ok, so if we were to listen to her.ppffttt! What do we do when the water crisis/shortage hits?


Coming from a water buffalo herself, it doesn’t surprise me...


Like I’m going to take dietary advice from a hermaphrodite with an ass two ax handles wide...


Moochie's platforms have a definite note of tyrannical hollowness.

Laura Bush's platform was reading for children.

Nancy Reagan's was a real anti-drug message.

Jackie Kennedy completely and tastefully renovated the White House.

And, Lady Bird got some highways beautified.

But, Michelle is working to force us to eat what she wants us to eat, and then when that seems to backfire on her, when kids in school refuse to eat her tofu and weird green stuff, she comes out with "encouraging" us to drink water.

How fricking lame is that? 


To draw attention away from the daily butt-whipping Vladimir Putin is administering to President O’Bozo, the Jarrett Brain Trust is bringing Big Moochie out of the holding pen.

They hope that by turning her loose to push another of her goofball initiatives she can divert some citizen anger and ridicule away from President O’Bozo.


But.....won't this reduce the world's supply of fresh water?

What about the thirsty kids in Africa, India, etc.? 


I have enough issues with the doctors telling me to drink more. Now this IDIOT who does not have a medical degree is giving me medical advise? Already drink the required amount. Don’t want any more.
Lord I already float in the stuff, can’t drink any more of it. It is all I drink after my 2 cups of coffee, real coffee not that fake decaf made that way with poison.


Yeah, drink the kool-aid.

No thanks.


Actually, it’s good advice. But who needs it from Michelle?
My doctor told me to drink more water, or else, calcium/kidney/blood pressure problem would manifest. He’s black. I’m taking his advice.
“Drink up” sounds like she’s advertising booze. Not cool.


OMG another message from the Nutritionist-In-Chief. What a nanny state we have become - why aren't people rising up and marching on the District of Corruption demanding the FED GOVT get out of our lives? 


Out of all the spirit-lifting, affirming messages our leadership could deliver to 300 million souls the one chosen is "drink more water"?

Shocking and very Big Brother. 


When I want to listen to a low land gorilla, an ugly one at that, I’ll drive over to the zoo.
What could that criminal (forced to surrender her licence to practice law) possibly have to say that would be of any importance?


In Watertown, Wisc. which also just HAPPENS to be home to one of the largest bottling operations for PEPSICO.

Just in case people were clever!! Promote WATER in WATERTOWN! Isn't she the cutest thing?

Nope, still a capitalism-hating Marxist with an in-your-face F.U. to business. 


Right. She dines on Wagyu beef, BBQ ribs and lobster and drinks the finest champagne, while the rest of us are to be relegated to peas, hummus and water. Screw that.


Drink milk....damn....Vitamins and minerals...imagine that...

Water and soda goes with chips and other cr** food. 


This anti-American shelf ass bitch if she weren’t black or in a sham marriage with this Marxist fag would be working a fry line and eating half the product.


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    1. Totally not racist in any way.

      Lousy spacebar.

  2. Hooray for freep-impact!!!!