Friday, June 17, 2011

"Historic Marine base gets 1st-ever female general"

Article from AP via Google

Feminization of the country proceeds, closely followed by homosexualization.


I do not feel more secure.


"The Times They Are a'Changing... "

And definitely not for the better.


Parallel with Rome?

I sure feel better now that she is in charge don’t you? Isn’t it just wonderful?

Makes me retch.


"While this matters to the diversity crowd, it matters not at all to the military. I served under any number of competent and capable women in the military. Though what mattered to me was the rank on their hat or collar, not their sex."

But their sex DID matter in their recruitment and all along the line in the standards lowered for them to be placed and “succeed” and advance ahead of better qualified males "Competence" is nice but it used to be the absolute bottom line. Now it's a great reference. The feminization of the force and our culture is finshed.


It'll be hard for her to insult them about “sucking di*ks” and stuff like that. This is wrong on so many levels.


It’s a good thing we don’t have a real peer enemy right now. We’d lose a major war.


  1. Ah yes, this does indeed bring to mind the famous Roman female military commanders such as...



  2. Let me get this staight...

    Female President/CIC/3 AM red button pusher is A-OK.
    Female Marine General - and the world as we know it has ended.

    Did I get that right?

    Oh, and "suck my d*ck you pussy" sounds extra insulting when a woman says it.

  3. I *think* that poster was thinking about Cleopatra... except she was Egyptian (well, Greek). Not Roman. Also she was rather cut-throat.

    Rome sure as hell never had any female generals, nor any ruling Empresses. Women were rather unvalued in Rome, actually.

    aaaand they're not sexist, we're sexist for pointing out their sexism. Or something.

    My sister was a Marine so fuck them.

  4. So I don't know how to email you for requests so I'm just gonna post it here. Can you find some derp from when Obama completely schooled the Republicans in that televised debate about health care?

  5. Interesting that one of them even quoted the famous liberal folk singer and activist, Bob Dylan, before making a sexist comment.

  6. Is telling people to suck your dick really such a large part of being in the military?

  7. I wonder if any of the commenters are women.