Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Couric extends 'open invitation' to Palin

Summary: Couric has said that Palin would be welcome on her new show "Katie", though she added she did not think that Palin would take her up on the offer.

Poor perky Katie, when you are on the wrong end of age 55 and you looks are going what else is there? Bitterness, regret and desperation. 


Wow, Couric must PO’d that Sarah is 1) more intelligent, 2) far more experienced, and 3) far, far more attractive than she is.

Katie, Katie, Katie...give it up.

Suicide is painless.


How about I’ll talk to you after you release all those hours of interview tape that prove you are the idiot. Katie has some brass to think Sarah would help her in anyway. Sarah should invite her up to Alaska to feed some bears!


"How about I’ll talk to you after you release all those hours of interview tape that prove you are the idiot."

Sarah should point that out. Respond by saying that she doesn't have to talk to Katie again - all that has to happen is for Katie to release all of the video she has that she suppressed, where Sarah answered all of the questions fully, that Katie didn't want anyone to see. 


Katie, next to Sarah Palin you are no larger than a microbe, a germ, a virus. She is America, you are a disease.


Katie, don’t you hate it the Sarah is so much prettier than you?


It is truly amazing the fascination the unhinged, moonbat left has with Palin. Reminds me of when David Letterman joked about Bristol Palin being raped and then invited Sarah on the show.
The best revenge would be for Palin to ignore Couric.


Sarah should reverse the invite. As in invite Perky to come to Alaska and be interviewed in her Fox studio. Sarah could then be the one asking questions of Katie, and they wouldn’t be softballs.
That would be one of the most watched Fox programs in years.


Yeah, I’m sure Katie would love to gin up another controversy at Palin’s expense, it might take the heat off of Obama for awhile...


If I was Palin, I'd say "Katie, I was a TV journalist too, don't ya know, sure enough. And I'd like to interview you, eh? I will spend two days with you, after extensive research, of course, so that I can compile a long list of "Got Ya" questions. And then I will condense that down to 45 minutes of your worst, most stupid-sounding answers, and pretend that it was just a quick, 45-minute interview, and that you are obviously a complete idiot.

How does that sound, Katie? Up for it? 

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  1. So, they hate Couric because of some secret conspiracy where Palin is really a secret genius and only despicable liberal editing made her look like a moran?

    Brilliant. Quite, quite brilliant :)