Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombs Have Hallmarks Of "Lone Wolf" Devices, Experts Say

“Lone Wolf” = Muslim terrorist but we don’t want to say that.


"I bet the hotline been buzzing non stop between the FBI and the whitehut.

Find a white guy, doesn’t matter if its real, CGI, drawn by Disney or Japanese anime, just get the MSM hooked on right wing terrorists."

I'm very sad to say this, but that is believable, in this stage of our country with our current leaders. We are communist bound, and it's all over but the shooting. 


I suspect these are the same ex-spurts that told us the attack in Bengazi was caused by a video.


It is similar to Lanza and the guy who shot Gifford and the anti-war bomb in NYC and Eric Rudolph and Tim McVeigh except none of them were right-wing.

But a bunch of right wingers wanted to do it in their heart because Rush Limbaugh told them to do it.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they never find who did it because they are probably aware that the culprit would embarrass the White House.


“...When you have an agenda the facts matter little..”
The Soviet way, make your own facts.


One of the devices in the car in Times Square in 2008 was a device made exactly like the ones found in Boston. That was initially a TEA Party Right wing, white supremacist red neck... who was later found to be a Pakistani Taliwacker. FU press and FU Administration... we no longer believe anything that you say... lying to us non stop has that causal effect.


IF it was a White, Christian, Licensed Gun Owning, Republican, He would have been found, tried, convicted and executed by now.

The long delays, speculations, denials, and coverups point to the “Religion of Peace” more than anything else.

Just my opinion.


this type of bomb is used pretty often in Central Asia. Certainly doesn’t indicate Tea Partiers to me...

--- "Yeah, I mean, we're so racist we wouldn't even use Asian bombs."


"“Lone Wolf” = Muslim terrorist but we don’t want to say that."

Ditto. "Patriot's Day" is not a big deal anywhere other than Massachusetts. Besides those who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, who has heard about pressure-cooker bombs before this? There was one used in the 2010 Times Square bombing but details about it are always buried deep in the story. The fact that both of the bombs detonated and no duds were found suggests that the bomber knew what he was doing, and that suggests more knowledge than might be found reading a recipe from the internet. (Remember how Bill Ayers' friends blew themselves up in 1970 building a bomb in Greenwich Village?)

My $0.02. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck... 


I’ve followed the news for decades, and I don’t recall a “pressure cooker bomb” ever being used by an American. For that matter, I don’t recall a bomb being used by an American that was directed at “soft targets”...

Can someone correct me if I’m wrong.


Someone please explain to me why the descriptive verbiage regarding a possible perp is always an “extreme right wing terrorist”. Why not an “extreme left wing terrorist”?



Pressure cookers aren’t tiny.

If there was 1 bomb then maybe the lone wolf would be credible.

Multiple bombs mean multiple people salting them.