Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Can We Prevent A Second Civil War?"

Article here from, and I swear I am not making this up, the Jews for Protection of Firearm Ownership

Summary: Fight for your right to bear arms or a second Civil War might be a-coming.

"No other significant present day problems could potentially result in the “brother against brother” tragedy of a Second American Civil War."

Really? How about one brother increasingly appropriating the fruits of the other brother's labors?

This will 'bring it on' before anything else.


“Can we prevent a second civil war?”

First question: why would you want to?

Lest anyone fly off the handle and call that insensitive, let me say this, a civil war would not be the worst thing that could result from current situation. One side is already fighting hard, and has been for a century...and they’re winning. War isn’t pretty, but submission to tyranny is uglier still.


The biggest threat to ignite a 2nd U.S. civil war is looming--when Obama loses in 2012. Looking forward to it. (Him LOSING)


Islam has been waging jihad for 15 centuries. We fought back, briefly, in the time of the Crusades, but since then we have largely submitted to Islamic encroachment. The other side fights hard, and we try to ignore the struggle.

In the same way, as you indicate, the Left has been at war with western civilization for a long time. I would say it really began with the French Revolution in 1789. The other side fights hard, and we try to ignore the struggle.

I have no desire to delay the struggle. I want the fight, because everything I value in this earthly realm is slipping through my fingers.


The problem with this type of thinking is that despite a lot of blustery talk, who would know who to shoot? There are no clear boundaries, no enemy territory. You certainly can’t separate them as blue state/red state, as often the difference between them is just a few percentage points.

On the old Townhall forum, there was a nutbag who talked about dragging liberal soccer mom’s out of SUV’s and ending them on the spot, and that’s obviously not the answer even if soccer were truly a fair test of liberalism, which it is not.

So far, I’ve yet to see a decent explanation of who would be the targets in this civil war that some claim that they want.


The far left has taken over the democratic party and wants to punish America for its greatness. I’ll be damned If I’m going back to Mud huts and bicycles for the sake of the third world! I don’t feel guilty for America’s greatness and I don’t need to apologize to any tin pot dictator in the f’ing U.N. for my country, damn it!.....


"Who are the other side? The left? The takers? The entitled? Nope. They won't fight. Fight for what? They don't have anything morally to fight for."

The NAZIs didn't have anything moral to fight for either, but that didn't stop them. And if you closely watch the tactics of the left, and especially the unionized left, you'll see that their tactics are very similar to those used by the national socialist party in the 1930's. Except this time, the conservatives are the new 'Jews'.


"I live in the 21st century where state residence is fluid. As often as not in this century, the state you reside in is merely where your company transferred you, or where that promotion happened to be. Living and dying within 100 miles of your birth was the norm in the 19th century, but it's the exception in this one. That's just a fact.

I'm an American, that's where my allegiance lies. I served in her navy, sang her anthem, and said her pledge as a child. I was born in Colorado, I live in Texas, and plan to retire in Hawaii. That pretty much says it all. "

You pretty much sum up what is wrong with the Republic. Lincoln was a brutal butcher and destroyed the republic. You are one of his boot licking spawn. I guess your retirement check is more important than the republic. Screw you.


"who would know who to shoot?"

I bet most of us could walk through town right now and with a high degree of accuracy pick out the ones who will be doing looting and killing.

But when the SHTF they will make themselves known in no uncertain terms. Especially when things first start to break loose.

They will be the ones looting the local stores and the houses on the next block, driving into our neighborhoods in caravans of packed cars waving their stolen weapons. They will be the ones dragging our neighbors out of their houses and beating them senseless.

When they come down our driveways or up to our homes we will know who they are and why they are there.


I promise you that a single bullet through the kitchen window of the Mayors house will make for an excited dinner conversation. The Mayor will then understand exactly what he did when he ordered violence against his townspeople.

The Chief of Police’s wife should be entitled to explain to her husband what a wonderful job he’s doing if her home were to receive a copper jacketed message through her front door or her bedroom window.

"You can’t seriously be suggesting that anyone take pot shots at the mayors wife. Really?"

No, not at her. Aim at her front door, the place her husband has always said is safe from the little people. Show her that her home is just as vulnerable to attack by outsiders as our homes are.


I often wonder where we would be today if McCain was elected? I hope we can avert a lot of this in next year's election.


1st - the War of Northern Aggression was not a Civil War because the south was trying to secede from the USA and not trying to change the government of the USA, which is the requirement needed to be a “civil” war.

So, the next war will be First Civil War if patriots in all 50 states revolt. If a subset of states attempt to secede, then is will be the “War of Democrat Overreach and taxation without representation”, since the republicans obviously are not representing the will of the people either.

In many ways another conflict where the conservative states secede is preferable since I believe California and NY are lost forever and if the majority of the states secede then I don’t see how the Yankee/CA liberal bastards can do much.

"Ex-GOP State Senator To Announce Pro-Gay Marriage Group"

Article here

Summary: In Iowa, a former Republican State Senator is building an advocacy group for gay marriage, arguing it is aligned with conservative values.

Hell’s fires await you sodomite accomodator.


Iowa Republicans for Moral Bondage.
No conservative defends or promotes this wickedness.

But this is an indicator that very, very many people define conservatism as being merely an economic thing.

A nation with free enterprise (or capitalism), free trade, minimal taxation, pro-business and pro-growth policies, will still fail and decline and be tossed on the trash heap of history, if it repudiates its Biblical-Christian, traditional and moral heritage.

While the nation declines, many people will say, “Oh, the problem must still be economic, what more can we do to have more business and trade opportunities?”

1. Open borders, where the invaders are not seeking to live consistent with America's Christian heritage;
2. the murder of the unborn;
3. the tolerance of sodomy, the sodomite agenda, and the parading of degenerates naked in our streets before our children;
4. drugs, and the devilish youth culture that drugs and the accompanying sex-promoting music has been producing for a full generation.

and a short list of other anti-God, anti-family, anti-Christian trends (Gangs are a symptom of these things), . . . .

. . . these things will all take down America, while mere economic conservatives, including libertarians, stand around as say, . . . “But, but, but, we had free enterprise, low taxes, pro-business, open trade, etc., etc., etc. . . WHAT HAPPENED????”

Blind as bats flying in backward, they are.


"So Jeff Angelo is a turd burglar. I guess it’s good he finally came out. A known enemy is easier to deal with."

Exactly. You never see a straight person who suddenly embraces this nonsense for no reason. It is a 100% precursor to coming out.

"What the hell is going on with "Eric Holder's people" over Memorial Day weekend?!"

No article. This is a vanity piece (link goes to FreeRepublic)

Summary: Freeper was told by his cop friend that he and his wife shouldn't go to the memorial day festival because there was going to be a rap concert and too few cops to handle it. The next day, this Freeper looked at the news and say that there were riots in his town and in others. Finishes with: "Anyways, I'm posting this under Front Page because it is Frontpage news all over the nation, here in Arkansas. THIS is why my wife and I carry a gun always. Unfortunately, I feel that we are going to get closer and closer to using them as society falls apart because of Liberals and just plain evil, lazy, selfish, people. I'm completely disgusted and PO'd."

If this wasn't a national coordinted event, then I am afraid that we are closer to a morality collapse in this country.
Prayers up for our country, our leaders, and our law abiding citizens. I hope they can restore our faith in God, Country, Constitution, and rule of law.


Time for the National Guard to be called out.
If the MFers start a riot - shoot to kill.


When animals take charge, everywhere looks like a zoo.


The behavior of Eric Holder’s “people” is unacceptable, dirty, filthy, disgusting, subhuman...and must NOT go unpunished.


Obama's economy has hurt black people more than any other demographic group. They have no hope. They are angry. They also sense that Obama may not get a second term. The free stuff may not last forever. For them, the future is a dark place, and they are scared.
So they are getting violent. It’s really all they know.


Ever since the half-breed, half-wit got elected, they’ve become more emboldened. Or maybe its a lunar thing.

On the flip side:

I have an idea you’ll defend the title of this post as fact-ism, versus something like “edging toward the appearance of racism”, but I believe your “Eric Holder’s people” is unnecessarily broad and cruel. See this stuff too often on FR, and admit that I catch myself at it sometimes. Toughest man I ever worked with was a short, friendly, athletic, near-toothless black guy who never once let on that he was offended by our digs, jokes, and slips, but I know he couldn’t have enjoyed it, and I embarrassed myself with humor(?) at his expense a coupla times. Am sure things must sometimes be about the same for Free-Republicians-of-minority-race, and for women here. And am also sure I’m often committing the fault I decry, more often than I realize. Just wish you hadn’t gone with “Eric Holder’s people”.

Responses to the above:

The phrase is an exposure of the racism exhibited by this administration.


97% of blacks voted for Obama.
We all make decisions based on skin color. I don't apologize for it anymore. I would be happy to vote for Herman Cain (and Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Clarence Thomas, etc.) As individuals, they are far above average and they deserve my respect. But that whole "painting with a broad brush" thing? [shrug] I don't care. I spent 48 years of my life struggling to be fair and even-handed.

No longer.


Personally, I don't care whom I "offend" anymore.
I don't see any sort of deference to MY sensibilities, and have seen nothing but mockery and outright hostility to things I hold dear.

For those who are offended, tough; all this tension was predicted long ago, if people had bothered to listen.


I am yet to see anyone of "Eric Holder’s people" denouncing such behavior, therefore the generalization is well justified.


Hubby and daughter spent the weekend in
San Diego. A restaurant refused to seat
them by the window because...


Not kidding. It really happened.

Tables were empty. He asked to sit by
the view, but told those tables were taken.
As they watched, window tables filled up
with ethnic people. White people were
exclusively seated at floor tables.

"Obama Administration Ready To Ditch The Food Pyramid"

Article from CBS here

Summary: Obama Administration will replace the 20 year old food pyramid.

Where da lobsta?
2 lobsta a day sounds about right, with a side dish of ice cream - make that 2 scoop


"Thanks to the voters who put obama in og=ffice, thereby giving the environmentalists an opportunity top implement and further their agenda, the United States of America is about to change the food pyramid. It will be replaced by the starvation pyramid."

Obama wants to replace the food pyramid with a real pyramid, and American slaves can build it as a tribute to him. If we get uppity, we can make bricks without straw.


The shape of the pyramid resembles Michelle.


People are making snide comments, and such about this, yet no one has addressed the real sinister idea behind this. To us, it seems as something stupid and a waste of time. To the leftist, this is very important.

They are replacing something that symbolizes the past with something that signifies the change in the world order. This new symbol won’t be better, in fact it looks to be more confusing. The big thing is that it is different and it is theirs.


The only reason the Federal Government has a say in any of this is because it is paying for some peoples healthcare.

The Federal Government should not be paying for anyone (other than the military’s) healthcare.


I want the damn Obamas to adhere to their new dietary guidelines, then. Fat ****ing chance of that! Probably no lobster or Wagyu burgers on it.


um.... Michelle you might want to put down the twinkie before you start telling us what to do!!!


I seriously have never met a happy Vegan. The ones that I know are MISERABLE. They have bad attitudes, look unhealthy and just rotten personalities. Maybe you are what you eat. Cheesecake makes me VERY, VERY happy.

--- Portia de Rossi frowns on your shenanigans.


Here’s the real pyramid. We are working and slaving at the bottom to pay for the silly elites at the top who dictate what we get to eat.


Vegetarians apparently do not know how to add - or build pyramids to their specs

Veggie group at 3-5 servings
Fruit group at 2-4 servings
Combined = 5-9 servings of both groups

But yet they have the carb portion of the pyramid in the middle at 6-11 servings.

6-to-11 servings is more than 5-to-9 servings

Their pyramid is wrong according to their math :>)

--- I can't tell if this guy is being tongue-in-cheek, or if he actually thinks vegetarians don't eat grains.


"They tackle nothing truly significant or meaningful (thankfully)"

Believe that at the peril of our future and the country. Think back 20-30 years when we mocked PC speak and ideas as something goofy and inconsequential. Now, our country is at risk daily, and US service members are killed, all in the name of Political Correctness.

There's also this picture, which I don't want to automatically subject you to.

"Sarah Palin 'Fakes Out' Reporters At Gettysberg Hotel"

Article here at CNN

Summary: Palin and her family left their hotel room through a back entrance and left behind their tour bus to go to Gettysberg and Philadelphia, in order to avoid the media.

Might as well have fun with the marxist clowns.


This is great. No more McCain ‘handlers’ to tell her what to do! She’s calling the shots now.


What I find refreshing is the fact that she’s so interested in American history and visits civil war battlefields. The kenyan wouldn’t unless they built a golf course/ice cream stand on one.


I didn’t think Palin was electable - but I am changing my mind.

--- Yes, I too was won over by her "sneaking out the back" policy.


AMEN!! Back in 1990, we took our kids on what we called "The Grand Tour". They had been raised in Alaska, and had never seen the world.

We drove from Alaska to the East Coast,stopping at historical sites along the way.

There were two which stick in My mind today; Valley Forge and Gettysburg.

At both, you walk quietly, from site to site, just like walking in a Church. It was alomost a Holy experience....


I think what would be even funnier is if Sarah had one of her trusted associates “leak” material to The Onion who would run stories that are silly for the most part but at their core are true. That would really eff with the heads of the Left Stream Media to see The Onion scooping the big boys!

I’d love see the press waiting for each Onion story to be published on their website and then see them try to figure out which parts are obviously fake (to you and I) and those that are true! All the while conservatives sit back and laugh at the fools the LSM are while they chase their tails.


"Why is this news?"

Relaxed Francis! It’s always news when the national media gets punked

"Michelle Obama visits the troops at Walter Reed"

Article here from ABC news

Summary: The first lady met with soldiers after his husband's Memorial Day speech. There is a line in the article that refrences Obama playing golf during the day.

Of course he played golf....what else. His whole presidency has been one vacation after another, one golf game after another, and one mistake after another. Our fallen don’t need a socialist creep spewing lies at their memory. I’m glad he stayed away, now I wish he would just GO AWAY.


OMG! This is horrible. Just who does she think she is? I seriously doubt she did this out of any kind of sympathy or compassion. I imagine this was only done to report to her Muslim controllers, the state of injuries our troops have received and how their war against America is going.

---Some people ask me how I can be sure that the quotes I'm posting are not from trolls. Obviously I can't be sure, but when I see a comment like this, I do a little research. This commenter, for example, has been a member since 1999 and is fairly active.


"The first lady had more sense of the day than her husband did."
A least we know that she's an American.


She is just trying to keep her communist husband in Washington,she has lots to lose..No more trips, good food, or any of the fring benefit's..She has a very ugly soul and anything she does has an ulterior motive....Were these white or black soldiers?


The last ‘thing’ I would want to see in my hospital room is this repulsive water buffalo.

Monday, May 30, 2011

"Self defense or murder?"

Article from Daily Mail

Summary: A pharmacist shot at two robbers who entered his store. One, a 16 year old named Antwan, was hit. The pharmacist then retrieved his second gun, approached the wounded robber and shot him five more times, killing him. The pharmacist recently recieved a life sentence for killing the kid. Obviously this has been hotly contested. I recommend watching the video for in the article attached for more information.

One thing is for certain. "Antwun" will no longer be a festering boil on the backside of America.


No good deed goes unpunished.


"he had no right to execute the assailant"

Until the robbing thug perp is pronounced dead on the scene he’s a mortal threat. Moving or not.


The pharmacist probably saved some lives down the road, given ‘twans fondness of pointing loaded guns (I assume) at people to rob them.


Damn camera.(cough)


How many “Antwun”s were on the jury?


He killed a potential Murderer,This is the problem here,A armed robber needs to be killed,there is NO rehabilitation for this scum.


Not a man but a Murderer was shot,I have no pity for these subhuman crawlers.

On the flip side:

He hasn’t even been sentenced yet.....He defended himself successfully, was no longer in danger, went and got another gun and shot his unconscious assailant 5 times at point blank range killing him.
Murder, execution style.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Why Democrats Want Palin To Run"

Article from the Washington Post

I somehow missed where all the leftists were clamoring for Palin to run.


The fear is palpable.


The democrats must be in ‘panic mode’ or a ‘melt down’. The question for now is which.


Washington Post nonsense. The left is in total denial about Obama’s slim chances for re-election and are trying to kid themselves (and anyone on the right foolish enough to pay attention to them) that the charismatic, conservative Sarah Palin wouldn’t be a formidable opponent for the failed Barack Hussein Obama. They are monstrously mistaken.


They fail to understand the number one priority is to ditch the schmuck Obama. He will be gone. The only question is whether we put a true Conservative in or a RINO.


Be careful what you wish for cretin. You might just get it. Palin is not "Zero". "Zero" lies, like Plouffe.


They SAID that they would fear running against a RINO and they SAID they believe that running against Sarah would make it easier. When it comes to who the Rats, you can take what they really mean to be exactly opposite of what they say.

"Was Obama Chewing Gum During Joplin Memorial Service?"

Article (and video) from RealClearPolitics

Prolly The coke he was snortin gave him chewys


..of course, got to hide that tobacco smell


He should have worn the patch for the ceremony, instead he made the unwise choice of Nicorette.


Nicorette? Jonesin’ for a Kool menthol?


I am surprised anyone still watches this man, I don't have the stomach for it.


It sure looks like it, that worthless, disrespectful pile of maggot infested OOZE.


He was just mouthing his favorite Reverend’s favorite qoute, “The Chickens are coming home......to ROOST!” in regards to the tornado killing those privileged white folk.


I don’t care what he was chewing. But it Disgusts me that he was allowed to sit in the front row.


Do we really need to ask questions like this? 130 people died in the twister, and he spent a week in Europe, partying his ass off.

He spent two nights at Buckingham Palace, drinking $1000 wine and playing ping pong.

He is an insensitive, aloof, chump. And the MEDIA fights over who gets to blow him. Get used to it, this is the “up is down” world we inhabit.


Michelle loaned him her cud.


I still feel very, very sorry for the people that he uses as photo ops. Someone needs to turn down his attendance requests/demands.


also note his ‘applause’

it was the equivalent of ‘yea, yea, whatever’

Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Navy Too Politically Correct For Old Salts"

Article from Washington Times here

Summary: Women, latinos, and gays! Oh my.

You’ve seen the new Navy recruiting ads, right? “A global force for good”. Right up there with Superman renouncing his citizenship and GI Joe becoming a UN fighting force.


My dad was a 30 year Naval veteran, and I served four years myself. I know for a fact he would vigorously disagree with much in this Navy, and I sure as hell do.

I am actually ashamed of my branch for “leading the way”, and I am very angry at this so-called Secretary of the Navy. What a joke.


Sadly, I believe this same thing is coming to all the branches unless we can get a conservative CINC that will turn this trend around, it’s already started.


"putting women in the decidedly all-male and physically challenging world of Navy SEALs"

That will be the end of the SEALs as we know it. No woman could endure BUD/s and the other training they have to do, let alone the missions. As a result, I'd expect them to 'nerf'/dumb down the training and requirements to accommodate membership for women, which will destroy the teams.

I know it's taboo to say so in our day and age of enlightenment, but there ARE differences between men and women. Being a SEAL is something that is, or should be unique to a MAN. I don't mean to sound sexist, but that's just how it is.....


I’m still pissed that they named a ship after Samuel Gompers back in 1967.

"Maybe Doomsday is near"

Article from WND

Summary: Maybe we are near the End of Times; after all, Obama called for a return to 1967 borders of Israel and Palestine, and immediately afterward we had tornadoes.

He aint the antichrist but he is definitely a brother of satan.


Did you see the look he was giving Bibi? They angled the camera so you could see directly at o’bama, while Bibi was talking to him. The glare o’bama was giving Bibi was frightening. This is one sick man.


I do believe we are living in “the end of times”. A lot of people believe the end of times is the total destruction of the world.

It is not. It is the destruction of our worldly ways. Some of us will survive, some of us won’t.


That, I believe will be the ultimate test.

Have any of you seen the commercial where a young man goes through the grocery store, putting things in his jacket then walking out. The security guard stops him (we believe because he has been shoplifting) but then says.....”you forgot your receipt”.

NO MICROCHIP. That is the set up for the antichrist to take over.


How come nobody ever talks about the stamp of the Lamb's Name that supposed to go on the foreheads of believers?

Is that literal too?

Funny, I looked in the mirror this morning and didn't read any name on my forehead, although inside I'm washed in the blood of the Lamb. Funny, no one's ever told me they saw any tattoo on my head either. Yet the "implant" or "chip" is literal?

But most of them just talk about how crazy WND is.

WND: too much for even Freepers to take seriously.

Friday, May 27, 2011

"Where Are The Obama Scandals?"

Article from Rasmussen

Summary: Most presidents have at least one or two major scandals during their tenure; where's Obama's?

The whole 'commentary' is ridiculous, but his end thesis is pretty interesting. Sounds like there is a 100% chance that Obama will be 'caught' finally!!
We all know around here that he has plenty of scandalous stuff going all the way back to his Chicago Days...



Let's pray that all ends soon!


"Given Obama's reputation for personal integrity,"

Oh, really? He's always seemed to me to be a scurrilous prick with lots to hide who's always denying things, then redefining things, then throwing one person or another under the bus to save his nicotined ass.


So what was Bush's "scandal"...Scooter Libby?
Haha. A non-scandal. Meanwhile we have Michelle taking a multi-million jaunt to Spain, Van Jones exposed as a communist and forced to resign, the administration backing an Islamic mosque at ground zero, the foremost terrorist almost tried in NYC because of the Attorney General's efforts, a mandate imposed on EVERY AMERICAN to force them to buy a Federally backed product, good CIA people almost prosecuted, etc. etc. etc.

And none of these are "scandals"? Uh huh.

Well, here's to hoping that Rasmussen is right and the Mother of all Scandals is just around the corner.

A good, juicy sexual scandal usually does the trick.


The only reason Obama has “no scandals” is that they are not reported in His State Media.

Believe me, if George Bush had Barack’s life, we’d have heard about the scandals. They were ALWAYS wanting to “get” W on his having tried cocaine in his past. Imagine if the MSM had an eyewitness report of Bush smoking CRACK cocaine on two occasions, with the eyewitness’s view from down between Bush’s open thighs????????

And if the media discovered that a guy Bush was having a sexual affair with, while beginning his run for the Presidency, had talked about it to someone, and then shortly afterward met his end when a Random Burglar shot him dead execution style???

You’ve got plenty of Barack scandals. Just that no one wants to talk about them.


It really is amazing isn’t it? There were no real scandals during Bush’s entire term. The left and the media made it all up. Now we have a marxist holding the highest office in the land, with hourly scandals since he took office( and even before) and the press and establishment cover for him.

I feel like we are living in an alternate universe these days!


Unemployment is the new norm

Summary: “Even as the economy recovers, the days of 5% unemployment may be gone for good."

Of course. A "new norm" to cover for the failure of Keynesian based Obamanomics.


B.S. Make me president with a Republican House and Senate and I would have unemployment down to 7% and possibly 6% by the end of my term.

How? By using government to encourage growth rather than punishing growth, by cutting and streamlining taxes and by taking steps to bring jobs back to the U.S. that have fled the country. But it would not work with the same anti-business Democrats controlling one chamber of Congress so my promise would only be good if you give me GOP majorities in both chambers.


We are hiring at my work and we’re having a tough time filling positions. But we’re seeking people with skills. Many of the unemployed today are unskilled.


Remember the dimrats and their press howling about 5% unemployment under GW Bush?


Lower the corporate tax rate from the highest in the world at 35% to 0%.

That will cause foreign companies to set up their factories and offices in this country to avoid paying the higher taxes in their own countries. It's reversing the phenomenon that caused American companies to move jobs overseas.

But you need republicans in the White House and the congress to do it because it's against Marxist principles to do such a thing.

"Just Exactly Where is the Center and Does it Really Matter?"

Cannot access article.

Summary: Where is the moderate, centrist POV in the US today?

There is no center anymore. Anyone who claims to be in the center is an idiot! The left is so far off the reservation that the difference is the Grand Canyon.


There is no center left... you are either a marxist or you are not... and some are so friggin’ stupid they do no know what the hell that they are... they usually vote for leftists for other people's money and property.


[Chart about where the Center is historically]

Sorry but I see the chart you provide to be complete left-wing propaganda. It places Hitler to the right. Typical left-wing propaganda.


The ACLU represents oppression. I could care less about any good things that do. The tyrannical ways they oppress individual liberty speak the loudest.

"Spotlight Takes Toll on First Lady's Staff"

Article from Politco

Summary: Michelle Obama has switched her social secretary and her chief of staff 3 times since becoming first lady, which Politoc attributes to her being under more pressure as the first black First Lady and the first post-boomer First Lady.

She’s an elitist jet-setting hypocrite....just like the asshole picnic organizer she married.


Here’s the truth: Mrs. Obama is like her husband - she has no sense of humor, and thinks she’s the smartest person in the room.

Three chiefs of staff in three years? That’s got nothing to do with being a First Lady who’s under a media microscope(the media adores her); she’s getting this type of turnover because she’s a witch to work for.


...or... maybe she is just a selfish, doubting, unkind woman. Like my gut tells me she is.


Just look at her, she’s a nasty, miserable, elitist, biatch.


“Sources familiar with the East Wing, who asked not to be named”

Wookie bites can be very nasty.


Since when does the first lady have a ‘staff’?

“She is, if possible, under more scrutiny than even other modern first ladies, being the first African-American first lady,”

...nope. Wrong! She’s under more “scrutiny” because she’s the 1st f’n communist 1st...whatever. Being black has nothing to do with it! Mentioning the black thing sure does make the rest of us want to shut up though huh? ~sarc

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Request: The 2008 Election (Part 2)

Wanted to hit this topic up again, requested by Jeff.

These are from a thread called "McCain Concedes, Right Now On Fox News"

By the way, if you are interested in seeing what Freepers and other voters on the right thought of the 2008 election, I highly recommend the documentary Right America, Feeling Wronged. It's a really great doc by Alexandra Pelosi, a filmmaker for whom I have a ton of respect and the daughter of Senator Nancy Pelosi. It follows McCain supporters on the trail and records their views and concerns.

On with the show:

Welcome to the North American Socialist Republic.


Well. America finally has it’s first Marxist Muslim president. We made “history.” Congratulations!


Real Clear Politics shows many states that were called are still close with lots more votes to count. So he concedes before the polls are closed or before Virginia’s absentee ballots are counted? I don’t understand.


Moochers and Looters Nation.

Hide you money...give Hussein and his hordes nothing.


"The booing is classless."

The booing is great....hope to see more!


We’ve been duped. All the signs of a political coup


Buy guns, ammo. They will come for us. Don’t think for a moment their attitude toward the unborn is restricted to the unborn. I promise, when they come for my guns, I will not go down without a fight.


are these based on exit polls or actual votes? what about election fraud, acorn? wth is going on? did mccain really win washington state? i went to get some thing to eat, come back and we have lost? by how much? why is mccain conceding if not all the votes have been counted? is sarah going to go rogue and say we are still fighting? shocked.....


My husband is litarly pulling me away from the computer abd T.V . room. I’m sobbing for our country! How could this happen?!!!!


When the commies took over the schools and the MSM the dye was cast

McCain was not the cause

American voters want socialism

They ain’t gonna like what is comin but it will be too late

2006 was the next to the last nail 2008 was the final one

We will never again have a free election

I had hope but alas I should have known better

And here i thought when the USSR came down I was going to spend my final years relaxing


A Silent Coup...

Conceding is unpatriotic and an insult to we the people of the United States whose votes will never be counted.

Resistance begins.


Because of some serious health issues, my husband is in the hospital this evening. He said there is major celebrations going on right now . . . guess what the race of the majority of the staff is? I would love to be able to get all of their names, then contact them in one year & see how much they are celebrating.

These idiots just don’t know what they did to our country


I never dreamed anyone worse than the Clintons would be in the Whitehouse.


MSM is left wing

Papers are left wing

Talk radio is going to be shut down

The Internet is going to be controlled

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Obama be declared Emperor by the democrat congress ala Hitler and Caesar

And the muslims are still plotting our ruin

When the electorate wakes up and sees Big Brother in action they are going to have to live with the mental anguish of knowing the voted their freedom away


McCain was not my candidate but I voted for him. I am really sad for my country. The sham 0bama has convinced enough people that he cares (emotion alert) about the downtrodden, cares about the oppressed (those poor in this country who don't have cell phones), cares about those who haven't had the advantages from which he has benefited( wow, elitist alert). Tonight I pray only those who supported this manque leader are the ones who will suffer under his reign. I pray that God shields us, those who honor Him, from all the evil that descends on our beloved country. This man is a snake in the grass. I feel badly for those who trust him because they are the ones who will be most devastated when he takes advantage if his position. I feel badly for the Jews who support him for he will forsake the state of Israel and the Jews be left saying ‘WHAT?’. I am exhausted. I listened to Tammy Bruce earlier in the week. She used to be a far Leftist and President of NOW in LA. She said that the tactics of the left are to use our decency against us. Take advantage of us and then walk away having received what they wanted. That's what has happened. I feel badly for Sarah Palin. She was a real shot in the arm for Conservatives. McCain must not ave really wanted to be President. He gave up too fast. No challenging the voter fraud of ACORN. No challenging the felons voting in Florida. The Left with the Blacks population in the USA have won a battle but hopefully not the war. A good friend (Black Evangelical) told me that some Blacks will not be satisfied until Blacks oppress Whites. This time is coming. As I said before, I hope only those who voted for this charlatan are the ones hurt by him. We tried to do well by our country but his rhetoric was hypnotizing to the weak. Lord please protect us, your faithful servants, from this plague which we are facing. Jim Robinson, please keep our contact info private. We have already seen how far this man will go to punish those who cross him.


(Just pray they don’t touch the constitution. Pray that no SCOTUS justice croaks the next 4 years. )

Ha..we are officially screwed and by none other than OUR OWN PARTY! Thanks John and George.


"But, life goes on; this is not the end of the world, nor America. America is strong, and conservatism will be back."

It took years for the commies to take over the schools and the media and they DON"T relinquish control

NO Nation in history has ever comeback once down the slippery slope--look at Europe especially England


Check that. 52% of Americans want Big Brother. The rest of us are looking for a new Civil War.


Most Republican leaders today would have fit right in with the Democrat Party of three decades ago.

What I find ironic is the hero of the left JFK, would be considered a right wing nut if he was around today.


They will not get me and I will FIght for what is good and right in this country!

[Followed by, honest to God, a picture of Mel Gibson from the patriot]


Michelle Obama as first lady is going to make Hillary’s tenure in that position a class act by comparison.

I really, really loathe to say this, but I think we’d have been much better off losing to Hillary. Of course the Clintons were always in it for themselves, but - deep down - I believe they did not harbor an inner hatred for America that I sense the Obamas possess.

The country is in great danger.



Obama will screw up this country so badly that hopefully it will NEVER elect another DemocRAT much less a black DemocRAT! The question of another free election is a different matter. I doubt there will be another election.

"President Obama Jokes About Toast Mishap"

Unable to access article.

Summary: "President Barak Obama, while in conversation with Deputy Prime Minister of Britain, Nick Clegg on going on with his toast while the band played the British national anthem, “God Save The Queen” at the state dinner. President Obama also joked in returned that it was “out of the movies”."

Everything is a joke to the joker.


Ah yes....because effing up as President is very tough work and you need to take it lightly....Omoron strikes again.


First did he not ask someone for the protocol?
Did his staff double cross him to make him look stupid.
Was he told what to do and then he screwed it up?

Any fool could see he was reading the toast word for word.
If you are going to keep on toasting through the music, you may as well drink the toast at the end.

This is what is representing the USA. Luckily all over the world people recognize that the man is an idiot, so it won't hurt us too bad.
There are still people in this country who call George Bush stupid.George Bush looks like Einstein standing next to this guy.


Not only is our current president a moron, he thinks it’s funny that he’s a moron.


The Brit’s do not take kindly to being repeatedly backhanded by this Boob.
I will always believe they put on this grand display, put Obama in the spot light, so he could display what a loser he is before the whole world.
Where is that statue of Winston Churchill?
They have done a masterful job!


Like out of the movies alright. This presidency is a cross between “Primary Colors” (Primarily Colored), “Wag the Dog” (Wag the Wagyu), “Zelig” (mega flip-flops), and “The King’s Speech”....and “Blazing Saddles”.


It’s a keeper for sure. Imagine having to look down on the table how many times so he could READ his toast. Hasn’t he ever heard of studying something so he will know it by heart???? Wow, should have had a mini teleprompter so he could read it. Wow. Shame on him. Sad for us. He is a total embarassment to the people of the United States of America. Total embarassment!!! Am sure the Royals in the audience all were thinking the same things. This guy knows NOTHING.


"these protocol personnel are the same people that worked with President Bush and perhaps even President Clinton. They both seemed to do pretty well."

Could you imagine trying to advise either of the Obamas? Whomever has tried to dress Michelle must have given up long ago!


He has no pride as the leader of the United States. That is why we have to vote as a group and vote him out.


Most Americans are aware that one should shut one’s yap during the national anthem. nobama does not know protocol because he is a wannabee commie/muslim who, like his wife, completely despises western civilization, as it has northern european roots and christian roots

"Royals, Obamas sip $1,000 Vino"

Article from USNews

Summary: At the state dinner, the Royals served some fine wines, including one that sells int he US for $1,000 - $1,700.

"Finally, after two straight presidents who didn't appreciate the taste of a fine French burgundy, Buckingham Palace tonight had a chance to put on the Ritz for a first family who enjoy a long dinner and luscious wine."

Or maybe they just weren't so arrogant, and out of touch with the peasants.


If Ronald Reagan had done this during a recession, imagine the howls of outrage from the same press who is now presenting drinking $1,000 bottles of wine as a mark of culture and just cutesy-poo.

--- Really? Teflon president? Howls of outrage? Ooookay.


So did the Getto rubbish drink it on Ice with seltzer water? with a Malt liqueur chaser!


One family of useless elitist bastards with another family of useless elitist bastards - probably discussing the insubordinate peasants around them today.


Zer0 and The Wookie ALWAYS “enjoy a long dinner and luscious wine” as long as someone else is paying for it.


The Jeffersons move up from 2 buck chuck. On someone else’s check, of course.


Barky a master of fine wines? I think they’re confusing an oenophile with an analphile.


A step up from the grifters Chicago street pimp wine of choice - Boones Farm - screw top covered in a plain paper bag!


While thousands of Americans are displaced due to tornadoes, man made flooding, and fires.

Don’t see why we can’t just let him enjoy his waffles.


Did anyone check the wine cellars & china cabinets after they left? You can be sure things are missing.

Awkward Obama moment during toast to Queen

Article from ABCNews

Summary: Obama toasts the Queen while 'God Save The Queen' starts playing.

I actually thought the worst part was the very very large frown on his face. If he had smiled at his mistake, put his glass down and acted with polite respect (yes, respect—its what politicians and diplomats do when they are at the HOMES OF ALLIES!) no one would have thought much about it. Instead he looks enraged. Does he not have a chief of protocol who tells him how these things go? Where was his teleprompter?


TOTUS did not acccompany the brilliant first buffoon

Who had to take note cards to read a toast

The problem with notecards is the assumption the person holding them can read

Not to worry, the liberal establishment is still over-awed by a black person who is clean and mostly, articulate, with appropriate support


You can’t buy class—it’s as simple as that. This person has no class—and worse yet, he doesn’t know it.


I am certain that “O” was secretly congratulating himself on having a staff SO cool that they provided a neat ‘God Save the Queen’ background effect for HIS toast to the Queen.

He was probably hoping that the rest of the room noticed how cool it was, too!!!


...video mark at :40 seconds - TO THE QUEEN - then she says something to him - and he realizes what a DUMB A$$ he is -— What an IDIOT!!! How embarrassing...I guess all those socialist professors never taught him what protocol is - that is means to stand and pay respect when a country’s NATIONAL ANTHEM is playing....WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE IMPEACH OBAMA!!!

Mark - Thanks for posting this - this needs to stay at the TOP all day!!!!

---Talking over music is AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE!


I thought it was a Gerorge Jefferson-like grin..he almost looked liek Jack Nicholson as The Riddler in the Batman films..

---I don't even know what to tell you, kid.


Camilla was enjoying being the prettiest girl at table!


Yes, it was very uncomfortable to watch. Camilla was sitting there stone-faced. I like Camilla and felt sorry for her that she had to sit next to him. Who else could have handled it as well as she did.


As an American tax payer who pays BIG bucks to make sure my govt can hold it’s head up with dignity on the international stage, this is gross negligence...


"Anybody catch what the Queen said to him to get him clued in?"

"Barry, we were kind enough to supply you your hideous 'crack' cocaine, and your gay lovers. Could you have please just NOT used any of the drug prior to this affair?"


Hey, he can’t focus on jobs right now. His number one task was getting Osama and now that’s been accomplished, he’s got to draw up a new list.

And near the top of that list is visiting the poor people of America’s heartland who suffered tornado damage this week. He’ll be rushing back after the weekend just because this means so much to him...

--- This is pretty clearly supposed to be sarcastic but I have no idea why.


"Somebody tell me why he did not drink the toast as did the Queen. It looked like an insult to me. The Queen lifted her glass to her lips and he set his glass down on the table."

Maybe Obama didn’t drink the wine because Muslims don’t drink alcohol.


Yeah, but Obama KEPT TALKING through the music.
I just watched it. That was CRINGEWORTHY!!! During the NATIONAL ANTHEM (or royal anthem) you DO NOT SPEAK. You don't even do that HERE in this, the country he pretends to be a citizen of!!!!

And worst, or most hilarious, is at the end of the little haughty Shakespeare toast, when Obama STILL ATTEMPTS TO RAISE HIS GLASS TO THE QUEEN!!!!!! She looks at him as if he had 3 green heads. Then he realizes NO ONE ELSE is holding their glass or even paying any attention to him. You see the look on his face as if he suddenly found himself in his underwear. I have not seen ANYTHING more embarrassing. In fact, this should be the video entry to the dictionary on line for "EMBARRASSMENT."

Democrat Kathy Hochul wins special election for US House seat in NY

Article from MSNBC

Summary: "Democrats picked off a heavily Republican upstate New York congressional seat Tuesday night in a special election that became a referendum on Medicare."

New York hangs onto the premise that the Democratic promise of spreading the wealth still has promise. Too bad...

Guess New York will be one of the first states to fall into unsustainable governance... Long live New York!


Dont know anything about this, however if this was a Republican district, does this mean that the Rats have cheated again? (Fraud?)


NY loves their spend and taxers.

This statement should be placed on their license plates and quarters.


The TEA party guy was a fake and he Perot’d the Pub.


I guess we touched the 3rd rail and all these voters who said they wanted to cut spending changed their minds when they realized it might slow down their own personal gravy trains.


I thought I read that she did not meet the residency requirements. Oh. Wait. She’s a Dim and does not need to follow the rule of law.


"How do the flyover zones keep the zombies in the Urban areas when all hell happens and the cities collapse?"

No need to worry... Those City zombies will stay in their comfort zone and the outside world will remain safe...heh.

They will then collapse upon themselves without support of the outside farmers (no food). As usual, the outsiders will always prevail - God, guns, food, and beliefs...


"The fact that a TEA Party candidate saw a need to run suggests that Corwin wasn't the most conservative card in the pack. Maybe if NY Repubs would run REAL Republicans, they'd win."

Oh BS. The TEA Party candidate (Davis) has run repeatedly as a Democrat and is an uber liberal on almost every issue. There was not a thing wrong with Corwin, and the fact that Bellavia, the candidate many TEA Party folks preferred, went on to endorse an obvious lefty shows the NY GOP nominated the right person. The majority of TEA Party organizations supported Corwin, not Davis.


The politicians are just a symptom of the problem. We have met the enemy, and the enemy is us. The people are the problem. We have to be honest with ourselves. Look around. Do you think the fat slobs riding their motorized chairs down to the 7-11 to buy lottery tickets are interested in personal responsibility, hell no. Everybody wants something for nothing. That is the truth today. This election is significant. It means that we are headed for the cliff, and the brakes are gone. There is no hope. The majority is a bunch of goat ropers and freeloaders. We are all destined to drive our cars with our handicapped sticker down to the government office to pick up our government checks which we will then spend on lottery tickets.


Progressive stinkin Obama lovers are saying this is a sign of what 2012 will be like. They will run with this for 6 days in the news while Obama sells out Israel to terrorists and gives them an office in DC on our dime. How brain dead are the NY jewish democrat progressives?


Barack Obama is president partly because when the stock market crashed in ‘08, his opponent acted first and rashly suspended his campaign. Obama sat on the sidelines doing nothing... and was rewarded.

Now, the Repubs have acted first again without thinking through all the consequences, and the Dems are reaping the benefits, for nothing.

It’s time for Conservatives to go on the offensive, and drop all the earnest attempts to “save the country” stuff. Addressing entitlements is much too difficult (and politically dangerous) a task for inarticulate squishes like the current Repub leadership.


Medicare is dead. Just view it as a tax and a cost of doing business in 21st-century America.

Freedom-loving and self-sufficient Americans will just have to outrun the coming collapse. Work as hard as you can, live frugally, stay healthy as possible and save as much money as you can so that you can pay CASH for healthcare in the future when the system collapses.

It’s pretty clear that a huge chunk of Americans obviously aren’t interested in freedom anymore. SCREW ‘EM. I’m planning ahead and will be waltzing right past them in the government healthcare waiting line with a fistful of cash.

Cold? You bet. But it looks like that’s the way it’s going to have to be.


A Democrat being elected by the idiots in NY is as much “news” as a Democrat being elected by the idiots in Chicago or California. YAWN.


It may be a Republican district, but, as we all know, that is a far cry from a conservative. My inlaws are in the Buffalo area and they tend to be very conservative in theory but when they go to the ballot box, they are as liberal as it gets.


Thank God other states are protecting us from NYC’s love of tyrants. If Cuba wants to annex them, I’m all for it.


“Let’s face it, the majority of people in this country are morons.”

I’ve said it once and will say it again: New Yorkers are far more gullible than your typical country “bumpkin”. They are rubes. They are almost as gullible as people who live in Detroit. Their city is attacked on 9-11 and they STILL vote democrat. How stupid is that? Their brains shut off when it comes to politics. Ancient Athenians had a word for people like typical New Yorkers — idiots.

--- Yeah! I mean, they voted Obama into office and all he did was kill Osama Bin Laden. Obviously after 9/11 they should have become a permenant Republican majority.


New Yorkers are such idiots, they elected Bloomberg for crying out loud.

--- I know this is confusing but BUFF-A-LO is this large city in the NORTH of the state, whereas NEW YORK CITY is the city in... forget it.


New York city, Bloomberg’s city — the city that doesn’t care if wacko democrats get control AFTER 9-11 blows its largest skyscrapers to smitherines ... you think THAT is a bell-weather state?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Patty Davis poses naked at 58

Article from Styleite

Summary: Ronald Reagan's daughter poses naked at 58.

I’ve seen better photoshop work on a Hawaiian birth certificate


people are shameless these days, the war on morality continues


Dirty old cow, nobody wants to see you. Please, put on a burka, or two, or three.


the left will pay anything to embarrass conservative political leaders... including subverting the moral fiber of their children.

such ‘accomplishments’ are exceedingly juicy for progressives.

can anyone remember the last time the child of a libtard was pushed to do p0rn?


“I was 15 when I discovered both pharmaceutical amphetamines and tiny white tablets of speed, concocted in home labs or garages and sold on the street. The sound of pills rattling in a bottle was a lullaby to the pain in my soul. Over the years, I went on from speed to coke,....”

Her parents must have gone through hell raising that kid and her younger brother. There were a lot of no good rich punks in Pacific Palisades back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. You can’t always blame the parents. Babies don’t come with warranties on them.


"how many children has she had?"


Her life was all about 'her'. Imagine that - no responsibility but a 'do whatever I want and whenever I want to and my name will carry me'.


“...how many children has she had?...”

I know a mother of six who was an absolute knockout at 58. Overall it is good for a woman’s health to have children. It is bad for a woman’s health not to have children.

Kim Clijsters played her best tennis after coming back from having a child. Other women in the mostly childless top 100 should take note. Going year after year through one’s 20s and early 30s without a pregnancy is not good for a woman’s health.

And then there is the not-publicized-by-the-lamestream-media stats on breast cancer and its lower rates in the multi-pregnancy segment of females.

"White Americans See Anti-White Bias On The Rise"

Article here from the WSJ.

Summary: "Both white Americans and black Americans perceive significant progress in the fight against anti-black bias, but white Americans believe the progress has come at their expense, a new survey finds."

"But more striking, according to the researchers, was the sharp increase in perceived anti-white bias: Among whites, it shot up from 1.8 to 4.7..."
two words come to mind, eric holder.


Unfortunately America has to slip into Banana Republic status before white people come back into demand.

Life is just always like that.

--- Until he got to the word 'demand' I totally thought he was going to go a different direction with that thought.


“My father was denied a promotion so that a politically correct black woman could be chosen.”

This situation is nasty, and getting worse. It has become so prevalent that it is difficult to discern which “preferred” people are genuine and which are tokens. As the economic lot of whites worsens (along with every else), this nonsense of turning down whites for jobs, school admissions, and promotions should come under greater scrutiny & fire. If it doesn’t, then whites may logically assume that the government has declared war on them.


It is not bias, it is negro racism that infects the population


Maybe if whites vocally and demonstrably pushed back HARD then others would mind our place.

--- Once again, feel like one word was changed in this comment.


If whites sees bias as a zero sum game it’s because leftists pushed to impose a legal framework that guaranteed it would be a zero sum game. The Communists do not believe all people can advance together. Now, something must be taken from one group and given to another — redistribution. They bastards love it so. We all have to pay for their economic, social and political insanity.


But surely you realize that ol’ Zimbabwe Zero is doing his job of advancing anti-colonialist affirmative action fascism. All property belongs to a black and leftist dominated government elected by “feel good” guilt assuagement, don’t you understand? God asks for 10%; Zimbabwe Zero feels that he is being generous if he leaves you 10%.


This is heartening. To the extent that whites begin to perceive the Donks as the black party, the GOP may begin to approach the kind of lock on the white vote that the Democrats have on the black vote - 9 to 1 vote margins.


There is a terrible simmering rage that is appearing here.
Obama and Holder and their statements and policies are at the root, yes?


“In a time of downsizing, layoffs, and shipping jobs overseas, every white, and especially every white male, must assume that continuation of affirmative action is a mortal threat to their livelihood.”

It is a mortal threat to their future, and that of their people. At the same time, they’re expected to “mentor” tokens to make up for years wasted occupying space in schools without learning some very basic skills. I detest any white liberal male old enough to be complicit in this legalized discrimination.


BJ Clinton drove many of the white men out of the party (at least the straight ones); the Kenyan Pirate will push out the white women. White women are realizing that the marginalization of their menfolk has left slim pickings for potential mates; when white kids are walking around with droopy drawers, sideways baseball caps, and covered in tats, then an alarm has been sounded.


Cities are destroyed and turned into crime pits, and slums, and yet that is to be accepted. Accept it in your neighborhood, or the government will come after you. Rising crime rates as the big cities are destroyed and they move on into the suburbs, and it is to be accepted and you better like it. Its pushed into your face, and the crackers with white guilt add to it. These liberal white guilt morons live in Lilly white neighborhoods, and preach to rest of us about diversity. But they don't live it, and they make sure they don't.

I am sick and tired of this whole racist pile of garbage. No one as a free man has to like anyone. They don't like white people! They like your money and their free ride, section 8, welfare and food stamps. They laugh at us.

Now go to work, and pay your taxes, like a good cracker. We are now the slaves.

Request: Michelle Obama's appearance

Request by Anonymous. They specifically wanted her hair, but I'm making it a little broader. I will definitely revisit this topic, because it's really one that exemplifies the racism, sexism, and bias that Freepers display on a regular basis.

Ru Paul would make a prettier first lady!


"...many observers said Michelle Obama looked radiant."

That's because she has a radiator for an ass.


She’s a fat-a$$ who looks like a sausage tied in the middle. George W. Bush’s wife, who was-is a beauty, was NEVER afforded this kind of blind hero worship. I’ll never forget Mooch-elle’s misbuttoned sweater that she wore.

Incredible that this porcine woman get that kind of respect.


One might say she is a real slave to fashion.



now she is going for the plain Jane look..She doesn’t care she wears clothes that will make people talk about her..She does nothing else so she needs to be in the spot light and she gets there when she wears these clothes, this one is better than the black widow look....At least she did not wear those shorts she owns..


All the media and all TV fawn over Mugabe 2 and his “wife."


Straight from the cotton fields.


Understated Style??? Are they kidding??

Most of what she wears is “Ghetto Chic”.

The dress she wore to the speech last night was a nice cut & a nice color...

But -—PLEASE!@!! Lady—this is 2011. There are hundreds of undergarment choices that will hide your panty line!!!!

No wonder the grifters in the White House are NOT invited to the Wedding of Price William & Kate Middleton. I would NOT want them in the country at the same time, much less at the wedding or reception. I applaud William & Kate for UNinviting them both.

It was disgusting!! Mooochellle (Sasquatch) has a staff of over 100 people in the White House that cater to her. Who is helping with her clothing? Someone with the disability of total blindness? They should be fired.

I really miss Jackie Kennedy & Laura Bush & Nancy Reagan—even Lady Bird Johnson did a much more dignified job of looking & acting like a First Lady.

Sasquatch is neither — not first—nor a lady.


The Daily Beast?

Is that a newspaper or Michele’s new nickname?


Check out some other pics of Mao-shelle in that white dress.
She looks ENORMOUS!
Makes her look like she’s at least a 200+ pounder.
She should NEVER wear white.


WIDE LOAD ahead...


Michelle Obama is not an attractive woman and clearly does not have a body that is pleasing. She cannot do much about it.

However, she is totally ghetto and she could make an effort to evolve in her dress and manner.

Request: Obama's Choice of Mustard

Requested by LeonTrollski.

The thread is also about his choice of burger in general.

I was listening to Obama ordering a regular cheddar cheese hamburger....and laughed like hell.
I think it's called a cheeseburger...


"Has his zeroness *ever* been photographed eating pork? Enquiring minds want to know."

I wonder why he didn't order a bacon cheeseburger. Also, why did he need the "spicy" Dijon mustard to have on his burger? Too good for regular mustard like us regular folks eat?


Can I have Grey Poupon with that?

0bama likes dijon mustard with his burgers. How many in the MSM will report that?


I saw that too, then he asked for a spicy mustard. His taste is obviously more refined than the rest of us who are blissfully ignorant and enjoy regular cheeseburgers with French’s.


"Mr Obama opted for a cheddar cheese burger with spicy mustard. His right-hand man went for a similarly classic American dish."

I don't think that I've ever heard a cheeseburger, especially a cheddar one with mustard, described as a "classic American meal" before.


I'm surprised he didn't ask for a few pieces of arugula. Or a slice of avocado.


"..of all the things to criticize Obama for...
I mean, come on... "

Nobody is criticizing him, the whole country is laughing at him.


I was joking about him being a Muslim...that is why the “wink” emoticon at the end of the remark. However, Allah permits Muslims to lie to further the cause of Islam World Rule and with some of his actions lately, I am beginning to wonder whether it may be true after all, he seems to be on the side of those who wish us harm.


And what did this cost? Firing up the motorcade and dragging the secret service out so he can pretend to be a "reguler" guy?


I had a “hamburger” in Morroco once ... about all it had on it was some kind of mustard. Maybe it’s an Islamic thing.

Request: The 2008 Election

This topic was requested by Jeff.

Specifically, I'm going to do election night.

Before Obama won:

man, i thought 04 was tense...i couldn’t even say hi back to the lady who gave me my ballot...find myself asking, “aren’t there enough RED-BLOODED Americans left in this country to stop the 5th column communists from taking over?”...


I saw my first honest-to-god PUMA waiting in line at my polling place!

She had a Hillary Clinton button on. I just wanted to hug her! She was middle aged, white and cheery! Just like all many PUMAs.

They ARE real, and if I saw one in my line of maybe 30 people, they are definitely going to give BO a heart attack today.


"I was so hooked on what was going on [during the 2000 election] night...stayed up all night."

So did I. Hubby went to bed and I awoke him to say GWB won at around 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. By the time he finally awoke he was shocked I was still seated where he left, now crying that Gore didn't concede.


Right, we knew Gary would make it closer due to the black vote.
Expect many red states with large black cities to make McCain’s win closer than Bush, like Atlanta will surely make McCain’s win more norrow than with Bush.


I just voted for McCain here in Michigan. While at the polls I overheard a person saying “I don’t care if I am a Democrat, I’m not voting for a g*dd*mned commie!”. Probably a Reagan-Democrat or a PUMA.

It’s gonna be a very long night for Barry. LOL


"Strange phone call right now at 1:30 PM on election day from Obama’s headquarters here in SC to urge me to vote.
First Obama call I’ve recieved ever....isn’t that odd?"

Yes, that is strange.
We got one last night. As soon as I heard the words "Hi, this is senator Barack Obama..." I hung up! I also thought about disinfecting the phone!!


Praying for IN and VA. Daughter’s friends are already calling and taunting her about Obama’s “win” in Ohio. Please PLEASE allow me to let my daughter tell her to take her predictions and SHOVE ‘EM!


This is all wrong.

Looks like ACORN did their job well.


McCain has not come through with any surprise wins yet. This could be a fairly early night.

If things don’t turn around, I’ll be headed to the gun shop this week to get some things before they’re banned.


I have been praying so hard. God may just give us the kick in the pants we deserve. We have very much turned away from Him in this country.

Even so, Lord please have mercy on us.


>>>On the side note, My daughter called at 1P.M. to tell me she couldn’t vote at college. She is making a two hour drive home to vote for Mac then turn around and go back to school.<<
Tell her I think she great!! I’ll bet you really proud of her.
We are going to win this!!!!<

I am proud of her, she went and voted, we have sat and watched returns and she is dumbfounded. Expressing her dissatisfaction with her generation. She told me

“dad I would send out information to my friends about Obama and they would tell me it’s just republican lies. I told them to google it for themselves, they said there was no need. I’m disgusted with my generations laziness”

After the win:

It is hard for me to believe that the people of this country are so stupid as to turn it over, turn their very freedoms over to this party. I’m dumbfounded.

What has happened to hard work and pride?

We’ve become about entitlement, hand-outs, “government please save us”. Was it really that bad to start with? Do they not see that the very people they continue to elect and do so in greater numbers now, are the very ones that are driving this nation down the path of certain destruction?

Let them all see what they will have done. They WILL regret it.


My husband and I feel the same way. He said he is going to get shirts made with the flag upside down. We feel that this country will be in great danger and turmoil now. The American dream died tonight for a lot of Americans.


Palin is the new face of the GOP.

But face it, with a Boma win, this is the last free election.


IMPEACH OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!
There ya go! He's most likely an illegal alien....let's go with that.


We can say we made it real close. I mean it was tough to go uphill against the odds in a year when the wind was to the back of the Democrats but we didn't give in and let it be a blowout. Obama is going to be handed a poisoned chalice when he wins.

"Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached." - Manuel II Palelologus


f*ck Ohio

everyone who voted for obama s*cks and gets what they deserve


The best we can hope is that the middle class is so royally screwed by this guy they’ll never vote rat again and they’ll vote in Reps for as long as it takes to undo the damage, some of which may not ever be undone.


I. feel. sick.


The election of Obama will incur a massive loss of freedoms. We are no better than Europe now.


I hope that the RINO’S/DEMS in Alaska will not take this defeat as a “GO” to rid that state of Sarah...she sure did piss off those RINO’s big time the last two years as GOV. ......WE may need her in 2012 politically viable if the USA still has a shred of freedom left


year 2029: “Mommy and Daddy, tell me again about when you grew up and the United States was a free country”


The election was stolen, everything is Obama’s fault, and impeach Obozo. My new battle cries!!

I had a call a minute ago and I answered the phone ‘IMPEACH OBAMA HEADQUARTERS’. The person who called me offered a 30 million dollar donation. To bad I know this person and I know the check will bounce!


What a nightmare!

Can you imagine Michelle Obama is our first lady. What a joke.


Sarah will be rid of by the RINOS and DEMS in Alaska...she is damaged goods.....


I will always believe the timing of the financial meltdown was contrived to take mcCain out of the lead.
For validation, follow the previous donations of the top execs at AIG, Morgan Stanley, obviously FNMA and FRMC and I also don't trust Paulsen...especially when Obama said he's been in touch every day...why would a Sec Treas be in contact with a junior Senator?


One thing F15, this should be the day that affirmative action ended. If a black man can become president, there are no glass ceilings for minorities anymore, IMO. What say you?


I’d like to congratulate the “messiah” by offering him the opportunity to kiss my ass on Main Street and I’ll give him 15 minutes to draw a crowd. I do not like fascist dictators.


Unfortunately my FRiend, I’d say this is the day America ended.

Not because of race or skin color but because a Marxist has been bought into the Presidency by foreign money.

And we’ve never seen his actual birth certificate, ever, that proves his eligibility. Will we now find out what they were so afraid to show before?

I hope the liberal goons are happy. They have no idea what is coming.


Who would have believed a short 7 years after 9/11, that a good portion of New York state would elect a man whose pastor celebrated 9/11 and the deaths of innocent Americans?

And then Obama stayed in that “church” 7 more years?

And that the majority of idiot America would jump on the kool-aid bandwagon?

I have now truly seen it all. Stupidity that is.

This might be a topic I'll revisit.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Requests Post (5/23)

I know I just mentioned recently that you can request topics. However, I seem to have mysteriously gained a lot of followers...

Anyway, I'm going to put one of these up a week. Let me know what you want to hear about. It can be as vague as "Reagan", or as specific as "Chelsea Clinton's wedding dress", and if the Freepers have discussed it, I'll do a post on it.

ETA: I am blown away by the number of comments I got on my update post. Thanks for your support. I really do continue to post for you guys, so I'm glad so many of you followed me here.

Herman Cain Announces Presidency

Article from CSPAN, Herman Cain announces his presidency.

Video - Cain: "You Mess with Israel, You are Messing with the United States. It's that Simple"
He means you ma0bama - you are anti-American and messing with the USA.


“Do you want a leader? Or do you want a reader?”



Ohhh! He’s really going now.

“We shouldn’t be suing Arizona - we should be sending them a PRIZE - a Peace prize!”

Nice snark there, Mr. Cain!


"Rock Me Like a HermanCain."
LOL. That tune's been running through my mind since yesterday.


(paraphrase) “When Herman Cain is in the White House, we’ll be able to say... Free at last. Free at last. Thank God this nation is free at last again!”


I've always said the first black President would be a Republican. I may be right. Obama doesn't count he's half black, a fact the media ignores.


Imagine that, if he had hit New Orleans instead of Katrina!

Instead of paying out Billions to rebuild it. We would have have a net gain.


WEATHER ALERT! Batten down the hatches boys! We be for a HERMANCAIN!


Maybe that California preacher was Right! This is Judgment Day. And Obama and his Leftist minions have just been found found guilty and the hammer is coming down.


I couldn’t count the times Cain said “God”. It especially touched me when Cain said “God is in charge of this journey.” So true.

As for the crowd size. Thousands of people were there whether it was 10,000, 15,000 or way less is not important. What matters is that everyone left feeling uplifted and with a sense of hope for our country’s future.

--For the record, other Freepers were saying it was 1,500

There was definitely more than 1.5K at the rally. You can’t see all the crowd from the videos. It was a hot day in Atlanta and a lot of people were standing in the shade away from the cameras.


So the question is;
If I like Cain but hate Obama, am I still a racist?


Someone posted they were at the rally. They said you could not see a sizable portion of the people when you looked at video, because they were not near the stage due to the very hot sun there. They were near the trees to get some shade. He reported there were thousands, not hundreds, there, but how many thousands he doesn’t know.

Remember the ridiculously low media estimate for the Beck event at the Lincoln memorial. I recall that those who were there said thousands and thousands of people were tucked away among trees where they were barely visible, and that if you included them and estimated from the area they covered, you got upwards of 600,000.

History repeats...


Cains wife is so classy looking!!!!! She is a great replacement for MOOOchelle

"Minneapolis Liquor Store Looted After Tornado"

Article from TwinCities

Summary: Basically what it says on the tin. A liquor store in MN was looted after the tornado; the looters stole liquor, cash, and cigarettes.

I am confused I didn’t think that the Amish drank alcoholic beverages?

--- I'm not sure where this originated, but Freepers jokingly call black people "the Amish".

Looting is a racist term. We should call it “non traditional shopping.” /s


Obama voters ... 97%.


Gots ta re-distribute da weff, baby! Git yo Hope ‘n Change!/sarcasm


Let me guess. The Colt .45 shelf was cleaned out.

Popular Fourth of July Fireworks Show Canned By Budget Woes

Article from KTLA here"

Summary: Los Angeles cancels a huge Fourth of July fireworks display on the beach due to their low budget.

Well that and they would rtather pay for illegal aliens tuition and welfare than to celebrate America. Piss be upon them.


Can't afford sky-rockets, but can afford to pay some life guards over $100,000 a year?


They don’t get “Independance Day” anyway. No loss.


Of course they would never cancel Cinco de Mayo.


"after budget issues forced the cancellation of its popular fireworks display."

I really don’t see a problem here. All they have to do is ask all LA gang members to be outside at dark and fire off their semi-automatics into the sky all at once. It would really be a show stopper!;)


With all due respect....no city should be spending tax payers monies on fire works.

"Former Palin aide pens tell-all"

AP article here

t never stops. The lies, smears and deceit -— use Sarah Palin to try to make money. Truly beneath contempt.

Thankfully, Sarah Palin puts her trust in God.


"I am still concerned that the big issue (that we know of so far) regarding Palin and a possible run for the White House that will come back to bite her (right or wrong) is her resigning from her office as Governor. Regardless of her reasons and if it was the right decision or not, it WILL come back to haunt her. It will be labeled as “when the going gets tough, Palin gives up”. "

Did Obama finish his first term in the US Senate?
Did Hillary finish her second term in the US Senate?
We are surrounded by quitters, but I try to get over it.

I support Palin 100%.


I particularly like the part where the author “returned to God” and his church. I do believe that the Bible frowns on gossiping.

--- I must have missed that one.


If Sarah Palin really was unelectable, state-run media would be begging the GOP to nominate her, just like they did with Mike Pence and Jon Huntsman.


Resigning as governor was a rational and sensable thing to do given the circumstances at the time.

Do you think liberals still believe that harassing her with false allegations forcing her to run up huge legal bills was a smart move.

Gods ways are not mans ways and God can turn the evil acts of men to serve his purpose.


This means Obama is still frightened of Palin - she is in his head and it’s driving him mad - Hahahahhaha.....


I wonder how long it took Soros to find someone who worked with Palin to say something bad about her and how much he had to cough up to get that someone to write a book on it? I’m sure he combed all her contacts and this was the best he could do...


"It will be labeled as “when the going gets tough, Palin gives up”."

What a sorry pantload of bullsh*t you are peddling!

Did you even read or listen to Palin's resignation speech? If not, you need to do so.

She made it crystal clear that the reason she was resigning is that she had capable people in place (including her Lieutenant Governor) who could better implement her agenda than she could by spending the state's resources and her own family's money on defending against the endless and vexatious bullsh*t ethics charges which were being thrown around by her enemies. She successfully defended charge after charge after charge. None of them had any merit and, still, her enemies kept throwing them at her

The Myth of Sarah Palin's Stupidity

Article from the Daily Caller

Ask 100 people who it was that said, “I CAN SEE RUSSIA FROM MY HOUSE!”, and 99 will answer with Sarah Palin, not Tina Fey.

The media has been very good at utterly destroying her as a credible candidate.


"It’s her voice. It makes her sound, well, not bright.

Unfortunatley, there’s no way to change it."

What’s wrong with her voice? It’s a beautiful, lilting, female voice. Is that a problem for you?

I’ve been to two of her speeches in person and have been surrounded by thousands of fervently supportive people who loved every word she spoke and interrupted her with dozens of standing Os. Nobody objected to her “voice”.

The voice I can’t stand is the haughty, halting delivery of our President.


The whole “Palin is dumb” meme is just a Reagan redux.

Not only did Reagan get elected president, he was a darn good one, two terms’ worth, and the “Reagan is dumb” meme evaporated in the heat and light of his many accomplishments.

Sarah Palin is in good company.


Why does the liberal media and establishment hate Sarah Palin and want to destroy her?

She embodies the best of American womanhood and the feminist ideal and having it all.

What is her crime? Being a conservative.

If Sarah Palin were a liberal and pro-abortion, do you think the liberal media would destroy her?

Michelle Bachman, if she runs, will get destroyed in the same way.

Liberals can’t stand women who are powerful who don’t subscribe to liberalism.


Oh I’m sure she will be elected.

I am not eligible to vote in US elections, but if I did I would certainly vote for Palin - she may have some slightly annoying speech mannerisms but that is a small price to pay for freedom.


If Sarah decides to run, and wins the nomination, those that have bought into the MSM meme that she is ‘stupid’ will finally see her unplugged. More than a few heads will snap in surprise that she isn't as she was portrayed to be. Bambi is shi**ing bricks just thinking about the debates.


"What’s wrong with her voice? It’s a beautiful, lilting, female voice."

Unfortunately her voice, like many women, has a tendency to screech when speaking at full volume. Don't think I would classify it as beautiful, and lilting. She's better in a one on one discussion, but when she's in full "stem winding" mode, it's not pleasing to the ear IMO. I'm sure others have talked to her about this, and maybe even suggested voice coaching.


RATs, along with their media butt-buddies, have proclaimed EVERY conservative and Republican as being stupid since at least Gerald Ford. As I recall, Nixon to them wasn’t “stupid”, merely “a crook”.

This continuing lie works well for them.

Michelle Obama Arrived In Ireland Looking Windswept

Article from the Daily Mail

Note: I just want to say that I didn't get a chance to do their posts about Michelle Obama often, so be prepared. Any post about her is just a huge bundle of sexism and racism.

That 2nd photo, are those diamonds on her finger? If so I wonder if she had them before he became POTUS?


Look at the eyelashes!! Is she competing with Diana Ross?


She should have worn a burka.


She looks like the grinch.

Wait till she sees some pretty Irish lasses. Then she’ll really get nasty looking.


What a bunch of trash these people are!


that is one ugly woman!


she needs a hat... [[warning: racist picture]]


I wish someone could put this photo and the walking Bigfoot side by side. It's been compared to other photos of Her Grace because her gait is so reminiscent of the Bigfoot gait in the original video...even down to the swinging of the arms.


Michelle does Dublin? It's obvious the royal posterior has been doing some Doublin' for a long time.


The face of evil. I hope everyone in attendance is wearing a cross or crucifix and carrying a bottle of holy water.


"Who travels like that?"

According to liberal fools ‘THE fashionista’!

She has about as much fashion sense as a pig.

"Obama to visit Irish ancestral home"

Article from Press Association Autralia

But-but-but....he just checked off ‘African American’ on his census - not even a spec of bi-racial-y-ness.

According to his census answer he can only be Irish on St Pat’s day - just like everyone else who isn’t or don’t bother to say they are.....


White, Black, Irish, Kenyan

He is still in a dog fight with Carter and Millard Filmore to see just who is the worst.


What a phony bastard! He’s as “Irish” as he is “American”.

Anyone falling for this propaganda crap deserves his boot up their arse.


What did I miss? I must have been asleep again on a Sunday night. How did Hussein end up with Irish ancestery? I’m sure they can’t wait for him to step off the plane in Ireland.


O’Samboes, the great Irish Family.


What a mutt!


A trip to Ireland calls for a limerick, and then off to bed.

Consider the former Soetero,
Of very few tales he’s the hero—
While he blows his own horn,
We’re unsure where he was born—
And his real nomenclature is Zero.


Black Irish? Thought he dispised his mothers whiteness?


He’s the basturd spawn of a skank who liked to lsy down with commie marxist of the musloom persuasion.


BTW...hopefully this reminds the world that he really isn’t black..mulatto at best but not "black."

He seems to be the only one of many people with mixed race that hates his white half. I imagine that it must be hard to live within himself with such hatred. I should have pity on him, I know, but somehow, I just don't care. I just want him gone. PLEASE LORD!!


"Guess who was the only sitting modern President who did not visit Ireland?....Ronald Reagan"

Huh? Sure he did.

He did, and fitting, as he was of Irish descent.


If you found this blog from a non-Fark-related source, SKIP THIS POST, it will make no sense.

Given the recent events at Fark, I want to just make a few things clear.

I'm not in agreement with the mods about asking me to stop posting, nor do I think that it even succeeded in doing what they wanted. However, I can see their point of view and I'd like to expand on some of the things people are saying.

1. I was asked to leave. I wasn't banned, and I decided to honor the request because they asked nicely and they clearly were not doing it for political reasons or because they wanted to protect FR or anything. My accounts are still active there.

2. Right wing trolls at Fark are banned on a regular basis. Back before I started using my image, every once in a while a mod would read my wall of derp and assume I was a right wing troll and ban me for a day or two, for saying the offensive things that Freepers say. As far as I could tell, no one really noticed I was gone, and I drew the conclusion that this happens to the Black Animals and Bevets and whatnot, we just don't really notice it.

3. Asking the same right wing derp brigade to stop permanently would be a lot more like FR than asking me to leave. After spending the time I've spent at FR, I can honestly say that I believe some of our local nutsos are not trolls. Obviously some are, but with the absolutely awful things some people say sincerely, Poe's Law applies and I think it would be difficult to say "yes, Bevets is definitely trolling and not just posting his opinion."

Again, I agree with most of my supporters here that the mods made the wrong call, but I'm going to abide by it and I don't think they did it in bad faith.

On the other hand, and I hope there's a mod reading this, I think it's ridiculous that they're deleting posts that reference me in greenlit threads, especially the one from FR. If they really want to end threadjacking about me, then they need to let Farkers discuss it somewhere. Otherwise my name is just going to keep showing up in threads for months.

Also, at least two times since I was asked to stop, I've seen someone post a series of Free Republic quotes in a politics thread with the intro "With apologies to Freep Impact"; those posts were not deleted and users discussed them at length. If I'm not allowed to post quotes from FreeRepublic, I don't see why others should be allowed to do so.

If you guys have any questions, please leave them in the comments.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

"College Students Sign Phony Petition to Ban Conservatives From Radio"

Video from Breitbart.

Our Libtard Education system has been quite successful at their agenda to churn out a generation ignorant of the true meaning of LIBERTY!


“College Students Sign Phony Petition to Ban Conservatives From Radio”

They are all brain washed. I know. I’ve worked at colleges and universities since ‘89. Liberals rule on campus!!


Those who have been “brain washed” or observed what they perceive to be such have no clue to the reality of the who what when where and why of what is happening around them. Most just want sex.

It is quite possible that the ability to convince one mind that another mind can be molded into a desired form is in and of itself the “brain wash”.

These things get deep. Deeper than most college kids following a pack mentality shall ever comprehend. This is in fact purpose... Culling those with ability and desire for use in maintenance of the civilization is the single goal.

It is a necessary sorting process that defines a prosperous people able to identify those worthy of position from those who populate a Mexico or Pakistan.

It is not a pretty thing, just a needful thing.


Those students are a Marcusian jungle of parasitical collectivists and envious altruists

"For First Time, Majority of Americans Support Gay Marriage"

Article from Fox News

If true, just shows how sick we are in America.


If you believe it, you need some fresh air. You’ve been teleported to the SRM parallel universe.


Even in the uber-liberal state of Kalifornistan voters approved Proposition 8, which said, "only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California" by over 52%.

This poll is a fraud. The only polls that count and the only polls that are believable are those taken in the polling booths on election day.


Wgere did they take this poll?

The Castro Street Fair in San Francisco, the queer bathhouses in NY City and the cloak room in the US Senate?

---Bathhouses? Dude, have you seriously not left your house since Reagan stopped being president?


My conclusion is that the poll is lying because in EVERY state where the people have a chance to vote on it, they overwhelmingly reject gay marriage.


"I don’t believe it for a second"

Me neither. Nobody I know was polled. Everyone I know is against permitting sexual deviants from marrying -- without exception. It's an abomination and we all know how God deals with it.


BF Skinner at work in the school system with the Marxists conditioning young children through the public school system and media to think good is evil and evil is good. Kill Christianity and the Natural family (and the Constitution).

Sex Education is to destroy morality in the sex act—make it into something meaningless and just a commodity to make marriage impossible== and convince children that man and woman are interchangeable....they condition and brainwash with nonsensical books (biological lies) Heather has Two Mommies. Cognitive Dissonance—so people’s foundational knowledge is so screwed up they can not recognize Truth.

Marxism is designed to destroy all traditions (marriage) to destroy the transmission of culture so that Truth becomes meaningless so that the elites can become gods and redesign the world into their vision of “utopia”. Of course, the masses will all be slaves. There is no Universal Truth.....no Natural Law Theory.....No USA...no property rights. No God. They have totalitarian control over all aspects of your life.

Homosexual marriage is all about making up, down, right, wrong....destroying logic and reason and creating a totally irrational world so elites can dictate their own vision of reality which is evil because it denies the laws of nature and nature’s God.


Does that mean that homosexual men can marry their gerbils?


I was thinking about this this morning. Almost every prime time show has gay characters, especially the shows pushed to younger ones.

I figured out the reason. With the general consensus to abortion, genocide, population reduction, etc......gays don’t breed.

Simple really. It works for the world view.


But the Cali polls showed Prop 8 losing and it’s passage was unexpected according to the Obama state media!

--- Apparently Obama has a hot tub time machine and was president when that happened.


When you survey the gay community sir, which is better, a dead queer or a dangerous AIDS Queer.


Homosexual polls are like homosexuals —liars all!