Sunday, July 31, 2011

Islamic Heritage Museum Opens in D.C.

Today is my birthday! So initially I was going to do a Michelle Obama post as a present to myself, but there wasn't anything recent. Instead you guys get my second favorite Freeper topic: the islamicazation of America!


[Muslims in America] since the 1500? BS! This 'museum' is an unwelcome fiction.


Must be a black Muslim museum, if so it sure is in the right place. I wouldn’t advise anyone to go there after dark.

I admit I dont know much about Muslims and American History except when we had to go destroy the pirates of Tripoli.


It even has a display of a selection of explosive vests, suitable for 5-6 YO girls.


John Smith established the Jamestowne Settlement in 1607. Strange, I don't recall him being met by an iman. I also don't recall any muslims bringing corn to the Pilgrims. It must be this new revisionist history that keeps popping up.


pretty soon they will have Abraham Lincoln and Martha Washington listed as Muslims and they will be homosexuals in the Kalipornia textbooks too.


Will they celebrate the spread of Islam by the sword, rape, pillage? Will they celebrate 6-year old wives?


[From the article]: "More than the stories already known in mainstream America, such as those of Kunta Kinte (Alex Haley's "Roots") "

Roots is about as factual as is Dreams [of my Father]. In honor of the topic, I’m calling hogwash on it all.


“Islamic heritage” my ass. Here’s some “islamic heritage” for you:

Captain John Smith of Jamestown fame fought the Muslims invading Hungary in the late 1500s. Captain Smith was wounded, captured, and held as a slave with an iron ring around his neck. He escaped, fought the Barbary Pirates, and went on to be one of the founders of the Jamestown Colony. I have a good idea what Smith’s idea of “America’s islamic heritage” would be.

Our first foreign war was the Barbary War of 1801, against those same Islamic Pirates that Captain Smith had fought, memorialized in the Marine Hymn.

Islam is the great enemy of the West, always has been and always will be until it, or the West, is destroyed. It is a great crime that the fools we elect have assisted Muslim immigration to the United States. It will end in war and terrorism in our country.


“Bring the pork chops”

That’ll be a sacrifice (didn’t say waste) of some fine food, but there are more portable and deployable pork products IMO.

A squeeze bottle full of bacon drippings.

Hormel’s Real Bacon Bits in a concealable 3 oz. package.

Strips of raw bacon folded and stashed (let their body scans catch that!).

There are many possible ways to pollute and desecrate the muzzie shrine. Of course, the place will probably be guarded by Nation of Islam thugs.


All that I ever wanted to learn about Islam I learned on the morning of September 11, 2001.


This museum is about as factual and/or worthwhile, as going through a carnival's funhouse mirror exhibit.

Bush to attend 10th anniversary of Sept 11 in NYC

Summary: "President Barack Obama and Bloomberg will be joined by the leaders in charge during the 2001 attacks, including former President George W. Bush, former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and former New York Gov. George Pataki. Current New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will also be there, he said."

"This cannot be political," says Bloomberg.

Yet, notice how the story puts Bloomberg and Ubama in the foreground, then adds in President Bush and America's Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, as guests...historic artifacts as it were. I am kind of dreading the anniversary.


Sarah should just show up in the crowd,
state, “ I’m just here as an American citizen
mourning our loss and showing respect to
those other Americans who lost their life
in this vile attack.”


It sounds as though Bloomers is worried about his ‘RAT comrades who have sided with the Islamoterrorists against America.


Bloomberg doesn’t want stuff to be political, yet he publicly performed a fake marriage for two homosexual men on his staff.

But he isn’t political.


They will ruin the anniversary anyway. It’s very sad.

--- Really? Because I think it's kind of already ruined by being the anniversary of 9/11.


When Bin Laden was killed, I sent a "thank you" note to President Bush - got a nice card in reply.

Under him we did not tire; we did not falter; we did not fail.


Tell me about it, I was literally 15 blocks away, right below Canal street when those towers fell, and people were red-faced-enraged screaming to rebuild the towers, you can even see that in some videos of that day.

Instead, what we got is a giant silver Al-Qaeda trophy which you can bet is exactly how Al-Qaeda and every other America hating scum will forever see it. I get sick to my stomach everyday I drive past it. Like Trump said: “If the Statue of Liberty was destroyed you don’t build the Eiffel tower in it’s place

6 years it took to build those TWO towers. If it was started even as late as 2005 it would have been done already which would have been a TRUE tribute to the victims and the resilience of the American spirit.

Instead what we got is disgusting pushes by this Mayor and other liberati to build a Mosque of all things, and shove to the side the heroes and true leaders of that day who remained steadfast and strong. You think we’d be looking at a giant silver Islamic trophy and talking about Mosques if Giuliani was Mayor? Hellllll - no. This is the guy who kicked Arafats arse out of the city.


“O” needs to be uninvited. This is OUR anniversary of a horrific tragedy, and has nothing to do with HIM.


I'm sure Obama would exclude Bush if he could--both because he hates Bush and because he wants to be the center of attention (and having a former President on hand will detract from that). I don't think there has been a case in US history before Obama of a President who so constantly attacked and insulted his predecessor. That reveals a lot about Obama's character.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Obama responds to GOP plan (9pm ET/6pm PT)

Won’t be watching...

He has been in our faces since the day he started running for President and hasn’t let up. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!


How many more times this week will this jug eared imbecile take to the airways?

He and the no class wife are an embarrassment.


I shut if off after 30 seconds.

why blame Bush... why can’t you take responsibility?

it’s over. Carter II.

lame duck President


" trillions were spent on tax cuts " ???

Didn't take ten seconds for him to start lying!!


Hey Bonehead; it doesn’t speak well when this skinny crack-head lauds being able to work with you and the Gobbler!


Watching on "mute." He looks "off" tonight.

He's slipping between angry expressions and "I'm going to bust up with laughter."

Oh look it's the "chop-chop" hand motion.



It's all commie mommie and daddie taught him...marxism. He HATES anyone that has achieved in America...

Now he's quoting Reagan...he has no shame, none whatsoever.


Don’t forget “Unprecedented”..he can’t help himself,,that’s one of those multisyllabic “I’m so damned smart” sounding words....


His shirt is wrinkled and that’s not one of his best ties.


I’m fed up with you and your minions. YOU are the circus. I’m offended by YOU. I didn’t vote for an ineligible POTUS. Yes, we can solve this probem - We can impeach your ash and hit the reset button.


I’m really fed up with his fast talking jive.


already 18 mins.

He is Hugo Chavez.


Oblidiot is looking like a ticked off 4 year old. got the whole chop chop thing going too.

Hey Obama, we sent the tea party to DC to STOP YOU AND YOUR FOLLOWERS, and if that meant gridlock, that is BETTER than the crap you Nancy and Harry shoved down our throats. People aren;t coming home bone tired you asshat, they are UNEMPLOYED because of YOUR politics and policies. So SCREW YOU Oblidiot. This is YOUR fault and I for one am going to ENJOY forcing your stupid arab a$$ to veto the ONLY bill that has been written, and it was written by the GOP because you democrats DON’T KNOW HOW to write decent legislation that favors the American people instead of the bastards in DC. We are watching you Oblidiot, and we are going to watch you sign OUR legislation.


Rpublicanssssssssssssss. Using his snake voice.


Watching him walk down the hall I swear I heard “Moving On Up.”


Obama had 15 minutes to rant and ramble. Boehner got 5. Boehner focused on jobs and wild spending. No sense stooping to Obama's level. Boehner has surrogates to do that.

Obama's sidelined. That's why he's out there. He's got no new plan of his own. He's just whining, on the same broken record of "balanced approach," "shared sacrifice," scaring the sick & elderly, threatening markets, etc. He's gone stale.

The topic came up Monday evening and I was surprised to hear two 2008 Obama voters express they are sick of seeing him on their TVs and another outright say the "no Social Security checks" threat was a lie and it's just SS being used as a pawn.

Unfortunately memories are short and the election still 469 days away.

Monday, July 25, 2011

What Did The Oslo Killer Want?

Last one before we turn our focus to the impending default.

Summary: He wanted to start a war between Europeans and immigrant Muslims.

Why would anyone waste time analyzing this guy’s motives and reasoning? And why give him a forum to “explain himself?” Bottom line is that he wanted to kill innnocent people and he succeeded. He should be strung up, but sadly, he probably won’t get the justice he so richly deserves here on earth.


Let me offer a third possibility.

The killer was influenced by the same kind of random terror attacks that he’s now seen his whole life, starting with the Lockerbie bombing in 1988, when he was five years old (I think), and ending with the July 11, 2011 killing of seven children by a suicide bomber in Pakistan (19 were injured). As he’s grown, he seen more and more people from Islamic culture, and he sees a ferocious loyalty to their culture. He’s seen how they do things. He creates this mirror world to Islam, and finally decides to act in defense of his vision of the world. He was using jihadi methods for his own purposes.

And, yes, those media claiming he’s a Christian of some sort. I have an answer right here on my middle finger.


And, yes, those media claiming he’s a Christian of some sort.

I bet he's just as much a Christian (in action, not just in label) as Obama.


He's a bit like Obama. Try to destroy the current nation in hopes that you can rebuild it in your preferred political image. Obama is trying to destroy us economically via the political process. The shooter wants a more direct route of military destruction to move the process along with more speed and surety. Both fail to understand that once everything is ripped down to dysfunction, there is no guarantee you can restart it as you please. The mentally ill in positions of power.


I’m going with repressed homosexuality. His object was to kill these young boys, ( although girls too, I believe, ) as an acting out of this repression. An old story, and to some errant nonsense. When you’re talking about a twisted mind, though, there is something twisting it.


“It’s also possible, that like many Nazis, he was enamored with certain aspects of Islam, like the concept of Jihad, which was not out of line with the old Pagan concept of Valhalla, in fact, Himmler himself, stated that he regretted that Islam didn’t take more of a foothold in Europe, and displaced Christianity, which he considered a cowardly religion.”

My thinking as well.
The common thread of the communists, nazis, islamicists, and hard left is this:
They are willing to take people, line them up against a wall and kill them, if that gets their ideology advanced.

Christianity hasnt been that tough on heretics and opponents since the days of witch burning.

Norway shooter, part 4

"The plot thickens. First a Christian, but then a Marxist? White guy who goes on a killing spree on the day the DHS Video warning about White Terror comes out? Now connecting himself to Pamela Geller.

How convenient. "

He was not a Marxist. He hated Marxism in all its forms. I’ve only just begun to read his manifesto abd have so far found nothing to disagree with. His solution was wrong and horrific, but his thinking and research were not incorrect.


[quote from the guy]

There is an intellectual disconnect here. Many of his ideas appear completely reasonable, then he kills 90+ children.

Where is the logical or illogical connection?

I’m not buying it.

There’s something rotten in Norway.


The writer [of this manifesto] is a native US speaker. Unless this guy is from the US, the author is no more Norwegian than I am.


I've seen the video based on the Berwick manifesto and I have to agree with almost all of it. I'm starting to read the manifesto and so far, it is dead on. I just think something snapped in this guy, the Norwegian shooter, in order for him to do this. I would have to ask a whole load of questions. Is he under extreme financial pressure? Girlfriend problems? What is his job situation? I can go on and on. I'll also like a full medical examination, I keep thinking of the Austin shooter, Whiteman, back in 1966, they discovered in his autopsy that he had a brain tumor.


We should not extrapolate European problems onto ourselves. Most of our ancestors left Europe. And they left their European problems in Europe. This incident to me was a political attack and represents an escalation of civil war within the European continent. There is a reason the Euro is failing. Perhaps another great European purge has begun or is looking for justification.


Why is anyone wondering why he did this?

In Norway there have been 2 groups of people:

1.) People who are beautiful and almost suicidally tolerant and open

2.) People who suck off the system, are fatalistic, often deal drugs, clitorectomize girls, shut their women in and enslave them as baby factories, and then and go around preaching death and all manner of ill-will to their credulous hosts

The man saw the Norwegian Labor Party as endlessly willing to import members of group 2 in ever-larger numbers. He got very mad, and saw the KIDS of this Party as being the thing they valued most —so he attacked that.

Can you debate that what he did was black-hearted? No. But why is ANYONE wondering about his motives....?

It’s the most obvious thing in the world and the Left more than any group at all wants him to have no opportunity to speak.

The reason is that the divide in Norway between groups 1 and 2 above could NOT conceivably wider, but multiculturalism pretends they’re the same.

They’re not, and what they require is for people to go on pretending that they’re the same.


It is too bad this guy didn’t decicde to follow Lenin’s or Mussolini’s methods of coup d’etat instead of doing what he did. I’m not sure if he was hoping to provoke a revolution, like Tim McVeigh did, and if he did, he has failed, but certainly, like many others, some of them murdered by the Islamists, or, say, Oriana Fallaci, he has certainly raised the awareness of the danger. For how long and with what results?

I’m afraid that as frustration and rage among Europe and America’s non-elite natives raises there will be more like him and McVeigh.


He considers himself a patriot for taking out the future leadership of the leftwing that is destroying Norway.
He reached his tipping point and acted effectivly.
How soon will that day cone for the US?

Two grandmothers wed in New York's first legal gay marriage

were they married before? do they lose their social security benefits now? what happens?


I know that the State can establish marriages, but it seems under the eyes of any Christian church that holds to its received faith, this marriage is invalid automatically. What does one do?


effing repuslive..but not as disgusting as teaching faggot crap in our schools in mexifornia.


why do homosexuals have to have the attention
on themselves all the time? I would have just gotten married
in a quiet way, no media.


Two middle-aged woman pretending they’re ‘married’ while everyone goes along with the farce is pathetic. The left knows full well that two guys smooching each other is repulsive to most sane humans so they put middle age females out front to soften the image of ‘same-sex marriage’ The never-ending effort by homosexual advocacy groups to normalize sexual perversion that was once recognized by mental health professionals as (and continues to be, recognized or not) a form of mental illness is gaining ground and nothing good will come of it. STDs are already climbing at a rapid rate within the homosexual ‘population’. Homosexual men account for nearly half of the more than one million people living with HIV in the U.S. (48%, or an estimated 532,000 persons). State legislatures sanctioning ‘same-sex marriage’ are bowing to special-interest group pressure and a misguided sense of ‘fairness’ and a desire for ‘equality’ demanded by ‘gay’ groups. Marrying ‘gay’ grandmas aside, this will not end we


so are these two old ladies independently wealthy? they just forfeited their husbands social security benefits...

weird bunch of messed up folks.


BTW, that fellow with the microphone is the Mayor of Niagara Falls, NY and he was just so excited to be able to perform that ceremony. Let’s see how excited he gets when he runs for reelection.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Norwegian suspect, part 3

From various articles.

Of course he "acted alone."

He simply looked up on the Internet how to manufacture an Ammonium Nitrate (fertilizer) bomb and much like the rest of us do when searching how to make a good apple pie, proceeded to successfully accomplish what even practiced terrorists have had much difficulty accomplishinng, build a huge bomb and detonate it successfully.

Likewise, someone who had (apparently) no Military training/experience, goes out and obtains some weapons (including difficult to acquire--as reported--fully-automatic ones) and ammunition and proceeds (without ever having praticed, prepared or had any "instructions") to massacre some 80+ young children.

Makes sense to me!!! /sarc


"Was his objective to kill and then have the public believe it was done by Muslims?"

It's worked with some people here. You could have a full confession from this guy and they would say it was a Muslim. I know that we ask many times "If mainstream Islam isn't represented by terrorist why don't more Muslims come out and condem those attacks." Well, I'll be the first to say publicly that even if this guy claims to be a Christian and a right winger he doesn't represent me, my faith, or those of you who stand with me for what is right. Our cause isn't about seeking out and killing a bunch of kids.


Am wondering how Europeans in general feel about the Muslim problem - is the tide turning? Is it too late?

Muslim refusal to integrate will ultimately destroy their host’s cultures - what an unimaginable tragedy that would be.


The traitors who unleashed the Muslim immigration onslaught against Europe made this madness inevitable. The Viking blood of Norway has been sleeping, but it didn't go away. Let's remember that the Viking was a warrior, but also capable of butchering innocents if that would get him what he wanted. Ask the monks at Lindisfarne.

God grant solace to the families. Having lost a child myself, I know that nothing will ever be the same for them.


Here’s a clue for the clueless - Islam demands war against ALL non-Moslims.

Moslims are fighting a Crusade against the nom-Moslim world as I type this.

As for the crazed Norwegian murderer, he is hardly the first to see the necessity/inevitability of a crusade against Islam. Anyone who knows Islam, loathes Islam.

Shooting non-Islamic children is hardly a valid argument for the destruction of Islam.


Look at it this way...

You are in Germany circa 1937. You know where one of the National Socialist retreats will be where future Nazi's are being indoctrinated.

What would you do?

--- In the interest of fairness, several Freepers replied to this guy saying he was a sick fuck.


>> He’s just your average National Socialist. He thinks
>> conservatism means racial purity.

I see. Integration has worked so well for us. We have become such a great multicultural post-racial society since the 60’s. And it just keeps getting better and better.

Sentiments like yours make it clear. You’ve lost the culture war and you don’t even know it. They’ve managed to change the way you think and most of today’s conservatism is ideologically crippled and emotionally neutered to the point where it is always on the defensive. To steer clear, and not insinuate and never be confused with, or gosh forbid with anything that the other side labels “racist” and “offensive”.

Conservatism in its present form is a dead horse.

You think 2012 will save you? You think Palin or Bachmann will save you?

Just like coming here post-election day 2008 and finding some people slowly, painfully waking up to reality.


He is obviously a nut..a mean nut.

But he is dead on that multi culturalism will kill Europe as he knows it just as surely as it will kill America as we know it.

It's a work in progress chugging steadily to a fait accompli.

Doesn't excuse his murdering but dismissing him as a National Socialist misses the point of what is happening to all of us.

We have already lost California to multiculturalism...Colorado largely...New Mexico to, Texas and Florida could be next...if Texas goes the way of California then we are beyond the point of return.

The demographics who vote for more government and contribute less will outnumber those who don't forever.

His fantasies about a modern Knights Templar notwithstanding..

some conservatives are very slow to wake up to this and will use this maniac as an excuse to resist the obvious

I recall around here 5 years ago just proposing that amnesty was a bad idea because those in need of it tended to invoke charges of bigotry like your’s here and even zots.

Now look at us.

We have one demographic block that votes 90-95% Democrat..12% of the population

another that votes 80% and they are anywhere from 16-18%...who knows really?

That is a 25% lock on the electorate for the takers. Add stupid white people and other minorities who with few exceptions vote Democrat as well and it's already a tall order...throw in their birth rate and it just gets means we have to get around 66% of the remaining votes once we get past just those two aformentioned minority locks...does anyone here actually get how tough this is?

Only difference is in Norway, whites did this almost 100% to could argue that the North Sea oil turned their backbone to mush

Nobody wants to claim this me ..but dismissing him as a purely Neo Nazi misses the point..or trying to claim he's really a socialist is inaccurate..we have freepers here from Norway who have read his ramblings and claim much of it is in sync with this site

That he is crazy is without question..why kill kids?...if just had to go ape then why not take the party head on? soft targets are just that..soft and I suppose in his wickedness he knew this would hurt..bad bad hurt...the worst kind and hopefully bring more govt clampdown to further his vision for when traditional Europe will finally get a backbone and resist the sapping of the culture by particular Muslims

I think Europe needs to wake up too and no matter what a devil guided jackass this guy is doesn't detract from the fact that Europe has a problem with immigration, Islam, revenue, wacky criteria etc and that the dilution of traditional demographics is only making a bad situation worse Europe..France is their California...they lose France to Islam and it's a big problem..who will stand up against it?

Germany and England? ironically the former East block shows more resistance to the follys of multiculturalism experiments..course they can't afford it

He was going after the political party who were in his opinion enabling the Muslims to destroy their culture. More pointedly, he was going after their future generation of leaders and trying to nip it at the bud so to speak. From what I read these were the kids of the elite, the future movers and shakers of Norway.

Horrific as it is, there was a logic behind the madness. Pretty sure he didn’t act alone either.


Just exactly what type of retreat was this? They keep saying a youth retreat but what type? Was it Christian? Jewish? Buddhist? Muslim?

It's hard to comprehend that someone would commit such a devastating act in order to make a point unless the actor was a Muslim and not a Christian as alleged.


Noble goal, lousy method.


[As a kid,] Reagan was a democrat - suppose a crazy guy attacked his summer camp.

This is more like the sunni and the shite killing each other in the name of allah.


While it all too apparent that one must condemn this attack one can also reserved his or her own thoughts about how they when they are backed against the wall will confront Islam and its predetermined eventual world domination.

What would Americans think about all across America the Boy Scouts were forced to learn the Koran? or this scenario that Obama does indeed get re-elected and forms his Youth Corp?

Islam creates the Timothy McVeighs of the world.

My postings do not accept or support the actions of the Norway shooter and his choice of political protest. But during times of war everyone is guilty at one time or another of atrocities.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

More on the Norwegian attacks' suspect

FYI, I'm probably going to be covering this story quite a bit over the next few days, since he basically sounds like a mentally unstable, violent Freeper.

For those of you who would argue that most Freepers are mentally unstable, let me point out that this guy killed dozens of teenagers. So, you know, contextually, they're not that crazy.

Let me know if you have any requests.

The Norwegian daily Verdens Gang QOUTED A FRIEND as saying Breivik became a right-wing extremist

Often, the extremes in Europe are communists on the left and fascists on the right.

So, an “extreme right wing” individual in Europe is not always an “extreme right wing” individual in America. That’s important to note

So he belongs to the swedish nazi party that believes in attacks on government buildings , sounds like adolph obammas best friend bill ayers.

And or corrupt media will never tell us the truth. Or theirs.


"Fascists are Lefties, too."---So I always thought. Tell that to a lib/progressive and you will get an argument like the article that Communists are lefties and Fascists are right wing extremists.

Can someone with a handle on why the libs think that please chime in? Both take freedoms; both have govt. totally in control of business (though in Fascism, there is some private ownership with close govt. supervision, while in Communism the govt. owns everything); in short, both are statist govts.

The closest I ever came to winning an argument with an Ivory tower, Ivy leaguer, was when one explained that everything is on a straight line continuum, with Communism at left tip and Fascism far right. I said, "Aha! When you bend the line and make a circle, Communism and Fascism are right together. But you cannot win an argument with the left--conservatives just aren't that smart (in lefties' opinion), and facts are only checkers to be moved around the board.


I just don't see why anyone would target children - right or left wing. It will be interesting to find out what 'result' he had in mind other then killing children.


They are going to use this meme to demonize and then shut down Free Republic.


Seems I recall a certain past affinity, between the Nazi regime and certain Muslim regimes. Not to tie it all up in a nice pretty bow and all, but that impulse does seem to be in the air since yesterday. Too bad reality untied the state media version so rapidly, but that seems to be in the air of late as well.


Yep, the nazis and the muslims share to a great extent a common ideology. Much of it centers around the killing of Jews. See the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem during WW2 and Hitler’s promise to allow him the privilege of wiping out the remaining Jews in the ME after the Nazi victory. Also the Muslim/Nazi units in the Balkans. The muslims love Mein Kampf as it’s often purchased and given away as an Eid present.



Where there´s a nazi connection, there´s an arab connection.


What are the odds that anyone in the media points out that NAZI is an acronym for National SOCIALIST Party?


as of 2010 he wasn't and didn't like Socialist Democrat whom he claimed were leftest.

He loved the free market and what i find really odd was his writings he is always polite and courteous. Has anyone that was out to kill masses of people ever been polite and courteous?

I personally believe one of two things is taking place here:
1. He changed a great deal in one year.
2. he is being set up

Here is a quote from Breivik:
"National Socialism has always been an extreme left ideology then why are they trying constantly to strategically place it on the right side?
If you hate capitalism and the free market, such as Marxists, Nazis and Islamists do, attained the left side, period."


"Ok so he was a Neo-Nazi. Why was he gunning down kids at camp? Dont they target jews and blacks and other minorities instead? And at a kid camp of all places."

The camp, ages 16-22, hardly kids, was run by the ruling hard Socialist party. They were grooming the next generation of Socialist leadership there. The perp was apparently "fed up" with the socialist policies including unrestricted muslim immigration into the country. He apparently believed them to be the primary enablers and the root cause of the problems. Every bit of information that I've seen points to the likely motive being dissafected with the Socialist policies, including immigration, and going after children of the political elites, to make a statement. I am not trying to defend his actions in any way, just that there seems to be a grim kind of logic to it. The likely fallout of this (already happening) will be demonization and marginalization of anyone critical of multiculturalism, unrestricted immigration and espousing traditionalist, nationalist views. They will also roll back gun ownership in Norway (surprisingly permissive by European standards), big time.


I will play devil’s advocate for a bit. What connections does Soros have to Norway?


What the Norwegian govt. claims happened is so close to impossible that I assume they are lying. Assuming he was firing on full auto with a submachinegun of some sort, he’d have needed eight or ten magazines to kill that many people and he’d have needed them all to stand still while all that was going on. I assume more than one shooter was involved.


Wow the internet really bring out the crazies. There are so many people worried about what label will be put on this crazy, that they are willing to deny reality and invoke conspiracies in an attempt to save face. Folks... crazies and ideologues come in all shades ... like it or not.


"Mike Savage yesterday hinted it might be a setup or at least that is way he sounded to me."

Something isn't adding up here. A set-up is as good a working theory as any other, at the moment.


“Of course many of us are concerned - we all know how much mileage the leftists in control of most western governments will get out of a single ‘right wing’ mass murderer.”

Very good point and the current Prime Minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg is a socialist. His sister was a straight up Marxist and Stoltenberg came to prominence heading the Workers Youth League in Norway. He has admitted to throwing rocks at the US Embassy in Oslo during the Vietnam War.
Norway’s ruling majority is a “red-green” coalition of leftists and environmentalists.


I saw Stoltenberg on tv. I was not predisposed to dislike him because I didn't know about his past.

But in this tv clip Stoltenberg was weird. He was trying to express condolences to the victims' families, but he had a strange expression playing about the corners of his lips as he mouthed the words.

To me it looked as if he were struggling to keep from smiling. Perhaps he is in fact happy at the situation he is now in, with his party's reelection now almost assured? and despite the sad situation he could not keep a smug smirk from coming through.

Man held after Norway attacks right-wing extremist

All the media organs got their marching orders and they are running with it. So transparent.


Too early for instant reactions. Wait a while until this shakes out.


"has links to right-wing extremism"

What, since this is Reuters, that could mean the Boy Scouts and the NRA.


The European right and American right are too very different animals.

Pym Fortyun was a flaming homosexual euro right wing extremist.

it is also interpreted as extreme populism
think Hitler-ish


So..why did he just target the Labor Party? Seems the answer can be found there if we look hard enough. He sure didn’t target the leftwing socialists in the Norwegian government that are calling for Norway and the UN to attack Israel. Bet he is a raging anti-semitic.


Keep in mind that in Europe a right-wing extermist is a fasicst.......which is a socialist........


I’m a right-wing extremist and I’ll admit to wanting to choke a few libs, but I couldn’t even come close to understanding why anyone (other than muslims) would want to commit such a slaughter.


Notice how most news reports bent over backwards to describe his ethnicity (because he’s white).

“See, whites can be terrorists too.”

I bet my bottom dollar, either the guy was schizophrenic/mentally ill or is linked to the Muzziggers.


"So was the a hole in. Arizona for about 24hrs"

Right, and so was the guy who flew his small plane into an IRS building in TX -- for about 24hrs.

The MSM were gleeful at first - thought they had him pegged as a right-winger. A closer look at his writings proved he was more to the Left than the Right. The MSM suddenly lost interest.


Getting very smug over the Leftwing media's "Timothy McVeigh" angle on this? Maybe you should first deal with what even Clinton's anti-terror csar had to admit about the Oklahoma City Bombing and al Qaeda:

“Another conspiracy theory intrigued me because I could never disprove it. The theory seemed unlikely on its face: Ramzi Yousef or Khalid Sheik Muhammad had taught Terry Nichols how to blow up the Oklahoma Federal Building. The problem was that, upon investigation, we established that both Ramzi Yousef and Nichols had been in the city of Cebu on the same days. I had been to Cebu years earlier; it is on an island in the central Philippines. It was a town in which word could have spread that a local girl was bringing her American boy friend home and that the American hated the U.S. government.”

“Yousef and Khalid Sheik Muhammad had gone there to help create an al Qaeda spinoff, a Philippine affiliate chapter, named after a hero of the Afghan war against the Soviets, Abu Sayaff. Could the al Qaeda explosives expert have been introduced to the angry American who proclaimed his hatred for the U.S. Government? We do not know, despite some FBI investigation. We do know that Nichols’ bombs did not work before his Philippine stay and were deadly when he returned. We also know that Nichols continued to call Cebu long after his wife returned to the United States. The final coincidence is that several al Qaeda operatives had attended a radical Islamic conference a few years earlier in, of all places, Oklahoma City.”

-Richard Clarke (Clinton's anti-terror czar) “Against All Enemies”, p. 127 (LINK) ]

Put that together with the fact that multiple witnesses who saw McVeigh in Oklahoma City before the bombing saw him with a hispanic {middle-east?} looking man who was not Nichols(“John Doe 2”/"the 3rd terrorist").


Backlash ... as I posted earlier on another thread... Let’s see if this guy so hated Muslims and the PC Diversity at all cost pushed by the government of Norway that he avenged the rapes and murders and cultural destruction brought to Norway by Islamic imports...


If I have to eat crow, I will unhappily do so but something about this does not pass the smell test. If this guy was really a Right Wing Conservative, he would probably have gone after Somalians who are raping Norwegian girls by the bus load. Not some group of kids from a party he may disagree with.

Either the press is misidentifying him or it is a set up to fool people.

As I said it just doesn’t seem to match what a true conservative would do.


I can’t imagine why someone with those views, who is angry that Muslims are immigrating to Norway and harm Norwegians, would then go and slaughter so many Norwegians. Senseless.


it makes no sense at all. If his hatred were focused on Muslims and their enablers he'd have gone after at least one them directly. If the enablers were his prime target, he wouldn't have shot up a youth camp, he'd have attempted to kill gov't officials.

Explosion in central Oslo

"Those violent Amish again?"

No. Clearly white, gun-owning, Ron Paul supporters are responsible for this.


The fingerprint of islamic immigration.


“Michelle Malkin just tweeted that Norway had just taken some sort of action against a Muslim Cleric.”

What did they do? Limit him to 5 wives? Cut back one of his welfare payments? Stop him from beating his wife to death? Told him he couldn’t bomb the PM building?


Isn’t unbridled immigration wonderful? It brings in people that care so much for your country and culture. /s


Does anyone know if this is near the US embassy?


BHO is at a town hall event joking about his skinny legs.


"...because our government devoted most our resources to Iraq instead"

Nice you have strong feelings on this issue. Unfortunately your feelings are wholly incorrect.

Why Iraq

One of the really infuriating things in modern politics is the level of disinformation, misinformation, demagoguery and out right lying going on about the mission in Iraq. Democrats have spent the last 3+ years lying about Iraq out of a political calculation. The truth is that even if Al Gore won the 2000 election and 09-11 still happened we would be doing the EXACT same things in Iraq we are doing now.

Based on the political situation in the region left over from the 1991 Gulf War plus the domestic political consensus built up in BOTH parties since 1991 as well as fundamental military strategic laws, there was NO viable strategic choice for the US but to take out Iraq after finishing the initial operations in Afghanistan.

To start with Saddam's Iraq was our most immediate threat. We could NOT commit significant military forces to another battle with Saddam hovering undefeated on our flank nor could we leave significant forces watching Saddam. The political containment of Iraq was breaking down. That what Oil for Food was all about. Oil for Food was an attempt by Iraq to break out of it's diplomatic isolation and slip the shackles the UN Sanctions put on it's military. There there was the US Strategic position to consider.

The War on Islamic Fascism is different sort of war. in facing this Asymmetrical threat, we have a hidden foe, spread out across a geographically diverse area, with covert sources of supply. Since we cannot go everywhere they hide out, in fact often cannot even locate them until the engage us, we need to draw them out of hiding into a kill zone.

Iraq is that kill zone. That is the true brilliance of the Iraq strategy. We draw the terrorists out of their world wide hiding places onto a battlefield they have to fight on for political reasons (The “Holy” soil of the Arabian peninsula) where they have to pit their weakest ability (Conventional Military combat power) against our greatest strength (ability to call down unbelievable amounts of firepower) where they will primarily have to fight other forces (the Iraqi Security forces) in a battlefield that is mostly neutral in terms of guerrilla warfare.

Did any of the critics of liberating Iraq ever look at a map? Iraq, for which we had the political, legal and moral justifications to attack, is the strategic high ground of the Middle East. A Geographic barrier that severs ground communication between Iran and Syria apart as well as providing another front of attack in either state or into Saudi Arabia if needed.


The Muslim Brotherhood plan of colonization of the “infidel” West can be seen by a casual drive through almost any small town or city in North America. Unlike any other ethnic group which has come to North America in the post-agricultural era, the muslims are spreading themselves into the hinterlands - not just the major urban centres. They want to be an influence in every corner of Canada and the US - not just Dearborn, Michigan. It is not accidental - it is a deliberate plan. And our politicians are either naive or complicit.


Nations turn away from God and God’s commandments and this is what happens. Terrorism, natural disasters, etc. Notice the porn on Oslo TV station’s web page.


Anybody thinks WH or State dept will issue a lame statement telling us not to jump to conclusions? That idiot Napolitano will double her effort at checking the TPers and reassure the public ‘the system worked’?

Any time now.


The liberals in Oslo gave Obama a Nobel prize for his willingness to coddle these terrorists. This is a symbolic bombing as well.


Two points on the youth camp shooting:

First, don’t be surprised if the guy wearing a “police like” uniform turns out to be an actual police officer, hired to fulfil some affirmative action program.

Second, it’s more than just a bit creepy that political parties have their own youth camps, which I expect are aimed at indoctrination.


Those yout camps are probably teaching Islamic tolerance.


Islam and Muslims around the world are at war with America, Israel, the West and EVERYONE whom Islam labels an “Infidel” i.e., EVERYONE who does not believe in their false god “Allah”, or his false prophet mohammed.

According to Islam, all us “infidels” get one of three “choices”:

1) Convert to Islam by force or by choice.

2) Become a slave subject to Islamic masters and under Shariah Law.

If you refuse these two “choices”, you only have one choice left:

3) You can DIE for your faith or lack thereof!

These are the ONLY choices Islam offers all us “infidels”.

There are no “moderate Muslims”, there are only Muslims, and the above, along with what we are seeing take place today is exactly what they believe and practice. They are in a perpetual state of war with everyone who is not them.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Boehner Ends Talks With White House on Debt Deal

Summary and link to article have been cut due to budgeting.

Good. Wait for the jug-eared moron to provide his own idiotic plan in writing.


“We don’t mind cleaning up the mess Obama made, we just ask that he sit in the back of the bus.”


Obama is lying. He's playing politics and trying to make it look like he's the sensible one. What he really wants is to destroy our economy, raise more taxes, so he can continue destroying this country.


Asking the liberals to reign in spending - is like asking the Neo Nazis to do Jewish outreach.


Barry is throwing a tantrum on tv now.
He’s furious and his voice is getting high pitched.
Not at all presidential , like a three year old throwing toys around.
Now the disabled and veterans might not get their checks along with Medicare and Social Security..
He orders Boehner and the rest to return at 11 am tomorrow and they better have something tangible to show him.
I guess he’ll give them detention if they don’t.
Me, me I was willing, they weren’t , corporate jets, oil companies , the rich, blah, blah.
Apparently Boehner walking out on him
and refusing to take his phone call this afternoon
has sent him into orbit.


"(on Obama choking on his lies)

I really don’t care what he chokes on so long as it is irreversible.

If we are lucky he is choking now."

or have a stroke...but then someone will dig up a look a like to try to fool the American people...with a group of henchmen to try to keep the Commie plans going and with luck, just like the movie....what was the name....and get a guy who sees how bad all of this is and make changes..oh well we could dream couldn’t we..
I wish 0bama would just go to_________________ fill in the blank...whatever suits you.


obozo’s eyes look strange....small and deep-set. Is he sleepy, angry, weepy, drugged? Yea.


when does he, the wife and kids have their vacation planned for Cape Cod? Isn’t that the real reason for the Aug 2nd deadline?


Of course you are right,but there is no moral equivalent.

Fact: Obama is on the side of the Devil and we are the warriors of God.

Or a least he is the bad guy and we are the good.

Do you consider that last line an opinion or the truth?


(on Obama's speech)

I have never ever seen anything in my life that even vaguely resembled what I have just witnessed. This was a fullblown, unadulterated meltdown for the entire world to see.
If Boehner doesn’t show up tomorrow, what is he gonna do? shoot him?


"I pray he chokes on one of his lies...and soon. May God intercede where evil dares to tread."

Oh, don't say that unless you want a visit from the SS. Me, I'd rather see him spend the rest of his life in a maximum security prison, only to die a natural death. Terminal syphilis from multiple anal rape is natural, isn't it?

--- Real Christians don't wish death on people... because of the Po-po


I’d laugh in Barry’s face if I were Boehner. Who the hell is the President to demand the Speaker of the House come to him at a certain time? Barry’s presidency is pretty much toast at this point. Notice the lack of any support from the Dems, other than the vile Blabbermouth-Schultz, who is protected in her district.


The baby boomers who make up a large part of the democrat party are now collecting Soc Sec, in no way will Obama stop their checks, cause if he does....goodbye dammit!



yobama is a teenage drama queen ,,let the GOP call his bluff,this ain’t Chicago, fuxk him


Regardless on how this plays out, one thing is clear. This is obama’s economy and the Republican candidate has nothing to do with this.

--- Yeah because General Republican Candidate has no ties to anything that's influenced politics in the last 16 years. This is a plus! I swear.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Grandmother Selling Suicide Kits To Help People ‘Die With Dignity’

From April.

Summary: A 91-year-old woman in South Carolina is selling helium kits to aid suicide out of her home, after watching her husband's slow, painful death from colon cancer.

"My kids have a hard time understanding when they hear how badly our society has degenerated. America has declined so far and so quickly that it is hard to even get my mind completely around it -- and much of it occurred duriung my lifetime."

Me too. I blame television and the liberals behind it.

It has taught people to take the easy, soft way. Something for nothing.


I was born in ‘51. All the change has occurred in my lifetime. Looking back, how could we not see the end? The 60s. 70s. Only fools could not see we were going to destroy ourselves.


I do not believe in nor condone assisted suicide. No one know how many sun rises you will see except God.

If you want to off yourself do it at your own hands and keep it real.

Otherwise you are faking your death.


"“It was terrible to treat people that way… To make them suffer to the bitter end,” Charlotte said."

Interpret as "I had to wait too long for the insurance money or inheritance and spend too much during the wait."

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

'Ground Zero Mosque' Clears Legal Hurdle to Build

I love me some Ground Zero Mosque derp.

Article from ABC news

Summary: New York State Supreme Justice Paul Feinman dismissed a lawsuit by former firefighter Timothy Brown who argued that New York City was wrong to allow the destruction of a 150-year-old building to make way for the Islamic center.

"Is [the Judge] Jewish?"

They probably have some child/porn proof against him and are bribing him—OR he is a Marxist like several of our SC Justices.

Govt. wants irrational laws and chaos for their revolution. Divide and conquer so we can establish totalitarianism.....One World Government.

Why would you allow a foreign government system to be established inside a US city when it is antithetical to the Constitution? And this person was trained in a US legal system?

OH YAH!!!! Oliver Wendell Marxist Holmes’ type of law-—That Postmodernist cr*p which is irrational and immoral...and Marxists took over our Universities and “twist” the history and censor the content, so law grads have NO CLUE as to what the intent and meaning of the Constitution is—oh, it breathes!!!!!!!!!

There are NO Universal Truths except what “we” decide— homosexuality is “good” and you can only put “positive” info about the pederasts in elementary text books, and you can’t mentioned that Hays—the founder of the movement was sodomized as a boy, even though he loved it. You can’t mention that Charles Manson was sodomized as a boy and went on to sodomize others. You can’t mention that a lot of the serial killers were homosexual—and a lot of them killed the little boys—after sodomy, of course. (Dahmer, Gacy, etc.) It MIGHT give the little boys nightmares—can’t mention the truth.

OH, but TV only shows “good” “loving” “cute” homosexuals who are just a little bit narcissistic, but so creative and talented—much more than “average” people!...It is agitprop—they have an agenda—The Marketing of Evil documents Hollywoods brainwashing techniques and the advertisers and Foundations who put billions into TV and movies to change your perceptions—market THEIR ideas....YOU are brainwashed by methodologies designed by highly paid psychologists that all TV shows hire and all commercials hire.

We do live in Goebbel’s Germany. It is more sophisticated now. Look for it—you will see the techniques.

The homosexuals I’ve known for real are extremely self-centered and hedonistic, one did prison for molesting boys and the lesbian I knew ran over her “girlfriend” in a rage. They are deeply dysfunctional in a most profound way and have a very warped, self-centered worldview (like zero).


"Of course this was fought on the religious freedom issue. The only trouble is, not every Muslim group is purely religious. Many are a combination of religion and political policy. This is a description of a people hell bent on creating Sharia Law, which is not the separation of church and state as codified in our Constitution."

Islam IS POLITICAL. It is a system of militaristic fascism with elements of religion.


Therein lies the argument. The judges hands are tied if all Islam is, is a religion. He had to accord equal treatment to Islam according to the Constitution. But if Islam were ajudged a cult, or a conspiracy, then we could legislate against it and the courts would treat Islam like Scientology or Peoples Temple. who knows for all I know these might be religions today..


The Ground Zero Mosque is dead in the water,
and has been for more than a year.
It’s absurd to say some judge’s ruling gives
a ‘green light’ to its construction-—this challenge
by the firefighter is just one among many, and many more to come. The Ground Zero Mosque is NO CLOSER than it ever was to being built-—I was there among a thousand others
at the last very loud protest at the site last year, was interviewed by a European newspaper,and I can say with certainty that this Mosque WILL NEVER BE BUILT.
Is it any wonder that this whole issue has quieted down
drastically in the last six months?
It’s THEY who have very few cards to play, and this story makes it look like the Mosque’s opponents have very few cards to play. This story has got it ass-backwards.


A mosque in the U.S. is a political outpost designed to recruit, raise money and give support to the islamo-fascists. Given the opportunity, they will use our laws to undermine our society. They will use the same tactics as the gays.


I wonder how long it will stay standing. Anyone got a pool going yet?


Gut instinct...if the radical Islamist can't institute Sharia law in the U.S. within a certain amount of time (They plan via numerology), or their politically correct left wing protection wavers, that building will become a bomb. Other mosques will be the same.
People are forgetting the goal of Islam is world domination. If the NYC pagans refuse to bow to Allah the moon God when they're ordered to do so, they will die.




... New York State Supreme Justice Paul Feinman thinks by appeasing them he and his family won't be put into cattle cars when they take over....

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”,

Men have been emasculated by a 60 year process instigated by cultural marxists—starting in force with Alfred Kinsey, Freud, and Hugh Hefner and the Beats. It was a movement to intentionally destroy the patriarchy and, with it, the family, which destroys the future generation.

Marxists knew that it was the white Christian man which made America the greatest place on earth and the most independent—with an individualist/responsible slant not easy to enslave. Men exactly like Col West used to be more the norm in America. Women made it possible by playing their role of raising and nurturing children, so the men were able to accomplish things outside the home, and the children would grow up with sound role models and be emotionally healthy. Their perception of reality was not created by TV—it was experienced by doing.


This post is way too long to quote all of but it's pretty herpy


(re: taking American back in 2012)

I really hope you are right, but I am a little nervous with the muslim in chief still in office and homosexualizing the military and schools.

What type of minds will be left inside America to reinvigorate the ideas of freedom and selflessness, where someone is even willing to fight for a greater good and the future (their children). The narcissism and materialism and self-worship will destroy the nation and freedom.

Worldview determines everything—virtue— and the Marxists/fascists are creating the perceptions and controlling the minds of too many of our children and destroying their ability to be virtuous—understand good and evil, right and wrong, because of the dysfunctional families government has created and their indoctrination in the public schools and TV.

Great evil is afoot and if I didn’t believe in God, I would be very, very frightened.


I cannot bring myself to spell certain words correctly, among them musslums, mosk, and osama (the president).


Only in America do we allow our enemy to kick our asses on our own ground. Dumb.

Good News, Everyone!

I have created a Tumblr!

I still need to get used to the mechanics of the site before I decide whether I'll be blogging the same posts on both platforms. For now, I'm just going to use the Tumblr for stand-alone quotes and some of the hilarious pictures that Freepers use.

If you have any suggestions, requests, or recommendations, please let me know!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

NewsCorp Scandal

From various articles.

Summary: NewsCorp-run UK newspaper, News of the World, has been recently involved in a huge scandal over their investigation methods. More specifically, News of the World has in the past hacked the voicemails of dead soldiers and in one case a missing girl, who later turned out to be dead. Murdoch closed News of the World as a result. The FBI is probing other NewsCorp media outlets due to the egregious methods uncovered in the UK. The ex-Editor of the News of the World has been arrested.

Whatever it takes, however they can, the regime and the State-Run Media WILL TRY to silence critics.


WOW! I knew this would happen some day. Anythign to get rid of FOX news.


It appears that somebody DID hack phones, at least in Britain. And those people worked for a News Corp publication. And such an activity is a crime and is liable for prosecution.

Trying to dump all this personally into the lap of Rupert Murdoch is where it gets nakedly political.


I have no idea why so many people on FR worship Fox News. If Rupert Murdoch's people were hacking 9/11 victims' families and heads of state then Rupert Murdoch's people need to go to prison for a long time. Who cares if it's Fox news or CNN, it's a massive invasion of privacy and has nothing to do with free speech.


will they investigate other MSM reporters for the same thing?

how many others like cnn, msnbc, cbs, nyt, wpo, yahoo, google, were doing the exact same thing?


"...but now people wish to condone the hacking of 9/11 Victim’s voice mails."

You have proof of this, or are you merely parroting what some left-wing rag in England alleges?


"Cry me a river. If conservatives need Fox to survive, they're even more screwed than they know."

When they come after FRee Republic and Jim Rob over some imaginary crime, I want you to email me and say the same thing.

That is if emails still are allowed.


I don’t think this story is going to play in the US. Who cares what a Brit paper does, no matter who owns it.

Freeper "The Undefeated" Review

A couple of commenters requested I do one on "The Undefeated", the Sarah Palin documentary. Specifically they wanted to know how the Freepers are dealing with the films' lack of success. The answer? They're talking about how successful it is, obviously.

I also covered the film in a post from June, when Palin went to the premiere

Trailer for the film:

Trailer for the film

Had a great time seeing The Undefeated today with my wife. Her eyes were red from crying when we left. It was that powerful.


I too am a huge SP fan. I brought my wife and mother along. My mom still doesn’t believe she can win. My wife saw the movie as a 2 hour advertisement for Sarah. I saw it as pure inspiration. The 7:30 showing must have been sold out. The line was forming as we were leaving and it was about 20 strong. Spontaneous clapping (including me) happened during the (I think) CPAC speech excerpts. It was a great documentary which I highly recommend to all political stripes. (Two gay guys sat next to my mom.) I just want to say: Run Sarah Run!


Just saw it at the Block at Orange (CA). Pretty packed theater for a matinee. Everyone stood up an applauded at the end.

I, myself, was moved and uplifted at a time I really needed it. Barack Obama isn’t worthy of shining Sarah Palin’s shoes. She has accomplished far than he could ever dream of.

But what moved me most was her speeches. She knows what’s right for America and speaks of a love of this country even better than Ronald Reagan could. She is a amazing lady.

All I can say after seeing this film is Sarah has no choice. She has to run and she has to win. I really believe she is America’s last hope.


I’ve been telling the leftists I know for a long time that the status quo of both parties fear her because she’s shown she’ll destroy their old boys scams no matter which side of the aisle is corrupt. Less than 1000 people have been destroying our country - running us to the brink of bankruptcy by spending enormous amounts of our money, and they personally almost all end up millionaires while being “public servants”.

This next election could actually be the transformation of the USA - back to what our founders intended. When reading reviews, such as yours that say the audience applauds and cries, I am filled with hope and this honestly has made me cry. Maybe there are enough of us to turn this around - under the guidance of the right leader.


Let the haters hate. There’s nothing some dolt could write or show about her that hasn’t already been written or shown. They just want to mull over it again hoping they’ll pull up some poo. Actually - the fact that she’s good and honest and hard working and honest and good is enough poo for them since they don’t believe anyone could actually be good and honest. If we are lucky and she runs - she’ll be the most transparent candidate that we’ve had in some time.


The Tpartyers will have their chance to put Mrs. Palin more solidly on the map. But as recent history has proven, this will not be done without anguished screaming, annoying narcicism, and anti-woman bias from our fellow countrymen on the left.


The best way to see The Undefeated will be in a theater.

And eventually, I think people who haven’t seen it at all will be in the minority.


Run Sarah Run. Surely this amazingly lady has Angels surrounding her and protecting her and her guidance is truely from our Heavenly Father.


with the stakes so high in the coming election, the fact that this story is about someone who may actually be running, is even more powerful and immediate.

The film more than met my expectations, and even bolstered my confidence that Sarah will oust Zero next year. I'm now even more convinced that she's the only one who can do it, and further, that she's the only one who SHOULD do it.


Sounds good, I want to see it. But why on earth did they have a lesbian narrate it? Not good.


"I am trying to remember the last movie where the -common- reviews ended with “Applause spontaneously broke out throughout the theater”. It happens here and there for good movies, but “every” review so far has said this. This bodes well."

I think so, too. I hope that the film's producers and the distributors are taking notice of this spontaneous phenomenon. To tell you the truth, if Palin had entered the theater at that moment, I think the audience would have all started singing The Star Spangled Banner. It was truly a genuine outpouring of appreciation.

Just to show you how much Palin's message means to millions of Americans; there was an elderly woman who came in some time after my wife and I were seated. My eyes had grown accustomed to the gloom, and I watched as she was helped to her seat by a couple of younger relatives. I'm telling you, this lady could barely walk. It took several minutes to get her from the entrance, to her seat, which wasn't more than a distance of fifteen feet or so.

Even with her infirmities, she was furiously clapping at the end. Imagine the value that woman must place on Sarah's message, and the promise of her future leadership, to endure such pain to merely get a glimpse of her.

I looked at that old lady and knew that there was an American who sees Sarah through the eyes of someone who knows better than most, what America is supposed to be. That woman clearly sees something in Sarah that resonates inside her - a something that has nearly been lost to us.

It was a poignant and moving sight for me.


I was raised around older people. They have a perspective today that many of even my generation (Gen X) lack because

#1 they actually got to live in an America that was a lot closer than we are now to that ‘America” was intended to be. No, it wasn’t perfect by a long shot, but it was ‘closer’ with all that implies.

#2 To ensure we kept speeding AWAY from that mindset, Libs have literally altered/rewrote the history books and removed critical thought and logic from the school curriculum. It ensures that even if some curious student breaks their conditioning today and ‘wants’ to ‘look back’ for answers, that they will get the version of history the libs want portrayed.

It’s a long winded route to the exact thing you said...That woman knew the truth then and she recognizes it today. My addition would be that people today CANNOT recognize it when they see design. And we see that played out daily IRL.


I just had breakfast with my high school friend who now lives in Milwaukee who was in town. She asked who I liked for President and I said Bachmann or Sarah Palin. She said Bachmann was okay but Palin was a nut. By the time I was done talking to her, she had a new-found respect for Palin and said she will definately look into Palin. I told her she listens to too much msm. And I told her to read Palin’s first book and see The Undefeated.


Please vote and comment on this documentary on

If you’re not registered, you will have to do so in order to comment or post.

As usual, the comments are nothing but “Palin is stupid”

These people are incapable of political debate, so they play the race card, class warfare, and name-calling.

I’ve already posted several rebuttals to these intellectually lazy people.

Let’s set them straight.

Two Bachmann posts: Marcus Bachmann owns a "pray away the gay clinic", and Libs call Marcus Bachmann gay

Summary: Marcus Bachmann's clinic helps gays who want to go straight through Jesus do so, and the dirty liberals want to make this sound like a bad thing.

Back when America still had some moral fiber, the fact that a candidate’s spouse helped gays go straight with Jesus’ help would have been viewed as a PLUS, not a minus.

So sad how far we have fallen.


"We have to understand that this is literally a clash of WORLDVIEWS.

Unrepentant gays believe that there is no need to do God’s Work on their behalf because GOD MADE THEM THAT WAY. There is NOTHING TO REPENT.

Hence, trying to change them is akin to changing what God Himself made.

Of course, what people don’t see is that the Bachmann’s aren’t forcing their worldview on people. They are trying to help those gays who struggle with their identity and do not subscribe to the the worldview of the unrepentant gay."

What true believer of any religion, let alone Christianity, believes that God made homosexuals as they are?

It's leftists and secular humanist argument that has been advanced by Communists in this nation going back to at least 1963.

Anyone claiming God made the way they are isn't speaking for God.


To even suggest that the gay life style may be a choice (at least for some) is to be accused of “hate speech.” And even if if it’s not a choice that doesn’t make it natural.


Summary: The evil liberals are accusing Marcus Bachmann of being gay/ex-gay.

...and how is it that they have not pronounced Obama gay for marrying such a “man-ish” gal? I would imagine this hypocracy has not escaped most of us, so how did it escape the media?


Leftists [communists] can support two opposing agendas* at the same time if it furthers their power and advances communist domination (ie, destruction of capitalism and Christianity),

so hypocrisy is not a stretch.

(*Islam and feminism/homosexuality)


"The Homosexual movement is a greater threat to American freedom than Islam."

Given the choice, I'd rather take my chance with the poofers than with the jihadists.

At least gays aren't trying to bring down airliners.


I happened to hear this on ABC news this evening. It was their lead story. I agree, the tone was derisive. They sounded aghast that someone would pray for a homosexual this way. I did not hear them ask if it had helped any one. They probably don’t believe it ever would and/or don’t want to know.


I have often wondered how the lefties can so wholeheartedly support Muslims AND the homosexual communty when they have to know that muslim radicals want to destroy gays much MORE than they do the rest of us.


I think Zero is probably a poofter. At least a part-time poofter.


"At least gays aren't trying to bring down airliners."

No. They're trying to sodomize your sons.


Have we forgotten Larry Sinclair? Whatever happened to him?

--- Oh man, I should totally do a Larry Sinclair post.


Have you ever seen [Obama] walk down the stairs of Air force 1? His wrists are held together and bobbing up and down - it's weird looking.


I bet Jon Stewart is a pickle smooching sodomite.

Sure looks and acts like one.


Truth be told I believe the Obama stories out of Chicago

I do. They were never really refuted, just unreported.


"Take away the canned laugh-track [on The Daily Show], turn your brain on, and I think you'll realize that most "comedy" material is mere stupidity (or worse)."

It's worse. It's programming.It takes advantage of the human tendency to laugh when others do, regardless, (people will, even if they don't know what's funny).

Once people have been programmed to laugh, they equate the stimulus with humor, or at least de-sensitized to the normal reaction of disgust they might have had before. It's almost Pavlovian.

Given even a second to think about it, they would likely not laugh at all.


0bama looks and acts like a flamer. The professional buffoons don't tell people to laugh at 0bama; they don't mock his effeminate mannerism.

The problem isn't the sodomite thing.

The problem is the "getting your political ideas from buffoons" thing. If you're right, if a critical mass of folks in the American electorate really do decide how to vote based on the antics of buffoons, then we're screwed. Such an electorate can be relied upon to select the worst of all possible candidates.

Todd Palin being "kickass" is irrelevant. It just means that the buffoons will need some other angle to mock the Palins. Same with Mr. & Mrs. Paul, Mr. & Mrs. Cain.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Marc Antony and Jennifer Lopez to Divorce

What a suprise (scarcasm added)!

I’ll bet she is going to get a bundle in that settlement.


Jo Lo is a money grubber. She is going to hang that scrawny little man by his heels to get every dime out of him.


J-Lo’s expiration date was years ago...


How considerate of their young children.

Unbelievably tacky and classless.


Oh. So they're singers. I had no idea what they were famous for. I thought they were like Fannie Flagg or George Gobel. Famous for being famous.

OBAMA ABRUPTLY WALKS OUT On Republicans in Debt Talks (Video)

He threw a temper tantrum, typical baby..doesn’t like what he hears so he storms out. No wonder Michelle eats so much, who can blame her, look who she is married to


If his resignation is forthcoming, fine. Otherwise he’s just a spoiled snotball who has never heard the word NO.


Guess “Obama” isn’t Kenyan for “Mature” [but if you swap the “t” for an “n”...].


barry the zero thinks he is CEO of America, with the Senate as VPs reporting to him, the House as directors reporting to THEM (and ultimately to him), and the American Public reporting to them.

When he is slapped in the face with the fact he has it bass-ackward, with him reporting to we the people and Congress and not the other way around.

But when you understand this is his mind-set a lot of his actions make sense and are rather predictable.

That is why Boehner should STOP going to the WH — summon barry to the halls of power: The House has the purse strings and that is the source of the real power.

Someone needs to teach barry the manchild a few rules about life and the USC.


"[picture of a pack of cigarettes]"

I thought the "sophisticated urban male" preference was:

[picture of a pack of Kools]


As said in another thread, all obama needs to do is to get on TV (with his teleprompter) and announce that he will not be a candidate for President in 2012. Even with a temporary fix for the debt ceiling, the Dow will go through the roof, investment will surge, and in 6 months or so we will have lots of new private-sector jobs.

Since obama can’t handle being President anyway, that’s exactly what he should do. But he probably won’t.


He has never had to do a real deal before and people close to him are starting to see how inept and stupid he is. I see words like "Jello" and "demogogue" coming out of the mouths of Boehner and even McCain now.

He is being shown up as an idiot in real talks behind closed doors.

Baby Bambi can only perform alone before a podium...he doesn't know how to really think and do work. All that's left now is temper tantrums.


Obama pulls this stunt a lot. There were reports that he walked out on the Prime Minister of Israel, leaving him sitting there alone while Obama ate dinner with his family. The Jewish delegation was not offered kosher food.

Also, remember that Newt Gingrich’s temper tantrum in 1995 helped turn the tide against Republicans. Clinton and Gore later admitted they they deliberately treated the Republicans like dirt in order to provoke them to rage.


I guess the man needs to be reminded this is a republic with separation of powers. He is NOT a king, he is simply the President.


It’s drama queen time for the community organizer!

He’s sayin’ “I got the banksters in my corner and they own the owners of the media and if you don’t give ‘em the dough, we will smear you to kingdom come.”

It’s the ole Jesse Jackson shake down move writ large. Pay us off or you will be smeared!


This pos is a coward who can’t even control his own wife let alone his party. Lets watch the show and get ready for the flaming skulls


The House should impeach him. The Senators who vote for acquittal will have some 'splainin to do next year. They won't be able to distance themselves from this would-be tyrant. There is also a chance that some Democrats will consider him enough of a liability to vote for conviction.

Obama is trying to teach us all to be obedient. The only alternative is to go on the offensive and impeach. If not now, when?


Does anyone realize what this cowardly POS is doing? He is trying to add $4 Trillion so he has another slush fund when he loses the next election(2012). He knows he is toast. He just hasn’t fully funded his LOSS yet. He recently was caught giving $Millions to ACORN. Anyone believe this was not a deposit on his future income?


He thinks he's a king. He grew up in Indonesia, and that's the pattern burned into his brain as a child.

This is why he bows to other kings. He idolizes them, and we despise them.


FUBHO. You louse, you tick, leach, bloodsucker.

You’ve lost the presidency when you ignored the majority of THE PEOPLE. When you use dictates to rule over us.

Since when you represent the American People? You and that wife of yours never acknowledged those of us who have grievous concerns about your legitimacy, your lack of leadership, and most of all your allegiance to the USofA.

Except when you and that wife of yours bring us up to belittle. I use to have the respect for the office of the presidency, not anymore, as long as you sit in that office. You started it and never let go, so don’t blame me.


I remember buying our very first home, $36K at 18% interest rate, 1985. This lousy president is going to fall big time. Did you see that gallup poll? Obama loses by 8% to an UNNAMED republican. He's not toast, he's burnt toast.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Planned Parenthood Cuts Contraception, Not Abortion After De-Funding

Article from Life News

Summary: After losing government money, Planned Parenthood has cut back on many other programs, but not on their abortions. Article author thinks this is because Planned Parenthood is crazy about abortions 24/7.

Makes sense from their point of view. Less birth control equals more abortion business.


Population control - they need to keep the ovens in operation, since that’s 9/10ths of the law. They don’t want to risk stopping and not being allowed to start again.

They (the statist lefties) like the inner city destitute populations as a voting block of sheeple, but they don’t want their population to grow beyond what they need for a voting block. They expend great efforts to make sure their sheeple keep getting sex, drugs and government dole to keep them happy.


To them, contraception is just public relations. The important thing to them is that the human sacrifices continue. Who knows what sort of strange and unusual horrors Moloch might rain down on those running PP in any area where they're forced to stop abortions.


How ironic! In the ‘Live Free or Die’ state Planned Parenthood is choosing to murder babies in the womb over preventative (possible life-saving) exams.

--- More like, how ironic! People tried to point out to you that if you cut Planned Parenthood money you would cut the preventative exams and not the abortions, and you said that was a lie! And now you're surprised.


Well, this really puts the lie to the claim that abortions aren’t funded out of tax dollars.

An organization that provided women’s health services and contraceptives while staying away from any aspect of the abortion industry could be quite successful. But it probably wouldn’t bring in the cash that abortion does.


The issue of exams and other medical services provided by PP is irrelevant. If the Ku Klux Klan ran a soup kitchen for the homeless, would we give it a pass on its lynchings because, after all, it was doing some good?

Defend Muslims, Defend America (Pro-Jihad article)

Article here from New York Times

Summary: Anti-Sharia laws actually do affect people, but only in a way that discriminates against freedom of religion.

I have never seen a Muslim anti terrorism rally, they hate America and our laws, they should leave and take the UN with them.


This is an article by a faculty member at the University of Chicago. Notice how he threatens us with Muslims not cooperating with counterterrorism efforts if they cannot enforce the Shariah in USA.


We must really hate ourselves for letting this cancer in. Sooner or later chemotherapy or surgery will be required on a national scale, unless we are really eager to die.

And Congress just scratches its *ss and looks away.


How much does anyone want to bet that there aren’t a few mosques with weapons hidden in them?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Slavery language in the marriage pledge

From various articles.

Summary: In a now famous Marriage Pledge, signed by presidential candidates Bachmann and Santorum, one conservative group sought to define marriage between a man and a woman. However, one controversial passage in the preamble raised some eyebrows:

"Slavery had a disastrous impact on African-American families, yet sadly a child born into slavery in 1860 was more likely to be raised by his mother and father in a two-parent household than was an African-American baby born after the election of the USA?s first African-American President."

The social conservative group has retracted that language. Bachmann defended it earlier this weekend.

I am so pissed about this retraction. I have been on Facebook all day defending this clear language that DID NOT say that black children were better off under slavery. Now they retract it. Ridiculous!


This slavery horse crap !! I have heard this ridiculous whining all my life and enough!! NO one alive had anything to do with it and the country has been destroyed, Pandering to these Clowns and idiots!


The really sad thing is, the Left has no interest whatsoever in bettering the plight of the black family.

If they address this comment at all, they’ll know that it didn’t really say or mean what they will say it did. No, they won’t be defending blacks.

They will simply be attacking people on the right.

The Left is a very evil enterprise as a group.


Today’s dysfunctions and misplaced moralities versus yesteryear’s chattel slavery — the conditions of which varied greatly according to locale — this is not something that can be propounded in a sound bite. If they wanted to produce a lengthy discourse on it that explained all the angles possible, that would be a different story.

--- Yeah, you read that right. This guy thinks the problem here is that comparing the problems of modern black Americans to antebellum black Americans is just too complicated and require a long debate.


Yes, Virginia, some things are worse than slavery.


Some slave manned plantations had more liberal (in a good sense) policies and allowed their slaves to have side businesses and to buy themselves free. Some allowed marriages and families that were preserved as a group. This was due to Christian morality, which some masters honored more than others depending on their personal convictions.


Children born into slavery could be separated from their mothers and sold from the moment they were born, could be beaten or whipped, could be worked to exhaustion or death, could be starved, and could be raped. And sometimes they were - that's what slavery is all about. The notion that all this is "better off" than today's conditions is both ridiculous and offensive.


This entire episode is a case study in why conservatives (and conservatism) loses in the public forum of ideas.

1. Conservative group or person makes a controversial statement (such as the suggestion that black children enjoyed more stable “families” under slavery than in many situations today - a statement which has the ring of truth).

2. The left screams “racism”, or, what-have-you.

3. The conservative person or group goes wobbly, starts trying to “clarify” his/her/their remarks.

4. The left screams louder.

5. The conservative person or group “apologizes” and retracts his/her/their earlier remarks. The “retraction” has no bearing to the fact that the remarks are based on truth. Rather, it comes with ONE reason: to “save face” and to stop the screaming.

When are conservatives going to stand up to the screamers and say, “I said what I meant and meant what I said, I’m NOT sorry, I’m NOT going to apologize, and I’m NOT going to take back what I said, for truth is truth.” ????

Just sayin’....


The other argument is this....Not that the black folks are totally responsible for abortion in this country, however as a group they had the power to prevent many/most of the 60 million plus abortions that have taken place.

Same can be said of American Catholics, they also had the power as a group to prevent the aprox 60 million abortions that have taken place.

Also Black`s/Catholics both have blood on their hands, not just for abortion, but gay marriage, having prayer and God`s Word removed from public square etc.

For full disclosure RINO WASP`s etc that have voted Democrat or for moderate Republicans etc, also have blood on their hands. Not sure if this group alone could have prevented all the death/destruction? But certainly the other 2 groups on their own could have prevented liberal Supreme Court Justices from ever having their say.

Black`s have such a rich Christian heritage, but now when they wave their arms in Church Sunday Morning saying they Love Jesus, it`s all in vain IMHO


I understood the meaning of the original pledge's wording as this:

" A black child born today in America has less of a chance, less hope, then a black child born in America when slavery was legal. "

That's simply true. Simply, horribly, brutally true.


"Can someone tell me what is inaccurate in this statement? "

Nothing inaccurate at all, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a stupid thing for a Presidential candidate to sign.


When the Irish first came to the U.S. (famine), they were treated worse than the slaves. Strange that no one talks about it much.


it was American slavery, versus that in the Caribbean and Brazil, that fostered stable family units among slaves. It was this, among other things, that was principally responsible for American slavery to have been a relatively minor participant in the importation of slaves compared to the Caribbean and Brazil. Though the same thing could be said about black children for almost any time in U.S. history up to about the 1970s.


The comparison is stupid, and offensive. Slavery is totally anomalous in a free society. . Those families were not free agents. A better one would have been to compare today with 1960. Free blacks in 1960 were doing much better. Even with the burden of racial segregation, blacks were better able to maintain family life.

'I can win': Sarah Palin on Cover of Newsweek

Before we continue, I want to mention that I have a new job, which is why these posts are a little slow right now. But once I adjust, I'm sure that we'll be back to our regularly scheduled derp.

Picture on Facebook

A shetland pony should be able to win against Obama. He has made such huge messes. But a shetland pony is not running and neither is Palin. I hope she does run. I believe that not only will she stomp Obama in to the ground it will be the biggest defeat we have seen in modern history.


That is a fantastic Photo of Sarah, and this will be only issue of Newsweek Allowed in my house.



"that’s an unflattering picture.

Take a close look at it. It almost looks like a man’s face.

I wonder if they photoshopped that to look less than flattering."

I agree about the picture.
It must of been hard for them to find a picture that was not good of Sarah.....but they managed to get one.


The wrists look masculine too. I’d be surprised if those scumbags didn’t Photoshop that picture.


Of course she is running. She just is refusing to play by the “rules” the establishment and the media have set. There isn’t the slightest reason to announce yet, all that would do is give the enemy a fixed target.
It would force every aspect of every thing she does to fit into campaign law.
The bus tour would have been impossible.

If this was the 1980 election,, Reagans announcement would still be several months away. November 13th.

She is Sun Tsu,, refusing to march onto a battlefield that her enemy is standing on, fully prepared, in a location they chose. And she is attacking elsewhere.

It is driving them bats*^t insane. They are running this cover to goad her. They exclude her from every poll to goad her (”see,, we excluded her until she announces”,,, Guliani is in some polls,, but not Sarah)
Meanwhile, she is touring the primary states in the NE,, Touring Iowa,,

Oh yes,, she is running. But she is employing asymetrical warfare.


I thought she looks more like her runner magazine Photo, that is still going on my homepage, I guess Newsweek didn't want to make her look presidential, they always try to put the screws to her somehow (and always fail)


I find this VERY interesting:
ALL previous pictures I’ve seen on ALL magazine covers,
have highlighted Sarah’s good looks, if not inherent glamor
and ‘youthfullness”.
THAT was in a different era, apparently: all of that was meant to immply that
she SHOULDN’T win. (too good looking)
This NEWSWEEK cover is the only I’ve seen where Sarah looks her age, and is supposed to look her age, and the glamor seems stripped from her.
MESSAGE STILL, with the caption “I CAN WIN” is
SHE SHOULDN’T WIN.(not good looking enough)


Sarah's face is not a cutesy girlie face ... it is strong.

No photoshop here or shenanicans.

The lady's tough as nails


"can’t worry about looks

if she runs and wins...she will age bigtime...the men sure do"

I don’t think the stresses of the Presidency impact those who are capable. They’re used to crisis management, and don’t doubt themselves because they’re used to doing the right thing. Case in point, Ronald Reagan.


Reagan, Jefferson, TR (for better or for worse), Ford, Truman, and even George W. left the office with more or less their same energy level they had when they entered.

It will age you for sure, but if one is ready for it, the aging will be slight and not debilitating.


It must have pained NewsWEAK so much to have to show a cover of Sarah saying she can win..ANYONE can beat Obama but having Sarah Palin in the White House would totally destroy the progressives..they might go back into hibernation for another 100 years(Good, hope they never come out!) I think the photo looks fine..of course Newsweek wanted to find the most unflattering photo of her but in all seriousness, is there ever a photo of Sarah that looks bad..of course not..she looks beautiful no matter the photo..


0bama has aged about 12 years in 2, which is strange given that he has no conscience.


They’ve subtly aged her. Look at her neck. What a bunch of creepy, pernicious liars.


Well, if it were me, and I have a bit of slyness in my genes, I would make an announcement on Odumba’s coming 50th birthday as a special gift.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Ten Black Americans Who Denounced America

Article from NewsOne

Why isn’t Barack H. Obama on this list?


"I never understood why we put some of these people on postage stamps (like Paul Robeson) who had such a dislike and hatred of the US."

You don’t understand, communist slavery is the gooood slavery and black racism is the gooood racism. I don’t remember Martin Luther King, Jr., who, like his father, was a Republican, hating America. In fact he repeatedly praised its founding ideals, at least when I heard him speak.


The only objection that leftists of any color have against American chattel slavery is that the slaves were privately owned.


Harry Belafonte is another vilifier of the U.S.A, as is that actor in the Lethal Weapon films — Danny Glover. Both of them are Chavez/Obama-loving Communists who make arses of themselves on a regular basis.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Obama Names Openly Gay Veteran to West Point Advisory Board

Article from the Wall Street Journal

Anti-American act of the day by stalinist Dick Obama.


Operation Rolling Blunder continues. I’m really starting to wonder if we’ll have 2012 elections.


Just barry the bastard boy flipping off conservatives once again. This sick little narcissist cannot help it that he is a degenerate don’tchaknow.


Jesus...if someone doesn’t stop this madman we are finished as a Nation...


This is a problem with females, she took an academy slot from a man, served five years and then left the service, it was a bad investment that could have been invested in a male career officer.

“Brenda S. “Sue” Fulton is a 1980 graduate of the US Military Academy. She served for five years in the Signal Corps in Germany, as a platoon leader, staff officer, and company commander. After leaving the Army, Sue worked in brand management at Procter & Gamble and Church & Dwight; she also took two years to work in parish renewal programs for the Archdiocese of New York. Sue most recently worked for a pharmaceutical company and lives in North Plainfield, NJ, with her partner Penny Gnesin. Sue is the Executive Director of Knights Out.”


Yet another reason why this fraud needs to be removed from office because he’s not eligible; all of these damning appointments and policies will be voided. It’s absolutely imperative.


"I can hardly wait to vote this jackball out of office."

So do I, but that won't end the culture war. We'll be fighting the generations (aging Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Generation.commers) that put him in office for decades. It may spell the end of our nation as we know it, even if we survive the tyranny of the Obammunist.

Scouts Out! Cavalry Ho!


It is like conducting a purge of our armed forces, an attempt to drive out the old guard via demoralization.

The ranks of experienced, good men fail to re-up in disgust, and 0bama wants to fill this void with 0bama cronies.

Don't underestimate this guy; he has an agenda to implement, at all costs.


Whatever President replaces Obama absolutely must go scorched earth and remove the infestation of leftists/libs/homosexuals and communists from government at every level from Janitor to Aide to military brass.

HUAC top to bottom. And Obama has given any Republican/Indy President the precedence to do it because that’s just what/how he is doing it by installing his people there.


Bear in mind that I am not some conspiracy theorist. I do believe in being prepared however.

Many current senior officers retire in disgust. Obama replaces them with those loyal to him.

A reshuffle of senior officers takes place. Placed in roles favorable to Obama.

Obama doesn't like the results of the next election. Or he creates a crisis before that, and implements a state of emergency. His loyal officers support him.


I was stunned when he was elected. I am beyond understanding how our Congress and Military are just letting this continue. He’s beyond out of control.