Friday, March 30, 2012

Obama: Hardest moment in my life was Sasha's illness

Summary: Sasha had menigitis when she was 3 years old.

Was this before or after his vote for infanticide?


What a filthy piece of garbage. If Moochelle and he didn’t want her to be delivered 3 years before, he’d have had her slaughtered in an abortuary. What a jackass!


The hardest time in this illegal alien’s life has got to be his trying to pretend that he’s an American.


What a mawkish, maudlin POS this guy is! I guess the second most horrible moment was when he learned that his would-be son Trayvon was shot.


Good for Sasha that she got well. Too bad her daddy resumed caring about destroying the U.S.


So 0dumbo said this to only 6 supporters during a private dinner
and yet it made national news

ain’t that special


Hardest time in his life was when

Larry Sinclair made him that way.


I thought we were supposed to leave his kids out of the discussion?

Anyway, it’s lucky for her we didn’t have Obamacare at the time.


If he would have just had her aborted, he would have avoided this. Of course, he wouldn’t have the opportunity to use it for political purposes.


If that really happened — and you have to question it — I can sympathize with him in such a trying time.

Still, I have the feeling that he would sacrifice little Sasha to Molech in the blink of an eye if he thought it was necessary and would work to get him reelected. You know, for the greater good.


False, she didn’t have menegitis. It was a scare. I went through the same thing with my 6 week old daughter. It was a bad expereience but not the hardest moment of my life by far. If this is his “hardest” moment, then wow, what a wuss.


I imagine it’s pretty hard for Sasha to know her manchurian daddy is a *(&^*%$)ing illegal, lying purple lipped alien bent on distroying the country.


Oh, I dunno, If I was potus the hardest part of my ife would be comforting the parents and widos and children of young soldiers who died in a senseless war while I was negotiating secretly with the enemy to save my own political career

But then, maybe that’s just me


Before we can believe this story to be true, we need to demand to see Shasha’s medical records to see if she really was in the hospital and if she really did have meningitis.


. I want to see Sasha’s medical records.

Trust but verify.


Don’t really give a **** about you or her, Barry.


“” It was terrible.

Here, I was sitting with Bill and Bernadine, listening to old tapes of my pastor, going through the edit of my book, and we gets a call from Moochelle, screaming for me to git my ass home to take my daughter to the hospital, cause she couldn’t get up and leave her lobster to git cold.

So’s I put out my cigarette, down my beer, give Bernadine a kiss and rush back to “she who must be obeyed” to take my daughter to the hospital.

Man, I never ever wannta piss off Mochelle like dat ever again. Wookie scare da shit outa me!””

But don't call them racist!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Trayvon Martin Video Shows No Blood or Bruises on George Zimmerman

I really am trying to move on, folks, but somehow this is the race hill they've chosen to die on.

“... after medical attention it was decided that he was in good enough condition to travel in a police cruiser to the Sanford, Fla., police station for questioning.”

Hmmmmm - kind of explains no blood visible = the EMT’s cleaned him up!


“The initial police report noted that Zimmerman was bleeding from the back of the head and nose, and after medical attention”

Maybe he didn’t have blood on his fave, BECAUSE HE WAS GIVEN MEDICAL ATTENTION, YOU ****ING USELESS IDIOTS!

I know when I put a bandaid on after I cut myself or something, I just slap the bandaid on right over the blood without cleaning everything so that anyone who wants to know if I got cut can see that I got cut especially when viewing surveillance footage...


Once again the lamestream media is trying to incite more hatred with lies. Maybe they learned from Rather.

I hope someone can refute this and turn it on ABC.


Why does the MSM keep spreading a false narrative on this? The guy was a Democrat and Hispanic.


Load of horse shit.

That video is a bit grainy. There is no close up of the injured parts and he had medical attention before his arrival at the Police Station/Jail.

It’s expositive of nothing and only proves some guy can use a camcorder, hand held to record a lawful and safe transfer of a prisoner to processing.

ARC is merely Dan Rathering this. Fake but true by lie of omission and misdirection.


I can see these jackholes discounting the EMT service, but has the reporter never had a bruise? The discoloration takes time to develop.


"Still, after seeing that his attorney say that his nose had been broken, I was certainly expecting to see a lot of blood on his clothes. "

Well, let’s see, maybe the blood was on the ground since he was laying on his back.

Maybe it was on the fists of the perp.

Maybe it clotted before he stood.

--Yep, s/he just called Martin the perp.


Meh... Democrats killing Democrats.


"At 1:26 in the video, you can clearly see the officer inspecting the back of Z's head"

And he looks at it for a while. It must have looked pretty bad.


My brother broke his nose by wrecking his go-cart into a light post base when he was about 10. Head went forward and the bridge of the nose stuck the steering wheel. It lacerated the top of the bridge of the nose from which a small amount of blood flowed, however x-rays revealed the nose to be broken.

(Vanity) Info that has been omitted from Trayvon Martin Shooting that I would like to know:

I've been trying to avoid this topic as I've done several posts on this, but both the inept OP and the awful racist comments made this thread a priority.

Vanity Post:

My basic question is: What was Trayvon doing in the gated community where he was shot?

Was he cutting through the neighborhood on his way home? He was obviously on foot ... where's the proximity to his house?

Was he on his way to visit friends? Surely, you would have thought one of his friends would have come forward to say he had just spoke to him on his cell phone and he would be over shortly.

Was he on his way to purchase 'weed' or hook up with somebody? (as 90% of his tweets either extoll the virtues of weed or refer to his desire to ####)

Where was he coming from?


He was temporarily living inside that “gated community” either with his father, or his father’s girlfriend — depending on which report you read. He was serving a suspension from school. So basically it appears that he was an unfamiliar face on the street at a time when kids his age are usually in school. This is the kind of thing that arouses suspicion.


What's strange is that a few days after this hit the news, you haven't researched enough to know the answers to your very basic questions; and, you've framed the questions in a way that indicate some bias.
He was headed to his father GF house, in the gated community. It's reported that he died about 100 feet / 100 yards from the dwelling he was staying at.

His girlfriend claims that she was on the phone with him sometime between the time Zimmerman spotted him (Trayvon was aware he was being watched), up to what she claims is the start of the physical altercation. She reports the call ended before any gunshot.


"he was staying in the neighborhood. He was returning from a trip to 7-11 to buy candy."
Exactly whom was he "staying with"? Why did they not notice him missing for 3 days?

Candy? Kandy Kush maybe.


There had been multiple burglaries in the gated community in past months. Four AA youth had already been caught by the Neighborhood Watch group that Z belonged and charged for crimes.

My question. Since burglaries by black youth had been a problem, why would parents allow a young person unfamiliar in the community walk alone? Surely one could drive or accompany him.


Before Trayvon was suspended for the 3rd time (for 10 days) from his school, he lived 3.5 hours away. Because of the most recent suspension, it was the judgement of Trayvon’s mother that Trayvon should stay with his father during this sudden “vacation”.

Trayvon’s father is lucky enough to sponge off of a woman who lives in a gated community (I don’t know the race of that woman, and many freeps will noisily averr that it doesn’t matter).

So Trayvon (who was busted at school for having burglar tools) was in this gated community to stay with his moocher father.

And this was a community that had a sudden number of burglaries, enough to energize a liberal, Democrat-registered Jewish Puerto Rican.

Was Trayvon **responsible** for the burglaries?

I don’t know that, but I would be interested to know if l’il Tray was shon on day 1 of the suspension, or day 10. Because if he had been in the neighborhood for 10 days, then that would be a reasonable amount of time in which to restart his burglary hobby.


Other questions:

1. Where in the project does the father/girlfriend live? Where is the 7/11? What is the proximity, and was it clear Trayvon was just going to and back?

2. If he bought stuff, where’s the record he did so at the 7/11? You would think they would have a sales record. Also security camera should show him buying the stuff.

3. Why didn’t he have any i.d. when he was killed, so he was reported as a “John Doe”? Wouldn’t someone normally have a wallet if they were going to buy something? Wouldn’t that wallet normally have some sort of i.d.?

4. What about that bus driver he supposedly beat up? Has anyone looked for the guy?


-- Then why did he run when he noticed that he was being observed? --
Funny thing about Martin's conduct. He noticed he was being observed, so he stares at Zimmerman (who is in his car/truck/SUV whatever). Then he comes closer, sticks his hand in his waistband. Stares some more. Zimmerman is relating all this over the phone to Sanford PD. Then Martin takes off running, and manages to lose Zimmerman.

-- Why did he then return to confront Zimmerman? --

To administer a beat down. He (Martin) was close to home (100, 200 yards, maybe closer), and could have just gone home, with Zimmerman none the wiser.

-- Why did he then attack Zimmerman? --

You wouldn't understand. It's a "savage" thing. Martin felt dissed or something, and was going to show the little prick who was king of the 'hood.


I have another more pressing question.

If Trayvon had acted with humility and decency and politeness, would he be alive today?

A) If Zimmerman had been rude and racist to him - what are you doing in this neighborhood, you blankety-blank? - and Trayvon had said, “I’m visiting friends/ my father, sir. May I ask who you are?” and then walking to the father’s place and somehow reporting the racist who had verbally accosted him, would he be alive?

b) If Zimmerman had been kind to him but concerned - young man, do you have business in this area? - and Trayvon had answered politely, would he be alive?

In other words, Trayvon’s death is 100% attributed to HIS OWN ACTIONS. Parents, teach your teens to be polite no matter how others treat them. Deal with bad people later. Be polite on the street.


The game started at 7 PM EST—so that would mean halftime—with commercials, timeouts, etc wouldn’t have started until 8 or so.

Saint Skittles was shot around 7:20—that means he was on his way back from the store and almost home, encountering Zimmerman 40-45 min before halftime.



the 3-day story is incorrect, you need to get better information. This rumor has it origins in the fact that the police booked Martin’s body as a John Doe and apparently made zero effort to identify him. So the father had to file a missing person’s report the next morning to find out his son was dead. Like the rumor going around here the other day that Martin was shot at 3am (which is when the police report was FILED) this is the kind of bad info that is easily checked before repeating. Its important to do so because when you blindly repeat untrue rumors it looks like you have an agenda. Let the Libs distort the facts, we need nothing but the truth to win our arguments

I’ve done criminal law, in Chicago no less, and literally defended some of the true scum of the earth (Latin Kings, Gangster Disciples, etc) Having worked with real “thugs” in genuine “hoods” you have no idea how ridiculous you sound trying to apply their psychology to this middle-class kid living in a gated community in Florida( AND BTW you badly misunderstand the mind of street-rat. The truth is ‘bangers are by and large utter cowards who ONLY attack when they have numbers on their side, anything close to fair fight and they turn heel until they can gather up their posse and ambush their opponent

Ohio Man in KKK outfit arrested for threatening to shoot a black man


Sounds staged


These incidents wuill be “staged” all over the country by Obama Community Organizers. They will dig around to find whatever nutsos they can and taunt them into incidents, or they will make it up from scratch.

Its just the way fascism works:

Read about it:



And White Folk AND Black Folk who remain silent about it will deserve just what they get.


Well, if someone is breaking the law, then let’s enforce the law. The Klan has every right to exist, it doesn’t have the right to break the law.

By the way, the same goes for the Black Panthers in Florida. Except the national and Florida media, which would QUICKLY REPORT if the Klan put out a bounty on the head of someone, has BARELY mentioned the Black Panthers illegal behavior in Florida. (Anderson Cooper a rare exception.)


These KKK yahoos walk down the street acting like jerks, and they’re arrested immediately.

The head of the Black Panther Party puts a reward on Zimmerman’s head, and he has to be arrested on an unrelated charge.

Say what?

Let this be a lesson to you KKK members, just put rewards on your enemies head. That’s now okay.

For the record, KKK members are idiots. So are the leaders of the Black Panthers.


"...and ten New Black Panthers dressed in military Garb down in Florida calling for a million dollar bounty on the head of a hespanic man (an Americqan citizen) is not threatening? Where they are calling for “blood for blood” in what is looking more and more like a straight forward self-defense case?

The hypocracy and selecctive moral outrage is really wearing thin...especially when the Attorney General of the United States refused to prosecute these same New Black Panthers for dressing in military garb and brandishing billy clubs at voting places in 2008 to abjectly initimidfate voters because he, Eric Holder, believes it is his duty to protect his “brothers” from the white man’s law-meaning the US Constitution-which he swore to uphold.

Wearing very thin indeed."

Its time for the KKK to put a bounty on Obamas head?


Check the Klan garb and...

Look for the union label!

Olive Garden: American flag display would disrupt dining experience

This story is from October, but an Anon commenter reminded me that I never shared it with you guys.

Summary: "The comments come after 80-year-old Marti Warren of Anniston said she wasn't allowed to bring an American flag into an Olive Garden for a planned Kiwanis Club banquet in the east Alabama town of Oxford."

There's even a snopes article about the event, indicating that several Freepers sent outraged emails about this to their friends and family.

A communist restaurant... they cannot ever get me to eat in their place... ever again.


I am so unsettled. What is it with all this strange behavior from so many people coming to light in these recent years. What kind of person would object to an American flag?


Wonder how disruptive it would be just to take a crap in their big salad bowl? Screw Commie Garden!


Good thing I never had dinner there. Who wants to eat at an un-American restaurant that serves fake Italian food.


I’ve decided before to boycott all Darden restaurants because they were in bed with The First Wookie on her ‘Let’s Move’ crap and making their french fries ‘PG’. This REALLY clinches it for me.


You will understand if I and my family leave your brand to pursue your offensive disdain for this nation’s flag without us. We have had our last meal at the Olive Garden chain. I imagine you can save on overhead by discontinuing menus in English. I doubt you’ll have much call for them.


Who the hell are they pandering to? Only black and white Americans eat there! Who the hell are they pandering to?

I hate it. Another damned good restaurant needlessly headed for the crapper in a bad economy due solely to PC. S**t!


Betcha they'd book a luncheon for a local union in a heartbeat, AFL-CIO banner and all.

Olive Garden then issued an apology:

"Dear Guest:

We are very sorry for any misunderstanding about this issue. We do not have a policy at Olive Garden concerning bringing the American flag into our restaurants. Some members of our team were misinformed about company policy by our corporate office. As a company we take responsibility for that and we regret it. We take pride in how we communicate to our restaurants and we are correcting this so it doesn’t happen again. Like all Americans we have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for the American flag and everything it symbolizes. In fact, we periodically provide American flag collar pins to our employees to wear while serving guests. We welcome anyone who wishes to bring the flag into our restaurants.


John Caron President, Olive Garden"

*By the way, I'm excluding a fun exchange with the OP, "satan69", where several other Freepers call her out on her user name, accuse her of trolling, and call her a 'freak', until she explains that it's because some liberals called her 'Satan' once, and then everything's resolved.

I was going to boycott them for their responce to the flag... I happen to like their salad and bread sticks.. Not to mention the beer is cold. My son likes to go there for the all you can eat so I mumch on the salad...


they also received a waiver for obozocare...


Which begs several questions.

1) Why was anyone at the restaurant even calling corporate to ask in the first place? It should be a no brainer.
Answer: because the management of that particular restaurant is leftest pond scum who didn't want the flag shown.

2) What person/persons in corporate gave this "erroneous" policy information to them? The receptionist? Hardly. Had to be someone reasonably well up the ladder.

3) If it was NOT corporate policy then the logical assumption is that there is a rogue executive that should be getting a DRE with a 4 D cell mag light.

4) Or, it was indeed corporate policy and this is simply CYA because they didn't expect to get called on it (which is pretty stupid, except we know libs are stupid)


The Darden restaraunt chain seems to be big leftist supporters from what I can tell. They just sent out this statement so working Americans will still go there and employ them and give funding for communists, instead of going broke by feeding homeless substance abusers for free if they walked their talk IMHO. They lost my business.


"Do you know if Olive Garden gives to any PC politicians or organizations? "

No idea. But (without facts to back this up) I make the assumption that most of the national corporations in the US are paying tribute of some kind to the left, be it campaign contributions to Dem pols, or protection/extortion money to a leftist/PC organization.

Pro-life 'October Baby' rejected by major studios, blitzes box office

For some reason, I find the phrase "blitzes box office" to be confusing, since "bombing" means failing. Here, "blitzing" means that the film is doing very well.

The plot is apparently about a young woman who collapses and, while getting a slew of medical tests, finds out that she was the fetus in a failed abortion attempt, and then her mother gave her up for adoption.

Hollyweird is going to find that with the way entertainment is delivered these days, they are irrelevant. With Netflix, On Demand, Roku I don’t need to rely on these toads to see a movie that interests me and disregard their Left wing crap. I am sure there are millions of other doing the same thing. I can’t wait till all the theaters in the country are turned into Olive Gardens and independent movie producers overtake the big studios.


"The film almost didn't see the light of day."

As well as the protagonist in the movie. She almost didn't see the light of day, either.

This movie will not be shown at the White House. Well! Maybe in 2013.


You know... it's just a shame that a half-white, half-arab mulatto who was trained in socialism and Marxism was elected President and has done such a bad job, and claims to be 'black'. If I were 'black' (and I have been for short periods of time), I would be ashamed of the 'white Negro'.
Couldn't the black part of America's populace find someone better?

Heck, I voted for Herman Cain.


The movie is fantastic and not, “Preachy.” My Lovely felt like it was the best movie she has ever seen.

It moved me as much or more (in different ways) than Act of Valor which I also hugely recommend.


My husband and I saw this movie Sat. night with friends. Our local paper (leftist) had given it a sour review, but we found the movie to be terrific and give it 4 thumbs up.

The movie is about the survivor of an attempted abortion who finds out that she is adopted, an abortion survivor, and had a twin brother who did not survive — all in one accidental disclosure. Rather than being a downer, the rest of the movie is how this angry teen is treated with love, respect, and kindness by parents, peers, and strangers as she seeks her birth mother and seeks to discovedr who she really is. There are many twists and turns in the plot, but it is well done. And, there are no steamy sex scenes and no bad language. This is family fare, as long as the kids (teen and above) already know about abortion.

It is the antithesis of The Hunger Game where the teens are forced to kill each other.


m Critics like:
Excessive Violence, Graphic Violence, Graphic Sex, Foul Language, Nudity, poor plots...

So this film probably has very little of that!

Two very low budget movies I liked were: Bella and The Mighty Macs. Neither of those flicks had much of anything objectionable, though there was one scene in Mighty Macs I found hard to believe.

The worst of Bella was the waitress being fired for being late the 3rd time.

Compare that with your typical bloody/sexy/foul mouthed Hollywood film of today

The terrible truth told by Obama's open mic slip

Summary: On Monday, President Obama told Russian President Medvedev that “This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.” Medvedev responded that he would dutifully report that tidbit to Vladimir Putin back in the Kremlin. The men apparently did not realize their discussion was being caught by a live microphone.

TREASON, IMHO, by this lousy president...


who is going to put him on trial? no one. that is why he is getting away with anything and everything no one has a spine to stand up for what is or used to be correct.


FReepers - is this not reason to try the man for endangering our personal and national security?


"I refuse to watch the state-run, liberal-left, lame-stream, progressive-communist media. However, I would appreciate if a Freeper who does indulge in Major Network News, to advise me of exactly how the state-run media is reporting this story. Are they spinning it, as usual? Or have they chose to totally ignore the story and its impact on America?

Response 1: Last night our local affiliate touched on it in passing (maybe because the world press is all over the story?). They glossed over it with a tone of light amusement, portraying the incident as just another entertaining moment in the president's day.

Response 2: How’s-bout this: do your own homework. Are your ears too Godly to hear things the rest of us report? if so, keep your head burried, but don’t expect most of us are going to screen your news for you, Mr. Wipe.

Response 3: listen to Limbaugh...he will give it to you straigter than any other so called ‘news’ source.


This is what the mic caught. Makes you wonder what he promised his Saudi king when he bowed down to him. Really makes you wonder that in private he did not promise the Izzlumics that he would hand them America on a silver platter, just continue to back him. That is my bet if I were a betting man. I firmly believe he has one goal, and only ONE GOAL, that is the destruction of this Republic, any way, any how he can. But to do as much damage as possible, so that no one care repair it.


"Can he impose this monstrosity [Obamacare] by executive order?"

Sure, why do you think he's building a private loyal army?

Why hasn't the DOJ shut down the open call for vigilantism? It's a recruiting drive!


“More to ponder when conservatives have to choose if to sit out the election, or hold their noses in November.”

I will vote for an amoeba in order to get 0bama out. This country cannot survive four more years of 0bama.


I imagine that Putin knows more about who Obama is than most Americans. Because little Barry grew up among Communists and KGB agents, and probably continued to keep his connections with them.


"Admit it, it takes the MSM to stir things up before Congress takes action. Richard Nixon would still be with us if not for the determination of the Graham cracker woman (the owner of the WashPost at the time) to oust him."

Exactly correct. Watergate was essentially a media coup.

It is only with the rise of the new media, that the country is able to resist the Progressive agenda.


yep, obamma mamba jamma lenin khomeini is our enemy, it is obvious we have lost a great many freedoms,as we cannot reign in a fake and vile POS we have a country left?

Broke, headed for the cliff and the speed throttle is on full speed..

God help us, in Christ name to be as you call us to be..


"He knew the mike was hot. Another 0 tweak."

Good point. He knows the "leaders" in this country are too spineless to do anything about it.


Has Sarah Palin tweeted about this yet?

--- THIS IS AN ACTUAL COMMENT. I don't know why it made me laugh so hard.


Hopefully, it’s not necessary, but if he somehow steals the election the articles of impeachment should be drawn up the next day.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

JetBlue captain goes berserk on NYC-to-Vegas flight (Videos in the link)

Link to article

You know, it seems odd to me that a flight attendant and now a pilot would lose it, so close in time, and in such a similar way.

Something very strange is going on.


Consider terrorists doing things like putting a hallucinogenic put into the pilot’s meal.


"My wife is on medical leave as a pilot from a “major” due to substaintial sleep deprivation issues. Looking back, the 2 years prior to her health collapse were absolutely horrendous, we never looked at the schedule she was working until the damage was done.... I am pretty sure the flying public will see more of this cr@p."

Interesting. My belief was that forces more .. sinister ... were at work. But this could easily be attributed to horrid personnel practices. This is one of the EXTREMELY FEW CASES where unionization might serve a role.


...or perhaps having some ground-staff jihadi taking a hallucinogenic or slow acting toxin and rubbing it on the cockpit controls while “cleaning”.


Was the captain Flying While Muzzie?


In both these incidents, I didn’t hear about any on-board, armed federal air marshals stepping up. Have they all been laid-off?


Ask me why my flying record since 9/11 amounts to exactly ONE short hop from OAK to SNA; a deviation from my all-but-absolute “NO FLY” policy allowed ONLY because it involved my Mother.


Funny, no mention of his race, religion or name. Must be an Amish pilot to be shouting those things.


[ I am no union fan, especially ALPA. ]

Unions are parasites.. YES.. all of them..
Only “right to work” States have FREEDOM..
The other States are political machines run by Unions.. as is the federal givernment..

Monday, March 26, 2012

"Red Families, Blue Families": Book looks at family disconnect

Article from 2008: link here

We are already seeing the benefit of the divergent practices. It doesn't matter what the candidate says he believes, if it's Massachusetts, or New Jersey, or the areas in Northern Virginia where Northeast coast people have moved in, the fact the "Red State" folks have their babies and the "Blue State" folks kill them results in Republican wins!
This does take a bit of time since the surviving "Red State" babies do have to grow up and start voting.

I'd say that the difference in the degree of biological survival is going to drive the "Blue State" people right off the political stage in a couple of decades.


how in the hell, did the RATS ever get to take Blue as their color???
we've been blue since the army of the Republic!!! it's time to take it back and give commie red back to the commie RATS.


Take the minority democrat voters out of the red states and take the conservatives out of the blue states and put them where they belong. Then let me know how those statistics come out.


"I have lived years in both the south and the northeast, one preparing for life and the other preparing my children for life.

I will say culturally the two have different ideas of success for children. One of which is that in the north college is considered more important, and my college friends had their share of abortions. They delayed marriage until later and had less kids. A libs idea of a successful life.

In the south, the parents were not tied so strongly to the idea of college, although I will say the ones that went were incredibly successful at it - they are at MIT and such. They were much more likely to be happy their children had a successful business in the trades, and the goal was not personal success as much as being able to support a family.

I will say down here I’ve see a lot of girls just being trashy while living at home, and having babies and living off the government. It’s a lot cheaper to live down here, you can get by like that. Up north you better have your act together, or you can’t even pay your taxes, let alone buy a house.

I’d like to see this correlated with income. I’m wondering if the conservatives in this case have less income."

Those parents are quite wise down there. They know they can’t live vicariously through their children like many of the NE (pardon me) snobs do.

If fact.....above someone mentioned condescending.....I think this book was written by a couple of female snob professors who really don’t know about real life!


"higher teen pregnancy rates,"

Because most lib teens kill their unborn through abortion.

"more shotgun marriages"

More people of honor means more people trying to do the honorable thing rather than the man disappear into the night, leaving his girl to get an abortion (see above).

"marry earlier and have higher divorce rates"

A direct outfall of the above honorable people trying to do the honorable thing. Meanwhile, liberal couples live together, make kids and never get married. Where is the study showing the blue staters having bastard children in greater numbers when you look at adult unmarried pregnancy and not just teen pregnancy?

Just another study that found data to fit a foregone conclusion.


"how in the hell, did the RATS ever get to take Blue as their color???"

They knew damn well that red would match their communist activism and that would not do. I originally was upset that they intentionally avoided giving liberals the communist color they deserved to wear, but I am now VERY good with conservatives having red and liberals having blue.

Red blood transports life-giving oxygen to the body, as conservatives bring life to the body politic. Blue oxygen-depleted blood returns empty and serves no purpose and is dependent on oxygen rich red blood for every cycle it makes. Liberals are the oxygen-depleted blood of the body politic, that are good for nothing until conservatism enriches them for a purpose.

Yes, I am very good with conservatives being symbolized by the rich red oxygenated life-giving blood, while liberals are symbolized by the blue oxygen-depleted blood that only brings death if it is not doon enriched.


Interesting how they also point out that “blue families” are better-educated and more affluent. Like for someone to be a conservative they must be a dunce working a minimum-wage job. So I guess having strong religious beliefs that do not include killing your unborn children (or grandchildren) must be indicative of a poorly educated person.

Frankly, it cracks me up that the Dems are always griping that the Republicans are the party of the rich - but then they turn around and publish all these studies that say that libs are smarter and wealthier than we are. Can you really have it both ways?


Yow, the Red Family says. JUNIOR...YOU´RE GOING TO GET TO THE TOP.
THE Blue Family says. Junior. Threaten lawsuits, gov´t quotas, racism, and count on ACORN to be there to make sure you get your share.


“and the sexual freedom that allows women to fully participate in society”

That right there is why we have legal abortion. Women decided that they needed the “right” to f*ck like bunny rabbits without being “punished with a baby.”


And the “red” families encourage their kids to join the military, police, and fire departments, protecting the “blue” faimily kids who are busy doing drugs while in college studying women’s issues and environmental science.


All pregnancy statistics should include the number of pregnancies that did not come to term either because of health issues or because of induced abortion. Our infant mortality rates (50+ million babies dead from abortion since 1973) are shockingly high.


RED Families tell their children; decide what you want to become and go do it, you cannot be stopped with hard work, determination, and perseveriance.
Blue Families tell their children, not to worry, everyone gets an equal share of the pie; The result is equal poverty for all!


As a Political Science major in college a number of years ago, we were taught that socio-economic status (SES) largely determined party identification.

I no longer think this is the case. I think the more religious a family is and the more often they attend religious services, more often than not, is a better indication of that family’s political leanings.

I think it was Whittaker Chambers who once characterized the struggle best as a battle between those who place their faith in God versus those who place their faith in man.


In the beginning, the party that held the White House was assigned "blue."
The challenging party was assigned "red."

After 2000, the Philistines took over and misunderstood that red was republican and blue was rat.

The rapid decline in the public's "smarts" is resulting in a new Dark Age.


"Those who have embraced the blue family model have low divorce rates, relatively few teen births, and good incomes."

Don't feed me this bs, I know better. I see it ever day.

The Blue families are the ones coming thur my check out line at my 2nd job.

They have 4 kids in tow, his 3rd wife has a black eye today. Hubby uses the Food Stamps card to buy the groceries, then whips out the wallet and dished out $50 bucks to pay for his smokes, his booze and his daily lottery tickets.

When the kids ask for a $.15 sucker, he screams no at them. then they leave.

All the while this "man" is smirking at us thinking "those poor dumb bastards are workin' the cash register instead of workin' the system.

Police: Zimmerman says Trayvon decked him with one blow then began hammering his head

"This seals it. He WAS defending himself. As his friend said, it was either Zimmerman or Martin. One would live, one would die. Never bring a fist to a gun fight."

This doesn’t seal it.

‘Zimmerman got out of his SUV to follow Trayvon on foot.’

That negates any self defense argument in my book.


But how could such a helpless, young, 6’2” football player have been such a threat to Zimmerman? /s


I don't think the facts, whatever they may be, matter any more. This is now political. The DOJ will assure that Zimmerman is convicted of something. Witnesses and local officials will be gotten to and will either say the right things or be discredited and silenced. Lord Obama has spoken. That's not to say that Zimmerman didn't do something wrong. It simply doesn't matter.


Wow! It looks like all of Black America owes George Zimmerman an APOLOGY!


I’m glad that Zimmerman defended himself from this pot-smoking “black” THUG. He saved the Florida taxpayers a lot of money.


"The evidence will produce the facts, however, the tapes, and Zimmerman ignoring the 911 operator NOT to follow, is going to get Zimmerman a Manslaughter charge at the least. "

You are making things up. The 911 operator suggested not to follow, it was not an order. It is NOT against the law to get out of your vehicle. It is, however, against the law to bash someone's head repeatedly into a sidewalk.


"That negates any self defense argument in my book."

What "book" would that be? Das Kapitol? Mien Kamph?

In MY book: The Declaration and Constitution, it says INNOCENT. UNTIL. PROVEN. GUILTY. BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.

And say any thing you want about it, the one thing that IS TRUE: There is more than enough doubt to go around.


Are there any recent photos of Martin posted online?
(Not the young one that Obama said looked like his son, but the bigger, burlier older guy that he really was).


I once followed a group of black teenagers into a Korean dress shop in Manhattan where they promptly surrounded the female cashier in what I stupidly took to be a somewhat suspicious manner. It turned out they were looking for Size 2 Norma Kamali dresses! (That’s sarcasm.)

Do ANY of you freepers live where frightening black teenagers threaten, rape and murder people???


No rush to judgement on either side, please.

We have heard some of the statement from Zimmerman. People are jumping on this to prove self-defense.

Let’s wait for a statement from Martin... oh, that’s right, he’s dead.
So that must mean that Zimmerman’s story is rock-solid truth, right????

So, let’s hold on til the investigation takes its course. Be interesting to discover trajectory of bullet, distance traveled...

The evidence won’t lie. Where’s Horatio Caine and his CSI team when needed????


This “17 year old kid” was 6’2” and a football player at his school from what I read. So don’t let the old pictures of him fool you. Ever wonder why they aren’t showing any recent pictures of him in the media?

He was no small child or innocent angel.


I assume you are refering to the accusation that Zimmerman said the word “coon.” It has also been reported that he said the word “goon.” I realize that this story is spinning out of control in a manner reminiscent of Rodney King but we all (me, too!) need to get our facts straight.

"Zimmerman got out of his SUV to follow Trayvon on foot.

That negates any self defense argument in my book."

Does that mean that you think people should ignore suspicious people and activities?
Our society is so feminized that most men today are afraid to confront s suspicious character and possibly prevent that person from ACTUALLY doing possible harm to someone or someone’s property.

Do nothing. Say nothing. Accept the consequences of letting criminals (etc) have free access to your community and possibly to your family or friends and neighbors.

A simple challenge of a suspicious character could possibly prevent an incident & “if” the person is innocent he would possibly appreciate the fact that there are concerned people who are watching and protecting the neighborhood and its residents.


"Z is calling Tray the ugliest names on a recorded 911 call"

You keep posting that crap......what exactly are those "NAMESs" and note that it is plural, meaning more than once.


Overzealousness isn’t a crime.


all some of us want is to let a grand jury decide,, it can send a message to legislators and criminals alike.. and people in hoodies.

let the process grind it thru its gears.

anyone exploiting the situation to do otherwise should be embarassed.


"Okay, I'm NOT the DA but Stand Your Ground does not mean Move That Ground and pretend you are Barney Fife. Zimmerman was in the wrong neighborhood if he is suspicious of blacks. That complex was very integrated. I'm helping my black neighbor plant flowers next week. Maybe living in an integrated neighborhood gives me a different perspective. I'm well aware of black on black crime tales and if I was black, I'd be watching my back all the time. Black domestic violence is under reported for one thing.
Zimmerman sat on Trayvon's dead body until the cops got there. There's video of that but never mind. Zimmerman had some things going on in his mind that led him to be overzealous. An HOA "guest" is dead. They will be sued. Hope they go bankrupt and some sleazy bank buys the whole complex. I know what HOAs can and cannot do. Shooting people while volunteering is a can't. This is a big civil deal too."

The amount of errors/disinformation/lies/slander in your post is staggering.
WTF are you doing on this particular forum, lost or trolling?


The NYT is reporting Zimmerman as a white hispanic. They are trying to foment a black on white race war by completely ignoring, or covering up, that Zimmerman is half hispanic.

Watch for the next 'newsworthy' incident where a white can be blamed for 'crimes' against a hispanic. it will demonstrate how even with our first post-racial, magical black Pres__ent, we can never overcome just how violent, racist, and evil whitey is.

This also being an election year and zero slipping in the polls. Expect the 'whitey is evil' drumbeat to get louder and louder.

The Reichstag fire will look like amateur hour. My money says it's going to be a long hot summer.

Did God Establish Obama's Presidency?

"...Romans says all rulers are established by God. So what does established mean and was Obama, "established by God"? My opinion is established may literally mean, "allowed to happen", or, "didn't prevent it from happening". I have a hard time as a Christian believing a deceiving, white man hating dictator would be put in place by God."

No, it was Allah.


No, it was a combination of idiot voters and so called conservatives who stayed home to allow an 0bama presidency.
God believes in free will.


IMO because abortion has been and continues to be legal and homosexuality and other assorted perversions are being pushed to become legal God has temporarily removed His hand from our country. He is letting us fend for ourselves for the time being.


From what I've read in the Bible, God allows for his chosen people to endure terrible rulers when we choose to turn away from Him.
When the ruler screws up, it is the people who suffer God's wrath.

Compared to some of the leaders the Israelites endured, as well as the immense suffering they experienced as a result of ungodly leadership, we're getting off easy.

That being said... I sincerely fear God's fair and equitable judgment against those who choose to turn away from Him.


Using that interpretation Hitler, that Achmadinijad(sp?), and the Taliban were all put into place by God... I don’t think there’s any way to argue that’s the case. If it were the case, there would be little point in polls or voting, since the winner of an election would be picked by God either way.

If I’ve said something heretical I apologize, but a little common sense has to be applied to some things. Man, and the things men do,are often completely independent of what God wants them to do - else events like the Flood would never have been necessary.


In recent months, with the help of our pastor, I have come to realize that there is a diferrence between God’s permissive will and his directed will. He will let us do “things our own way” if we want (hence the “free will” comment above) and sometimes there is just a lesson in it when he “allows” us something. Then there is “clearly not His will”, like Zero. I fear, like Reynauldus Maximus said, “...the first step into a thousand years of darkness...” has been taken and there really is just no way back now.

Unless we can “kick New York and California out” we are sort of “stuck on stupid”. Even people who seem to “get it” are whining about “My Medicare” or “My Social Security”. Like the bell, there really just isn’t a way to “unring” it.


No. God allows people to make choices and live with the consequences. The timing was right for a devil like Obama. Look at our cultural decline. Look at our corruption and immorality that we now LAUGH at. Look at how others ENVY what others have. Look at how people have become self absorbed, haughty and greedy. It's clear to me that in Obama, many liked the idea of “spreading the wealth around”. Many do’t want to work for it. Many defend homosexuality. It all goes together. The majority of people elected someone like them.
Yes, there is now voters remorse, but it's too late. Hopefully in November we will make Obama a lame duck President and try to roll back at least some of the damage. Not all can be corrected. Obama’s Supreme Court Justice picks are EVIL. One is certainly a lesbian. Again, people defend homosexuality and humanism.


God is in control and there is no plan “B”. We get the rulers we deserve. Just as the Jew got the rulers they asked for, we too are smug in our piety and can “see” why we are being punished. Try 50 million dead babies! Try more and more states with homosexual marriage. Try the removal of even the mention of God from polite society. Try no prayer in school, fornication and adultery at record rates, divorce, churches failing, pastors fornicating with the church members, priests fornicating with alter boys, apostate teaching from the pulpits, ......well, I could go on, but you get the idea. We are but filthy rags in His sight, but we still go into the sunlight with heads held high


This is the end of an age. The Bible says that God allows things to get bad so we will return to Him. The sages lose their wisdom, the judges take bribes, but soon justice will return (think Carter, then restoration with Reagan, then the ABSCAM scandal). The wheels of justice turn slowly but grind exceedingly fine.
The counter-reaction will bring someone to your liking soon enough.

Haven't you figured out yet that God chooses all the cast members for this story.

Be patient- The wheel is turning. The thrill is gone.....


"Is this the same god that inflicks terrible illness and unimaginable suffering on newborn babies each day? Allows a small child to endure horrible abuses at the hands of a hateful parent, rape and molestation by a friend or relative? Free will has nothing to do with a newborn being stricken with a horrible illness and a painful death.”

Actually, it does indeed.

Newborns suffering, horrible illnesses and painful deaths are all the result of sin.

When you sin, you ask for evil to continue in the world. Every time.

Have you sinned today? I believe I know you did. You accused God of evil.

So you sin, you endorse evil in the world, and you blame God for it. That is very wicked.

We are the ones, as a people, who brought sin and its consequences into the world.

God is the one who destroys sin and delivers us from its grasp. What did Jesus do on the cross? He defeated sin and death. So we might be delivered from the odious mess we created.

You are fighting the wrong enemy.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Santorum Suggests Obama Preferable to "Etch-A-Sketch" Romney.

Would you rather have a known enemy or a backstabbing “friend”?


I have hated Romney as intensely as anyone over the last few years, and I have hated him from the beginning. I don’t like his politics, and his personal manner is disturbing to me because I feel like he’s telling me exactly what I want to hear. You can check my posting history on that.

As long as there was any chance that anyone but Romney could possibly go up against Obama, I supported anyone but Romney. But anything, even Romney, is better than Obama in my opinion. I don’t know how anyone could let Obama win by not voting for the Republican nominee. I mean, I hate Romney, but Romney did go through the process and he is going to be the nominee. The alternative is much, much worse. And Conservatives that can let Obama waltz back into the White House, I almost understand them, but I can’t really understand them


We know BO will sell America down the river. Romney will support abortion, gun control, taxes, socialized medicine but he isn’t an enemy of America.

The only hope seems to be that we could impact or limit the damage he would do.


I feel the same way. I can’t stand Romney, but the prospect of four more years of Obama, who won’t have to be concerned with getting re-elected, is frightening beyond words. Considering what this evil person has done in the past three years, just think of what he’ll do in the next four.


"Do you really truly think that a protest vote of staying home and not voting for Romney on election day is really truly better for the country than going in there and voting against Obama?

If you can say yes to that, then I trust your conscience. But I have to tell you my conscience tells me I need to go in there and vote against Obama. I think its very, very important that we get Obama out of there."

If the GOP-e goes through and gives us Romney, they deserve to be on the ash heap of history, and a new political movement rises from the ashes, that would be better in the long-run.


If BO gets another 4 yrs. we won’t have any political parties to worry about.
We will all be getting our food from govt surplus, going to govt run health clinics, and watching the Obama channel on tv.
We must all stick together to get him out of office, even if we end up with Ron Paul, oh, my goodness, did I really write that? Yes, and I mean it, too!


"I think our only hope at this point is to throw all our $upport behind outfits like SarahPAC and revive the TEA party so we can lobby, influence, force, steer, cajole, and convince the eventual nominee and Congress to stay on the RIGHT course and buy us some time to undo all the statist damage that has been done to our Republic, while we get a real leader and President in 2016."

Scott Walker should be ready by then. Which is why it is so important that he prevails in Wisconsin.


I really don’t think you will be doing anyone any favors by voting for Romney. In fact, it may actually be worse. Here’s why (from an earlier post)

“I won’t vote for Romney. He will pick up Zero’s play book and continue right where he left off...except this time it will be under a GOP banner.

Do you think the GOP losers who are running away from the Fast&Furious scandal are going to hold his feet to the fire? Maybe the GOP leaders who gave us the wonderful debt ceiling compromise?

If you don’t think this class of losers aren’t going to gobble up every piece of gun grabbing socialist healthcare drivel that Romney spits out, you are badly mistaken. He will appoint liberal judges just like he did in Mass....and the GOP leadership will embrace them.

Our only hope is the fact that Zero is in a different party. The partisan politics will make it at least tougher to pass things and approve judges.”

Obama: “If I Had A Son He'd Look Like Trayvon”

Full Quote: "My main message is to the parents: If I had a son he'd look like Trayvon. I think they are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves."

From Twitter: “The ONLY reason Obama is talking about this shooting is because it can be used to further divide the country.”


Is the trayton a boy scout? we are hearing nothing about why a 17 year old was out at night at that time in that nbeighborhood

yeah... skittles


this from a zer0 that sent his own child into the drug infested streets of mexico. What a zer0!


Obama: “If I Had A Son He’d Look Like Trayvon”

No he wouldn’t; he’d look like commie Frank Davis, your daddy, 0bummer.


One can assume by his silence that Il Douche wouldn’t consider any son of his looking like the white kid set on fire by two blacks who called him “Whitey” and told him be was getting what he deserved in an attack which had absolutely NOTHING to do with self-defense.

But one can see how Obozo couldn’t believe that any son of his could look like THAT boy. It wasn’t like Barry’s mother was white, or anything.


I think some politeness, courtesy and respect for an authority figure would have went a long way for hooded football player, Trayvon Martin. If I was on the ground being pummelled relentlessly by Mr. Martin, I would have taken action much sooner.


“If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon.” Try it and see. See how many of your racist, baby-killing supporters would cheer you and your wife having that third child. I dare you.

nobody would believe it because neither of them would have a birth certificate.


Is he saying his son would be a "clean" negro?


“That man is TRYING to foment racial civil war. This is unbelieveable. Can he really be that stupid, or is this intentional?”

He is counting on the Race War continuing to be a one-sided engagement.

Blacks have been attacking whites for decades. The fire has YET to be returned.


We are constantly admonished NOT to bring the kids into our discussions of Obama.

Yet HE does it ALL the time.


I’ve said it on other threads that Obama is going to fuel the fire and sit back and watch the riots through the summer. He will call in the National Guard and will be “forced” to call marshall law just in time for the elections. This is going to get out of hand throughout the country.

Here in St. Louis today they are demonstrating wearing “hoodies” and marching to City Hall.


Zimmerman may have been a little too zealous about his Neighborhood Watch duties. But....why did Trayvon (apparently) attack Zimmerman? Most people run from trouble, they don’t wade into it.

By using these words, Obama is definitely playing the race card and fanning the flames. Very irresponsible. And the name Zimmerman sounds vaguely Jewish. A two-fer.

And, by the way, where is he on Black on Black violence, which exacts a much higher cost in young lives? I guess that’s okay ‘cause there no “racism” involved. [/s]


"Dear Mr. President,

Trayvon is everyone’s son.


Dear Chgogal,

Trayvon is NOT my son.

My children were taught better. If Trayvon’s father and mother had cared enough to guide, oversee, and discipline him when necessary, he’d be alive today.

Is this a tragedy? You bet. A young black boy is dead, and several other people are about to have their lives ruined, courtesy of Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, and the Sanford City Council.



I called this last year, though I didn’t know what the trigger would be. Thank MSNBC for anyone who gets hurt over this, folks.


“That man is TRYING to foment racial civil war. This is unbelieveable. Can he really be that stupid, or is this intentional?”

That’s easy... INTENTIONAL...

Obama needs something to fire up his disillusioned black base, that didn’t get the unicorns with free gas, and free money he promised them. He needs something that will drive them to the polls in the huge numbers that they voted in 2008,

It’s important to remember that THESE ARE NOT DEMOCRATS in power, these are DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS. There is a huge difference. This is the Berkeley radical socialist crowd that the KGB called ‘Useful Idiots”, for decades.

A dead black kid is THE PERFECT TROJAN HORSE for Obama, who has built his career on fanning the flames of racism, and black hatred of whites, FROM DAY ONE.

No white president could ever get away with boldly and arrogantly thwarting the will of the American people and ignoring laws.

President Clinton tried universal health care.
Bush tried social security reform.
The American people said “no” to both president’s proposals and it was the end of it.

So how can Obama get away with giving the American people the finger? The answer: He is black.


Im not even convinced those little hood rats he’s got the WH now are his....


"Obama where was the outrage when a white 13 year old was set on fire last week by two black kids.
there was no (Van Jones) march, call for special prosecutor, MSM rant..disgusting"

Ummmmm.MAYBE because the perps in those cases were ARRESTED.

Big difference you see.

"Maybe there’s a “big difference” in outcome between the cases, because the facts of what happened are different for each case......UMMMMMMMM—just a guess."


If Zero had a son, he’d still be a homo

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jessica Simpson Should Be Ashamed

Excerpt: "The 31-year-old songstress, actress and fashion designer is celebrating her impending motherhood for the whole world to see. But it is no cause for celebration when a baby is born out of wedlock – even to a rich and famous mom like Simpson. "

Jessica Simpson used to embrace traditional values. Most notably, she said she was a virgin when she married Nick Lachey. Now she embraces Hollywood values: Moving from one man’s bed to another. Bearing a child by a man who doesn’t even love her enough to marry her.


Simpson had a fine husband whom she tossed out for no reason at all. Her life has been a sleazy mess ever since.


My mother use to call women like this, SLUTS.


"The writer sounds like a typical ‘busybody’ that needs to mind their own damn business. They’d be relieved to not carry around the burdens of worrying about what Jessica Simpson is doing...."

John Adams, founding father and the nation’s second president, stated: “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion . . . Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Was he a “busybody”?


Of course she should be ashamed.

However, the concepts of shame and sin, once the bedrock of civilized Christianity, are no longer even considerations.

We can thank the tidal wave of nonjudgmental, moral equivalence wrought by the Leftist counterculture starting in the 1960s, for our current residence in an abject moral sewer.


Sounds like a Fluke to me.


“.. call me old fashioned, but I don’t see the attractiveness of a nude pregnant woman”.

You aren’t old fashioned. You have a sense of morality and decorum. Are pregnant women beautiful? Yes, of course. They are glowing and beautiful because they are carrying a life. Sexy? NO.

Marine Faces Dismissal For Anti-Obama Facebook Posts

Summary: A Marine sergeant who started a Facebook group that is openly critical of President Barack Obama and posted comments saying he will not follow the unlawful orders of the commander in chief is facing possible dismissal from the Corps.

I don’t think you can be charged for stating that you will refuse to follow unlawful orders.

There has to be a lot more than that.


This marine has cojones...and his only “crime” is openly expressing what the vast, vast, VAST majority of the Navy, Marines, Army, and Air Force thinks of the Cretin-in-Chief.

Obama is slime.



"If this Marine follows through with his statement, he is in violation of his oath. Officers do not take the same oath. It’s good that he has his own opinion but there’s a time and place to voice it."

His oath is to the Constitution, is it not?


Nowhere in the Oath of Enlistment is there a requirement to follow unlawful orders. I think he worded cleverly. And may God bless him.


As far as I am concerned, Facebook is an ‘electronic concentration camp’.


Can he be in uniform on Facebook? Is he speaking against Obama as a candidate, or against Obama as a CINC giving unlawful orders?

Does Obama get to decide what language is “contemptuous”? Is it contemptuous to note unlawfulness of orders?

My computer is really slow so I haven’t read the full article on this yet, but if this has anything to do with Obama and Panetta seeking xcombat authorization from the UN rather than the Constitutional, lawful requirement of being authorized by CONGRESS, then the issues he’s discussing are not contemptuous but dead earnest and absolutely in line with the officer’s oath he took.


In my opinion, the object of 'social media' in general, and Facebook specifically is to get as many people as possible to voluntarily 'gather' together in the same 'place' and voluntarily reveal their innermost thoughts, as well as their personal information. It is structured so as to lull 'the masses' in to a sense of false security so that they will voluntarily reveal virtually everything about themselves, their families, their friends and their acquaintances.

The information gathered can be used at some time in the future by our totalitarian government to separate those who are guilty of 'double-plus-ungood' thought crimes from those who are 'only' guilty of 'regular' thought crimes.

Thought crime enforcement will be much easier with people literally turning themselves in.



And yes, maybe I DID just get a newer, more powerful tin-foil hat - so what?


God bless this Marine...and let me say it for him....

“obama is a miserable waste of flesh and oxygen”!



If this guy was a lib protesting a conservative, it wouldn’t be considered a problem.


Semper Fi, sargent!! The Moron in chief should not be trusted. The Marine has BALLS to state what most Americans are thinking!!

Defense Department where is HIS RIGHT to FREE SPEECH????

Miami High School Students Walk Out to Protest Sanford Shooting

Again, not mentioned were George Zimmerman's injuries and witness accounts of Mr. Martin being on top of Mr. Zimmerman and punching him were also ignored.


Way to go, geniuses ... that’ll un-shoot him, you betcha!

Anyone who skips school to protest anything other than the fact that the school is a Marxist hellhole swindle should be expelled.


Close down the school, fire the teachers, and return the money to the taxpayers.

Then let the protestors eat cake.


Give a test on the days subject, fail them, and nail them for truancy!


There’s something very wrong with this whole story.


I’m no fan of vigilante justice. But IMO if this had been a white boy killed I doubt we’d be hearing as much about it.


Anytime students leave a school in a “boycott” its laughable.. I don’t think every kid that does it does not have true intentions, but for every 1 that does, there are 40-50 who just are enjoying cutting class.

Man calls Obama Muslim, Gingrich doesn't correct

Since when is it Newts job to defend the mooselimb faith?


“I suppose the Media thinks it’s the GOP candidates’ job to “defend” Obama.”

My first thought exactly.

Unfortunately, Ace McCain and Romney set themnselves up to personally protect Hussein’s “honor”.

And Big Media rewards them by calling them “moderate”.

Up yours, “Mav”!


The media actually wanted Gingrich to be accurate and say “I have no idea what Obama’s religion actually is...although he professes to be Christian based on his 20 years of attendance at a Chicago ‘church’ that preached hatred of Jews and America and his appearance at few scant services thereafter for photo-ops”?


"I believe President Obama is a Christian," Gingrich said. "He says he's a Christian, he went to a Christian church for over 20 years, and I believe him."
Obama DID NOT go to a Christian Church. He went to a Black Liberation Theology church.

BLT says that if God is not for the Black man and against the White, "we should kill him (God)."

What ever that isn't Christian!


"Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond added that Gingrich "has said several times in the past that he believes President Obama is a Christian."
"We also believe he is an American. We also believe he is a very nice guy.""

Newt! We have US citizens who hate this country, and it's Constitution, and want it destroyed.
We have US citizens who love this country and it's Constitution and want it to succeed;those are Americans.

Obama may be a US citizen but he is not an American.


Look, it's quite simple. if we accept Obama's birth story at face value (the one in Ayers' his book and supported by the birth records put forward), then his father is Barack Obama, a Kenyan Muslim.
By Muslim tradition, the child of a Muslim father is automatically a Muslim (contrast with Judaism, where the child of a Jewish mother is automatically a Jew). Barack Obama II is therefore either a Muslim or an apostate Muslim (and a birthright Muslim who denies the faith is the worst kind of apostate in Muslim teaching).

Or he's lying about who his father is.

It's one or the other.


He is a Muslim by birth. Now if he was later converted or if he was baptized into a Christian Church then he could refute the allegation. Now where is Obama’s baptismal record?


Shove it up your smelly collective Obamas.

And Obama makes a h*ll of a better Muslim than he does any other faith. (E.G., he knows nothing about economics, he lies through every oriface, and he’s a canccer upon civilization.)


Funny how they’re oh-so-sensitive about the really damaging truths:

0bama’s not an American.
He’s a Muslim.
The left in general has a communist, anti-American agenda.
The left in general hates Christianity.


Bill Maher calls Sarah Palin a bitch and a whore, and HBO, nor CNN doesn’t correct.


My way of saying it to libs in denial -

Let’s say 0bama isn’t a Muslim sympathizer/Marxist/racist/etc -

how would he be acting differently than he is if he were?

The usual “rebuttal” is “that’s absurd”.


How is Newt supposed to know whether or not Obama is a Muslim? He doesn’t know any more about Obama than we do

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

FBI probe shooting death of Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman

I've been holding off on this story for a few days, because FR hasn't been discussing it that much, and when they are it's about how many murders are being ignored for not being about race. But this one actually got quite a few comments.

Will the FBI pretend that Zimmerman is “white” too?


Obama’s Eric Holder has had the files for 3 days.

No arrest of the killer.

If all the feds did was read the news , they’d know there is enough to arrest the guy. Right?

Why is Obama stalling?


Zimmerman sure doesn’t look white to me. When I first saw his pic (before he was declared to be white) I thought: “What the hey, this guy is black!” And an Hispanic with the name Zimmerman?


what do you figure his genetic make-up is (other than fat, dumb and ugly). Weird to have a German or possibly Yiddish name like Zimmerman, but look sort of Hispanic.


The Holder DOJ has become fully racialized and politicized. Blacks must be protected, period. No matter what.


Only racists see this as a racial crime.


Mr. Zimmerman has a bull's eye on his back one way or another now. In the pc driven and further racially divided America (thanks to obama, the dems and Holder) it won't matter now if it was a justified self defense shooting, or plain murder. The facts will no longer be in the driver's seat for this event.


If Zimmerman were a white Jew he’d have already done the perp walk.

Obama and the DNC are stalling because he is trying to placate the larger voting population- The Hispanic Latino one.

They know he’s not White.


Are they going to investigate the black woman who threw a fit in class and threatened the life of her teacher and classmates. Oh I’m sorry she’s black nothing will happen.


I heard on Fox news last night that when the cops arrived on the scene Zimmerman had a bloody nose and a wound on his head. Maybe the black kid assaulted Zimmerman. Maybe Zimmerman had to defend himself because the kid beat him and could take the gun.


"I do not agree with you at all about this having anything to do with President Obama or race whatever. I think it appropriate for another agency to step in now. I just want to see Zimmerman prosecuted. If this was not legal, it would not be happening."

With respect, open your eyes to Obama, his AG and their race based approach to governing. They are CLEARLY racists, and Holder is getting involved to keep the race flame glowing.

FLA does NOT need the DOJ involved in this, or the FBI.

Why are you so set on seeing Zimmerman prosecuted without the facts? Did you know there was a fight between the two? Did you know FLA has the ‘stand your ground’ law that allows CC licensee’s to protect themselves from bodily harm, even if the other person does NOT have a gun? you’re getting inflamed by the media coverage which is LESS than complete.


“Dude. He killed a kid walking down the street”

Not so. He killed a “kid” who was 6ft 3 and had him down on his back punching him in the face according to an eye witness. Try to keep up.

“Zimmerman was justified in using deadly force according to Florida’s STAND YOUR GROUND LAW because Martin was on top of him beating him in the face.

According to this eye witness quoted in this article Zimmerman was getting the worst of it and calling for help once the fighting started.


A "Million Hoodie March" (not kidding) is being held in NYC to support the victim's family. I think the Obama Regime is desperate to get any kind of momentum going after a dismal month, so they've decided that playing the race card is the best way to do it. The racism part is being played up as the result of a recording of the 911 call the perp made shortly before the shooting happened, in which many claim to hear Zimmerman say "f***ing coons". But after listening to the recording several times, it sounds to me like he said "punks", which he also said earlier in the call. Is the guy guilty of murder? Probably. Of racism? The Obama admin is banking on it.


“If the girlfriend who was on the phone with Martin is to be believed”

I won't believe a word she says without corroborating evidence. I've seen too many black “witnesses” lie to protect a black perp simply because he was black.


"If they can’t get him on murder they’ll go after him for civil rights violations just like they did after the cops were exonerated in the Rodney King incident."

If they do - whites should make it clear - we will go anarchy.

Those on jurys - just vote by race.

Dark skin = guilty, white skin = not guilty.

Screw racist Holder. He wants CRT - give it to him.

He is a weak minded little pansy anyway. A complete disgrace.

The Governor should DIRECTLY request written answers as to why the FBI is investigating. if everything is a federal case - that is fine - the government has just nullfied its own Constitution. I say we nullify the government, and call it even.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

If Obama loses how BADLY will he lose?



Whether he wins or loses, it will not be close.


Agree. It will be razor close. The parasites have almost reached critical mass, and even if Obama is revealed to be Satan incarnate, the leaches will vote for him anyway.


think of november 2010 and double it.


If it’s razor thin then the Dumbocrats will initiate an endless series of legal proceedings.


He will lose by a lot he will not crack 180 in Electoral Votes.


State-controlled media is lying to us so much I suspect that it could be blowout - in either direction.
It mainly depends on how many dead people The Community Agitators Formerly Known As ACORN can get to vote.


I think he’s going to get blown out. Biden was booed in Pittsburgh on St. Patrick’s day. Pittsburgh is union and heavily Democratic but I believe the people are seeing that the emperor has no clothes.

White House Admits Asking Media to Scrub Reports of Malia Obama's Mexican Vacation

Excerpt: "Kristina Schake, Communications Director to the First Lady, emails to confirm this was a White House effort:

From the beginning of the administration, the White House has asked news outlets not to report on or photograph the Obama children when they are not with their parents and there is no vital news interest. We have reminded outlets of this request in order to protect the privacy and security of these girls.

Must be nice to command such an obedient media."

And by the way, the initial post about Malia being in Mexico was removed from FreeRepublic, with an Admin writing "Leave the kids alone".

The Freedom of the Press is dead.


It’s not “the kids” that we’re “targeting;” it’s this insane, hypocritical, communist regime.


"I don’t have a problem with the story being scrubbed. It detailed which hotel she is staying at, how many friends were with her, etc. Mexico is overrun with violence and there is no need to advertise information about Malia that might endanger her life."

Her parents allowed her to go and it is they who put her in this position. IMO it is beyond presumptuous for BO and MO to think that our tax dollars should be used to fly their thirteen-year-old to Mexico, particularly considering the state of affairs in that country. Yes the SS is responsible for keeping her safe but this venue just pushes the entitlement envelope way too far.


"She’s a child and doesn’t deserve to have the press reporting her every move."

she doesn't deserve another million dollar taxpayer funded vacation either...


We got a lot of very bad attention for posting pics of her the LAST time she was wearing a peace-sign t-shirt in public, with a sullen expression, in a foreign country.
Better to keep her photos off of FR, frankly. I don't know why her dear daddy wants her exposed like this--he keeps bringing his kids into his fights, like when he went after Rush Limbaugh for that Flucker person. "I want ___ and ___ to be able to express their opinions without being called names." I don't think that's how it reads in the first amendment.

Obama gets more sordid and loathsome every day. And you'd think Michelle would know better than to allow it, but her supply of Wagyu beef may rely on hubby's reelction.


I was in Oaxaca (city) a couple of weeks ago and it’s a wonderful place and quite safe. If this disappears from the web, it’s only because Bambi doesn’t want to call attention to how much money his family is spending having fun in various parts of the globe.

I bet the Mexicans in Oaxaca hated this, btw. It wouldn’t have brought them any tourist dollars, it would have shut down the old city (which has colonial streets but modern traffic), and as usual it made Bambi and family look like arrogant freaks.


OUTRAGE ! unethical , illegal spending of OUR money like a priveledged monarchy


for some spoiled brat nothing to do whatever the hell she wants

this little perk has to be costing us at least 50 million a day for a week or so, all the while desrespecting our own country which could use the tourism dollars here at our own historical tourist destinations

WTH is wrong with Florida or New Orleans....Oh yeah, those places are low class now, overrun and ruined by welfare bums


I’m not in favor of ridiculing politician’s kids, although I do remember that all of them - until now - have been ridiculed by the press, conservative or liberal. Poor Amy Carter, whose sin was looking like any dorky 11-year old, the unfortunate Chelsea Clinton, who inherited her parents’ - uh - looks, the Bush girls, whose sin was being good looking and going out on the town (on their own dime) - I don’t think this was a good thing, but what I want to know is why the press suddenly developed such solicitude about Obama’s kids?

Oaxaca is not dangerous (I was there less than a month ago, so I can say that from personal experience) so there’s no more security risk there than anywhere else. IMHO, this radio silence is just to avoid stirring up the taxpayers by letting us know that we’re paying for the spring vacation of the heiress and a dozen of her spoiled 13 year old friends. That’s why I think it’s legitimate to talk about it.


Dude. I’m kinda cool with this. Let’s limit information about Obama’s family plans. Seriously. Lots of terrorists would love to strike at America any way they can.


If you want to hate Mexico, fine; don’t let reality interfere with your vision. But most of the country is perfectly all right and you’re safer on the street there than in many American cities.

Unfortunately, Mexico is poorer than it should be because it’s basically a socialist country, which is its major structural problem.

The reason Obama is being secretive about this is not because of security, it’s because he doesn’t want to attract attention to the huge costs he and his family have incurred for their vacations.


quite frankly I'm tired of my tax dollars paying for the wife, and kiddies to be taking all these people all over the world sometimes on MY dime.

I haven't had a vacation in over 14 years. All they do is vacation.


If the Obama’s loved America they would vacation here and spend money here to provide jobs here. Any American that vacations in Mexico spits on the USA.


"Sorry, the Secret Service could have moved her. Whitewashing the press is simply a violation of the Constitution and the Freedom of the Press. Dictatorship is here"

BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe we have freepers hailing the already in the pocket of O bama, press for scrubbing stories because King O bama said to do it. “cursing loudly”


There were plenty of stories about the Bush twins about where they partied and drank....none of them were as flattering as this story about MAO.


More money wasted!

A 13 year old does not need to be going on Spring Break to Mexico! Period! Especially when my tax dollars are paying for it.


I’m not too sure, tho, this is a technical violation of the 1st Amendment. He doesn’t have to ORDER the press what to say or not to say, he just says what he wants and it’s done. The ‘free press’ has, over and over again, violate its responsibility as a free press. It has been utterly corrupted. And I fully realize he is a dictator.


I agree that the media likely agreed to pull the stories. The problem is the abuse of power and privilege. Removing the stories after they were posted for hours on the internet was NOT a security measure. It was a political one.

How did making a few major news sources pull the story make the situation any safer for MAO?


if a Mexico trip was THAT necessary for Malia, perhaps Barack could have taken a tiny break from his golf and fundraisers and gone with her???


If parents want to send their kid to Mexico for Spring Break, that is their right, but when it involves my tax money, I have a right to know and comment about it. If a politician doesn't like that, then don't become a public figure spending my tax money on things like that.


I think wearing a peace sign in a foreign country is kind of provocative for the First Daughter, and this is the second time. You can tell it’s the second time because she’s older, taller, and looking a lot like her mother now, with that prominent lantern jaw and underbite. Not a flattering pic. Wish Daddy Long Legs would keep his daughters out of his election.


some peeps are acting like the commie sent his daughter 50 miles away to get an ice cream cone and that shouldnt be reported.


It’s not about security - its about the obamites trying to avoid bad PR over yet another extravagaet use of taxpayer money for personal pleasure during a depression for 50 million people on food stamps

Those poor little Sidwell kids could have had a wild spring break at Camp David

--- But remember - those 50 million people on food stamps are lazy and unwilling to work!!!


How about the wisdom of allowing your 13 yo to go off on a “spring break” with friends. I don’t care if SS agents are involved, or not. “Spring break” is entirely too “adult” for a 13 yo. Where will she be going and what will she be doing when she is 18?


"Spring break"? This kid is what, 13?
Sure, I was 13 once and I guess I can understand her wanting a break from parents of the likes of Barry and The Queen. But, sending your 13-year-old on her own vacation? To MEXICO?!

Beam me up, Scotty. If voters actually believe this Marxist POTUS is a "man of the people," you can color me an OLDgeezer because it's obvious that I'm the one who's completely out of touch.


I hate to say it, but would you put it past these cretins to put their child in play for a sympathy vote in November? I hope and pray she will be ok, and that she grows into being someone much better than either of her worthless parents.


Presidential children should be off limits only if presidents agree than MY children are off limits. Presidential BS does far more damage to my children than I can do to his.


If I added correctly, Malia is in the 8th grade, meaning she will be in the Upper School next year. Is this a school sponsored event or is it something 12 families did for their kids to mark leaving middle school behind? Did those 12 kids fly on our dime? Parents? Chaperons? BTW, did the Bush daughters have more than 1 SS Agent when they traveled? In no way would I fault them, they are doing their job, but 25 agents? Is that the norm? Wonder who made that decision.


My tax guy, an old family friend, has a 2008 magnet of the Obama family in his office. It turns my stomach every time I see it.

If he were not an old family friend, I would have dropped him because of it.

BTW, he is Black, so used to cut him a little slack for it, but if oBozo wins, I won’t go back to him next year.


So. The state owned media won’t mention that the girl gone wild in Mexico? I wonder if they made sure to bring some condoms since the government mails them for free to 12 year olds and don’t want them punished with a baby??

Friday, March 16, 2012

The bin Laden plot to kill President Obama

Yet more attempts by the leftists to resurrect Bin Laden from the grave, to show the sheeple how valuable Dumbo is, and that because of Dumbo's effectiveness, even Bin Laden wanted him taken out.
LOL. Good one Ignatius, you fool.


“Biden is totally unprepared for that post, which will lead the U.S. into a crisis.”

So....if Biden took over, it would be just another unprepared ahole in the job taking us to crisis? Deeply flawed thinking, Osama. Why work hard to replace the best tool the mid-east has ever known?


It pains the eyes to look at the stupid liberal comments on this original article.


what possible motive would an enemy of America have for taking out Obama?


If Obama is no longer a Muslim, then all the rest of them are bound by the Koran to kill him for apostasy.

And if they aren’t trying, then he still must be a Muslim.



I simply do not believe it. I would treat any evidence of this the same as an examination of the Messiah’s self-proffered birth certicate. This is an insult to intelligence that probably all of his consituents will dumbly believe. I will not.

The man is a Muslim; Bin Laden and the rest of the Jihadist manical Islamic world knows this like they know their favorite verses of the satanic Quran.


With this and the supposed killing of OBL, BO has turned Bin Ladin into a big bad Straw Man that he knocked down.

--Yeah, Osama Bin Laden had to be built into a Straw Man...


Why would Bin Laden kill Omoslem when Omoslem is destroying the USA for him?

Did Bin Laden really think he could harm the USA more/faster than President Odirtymoslem is?


When Joe Biden heard that the lead Monkee had died, he ran down the hall of the White House yelling,

“I’m the frickin’ President!”


I can just see it now:

The breathless Brian Williams asking the Dope in Chief, “So how do you feel, now knowing that you were public enemy #1 in Bin Laden’s eyes?”

“Uhhh, well Brian, uhhhh, this just reaffirms my gutsy, derring-do decision to take out Bin Laden, and little did I know, at that time, he was wanting to make Malia and Sasha fatherless kids. But I got to him first...”


"Why would Bin Laden kill Omoslem when Omoslem is destroying the USA for him?"

For that matter why would he have done 9-11? Seems to me their prior tactic of "emigrate and reproduce" had been wildly successful.


Biden and company make a box of rocks look intelligent

Obama: US soldier’s reported shooting rampage in Afghanistan ‘tragic and shocking’

He didn’t say squat about our 6 US Military murdered after the koran (I wipe a dead pig’s a** with it) burning, did he? FUBO!


“tragic and shocking”

And what does he say about the Afghan soldier’s killing of Americans?

“I offer my condolences to the families and loved ones of those who lost their lives,"

And did Karzai offer the same to the families of Americans killed by his soldiers?

“I gave President Karzai my assurances that we will bring those responsible to justice."

And when will the Afghan murderers of Americans be brought to justice?


My guess is that this guy probably snapped in large part due to the restrictive (self-defeating) ROEs that got his buddies killed.


ask me anymore if I care who our guys take out in that God forsaken country. That's one less who can harm our troops directly and indirectly, for if those people aren't supporting our troops as they re-build and take out their enemies then we just plain need to bring our men home and let them devour each other....I truly don't care about them for they have made their decisions to remain in the cesspool of death and destruction they desire.

Further, Karsi got all he wanted...he is no longer a friend to the USA...and anyone who thinks otherwise is deceived greatly. He has his "throne" we've protected and built his army around let him defend it against the hoards who will come against him once we're out of the dunghill!


I guess I’ll have to search for the transcript of what he said after Ft Hood. Just for historical comparison, of course


I am wondering if this Staff Sgt was in command of some of the soldiers who are being “investigated” for the Koran burnings. It does not justify what has been reported but it might explain why he “snapped” if that is really what happened.


You know, sooner or later the American people will come to realize that POTUS Obama is an anti-American. Did he say or send any condolences to the four innocent American military folks, ambushed and shot by Taliban Muslims in Afghanistan? I doubt it!!! Our precious men & women under arms are in harms way with no way to win as long as Obama, our leader sides with our enemies. Yes, under Obama, America is always wrong!!!

We should bring our troops home immediately!!! My heart aches for the lost human American treasure caused by Barack Hussein Obama and his Democrat Party ilk!!! He, in his ardent support of our enemies, has cost us, the USA, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Yemen, the Sudan, Somalia, etc. All have been lost under Obama!!! And....he has put and placed our military in a permanent, no-win situation. The sacrifice or wounding of any more American military personnel caused by the design of Obama & Panetta is disgraceful and treasonous!!! God look over & protect our sons & daughters of the USA millitary, for Obama is not and, he could care less. He is more interested in siding and supporting our enemies, traitor that he is!!! Wake up, America!!! In 2012, ABO, Anybody But Obama!!!


Are there any reliable sources for that background facts of this incident? The usual disgusting apologies from the chimpanzee are not constructive. Considering the number of Americans who have been murdered by cowardly Tali scum masquerading as ‘friends’, sixteen wasted is barely good for starters. It goes without saying that by publicly announcing his intention to cut and run frm Afghanistan, the chimpanzee has emboldened his co-religionist friends [Tali vermin] and thereby placed our Marines and soldiers yet remaining in country in a completely untenable and extremely dangerous position. But this is completely consistent with his consuming hatred for us, our country and our courageous warriors.


Has he ever condemned the slaughter of American troops/American civilians by an Afghan or Iraqi soldier? Don't think so.


OBama policy is responsible for this. Obama should be held accountable for killing innocent civilians. Obama is a war criminal!


his name could be Sgt. Farouk Mahmoud, and this could have been set up by The Taliban in order to get us out of there even sooner. I've got no evidence. But it's not like we don't have these guys in our military.


I could be wrong, but IIRC the first casualties of the Iraq war were some US servicemen killed by a grenade rolled into their tent by another US serviceman who was a muslim.

Sex Strike -- Women United For Reproductive Rights

Summary: The is about the group of women pulling the "If Our Reproductive Rights Are Denied, So Are Yours" strike that I've seen popping up on Facebook.

What I find amusing is that almost all of these women and their ‘’reproductive rights’’ nonsense don’t have kids.


I guess nobody bothered to explain to you about the Birds and the Bees and the DDT, ladies, but by engaging in abstinence, you are achieving precisely the same ends as contraception. For that matter, this would make an excellent time to compare the efficacy of contraception to abstinence, with a nod to our Catholic friends.


Many women are political morons and vote for morons!


if a woman temporarily stops putting out, is she still a slut?

...and just THINK of all the money saved on contraceptions: At $3000 / 3 years (Fluck math), that's $1000 / yr or about $20 / week.

Maybe all the participants can chip in and make a donation to save Carbonite.


BTW, did anyone ever tell these intellectual giants that those who are most likely to approve of Limbaugh are conservatives: and therefore, most likely already *MARRIED* and unlikely to be getting any from such sluts anyway?


To be just a little bit crude, the gals make their choice when they decide to spread their legs. What they're carrying on about is a second choice because they've changed their mind. And don't give the old rape and incest rant because someone has committed a crime doesn't mean that an Innocent third party should get the death penalty.


They are all probably Carpet Munchers anyway.


Not even an original feminazi idea. There has been a bumper sticker for at least 20 years which reads, DON'T HAVE SEX WITH PRO-LIFE MEN. That's probably what they are really trying to say. As you noted, this assumes that pro-life men want to have relations with those who value sex above a child's life.

A variation on this is that leftist men would refuse to have sex with conservative women. In one sitcom starring 60 year old uber-lib Larry David, one of the original writers of Seinfeld, he made an agreement with his Prius-driving wife that he could have one and only one extramarital affair during the marriage. He was going to do it but backed out when he saw that the woman had a picture of Dick Cheney (or somebody else the Left hates) in her room.


Given the looks of most far left women this threat is a carrot not a stick.


It used to be the case that men in most states were not compelled to support their illegitimate children. they could thus signal their unwillingness to have children by not marrying.

This changed in the early 1970's with Supreme Court cases like GOMEZ v. PEREZ (1973) which struck down child-support laws that distinguished between legitimate and illegitimate children.

This was the real beginning of our "single mother" crisis.

Ahh, to return to the days when you could knock up bitches and call it a one night stand...


Good. Maybe they can finally stop the rampage of STD s. That would save the taxpayers money for their medical and the cost of some paper bags the guys have to wear for the courage to “hit that”.


Umm...liberal women are ugly anyways. Who cares if they abstain?


they flock to occupations that amplifies their annoying voices...journalism, academia,...

We’re too busy having sex and going to work to run around squawking all the time! ;)


BTW, doesn't this campaign actually represent a confirmation of what conservatives have always claimed -- that, far from "they're going to do it anyway," that if one takes away the contraception, that people will revert to abstinence?