Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Australian politicians agree on gun laws

Summary: Australian politicians all made comments last week that they think American gun control laws are too lenient and hope that the Republicans and Democrats can work together to make new ones.

"Who here give’s a rat’s patoot what the Aussies think?

Not I!"

Exactly who gives a rat’s X@#! what some dimwitted foreign fools think? They should mind their own business or get nuked.


Get ready here America- the left WILL take away your right to own guns- and you will forever be at the mercy of criminals who couldn’t give a rats ass what laws are on the books- This IS goign to happen I do believe- The left has rammed thousands of gun laws down our throats, made it practically impossible for ordinary law abidign citizens to own guns, and the left can’t even enforce thel aws that are o nthe books- but that won’t stop them from makign it even more impossible to own guns- The left wants a revolt in this country- I truly beleibve they are pushing for one-


"Aren’t the statistics that 80 million Americans are currently armed, with over 300 million guns? I believe that 80 million number will grow in the upcoming weeks as well. I’ve never owned a gun in my life, and I plan on getting one in anticipation of the gun grab."

Our goal should be to double that. That should be the consequences of waging this war against us. Our goal should be 2-3 modern firearms for every man, woman, and child in America. I’m buying a new assault rifle for Christmas for myself and everyone else is getting NRA memberships. Ho Ho Ho


As a vessel for these rights given by God, rights that no other foreign countryman on this earth has been blessed with, I believe that it is my duty to defend them with everything that I have, including my life.
Freedom is the name of the hill upon which I will fight. Let my conniving enemies meet me there if they have the guts.

When the enemy takes my life, then he shall have taken my rights, and not until then.


Australia will be invaded by China, and the Chinese will stop for nothing, they need expansion territories and they can tame the interior with water projects so a billion or two Chinese can live there.

But with an unarmed Australia there will be minimal resistance, and I mean very minimal, not even the best of all of the Australian military can cope head to head with China.

Now I happen to have some loyalty to OZ, and if I saw invading Chinese I would do whatever I could to create weapons of mass destruction, but of course it would be viewed as being illegal by Oz laws. They have condemned themselves. Its a bloody shame that the real patriots have to be an underground, always fearful of authorities seeking the guns, but also being patriotic to defend the land from invasion.

Oh yeah they are idiotic morons. They will surrender in a heartbeat. And the people of Oz will suffer for it, except for the gun owners underground.


Australia was founded as a British prison colony. Subservience to the government is in their DNA.


I have a friend who moved to Australia- where she was born- just as the gun ban was being implemented.

She lives very rural and is terrified about roving gangs and other problems living so far out. She has solved part of the problem by having a pack of very loud dogs to alert her. She feels very vulnerable.

She raises horses, so she cannot just ‘move to town’.


Are these the same Australian politicians who fell for the “global warming” scam, hook, line, and sinker?

The Case Against Public Education ( Abolish it!)

The article is by some nutty author at American Thinker, you can find it if you really care.

Please substitute the words "slave" and "slavery" for the words , "student" , "child", and "school" in the posts defending government compulsory indoctrination. You will soon see that the exact same arguments used to defend slavery are the **same** arguments used to defend compulsory government indoctrination centers ( misnamed "schools').

Fundamentally, there are institutions so evil that they must be abolished even if those oppressed are materially worse off than before. Government K-12 schooling is one of those institutions.

By the way,.....In one very tiny way, slavery was not as evil as government schooling. At least the government did not force citizens to pay taxes to uphold and support slavery institutions, and no one was forced by the government to buy or use the services of a slave. 


you need an educated populace to maintain a republic, that is the why of public ed. However, the commies infiltrated and now it is re-education.


“What’s your plan and how are you going to go about it?!”

Simply take the federal and state governments out of it. Let the local districts have total control. The alternative is is the end of th U.S.


This abomination of government schooling was from the beginning ( mid1800s) a socialist-funded, single-payer, compulsory-use entitlement.

Nothing good can come from socialist, single-payer, and compulsory programs. In fact, it was my great-grandparents , my grandparents and my father's generations that made Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt possible. They were born in the 1860s, 1890s, and 1910s.

In just three generations of socialist schooling the direction of our nation was entirely changed for the socialist worst. And....We are heading rapidly toward tyranny. 


"What’s your plan and how are you going to go about it?!"

This is the same argument defenders of slavery used!

“What’s your plan to end slavery? How are you going to go about ending slavery”?

Answer: We do it because it is the right thing to do even if those who are freed from the government compulsion are worse off materially than before.

Yep! Even if children are WORSE off without compulsory, socialist, single-payer, and GODLESS indoctrination, we do it anyway because the human spirit cries out for freedom.


The irony is that one-room school houses in the 19th century, haphazardly financed and staffed, produced grammar school graduates—sometimes—with more learning than our high school graduates in general. Think of Matty in “True Grit.”


I totally agree with you based on one sentence in Marx’s Communist Manifesto:”Free education for all children in public schools” Plank #10


Public education is government controlled means of production, the very definition of socialism.

Socialism can not be reformed, it can only be replaced by freedom.

That's all you need to know about government schools. 


History is replete with self-taught geniuses, with no more elaborate instruction than God’s own creation to inspire their beautiful minds.


Socialism is slavery with soft handcuffs.

Government schools are the very definition of a single-payer, godless, compulsory-use, compulsory-funded, SOCIALIST ENTITLEMENT!

And...It is amazing that when the words “slave” and “slavery” are substituted for “school” , “child”, and “student”, the defense of government schooling immediately becomes the defense used for SLAVERY in the 19th century!


The public schools are a great success at achieving their revolutionary function - to create a new People, unsullied by knowledge of history.
Clay for the State potters.


Personally, I consider government schooling to be so evil, so harmful to children, and such a threat to our nation that I will not have a government teacher or government school worker for a friend. They are too evil, too stupid, or too much of a Useful Idiot to be a friend.


Some of my teen-age neighbors in Tennessee used to refer to schools as ‘concentration camps’...


It is evil for the state to force godlessness on children and it is evil for the government to force parents to pay for it.

It is evil for government teachers to cooperate with it and implement this godlessness and yet many claim to love children.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Anders Breivik: A Review

Anders Breivik, the Norwegian man who killed 77 people in 2011, is a really difficult subject for Freepers. Before going on a rampage that mainly killed teenagers and young adults at a retreat for Norway's liberal party's youth, he read right-wing American blogs, complained about Muslims, and fantasized about killing President Obama. However, he also committed an atrocious act, and on FreeRepublic, that means he must be a liberal, or at least that there's a liberal conspiracy at play.

I may have posted a few of these at the time of his trial, but I wanted to grab some from a few different posts  and put them in the same place. These are about reports of him being anti-Muslim, anti-communist, and desiring to attack Obama.

"Attacking our POTUS is attacking the USA.

I may not agree with barry the zero, but the office he holds is bigger than all of us.

It is hard to say, but it is the right thing to say."

No. It isn't. Especially when the Office is being used to subvert the Constitution and our Republic.

Does Zero need to be assassinated? No.

Impeached. Tried for Treason and convicted? Sure...


1 death is a tragedy
1 million deaths is a statistic.

When the Left kills, they kill in the millions ... and no one seems to care.

A right-winger who kills at point blank range is seen as a monster. The world uses that outrage to dismiss anything which is non-Left. You see, we need to support the Leftists so that tragedies do not occur. We seek a calm world of simple statistics.


"far-right extremist"

I really don't understand this term. I define 'right' as conservative, capitalist. I define 'left' as big government socialist.

Hitler, Stalin are far left. Skinheads who support Hitler's goals are far left, but called far right. 



I disagree. I think he was humane. When you look at what the Left has done in the past 100 years then you’ll see real barbarism.

Billions enslaved. Hundreds of millions murdered.

And Breivik was brilliant (and sane) in his strategy not to try to assassinate the current crop of leftist leaders but to assassinate the next generation of leftist elites.\

It is cold, it is unthinkable to contemplate as a mother of three, but in fifteen years what Breivik did may allow Norwegians to cast off the shackles of leftism when there are not enough elite leftist youth moving into leadership.

Again, I do not approve of what Brievik did but if the tables were turned and some leftist murdered 100 kids at, say, a Tea Party summer camp I do not doubt that the left would be openly celebrating. Bill Maher would call the killer ‘brave’, Obama would call the killer the son he never had, and any number of academics would call the killer a hero.

We’re better than that, of course, but let’s not lost track of the fact that the left would do this same thing a million times over to our kids if they could. History shows that’s how they roll.

--- For the sake of fairness, I want to add that this person was called out for being generally awful by two other people.


It’s sad those kids were slaughtered like rabbits.

I have seen rabbits freeze like that in the field.

This may sound harsh, but their liberal upbringing may have contributed to it.

Imagine if one of those kids were raised like Audie Murphy.


A Fascist killing Communists...

I still don't care. 


"Some teenagers were frozen in panic, unable to move even when Breivik ran out of ammunition"

This is important. Many of the victims were boys, descendants of Vikings for heaven's sake, yet they did not seize upon their chance to jump the murderer when he paused to reload.

This is the sad outcome of a gun-controlled, liberal social democracy that teaches non-violence and peace studies. The children of this culture become lambs led to slaughter.

Had this happened in the 1950s, even as late as the 1960s, in any western country, the d-ckhead would've been jumped by 5-10 youths. One or two might've been plugged but the other 8 would've beat the h-ll out of Breivik.

My son took three years of self-defense classes. HE would've launched into his martial arts training and alone would've taken Breivik down. 


They were Communists being trained to hold the whip hand over others. Much to their surprise... They found out what it is like on the other end of the whip.


“I don’t want a hair on [Obama's] head harmed.

I don’t want to have to see Barack Obama Boulevards and Barack Obama High School and some day set aside in his memory for the rest of our lives.

If someone wants to harm him, they have to go through me. I won’t stand for it.”

I stand with you on that. Not one hair, as if he were my own child!

What I don’t want to see is Obama’s visage painted on velvet, such as I’ve seen too many times of the martyred three, JFK, RFK and MLK.

Because then I would really have to kill myself.


He took out kids. He did not take out the treasonous b tards in power, so he should have sat down and done nothing.


No one better try an attempt on Obummer’s life. I want to see him alive and serving out a life sentence in prison for the crimes and lies he is guilty of.


"He took out kids Communists."
Most of whom weren't "kids" at all. All of whom were being trained to be tomorrows Communist leaders.
Sorry, but I still feel very little sympathy for Commies of any stripe.

Yes. I know, I'm a monster for not crying my eyes out over every 18-30 year old who dies while trying to remake the world in the Socialist image. Sue me... 


With one (or a few) CCW’s on the island, there might have been two victims: the first target, and Breivik.


The truth about these “poor victims” will come out...slowly but surely.


In a number of previous postings regarding the struggle between Western Europe and Islam, I’ve posted the following:


White Christian Europeans face only two possible futures:
1. Boxcars, or...
2. Burquas.
If they do not choose option #1, they WILL end up with option #2.


Whatever may be written now and in the future about Anders Breivik, about one thing there must be no doubt: he believed in option #1.

Just sayin’....


How long til someone finds a “convenient” letter written by this guy where he says his favorite book is “Going Rogue” you know its coming


He was not a Marxist. He hated Marxism in all its forms. I’ve only just begun to read his manifesto abd have so far found nothing to disagree with. His solution was wrong and horrific, but his thinking and research were not incorrect.


It’s almost as if white Christian conservatives are being pre-demonized for what’s to come, isn’t it? At the risk of invoking Godwin’s Law, I wonder if there are any decent books or even online accounts, from those who remember the early years of the Reich and the buildup to all the ugliness, the ghettos and the hell that followed. I wonder if this sounds somehow familiar to them, if they’re still around.

We’re teetering on a repeat of the Great Depression. Severe economic crises led to strongmen leaders, scapegoating and world war, then. All these seeming coincidences might seem to point in that direction now. Tell me I’m overthinking this so I can just dismiss it, it’s a disturbing line of thought.


There is an intellectual disconnect here. Many of his ideas appear completely reasonable, then he kills 90+ children.

Where is the logical or illogical connection?

I’m not buying it.

There’s something rotten in Norway.


[After reading Breivik's diary, which compliments Pam Gellar and Rush Limbaugh]

The writer is a native US speaker. Unless this guy is from the US, the author is no more Norwegian than I am.


"The pages that I have read of Berwick’s Manifesto reflect deep research and rational thought about a serious problem. The Unabomber was misguided, in both thought and action. Berwick’s methods are abominable, but his thoughts are as profound, if not as humorous, as those of Mark Steyn."

I've seen the video based on the Berwick manifesto and I have to agree with almost all of it. I'm starting to read the manifesto and so far, it is dead on. I just think something snapped in this guy, the Norwegian shooter, in order for him to do this. I would have to ask a whole load of questions. Is he under extreme financial pressure? Girlfriend problems? What is his job situation? I can go on and on. I'll also like a full medical examination, I keep thinking of the Austin shooter, Whiteman, back in 1966, they discovered in his autopsy that he had a brain tumor. 


The thing is that much of the writing in the manifesto is spot on in its analysis of Islam, the threat posed to Western culture and democratic systems of government by multiculturalism and by Marxism and their sympathizers. There is little evidence in the first 800 or so pages that this is guy who would become so radicalized he would shoot up and blow up innocent people.

He strongly defends and argues in favor of the constitutional rights we enjoy in the United States. He rejects Nazism and other “hateful” ideologies. He shows understandable alarm at the loss of freedoms in the name of tolerance. None of these would be foreign to conservative philosophy. You can tell he researched his subject very well and the argument he presents in favor of protecting Western culture is one I would not fault.
However later in the manifesto he starts getting more heavily into a ultra nationalist argument with 

comparisons to Custer and Sitting Bull (he sees himself as a Sitting Bull against the Custer of Islam) and you can see a growing acceptance of armed resistance and action to reach his goals. When he starts his Templar Knights I think it is a safe bet to say he went off the rails big time.

The point being he was right about many things but for whatever reason he failed to grasp that the crimes he committed were the complete antithesis of the philosophy he claimed to believe.

One of the ideals Western culture rests on is the ideal of being a system of laws not of men. His crimes went against that 100%.


"So this guy declared war against muslim immigrants eh? Why do I suspect most of the people he killed were ethnic norwegians?"

They were members of the main Norwegian leftist/multiculturalist party; it was a party youth retreat he targeted. His reasoning was that the muslim invaders would never have got a foothold in the nation, without the connivance of the native leftists -- hence native leftists bore greater guilt. By targeting a youth group, he ensured that many of those leftists would never cast even one vote.
Evil. But perfectly logical. 


There's no "freedom of speech" over there. There simply is NOT any lawful venue to protest, if you are a European and you are against multiculturalism, mass immigration, Islamization, and white ethnoreplacement. Dare to breath a word of protest, and you're pegged as a "NeoNazi". You're just not allowed to express that opinion.

John F Kennedy wisely noted: “Those who make peaceful protest impossible make violent protest inevitable."

Of course I don't condone Breivik's violence, but, I hold the governments and the elite classes of Norway and the rest of Europe partially responsible, for making respectable peaceful dissent IMPOSSIBLE on this issue. It was only a matter of time before someone got frustrated enough at being silenced, to start acting out. 


a party youth retreat??
what the hell is that?
Sounds like a hitler youth party.


Breivik’s views are a trite caricature of how socialists paint non-believers. He could be carrying out a false flag operation.


Well I see that others have expanded upon my point, i.e. those who promote flooding Norway with Moslems who refuse to assimilate into the traditional culture are gladly painting Breivik as insane because they can paint his observations of the damage done by cultural marxism and the jihad against western culture as insane by association.


If ABB hadn’t come along when he did, the Norwegian left would have had to invent him. And it’s entirely possible, with the left’s and the islamists obsession with “false flags”, that they did.


"Right wing extremism" is an expression which lacks explanatory power, and tends to suppress actual thought.

Certainly the action in question was extreme, that's a given. But what does "right wing" actually mean?

Other than guilt by association for anyone who's not a socialist, that is . . .


I believe that Breivik is not just sane, but that his actions were carefully and expertly planned, well executed, and importantly, achieved Breiviks goals. And in doing so, he has altered the future course of his nation.
Here is some background not widely covered by the media.

1) The Workers’ Youth League (Norway) was founded in 1927 with the merger of the Communist Youth League and Socialist Youth League of Norway. While it officially considers its founding based on the 1903 Norwegian Social-Democratic Youth League, its real impulse came in response to the formation of the Hitler Jugend in Germany, in 1922.

In all of these cases, whether communist or socialist, the purpose of these leagues was to create an ideologically pure generation to replace the current communist or socialist, socialist-fascist political leadership.

Importantly, over the course of almost 100 years, these youth leagues maintained the idealistic, ideological focus of their political movements. This is a winning strategy against conservatism in any form, because conservatives have no inflexible doctrines, and tend to use a static defense of retaining the status quo, whatever it is. Which invariably loses.

2) In modern internationalist-socialism, a primary goal is to eliminate national borders and national, cultural, and ethnic identities, as well as philosophies other than their own. To do this it encourages unrestricted immigration, on condition the immigrants give political loyalty to the left.

Norway has a relatively tiny population of only 4.7m, so they are remarkably easy to infiltrate with immigrants until Norwegians are in the minority.

3) So the end result with be an absolute majority of political power for the left, the destruction of Norway as a unique nation, and the Norwegians as a unique people and culture, what remains being a “generic” administrative socialist district of Europe, lead by an ideologically pure elite of internationalists with no loyalty whatsoever to what had been Norway.

4) However, the left made a major mistake by “putting all its eggs in one basket”, with virtually its entire future generation of socialist leaders on an island with no ready means of escape.

Breivik first used a bomb to distract the socialist government, the arrived at the island to systematically kill everyone on it. Once he had achieved that goal, his mission was over and he surrendered peacefully.

5) What he achieved was to completely handicap not just that political party but their anti-Norway agenda. Almost by default, they will soon lose political power, and the more conservative opposition will derail the most destructive of their schemes, hopefully expelling a large number of these immigrants, requiring integration of the rest, restoring Norway’s national pride and culture, and to dismantle much of the socialist government’s bureaucracy.

As such, after many years, Breivik may be regarded as a national hero, though he will be bitterly vilified and cursed by the left even longer, as a “counterrevolutionary.”


"So, that would make him a "National Socialist."

More or less.

The media and "intellectuals" have pushed the phony meme for a half Century that Fascism is from the right. In fact, it is a leftist philosophy as it's proper name, National Socialism implies. The pre war fight for control of Germany was between Communist groups having nothing to do with the right. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gay Marine Pops the Question in the White House

...another stick in the eye from the marxist kenyan.


Time to get a new White House.


 The military was America’s last noble institution. To the Left, it was essential to soil it, as they have done to everything else that was once decent and good in our once republic.


To think that the same house where Jefferson and Madison once lived is now host to such evil as this. Disgusting.


It’s not the country we once knew. Nor will it ever be again, I’m afraid. They’re working overtime to destroy every traditional value America once held.


It should now be referred to as the Pink House. Truly disgusting. Abe & George must be olling over in their graves. They would probably wonder if it was worth it to look at us now.


Celebrate deviancy! The few, the proud, the Maureens!


A Captain in the United States Marine Corps. on his knees begging another faggot to marry him. How does this mentally ill marine expect to get respect from real men?

Men who know this Captain has been on his knees before this man in a sexual way,either facing him or with his backside exposed.

No it isn’t a pretty thought, but that is the point. This man has to be respected, and no straight man can respect a man who uses his orifices to replace a woman.


 To me this is sickening, but that is just me.


You two MEN mock GOD at your own peril.


Please, someone, tell me again how Obama is a Christian. Please tell me how so many Christians and Catholics voted for Obama. What is their ongoing response to this display of sin and calling it “good”.

How is publicly mocking God - in the White House - a sign that Obama worships the one, true God?

There will be a great accounting.


"How will they have children.... "

That is the whole point of this ridiculous marriage charade. They will have SOMEBODY ELSE's children. 

And they will indoctrinate that child into the gay lifestyle. I know someone who did just that despite her adamant denial that it would happen. That child's life was ruined. 

Happy Clinton Impeachment Day 2012! Impeachment is Forever!

Excerpt from post: "It's been 14 years since President Bill Clinton was impeached. Free Republic played a key role."

It’s one of those moments for which you remember where you were when the impeachment was announced. For me, seeing the news on multiple TV screens at the local Costco. A small cheer went up from the shoppers who were watching.


"Old news, who cares?"

No, it’s not old news. Every person in America needs to be reminded how Clinton embarrassed our nation.

Clinton defiled one of our most sacred institutions, the oval office.

How this man EVER received a security clearance is absolutely beyond me! Slick Willey was/is a national security threat.

During the height of the cold war, our enemies would have used this in an effort to blackmail the world’s most powerful person for their gain.

Thank you for reminding me this morning of just how corrupt our government has become!


Only the second president to be impeached in UNITED STATES HISTORY!!! If the Left did not control the MSN, the anniversaries of such an infamous event and infamous president would be popularly recognized like 12/7,4/20 and 9/11...only obtuse narrow sighted historically benighted dumasses would blow the historical importance of this anniversery off.  


Ah, if only it could be done this year or perhaps 2013 for the Kenyan Kommie.


The rally was awesome. I was in the back holding the 10 foot high, 30 foot wide, “CHINA TREASON” sign. Got to meet Lucianne and Drudge there.


I think with the unchecked huberus of The Won,we may get an impeachment AND a conviction in Senate this time, and it won’t be about sex, either.


In retrospect, it is a tragedy that Ken Starr threw the game in a very cynical manner, wasting tens of millions of dollars and precious time ignoring serious felony charges, to concentrate on one that was just petty, salacious, embarrassing to the country, and demeaning to the office.

It is no surprise that Clinton was acquitted by the senate, as the vast majority of senators are guilty of far worse, and they had no stomach to call “the kettle”, “the first black president”.

So, Bill Clinton goes down in history as the second impeached president, as well as denying Al Gore the presidency by default. A small saving grace, I suppose, denying America of “the first robotic president”.


Around the same time Chief Justice Roberts was pwned by the leftists over his shady South American adoption records....


And look what his better half has done. Systematic Failures at her State Department that got 4 Americans killed including a US Ambassador. She was not qualified to be Secretary of State. Bill was not qualified to be President. The results speak for themselves.

Obama on TV pushing gun control.

I wish Barry had shut up and left two days ago for his Communist Paradise.


Gun control being pushed by a black male from Chicago. Clearly the demographic and locale to be lecturing Americans.


I knew there was a reason I lowered and removed the Stars and Stripes from the flag pole the night of 11/6/12. Only the Navy flag flies now out of respect for my dad’s service, mine, youngest daughter and oldest grand daughter. (even though grand daughter is in the Army) Not the US I grew up in. Sadly it likely will never be the same. Loss of innocence starts a lot earlier now.

Helping keep mankind warm for 65 years.


again this president pits one group against another...
not a leader.


 How about a background check on nominees for the presidency of the United States. How about making it mandatory that they release an official birth certificate as part of the background check while still a nominee and release their official college transcripts? How about that you pathetic loser. A background check would have also revealed your homosexual affair with a one Larry Sinclair. So when this weasel talks about a background check for weapons, he forgets no background check was performed on him for the highest office in the land.


“Governments have murdered 262 million of their own citizens since 1900”

Does this number include the 45,000,000 children that the government has murdered in their mother’s womb since 1973?


"Last time there was a Civil War in this country, 600,000 people died."

 Never was a “civil war” in this country.

There was an attempt at war for independence II, which was lost.

They could avoid the whole messy war business and let some states secede peacefully.

0bama wants to be Lincoln. He wants another “Civil War”.


"The vast majority of responsible gun owners support a ban on assault rifles and large capacity magazines..."

And he knows this how? Oh yeah, say a lie enough times to the sheeple and it becomes the truth.

There are no gun owners who support a ban on so-called Assault weapons.



Did I mention that the 1968 Gun Control Law was based on the 1938 Nazi Weapons Act of Nazi Germany.

Thomas J Dodd had a copy of it to copy from.


 What a coincidence. That's the same thing Hitler and Stalin said.

We all know how that turned out. (I think it's obvious why the socialists and communists on the left want us disarmed) 


Let’s let Obama and Biden declare all guns and ammo banned in Chicago as a test case for their new gun legislation. We could see how it works in the most dangerous place in the country, before letting them take away the Second Amendment rights that were enumerated by the Founders.

In Chicago, there have been 446 school age children shot in leftist utopia run by Rahm Emanuel and that produced Obama, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, etc. 62 school aged children have actually been killed by crazed nuts in Chicago so far this year with almost two weeks to go.


This is good. It means he’s over-confident and has begun over-reaching. It will get him nowhere.


If there are going to be more laws and restrictions then perhaps illegal aliens should not be allowed to buy guns. That will tick them off. In fact we should find a way to attack leftst groups every chance we get.


notice how the left ignore their failed social engineering, how they attacked the traditional family, told us how to raise kids and now we have this crap going on.

Notice how some are ignoring how the mother took her kid to the gun range when she knew he was out of mainstream and how she left the guns about.

Did she biy the guns for herself or was it for her kid thinking she was losing him so she wanted to buy him what he wanted and be his friend.

If she wanted those guns then she must be just a handful of CT women teachers then.


All candidates for any public office from dog catcher to president should face background checks up the wazoo including the ‘mental health’ checks they are so frikking fond of. They should be disqualified for past and/or present drug and alcohol use and be drug tested every single month. Felons should be automatically disqualified. Their finances should be open to public scrutiny every day that they serve and there should be no exemptions for themselves from any law they pass on their constituents.
And that is just for starters.


Notice how they NEVER say what they’re going to do about guns in the hands of criminals? Never. It’s deliberate. They intentionally leave guns in the hands of criminals and do everything they can to keep honest, law-abiding citizens from having them.

They want the “downtrodden” “underclass” “oppressed” to rise up and take what is “rightfully” theirs from the “oppressors.”


"The dems never let a tragedy go to waste. They want us to be like the European countries that they so admire. Obama, the man child (as Rush named him) is the biggest fraud to the presidency, I do believe. They read these forums all over the net to know that Many citizens are not buying their spin and lies any longer. In turn, they are mostly worried that the ground swell will rise up, to say no more out of control spending and changing America. This is all that this is. 

They are afraid of us not taking their orders or allowing them to precede their abuse of power as a normal day function. They have to control the populace. Like Shelia Jackson Lee, she's becoming fearful of us. She is just spilling the beans what her powerful friends are saying behind the private doors."

 She should close her mouth because she is actually inciting possible violence. People are already scared of their government. Only the dems can do dangerous rhetoric as this. How she ever became an elected representative is beyond imaginable. She is the worse of the American exceptioanlist because she bemoans the very thing that has made her wealthy and powerful. She has armed security. No appreciation from people as her -they work for us. That woman needs to shut up before she sets something off. They can claim Palin and others caused a shooting with words and pictures..Now, here she is doing the same. She should be angry at the shootings at Fort Hood since it was a terror attack!


I think the children deserve the same amount of protection as Obama’s daughters receive.

I also think that the president and vp and speaker of the house etc. should have random drug and sobriety checks and that the results must be published on the front page of the New York Times. They need these tests about seven times a week since they are steering the nation during these trying times. They are not allowed to smoke or chew tobacco. No nicotine either.


Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Therefore no Lib should ever be able to own a gun, or hold public office (because they all lie).

That is their logic, lets apply it to them.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Don't You Dare Open a Door for Me!

Article from Townhall here. But in summary, female author complains about an article in the Washington Post that called chivalry condescending and blames feminism for the fact that more men didn't die on the Costa Concordia.


"If everyone is polite and helpful to everyone else, everyone is happier than they would be otherwise. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, and it shouldn't have anything to do with the person's sex."


But one reaps what one sows with their behavior.

And I do not consider feminism, which is a form of leftism. to be an ideology that believes in polite behavior. Quite the contrary. They have made their gains largely by being hostile, impolite, and demeaning.

But men, once again, are supposed to smile when we are being kicked in the teeth and we are supposed to say, “Thank ma’amsir, may I have another?”

I’ve had enough women sneer at my gentlemanly behavior that I am now hesitant to be gentlemanly to anyone. If I take that chance and someone is rude, they get a very nasty response, far nastier than they would ever have expected. I like that look of shock on their faces. They need to know that politeness begets politeness and rudeness begets rudeness. Middle class men have been the scapegoat and the punching bag long enough.

But the short of the story is that, once again, feminists, which are a form of leftist, want the absolute best of everything and they want everyone to be nice to them and praise them while they are destroying others.


I experienced November 6, 2012. My gentlemanly-ness got tossed on the “GFY” pile for good.

Strangers get NOTHING from me. An Obama-supporting looking woman with a kid? Open your own f*cking door. Some as*hole in a Prius that wants my parking spot? I shut my directional off and let them pass by. Patience at the grocery store when some jerk-off can’t scan their items at the self check out? Now I say: “People are waiting!” and swear. “What the f**k” has become very popular for me to say.

I’m done. Elections have consequences. As soon as I’d crawl on my ass-cheeks over broken glass to avoid asking a lib for help, don’t ask me for anything either.


I’m 32 and recently married. My wife, while we were dating, was constantly barraged by women asking her, “Where did you find him?” I open the door for her when we go to the car. I hold doors for her. I always walk with her so that I’m protecting her (i.e. nearest to traffic on a sidewalk), and when we’re in a restaurant, I always face the restaurant to be aware of who is coming and going and I can react if danger comes in.


If chivalry it's so demeaning, then I think we should stop being so chivalrous to the welfare class.
Isn't socialism a system where producers are forced to be chivalrous and generous to the "less fortunate"?
How come it's not considered demeaning when coupled with handing out vast amounts of dough?
It's devastating on the producer class, but who cares about them.


If I think they’re a leftist, I want to make their day miserable.
“Another a$$hole who voted for the communist in the White House,” is one of my favorites. And, yes, I say it loud enough that they hear me and have no misunderstanding what they say.


 "A few years ago, I was passing through an office building’s glass front door and held it open for the young woman immediately behind me. It’s just the way I was raised, I guess. She was outraged and told me that she was insulted that I would do such a thing. So, I looked her directly in the eye and slowly, deliberately, shut the door in her face."
I find that it helps to look them straight in the eye just before you hold the door.
Give them the look that says, “I’m being polite, the way I was raised. I expect a thank you, but I’ll be fine if you weren’t raised that way. But if you are rude, don’t think I’m going to apologize. I’m going to rip you a new a$$hole and I’m going to enjoy doing it.”


I’m so sick of [liberal voters'] smug, “I am extremely intelligent and so I always vote for the socialist” smiles that I just look for the opportunity to ruin their day.

Another favorite is when I see them on the road with an Obammie the Commie bumper sticker to pass by scratching my cheek with my middle finger, the same way Obammie the Commie did (isn’t he so hip, he saw that Seinfeld episode). And I do it long enough for them to know I know what I’m doing.


“Womens studies”. Huh. Is that where they learn how to wash dishes, iron and mop the floor?


The feminists are easy to spot; don’t bother being polite to them. The rest of us you can spot - we smile and are polite, and when you open doors for us, we let you know with a nice ‘thank you.’

I have noticed more and more men opening doors and being chivalrous in other ways; I think it is a sign that feminism is waning, even here in CA, and not a moment too soon. What a disgusting, man-hating way of acting.

I even got whistled at the other day; I thot it was very sweet. Made me laugh.


"A few years ago, I was passing through an office building’s glass front door and held it open for the young woman immediately behind me. It’s just the way I was raised, I guess. She was outraged and told me that she was insulted that I would do such a thing. So, I looked her directly in the eye and slowly, deliberately, shut the door in her face."

I did the same exact thing a few weeks ago at a convenience store. She went and complained to the store manager that I was rude and slammed the door in her face.

When I explained to him, exactly what happened, he told her that he thought I was owed an apology. She went into a screaming tirade! He then threw her out of the store for upsetting his other customers.


My daughter got in front of an elderly man and opened the door for him. He thanked her politley and went into the store. I saw tears in his eyes and a smile on his face.


For people I’m with or I know, sure. Strangers, SOL. If you look like a liberal zombie, I’ll make the effort to be rude.

I was raised to hold doors, etc. But, the leftists have their war that they’re conducting and I’m not going to to play nice anymore while they do it. If/when the time comes that “things” are escalated, I’m ready.

(Re-)elections have consequences; I’m doing my part to “take my ball(s) and leave”. I don’t care anymore; stay away from me.


“sometimes open hostility is the way to go!!”

100% completely agree with you. The RATS win by doing that. It’s long past time that “our” side wakes up and realizes the game has radically changed (and not for the better).

You either adapt to win or remain static and lose.


Chivalry isn't dead at all. I have the door held open all the time for me and love it. But then again, I live in a city that is highly populated with active duty and retired military. Where men are still men.


Feminists hate chivalry and gentlemanly behavior. they probably hate that when I walk with my wife, I walk on the curb side.


I have taught my two sons to hold open a door for ladies and the elderly. I have also taught them that if they get a classless response from a woman for holding the door open for them to flat out tell them: “I’m sorry ma’am, my Dad taught me to hold open the door for a Lady, he didn’t teach me how to recognize your kind.” and then walk off.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

DOE: School Suspensions of Boys, Blacks, Disabled May Violate Civil Rights Laws

Summary: Black, disabled, and male students are the three types that get suspended the most. Is this due to correlation or is it a civil rights violation?


Maybe we should ship them all back to Africa where this is no school and they can just hang with the tribe and do nothing all day.


Of course. In the demented liberal mind it MUST be due to racism and not to anti-social behavior. Of course. All White people are racist and the schools are racist and the states are racist and the country is racist and the world is racist.

And liberalism is a mental disorder.


The stupid just won’t stop. More evidence (as if it were needed) to abolish the Department of Education.


"For example, Delisle noted that an African-American student in kindergarten was suspended for five days for setting off a fire alarm while a white student in 9th grade in the same district was suspended for one day for doing the same thing."

As usual liberals misidentify the problem. The problem is the 9th grader should have gotten a two week suspension because he/she knew better. 


They did this in the early 80’s. You could have a black thug who murdered someone in his neighborhood attending your school.

Misbehaving with violence was common. Beat downs, theft, and on and on. School became an even more dangerous place.

Hopefully if start this crap, they will put a nail in thecoffin of public school and we can get the power to change the system to vouchers and see a bunch of innovative and useful schools pop up.

This should have been done in the 80’s.


Again with the poor African-American BS.

If those kids behaved themselves they wouldn’t get suspended, but a-holes like this want to punish white kids for minor infractions to keep the stats looking good,

What an idiot

Susan Rice drops out of running for secretary of state, cites 'very politicized' confirmation....

In a way, it’s unfortunate. Now the questions about Benghazi will continue to be controlled by this administration and the MSM. With Rice being questioned by Senate, more people would find out the truth about the lies and deception.


I guess Obama got served some FRIED RICE....


To Democrats, "partisan politics" means holding them accountable to prove the veracity of their words.
Democrats want to be able to say and do anything that is expedient for them at the moment, and not be held tomorrow to their words spoken today.

To call them on their lies is to be "partisan." That's whay Harry Belafonte wants Republicans jailed for challenging Democrats.


Sounds like her pants were on fire and she ran.

Wonder if she will get tossed out of her present position. Another typical Obama low life. 


Aw, poor widdle Susie, went and got her feelins hurt by those nasty Weepublicans. Cripes, cry me a freakin’ river. Ever since Obumwad got elected, it’s been NOTHING BUT partisan politics. It’s Obama who has poisoned the waters and polarized the whole freaking business.


“Daze lotsa room undah Bronco Bama’s bus!”


All we did was ask questions. The left chases out pubbie nominees with slander and libel.


Better her than John Kerry. Kerry hates this country, just like the current occupant of the oval office. Rice is just a bumbling liberal.


Barky’s not gonna nominate Kerry because Kerry’s seat would likely be taken by a GOPer.


Obama's willingness to let our men be murdered in an act of war in Libya shouldn't be ignored just because his appointed liar in the case is going away.


If Il Douche had truly wanted her, she’d be hillary’s replacement without a doubt.
So now that the distraction has hiked her skirts and run away, what were we being distracted from?


"John Kerry?

Is this the honest John who SERVED in VEETNAM?/sarc "

I hear that he served in the Navy or something. He doesnt talk about it much.


Anyone with two brain cells knows why she doesn’t want the job..she doesn’t want to have to answer questions about what she knows about what happened in Benghazi, and we all know she has the answers..she knows what happened and refuses to hoo the leftist media is saying how a “woman of color” gets screwed out of a position, mean like Mia Love, who was screwed over because she is a Conservative African American woman..I didnt hear anyone in the media mention the death threats, the constant calling of the N word that Mia Love had to deal with, but poor poor Susan Rice, who went on National TV and made a fool of herself over and over and over again..yeah she’s the victim


Bull crap. She deliberately went out and lied about the murder of 4 Americans to cover for her messiah - and got caught. Now, she's telling another lie to cover up the first!(Blaming Republicans for her own lies)
Today, that woman shouldn't even have a job at all. She should have kicked been out on the street a long time ago. 


Unqualified Affirmative Action hire anyway. No loss.


What kind of idiot would submit a letter declining a position that hasn’t been formally offered yet? You guessed it, Zippy would. Benghazi must be very damning. Congress needs to question Canadian and British Embassy since obviously the 30 survivors have been threatened.

Friday, December 7, 2012

End the war on terror and save billions

Summary: Fareed Zakari's article for the Washington Post details how we could save money by ending the "War on Terror"

Zakaria propagandizing for the enemy again. How many Tokyo Roses are in our press nowadays?


 Doesn’t this clown realize that radical Islam on the other side of this war is not going to stop? It is a war about civilizations. The 9th century versus the 21th century.


“Now we just to figure out what else to cut to save $995 billion dollars.” 

For starters, eliminate the EPA, Dept. of Education, energy dept., HUD, and any other unconstitutional commissions and FIRE EVERYONE THAT WORKS FOR THEM!!!!  


It shouldn’t be called war on terror, sorry but´s that’s just typical political correctness, we are a war with Islam, and yes we need a war on Islam.

I agree 100% with Lt. Col. Matthew A. Dooley on how to fight with Islam, Total war and use nukes on major muslim citys.


Zakaria is a muzzy insurgent infiltrator...
.. With no demonstrable allegiance to the USA  


We are under attack by an enemy who will not give up until the United States is defeated and destroyed or they are. I never cease to be amazed by the failure of so many of all political persuasions to grasp this simple fact.... 


“Yes, let’s rename it: “The War on Moslem Countries” and let the nuking commence in 15 minutes. “

That would be like Christmas coming early.


I vote we loot everything we can in Afghanistan and then leave. Perhaps leave a nuclear bomb buried very deep in some key locations. Next time they act up .... BAM! Heck, even bring back some of their prettier women and leave the ones *you want” wearing burqas. LEave them the sheep and the ugly women.

In fact, this should be our new military Doctrine. Loot’n leave, or perhaps Smash’n grab.

146,000 Jobs Added In November, Beat Expectation Of 85,000, Unemployment Rate Lower At 7.7%

The communists are still in campaign mode. They’ve got to make Barry Benghazi look good for the current “cliff” battle. I sure wish the average I.Q. of the people living in this country was just a few points higher. This wouldn’t be so easy for the communists to pull off. If chimpanzees could talk, I know they wouldn’t be falling for this.


 ...soon there will be a report that there never was a Benghazi incident


More corrupt Obama number crunching. The adjustments will get made, and unemployment will “explode”, shortly after we go off the fiscal cliff and the Republicans start getting the blame.


What types of jobs are included? Are they good paying, permanent? Are there any career types of jobs included? So many questions so few answers.


I can't believe people are buying this, but since so many voted for him (fraud aside) I guess they must be. 

Does it ever occur to people that every month we hear that unemployment has dropped, even more jobs were created than expected, that economy is revving up...And yet they still can't find a job, their friends still can't find jobs, the cost of goods is higher than ever, taxes are going up...Good-gosh-almighty people are are breathtakingly stupid creatures. 


"Same number of people employed as 1980?

1980 US population 227 million

2010 US population 308 million

that's 35% more people and the SAME NUMBER EMPLOYED? 

How do 35% more people not work then in 1980"

You’re doing the job the MSM won’t do.
Sadly this astounding fact will be unknown to 98.6% of Americans.


Christmas hires? The unemployment numbers will rise dramatically again in January. Funny watching the MSM drool all over themselves thinking we’ve turned the corner in our economic troubles. The rest of us know this is the calm before the storm.


 Another 350,000 workers magically disappeared from the work force or this would have been another disastrous report. Is there a total number of these workers who have disappeared since Obama took office?


 So what happens when the total civilian workforce is down to 10 people?


"1980? I guess that Obama really is a return Jimmy Carter."

Right now, worse than Carter, and it's getting worse by the day. Wait until his cliff taxes kick in.
I think he's managed to finish the job his muslim brothers failed to do on 9/11 - and the 49% voted for him to do it, too. 


We have never been at war with East Asia/Benghazi...
We have always been at war with East Asia/Benghazi...

And in other news, chocolate rations have been increased to 8 from 10 grams! 


What about the 180,000 jobs lost because of the shutdown of Hostess Twinkies? Didn’t Citiibank just announce laying off 10,000 people? These unemployment numbers are about as fishy as the North Korean announcement of finding unicorns.


are there any stickers I can put on my vehicles which say something along the lines of if you;re stupid don;t vote , or if you;re going to vote then get facts.
Anything like that to make these idiotic voters think of themselves as dopes for voting for obama.
I did see one which said OBAMA, why stupid people should not vote.


It is easy to fix an economy when all you have to do is lie about it.


Wow. This is really good news. We may owe trillions, but just think, we’re printing money 24 hours a day thanks to our super intelligent Fed Chairman Bernanke.

With an Obama administration firmly entrenched for another four years what possibly could go wrong? Congress, forever looking out for Americans, is considering a surtax even as I type this of at least 1% on our worth. That’s adding up the value of our home, cars, furniture, stocks, bonds, cash, anything of value.

We’ll have that 16 trillion dollar debt retired before those who may be here in the year 3000 (if God hasn’t stepped in to put an end to the world) which is only a few decades away.

Good news for our great-great-great grandchildren.

The world they’ll enjoy will have lots of same sex married couples, no Christmas, no God, but plenty of taxes to keep the wolf away from the door. Humans will marry whatever they want and do with their little willies and muffs whatever their little godless hearts desire.

Muslim and Sharia Law will be big then. There will never be a mention of Christianity, so Santa Claus will have been euthanized.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dead pig found at Houston mosque

Summary: Worshippers at a Texas mosque found a dead pig lying on the ground and blood on the door handles. It seems whoever did it was trying to place the animal inside the mosque. The pig's intestines were hanging from the front gate. This was probably intended to be an affront as traditionally Muslims consider pig meat unclean.

"Sad to see.....

There is a way to beat Islam within our borders, this isn’t it..."

Mean while Christians in this are being denounced , beaten and murdered and slaughtered in the name of Islam and the religion of peace . The meek will only inherit the ruins . There are no moderate muzzies they love death more than we love life . A moderate muzzie would stand up to the radicals in their faith ,, so where are they ,, do they out number the radicals ??? Islam is an evil faith ,,, take my word on it or suffer the consequence of ignorance . Look at the UK for proof .


What a shame. (For the pig that is)
Hope he didn’t suffer.



The Imam did it (or had it done)."

Sadly, that was my first thought. I hope I’m wrong and a good citizen did it.


In India, when Muslims want to create riots/seek attention, they play same game, drop parts of pig and claim this was done by Hindus and start riots on Friday.


At last, people are starting to fight back.


 I’m thinking a Muslim wearing rubber gloves (to protect himself from pork contamination) - may have done it to provoke either sympathy or anger or both. I’m agreeing with Cletus.D.Yokel.


Should have just taken a portable compressed tank and an auto body paint gun and misted about a gallon of pig’s blood would never come out.


Sorry, but I don’t give a smelly Muslim Obamadork about anything having to do with Islam. My advice: remove the pig, clean things up, sell your Mosque, and get your sorry butts back to the mid east.

They’ve got go a loooooooooong way to get to the place the rest of the civilized world was roughtly 1,000 years ago.


 "But I think it is wrong to denegrate any religion, even Islam."

Islam is a system of tyrranical government wrapped in the respetable cloak of religion. If only Hitler had formally declared himself a god, nazism would have engendered the same degree of respect as islam.

Monday, December 3, 2012

First same-sex marriage being celebrated Saturday at West Point’s Cadet Chapel

Excerpt: "Penelope Gnesin and Brenda Sue Fulton, a West Point graduate, exchanged vows in the regal church in an afternoon ceremony, attended by about 250 guests and conducted by a senior Army chaplain.

The two have been together for 17 years. They had a civil commitment ceremony that didn't carry any legal force in 1999 and had long hoped to formally tie the knot. The way was cleared last year, when New York legalized same-sex marriage and President Barack Obama lifted the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy prohibiting openly gay people from serving in the military."

OMG tell me this is not true.

Join the Tea Party, go to your local Republican party meetings,stiffen their spines, raise hell about the total chaos in Republican party organization in the last election, help to get rid of the Consultant Cabal, and join their ‘outreach’ programs, for Hispanics and women, which are probably full of lazy do-nothing parasites, and make them work.

We have no other chance. None.


The Republic is dead.


Really disgusting...

What will they do when that MP wants to ‘marry’ his(her) ‘Working Dog’, so it can be properly provided for after its Military Life is over?

My morbid curiosity ‘forced’ me to look at the article (to see what these two ‘history making winners look like) and it states that they live in NJ where such a union is illegal and the Military does NOT give them permission to ‘marry’ and find that the one is a graduate of the FCWOAB at West Point.

They are knowingly defiling everything they can find that we hold in respect.


"As someone else has said, “America has looked EVIL in the face and embraced it”."

Evil Americans not America. Evil hates good.

-- Evil Americans? Do we get goatees?


"New York approved gay marriage in June 2011."

Wrong. In support of an immoral, disease ridden, anti-family, anti-American, and anti-God agenda designed to bring America to its knees, a tyrannical New York legislature FORCED queer faux “marriage” on the citizens of New York in June 2011. The psychotic 1% and their overlords are now gaily enjoying the debauchery. 


Now that these two perverts have fouled/fowled up the air in the Chapel will regular couples still consider it an honor to be able to marry there? If any of them ( West Point grads) remember their oath I’d expect they’d abandon the place hereafter. Kind of makes me urge them to steam clean the rugs now.


"Mothers, don’t let your daughters become soldiers,"

Same goes for your sons. Is anyone here encouraging his son to join today's military? If so, why? 


"It's now unpatriotic for a normal man to serve in the military, so no normal man should enlist. Then let's see how the military does with only women and gays as “servicepeople”"

I don't necessarily agree that serving as a straight man is "unpatriotic"; however, I can't imagine any incentive for a straight man to want to serve under contemporary military definitions. If anything, the desire to "follow in one's father's footsteps" needs to be re-evaluated since Dad's service was decidedly under very different conditions. 

Back in the late 60's, I met a young Italian immigrant who, after evaluating the rise of feminism in the US, pointed to ancient Rome and Greece. He explained that once women rose to power, they were soon followed by an influx of homosexuals. Shortly after this, both civilizations collapsed. He then predicted that within my lifetime, if the feminists were not checked, I would witness the collapse of the US. At that time, I laughed. I stopped laughing when Clinton was elected.


Homosexuals, muslims and illegals, get the country to accept this and the get rid of those euro heritage Christian white types as a majority can now be pissed on and make up for all their ancestors rules and laws.
To think white old people or even white people voted for this radical socialist agenda


 Is this still "America"????

I think not....we now coddle Illegals (Criminals), sex deviates, anti-Christian zealots, etc.

There is nothing "Sacred" about this Country, anymore, and it is only getting worse.

Don't get a job; jobs are for fools....just let someone else work, and you get paid to sit on your ass, use drugs, pursue "Alternative" lifestyles, etc.

Taxpayers pick up the tab for it all, and no one is ready to just Nuke Washington, and start with a U.S. Constitution, as written. 


These homos are like Moslems. They enter a sacrosanct place and defile, then claim it as their own. It’s purposeful, like the Great Leap Forward in the PDR.


If that is a real picture from a real ceremony at WP, all bets are off.
Please let me know, this cannot stand.


They were in the military BEFORE don’t ask, don’t tell, therefore they were in the US military ILLEGALLY and should now be charged and prosecuted. Same thing as an illegal Mexican being in the states 20 years, then all the sudden turning himself in. Prosecutes the bastards! And that worthless queer-loving Episcopalian “preacher”, who calls himself a chaplain should be prosecuted for allowing this travesty in a military chapel. The DOMA is still alive and well in the US military. Kick this God-hating creep to the curb. He is not fit to preach the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He has mocked and defiled His Holy name!


As long as the majority of the Americans are functionally stupid and elect complete asses to Congress and state offices our nation will continue to drift into even more evil. These weasels have placed sodomites atop a pedestal and conveniently forget what homosexuality begets: illness, suicide and even murders. Homosexuals have committed the large majority of serial killings worldwide.

The degenerate that continues to occupy the White Hut loves homosexuals and lesbians because he continues to edict that they be hired for key positions. He personally never had a girl friend, but was taught by a raging homosexual communist who fed him reefers and whisky. Besides this scum is no doubt an alien who was never granted citizenship and uses a dead man’s social security number. His presence as the nation’s leader goes unchallenged by members of the House and Senate.


 I fully expect this nation to go to war with itself and the military to be used against us. Therfore, I am all for the faggots, women in combat, affirmative actions hires, bangbangers, illegal aliens, etc. being those in service as we will not want the best, brightest and most capable against us.

Michelle Obama’s Next Move (President? Supreme Court Justice?)

Summary: While the first lady hasn't hinted at a future in politics, Newsweek speculates that her background, current position, and education puts her in a good position to enter after her husband leaves, a la Hillary.

Pancake mix box.


Yeah, a size 32W.


"Wasn’t she disbarred? How could she be on the Supreme Court?

These people have lost their minds."

 Don’t think she was technically disbarred...but she did “voluntarily” surrender her law license for reason or reasons unknown to all but the Illiois bar...but something smells fishy there.


I think God hates our country.


The lesson of Hillary Clinton that people have apparently missed- being married to a President does no confer any especial wisdom on foreign or public policy.


This thing and its husband Obama are qualified for only one thing : to circle the toilet bowl with the other turds(same as all democrats).


Could Mochelle the spender really, really, really be a SCJ? 


The media would be totally uninterested in WHY she no longer has a license to practice law.
After all, she is sooooo erudite(not); soooooo interested in the betterment of the US (not); sooooo smart in intellectual endeavors(not); so very charming and vogue (not).

However, sigh, the GOP would probably be AFRAID to refuse her nomination because they have such a need to stay in good with the media. Now that's a hoot!--because never happen!


The Parells between the USA and the old Roman empire is so striking.
A crazy Caesar once put a horse into the Senate. So why does the idea of a crazy POS putting a horses ass on the Supreme court seem all that out of line?  


After society collapses a bit further I expect to see her on that pawn show out of Detroit...yelling, demanding and sputtering incoherently. Probably, she’ll be trying to pawn some broken pieces of White House porcelain. Bwahahahahaha!


After obama was reelected nothing that happens now would surprise me.

The media and the shadow puppet masters could get Benedict Arnold elected today.

Susan Rice In 1986 Book: Make White Students Learn Black History

Summary: Susan Rice wrote a book in '86 arguing for greater visibility of black Americans and great people, stating "The greatest evil in omitting or misrepresenting Black history, literature, and culture in elementary or secondary education is the unmistakable message it sends to the black child. The message is ‘your history, your culture, your language and your literature are insignificant. And so are you.’”

"I think most kids would be cool with that. What would it take, all of 24 minutes?"

that about how long it would take some today to find Africa on the map. That’s all you need to know.


Make Black students read about the history of the Irish, the Welsh, and the Poles. Oppression and slavery weren’t unknown among whites until it was abolished by Christianity.

Stop the whining! Black people aren’t the only group in history to suffer at the hands of oppressors. Your ‘people’ are still being enslaved today, by Muslims in Africa. The communists in this country are pulling out all the stops to distract young Black Americans from the revealed truth as it plays out in Africa today.


It’s fine with me. All of humanity’s history should be taught. Including how Africa under European colonialism fared vastly better than under independence - about how Africa has been in a relentless downward spiral since de-colonization. That’s just a fact, and an important one for all students - including white students - to understand.


"Susan Rice is worth at least 23 million. Any  freepers know how this genius made so much money?"

From DCs upper crust. Wealth from banker father. She seems not to have ever had a real job. Husband works for ABC news.


"Going back to my HS days and College, we studied world history, but the world seemed to be the USA and Europe. Nothing about China other than the mongol invasions, the Boxer Rebellion, and Hong Kong. Japan was a feudal society and we open the door to Japan. India?? Don’t recall anything but Ghandi. Russia got into world history via the war and the Communists. Did we ever get into anyone else besides Europe? Yes but only lightly. Ancient history was Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Macedonian. Most of the focus was on the European continent. So? She may have a point. However, finding anything written that dates back more than 2000+ years to support it could be a problem?"

History study has to be streamlined somehow, and that is why it is important to learn about Greece, and not the aboriginals of Australia.

Studying the ancient history of Sub-Saharan Africa just isn’t important to nations of the planet in a general sense for common knowledge, if something gets cut, that is one of those things that are expendable.


What black history? (Recognizing there is an attempt to create a history- which would be better classified as fiction.)


Maybe blacks should be taught that it was a WHITE REPUBLICAN MALE that freed them from slavery.


IF it weren’t for Western Civilization, they’d still be in loin cloths tossing spears at each other. Let’s face it: They stared at the ocean for hundreds of years and never once thought of a sail. Never thought of a wheel either. They’d still be dragging stuff if not for Western Civilization. They’re on the low end of the Bell Curve and no amount of “political correctness” or “affirmative action” is ever going to hide that. Obama, himself, is living proof.


Same for the Mayans. No wheel and no primitive metallurgy yet millions in civilized nations are spooked terrified by the Mayan apocalypse date of December 21st this year. Mayans- Bunch of dumbasses if you ask me. All wogs east of Suez  


She could help a lot of poor urban black kids with [her millions]. Of course, so could the Obama’s with theirs, if Obama wasn’t so hell-bent on making sure no urban poor black kid can get find job can be used to jump up to better things.


1986, eh? White students have been force-fed "black history" since the early seventies, and maybe before. I was a Reagan kid and a huge history buff even back in high school. During my US History classes (early eighties) I kept a secret list of how many curriculum-days certain people and subjects were discussed, and the tenor of the portrayal. I no longer recall the exact counts, but I recall that black history topics were second only to organized labor topics and the number one historical personage was Harriet Tubman, who was given as much instructional time as Abraham Lincoln and George Washington COMBINED. We actually spent more time on Harriet Tubman than we did on the entire Civil War.

I shared the list with selected teachers and faculty when I was a rising Senior. It was not received well, and I am convinced that it would have negatively impacted my final grades had those not already been published. 


Since a disproportionate number of black students don’t learn anything in school and drop out...shouldn’t they be “forced” to learn something? Why the focus on whites, susie? What a racist pig.


"There’s not much to black history that anyone would care to learn about it. As individuals they’re charming; as a group they’re about as pathetic as human beings can be."

So somebody died and left you judge of human worth and value, condemning whole groups without bothering to learn their history? Contemptible. 

"History is my guide. And at this juncture I’m in a particularly ugly mood. If you don’t like it you can bugger off."


Rice should’ve also included

“And we should make sure that we make black students learn black history.”

For example, most younger blacks with whom I’ve spoken are shocked when I tell them that up until around the mid 1960s — the time of LBJ’s “Great Society” programs — most blacks voted Republican, as did Martin Luther King, Jr. for his entire life. They are shocked to hear that the Democratic Party was the party of slavery in the 19th century, and the party of “Jim Crow” and “Separate but Equal” laws in the 20th.

We might want to include the interesting (if embarrassing) fact that the wages of black workers had been rising steadily since the end of WWII, and that in specific areas of skilled labor, they surpassed those of white workers, and that this changed for the worse AFTER the civil rights movement and the Civil Rights Act.

In other words, as part of a black student’s education, he should read some of the works of Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Wait Til You Get Home: 6 Things You Don’t Do in Front of White Folks (alert of your choice alert)

Race, race, race. It's all about race these days at FR.

A Freeper stumbled across an article by a black woman that explains how she acts differently in front of white people than she does in front of black people in general. She makes a list of six things she purposely does not do in front of white people, such as eat watermelon, dance or sing music by black artists, and use slang associated with Ebonics. She also, to the ire of the Freepers, says she will not bring up politics or race to a white person for fear that they might be Republican or racist.

7. Don’t use the word niger in front of a white person. Just because we us it they think they get to use it. And they don’t. It’s our private word.


 How long do we continue to coddle “minorities” by participating in their double standard?


And Republicans just don’t understand why “you” think you are entitled to a share of our private property...


“I don’t understand why folk can’t see the Republicans are just about money.”

This is the exact opposite of the truth and it annoys me no end that this is so widely accepted. It is liberals who think that the government should be involved in money and finances. It is liberals who in politics classify people according to how much they make and how much they have. It is liberals who think that the government needs to concern itself with shifting money from some to others. They are the materialists.

But then up is always down with these people.


Blacks flourished under Reagan

Blacks languish under Obama.

Its sad. 


 Arguing with a liberal is like playing chess with a pigeon.
No matter how well you play chess,
the pigeon just knocks over the pieces,
craps on the board,
utters unintelligible, vaguely obscene sounds,
and struts around like he won.


The Republican party was born out of opposition to the slave-trade supporting Democrat party.


"Let’s see, my wife called my office this morning spitting with anger. She had taken our son to his doctor’s appointment (at the hospital she used to work at.) First, in the eight parking spots in front of the hospital that used to be designated “Reserved for Expectant Mothers” it now reads “Reserved for Hybrid Cars”. Inside a sign greeted her: “Free Mammograms for African-American Women” She said the only thing that kept her from exploding with rage was my son asked her not to.

The maniacs have won, and Trickle Down Government just became an avalanche."

OMG, I'm as angry as your wife and I wasn't even there. How do they get away with this blatant racism and discrimination?


Things white people shouldn’t talk about in front of black people or else they are just uppity racists:
1. Talk about staying in school.
2. Talk about getting a job.
3. Talk about not having babies out of wedlock.
4. Talk about not doing drugs.
5. Talk about pulling up their pants.
6. Talk about speaking proper English.
7. Talk about staying out of jail.
8. Talk about not trying to dress like your favorite sports star all the time.
9. Talk about being responsible for your own actions and not being a mooch on society; a Taker.
10. Talk about not voting for the racist party, the Democraps.


“7. Don’t put your nose in the air and saunter past without saying “thank you” when a white person holds the door for you as a common courtesy.”

YES! That particular statement strikes home, as it has happened to me more times than I can tell you. Also, when a black driver is waiting to get in your line of traffic and you let him/her in, MOST of them stick their noses in the air and don’t even flick their finger at you as a “thank you.” I’ve concluded they feel they are ENTITLED to be let in the flow of traffic, or ENTITLED to have whitey hold the door for them.


She wants to know what white people do not talk about in front of black people. Or how about some questions that other races may have for Blacks? Like:

1) How come so many black women have such low self esteem that they will have sex with so many men that show them no respect at all and treat them with such contempt? If you don't want to be treated like a Whore, don't act like a Whore!

2) How is it that more than 70% of the black children in this country grow up in homes with no father? Does the lack of guidance from a father figure help to cause the incredible amount of social problems associated with being Black in America? Perhaps you could refrain from having children until AFTER you are married!

3) Do black people think that the fact that their ancestors where slaves fifty years before my ancestors escaped what amounted to slavery in Ireland and Germany in the late 19th century entitle them to special preferences in employment and government benefits? Or do they simply like the fact that they are getting over on whitey?

4) Do Blacks born in America ever wonder why Africans that immigrate to the United States TODAY are twice as likely to get a college education and become members of the middle and upper classes? Maybe it is not their race, but their culture that are to blame for there own problems!P> 

5) Do Blacks in America understand that their social problems of rampant drug & alcohol abuse, illegitimate children, poor education choices and despicable living conditions MAY actually be the result of THEIR OWN poor life decisions and have nothing to do with White people? Perhaps THEY are to blame!

6) Do Black people ever consider that during Jim Crow and Reconstruction, there was a better chance that their children would grow up in a house with a mother and father and have a BETTER and MORE successful education than they have SINCE the 1960’s? Maybe a little self reflection is in order!

7) Do Black people ever look around at formerly upper Middle Class and Wealthy neighborhoods that are now completely inhabited by Blacks and are now completely destroyed and still wonder WHY members of other racial groups decide that they don't want to take the risk of investing in neighborhoods that are majority or even significantly populated by Black people? Perhaps THEY are responsible for the down fall of the neighborhood!<

8) Do Black people ever consider that the Whites and Asians that they BUMP out of the way in college and jobs with Affirmative Action Policies are actually real people who are truly deserving of the place or job that was just redistributed to them? Maybe the people whose jobs they unjustly stole with the help of the state are equally down trodden and deserving!

9) Do Blacks ever consider that Democrats take their votes for granted and voting in lock step at rates of 90% + for Democrats MAY not be in their best interest? If just 20% of blacks refused their votes to the Democrats, their situation might improve exponentially!

10) Do Blacks really believe that people like Condoleezza Rice, Alan West, Walter E. Williams, Herman Cain, Janice Rogers Brown, Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Sr.,Alveda King, Shelby Steele, J. C. Watts, and millions of other successful Black Republicans are all just a bunch of ‘House N!*&%^$’? Of course they are!

11) Does it ever occur to Blacks that Whites, Asians and even some White? Hispanics get a little tired of their incessant bitching? Suck it up butter cup!

12) Do Black people ever think that the constant cries of ‘RACIST!’ may actually be counter productive to their advancement? Apparently NOT!

13) Does the average Black person realize that, for whatever reason, African Americans do significantly WORSE on IQ tests than Whites & Asians Do they realize that 40% of ALL African Americans have an IQ BELOW 80. The Average IQ of an African American is actually 85. and that ON AVERAGE Blacks have an average IQ 18 Pts BELOW Whites and 20 PTs BELOW Asians AND THAT THAT FACT IS NOT THE FAULT OF THE ASIANS AND THE WHITES!? Maybe it is caused by generational dependency and a desire NOT to succeed because success at school is 'acting White'! I am sick to G.D. Death of the Black culture and ghetto mentality that everything wrong with blacks is beyond their control. NEWS FLASH! White people don't give a crap about color. We care about civil society and the adherence to the rule of law. 

Generally speaking, black people think in incredibly racial terms. Republicans refuse to approach them racially, believing it to be inappropriate and racist.

To get the black vote you would have to engage in some pretty reprehensible behavior. In other words, act like democrats.


It’s really sad that black people seem to forget Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream that people will be judged on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

The argument that the Republican party is the party of “rich” people is illogical. If it were true, all Hollywood stars and pro athletes would be Republicans. But they aren’t, are they?!
And by the way, I am getting really, really sick of the word “folks.”