Friday, November 8, 2013

Heart-broken grandmother refuses to think of five-year-old ‘transgender’ grandson as a girl

Excerpts: "After a psychologist diagnosed him with “Gender Identity Disorder,” the family has asked everyone to treat [Zach] as a girl.


But Recknell, Zach’s maternal grandmother, says she cannot get on board.

“I’d rather see him kicking a football than parading in a pink dress,” she told People. “He was born a boy. It says so on his birth certificate.”"

why isn’t someone taking this child away from his idiot parents?
In the good old days they would have been beaten senseless for this child abuse


"...he became obsessed with the cartoon character Dora the Explorer...."

I wish someone who has the technical know-how would study that series — and a lot of others— to look for subliminal messages. I am betting they are there.


I am so sick of “wetback” and enviroMental promotion on kids’ shows. It is absolutely saturated.


I’m with you, Granny: I can’t bear it. It is sheer wickedness to mess with any child biologically in the name of “gender confusion”, a diagnosis invented out if thin air.


Child abuse, plain and simple. My advice to the grandmother, as heartbreaking as it may be, is to just cease contact with them all. Not worth the heartache, and there’s nothing you can do. Not with the fascist government of Britain, which for decades harbored child-molesters at their state-run media agency.

I’ll tell you this, I have many pro-homo agenda family members, and if ANY of them did this to their child, I would disown them. Just sickening.


“Remember Granny raised one of the parents.”

I know a lot of conservative Grannies wondering why their kids turned lib. One told me “I did not raise my kid this way”. I believe her.


"In lots of kids cartoons, the girls are presented as smart, beautiful, and competent. Many of the shows have awkward, bumbling boy characters who are manipulated or shown up by the girls."

I suppose that just mirrors the way the relationship between the sexes has been portrayed on TV aimed at adults. Seems like the 1970s is when I first started noticing commercials and programs portraying men as incompetent dolts interacting with bright, confident women.

Never have been much of a TV watcher, but I remember not liking what I saw. I am convinced now that all of this was the result of calculated efforts to undermine the family.

Conservative Parents, Left-Wing Children

Link to article, which is pretty funny

Summary: Some conservatives sadly have children who grow up to hate America, Christ, and everything we at Townhall stand for. And that's sad.

Hence why with few exceptions people that tell me they graduated from Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Stanford et. al. I scorn and do not seek further interaction. I to this day will not hire one either.

All their money was spent to make them the dumbest people in the room.


Turning your kids over to the public schools will do that. I have five kids in private school and even still I need to work mightily to help them understand the myths and falsehoods of liberalism. The key is not just telling them the way it is, but taking the time to explain why. My oldest is out on her own at college now and I’m very proud of the independent thinking conservative she has grown to become. She still emails me and says she knows something she’s hearing has to be wrong and could I help her understand it better. It’s a lot of work, but so is every other aspect of raising a child properly.


Wait until “reality” slaps the faces of these children. As always, they realize their parents were RIGHT.


Yeah, I’ve got one like that. Happened when she went to college. But, unlike liberals, I don’t believe in group think. She is free to choose, hopefully life experience and a crushing tax burden will be the “I told you so”.


Mr. Prager neglects the K-12 indoctrination. After 13 or more years of government schooling the children have become comfortable with both the godlessness forced on them in their government schools and the socialism that is the very foundation upon which “public” education is built.

Here are some facts:

1) Children in secular schools **will** learn to think and reason godlessly. They must just to cooperate in the classroom.

2) If they attend government schools they risk learning to be comfortable with the single payer and tuition-free entitlement that is the very foundation of government schooling. Hey! If the government can give the citizen tuition-free schooling, why not use that power to get lots of “free” stuff?

3) Nearly all the K-12 teachers in this nation ( both public and private schools) were trained by godless Marxists in Marxist run colleges and universities. The indoctrination continues into the highest levels of university graduate school!

4) Drive by nearly any of those Marxist run K-12 schools, colleges, or universities in this nation, and you will see schools stuffed full to the brim ( **willingly**) with the children of conservatives and God fearing so-called “patriots”.

5) The children are being indoctrinated by Marxists to hate their nation and heritage. The boys, especially, are being humiliated and drugged into submission. The Marxists are hard at work producing girly Peter Pans who are incapable of defending themselves, their families ( if they can figure out how to form one!), and our nation. The indoctrination of our youth is already having consequences in the voting booth, culture, and birth rate. It will only get worse.

Will God save this nation? I doubt it. Why should He when conservatives and God fearing parents mistreat their children in this way and subject them to such evil? ( It's a millstone thing.) 


Look, even Reagan couldn’t keep two our of his four children from the clutches of liberalism. His adopted son Mike understood more readily than his natural born kids. I guess it’s just not easy.


If you can't explain conservatism it's pretty hard to teach it to your kids. I have two beautiful daughters, one in college and one still in high school. They are both conservative because we have presented conservatism in a logical manner. It's really that simple. It's not about religion, it's about logic. If you are a liberal, it's because you either aren't okaying attention, or you are an illogical person. If you are illogical, you are not intelligent. 


My kids hated public school, and I think it is one reason my kids are conservative.

My kids hated how the public school did all sorts of things for the underaceivers. There were all sorts of awards for kst improved (gehavior, grades, tet scores), but there were never awards for kids who were smart and well-behaved.

I remember my son had to write a paper takng a side on whether or not everyone should go to college. My son said no because some kids were lazy and didn’t work hard enough.

Then the public school treated my special needs daughter poorly. They would make her miss recess because she wasn’t finished writing or coloring something. They did not take the time or effort to understand what she needed, even though we provided the test scores and data to show what was going on with her.

My kids think public school is a disaster, they hate going to the department of motor vehicles, and they can’t belueve how much we spend in taxes.


Question your own values in front of your kids when they are young, and repeatedly as they age. Articulate why those values are correct, and defend them against criticism explaining why the criticisms are invalid. Whether sending our kids to the public schools, to a university, or into the general society, it is not enough for them to have accepted traditional values. Our kids must know why conservative values are correct and why progressive values are wrong, destructive, and harmful to everyone including those they claim to champion as special cases in need of special help. 


I don’t get it. If my kids were to become liberals, i would consider it a personal failing of mine and my husband’s. I have kids 19, 22, and 25. Each of them is politically informed and as conservative as possible. the 19 yo daughter has door knocked for Ken Cuccinelli. my 22 yo son is at Syracuse University, leftwing bastion, and wears NRA and Prolife tshirts on campus regularly {he is on the hockey team and hasn’t gotten any crap for it from anyone}.my 25 yo daughter faced off with Caroline Matthews in her all girls Catholic HS class over whether you can be Pro abort and Catholic, and came out the winner. I think conservatives need to do a better job of raising their kids to know and understand conservative values and WHY we think the way we do.


People like liberal indoctrination even if most couldn’t define it or even spell “indoctrination”.


My (currently) left-winger was a good, solid conservative all thru undergraduate school. It was grad school that created the current thinking. Makes me sick, but I’m praying it’s a phase that will be passed thru.

Bombshell – Obama High School Friend: Barry Soetoro “Portrayed Himself as a Foreigner”

Summary: "Former high school classmater ... Mia Marie Pope says that Obama identified himself as a foreigner and a crack-smoking homosexual."

Seems legit!

Mia Marie sounds very believable as she says things about the liar that she observed in his murky past. Thanks to this interview we can all see this evil phony for what he truly was and is today.

Unfortunately this mass conspiracy, wasn't acted upon by the FBI on what she told them years ago,
Soetoro-Obama is indeed a man to be feared because so many people have already been murdered in his close circle. Mia is putting a target on her back, but perhaps by speaking out it just might keep her safer because we all know who she is.

This evil cancer in the White Hut must go NOW. Everything he does continues to affect our lives in a tremendous adverse way. Just watch the stock market as the crap hits the fan every time he moves his lips! 


Why have the Democrats not walked B-HO out of the White House? At least Joe Biden is not a muslim and probably cares about his children and grandchildren.


One would think that a conspiracy so vast would crumble by its sheer weight. OR, we are in worse shape as a nation than we might think.


In the movie “Now you see me”, it showed that some “tricks” are setup years in advance. It seems we’ve been setup for the biggest magic trick ever performed: Obama’s puppet-masters are going to make the USA disappear, right before our eyes...


I hope and pray this will bring many more out of the woodwork with more of the REAL details on Barry Soetoro.


I listened to the whole interview and she sounds *very* credible but do I even have to guess the MSM will completely ignore her?


Stalin would have been proud to have had our main street media.


"I am afraid that to me she sounds a bit like a rejected lover.

I would love to say she is legitimate, but the tone of this keeps saying she was a rejected lover. But even that does not mean she isn’t telling the truth."

I don’t think she is lying. What Manning pointed out which was interesting was she kept referring to BHO as “Barry” which if she were lying she would have screwed up a few times - called him Obama or Barack but she never does, she always calls him Barry. Yeah I know, where the hell was she in 2008. She could have possibly saved us a hell of a lot of problems. I am sending this to everyone I know.


"Mia Pope better watch her six !!

Strange things happen to critics of this adminsitration !"

We FReepers had better check in daily to make certain we’re all still here.


Just the fact that this is happening in America today scares me more then anything he is doing. It makes me wonder who really controls this country? There has to be some real power behind the curtain pulling the strings. Whoever it is, they are not looking out for our best interests.