Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How to argue with right-wing relatives (You're about to lose yesterday's supper)

Article from Salon.

I don't even acknowledge the liberal side of my family anymore. A hello at functions where I have to be there (funeral) and nothing more.
It drives them nuts, but I have nothing to say to them. It's all out there. All the facts you need to know on any issue is out there. I choose my side they took theirs - good-by,


I notice that Salon-Obama didn’t even touch the facts behind the bisexual illegitimate Halfrican Kenyan Muslim Usurper’s past.

Oh wait, that’s racist.


My lib relatives know not to agrue with me concerning politics as I am several times more informed than they are (thanks to FR ) and they don’t like being embarrassed and protrayed as ignorant....

Much nicer get togethers when politics are not addresed or discussed


It would not have mattered. My most liberal family member b...tches about rich not paying their fair share, I point out he pays zero fed tax because the rich pay enough for him to get head of household credits, child credits, child care credits....that he gets back more money than what is taken out of his check. Normally he just looks like dear caught in headlights. He is not stupid just in readable uninformed


Some kids are going in the right direction. My seven year old grandson’s favorite line these days is “you don’t work you don’t eat. You want something get a job and buy it”. :-)


Lame and filled with lies.

"If you have a “smart phone,” just bookmark Snopes now."

Why stop there? Surely there are more websites loyal to the Soros/Obama path of destruction. Am surprised the Obamanista who wrote this stupid article didn't try to shill Factcheck, Moveon or the other leftist propaganda sites.


My sister is a 99%’r.. only she was to lazy to drag her butt down to city hall and camp out. She has a 09 car, Ipad, ipod and a apple laptop, 2 dogs... I could go on and on.. my 30+ year old sister is still MOOCHING of my more than willing liberal parents. Shes screwed when they die.

I let um in to my house yesterday. It’s a start I guess.


Journalism at its finest.

A journalism major, a marketing major and a communications major all walked into a bar.... Thank God it burned down and killed all three.

All I Want For Christmas, President Palin

I just hope that in November 2012 we will elect Sarah Palin as President!
I was happy when Reagan got elected but will be even more so when Sarah is elected!

Our country is in worse shape now, and not just financially, but in losing our Freedoms!

I think Sarah will be a better President than Reagan, which will be hard, but that is what the dems fear!

Palin has already been a role model for women and women voted more Republican in the (mid terms) for the first time ever, because of Sarah!

Her family is normal vs Reagan's and she lives the Pro Life, always been conservative, and has given the media back as much as they give! She's more been vetted than Reagan was also!

I Know her Supreme court picks would be much better than Reagan's (W did better than Reagan)! A very lasting impact on the Country!

Alaska, 25 years from now will still be a Red state. Reagan's California sure turned Blue and he had no lasting effect on his own state,

Reagan did change the whole country towards the right once he became President, but Sarah has already done so!

If Sarah is not the President in 2013 the America haters, the left, socialists, media, and the rinos, win again!

Sarah Palin, because she is a Conservative Christian, is evil to them. She is a good, GODLY women, one of us, who loves America!

What a terrible CRIME!

What a Christmas President! President Sarah Palin!


It will be Patriots vs communists, America reborn or death to America. Go Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Palin has done more already than Reagan did before he became President. It’s the Truth!


IMHO, Sarah is very Reaganesque, however, very clearly her own person. There will never be another Reagan; just like there will never be another Sarah. Wasting all this time trying to prove she is or isn’t Reagan is preventing a lot of people for honestly evaluating her for who she is.

I do think she is capable of taking the mantle of conservatism and leading in a way that has been missing since Reagan. But Sarah isn’t running against Reagan; she’ll be running against (hopefully) 0-bummer. I just sometimes wish people spent as much time comparing and contrasting Sarah to 0-bummer - instead of Reagan.


If Palin saw the posts of you and others here, she’d die of embarrassment.


This thread represents the dumbing down of FreeRepublic.

I guess we can hope it isn’t a sign of things to come from the Palin camp.


With Barack Obama, I think we have a person who was raised to hate the United States from the word go. Both he and Clinton were/are evil players. They are evil from the core, and only do what comes naturally to those who adore communism. Both planned for years just what they would do when they became president. Obama had a long list of evil deeds and evil schemes to make sure he could implement his plans. He has no moral compass, and feels no guilt at all about what he is doing.

Then you have Sarah Palin. She is nothing like Clinton and Obama. She was raised right. She has some pretty good instincts. Sadly, her tutoring seems to have missed some very important key points.

You don’t support a United Nations plan to ‘take over’ the rule of the seas and insure a steady cash flow. You don’t reward villainy and treachery to register illegal immigrants and grant them permission to stay here and take jobs from Citizens and continue to sap the system dry. You don’t back a man like John McCain, even if you simply can’t grasp the complexities of the ways he has tried to harm the United States with some of the worst know Leftist players the world has ever seen.

Palin is a person who means well. I just don’t think she grasps what is going on in this nation today. I don’t think she has the slightest clue how bad some of the things and players McCain has been trying to do and do them with. Still, support for the man is support for the man, and intimates that as President she would give his council considerable respect. Thus we wouldn’t have McCain as president, but we would have his agenda on the fast track.

Palin agrees with McCain on the LOST Treaty. She agrees with him on border issues. She must agree with his ideas about cutting the military budget too, because she has said she agrees with his policies.

I have no choice but to try to avoid facing McCain or his influence in the White House. I don’t like it having to be this way, but we simply cannot support another person who is going to help implement the Democrat agenda, whether they realize that’s what they will be doing or not.

We either step up and pick a person better than McCain and who won’t listen to him, this time around, or we might just as well pack it in.

I don’t have to dislike someone to realize they are not what this nation needs right now. We need a person who does grasp who Soros is and what he is up to. We do need a person who can recognize a snake like McCain for who he is.

We do need a person who knows what people to support and what people to trivialize for the good of the nation.

I like Palin. I just don’t like the prospect of her becoming president. It saddens me to have to say that, but it is what I feel compelled to say for the good of our nation.

The sooner we can set our sights on someone who does understand these matters, the better.

Obama delivers very Christian message at Christmas tree lighting

Must be an election year. If that man is a Christian I am j. Edgar Hoover!


I don’t think that the Obamaloon’s religious beliefs (if he has any at all) center around Christianity.


Obama could not have sat in Wright's church for 20 years and have any real faith in Christ.


Allah says, it is OK for a Muslim to lie to the Infidels.


Obama’s Christian beliefs will be evident only when he become pro-life and pro-religious freedom and stops his atheistic socialist attack on America. His word means far too little, now, to be believed. He must take actions in policy. This man is the most anti-Christian politician America has ever experienced and a few words at a tree lighting will do nothing to change that truth and do nothing to change his anti-Christian policies.


Actually, that's a Moslem message too . He was a manifestation of God’s love for us." -- Moslem's believe that too, but notice, he did not say that Jesus Christ is Lord and GOD, which is what Christians believe and what Moslems consider blasphemy


“Must be an election year.”

Yep. I am reminded that when the Nazis imperiled the USSR, Stalin reopened a few churches and used religion to rally a dispirited people — that trend sure didn’t last once the war was over.


This is a pretty watered down “Christian message”. He merely acknkowledges that a man named Jesus was born 2000 years ago and he had a wonderful message of love your neighbor. No orthodox Muslim would disagree with that - that’s exactly how Islam characterizes Jesus - a wise prophet. Note: none of Obama’s “Christian message” is a statement of the Gospel. It is just a “Jesus was a wise man” statement.


""But this was not just any child," Obama continued. "Christ’s birth made the angels rejoice and attracted shepherds and kings from afar. He was a manifestation of God’s love for us.""

"...a manifestation of God’s love..." falls far short of declaring the rightful Kingship and Diety that is Jesus Christ, that he is Lord of all (not to mention that He will crush the demonic Mohammed under His heel.)


Obama has been to church only a few times since he became President, and that was basically for fund-raising purposes.

There is ample evidence that he was born and bred a Muslim. And as the Muslims say, once a Muslim, always a Muslim—or, off with your head!

There is zero evidence that he was ever baptized. His Chicago Church was not a real Christian church, and it has a policy of admitting Muslims and others without requiring them to be baptized. It was, in fact, a Black Muslim church with a thin veneer of Christianity to attract more members.

No question in my mind that Obama remains a Muslim, and continues to side with them against whites, Christians, and the West.

His “very Christian” message is carefully worded to avoid saying that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God, one Person of the Trinity. Because Muslims are permitted to lie to Christians, but there are some things they would prefer not to say. And one of them, certainly, is that Jesus is Lord and God, and that Mohammed is NOT His prophet.


Don’t forget, actions speak louder than words

Thursday, December 22, 2011

House agrees payroll tax deal as Republicans cave in to Obama

Why do the idiot Republicans ALWAYS allow the Democrats to get them into a “do this and you lose, or do THAT and you also lose, ha ha!” situation? WHY?!!


As I heard yesterday, “Republicans never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.”


Its a shame that its scarce to find a Republican with a SPINE these days..all they constantly do is bend over for the Dems


Hey, Obama can go to Hawaii now and keep spending lots of money.


And so it goes...I’m very worried about the Marxist/Muslim beint re-elected in 2012


How long before China gets fed up with “government by the minute” and stops borrowing us money to support it?


Boehner screws the pooch again, in broad daylight.

You people have two choices:
Progressive social democrats = collectivism NOW
GOP = collectivism Tomorrow


What good has it done us to have the House under Republican control? It hasn’t done “us” any good. But it gives obama and his worshippers someone to blame.


I will be glad when others here realize that we have already crossed the point of no return. We are no longer a nation of free people, we are a nation under the rule of tyrants. These tyrants are the leaders in BOTH parties, they don’t “cave” to the democrats, the SERVE with the democrats. Both have but one objective which they have alost finished, the total enslavement of the American worker and all we can produce in order to give it to other fellow socialists around the world. Sad thing is all will continue to whine but work and pay tribute to our yrant rulers.

Behold, the beast!


Every effin’ year that Muslim Islamic Marxist Kenyan pulls this same horseh*t. ... “we will all miss Christmas...blah blah blah.” When are those idiots going to realize this is classic Alinsky and tell the Kenyan to go straight to hell, leave for Christmas and let him sit there alone. They all make me sick and Boehner the boohooer needs to go. Get him out. Any man that cries as much as he does has no balls, PERIOD!


I despise all of the republican leadership... they refuse to engage and are all progressive cowards. This is a bad idea... it cannot be implemented... not for two months... this will cost business tons through man hours and software costs. It just cannot be done. There were two effective ways to fight this crap... they did neither and surrendered... once again. White flag boehner... funny... orange and white=Benedict Arnold.


well Republicans can still use this against Obama and use class warfare tactics. Democrats are trying to harm retiress and Social Security and medicare are in danger

middle class homeowners and people that want to refinance they will have to pay a big $5000 fee on their mortgage to pay fund other peoples social security. This tax is permanant and doesn’t go away. Obama and Dems are attacking the fragile housing market with more government.

polls say people are against de-funding social security.

also Obama doesn’t really want to create jobs like the Pipeline.


Turns out George Orwell was completely correvt.

And I’m glad that all those people who told me while growing up “It can’t happen in AMERICA!”, didn’t live to see this.


Fox News just reported Boner might lose his speakership.


Call it what you want but it is a RAID ON THE SOCIAL SECURITY TRUST FUND!


Now all they have to do is continue the underfunding of SS and then they will declare it also has to be bailed out but in order to do so they have to eliminate the trust fund and fund SS directly from the General Revenues Fund (income taxes). So under the new structure it is welfare for seniors and it will be a one size fits all, the lowest common denominator. Since it won’t be enough, they will have to raise income taxes even more.

Has anyone ever wondered why someone on the R side of the aisle is not making this point? As always, the establishment is playing both sides and We The People are the stuffing in the sandwich.

F’em All!


Thanks, Mitch McConnell, for flying your true colors and for raising my taxes next year.


Oh, and most especially...FUBO! FUHR! FUDNC!!!


"They WANT to lose in 2012 so that they can coronate Jeb in 2016."

That is more wrong than words can express.



The more I digest this fiasco, the more I think this was done to make obama look stupid. As someone pointed out - we get an extra $20 in our paycheck for a lousy two months, social security gets short changed and obama leaves for his $4 million vacation. I think he just may come out looking like the loser in all this.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2 women share 1st kiss at US Navy ship's return

A Navy tradition has caught up with the repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell" rule on gays serving openly in the U.S. military. The Navy said two women shared the coveted "first kiss" Wednesday when the USS Oak Hill returned home to its Virginia base. Marissa Gaeta of Pacerville, Calif., descended from the ship and shared a quick kiss with her partner, Citlalic (SEET-lah-leek) Snell of Los Angeles.

AP is really rubbing it in our faces. Spiking the football in the end zone.


“And the crowd went wild”? What propaganda.


I could just vomit.

#1 - Women don’t belong on combatant vessels.
#2 - Queer women don’t belong in the Navy.

*sigh* The world has passed me by.


Ok, well the US military it is no longer.

I’m, just going to go ahead and call it the US fagitary.

Nice going, president Ohomo.


That headline is a candidate for “Hurl Alert” disclaimer!

That service is no longer my Navy.


Over 200 years of Navy Tradition and pride down the drain. We are going to have to draft people soon. This is not going to end well.


why are lesbians attracted to lesbians that look like men?
It's all so confusing!!


“Didn’t polls show that 75 percent favor this?”

Can’t remember the last time I saw an honest poll.


"My OCS class had the very first females. The ratings that are sea going didn’t have women until mid-70’s. THat is when it went to #^&*."

My mother did the same job as my father in Chatham, Massachusetts.
However, I do agree with you about women on warships. It's really insane to ignore or deny the natural differences and tendencies of men and women.


My mom (now 90 yrs old) was a WAVE stationed in Annapolis in WWII and briefly married to a B-29 pilot who went down over Holland. Her job was in the film dept and the place was overrun with Hollywood celebs (she fondly recalled taking the bus in with Gene Kelly singing and dancing all the way) - but she mentioned one time that a notorious hollywood lesbian came in and grabbed one of the girls and gave her a kiss and the room just froze. She wouldn’t tell me the name of the actress, but used to say “You’ve seen her in films for sure.”


"Naval officials said it was the first time on record that a same-sex couple was chosen to kiss first upon a ship's return."

Chosen?? No barf alert needed with that title. Next will be a sailor with his or her dog.


Our nation and our culture is dying, like so many others. We were blessed while it lasted.
Come quickly, Lord Jesus.


‘Comrades!’ cried an eager youthful voice. ‘Attention, comrades!
`We have glorious news for you. All over Amerika this morning there were irrepressible spontaneous demonstrations when gay-girls and smegma warriors marched out of factories and offices and paraded through the streets with banners voicing their gratitude to Big Bro’ for the new, happy, military-homosexual lifestyles which his wise leadership has bestowed upon us.’


I've known some gays...and they all seem messed up some.

Lot's of folks "messed" up...but gay people seem to be "messed" up more often.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Only way we can win against homosexuality

Today's post goes out to a friend of mine who is coming out this week. May their children grow up in a world with fewer fucktards.

The sad part about homos&lesbians is that so many Republicans are pro-homosexual. Too many people who call themselves conservatives are apologists for homosexuality including those who say they're Christian. In 1981, you would have found both Democrats & Republicans opposed to homosexuality. There was such a thing as Democrats in Name Only who opposed homosexuality, but since Sam Nunn, there hasn't been a major Democrat opposed to homos & lesbians. Not many DINOS, but plenty of RINOS.
In 1991, the Log Cabin Republicans would have been viewed as a fring group with regard to homosexuality, but sadly, so many Repblicans believe the homosexual agenda. It incl. commentators such as Bill O'Reilly, former President George Bush Jr, SeanP. Hannity, etc. MOre Republicans are also supporting the sex change maimings & transexuals are worse than the homos.

The only chance that we have to win the discussion against homosexulaity/GID is for a cure be it drug, surgery or pill to cure homos&lesbians. But we need to get updated in that too many Republicans agree with President Obama on the homo issue. Too many people who call themselves 'evangelical Christians' (I'm not Judeo-Christian but that's unrelated)are apologists for homosexuality. The fact that a Mormon such as former Utah Gov. John Huntsman & Presidential candidate would be an apologist for homosexuality & support civil unions which would have been unheard of in 1991 must be a concern.

Have we lost the discussion against homosexuality? Do you agree with me that the only way we can win is for a cure to be found for homosexuality because while I don't know if there are any DINO's in office in 2011, there are so many RINOs? Please inform.


A cure for homosexuality has existed since time began.


After decades of research, science still doesn't support the born-that-way theory. In fact scientists who just so happen to be homosexual have stated environment is the major factor and have stated they don't believe science will ever support the born-that-way theory.


I don’t believe it is any of my business what other people do in private.

But when I see perversion in public I am deeply offended. It offends me when an employer is forced by law to consider an obvious pervert for employment. It also offends me when laws are passed giving special protections/privileges to perverts.

The left is determined to cram this down our throats, & we must be just as determined to vomit it right back into their faces. Let them see just how offended we are.


If young people - or people of any age, but especially young people - learn the truth about homosexuality, and that many others have changed, and they don’t have to be “gay”, many more would opt out. But they are fed the lie day after day that they’re “born that way” and cannot change.

This lie is killing people and ruining countless lives and families.


the homosexual lobby has blood on their hands. It isn’t the “homophobes” who are driving homosexuals to suicide, it is the lie that homosexuality is good and normal. It isn’t and never will be.


Homosexuality is a judgment from God. Romans says that because they forgot God, God GAVE THEM UP to depravity. The cure is a return to God.

Watching the spread of homo being approved in this country is a sign that this country is being GIVEN UP. In spite of the voter’s will, courts are overruling and flushing this country down the sewer. Unless there is a repentance towards Jesus Christ, it’s going to get much worse.


Kids are not born homosexual. Let a boy show interest in something feminine and all the adults will convince him that he MUST be "gay". From then on he is labeled and pushed that direction. He is told to "accept himself".
Reliable science shows that sexual behavior is environmental. Very often these children are the victims of adults, whether it's through emotional rejection, sexual abuse or just plain stupidity.


“These kids who are questioning the sexual urges are doing so because they are taught that it is normal, that families comprised of two fathers or mothers is acceptable, that they should explore their tendencies and that there are no repercussions.”

Not true. I know several families dealing with this. One is a very conservative family, big biker dad, religious Christians. Their 2nd son is 5 and loves barbies and brushing their hair and changing their dresses. This child knows Nothing of the gay agenda. Nothing!! The parents are ashamed but loving to their boy, and there is no way to change him from his ways. He will make a beautiful girl doll out of his imagination if he has no dolls, using twigs or whatever he finds. He would play with GI Joe the same way.

This happens the way autism happens. I am concerned that toxins in our environment messes with biology, in both conditions. I do not see moral failings in these parents or children, for autism or gender issues.

You guys aren’t as logical. You see one condition as a religious failing and the other as a biological condition. We have learned that there are mental illnesses, and we discard witchcraft as the cause. So why can’t we use the autism medical model for gender difference conditions too?


The gospel is the ultimate “weapon” against homosexuality and all sin.

In terms of how that’s carried out, it’s the old, normal, trench work of doing God’s will God’s way every day. Men need to be men, and women need to be women, and we need to raise our children in the Lord and vote faithfully and so forth.

The gospel must be preached and lived out.

No sudden cure ideas from this quarter. Only the tried and true. It is a spiritual problem.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Kim Jong-il is dead

In before the "unexpected"...
.....will 0bambi attend the funeral.....week of mourning etc....?


Who’s inheliting his polno correction?


One wonders if the idiot son killed the bastard....In any case,..one less blithering idiot to contend with.


So Kim Jong is no longer ill. How long before Obama gets up in front of the teleprompter and reads, “We got him!”


It will interesting to see what happens next, not too many worse leaders imaginable....okay excluding the big O.


Socialism and Obama experience a great loss.


A day of mourning for liberals.


I suspect he was assassinated. Conjecture. Power struggle. Flag at DPRK embassy in Beijing is not at half mast. No discussion of Kim Jong Un as successor. Fasten seatbelts. Most Presidents would cancel a Hawaiian vacation over something this serious. Going to monitor DPRK radio right now and hear there take. They took over two days to make it public. He will never see his 2012 when N Korea was to come of age.


"So when does Obama leave for the funeral?"

That’s why he didn’t go to Hawaii.
Had some personal business to attend to. Commie thing, you know.


"So when does Obama leave for the funeral?"

Send Michelle instead. She's already halfway there, with her own security detail. She'll love what his diet plan did for his countrymen. And seeing her will make it easy for those countrymen to stomach his replacement.


How many Marxist-Stalinist leaders we now have left in the world? Less see, Chavez, Fidel? Any more? Oops, yes, Obama.


In moments like this, you realize how archaic ideologically our own leadership is.
A moment to assert ourselves and our ideals, to promote change and goodness.
Forget it. Third generation read diaper baby in the White Hut.
Post-colonialist despising the West.
Chairman Bob Avakian would do better in that place.


The real nightmare is millions of refugees pouring over the border.


Rot in hell, you murderous tyrant.

And say hey to Teddy Kennedy when you see him.


I’m sure all the limousine communists like Sean Penn, Michael Moore, and Susan Sarandon are all in tears tonight.
One of their heros is taking a dirt nap.


Less than 400 days to the end of our national nightmare.


Obombo is of the third, if I’m not mistaken, generation of marxists who think, Yes, I know, there have been errors and warps (the Communists’ favorite word), but we have learnt, and we know how to correct them to achieve social justice for all.

Right now, I suspect that Chairman Bob Avakian, recently of the 4th generation of Communists, has learnt more than the Indonesian Kenyan.


Now, if Castro would die too, that would make this a perfect day!

I wonder if Dear Reader Baraq (pizz be upon him) will attend the funeral?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ron Paul: Bachmann Hates Muslims

From various articles. He added in the same interview that Santorum hates gays, but not all of the articles discuss that.

So I guess Bachmann would be my choice. I’m too old to forget what happened on 09-11-01 when even the “peaceful” Muzzies in this country danced and cheered.


Newt Gingrich also ¨hates Muslims,¨ as does every other candidate except Ron Paul and Bush´s heir, ¨Mr. Religion of Peace¨ Romney.


Paul actually thinks that being nice to Moslims will make them not want to hurt us.They are smiling to his face but laughing behind his back at such naivete and gullibility.


I don’t know about the candidates or you guys, but I don’t hate Muslims. I don’t trust ANY of them because of taqiyya, and because their “holy” scripture tells them to enslave (charge me jizya) or kill (Jihad) me if I decline to convert. I pray for their enlightenment and conversion to following Christ, and would help them if they wished; but I have no wish to torment or kill them just for NOT converting!

The only thing they understand is strength, which is now sorely lacking. Never trust them or turn your back on them. Don’t let any more in, and carefully watch those already here!

Same with queers, abortion supporters, progressives and other assorted undesirables. Pray for them, help them change if they are willing, but never trust them or turn your back on them.


"Always treat the muslim as if he is loaded. "

An excellent perspective!


Muslims only offically hate homosexuals. Many Muslim societies are larded with pederasts - A’stan, the entire Taliban, not sure about Saudi Arabia - it’s historical. One of the man reasons the Hindus loathed the Muslim invaders was the Muslims’ practice of sodomizing boys.


Ron Paul is a certifiable nut case. I'm sure Ron Paul likes Muslims. He doesn't think they are responsible for 9/11 and believes it was an inside job. Ron Paul likes Muslims, but he sure doesn't like Jews! The Weekly Standard ran an excellent article about his history of virulent anti-Semitism.
Ron Paul is a disgrace and a joke. He isn't fit to stand on the same stage as the other Republican candidates.


“She doesn’t like Muslims, she hates Muslims, she wants to go get them.”
He says that like it's a bad thing?


Ok, so Bachmann does not like muslims, those people who want to kill us but she loves our friends in Israel.
Ok, so Paul loves muslims, doesn't care if they have nukes and agrees with them that the US is responsible for every bad thing around and hates our only friends in the middle east Israel.

How does anyone with a brain support this lunatic?

Wait, I answered my own question.


She doesn’t hate all Muslims, just about the 95% who are evil. The other 5% who don’t actively wish us harm she tolerates....


Doesn't Paul know that koranimals everywhere hate Infidels?


That's the best thing i’ve heard about her!

Exterminate them before they do it to us as they have avowed to do!


Deport All muslims, they have no business here in the United States, except for duping idiots like Ron Paul.


Paul and his minions are dangerous. There is a good chance he will run as a third party candidate because he has NO CHANCE of becoming the Republican nominee. That will make him a spoiler like Perot. He will guarantee a second Obama term, and therefore the end of the United States as we know it.


I've thought from the outset that Paul is a dirty antiSemite. He'd like to see the Jews in Israel wiped out, not too much different from Jimmy Carter.
How's that for a comeback? It's pretty much unanswerable. Time to shoot this one at the Flake from Friendswood, TX.


I hate Islam, but not Muslims.

Islam is evil. It calls for its followers to hate Jews and Christians and some of them are acting on that. How can anyone not hate Islam?


"She hates Muslims. She hates them"
Don't we all? Where is the problem here?


I have many good friends who are Jewish. However, until 9/11, I could never really empathize entirely with the feeling of total revulsion they must have seeing people in Nazi uniforms. I certainly never has such feelings towards Russians, for example, even though their government wanted to destroy our system of life and replace it with communism. Then came 9/11 and the joyous celebration of this hideous, utterly wanton atrocity, by just about all the world's influential Mudslimes and all the dissembling and excuse making by every influential Mudslime group in this country. Now, when I see any of them in public wearing their traditional garb I fell the same, entirely rational, psycho-physical revulsion toward them my Jewish friends must feel towards individuals in Nazi uniforms. Strange thing, when you know somebody probably wants to murder you in the most horrible ways imaginable just because you're a loyal American, it tends to affect you a bit.


The problem here is that so much of society , especially here in America has been conditioned to be ‘’tolerant’’. This pc nonsense about ‘’all cultures being the same, wanting the same things ‘’etc. This is not only nonsense it's suicide. There IS true evil in the world. Intractable, implacable and intolerable evil and no amount of ‘’tolerance;;(which is really the virtue of believing in nothing) is going to change it. It is a rare thing when it rears it's head, true evil, but when it does it must be confronted. We are creations of a Divine Being who made us in HIS image and we have the right, the duty, to defend our lives as HE gave us life and not to bow down or allow ourselves to be slaughtered on the altar of some evil’s twisted value system in the name of ‘’tolerance’’. Nazism was one of those rare evils that was a threat to humanity and it was vanquished. Communism was another one. But they were recent phenomenons. Islam has been on this Earth for 1,4000 years and shows no signs of abating.God loves us. Allah wants us dead. And I'll be damned if I'll ever allow myself or my family or my nation to submit to that.


And there it is -- it's out of the bag and on the table -- It's not about Obama's or even Bush's "liberating, regime change or nation-building the fill-in-the-blank Muslim country of the week in the ME" or whatever screwing around with ourselves "ME strategies" we devise . It's really about hatred for Muslims --ostensibly because they hate us & proved that on 9/11.

The truth is that most of us hate Muslims and want to wipe them all out, whether we want to admit it or not. That's why it's so easy to take us to war over there with little or no pretext. It's also why few are screaming their heads off that Obama is taking this on himself without getting Congressional approval -- because "We the People" don't want to take responsibility for starting a Crusade --and neither does Congress.

No one has to tell me about Muslims and how they hate us, their history, etc. I know it. I'm descended from people who spent 500 years under the Ottoman Turks and were delivered back to these Islamists 15 years ago in the Balkans -- by the very NATO who is currently fighting them.

IMHO it has nothing to with justifications, it has to do with admitting it and realizing that it influences all our political opinions.

Ron Paul does have a way of calling "a duck, a duck", when everyone one else is dancing around "potentially evolved, flat-beaked, web-footed, feathered, reptiles." It's useful.


"Islam is a “religion” which deceives people."

No, Islam is a "fascist ideology" Masqurading as a religion in order to keep it's people submissive...Islam means submission.

From someone who was born into Islam, raised in an Islamic society, and now, as an ex-Muslim:

"The ultimate goal of Islam is to rule the world....democracy does not exist in any of the languages spoken by Muslims. “To understand a civilization,” “it is important to understand its vocabulary.... If it was not on their tongues it is likely that it was not on their minds either.”

Democracy implies equality. But equality is unacceptable in Islam. Un-believers cannot be equal to believers and women are not equal to men. Even the non-Muslims are not deemed to be equal.

“Islam is a religion of peace” is a preposterous slogan that is part of the strategy of the Islamic “Game of Deception”..... Islam does not mean peace, it does not preach peace, it has never been peaceful and it will never be..... Islam has advanced through aggressive militarism and regards Jihad and martyrdom as the most meritorious acts............... Islam is militant and imperialistic by its very nature.

Clearly Islamic system of government is fascistic:

• It is marked by centralization of authority under a supreme leader vested with divine clout.

• It has stringent socioeconomic control over all aspects of all its subjects ....(Important: irrespective of their faith).

• It suppresses its opposition through terror and censorship.

• It has a policy of belligerence towards non-believers.

• It practices religious apartheid...... It disdains reason....It is imperialistic.... It is oppressive.... It is dictatorial and It is controlling.

Islam, like fascism, appeals to people with low self esteem and low intelligence. Both these ideologies are irrational.... They disdain reason, and hail devotion and submission to a higher authority.... Like fascists, Muslims are triumphalists.... They seek power, domination and control..... They pride themselves in their strength of number, in their mindless heroism, in their disdain for life and in their willingness to kill and die for their cause.

Islam is political and political Islam is fascism".

This is not even close to homosexuality....which is a choice...one is not "born" homosexual....or born into it.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Writer and famous atheist Christopher Hitchens dies

The opinions on Hitchens over there are a mixed bag, mostly because he criticized the Obamas and Islam, so I'll add some of the kinder oncomments as well. Overall, there was some really negative stuff, but nothing like the Jack Layton crap from August.

Mother Theresa is up there begging for his forgiveness.
Hitchens was a good writer and his best was on Michelle Obama’s thesis. He called it “unreadable” or something like that. Check it out.


Lord, we all knew Chris was kidding about that atheism thing. May you look in his heart and give forgiveness.


Glorius, glorius surprise! As in shoveling coal in Hell?


I found him to be a bigoted, arrogant, ignorant, atheistic pompous ass.
I do not judge his eternal destination.

I pray that somehow, before he completed his last breath, he was graced with repentance and conversion to faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Well, he isn’t an atheist anymore...


His soul burns in hell as we all read this.

I feel for him because he hated God, and denied Christ.

So, he will be thrown into the pit of fire that is the final death.

No one, and I mean no one should miss his presence on earth. He is responsible for the final death of many souls. The man was EVIL!

His knee will however bow before God and confess Christ as Lord, then be eent to oblivion for his refusal during life here on earth to confess that Christ is Lord.


"Hitchens was an atheist. They don’t get into Heaven."

How do you know he didn’t repent? Maybe he accepted Christ before he died.



Those that trash the recently deceased(unless they were truly evil people) are below whale shit, IMO.

--- I guess this means that Layton was evil?


"His knee will however bow before God and confess Christ as Lord, then be eent to oblivion for his refusal during life here on earth to confess that Christ is Lord."

He may have asked for God's forgiveness on his deathbed. How can you be so presumptuous. I hope the guy is sitting at the right hand of the Father. How people can be so cruel to people is beyond me. I pray that he has a front row seat in Heaven. I refuse to be like those imbeciles who yelled “He is guilty” and caused Jesus to be hung from the cross. If you feel you are an expert as to who is going to Heaven and who doesn't, then perhaps YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!!!


Hitchens was confrontational, opinionated and he enjoyed upsetting traditional values and beliefs. He understood the dangerous nature of Islam and supported Bush in the WOT. Which is more then can be said for many lefties. In recent years Hitcehns shtick became tedious and boring. Still, RIP.


One of the finest writers that ever wrote.
Commie bastard.

We're sorry to see ya go.

The man had a talent worthy of respect and admiration.


I noticed the Unitarian Church in one town in Arkansas is having a winter soltice celebration and then doing crafts for their “Christmas Celebration”. It was in the State Paper today and I just shook my head in disbelief. Hitchins MIGHT have had a death time conversion. Who knows? I highly doubt it. And if you ever watched any of his debates on many University campuses he might have caused others to follow his lead. That will not go over well in heaven.


I avoided him like the plauge for the most part. Garbage in, garbage out.

I have seen clips of his debates and it made me very angry because he was knowingly and intentionally turning people from God. And he was good at it. In my mind that makes him evil.

Is it theoretically possible for him to have a deathbed conversion? Sure. Likely? Not a chance.

And frankly I am rather disgusted at all the people fawning over him.


Lord, he was as imperfect as all of us. Show him Your mercy and invite him into the Kingdom he so long denied to himself. R.I.P., Hitchens.


Believers go to Heaven. Nonbelievers go to Hell.

So, that makes me a prick?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time Person of the Year: The Protester

Summary: "No one could have known that when a Tunisian fruit vendor set himself on fire in a public square, it would incite protests that would topple dictators and start a global wave of dissent. In 2011, protesters didn’t just voice their complaints; they changed the world."

2008: Hope and Change
2011: Global Wave of Dissent


This is stupid. I'm sick of stupid things in this country.
The OWSers are disgusting freeloaders and that's what this idiot magazine honors? As brilliant as giving Biggie O a Nobel prize for thinking!


Time continues its long and steep slide into irrelevance. I must have missed them making Tea Partiers “People of the Year” for causing REAL change in the dynamics of American government in 2010.


SEIU-organized protests overthrew America-friendly dictators.

There, fixed it for the anti-American media machine.


Looking back to the 2010 page it was Mark Zuckerberg with runners up Julian Assange, Hamid Karzai and The Chilean Miners. Didn’t see a mention of The Tea Party on the page.


If only the Tea Party had raped and sexually abused people at their protests would they be respected like the OWS and arab springers.


Pick any gray head from a Tea Party rally and I will show you the real person of the year, maybe of the decade


I wonder did TIME realize that the seeds of the current protest movement started with start of the Tea Party movement in March 2009?


Scanned through the Time article. Only saw one reference to Tea Party Protesters that said they stopped after the 2010 Republican takeover of the House. I guess in Time’s opinion they aren’t really as “valid” as OWS.


When the Tea Party was building and changing the United States, we had Time Person of the Year 2009 Ben Bernake for creating an all-time world record deficit with his mismanagement, and Mark Zuckerberg for creating FaceBook. Today’s protesters are unsanitary parasites in the United States and terrorists or their sympathizers and enablers in the Arab world, and Time is celebrating that? Pathetic. I don’t see any reason to read Time. Ever.


The shriveled, old commies at Time are trying to pump life into the moribund neo-hippy movement.

Won’t work, you old commie cranks. Lenin is still dead, and nobody cares.

Long live Che!! Oops, he’s dead, too.

Well, there’s a few old Khmer Rouge mass murderers on trial that Time could worship and praise like it did in the 1970s. Long live Pol Pot!!!


The Year of the Protester?...What bullcrap!...Get a job!


Funny how the MSM never accorded the much larger, much deeper and much more mainstream Tea Party similar honors.

--- Yeah, the Tea Party was way more influential than those Egyptian protests...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Michelle Obama breaks jumping jacks record

Summary: "The first lady announced in an email Monday that her October bid to break the record for the most people doing jumping jacks in a 24-hour period succeeded. Mrs. Obama says 300,265 people participated, shattering the old record.

In order to achieve her goal, Mrs. Obama led about 400 elementary and middle-school students from Washington in jumping jacks on the South Lawn of the White House. Other jumping jacks events were held around the world on Oct. 11."

I’m willing to bet that her butt is still surging up and down!


"I detest her!”

She detests you too if you are a taxpaying American, especially a white one.


"I like these WH press photos. Finding the token white kid is like playing Where’s Waldo."

I've noticed there are always at least two black kids between her and the token white kid. She must command her staff to arrange it that way so she doesn't risk get any of those "white devil" germs.


How telling that she attempted a COLLECTIVE record rather than an INDIVIDUAL record.


Please tell me she didn’t have 300,265 blue t-shirts printed with our tax money.


There was a record for the biggest butt ever to complete a regulation jumping jack?

Who knew?


Reminds me of the time Chairman Mao broke some record by swimming across the Yang-tze.



Perfectly described our FLOTUS.

Michelle Obama completely relied on OTHERS to do the chore, then she’s the one who took credit.

Next .....

Janet Napolitano debuts Spanish-language terror warning-- "Si ve algo, diga algo."

Summary: "DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano announced the rollout of a new Spanish language campaign encouraging Hispanics to report suspicious threats to the United States Government.

"Si ve algo, diga algo," warns the new TV spot. (Spanish for "If you see something, say something.")"

So if you see someone crossing the border from Mexico...


How can we see anything. She and her very large can are standing in the way.


What’s allah akbar in Spanish just in case I hear it while witnessing a horrible crime?


Notice yet again that it's an angry white guy and angry white woman as the villains.
All these things are is taxpayer funded campaign advertisements designed to make minorities vote for hussein in 2012.


Reason number 646,325,623 why Obama must be defeated in the next election.


Please tell me how this silly androgynous bozette became (a) Governor of Arizona, and (b) a Cabinet Member.
Thanks to her, and her equally androgynous boss, I am anxiously awaiting my family's assigned space in Petahonkie National Park where the offspring and descendants of illegal aliens will be able to come, see, and perhaps even interact with Americans who look like Americans used to look before the Third World Tide overtook the land. (A Disney Theme Park)

Herman Cain drops out of race

This is from over a week ago, but it was specifically requested, so here goes.

I have someone over on Facebook (a liberal with a British husband) who says there isn’t anyone who can beat Obama now.

Barring a miracle of Almighty God (who I now think has abandoned us as we did to Him), I think she’s right.


When will blacks wake up to see that the media and democrats hate blacks!


It is a shame, he sounded more presidential in this
speech than I had heard before.
I thought when he brought his wife with him that
he was going to stand.

Now what do we have?

Sarah driven out.
Cain driven out.

Who’s next till they have the candidate they think
they can beat?


There are no more credible conservatives running. Rep. Bachmann is a back-bencher and Senator Santorum couldn’t get re-elected in his own state. Neither has any executive experience. Speaker Gingrich is deeply flawed with more baggage than a Samsonite sales convention and what can I say about Milt that hasn’t already been said? Jon Huntsman? Don’t make me laugh! And Wrong Paul is a conservative like I’m a supermodel.

We must draft, nominate and elect Sarah Palin president in the most crushing tidal wave of enthusiastic good judgment ever seen in the history of this nation. With that one bold move we will accomplish the dual goals of seeing America led by the greatest natural born leader in our generation, even as we witness the final implosion and last agonized shrieks of our endlessly lying extreme left loonies. Their entire movement, from the fabricated attacks on Bush beginning with ‘Blood For Oil’ to the crammed-down-our-gullets lies of Obamacare and the Shovel Ready Stimulus, have been nothing but one vile deceit heaped upon another. Such an absolute inability to deal in the truth or to face the facts of our situation and its solutions only proves that there is simply no place at the grown-ups’ table for these diseased sputa. Good riddance to rubes and bad rubbish. Time to usher in the American Renaissance, carried in on the invigoratingly freshening breeze of President Sarah Palin.


Well if [Obama's relection] happens I guess a little revolution every once in a while is a good thing because it may just happen.


"Michele's not a bad candidate, you know."

Bachman has a mental condition known as Megalomania (3 terms in the House and she thinks she's ready to be POTUS?), is a lawyer who worked for the IRS (no thanks), has a menagerie of foster kids that she cant possibly be paying the attention to that they deserve, and has a husband who lisps worse than Liberace (they keep him under wraps, he's no First Dude, more like the First Poof).
All she does is attack everyone except that degenerate con man Romney, hoping for a VP spot.

She is a nut job.


None have more skeletons than Barry Hussein Soetoro. NONE!


I am certain that the fascist libs were behind this lynching. Cain was their biggest nightmare without a doubt. They had to take him out before the primary ended. Now, they can deflect accusations that they did it by pointing fingers at the Republican contenders.


I think Newt can beat Obama, and even if he doesn’t, it will be fun watching Newt destroy him in a debate. On second thought, I bet Obama refuses to debate him.


Unfortunately we are a bunch of lily livered sissies who don’t deserve the country and freedom that we enjoy today. We might as well face the fact that we are doomed until we regain our will to fight back at any cost.

Unless we rid ourselves of the ruling class there will be no chance to turn this ship around. I don’t see anything like that on the horizon, do you?


I don't know about Mr. Cain, but Governor Palin was threatened with death on an almost daily basis, had her church burned down (with congregants inside), had a belligerent author move into the house next door to her, was libeled by other authors, received death threats and the like from celebrities, was accused of drug use, adultery, promiscuisnous, baby-swapping, incitement to murder and much more. Also, when she decided not to run the race was very different than it is today.


The Democrats and lamestream media know they have to keep the black vote at 97 per cent or they’ll lose power. Therefore, all conservative African-Americans have to be destroyed, whatever the cost.


No way Obama would debate Newt.
But if they could ask each other questions, Newt might just ask Obama to name the 57 states. The crowd would go wild!!!

But Newt doesn't have to be clever with Obama. It's like a History professor debating a kindergarten kid....the first week of school.


I have been on the Cain Train for months. I’ve been following his campaign closely.

I watched the announcement today and I’m calling B.S. on Mr. Cain.

I now think it’s most likely that there was some hanky-panky between Mr. Cain and Ginger White (and/or some other yet-unnamed woman).

A man who (1) believes our country is in dire straits, (2) thinks Obama is a disaster, (3) is courageous and has a servant’s heart, and (4) is 100% innocent of the charges leveled at him, such a man would not give the speech that Herman Cain gave today.

The speech was not about our beloved nation and this perilous moment in its history; the speech was about Herman Cain.

I’m deeply disappointed in Mr. Cain. Yes, the left and the MSM are evil scum, but Mr. Cain had a rare opportunity to be an American hero and he failed to deliver. I’m through with Mr. Cain.

I don’t wish him ill. I just no longer care what he says or does. He is no leader.

71% of Americans celebrate Christmas as a holy day

Summary: "A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 88% of American Adults say they celebrate Christmas, and 81% of this group celebrate it as a religious holiday. Just 16% of those celebrants regard it as a secular holiday."

Ohhh, this will not make the demon-infected left happy.


I don’t know about the math in this, but overall this is great news. I don’t even mind the 16 percent who celebrate it as a secular holiday because as long as Christmas survives I will be happy. I do feel sorry for kids who attend public schools though....no fun. My kids go to Catholic School and they still have a full Christmas pageant with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus....not to mention tons of fatty cookies and cakes to eat after. It is just delightful to see that schools still do this type of thing. Unfortunately for public school kids that is not reality.


“Peace on earth, good will toward all men”... trumps religion.. and politics..

Makes a laughing stock of Marxism and dialectical materialism..

URP has ejected God like a DVD player..
America HAS NOT...


The world stops on December 25 each year to celebrate the fact that Jesus the Savior was born as a man in the humblest of circumstances.

The thread does not say anything about the actual date of birth.

The day is holy because it is a day to remember that God chose to enter the worlds as a tiny child so that He could make John 3:16 a reality.

If you don’t think that the birth of Christ was holy and the celebration of it is holy then “seasons greetings” to you.

Newt Gingrich's 'mind boggling' tax plan [A $1.3 trillion tax cut and this is a bad thing?]

Hey guys, I apologize for last week, I had a temporary situation that caused me to have very limited internet access. Hoping to make up for it this week by going double time!

Article from CNN Money

And it would produce a highly competitive booming capitalist free-economy a la the Reagan economy.


"According a new analysis, Gingrich's tax plan would reduce government revenue by a staggering $1.3 trillion -- or 35% -- in 2015"

Revenues have already dropped considerably under Obama. This stat is meaningless.

"Gingrich wants to add to the current tax code by putting an optional 15% flat tax on income in place, with a $12,000 per-person deduction. And Gingrich would like to eliminate the estate and capital gains taxes."

I can definitely get on board with that. But it should be for everyone. And such a plan will result in and INCREASE in revenues - not a decrease as the article implies.


You see, Newt was there for the Reagan years and there is no better man to reflect that same intelligent agenda. Not even most Democrats can argue with that approach.

(Which is why Reagan won 2 terms.)


It’s starting to sink in that Gingrich is for real and he won’t give the baton to anybody else....the media has little time to attempt to zap Gingrich like they did Palin and Cain.

We will see some desperate dirty stuff in the media in the few short weeks leading up to Iowa.

They are sh***ing themselves with the possibility that a NewT Gingrich could be President.

lol, relishing this...lol


Newt, along with Kasich were the primary reasons that Clinton, dragged in screaming, balanced the budget.

So, he has experience with budgets.

But, Newt is probably not dumb enough to do as you say and put out a ton of spending cuts, before the elections upcoming.

He is too smart to specify cuts right now. You win the election first with tax cuts and then you outline the austerity measures when you are in the WH.


Is Newt running for school board? Why is he opining on state and local issues. I think kids should clean too, but not get paid for it.

He needs to tell us which parts of ObamaCare he wants to keep. We know he likes the individual mandate.

He also should explain which parts of conservatism he is willing to throw under the bus for compromise. He is the GOP leader who compromised MOST with the Democrats while he was Speaker. I suspect he’ll compromise on just about everything. We know he’s for amnesty.

I just can’t wait until his new book on fighting global warming comes out, AFTER the election. lol.

I think a lot of conservatives are getting scammed right now by this flim flam artist.


“Reagan raised our taxes after cutting them.”

That is a lie in both context and omission, either that or it is born of ignorance.

If you don’t understand that Reagan proposed to cut income taxes by 30%, and got 25% even with a Dem Congress, than you don’t know your political or conservative history.

The only people I see that spout this nonsense, are the same liberals that called Reagan heartless for cutting taxes on all income tax levels.

They point to 9 that were forced on him by Congress to get his tax cuts passed...and most were simple loopholes in business taxes.

Do you think Business wants a Reagan or an Obama or Romney. Romney’s tax cuts are miniscule compared to both Reagan’s and Gingrich’s.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Obama FDA Considers Putting Morning-After Pill on Supermarket Shelves

Summary: The Washington Post reports that, under President Obama and his Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, the Food and Drug Administration is considering letting “anyone of any age buy the controversial morning-after pill Plan B directly off drugstore and supermarket shelves without a prescription.

*Note: I'm aware that the morning after pill is not an abortion, but since the Freepers discuss it heavily in the comments, I used the abortion tag anyway.

What would the manufacturers think? Bad outcome = huge lawsuit. So, therefore, we won’t be making this product.


Of course, mothers wishing to abort an inconvenient child will die...but who cares..right??


will fill the shelves previously occupied
by vitamins (soon to be illegal,
except for Moslems and Congress).


"My 17 year old son has a driver’s license. He cannot even buy dry gas in the auto-parts store because ‘he might abuse it’"

Modern automotive paints are highly restricted (by age). Bet that never stopped “ol’ Huffer ‘bama” eh!


I got question would Obama admisation force pharamcy carry even they think it not good idea


It is my opinion that the teachings of the vast majority of Christian perspective favor a goal for mankind above the instincts of other life forms such as dogs, pigs, rabbits, muslims, etc.

With Leftists in the leadership positions in our government it’s like shoveling against the tide.


Asthma medication has been stopped and the newer ones are being taken off the market but hey a girl aged 13 now can have sex and not worry about her parents from finding out that she can kill a kid.



But they aren't nuts. They have an agenda. And they are carrying it out. They have to destroy the Republic before they can usher in socialism.


girlfriend tells boyfriend she's knocked up, boyfriend makes girlfriend a drink after going to the drugstore...


I imagine that sometime in the not too distant future our descendants will look back at the totality of the late 20th, and most of the 21st century and say to us, “Why did you do this?” And with that simple question we will be damned in history for all time as the people who allowed, either actively or with indifference, the wholesale slaughter of our own people.

It seems strange, but as a Gen X’er I sometimes can almost feel the loss of so many of my generation. It’s intuitive, not empirical. Nevertheless it is incumbent upon all of us to do what we can to stop this insanity. I do have hope though we seem to be winning over the Big Lie that has been promulgated through the decades.

OTC Plan B is just the latest in the frenzied attempts by the death cultists to spread their poison as far and as wide as they can. This desperate attempt is merely a sign of the death throes of their evil.


Bottom line: DIM/LIBs want to kill all children. After all, they are so inconvenient and they pollute. Death to children!!!!!!

Santorum: I Can‘t See Why Trump ’Would Be Any Worse’ of a Moderator than the Mainstream Media

Summary: When asked how he felt about a Trump-hosted debate, Santorum explained that, given the recent string of left-leaning journalists who have served as moderators — some of which he has “not felt comfortable” with — Trump could not be any worse.

“Brian Williams, I wasn’t comfortable with,” started Santorum, adding, “and I had every right not to be, given the questions he asked.”

Trump may actually be better. The MSM does not take kindly to encroachment upon their annointed territory.

Wish we could have debates without their sorry #$@%$es.


No kidding! Trump has to be better than 98% of the liberal hacks at those MSM debates. Why have any liberals involved in the Republican primary process? The Republican primary is for the Republican party not the nation as a whole.


You better believe that the GOP establishment circled the wagons when Trump called out Rove for the waste of space he is. They probably told Mittens to boycott for that slight to their golden boy.

--- Mittens is Mitt Romney, fyi


If the GOP candidates have any FREAKING BRAINS, why would they demean/hurt themselves by attending some shitty %$#@@ LEFTY shows? like MSNBC and the lesbian there? WHY??????????????

When I am sure there plenty of other more respectable conservative organizations who would be willing to hold them?

WE DON'T NEED THE FU**** LEFT, holding Republican debates!


‘How much worse could Trump be?’

At least Trump doesn’t want Obama to win again.

I don’t even care for Trump, but I care even less for the Obama media robots.

Trump said, one of the things he will focus on is Red China, and he said it’s not covered, and they are taking our jobs, manipulating our currency, and China’s a huge reason why we are down.

It’s a good thing Trump is bringing this to the table.


Huckabee’s forum was actually a very good example of how to do it. Conservative questioners. Conservative moderator. (eh, more or less. It was Huckabee.)


He’s absolutely right about that. The Candidates showing up at the debates emceed by the likes of Wolf Blitzed and Brian Williams but NOT showing up for a debate moderated by “the Donald” is ridiculous. And to top it off, if they publicly humiliate him by not showing up, he’s VERY liable to run as an independent, which will screw over the Republicans big time, as far as the White House goes.


“How much worse could Trump be?”

I’d bet that the candidates who have declined a Trump moderated debate are more afraid of his not playing the game than than that they have suddenly developed some kind of high standard in politics.

--- Yes, as always, if someone says something is ridiculous, it's just because they're terrified.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The birthers press on

Summary: "In a belated response to the birther movement, earlier this year the White House released Barack Obama's "long form" birth certificate. Everyone believed it would finally silence the birthers; and it did -- for a while. But since then, various independent researchers, as well as experts in graphics, computer software, and scanning equipment, have examined the document and now allege that it shows signs of tampering."

NOTE: This article is from November 23, 2011. So yes, this is recent.

actually, within 2 days of it being released, graphics experts had already posted comments on the forgery

then 2 days later... 0failure announced the killing of bin laden

punting the forgery from the headlines


"experts [...] have examined the document and now allege that it shows signs of tampering."

Yeah, kinda like the The Pope shows "signs of" being Catholic


The potential for intentionally fueling the conspiracy theories has crossed my mind.


Ya think that if Obama had any integrity, once he heard about this he’d have the FBI itself vet the document.


nobama’s arrogance and narcissism are unbounded. The release of his POS “long form” BC was just a poke in the brithers eye. He’s daring somebody to successfully try and make something out of it. Knowing that will never happen.


"earlier this year the White House released Barack Obama’s “long form” birth certificate."

Except they didn’t release anything of the kind. If they had, the whole issue would have been resolved. Instead they released something completely different, and then SAID it was what it wasn’t, the long form.

All the useful idiots then fell all over themselves to declare it “as good as,” Even though “as good as” would never fly for anyone anywhere. It is so hard to take any article/journalist/person seriously after they start maintaining that. If they cannot even get that part of the story down how in the world do they expect anyone to read the rest of their tripe masquerading as journalism.


It smells like Trump was used to “force” the release of “BC”.
If he is satisfied with what was produced, he is either a fool or playing the Obama’s game.
Can we see BC that Kenyan should have in his possession, that mama gave him, nice old, original wrinkled one???????


Obummer sure wasn’t shy at one point about claiming to be a non-American alien, though it would take more than that sort of fraud to jettison a citizenship if it existed.

Forget about whether he got one fraudulent SSN. How about a couple dozen? Not even the average Moose visitor needs but one. If he had some kind of strange grooming early in his life, were they thinking about having all kinds of clones of Barack Obama in “existence”? Yet as far as we know, none of these separately SSN’d identities has no history, at least history left to us.

--- BARACK OBAMA'S CLONE ARMY 2016. Something to look forward to.



"This isn’t about Obama; it’s about our stupid, corrupt, criminal government that sees crimes in progress and yawns at best - and more often joins in to commit crimes on behalf of the guilty and persecute the innocent."

Indeed! It is about the corruption. It is like a well marbled steak. It is embedded throughout the system. The two areas that have disappointed the most are:

1) Our very highest military. How they treated lower level officers was disgraceful. These highest level officers are either stupid or evil. Surely they **know** that Obama has problems with his very identity and citizenship status. Yet...Where is the evidence that they peacefully and lawfully asked for clarification from the courts or congress? When did ignoring forgery and identity theft become part of the military code of honor? Is this how they defend the Constitution and watch the backs of the brave and honorable men and women serving under them? Why do they salute a man, a likely usurper, who issues insane Rules of Engagement and supports factions dedicated to killing our soldiers and American citizens?

3) Our conservative yappers ( that means El Rusbo and the rest). WHAT WEENIES! I will never trust them again. Silly me! I believed them when they said they loved our nation and the Constitution. If and when hard core tyranny comes to our nation, these yappers will sell their talents to the fascist oligarchy. They will lick the boots crushing our necks.


(to someone who has written a lot on the certificate) "What is your take on zero killing his granny with mercury?"

I hadn’t heard that theory. At this point I don’t put anything past Obama or his thugs. She got deathly ill with “cancer” awfully quick after being just fine and getting a hip replacement... And they got rid of her body awfully quick too...

My dad had a stroke 2 years ago. We thought we were gonna lose him. It was a four-hour drive from our house to the hospital where he was taken, and within about 7 hours of receiving the call that he was in bad shape I, my husband, and our 4 kids were all at that hospital, and we spent almost every waking moment for the next 3 days (until we had to go back home) in that hospital. My husband is a pastor and he sees the same thing all the time, regardless of whether the person’s demise was sudden or gradual coming on. Obama was the only one who went and he spent hardly any time with his grandma. Combined with all the other suspicious things surrounding her death, the whole thing is questionable.

Maybe we’re all just super-critical and conspiratorial, but it wouldn’t take much for the details of the illness and death to be verified. Non-certified copies of death certificates are required to be disclosed upon request just like non-certified COLB’s are required to be disclosed when anybody requests it, but just like everything else, Hawaii and Obama both refuse to obey the laws.

So - like with everything Obama - things smell real fishy but nobody will allow any fact-checking so we can find out what is true.



There is a Candaian newspaper that made a serch of reports describing Stanley Ann Dunham

She had a tendency to tilt her head to the side as she spoke or stood there

Also, she wore her hair short, not long

the picture of her holding Obama as a toddler shows photoshopped color to the length of her hair and also the corners of her mouth

Who is the woman in the center of this video?


Bottom line there are stills of zero creeping around behind the house after allegedly injecting [his grandmother] with what is believed to be Mercury after having done it before as well to create a buildup.
Also there was a grave that was set aside for her to be buried next to her husband but zero had her cremated only hours after her death which was unbelievably “sudden.”Can you say osammaaaaauuuhhh!!
It's interesting to say the least.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Norway massacre: Breivik declared insane

Short but terrifying post.

He probably does belong in an asylum . . . along with all the Muslim-importing politicians


"arguing that that the attacks were atrocious but necessary for his campaign to defend Europe against a Muslim invasion."

Enthusiastic, yes; insane, no. /sarc


Breivik is insane? I disagree. The Norwegians who keep supporting more Muslim immigration despite the disgusting increase in Muslim-on-Norwegian rapes and violent crimes...those are the people who are insane.

As to Breivik, his decimation of the next generation of Norway’s leftist elites is, pragmatically speaking, an act of strategic brilliance.


Norway is the most wealthy and open country in the word —last year EVERY single rape in Oslo was perpetrated by Muslims who hate Norway, or at least behave as if they do.

Evil? Sure, what he did was evil.

Nuts? No:

Norway is very ambitiously committing suicide by importing ever greater numbers of these people who with breath-taking clarity are destroying his country.

He gave up specifically BECAUSE he wanted a trial in order to nationally showcase his motives for this horrible crime.

My guess is that the legal system has guessed his strategy.

Shutting him away in Norway’s Prison-version of Club Med is their way of preserving their slow-motion multicultural process of national suicide.


He massacred a communist preparatory camp for children of the political elite.
I think he knew exactly what he was doing.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Newt Gingrich may face backlash in Iowa over immigration comments

Summary: Gingrich supports an amnesty and conservatives are clutching the pearls and halting their support of him.

AMEN! Stick a fork in him, he’s done. Whether we like it not, Cain, flawed as he is, he is the ONLY conservative alternative to Mittens. I like Santorum and would also support Bachmann but they are not going anywhere in 2012.


Gingrich IS a liberal. Some call him a moderate. The more conservatives learn about where he stands, the less they will like him. He has a lot of baggage and he is politically radioactive with his amnesty comments. He will never beat Obama.


"Whether we like it not, Cain, flawed as he is, he is the ONLY conservative alternative to Mittens. "

I like it just fine. What I don't like are the pro-ILLEGAL alien candidates...and we know who they are.


I'm starting to get a little pissed.
Jump in Sarah. You're the only sane person on the planet who can do it.


Imagine someone who robbed a bank, perhaps several banks, perhaps several times; then that someone helped several family members rob some banks; and they got away with robbing banks for several years, then decades ...
Since this lucky fellow, and all his lucky family, and all their lucky friends, and their families, got away with robbing banks for so long, ...

Now all these lucky bank robbers get free bank accounts, loaded with free money; they get to be honored members of the boards of the banks they robbed, with full voting rights on the disposition of the remaining wealth of the bank customers they previously robbed into oblivion.

Whatta country!!!


Fly them home and bill the home country for the full cost of repatriating them.


The pro-ILLEGAL alien crowd likes to talk about the kids of ILLEGAL aliens (who are ILLEGAL aliens also) that were brought here by their parents. Why disrupt their lives when the parents are to blame? Consider this...
If an ILLEGAL alien stole your car and gave it to his son who was also ILLEGAL, should the ILLEGAL son be able to keep your car? After all, he didn't steal it, his father did.

There are millions of out of work American citizens who are out of work because their jobs have been taken by ILLEGAL aliens. I have compassion for those Americnas, not the ILLEGALs who have their jobs.


For the last ten years, new immigrant citizens have voted 80% for the Democratic Party.
That is the essential issue.

Would the Hard Left support Amnesty and Open Borders if new citizens voted 80% for Conservatives?

Of course not.

Current immigration policy is political suicide for the GOP.


"What Reagan did" was DEAD WRONG, as was his turning tail and running from Lebanon after our Marines were slaughtered. Reagan is not a god. He screwed up big time, and created a demographic disaster. Had Reagan thought it through logically, he would have anticipated that MILLIONS more than predicted would bum rush the border to get amnesty. He would have realized how many of them would have babies, push schools and hospitals to the breaking point, create Spanish-only towns throughout CA and TX, leave hundreds of thousands on welfare, WIC, food stamps, Medicare, etc. None of that mattered. We were "a nation of immigrants". Illegals "shared our values". Etc. And anyone who disagreed was simply racist. So we got amnesty, and a demographic disaster ensued. Gingrich was all for it. And made it even worse as Speaker in the 1990s. And now he wants even MORE amnesty, as did McCain. No thanks. I will never support another such candidate.


I should have trusted my instinct, the global warming, ethanol, sitting on the sofa with Pelosi,, teaming up with Hilary, supporting Scozzafava is the real Newt.

He’s an extremely good debater, and very well read about the history of our nation. Making it more unforgivable for him to support 20 million illegals over us.


We need to remember why Gingrich was knocked out of the Speaker’s chair in the late 1990s to begin with. Conservative House members got fed up with him constantly caving to Clinton and allowing Clinton to hike federal spending as a percentage of GNP to what was then a post World War II high. Gingrich wasn’t knocked off for being too conservative, but for being too conciliatory.


"Republicans are headed to losing an unlosable election"

Spot on. We’ve managed to shoot our own wounded. The only ones left who have not been destroyed by the media and all of us narrow-minded Conservatives (and I’m just as bad as everyone else) is Romney, Huntsman and Santorum; two RINOs and one Conservative (with the charisma of a footstool) who got booted out of the Senate by the people of PA by about 19 percentage points. I see four more years of Obama coming. I hope he friggin’ destroys the Economy to the point that we deserve what we get. That’s the only thing that’s going to “send a message”; not, forming a Third Party or sitting out the Election. I guess we’re going to have to be brought to our knees in order to get our s**t together. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL MAMA!


Illegal Immigration, Amnesty, Instate Tuition, letting Illegal aliens who commit crimes to get away scot-free are Not family values, or a American value.
The agenda behind all of this is to reduce the federal government into bankruptcy, and undermine our national sovereignty.... and anyone who favors this is NOT a conservative, they are working for the enemy.


“You would vote for the abortion flip-flopper?”

If the choices were Obama and Romney, I would certainly vote for Romney. Are you saying you would refuse to vote and thereby subject America to four more years of Obama just so you could preen in front of the mirror bragging to yourself abour how you never voted for the “abortion flip-flopper?”

"I will never vote for an abortion candidate. Ever. I have to answer for my actions someday, and that won’t be one of them."


I have a cousin who was murdered by an illegal alien, but hey, so long as we have an immigration policy that suits your particular religious bent, that’s just fine isn’t it?


I have advocated - and I’m completely serious - allowing border guards to shoot-to-kill anyone crossing the border. It’s a violation of our sovereignty.

I also favor a fence. I’d even go for Cain’s electified fence. I support strict sanctions on employers also.

But the country is NOT going to deport otherwise law-abiding people who’ve been here for a long time and have families. Even if WE think it’s the right thing to do - guess what, we’re in the minority.

Newt’s plan of a case-by-case evaulation with NO citizenship at the end of the rainbow makes as much sense as anything I’ve head that’s likely to ever happen.

What many here don’t seem to realize that the important goal is to make sure illegals never get citizenship. So long as that’s part of the package, who really cares about anything else?

And believe me, it will be a VERY hard fight with those who think they should get full citizenship. Remember McStain was for just that....pay a fine, become a citizen. Newt’s plan does NOT - I repeat, does NOT - grant citizenship. He’s playing chess while the wild-eyed purists are playing an emotional game of checkers. He knows demographics are hurling us toward true amnesty if we can’t somehow stop it. Work permits with the understanding there will be no citizenship is the way to do it.

I know, I know, deport them all.


Pakistan Demands US Vacate Suspected Drone Base

Article from Yahoo

Summary: "The Pakistani government has demanded the U.S. vacate an air base within 15 days that the CIA is suspected of using for unmanned drones.

The government issued the demand Saturday after NATO helicopters and jet fighters allegedly attacked two Pakistan army posts along the Afghan border, killing 24 Pakistani soldiers."

We can't very well nuke their sorry @sses back to the stone age.
They're already there.

Worth a shot all the same.


A sensible leader with a brain would determine that Pakistan is an enemy of America and whatever allies we’re left with. Pull the plug on ALL foreign aid and get our forces back here to defend this nation.

Monroe Doctrine!


I would say align with India, but seeing how this administration does business, I wouldn’t trust this administration.


We should have ended the punitive expedition phase with the Taliban deposed and OBL lost around Tora Bora and probably moved to Iran or Pakistan. Said “screw up again, and we’ll be back to screw you up worse”, and gotten out, having never started the meals on wheels nation building nonsense we’ve mostly been doing since. That stuff doesn’t work with savages.


Is it possible to see formal alliance between Iran, Pakistan and the Taliban?
Can their common political and strategic interests over ride their religious animosity?



People lambasted Herman Cain when Scott Pelley asked him “is Pakistan our friend or foe”, and Cain answered “we don’t know...I would judge them on their actions and decide. Every nation must be held accountable”. He was called “dangerously naive”, and “reckless”. But he got it right. It was Bush who was dangerously naive in trusting Musharraf as an “ally”, which he NEVER was. We could have seized their nukes on 9/12/2001 and no one in the would would have made a peep about it. Pakistian is NOT our ally.


Remember, Zero’s college buddies were Pakistani and he went there to visit with them when it was illegal for US citizens to go to Pakistan! Wonder where those buddies are now ?....

Most likely lawyers in Washington DC!


If only the Dear Reader could finish a golf round in under six hours, he’d have more time to devote to foreign affairs.


Osama was living right next door to their military academy. THEY KNEW HE WAS THERE! We should have bombed the entire academy flat.


We should not have been buying them off to begin with. Either they are with the Taliban or against the Taliban. They are with the Taliban and have made that clear.


They wouldn’t be raising such a stink if Zero had any balls. “Relations at the lowest point in history” Zipperhead’s behavior is condemning the ME to perpetual Sharia hell.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Special Edition: Fox News comments

I decided to start adding comments from other dark and murky corners of the internet occasionally, and where better to start than with our favorite Definitely Not Biased network, Fox News.

Please keep in mind that Fox reaches a wider range of people and that it also has a different system of modding, which means there's more likely to be some trolls. However, my recent Thanksgiving dinner with my conservative family assures me that the majority of these people at the very least represent a sincere point of view.

Article: Obama Takes Daughters to Bookstore for 'Small Business Saturday' Link to article.

I will not make any major new purchases till Obama is out of office .


He purchased: Marxism for Morons, 20 Years of Unheard Sermons by Jeremiah Wright, The Positive Accomplishments of Barack H. Obama - 400 pages all blank.


I'll bet he paid for the stuff with our money


I guess we are all wrong. Forget about all the thousands of regulations his administration has put into effect, forget about trying to shut down Boeing and the raids on Gibson guitars, forget about the ballooning costs of Obamacare, forget about confiscating capitol (needed to hire and expand) to supply his never ending need to spend, Obama really supports business...see, he bought a couple of books.


This was not purchased with his own personal money. It will appear somewhere on his next expense report.


I am surprised his two w h o r e offspring can read. The first w h o r e must have been turning some tricks.


On the cover of USA Weekend, there's a Norman Rockwell type illustration of the Obamas at the Thanksgiving table with Sasquatch dressed up like Betty Crockett, apron and all, serving her turkey. Not a butler to be seen.



1. You MUST buy health insurance.

2. You may not create a new location for your business w/o govt approval (Boeing).

3. You must eat only food authorized.

4. You may not use the name Barack Obama in vain (ie AttackWatch).

5. The name God shall not be uttered in public events, unless CLEARLY referring to Barack Obama.

6. You must support the homosexual agenda.

7. You must hand your kids over to the Government of pedophiles.

8. You may not speak/write anything against the gov't.

9. You may not possess or distribute the American flag at public events

10. You may not assemble in groups more than 2 people.


One Nation under Sodomy

I pledge Allegiance to

the flag of the United States

of Sodomites to the degenerates

for which it stands one Nation

Under Sodomy with Liberty

and Justice Only for Sodomites.


The only thing this guy supports is "NO JOBS AMERICA." He doesn't have a clue about any business. The best this Odummy could do for America is stay home.


I bet Planet of the Apes just got purchased........


"That particular store must have a large ebonics section...."

don't think so, since the President graduated from Harvard and is well read enough to have been a US Senator, and currently the President of the United States of America, i think his english is pretty well above average.

But I see the connection you were trying to make, its kinda pathetic.

"This fool got a free ride off the goverment and people with money..

(2 people like this)"


If he wants his lil' chittlins to understand how business works, he should take them to the Boeing plant in South Carolina and explain how his NLRB is keeping thopusands of people out of work.

What a total moron!!!

(7 people like this)


If he really wants to support small business why all the anti-bussiness rhetoric for the last two years the demagoguery, the class warfare....please.
Want help reduce the size of the federal government, get rid of oppressive regulations and taxes.
Fat chance he really wants to help.
Progressivism = Totalitarianism
The "ONE" is DONE
The "O" has got to GO


"Descent into Chaos: The U.S. and the Disaster in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia." Good read for you Obama since your the one who caused the chaos.


What a crock. If I take my two daughters monique and unique and shop at Sears will that count?

(9 people like this)


I must wonder- will the girls resent their daddy for giving them an adulthood where race relations in the USA have reverted to 1866?


It seems he's still in sympathy with the Occupiers. Is Decent into Chaos his biography?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Michelle Obama booed at Ford 400

Summary: Michelle Obama and Jill Biden were booed while attending a Nascar event in support of military families.

She hated them first.


Invited my a**.


Why were they sent there?

To get material for a “two-minutes of hate” (Orwell, ‘1984’) against white rednecks. Which the media is broadcasting.

Obama has secured turnout of the racist Black vote. It’s interesting that he felt he needed to do so.

Oh, never mind that the booing is the response to Obama’s utter failure- that’s not the media’s storyline so it isn’t so...


Minnie the Moocher and her ‘beard’ husband are so out of touch with reality, they think the commoners can’t see blatant pandering.

Honoring country music and Nascar? How desperate can they be?


"We are better than booing the First Lady and Second Lady. By booing, all we are doing is diminishing our own nation.

Just sit on your hands."

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.


Surprisingly, more of the NASCAR crowd didn’t boo the bitch for using them for political gain. Moochelle hates these people and they should see that very clearly.


It was absolutely great that the commie moochelle and joey bite me’s wife got booed. The people spoke and the truth hurts.


I hope that this is the start of NASCAR turning its back on the political correctness and environmental whacko direction it’s taken recently. NASCAR is perhaps the most all-American of sports which is why it’s so popular with Conservatives.


"Many citizens have nothing but disdain for this woman and her husband!"

Well said. I'll just alter your statement as follows:

All patriots have nothing but disdain for this woman and her Marxist, wannabe dictator, American-hating husband!


I see she has a small white nose these days and her skin is lighter. Mine as well get the tax payers to pay for all this.


Marie Moochelle Antoinette Obama's handlers weren't too swift in lining her up for a vote-begging performance at a NASCAR race on behalf of her worser half. They know her pansy husband is not popular at all with the real men of racing and their lusty patriotic fans.

As the campaign trail wends its way toward Barack's armageddon, Michelle will find that the only place she won't be booed is on the campus of an institution of higher leftist learning, or in a kindergarten room with little black kids who can't wait for her aide to pass out the sugarless Gummy Bears.


"I stand behind no one in my opposition to Obama's presidency and the damage he has done and continues to do to the interests of the US. That said, I think booing any First Lady who appears at a public event for ceremonial reasons without making political statements is just bad manners. It's also counter-productive - rudeness like this just makes opponents of Obama look ill-mannered and unreasonably hostile."

Standing there and having a look of contempt on her face during the playing of the National anthem IS MAKING AN UNWELCOME POLITICAL STATEMENT.


I’m glad they booed them, well done NASCAR fans. What genius decided to allow her fat a$$ to be there? It’s just another way of the Marxists intruding into places where they are CERTAIN that they are NOT wanted, showing they can do what they want, when they want even if they aren’t wanted there. That way they can say NASCAR fans are racists. It never crossed their minds that it has nothing do to do with race, and everything to do with love of country and dislike of Kenyan Marxists perpetual vacationers in the Wite House ... unless your name is Mr. Burgis from Greenville, Mississippi. If you’re wondering what that means just search You Tube for Mr. Bergis Nascar.( warning if strong language offends you don’t watch the video). Mr. Bergis is a very angry guy that a radio station prank called several times over a couple of years.


She has her chin done too. She had major plastic surgery done in August of this year. Remember when she was MIA for a few weeks.... major work done on her face, jaw wired so she lost about 20 pounds because all she could eat was fluids, no chewing.


Nothing will convince me Obama loves America.

Frankly, that is what will motivate me to vote for ANY Republican over him. As bad as “ROMNEY/PERRY/GINGRICH/CAIN/WHOEVER” might be, I believe ALL of the Republican nominees (even my least favorite Huntsman) *love* America. I think even this separates Jimmy Carter from Hussein.

Carter was, until Hussein, the worst President of my lifetime. His ideology was bad, but I believe he wanted America to grow stronger and be a better place as most people define it...but Hussein, I believe, hates America and is eager to see it fall behind.


"They did remove bone when she had her chin done to try to make her mouth seem less.... how do it put this so as to not appear like a raging racist, even though many white people have the same short of mouth....... hmmmmmmm.... well, so it wouldn’t seem so... curious georgie. Has nothing to do with race. Plastic surgeons do the same fix on other races. Let’s just call it a horse mouth, even though that really doesn’t describe it accurately."

I agree with you 100%. But, you know how things get twisted and portrayed. If you compare someone to an animal because of their looks and that animal is a wolf, or a fox or an armadillo, there is no problem but this comparison opens the door for criticism that isn’t needed. I don’t believe it. I don’t like PC and I don’t like liberals getting a pass. But, it is what it is.


"I didn’t like it when the other side disrepected and acted in a trashy manner to President Bush either."

There is no equivalency whatsoever. President Bush loved America and did his very best (along with Vice President Cheney as well as the beautiful Laura Bush) to advance our country's interests. And he did so with class and dignity.

Obama, Biden and the rest of the criminal bunch hate America and are working day and night to destroy our country. A mere booing of Obama's wife by patriotic NASCAR fans is very tame behavior indeed.


"I don't want to give the impression that I think President Obama is an effective or very competent president. My big thing is we can't judge what runs the guy's motivation. But we don't have to know his mind to see that his policies are faulty and damaging."

Your post is interesting and very telling. 1.PRESIDENT Obama? he maybe yours, he is NOT mine. 2. You don’t think he is a very competent president? As in not a lot but somewhat? How bout he’s a Marxist incompetent jerk and is totally INCOMPETENT! 3. If you don’t know his motivation I suggest you do some research. You can actually find a great deal of it here on FR or try the Obamafiles.
Nice profile page [[referencing the user's quotes from Abraham Lincoln]]... your hero?

"I make an effort to call him President Obama because I remember how I hated the disrespectful way liberals spit out BUSH, NIXON and REAGAN. Calling him president forces me to respect the office and the wishes of our Founders who wanted our political life to be characterized with a little more dignity than that found in the crowd of a pro rasslin match.
Sure I admire Lincoln. He and George Washington were our greatest presidents. And he saved my ancestors from the political tyranny of the despot Jefferson Davis. Why don't you like Lincoln?"

I don’t like Tyrants or terrorists. I think you have it backwards, Davis wasn’t the tyrant, Lincoln was. Speaking of our Founders, I seriously doubt they would expect us to respect the office if they were alive and saw what we elected. A Marxist, Muslim, homo, cocaine using,...... I could go on forever.. you get the picture. So what you’re saying is that if Hugo Chavez happened to get elected I should still respect the office. FTS


I had many friends that were there today that were among the booers. They didn’t even know big mooch was going to be there. They said it was MUCH louder than what you hear on the video at the link. Check out You Tube tomorrow for some videos of how loud it really was, then you can throw a fit and cry because people disrespected that fine, patriotic woman( or half woman or whatever that big thing is).


"And I don't want to give the impression that I think President Obama is an effective or very competent president."

Balony! You are an obama supporter and don't want to admit it.

There is no comparison between President Bush and the present occupier of the White House.

President Bush respects the ordinary American citizens. obams and Biden holds them in contempt.

President Bush served in the Armed Forces and admires and respects those in military service. President Bush is basically honest. obama never served and despises the military. obama does not have an honest atom in his body.

In closing, would you feel more welcome over at DU . Then you could bring your worship of obama in the open.


Anyone else see the staggering hypocrisy here? The OWS crowd rapes, robs, assaults, and destroys property and the corrupt MSM defends and downplays this. Why they even cast the OWSers.
Michelle Obama gets booed, and WOAH! WE CAN'T HAVE THAT! How disrespectful!



Michelle Obama is not proud of The United States of America, which is OK with us, we're not proud of her, either. This country's given her opportunities most people never even dream of, but, instead of being humble and grateful, she's arrogant and bitter. Some NASCAR fans are wealthy, but I'll bet that most are hardworking, churchgoing, family-loving, gun-owning, salt of the earth Americans. They didn't get affirmative action scholarships, they've never vacationed in Spain, and they prefer collards to arugula.
Go back to Chicago, Michelle. You wouldn't understand these good people.


Can't take the heat MOO-CHELLE?
Get the hell out of our kitchen. And take the Kenyan with you.


It’s not only that she tells us what to eat, and then she goes off and stuffs her mouth with french fries, it’s also the fact that this Moochelle person has spent 10 million dollars of taxpayers money in the last three months traveling on government owned airliner sized jets, five-star hotels, and expensive restaurants.

The media, of course, says nothing.