Friday, August 31, 2012

Obama Campaign Responds to Eastwood's Empty Chair Jibe

The response from twitter was a picture of Obama in a cabinet meeting with "This seat's taken."

Wow! That chair is even more empty than the one on the stage next to Mr. Eastwood.
This group is waaay too touchy. Why even bother to respond to a comedy routine performed by an 82 year old man???
And the response has a rather childish flavor to it.


Bambi:...."OK ....I think I got it now.... Heads.....Wagu beef Tails.....Lobster"   Senior adviser thinks...."and your re-election chances about as good as the coin landing on it's edge"


In a few days, in one of the new R&R ads, at the end, they should show Eastwood looking right into the camera, pause, and say, “what’s the matter, Mr. President? Can’t you take a joke?”
"Does that chair have wings? OMG, that is his ears."

Hell, his ears are as crooked as his administration! LOL


When I first saw this photo with the anti-Christ’s response, I thought, my, what a defensive response. But as I thought about it, I realized what surprised me more than the defensive, thin-skinned words was the photograph, itself.

Look at it a little. This huge, imposing chair. Certainly, the symbol of the American President! Beautiful leather! Large, high back! Even a plaque with the words, in big, bold, capital letters, just so that you don’t miss it, “THE PRESIDENT.” I can see the shadows of Greek columns vaguely in the background.

With this teeny, tiny head popping up above the back of it. Wholly disproportionate to the chair, itself. Like a little kid sitting in Daddy’s office chair, or stepping into Daddy’s shoes, entirely unable to fill either.

It is the back of the head of a usurper, an unworthy, the half-brother prince who has overthrown his half-sibling, the rightful king.

The anti-Christ exposes himself for what he is in this picture. More than that, he exposes to us that he knows what he is - malignant, small, inadequate, insecure, good-for-nothing, confused, over his head, ill-intentioned.

What a fascinating portrait of the soul of a man!


I have wondered if he actually Twitters and this just makes me think that others wonder too.


Actually, he’s become a joke. What Eastwood accomplished last night was to make it all right for people to openly joke about Obama. Eastwood opened the door, and that’s what has all the Obama lovers upset. It’s OK now to make fun of him. And ridicule is a very powerful force.
"A very lame response from Team Obamanation.
But I will say that Clint's whole thing just didn't click with me last night. I guess I'm the only one here who feels that way!
But if it works and gets votes our way; then good."

Although he had a few good lines, I thought it was bizarre.

'Taken' as opposed to 'earned'.
It's the Chicago way.


SO immature and thin-skinned....but I expect nothing less from this man-child.

"Clint Eastwood was better than I could ever have imagined. I went to bed laughing and I woke up laughing. "
It was a brilliant routine. The chair was pefect. Clint conjured up a hologram of a vile, tiny, diminished Illegal in the chair and proceeded to slice and dice him ten ways to heaven. It was like the comedian's routine with the dead terrorist dummy, except Clint didn't even need a dummy; he just created one out of thin air.


His campaign put it out. He was probably too busy to watch it. Campaigning and fundraising while blacks drowned.


Empty chair, empty suit? What’s the difference? Bowbama is just empty!


No Muslim prayers at Democratic Convention, but Cardinal Dolan will give closing prayer

There's been a rumor going around FreeRepublic and right wing blogs that there will be dozens, no hundreds, no thousands of Muslim leaders at the DNC, and that they will lead the whole stadium in prayer, and it will be in Arabic, and etc, etc.

The Washington Times finally decided to put a bullet in that rumor and explain that while there would be a Muslim prayer at an unofficial, nearby event, just as there would be Jewish and Christian events occurring near the convention, the DNC did not snub the Cardinal and decide to have Muslims lead the DNC's prayer.

from where have all the rumors originated??

maybe the DNC??


Gee! What happened? Not extreme enough? Not treasonous enough? Maybe they can open by chopping the heads off American bald eagles to get thier point across.

Not sure there’s any news in the article, and the writer didn’t address why the Moslems chose to hold their large prayer meeting just before the Dim convention and why they held no such meeting before the Republican convention.


It was a trail ballon to see just how this tasteless arrogant decision would effect the reaction of the American public to this insult.


Have been ‘hearing’ from DNC Reps just how ‘diverse’ THEIR convention will be. No one mentioned, 20,000 Muslims showing up. No doubt; this accounts for their ‘record’ diversity. Not that they would mention the ‘details’.


“There will be no Muslim prayer led by any radical Islamists at the Democratic Convention.”

It’s like Snopes.... Since leftist freaks don’t recognize “RADICAL” islamists, they can call it false.


please Cardinal....

speak from the HEART and not from some Dhimmicrat teleprompter.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Would the north be better off with out the south?

No but the world would be better off without so damned many leftists.


If Obama is re-elected, I hope secession becomes a serious topic of discussion. Even if he is defeated, I would like to see it explored.

Neither side can stand each other. Might be time for an amicable split.

Instead of North / South though, I would like to see the Coasts split off along with most of the major cities throughout the rest of the country.


The question is backwards. Because the South WOULD be better off without the North. . . .
I have often wondered... If the South was evil, and the North was a bastion of morality, then why didn’t the North WANT to secede? Why would the North have had this great desire to remain associated with slaveholding evildoers? Easy, it’s the same impulse that remains today: Power.


The south would have to find a way to defend itself from the north’s economic and cultural collapse. Build a wall to stop the desperate hordes from bringing their economic and cultural decay south. Have a Democrat deportation program.


The South has been saving the Union from the democrats for decades.

If anything, the South would be much better off without the damn liberal North.


Well racists and leftists go hand in hand. DNC was the klan party and were designed to terrorize blacks and southern Republicans. Maybe we’d all be better off.


All the smart people in the North have gone South or West...I got out of New York State (upstate) in 1981...the few working people left support the government workers and the welfare class..

not the right question.

it is not a north / south issue. it is urban (commie) vs rural (constitutionalists). Mostly rural states, would be immensely better off without the commie urban dominated states. Simply don’t care about the future of the urbanites.

Specifically, Texas would be better off without the drag of the commies and if we seceded, I would hope and pray, that the vast majority of the rat infestation would leave for their commie utopia.


Unless GOD gives us a miracle... you will find out but it will not just be the South alone. Most Americans do not want to live under socialism or worse... and we will not... and not all of us live in the South. Build a wall... shoot them when they try to breach it. Let them eat one another in the USSA... we will prosper and give praise to GOD in the USA.


Operating profits are taxed at the headquarters, owners’ profits aren’t.
The most illuminating thing I heard about the South and the North came form an old black friend in Mass. many years ago: “We had it good here until those [southern] ‘field niggers’ started coming up here”.

The War on Poverty was/is instigated as a ‘war on southern migration’. I’ve heard aid to Mexico described in much the same terms, years ago.



Two RNC Attendees Threw Nuts At A Black CNN Employee And Said, 'This Is How We Feed Animals'

I call BS. This never happened.


Sounds like a set-up to me...


And being called an ‘animal’ could NEVER be because they are members of the Commie News Network?


Sounds like a person has been added, at first it was just one person throwing peanuts. Tomorrow we’ll have the whole state of AL in on it. Agree that’s the creeps were probably either Dem plants, or Paul-tards.


"Rat plants? "
I'd bet a payceck on it. The Tea Party had similar infiltrators who would carry signs designed to make the TEA Party look racist. People who engage is such deceptions are beneath contempt (i.e., Liberals).


Do they have it on tape?

Were the “attendees” affliated with the RNC, or were they “credentialled journalists”, from say, Democratic Underground?


"CNN did not have any further official comment beyond its short report"   I call BS. If they were really republicans then CNN would be orgasmic in reporting on this story 24/7 and digging into their past and how they were directly related- no- they were TOLD, yeah, thats the ticket- they were TOLD to do this by the Republican Party- no Mitt Romney HIMSELF told them...   I think they don't want anyone looking too closely into it.


Troublemaking at GOP gatherings is usually the work of Dem agents. Last time around the SEIU others were very busy at such activities. One of their favorites was to try to make the Tea Party look racist.

Alternatively, if it was actually conservatives throwing nuts at this guy, was it because the newsman was black, or was it because he was being a typical CNN stooge? Did they really care what color he was, or did they react to his CNN badge? Conservatives certainly have few reasons to love CNN.


...could be team obama

OK. I call BS as well. This reminds me of when they ran with the story that John Lewis was spit on and called the N word when Tea Partiers were rallying against 0-Care.
Several features:

1. No ID of perpetrators
2. No ID of “multiple witnesses”
3. No ID of “victim”
4. No statement from “victim”
5. No statement from any of the “multiple witnesses”
6. The “victim”, a camera operator, did not get any footage of the “crime”
7. CNN reports a “statement” by the RNC, but there is no link to the statement and no attribution to any particular press office contact, etc.
8. The report comes from CNN
9. David Schuster confirmed the report in a tweet.

Yes, these last 2 are intentional. Any report by CNN or David Schuster about republicans automatically loses credibility based on their track record.



Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Spanish magazine puts Michelle Obama's head on a portrait of topless slave

"A Spanish magazine landed themselves in the middle of a racial controversy over a Photoshopped picture of First Lady Michelle Obama on the cover of their latest issue. The picture places Mrs Obama's face in a 1800 portrait of a slave with an exposed breast, and Magazine de Fuera de Serie likely knew the image was going to stir up controversy."

This one is short because there are quite a few deleted comments. Wonder why!

....put a lobster on her lap, with AF One in the background.


Because, just like a slave, she has a huge jet to take her whereever she wants, whenever she wants with stewards to cater to her every whim

Boy she is one ugly NĂ©gresse....just saying.


Martin Luther King was correct in noting that it's not skin color (or,by implication,how that skin hangs on the bones) that's important but the content of one's character.And she nauseates me because of the ugliness of that character.There are many women that I consider to be *very* attractive,physically,but I still despise them for their inner ugliness.


One of the commenters asked whether Obama’s LAO tribe ancestors, which traded in slavery had sold Michelle’s ancestors. Wonder where her tribe originated?


Maybe she shouldn’t have shown up in a flour sack when she met the Royal Family.

Romney says abortion legal for mother's health

"Republican Mitt Romney says he is in favor of abortion in cases of rape, incest and thehealth and life of the mother.

The presidential candidate's addition of the health of the mother is certain to raise questions about Romney'sposition among conservatives. Health can be broadly defined and, in fact, running mate Paul Ryan has challenged the health exception as a major loophole."

It is not ok for the health of the mother. Good Lord what a crock. This guy sucks more and more daily! Any mother who kills their own child to save their own is a selfish person.


How anout that Romeny is a Full Fledged Baby Killer!


Everyone knows that “life of mother” and “health of mother” are separate discussions in the debate.

Health of mother includes psychology, “I don’t ‘feel’ like it”, and the common cold and sniffles.


He’s pro-life when it’s convenient and not when it’s not. Do you think it’s the 3-million dollars that PP is pouring into anti-Mitt advertising that caused him to suddenly feel for the woman with health issues (runny nose, backache, etc.)? He is so full of malarkey, but very predictable.


With this “health” loophold, he has permitted every single abortion imaginable.

We’re only awaiting his endorsing the “paid by our tax dollars ‘on demand’” exclusion. /s


Sickens me how the rats have changed the actual killing of one’s own child to be called “women’s health”. How vile, how evil.


That was the loophole that Reagan accepted in 1968.

Now, 44 years later, Romney has no excuse to not know about how that loophole is used.

And he hasn’t even been nominated yet.


Notice that Romney is starting to promote RomneyCare and now this about Abortion all within a weeks time - Once he seals the nomination officially he will turn to the left not the usual middle that most nominees do in the general but LEFT as his mask starts to come off

You are either on the side of the baby, or you are on the side of Satan.


No matter how badly milt botches this election, the GOPe will just blame poor old Akin.


Gee, it’s hard to believe that Governor Palin isn’t welcome at the Mitt Romney convention.

When was the last time the second biggest leader in the GOP was banned from the convention?


"Maybe Romney is the false prophet to Ovomits anti-christ? Given that LDS believe in their modern day prophets, that would be somehow appropriate. "   Zero isn't the anti-Christ. The Book of Revelation says the Antichrist is given power to 'make war with the saints, and overcome them' (Rev 13:7). Zero has no chance to overcome the saints. We're wise to him.   However, it appears that a significant number of saints have already willingly surrendered to Romney. Which is a crying shame.   I'm not suggesting that Mitt Romney is the Antichrist. So don't assume that. But I am suggesting that he's at least as dangerous in his beliefs as Obama -- and perhaps more so because he claims to be a conservative. Which he clearly isn't.


Romney campaign slogan should be HOPE & CHANGE. Vote him in and HOPE he CHANGES. He is and always has been a liberal.

I don't know the man but he and his wife certainly seem to be pro-life.



Russian expert predicts Obama will declare martial law by the end of 2012

<a href="">Article</a>

An extended family member (who is a Ron Paul fanatic) sent this to me and I was about to dismiss it as more tinfoil hat stuff.
But after viewing the very calm documentary 2016: Obama's America, I'm not so sure I would put it past him, win or lose in November.


If he loses the military will politely tell him to FO and defer to President Romney. If he insists on this path they will make his departure lightning fast and it will not be pretty.


This administration has wiped it’s rump with the constitution and gone against the will of the people in such a lawless manner that if they feel November is a lost cause, they’ll steal it. No doubt about it.


We’ll see, at this point, anything can happen. There’s no doubt that Obama is a potential repeat of some of the worst dictators in history. The question is: Will we, the people, allow it?


I'm expecting the WMD’s in Syria that the news media suddenly realized were mainly from Iraq, to pop up in a number of cities prior to the election.   Since the WMD’s are from Iraq it will obviously be Bush's fault that the terrorist got the WMD’s.   *   I've considered it to be a very real possibility since he was elected, more so by the day.

Given his temperment, integrity and belief system, obama is the most dangerous president yet, dangerous to the Constitution, the Republic and to We, the People. When you add his supporters to the mix, those like minded, fellow travelers, anarchists and revolutionary useful idiots, then anything is not only possible, it is radically likely.   History has much to say about the condition we find ourselves in, many of those chapters are written in Russian.


If he pulls that stunt and actually decalre martial law, I will make it my life’s work to make everyone’s life I find that voted for the Kenyan Klown a living hell. They are the ones who would be responsible for that. They will be made to pay the price. And family members are not exempt from my wrath.


"When Clinton was president, I heard plenty of talk from people convinced he would declare martial law (or do something similar) to avoid an election.
  When Bush was president, I heard plenty of talk from people convinced he would declare martial law (or do something similar) to avoid an election.   When Obama was president..."

As did I. The big difference is that both Bush and Clinton considered themselves at least somewhat retrained by the constitution and public opinion. The model Obama follows isn't American history, but Kenyan history.

((In response to the same comment about Clinton and Bush not declaring martial law))

The difference here is race. If/when 0bama loses there will definitely be riots across the nation. Every major city will be on fire. The local police will be overwhelmed and ask for state or federal help. The question then is will 0bama sit back and smugly watch America burn or will he take action. This scenario was never a likelihood for Bush or Clinton. It certainly is with zero.

That is why Jefferson wanted a Republic of informed self reliant citizenry.   Who mostly made their living on Farms and such, with produce made by their own hands and resistant to taxes from government.   Not a vast, balkanized, inner city, mass of people voting on the "gimmies" from the capital.

"Obama's the worst, but there will be an election, and if he loses he'll leave. "
I'd certainly hope so, but I wouldn't bet the family farm on it.
You really need to see the movie 2016: Obama's America to understand how the guy thinks. His life's work is to downsize America, a goal which can be accomplished even quicker by provoking a civil war than by continuing on the path he is on.


"I don’t believe it. Only a fool would think that would ever fly. Such a move would split the military or likely result in a military coup. If that didn’t happen you can be sure that you’d see all out civil war in the streets. Any President who decides to declare martial law will be effectively starting a civil war. Its just not going to happen. Obama isn’t even well liked in Democrat circles behind the scenes who is going to follow him to oblivon?"

Blacks! That's who.


Now don’t all those orders and projects just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Look at all he is getting done for the infrastructure! /sarc.

As someone else said, “Even Hilter made the trains run on time.”


Saturday, August 25, 2012

GOP Delays Start of Convention

Summary: With Isaac looming, the GOP has decided to put off the start of their convention this year, at which they will officially nominate Governor Mitt Romney.



ass backwards logic


Wow... Joe Redner just peed in his shorts ....thousands of male delegates with nothing to do ....on Monday
Joe Redner owes several of the most famous Tampa strip clubs ...


Hey, the hurricane's tracking Left, so shouldn't they call it "Hurricane Mitt"?


"the convention would still go on to nominate Mitt Romney as the GOP’s presidential nominee"

Oh Lord. They are really going to nominate the most liberal candidate in Republican history. God Bless America on this nightmare


"I will support Romney and watch him after the election. I have zero option from the GOP again. I just wish for once we could get a conservative as President. I would love Bachmann/Santorum....that would be considered radical around "

Despite his flaws, I wanted Newt/Bachmann. He is the smartest guy in the room and can form the best argument.


Tampa is likely to not have major effects from this storm as models trend west toward Mobile. However, it could be a major hurricane....this type of crap is what Obama knows how to turn into political advantage. If so....may not get a convention bump at all this year.


"It’s almost as though holding the convention in Florida during hurricane season wasn’t the smartest move. Fancy that."

After Obama stole Florida in 2008 the GOP was practically forced to hold the cinvention in Tampa.


What a nunch of wimps. That “storm “ is a fazzler. It is a joke. These women run from mice. This makes me sick


Preibus picked the date ~ what a doufous. Just what did this amateur imagine hurricane season is about? Did he think it was just an overhyped TV show or something?


Total fizzler. Panic is for women.


The hotels stay full for two extra days and the girls working the streets will appreciate the two extra nights work.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Shooting outside Empire State Building

This is no longer coincidental. Someone is causing this.

Maybe 'under the radar'. 


Bet there are a lot more of these incidents in the near future.

Never let a crisis go to waste.


Because the first three shootings didn’t have the desired effect.

If this one doesn’t, you will see another attack, and another.


The problem for Big Media and the Hussein Heads is that the shooters are leftist freaks and Big Media has to hush up asap afterwards.


I’m sure there’s plenty of chaos...midtown is always kind of frenetic. (I lived at 54th and 1st for years)


I agree with this photo. One random shooting I can accept, maybe even two, but a shooting every two or three days, all across the country, is signs of an American Syria, Libya, Egypt, sub-Sahara Africa, and the result of an America, becoming exactly what Obama and his minions want.

First destroy the economy, then the jobs, then turn citizens on one another, provoke racism at every opportunity, etc. You get the picture!!! America, you better wake up quickly, may be the next victim of the coming, “Obama”s America”!!! On election day, 2012, destroy Obama and the entire “Hate America” Democrat Party, politically!!!


How on Earth did this happen.

Everyone knows that Bloomie has created a gun-free paradise in NYC! Guns aren’t allowed!.


Empire State Building area:

Woman witness: “young boy - a white boy.”

[an employment incident - shooter was FIRED TODAY - went and got firearm - in Mayor Bloomberg’s NYC]

- Right before the RNC Convention......

“Not terrorism.....” Really?

(Muslim Hassan at Fort Hood [he was on Obama’s “Transition Team” with Stephanie Cutter - she is now a top Obama WH campaign advisor] is still not called “a terrorist” - just “workplace violence”)

The NYPD Cops were on “anti-terrorism duty”

In Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-gun NYC?

Where do young white men get these firearms so easily?

These “workplace incidents are suddenly piling up fast -

“Changing the subject” for Obama as the clock ticks for Romney/Ryan
OWS? Anarchist/Commie?
I am hearing the cops knew that Holmes was a nutcase before the Batman movie shootings

That three (3) shrinks at the Colorado University knew Holmes (a white “terrorist”) was making threats

- Holmes’ defense attorneys are blocking release of Holmes’ “notebook” which is said to detail his plan of attack in the theater


Great. Moronic woman on Fox just said “It was a good thing that two members of the terrorist police task force were there, so that this wasn’t worse”.

Good reason to have military patrols on our streets to “protect” us. sarc


CCN just said how could a shotgun fire so quickly, HUH and then they showed a black police woman who was frigging massive, how on earth did she even get into the force up there

--- Oh no! An overweight black policewoman! Must be LIBERALISM. I bet this guy never questions overweight white male cops, who are so quintessential to American life that they literally share ice cream with kids in Norman Rockwell paintings.


I’ve been saying for years that the media are the biggest enemy we have in this country.
If we get power back i hope someone gets some bals and investigates how the media lied and cvered for their messiah and then get out there and call these turds out


I’m stunnd that a woman said a guy fell in front of her but she did not know he was shot so she carried on walking.

What the hell is it with some people up there that they see a guy drop to the floor and just walk on as if nothing happened.

Suppose if their messiah obama came or some dopey hollywood star was about they would stop


I thought guns were illegal in new york? /s

Ooohhh. Only the criminals are allowed to have guns. Now I get it.


lets hurry up now and find out who this guy was and how he voted and all about his family....

its the obama way of doing things...but if he was a Liberal it will be kept very low key and quiet... 


So this demonstrates perfectly what the gun-control moonbats don’t want to hear.

A psycho got hold of a gun in a city that has outlawed them. He walks down the street, shoots someone at point-blank range, then, with no resistance walks away, before randomly opening fire on innocent people, hitting 8-10 of them before the police can take him down.

One armed citizen would had him down after the first shot.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fox News Outs The Navy SEAL Who Wrote An Anonymous Book On The Bin Laden Raid

Did the White House leak his name? Or his publisher?


Messed up. Of all the media outlets, I would have never thought Fox would do this. Total disrespect. These men should remain mysterious for a reason: they are America’s Best.


When one of their major stockholders is muslim brotherhood, its almost to be expected.


“I know I’m going to get hit for saying this...but this man put himself out there writing this book...he’s a big comes the heat.”

I'm sure he's more afraid for our country being under zerO next year than his own life.   Men of that caliber aren't afraid of much in our physical world. You'd have to bring in other SEALs or crater his entire property from above to take him out.

Obama payback. Someone at the White Mosque gave it to Fox.


If I had the power, I would shut down Fox news over this and I’d do it today, before sunset.

FUFauxNews, you disgusting bastards.


We probably should wait to read his book. He could be a plant by Obama’s team since they couldn’t get the movie out before the election. It may end of being some book praising Obama to help his election.

Just a thought.


I don’t get Fox. They were, are?, number one. Not by behaving like CNN and certainly not MSNBC.
So, what do they do? Act like MSNBC?

Otherwise, the President should have been impeach 2 or 3 years ago.
Noose readers leaking sensative information and names should be fired.


I wish I could stop watching all over again.

These scum fail to air so many known truths about Obama’s background, yet can’t wait to endanger an American soldier? Screw them!


(there is a long discussion I'm leaving out about whether we should bury captured Muslim terrorists with pig carcasses in order to deter them from killing; one Freeper claims that we did this at one point in our history. This is in response to that)

No one can prove that is true. My guess it is. We Americans at one time were not squeamish about how to kill the enemy. We had much experience from dealing with the Injuns in Injun country.
New York City book publishing is filled with liberals. Anyone could have anonymously leaked this. I worked on a conservative book one time where stories refuting the points in the book started appearing in the New York Times way before the book was published. Before proofs, even. So somebody leaked from somewhere. Agency, publisher, could be anyone.

Anyone who publishes a conservative book and does not want the contents or anything else leaked out ahead of time should issue ironbound confidentiality agreements to everyone who will get anywhere near it.


FOX like all the other outlets never mention many aspects about obama, where is the coverage of his past like outlets do with EVERY PRESIDENT?

Ask real questions in the white house briefing like Major Garrett did.

Why not go over to Kenya and ask his village why they say he was born there, go and see his family there , that is if not all of them are here now illegally and collecting welfare.
Where is his house he grew up in, his school when he was little etc?
Social issues and what the homostapo does is never mentioned at all and that goes for the fake Hannity and others on talk radio.

Not once did they oppose overturning don't ask and one vet got hung up on when he got past the screener whilst many ther vets like me were told that the topic will not be discussed. FOX is yet another elitist network who thinks New York is America.

If we had a real president, people would already be in jail for this. And the key to their cells would be “forgotten.”

--- Yes, that is a Freeper suggesting that under normal circumstances, in the US, members of the press are locked up with no explanation for figuring out an anonymous author's identity.


Could someone of senior years tell me if this sort of thing happened 40-50 years ago because I really find it hard to believe...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Will Akin Withdraw?

So now that Akin has accidentally shared what he thinks about rape, Freepers have been in a bit of a tizzy. While the majority disagree with Akin (you'll see some people defending their man to the last), the main concern is that he may have hurt the chances of Republicans and GOP candidates everywhere.

Unsurprisingly, there's been a lot of discussion over whether he'll withdraw from the race. These are from a few different threads.

He needs to withdraw immediately so we can put someone in there with time to campaign. Aken is toast. No one with an IQ over room temperature would vote for him now.


"Scott Brown calls for Todd Akin to drop out of Senate race"

The dumb slut vote is VERY important in Massachusetts.


"I see the squishy segment of the GOP is the first to call for him to withdraw"

Yeah. Because woman have away to shut down getting pregnant when raped.

Only squishes think this is outrageous.

I live in realville. This guy is toast. And the seat is gone if he stays in to satisfy his ego.


We need this seat to repeal Obamcare.

It’s a freakin’ layup. Any GOPer would be up by 15 points. Yet this weirdo loses it for us.

I could care less about Todd Aikin. I want Claire gone and to take the Senate to get rid of Obamacare. He needs to take a hike.


But Joe (put you back in chains) Biden isn't asked to drop out of the race?! Biden is certifiable and everyone thinks he is so cute!
Akin has made a gaffe that no Republican candidate can ever recover from. Yes, if he was a Democrat he would get a pass. A Democrat can say just about anything and the lamestream media will provide cover. It isn’t fair, but life isn’t fair.

It doesn’t matter how good of a candidate Akin might have been. He is now toast. If he does not step down, then the Democrat will win the seat.

Plus, Akin will pull down conservative candidates all over the country. Every Democrat running for any office in the U.S. will be running ads with Akin as the poster child for the conservative “war on women.”


Hey dude. YOU ARE NOT a resident of Missouri - I am. YOU HAVE NO SAY on who is worthy of office or not in this state. Only those of us that vote here in Missouri do.

We recently had a primary where Mr. Akin easily won. I personnally voted for Steelman because of Palin’s endorsement. However, Akin won the primary, and fairly so. He, of all three candidates, ran NO negative ads. He won based upon his conservative record.

The people of Missouri are sick of McRaskil and this “slip of the tongue” will not keep him from beating her. So, give it a REST. The man is an ARDENT pro-lifer.
He WAS NOT attempting to say rape was OK. He used to WRONG many folks do...when he said “legitimate”...he meant “forcible” rape. I believe the man is very pro-life and doesn’t think there should be rape/incest provisions to allow abortion. Often, the rape/incest provisions are a wedge issue when the reality of the matter is that the pregnancy rate for “forcible rape victums” is much lower than that of normal consensual intercourse. This isn’t rocket science.

The ONLY people calling for his dropping are moderates/liberals. Like I said, I voted for Steelman because of Palin’s endorsement, but have no problem with Akin. Shut up and get off the man’ back. Fools like you are hurting him (someone the is pro-God, pro-Family...FR values) and should get the zot.

KNOCK IT OFF NUMSKULL. Worry about your own state of residence. We WILL eliminat McRascal and do so with Akin. The only other option left, should he resign, would be up to the party establishment. I DO NOT TRUST GOPe types to pick an appropriate candidate. So can the talk.


"This wingnut said that if a woman is raped, her body has a way to prevent pregnancy. WTF!"
Is that not true? I’ve heard for decades that “psychic trauma” may reduce the change a woman has to become pregnant, or for the pregnancy to come to full term.

"Hey dude. YOU ARE NOT a resident of Missouri - I am. YOU HAVE NO SAY on who is worthy of office or not in this state. Only those of us that vote here in Missouri do."
If the rural votes in Missouri were that powerful, how did McCaskill get in before, over an incumbent???   You are right about one thing, I don't vote in Missouri and know little of how they think but I would consider this were I you: McCaskill is a woman, barely. Women voters across the country are not flocking in droves to Romney. Perhaps things are far different in Missouri but when a candidate utters such a blunder, I doubt it goes unnoticed.   In your mind I guess they will overlook his ridicules comment. So, while not strongly supporting Romney will voters support Aken?? I don't see it.   So, don't short yourself out with rhetoric debasing my opinions. I am not the enemy, the dems and Obama are. I just think your support for this guy is myopic.


Any pol who calls on this guy to drop out without similarly demanding Biden’s resignation is a joker.


It would have been so easy for Akin to make his views known while avoiding controversy. He should have said something like “I support life, no matter how conceived."


Either he is on Obama’s payroll or he is really a moron, Akin has shown he is unfit to run for office.

One of the key differences between us and the liberals is they close ranks when one of theirs says or does something stupid. You don’t hear a peep against a leftist offender from the liberals until its clear the story won’t die. The cynic in me says the liberals don’t attack each other until they feel they can gain votes by doing so.

We hold those on our side to a standard. When one of them dips below that standard, like Akin here, we hold them accountable.


Tossing Akin, a good man, will only encourage the next phony rat outrage.   Hussein is weak. McCaskill is joined at the hip with him and they will go down together.   The RSCC said yesterday they will not support Akin. These are the same GOP-E self serving aristocrats who supported Crist over Rubio and Murkowski over Miller.   I have no understanding or compassion for those who flee in the face of a weak and
 dispirited enemy.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

No Wag the Dog Election Surprise?


Is Obama caught between a rock and a hard place?

Many of us have speculated that he would do anything to get reelected. He would even have a war with Iran or N. Korea... but, maybe that is off the table.

It would not help him with conservatives. We know he is bad and want him gone. It might help a little with moderates or independents, but it would hurt with a large chunk of his no war, noway base.

I was fearful that he would get us in a huge international disaster before the election, but with each passing day, that anxiety decreases a little.

What do you all think? Have the odds been going down, up or staying the same that he will get us into a conflict with another nation before the election?


I think the odds are decreasing; I think there is now about a 40% chance that he uses wag the dog. At the beginning of the year I thought nearly 100%. 


There is nothing Obama could do that would prevent his phony hypocritical followers from voting for him.
Most of the anti war folks in Democrat party are more anti Christian/anti Republican, than they are anti war.

Sure they may make some noise, but will still support him at the voting booth.

I to have worried that Obama might attack Iran for political gain.

We know that his interest in Osama was strictly political


My prediction was he would go to war with Iraq.

But there have been few new troop movements, and it's getting late.

Maybe not.

But, as I always say: If Hitler had been as lazy as Obama, the 1940's would have been a pretty nice decade! 


The only war Obambi is making is on the American people.

We’ve seen the stories about large purchases of ammunition being made by federal agencies that have nothing to do with our military or law enforcement.

Why would the National Weather Service (46,000 rounds) and the Social Security Administration (174,000 rounds) need to purchase these large quantities of powerful ammo?

Perhaps the more important question is why these are otherwise nonthreatening agencies buying hollow point bullets that have been internationally outlawed since 1899?

Obambi chanelling Sir Winston Churchill...(directive to his war cabinet on WWII)...

1. Destroy means of production and distribution of electricity and coal mining

2. Destroy means of production, refining and distribution of petroleum.

3. Destroy manufacturing capacity

4. Terrorize the civilian population. 


I think there's loads of potential for them to play some very severe games. In addition, if they lose you can count on them leaving "scorched earth" for the republicans to deal with.

I wouldn't count out the worst case scenarios just yet.

In fact, I'd be willing to bet they'd encourage the situation, and in a lost election scenario, they'd simply ignore it while the world burns right up until they can drop it in the republican's lap.

Then they'll scream for an overnight solution.

Here's to hoping I can say "You were right" in a few months, but I think we're in store for some nasty times ahead. 


There will certainly be an October Surprise of some kind. Last time, in 2008, it was the sudden announcement of an economic catastrophe—Bush’s fault—that left both Bush and McCain standing there with their mouths open, as Bush’s Treasury Secretary pulled the rug out from under both of them, in complicity with Obama. Obama was the “smart guy” who would fix it.

What kind of a surprise this time? Who knows? Maybe race riots? Maybe a war? Maybe another economic disaster which is blamed on Republicans in congress, who are stopping Obama from fixing it? Maybe the sudden revelation that Mittens is gay? (Never mind that Obama is gay—that doesn’t count!)

Whatever, you can count on something suddenly exploding, and all the media picking it up—straight from the White House basement.


Of course there will be a “wag the dog” event. What it will be I can’t say, but you know Axelrod and Obamao are plotting something. What the Republicans have to do is have a counter “wag the dog” plan ready to unleash immediately with a follow up slam like Breitbart would have done (I truly enjoyed watching Breitbart hit the Dems with something and than when they were picking themselves up off the carpet he’d floor them again with a roundhouse).


If he attacks (or abets an Israeli attack) on Iran, he loses all cred with his Bruthas...That is a fact....he can’t. My fear is that Ahmamurderijad will have the fire, (even if it is from Pakistan) and will use it before November...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Michele Obama Scolds Olympics Hero Gabby Douglas for Eating an Egg McMuffin

How typical of Michelle “Fat Arse” Obama...


Gabby Vs Flabby.

I’ll go with Gabby..........I love McMuffins........


When you work out as hard as Gabby, you can eat whatever you please.

Especially when the games are over.

Michelle's "I can't have a burger so you can't have one either" is standard commie resentment against people who work harder.


The young woman won gold medals for freak sakes. And all people like Moose can do is give her a hard time over trivial stuff like this.


Egg Mcmuffins are actually a pretty healthy breakfast. High in protein with egg, cheese and Canadian bacon, plus Canadian bacon is one of the lowest fat breakfast meats you can eat.


I think Gaby would have to eat a boatload of McMuffins to get her arse to the size of the 1st Wookie’s. I wish Bath House Barry and his beard would just STFU and go away.


This wide-load mouthy busybody wants an ATHLETE, who expends more calories in half an hour than Mooch does in two days, to eat salads instead of protein and good quality carbs. Proof, as if needed, that leftwingers never know WTH they are talking about.

She needs to go harass her limp-wristed husband about his endless hot dogs, pies, and ice cream.


Interesting ... I note with interest that Miss Douglas and the First Wookie have very similar facial bone structure. Yet Moochelle is butt ugly and Gabby is very pretty.   I note with interest that Madam Bam-Bam is generally frowning, sneering, snarling, ... Miss Douglas is generally smiling, smiling, smiling ...   The Busybody-in-Chief is filled with anger and hate. The Olympian is filled with joy.   It shows.


Someone as young as Gabby, who I’m sure has a high metabolism, and wins Olympic gold medals doesn’t need a lecture from someone who has the butt the size of a Buick.


The exchange I like to have heard:

OBAMA: You’re setting me back, Gabby.

DOUGLAS: Sorry, but you really haven’t made progress. As a matter of fact, I’ve wondered... do you have to pay for two seats when you fly... oh, wait... THE TAXPAYERS pay for your vacations. So, why again are you bothering me?


The idiot woman manages to get a beautiful young girl who just won two gold medals to apologize to her. What a classless small minded malcontent.


If she burned calories like Gabby Douglas, she would not weigh twice as much as her husband. Gabby can eat anything she wants,because she is very physically active. Michelle ought to take the hint. Has she been to the White House gym lately?/


She’s gotta hate herself when she looks in the mirror in the morning. No wonder 0dumb0 chases after other men (or boys).


Gabby gives glory to God and acknowledges that God blessed her with the talent to do great gymnastics. She then worked hard to use those talents as best she could.

I love Gabby’s full name: Gabrielle Christina Victoria Douglas.


What the heck is supposed to wrong with a McDonald's breakfast sandwich—sausage and egg?

Would that this young lady had graciously declined the interview and enjoyed her victory (and her fast food). She’s earned it.


MO cannot cope with a non-affirmatively selected TRULY TALENTED individual. So, she’s got to do what all idiot liberals do — harp and lecture on sh*t she knows nothing about.

It’s simply this: Energy in, energy out. Gabby burns off 10 big macs probably every amazing workout. Simple metabolic principles, which MO has no clue about,or she wouldn’t be on her endless crusade against junk food ...


Hey Gabby....the calories in the sandwich are much less harmful than the listeria in the apple slices.


This b*tch in OUR White House has a big head, a big azz, a big mouth and biceps. And it's gone to her head. If the mooch is going to attempt to chastize people in public, people who know that they may be in her company need to have some prompt commentary in reserve to throw her way when she feels the need to “wag her finger and say, tsk, tsk.” Gotta take a stand somewhere some time. And you can do it with class and a smile.

One Freeper said:

"Misleading headline - it was a silly joke and actually came across very funny. The entire segment was good."

Replies to that comment:
Have you purchased a Happy Meal for your daughter lately? They come with about ten French fries and a plastic baggy of rotted apple slices. And have you looked at school menus from around the country? People are not amused.
Sorry, but there is no fraternizing with the open enemy of this country. Someone who wasn't proud of America until a dyed-in-the-wool Marxist was installed as president is worthy of all the contempt that true Americans can muster.


The truth is that govt is dictating what and how we eat, even to the point of making it illegal to sell some items we could purchase just a few months ago. There would be no “silly joke” if we weren’t being controlled. This is more sad than funny.


I saw it on the news this morning and thought it was pretty cute. Some here think they are at DU where they have to get mad at everything. There is NO WAY that we are going to be able to bitch and complain about them making fun of the next First Lady. If you give it out, you need to take it. I hope Mrs. Romney has thick skin because she will be crusified and the conservatives can’t say a word. Conservatives make fun of Michelle’s hair, clothes, looks, etc. Mrs. Romney should be open to be made fun of on every thing except the MS.


Sorry, but I am going to have to disagree. The last four years have been miserable for most Americans. This women is a control freak and she parades around the world eating Wagu beef, stuffing her face with lobster, and scarfing down ice cream while she tells all of us that we have to cut back on what we're eating.   Seriously, screw these people, even if Michelle's comments were in the context of a "joke," I really don't care I'm tired of the soft tyranny that this administration practices on us. It doesn't make a difference to me that she tells people "light heatedly" to not eat Egg McMuffins or have a piece of pie on Thanksgiving. Libs like Moochelle want control, they won't rest until their boot is forever on our necks.


If MO actually practiced what she preached, she would get more respect. But she is constantly chowing down on fattening food, which makes her a hypocrite. If the woman had any class, she would have praised Gabby for being a fit athelete and an excellent role model for young people, and left off any snarky remarks

Monday, August 13, 2012


Summary: ": PBS Jim Lehrer, first Pres debate, Oct 3 Denver... CNN Candy Crowley, town hall, Oct 16, Hempsted LI... CBS Bob Schieffer, third Pres debate, Oct. 22, Boca Raton... ABC Martha Radditz, VP debate, Oct 11, Danville VA... "

The lamestreamers only left out Josef Goebbels.


Why does the GOP participate in these charades designed to make our candidates look bad?

Don’t our guys have better things to do those nights?


Why do we play the same game every time?

Seriously, PBS is going to moderate a debate?

Who even watches them?

Where is the Fox moderated debate?

They are the biggest cable news network, not puny CNN.

They should just skip the debates, and host Town Hall meetings and get the message out unfiltered.

Screw the MSM.
If Romney Ok'd this he deserve the savaging he will get in the debates.   Question to Obama, "When did you know you would be so wonderfull?"   Question to Romney, "How can you call yourself an American when your Church practiced polygamy, massacred non-belivers and would have denied Barack Obama full membership up to 25 years ago?"

What if Mittens walked on stage and announced what the Lyin’ Stream Media was doing, draw the obvious connection to pre-WWII Germany and then march off the stage to an interview on FOX?
The Romney/Ryan campaign should look over the list, mention that NONE of the moderators is acceptable and walk away. Don’t understand how we can continually be so freakin’ gullible.


The dick-tater 0bama chooses 0botnews-butt-kissers for this.
He brought out the lowest of all.
He is their master.

Actually, a Fox-moderated debate isn’t much better, IMO. During the primaries, I remember reading about Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelly huddling before a Fox debate, trying to decide how to trip up Rick Perry and help out Romney.

I want to see Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh moderate a debate, but of course I know that’s as likely to happen as a pink unicorn with glitter on its wings setting down in my backyard.
In a perfect world, the moderators would be:

Jim Lehrer Rush Limbaugh
Candy Crowley Sarah Palin
Bob Schieffer Fred Thompson
Martha Radditz Michelle Malkin

If the 0bamunist Ministry of Information Networks want a complimentary camera to broadcast the proceedings to their dwindling numbers of viewers, the GOP can waive the customary access fees.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Paul Ryan

So I was away from my computer this weekend, which is why there was no update until now. I'm doing a mix of reactions over the past day and a half.

Great pick.

I’ve been hoping for Ryan VP for weeks now.

I breathed a great sigh of relief when this pick was announced.

I very much feared Romney would either play the gender card, the race card, the race+gender combo card or the safety-first card.

He chose none of those. He chose a clear conservative and an extremely able campaigner.

This changes how I think about Mitt Romney.


I think Dems are really afraid of someone like Ryan because they know he’ll pin Biden’s ears back quite easily in a debate. They’d smear anyone not Karl Marx or Noam Chomsky.


"Ryan vs. Biden- what a debate THAT will be, hehehe  ;)"

Biden Vs Palin was bad enough. Luckily for him the press turned her into damaged goods and nobody would listen to her, or at least not enough. I thought she wiped the floor with him.

Ryan is going to steam roll him.


"You can't get the undecided vote (especially the young undecideds) by preaching fiscal have to lie to them...otherwise they will go for the Obama goodies."

The young are staying home this time me.


I am going balls out for the RR ticket (RR=Ronald Reagan coincidence i think not)


Ryan is good. Romney should pull out NOW and save
America, but his destruction of the GOP and Gov. Palin

requires he continue.


The rabid libtards hate Ryan, the Tea Party loves him.

The race will be reduced to TP vs OWS.

Guess how that battle turns out?

Proud Americans from the heartland or drugged up hippies $hitting on cop cars.

Which will voters choose?

Details at 11 (Nov) 


"BTW, the youth is not going to turn out for the assclown Kenyan this time."

That is 100% Spot On.

'The Youth' are ticked. And they're ticked at Barry.

I know they're ticked as our two daughters, especially our youngest and her friends are that 'Youth'. And her friends who may have or did vote vote for Barry last time are not happy campers now -- They've been LIED to, and they know it. They're pretty much all 'under-employed'. That BS and BA degree they have means diddle now, except for what they owe for it. And they know they're going to have to pay it - no 'amnesty for them'. Now matter what lies Barry spews.

Included nn that group are the 'youth' with BSEd and BAEd degrees who've only been able to get TA Jobs and had the 'pleasure' of experiencing Union BS and verbal thuggery first hand by their NEA Teacher 'superiors'. So now they're anti-union too. (they have to pay Union Dues but get NO NEA benefits, like Pay or Healthcare.)

Bottom line -- they loathe Obama and his big living mama. 

They wouldn't waste a Beer to pour it on them if they were on fire. 


Biden is screwed. This might be where they dump him for another idiot (Hillary?). 


The welfare queens and race-hustlers and Communists voted for Obaama on his promise to "fundamentally transform" the US.

The Oprah / Dr. Phil crowd did it because it was THEIR turn to have a Camelot, and how much better to do it with DIVERSITYTM?

Now that he is over halfway to destroying the country only the true belivers are left to vote for him.


Friday, August 10, 2012 Server Change Stirs New VP Speculation

This would completely neutralize all talk that Ubama is ineligible.

That must be the plan.


"Jindal is not eligible to be VPOTUS. Stooping to Ibama’s level and dumping our principals for politics is not virtuous."

I completely agree, and this needs to be drilled into the skulls of our politicians! We don't accept the Marxist faggot, Obama, as eligible, and we also won't accept Jindal or Rubio as VP since they're both ineligible by jus sanguinis.


In the past Willard has mocked the birthers and told us to leave Obama alone, that he was born in Hawaii and is eligible..

part odf the reason for Willard’s insistance in ignoring the Constituation is his only problem with a father born outside the US, in Mexico...

(George Romney had his own problems with eligibility when he ran for POTUS)

If Willard picks Governor Jindal he will be thumbing his snotty nose at the birthers as well as neutralizing any argument that Obama is ineligible...

Hardly a Constitutionally nor American thing to do...

But then when has something “trivial” ever stopped the entitled Willard...


I believe Nikki Haley falls into the same category. Stupid pols can’t figure out what natural born citizen means. Would they be so dismissive if a candidate was only 30 instead of 35?


"Jindal is not eligible to be VPOTUS? Why not? He was born in the US. I know his parents weren't, though. Not flaming...just seriously asking."
do you actually think that every dirtbag born in the US is eligible to be president, or that there might be further qualifications?????


If Jindal is not eligible, Obama folks may step into trap if they call out Mitt and Jindal.
“Obama, lets see your eligibility records since you want to see Jindal’s”.

Really put the force on Obama before saying Jindal was not the choice, just a rumor; our real choice, from the beginning, is _________________.

Force Obama into a corner he can’t get out of without showing his eligibility.

If he cannot provide eligibility during a vetting process, then he can’t run for president.

Hey, Obama, background checks go both ways and it is the burden for the candidates to prove who they are.

The importance and appearance make it imperative for Obama to disclose.


"perhaps you would be kind enough to actually list a few of those further qualifications hmmm?"

Birthers believe that being born in the U.S. is not enough, that one's parents must have also been U.S. citizens at the time of birth. It was a definition they created to be a standard of eligibility that Obama could not possibly meet. So far, nobody outside of the birther short bus is buying this definition. Yet they'll scream from the rooftops that they're right and everyone else is wrong despite a mountain of failed lawsuits that say otherwise.
However, to be consistently wrong, birthers are now forced to argue that stalwart conservatives such as Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio are equally inelgible. Fortunately for these two individuals, nobody is buying the nonsense birthers are selling.

The general tendency of conservatives is to ask this — IF A LIBERAL RAG LIKE THE WASHINGTON COMPOST likes a Republican candidate, DON’T GO FOR HIM because that is a sign that they want him to run because he WILL LOSE.


"Nice guy— but not eligible.   Two wrongs, three wrongs, a dozen don’t make one right. "   True. But it's amazing how many FReepers don't believe in the US Constitution nor the rule of law.
They'd condone any anchor baby from a third world banana republic is just as qualified to be an American President as a US born citizen from American born parents.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Father disowns his gay son in heart-rending letter after he comes out

You probably heard about the redditor who posted his father's letter from 5 years ago, in which he is disowned due to his sexuality.

Maybe he should have just told his father that he was a homosexual and let it go at that. “Gay” conjures up a lot of wacky and spooky images in a person’s mind.


It took a log of courage for his father to write that letter.


A little off topic, but have you ever been on reddit? Those loons make newsvine seem centrist..


Too bad there are not more strong fathers such as this brave man who would put his principles before his Sodomite Son.


What I know is that this "James" decided to make public a private letter, while providing only his side of this story. Conveniently for James, this makes his father look like a very bad man, a real homophobe just like that intolerant Cathy character.
"James" has a need to pit the whole world against his father with this one-sided tale of woe.
Therefore, I don't trust this "James". He comes off as a manipulative, deceptive drama queen.

I had to write a similar letter to my younger brother when he decided to announce he was gay. I tried not to be harsh or to cut off all communication but I did make clear what scripture had to say and advise him not to "come out" around my sister and her children. He doesn't speak to us much but I did help fly him to my mother's funeral and pay for his lodging and meals so surely he realizes I am not cutting him off however I think many gays become hypersensitive to slights and interpret even minor conflicts or silence as "hate" when it isn't so. It's as if they can't wait to find any confirmation of "hate" from straights as somehow justification for their own nastiness and persecution complex.   My advice to anyone who is convinced by faith that homosexuality is wrong and yet must deal with a family member who comes out is to a) stand firm in what Scripture says but b) understand that we are all sinners and do your best to accept the fallen without embracing their lifestyle.


"It's letter like this, or the fear of such things, that drives the young people who come through adolescence with a homosexual inclination to fall into the waiting arms of the "gay community" which, for all its proclaimed "tolerance," preaches the abandonment of Faith, family, basic virtues."

This post encapsulates everything wrong with ‘our side’ when it comes to the homsexual issue.

First, lets stipulate to a simple fact. ‘little Johnny’ has chosen to destroy his family because he prefers taking another man’s penis orally and analy. That his desire to fulfill his sexual desires and put them ahead of everything and everyone but he ‘can be who he is’ has accomplished what exactly?

Not only has he and others like him made the personal choice to cause chaos for sexual gratification is not the worst of it. The worst of it is that he and others KNOW that there will always be people out there who believe that everyone else must change and adapt their lives, beliefs et all to accommodate his oral and anal desires.


So by all means. Please continue helping little ‘johnny’ destroy more families and himself through making it easier for him to do so. And having had a ‘homosexual’ (when it could get her what she wanted) sister in law, I have some experience in the matter.

So the whole thing comes down to this. Is it right for normal people to accept this insanity only to get more of it when they do? Or is it right that people be held accountable for the choices they make?

It's BS. At least the part where he claimed his father immediately disowned him after a near silent phone conversation.   A father that cares enough about his son to be in his life (rare these days) and write a letter (even more rare these days) would have a face-to-face with him first. I only see two possibilities:   -The letter is completely fake.   -The letter came after a long time of instigating or rubbing it in for not accepting his lifestyle. Always bringing it up, bringing ‘boyfriends’ over(probably why he's banned from the house), showing pictures of how ‘happy’ he is at ‘gay’ getaways/parades, etc. I'm in NYC and know good number of people in the ‘community’. This is pretty typical when such a situation occurs.


I think the father is correct.

No invitations to family events, no invitations to reunions.

You do not need religion to determin such advocates are not welcome around civilized family. No place in or around children.

The lost son is just that lost. He is no different than being dead.



Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sandra Fluke: Romney didn’t defend me from Limbaugh

Dumb slut...

I am very tired of this shamefully promiscuous woman pontificating to the world about why we should all fund her night time activities.


Hmmm....when Sandra Fluke tried to take my money, Obama did not defend me.


OK, Miz Fluck - what Rush should have said is “This woman enrolled in a nominally Catholic university for the express purpose of using the brute force of government to force them to do something they find morally reprehensible. For that, she deserves to burn in Hell”.

Now, aren’t you glad he stopped at “slut” and “prostitute”?


I have two suggestions for this slut:
1. Shut your legs.
2. Shut your mouth.


It’s not his job! YOU should be charged with contempt of Congress for the little “pageant” you put on for them. Totally fraudulent testimony. But, you’re a Democrat operative so in the eyes of the media you’re ligit.


What an attention whore! Also, the regular kind.


Mr. Fluck showing she’s not just a slut in bed, but a slut for all that is so horribly leftarded in this world.


The dumb slut doesn’t realize that Rush was trying to protect her from her own, stupid, sluttish liberal self!


Thank God she is not my daughter. What a wretched specimen of modern womanhood.

So Sandra Fluke rents her body and soul to the Democratic Party and doesn’t want people to call her a slut? Should we call her a hospitality worker, escort, lady of negotiable affections or just a “professional”.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Joplin mosque razed in fire; 2nd blaze this summer

Aww that’s too bad, Dman the “bad” luck. Get a nice mosque there it would too bad if “something” were to “happen” to it.


“But since we are people of faith we just can remember that this is a thing that happened because God let it happen, and we have to be patient, particularly in the month of Ramadan, control our emotions, our anger.”

Uhh no.. The devil made him/her throw the match. Not “God”..


Shades of KrystalNacht.


They do this to Christians all the time in Africa and other places where Islam dominates...look at what happened to the Christians in Lebanon in 1975...recently in Niger - 90 Christians were burned to death - including little children and babies! Where’s the MSM on that???


No tears shed here. Islam is a political system masquerading as a religion and trying to overthrow the US government and Christianity; it has no part in our civil society.


Hundreds of churches are burned every year, and the media ignore it—except when clintbilly claimed that it was far right, racist Republican extremists burning black churches.

The media picked up on that one, all right.

How many churches have been burned in Egypt, Libya, and various parts of Africa by Obama’s pals, and nothing said?


Could be an “inside” job to justify later retaliation


They hate the West.

Why are they here ?


I’ll be a $hithouse mouse! The hell, you say! Did it burn down like the Twin Towers and kill almost 3,000 innocent people?


God works in mysterious ways!
Gee I hope the fire didn’t interrupt the daily musloid terror strategy session.


How do we know that the muzzies did not start the fire?

They know that the check for a new mosque is already being signed in Saudi Arabia.


I love the smell of burning Korans in the morning. Anybody see Ann Barnhardt lately?

Obama, the first communist president?

No surprise here! I knew he was a communist in 2007, all I had to do was listen to one of his speeches. It’s not rocket science.


I would argue that Roosevelt was our first Communist president and that most of the Democrats that have come after him are just increasingly more extreme versions of the same.


Jimmy Carter is a communist.

So is Bill Clinton.

When asked if he was a communist, Clinton replied that he was a “communitarian”. He always had a way with words.

When Clinton went to Italy, one Italian communist rag proclaimed, “Benvenuto Comrade Bill!”

So, 0bama is not our first communist president.


Obama is the first openly communist President in US history.


Perhaps he’s the first actual communist, but we’ve had other tyrants of one stripe or another, namely Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and Johnson.


Obama & Romney! ...not a bit of difference between the two! They are both evil!

"I would argue that Roosevelt was our first Communist president and that most of the Democrats that have come after him are just increasingly more extreme versions of the same. "
I think FDR was nothing more than a political opportunist. Yes, he was a liberal-socialist but then so was his uncle, TR.

As the Depression started to really bite FDR had to prepare for a challenge from his left from Louisiana Gov. Huey Long. Huey Long was a freaking Marxist.


What does everyone know about Sikhs?

As I mentioned previously, there is a really creepy attitude on FR towards the shooting, basically with Freepers rushing to say that Sikhs are really good people, and so they didn't deserve to be killed. It does make me wonder what their reaction would be if the victims were of a minority group that they did not approve of.

From what I see they look like GOOD people.


I am friendly with a few Sikh families... great people, really good kids


I know they are honorable and courageous warriors.
There is nothing much to fear from them, although a few Christian missionaries in India get in bad with them...
The devil does protect the Muslims, doesn't he? A nut goes after turbans, and misses Muslims...


No group has suffered more at the hands of Muslims than the Sikhs. They work hard, handle their own problems, do not beg or call on others for help. If they have a sin its that they tend to be a bit clanish and inward looking. People need to know about there faith and its peaceful nature— The turbans they wear have caused some foolish people to think they are Islamic and nothing could be farther from the truth.


At the original 9-11 Memorial in Houston a large group of Sikhs were there to show their support.

The only group that hates other religions are Muslims. Religion of peace only if they are the only ones left on the planet!!

We have got to start telling the truth!

My heart and prayers are with the Sikhs!!


I, too, understand they are an honorable people...

A good movie to watch that has a sikh family highlighted is “Bend It Like Beckham”...great music, too.

Only an idiot, ignoramus would target these people in their house of worship...POS shooter.


They need Jesus just like everyone else.
honest, good, clean. hardworking folks. Just like you and I. Honorable people...

Remember shirley temple. the awesome indian guy that protected her. was he a Sikh?


Sikhism is a Vedic-based religion. It is genuinely a religion of peace.

What a horrible crime, and a terrible shame!


"The U.S. would be a far different and a far better place if we had large complement of Sikh citizens"

Large numbers of them are setting up shop in Canada. The CBC actually offers NHL Hockey play-by-play in the Sikh language.


Authorities search for motive in deadly shooting at Wisconsin Sikh temple (shooter identified)

Things are becoming very fishy very very fast. Why now? Why from “nuts?” Both had connections with Gumment agencies.


"and this guy seems to be a total zero in terms of any information out there on the Net. I still think when the Holmes shooting couldn’t be used to for Os purpose that the possibility of false flag events is high"

I think when perpetrators of anything bad aren't Gay Muslim Illegal Immigrant Black Panther OWS Black Bloc Members, silly claims of false flag events will be high.


You can bet that the gun grabbers want the shooter to be a new CCW holder in order to fit their agenda.


Obama’s Reichstag Fire? Oklahoma City Bombing?


At last!

He fits Janet Napolitano’s profile of the perfect terrorist suspect - white, middle aged, male, gun-owning, veteran

All that awaits to be seen is that he attended a Christian church, had a “Don’t Tread on Me” tattoo, has a Romney bumper sticker, voted for Paul Ryan and Scott Walker in last election, and was id’d at a Tea Party rally

Let the apologies for “America” begin as obama pledges we can “do better”

How long before this is blamed on Paul Ryan (it was in his district, the radical GOP conservatives, and “incendiary rhetoric” about lower taxes and budget cutting??

In 3....2....1...


Interesting how one mass killing is the act of a deranged lunatic, the other is an act of Domestic Terrorism... just who the hell is in charge of classifying mass murderer’s anyway... is one act of mass murder less terrible than the next. Just what the hell is the definition of a Domestic Terrorist anyway?.."

White person.


Obama/Holder Dept. of Just Us: “Hot damn! We can say he’s a terrorist white man!”


"He served at Fort Bliss, Texas, in the psychological operations unit in 1994"

Maybe the shooting wasn't his idea. It may have been pre-programing.
The Fort Hood shooter was a military psychologist.
The Dark Night shooter, a real nut job, says he doesn't remember anything. (He studied neuroscience on government grants)

Strange coincidence. All 3 have connections to psychology departments.

Oh good. This morning Fox News said he was still active duty. I see he was discharged with a less than Honorable. Fox News misreported. I was sad that it could have been an active duty. I am very glad he wasn’t. With the Less than Honorable Discharge, this is going to end up better than we think. Chances of him being a Republican or Tea Party are slim to none now.

"Motivation unclear"   How about "He was a frickin' lunatic." Who care what his motivation was?   Unless he was right-wing, Tea party, Climate-change-denying, Romney-voting, or something else the MSM can make some hay over.....


And he was in the pay of the Comrade El Presidente Imam Hussein Obama.
Christallnacht.. Believe in it


BTW these people need to upgrade their religion to have fire arms.


When did he convert to Islam? Muslim hate Sikhs. (but then, they hate EVERYONE!)


Left wingers are wetting themselves with glee that not only is the shooter a white Army vet, but that he may have been involved with skinhead supremacist groups.


“white supremacist” or “skinhead.” = kook fringe leftist Democrats

Uh, Sikhs are not Muslims: in fact they broke off from the overly pacifist Hindus when they grew tired of the Hindus not stopping the invasion and wholesale slaughter perpetrated by the Muslims.

If it was a skinhead, it was a mighty stupid one, but the media will paint with a broad brush anyway.


They’re calling it “domestic terrorism” so they can stomp all over our 2A rights.

"Authorities also were trying to trace a single, semiautomatic handgun recovered at the scene, sources told ABC News. "
What the hell for? They got the shooter.


Color me stupid, but skinheads and white supremacist are affiliated with the Nazis, which is short for national socialist. Socialist are left wing nuts, not right wing. We need to hammer that home and quit letting LSM tie them to conservatives.

Once again the media is itching to capitalize on a tragedy to promote a hateful agenda of demonization & defamation.

White supremacy is leftist.


Colorado settled down to quickly, and did not produce a significant amount of unrest. Fresh headlines are needed. A race-based religious atrocity would be shocking, but not one involving the Muslims — pick someone a bit safer.

Am I the only person who is feeling a distinct chill here?

Do NOT make the assumption that this is what it appears on the surface. This is just too “convenient”.


I have run into these kinds of bid, dumb, muscular, brutish as*holes in stateside US convenience stores with their cock of the walk attitude heading for the beer freezer, biker regalia/outfits, huge nazi and white power tattoos in clear site, crappy attitude for the non-white person at the counter just doing his or her job, and you could tell these guys were probably a) out from prison after hard time, and b) hardcore Aryan Brotherhood types.   We have to see what the evidence yields, but to pretend as if this jackass element in the USA does not exist, no matter how small, is to behave like an ostrich if you ask me. And I know for a fact they cannot stand anyone who is non-White. They are just as scumbag as New Black Panthers. Different side of the same coin. These are the de-evolutionary descendents of the Nazi Brownshirts in pre-war German, and I give them no more slack than I would give a hardcore OWS or Che Guevara Leftist type. Often they cannot tell a Sikh, from a Hindu, from a Muslim, from a Bah'ai, or a Chinese from a Japanese from a Korean from a Vietnamese. They hate all these people equally(because fundamentally they hate themselves and know they are at the bottom of the societal shit pile themselves) and thankfully the slime account for maybe 1 or 2% of the American populace at that. That is 1 or 2% too much if you ask me.   Sadness out for the Sikh victims. Something I did not see on a lot of the FR threads about this mass shooting and horrid scene but I saw a lot, rightly so, for Aurora, or Ft. Hood or other places."

How do you know who this person is he has not been identified just a blurb saying it was domestic terrorism and he was a skinhead and the guy is dead, so how do you know he had a cock in his walk.

right after the "Joker" murders, another totally false-flag event perpetrated by what looked to be a drugged, hypnotized patsy?
If the “supremacist” story is true, it’s really bad; I myself was shocked after 9/11 at how many Americans actually thought Indians were Muslim - and a lot of those people apparently sat through at least four years of college. You would think something would have sunk in via osmosis if nothing else.


"“Federal law enforcement officials told NBC News the suspected gunman had no obvious connection to domestic terror or white supremacist groups and apparently was not on any list of suspected terrorists. “

This is from the India Times so why are the news outlet's here saying he is a skinhead when this one says he is not and has not connection to domestic terror. I also thought it was interesting that the only run in with the law he had was a traffic violation same as the Batman Killer."

Yeah, and according to reports, lived on a street same as the batman killer's last name: "Holmes".


"If he is an actual skinhead white supremacist, the FBI probably knows who he is and has a record on him. "
Perhaps one of their plants or informants? It would not be the first time.
False flag just in time for elections.

Obama is hoping for his Timothy McVeigh.

Something just isnt right with this incident. Wonder if it is a false flag type of Ruby Ridge


I wouldn’t put it past the left to have “programmed” these guys to go out and do this. Twice in a couple of weeks and the timing before the election seems very suspicious.

Am I the only one who thinks the timing of close to the Aurora shootings...seems a little suspect? Maybe I need to make a tinfoil hat for real...


There ARE no Sikhs in Middle East, for practical purposes.   2/3 live in India, with the largest communities outside India in UK, USA and Canada.
Sad, but most likely explanation is the idiot doesn't know how to tell one variety of raghead from another. Thought he was attacking those responsible for Islamist terrorism. To the extent he was thinking at all.

"Don’t forget, sometime back, this administration called us vets and active duty military terrorists. Only muslims who destroyed our World Trade Center are not terrorists, or any other muslim who guns down 13 soldiers and wounds 36 others at Ft Hood are NOT terrorists. "
I don't recall if they called the Dark Night shooter a terrorist. It turns out he may have connections to 4 other black block activists (occupy anarchist) who were planning attacks ( were arrested in 4 different states shortly after the Occupy protester, the shooter, had his computer searched).
Was he called a terrorist? Because if he wasn't, it may be because he was another Oboma favorite. A murderous anti-American.

Not only that, but this Page guy got a LESS THAN HONORABLE discharge from the military. Reasons are not yet known. Could he be a Black Block anarchist #6? The FBI immediately headed for his computer.


When did he convert to Islam?

That is the question that will not be asked or answered.


Sikhs have their own history of extremism, though not aimed at the West. Two of her own Sikh bodyguards gunned down Indira Gandhi, which would be kind of like the Secret Service killing the President.

Though admittedly they had extreme provocation, the rough equivalent of Obama ordering a Waco-style assault on the Salt Lake City Temple, which just might be expected to piss off Mormon Secret Service agents.


From Chicago and may have worked for the Obama Campaign and then recruited into Democratic Party Black Ops and programmed to kill.


Witnesses at the Temple said there were four men involved in this incident. The shooter was described as in his twenties and with tatoos.

Now the shooter is a dead white guy in his forties, ex-military and a white supremecist. The FBI and BATF have been all over the dead man’s residence, which is odd, as why would they be involved in this if the man’s dead? Neighbors are being ordered not to talk to anyone. BHO2 was supposedly briefed about this incident by 1 PM this afternoon. Sounds like the fix is in, doesn’t it?

Gov.Scott has dispatched Wisconsin’s AG to check out the situation. This is a state of Wisconsin incident, not a Federal issue - unless Homeland Security is trying to create an issue out of it.

This really smells. The true enemies of Sikhs are Muslims. White supremecists are allied with Islamists against Jews. Me thinks BHO2 is going to take a page out of Bill Clinton’s OKC bombing handbook.


Young, working class men: enlist to become soldiers, lose your constitutional rights, possibly have queers as commanders, be hated by government employees, employers and most other Americans.

Our nation is morally bankrupt. It’s become a culture of man-hating and misogamy (family-hating).


In the article at seems the Obama team was ready for this..Strange. How did they get on this so fast? FBI didnt evacuate anyone ..just told people to stay inside.


I doubt Clinton was in on OKC; however, considering Obama and Holder’s culpability in Fast & Furious to the extent they both may be accessories to murder, I would not be surprised at all if the shootings in Aurora and now Milwaukee are part of a bigger false flag/Reichstag fire event.


The shooter purportedly came from Chicago and went to Wisconsin, a state with which Obama is obsessed. He ended up shot dead by police, unlike the other mass shooters I can recall in the past 5 years. The FBI got there immediately. Allegedly fits the supposed white radical profile. “Stupid white supremacist kills Sikhs instead of the Muslims he wanted to kill.” All of which pushes the pro-Islamist agenda. Continues to push the “take away their guns” theme, with which Obama is obsessed.

The more desperate they get, the crazier things are going to get. They’ve
never won without knocking out the opponent or - in my opinion - ginning up a crisis.


Random violent acts involving innocents just aren't the way anything from the Right would go down.   Instead, I'd expect very well organized operations with specific goals, good intel, and a minimum of collateral damage.   Senseless killings have long been the tools of the Left and their Muslim pals, where sheer terror is the objective, not a specific target. It is the 'randomness' of terror which makes it effective as a device for molding public opinion, for getting people to give up their rights in the quest for safety, and that is antithetical to the objectives of people who seek more Liberty.


The Revolution is underway and we're winning. Except for mitt, Tea Party Conservatives are being elected and taking over. Because of this, I sure can believe that the left and even the RINOs would back false flag events to try to smear the Tea Party.   Tea Partiers don't commit crimes, engage in violence, or destroy public property, but facts be damned, the media has orders it is all too willing to follow to pin the blame on we "haters" who hate high taxes and over regulation.


A handy little Hitler quote to help liberal heads explode when you explain this:
"We are socialists, we are enemies of today's capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions" -- A. Hitler