Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lesbian student is crowned high school's homecoming KING!

Article from The Daily Mail

the gay population seems to be expanding.

the high screwls prey on kids from dysfunctional homes.

if the parent of the child is the same sex and dysfunctional,

then the perps move in and build on the kid’s dissatisfaction with that gender relationship, substituting the queer for the parent.


Yet another reason to Homeschool your children. I am so glad that I don’t have children or go to public school in this day and age as all the events such as Homecomings and Proms have been hijacked by Liberals and turned into political soapboxes for their agenda.


California is too far gone to be saved.


Each day the abnormal is being normal. Before long, incest, pedophilia, and polygamy will be normal. The erosion of the religious foundations of our nation that began in the 1960s is all but complete in California and surely enough will catch on until America resembles Europe- a secular, atheistic society. The Obama Presidency has simply accelerated this decline to the edge of the precipice.


And apparently her girlfriend ((wretch)) was named Homecoming Queen.


I call BS. They’re gay the way Ann Heche was gay.

They’re LUG’s—Lesbians Until Graduation.

They just don’t have the look. If they were REALLY lesbians nobody would look at them, let alone crown them.


Its is a sick and evil world and America is not exempt from it.
No way would I allow a child to be in this school. subjecting children to perversion used to be a criminal charge. Now its done in the schools...


If she opposed tradition she wouldn’t being going to homecoming, let alone running for its court. She’s a hypocrite.


To: ken21; Pelham
It’s the schools

and the mothers more than anything to be frank

the men are now weak and do not run their homes much more in white suburbia or white middle class in GenX or Y...not like in my age group

I am a 54 year old daddy with boys 5,9 and 11 in public schools in arguably one of the whitest most conservative voting counties in the US (Williamson TN...much like Forsyth in GA) and yet what I see and deal with day in and day out how even conservative younger families behave today is troubling...very troubling...the structure has collapsed and many of the men are sissies..and no one will speak frank on hot topics except in hushed tones looking over their shoulders

it is breeding weak men and homosexuality and just a basic inability to hold up cultural norms and mores that keep us from disintegrating

some here applaud this..not I


"last night my 11 year old went to his school Halloween dance but being secular these nutbags won't call it that since they think that refers to All Saints or something religious..they call it Witching Hour dance or something silly though most parents call it Halloween..same silliness over Winter Break (gag) too

anyhow..the instructions were to drop kids off at back round up door and let them go in by themselves with staff supervising them

probably 300 kids there...

I was the only one who did that though I did have to park to chase him in and give him his rose for his “date” not real date...they just mooneye each other

anyhow...most were moms and they insisted on parking and walking their 11,12,13 year old into this school sponsored dance...some even holding their hands with their little I woulda been will these boys ever mature?

I was amazed...toss on top of that...the schools also encourage tattling...bigtime

Moms will not stay off the practice or game field anymore either while dad holds the is nuts

Where I live is a cross section..probably 40% Yankee, 40% Southern to some degree and 20% Kali or foreign..Nashville metro is very mixed now...not southern hardly at all

but I'm not sure this is a regional issue so much...I think parenting and the culture has destroyed young men

as I left I thought...where will we get a decent officer corps?

I already know where our fighters come from..ever more rural

I don't blame the women so much..I blame the men..wusses"

A mom still has the responsibility after giving birth (or adopting) a baby boy to raise him as a MAN. Not a weak, sissified, girly man but a MAN. There isn’t anything wrong with dropping off an 11 year old at the door. To hold their son’s hand is BEYOND my comprehension since my son stopped holding my hand when he was in kindergarten (to appear more masculine to his playmates). It didn’t hurt my feelings since it wasn’t about ME. It was about him becoming more masculine.

Now.. as for Moms at sporting events. Okay, I’m guilty. I yell and support the team in the most unladylike way. “Smash them” is a common phrase. “Sack the quarterback!” is another. I will try to do better.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Iraq War Veteran Injured at OWS Oakland Founder of

Article from this shitty site

To: Minus_The_Bear
The video I saw last night, showed this critically injured ex Marine making a phone call on his cell phone... all the while laying on the ground.

Now, maybe he did have a fractured skull; not everybody with a fractured skull injury is unconscious. But showing him talking on the phone does bring into question the veracity of the report that he was critically injured.

Has the hospital verified this diagnosis, or is this just the opinion of the Occupy medic/s, whose “Medic” qualification is that he took a Basic First Aid course when he wasin 6th grade?


I guarantee that he got kicked out of the Marines. I would bet money that he at least has an Other Than Honorable Discharge.

I'm sure he joined up as a non-hack and he got out as a non-hack.

I'm also highly suspicious he was ever deployed to any of the recent theaters in the middle east.


Looks like the kind of guy who would have benefited from rescinding “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” if you ask me.


Need to get the word out on this. Get it to Fox News, talk radio, etc. This Olsen guy is their modern day Kent State martyr, and the media is trying to claim he is a patriotic veteran. I knew this guy would turn out to be a leftist druggie who hated the very military her served in. It was only a matter of time before his past was uncovered - now we have to get the truth out.


Sounds like a tear gas canister to the head might have helped.


For somebody with a fractured skull, he’s made a remarkable recovery. He seems to be doing press interviews, and on top of that, even the doctors wouldn’t say his prognosis was serious. This morning he was actually described as being in good condition, so I don’t think the real doctors want to cover for his ploy.


I love the liberal media spin!.....Iragi War veteran nearly killed in the protests....They want you to think: That’s just awful! How could the cops do that to a veteran?....These rat bastards in the leftist media are very clever!


Has anyone verified or confirmed that this O-hole in fact served and is a veteran?

Furthermore, was he ever in Iraq, or was he merely serving DURING the/an Iraq war?


Looking at that photo [of Scott Olsen], I just think... HIV...
And before anyone jumps on me for not being sympathetic with someone who is wounded... I say, "Probably wouldn't have gotten wounded if he'd been at home or at work in Illinois instead of playing Obama Theatre Street Thug in Oakland."


Same reason mooslims join,,,to get weapons training so they can use it against this country.


looking at him he seems to have joined to get the freebies like free college and then hanging out with a bunch of men.

So why did he join then it he wanted to hang out with men in the shower.


Actually, I read a report very early this morning - which must have been officially released, because it was in some local CA press source - that he had no cognitive problems, could count, do long division, recognized everybody and had no speech problems.

I think he got a whack on the head and realized that this was his golden opportunity.


It’s not clear what happened to him at all. I have heard three versions: 1)hit by police tear gas canister, 2)tripped and fell and/or 3)hit by something thrown by another dupe.


He got busted for doing coke and discharged prior to the end of his enlistment. I'm sure it was all a frame-up though.


The anti-American bum probably was hit by something thrown by his commie buddies. He probably hates the Marines because they discover3ed quickly he was a putz and threw him out less-than-honorable.


"Story on Drudge Report about all the Marines flocking to Reddit in support of their brother. I wonder if they know be hates them?"

From what I have seen of [reddit], the links it presents, and the content at the other end of those links, it is %100 liberal leftist crap.

reddit seems like DU [Democratic Underground] with a slightly different twist. I stopped going to Drudge years ago, anyway. Checking out that story you mentioned is the first time I have been back there in 10 years or so.


Anyone who has spent any time in uniform can tell at a glance the guy was a $hitbird No-Load. All you have to do is read that crap off of his web site.

If you have served, there is no doubt that there were times as a young man you hated it with all your heart. And I am guessing that goes doubly so in a war zone.

But you know what? You man up, pull your weight, do your job, pass your time and keep your head down. When your time is up, you get out, and that is that. Use it as a learning experience.

I never had respect for losers like him.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Iraq war vet injured during Oakland protests(critical condition)

He should hang with a better class of people.


So if I am injured by police as I rob a bank or hijack a car it’s news?


" The demonstrators had been making an attempt to re-establish a presence in the area of a disbanded protesters' camp when they were met by police officers in riot gear. "
So, an anti-war protest group was trying to retake a park the police had evicted them from, and by so doing were clearly in violation of the law.

I pray this guy recovers and am grateful for his service...but he is hanging with the wrong people and being used to violate the very oath he took to the constitution.

Jeremiah Wright also served...he was a U.S. Marine...but he went wrong thereafter and now hates America.


Notice the T-Shirt he is wearing: Veterans for Peace.

Anyone who has anything to do with this organization has turned his back on those he served with. These pieces of crap are cut from the same cloth as those who vilified our soldiers in Vietnam, even if they did serve.

There is a shelf life on how much respect and support someone who fights for our country gets. It is not unlimited. If anyone wants to argue this point, one need look no further than Benedict Arnold. There is a man who should have and did command the respect of his fellow countrymen, but his name is now synonymous with traitor. As it should be. These people are no different.

I usually give leeway to and respect veterans in their opinions, but any veteran who joins this anti-American group is lost to me, as far as I am concerned. I will stand with the other veterans.

I hope the guy recovers, but you sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas.


Well said. I have faced off against these evil, filthy traitors. I harbor no more sympathy for them than I did for Rachel Corrie.


If Oakland Police are willing to do this to a left winger protesting, just image what they will do during a conservative protest.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

NYPD arrests OWS organizer Debra Sweet

The link is dead, so I can't find the article. Also, every time I read this headline my mind goes "Debra Sweet is addicted to the knife."

"I long for Mcarthyism"

I agree... McCarthy was right... and McCarthy-ism lives... there is you... and there is me... and certainly there are many more like us.


” Debra Sweet; Known Communist”, to be interviewed by PressTV, which is a propaganda organ for Iran...

How odd....


Communists involved with OWS?? I'm Shocked!! Shocked, I tell you. (Well, not really).


Every freedom loving soul should mark these would-be tyrants as enemies. Keep them in your sights, for it may come to serious confrontation. They want everything we have and they intend to take it.


Throughout my whole life we have been at war with communists and communism. I lost friends and relatives in Vietnam that were fighting the spread of communism. Now I see the hammer and sickle flags parading down our streets and 'youths' talking about socialism, income redistribution, making many anti-capitalist remarks and wearing Che T-shirts.

Are we no longer at war with communism? Why hasn't DOJ raided the CPUSA headquarters and taken all their hard drives and started prosecuting active communists in the United States? What has changed? They are still our enemy . . . aren't they?


Along with this Debra Sweet you now have experienced lifelong Communist agitators/activists-— who are probably on the FBI watch list. This ALL now fits the CHINA/Clintons/Soros/Obama leftist agitation-— and the events ARE being coordinated as part of re-elect obammy in 2012— by none other than David Axelrod (another compadre of Ayers)


I’d love to see MCarthy t-shirts, kinda like the Che ones, at Tea Party events.


The blending of Communism and Islamo-fascism. Two peas in a pod working in perfect harmony.

--- I don't think he knows what any of the nouns he used in those two sentences mean.


What’s the surprise? We all, including me, stood by watching the Marxist train coming and did nothing. It just never occured to us that a country as great and powerful as ours could be subverted.


Always suspected communists were organizing this protest by the intellect level of the protesters. Dumb as a box of rocks.


“We used to hunt and kill this garbage in this country...”

When? They have burrowed into the guts of government and education like liver flukes since the FDR years at the latest.


How can anyone be so stupid as to believe in communism? The former communist countries have all rejected it. Who’s their hero, Kim Jong-Il?


Can you even imagine what Reagan would think of the mess the country is in now - a communist in the WH, ows, the czars, Obamacare, how far left the dem party is now. Even Tip O'Neil would be surprised.


EVERY Eastern European, or Cuban, for that matter - that I have ever talked to expresses stunned disbelief at what we’re doing to ourselves...

Communism and its bastard cousin, socialism SUCKS!


It would be kind of interesting to know what she was arrested for.

Organizing a protest that the President of the USofA, the Governor of NY and the Mayor of NY City welcomes doesn't fit getting arrested for it.


Art, I don’t know where the REAL MEN are anymore, or if there are any even left in the GOP. I fear they have all sold out to the NWO gang.

The future of America lies in the hands of those Patriots willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedoms.

We must fight Communism, Socialism and Totalitarian rule on every front, every day, every minute. Giving up will only ensure our slavery and the slavery of our children.

Never give an inch.

It’s coming......sooner than most think.


"“We stand by no longer.”

I'm with you. We'd better shake off this air of complacency and get good and mad and then stand up, join forces and get rid of these socialists/marxists/communists/revolutionaries in this country. Some of the commentary on this site regarding leftists in this country sounds like it's coming from people who have no fight in their bellies, no desire enough to do what it takes to remove this vile scum from our country. NOW that we know that the foxes are in the hen house big time, let's get our act together and work toward the eradication of the fox. Remember how our fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers handled their business in wars past?..they killed the enemy and won the war. What the hell is our excuse? Let's get this done, or WE are done for."

I'm in. Like I said, my mind set is to see what happens on November 6, 2012. If he wins, I think it is our duty to begin. . . if we can wait that long. . .

--- These are legitimately frightening comments. What's worse is that the reply I posted above, the one agreeing with him, was the only reply to the comment about possibly shooting people. No one chastised either commenters.


Whenever someone whines to me about McCarthyism, I say, “What if McCarthyism were about Fascists instead of Communists in the US government, or their subversive activities throughout the US?”

Within a minute, I usually get called a name, and then I grin because I know I’ve won. :)


HERE ARE YOU REASONS... how about john boehner and eric “we do have a problem with wealth distribution in this country” cantor... THEY ARE WHY THERE IS NO NEW COMMITTEE ON UNAMERICAN ACTIVITIES... THEIR OWN ACTIONS (lying to us and conspiring behind closed doors with obama, reid and pelosi) HAVE BEEN UNAMERICAN.


Tell them about the KILLING FIELDS in Cambodia... and tell them that this is AMERICA and that one day those bones will be their own. There is some reality that will scare them!


McCarthy was right and that was confirmed by the KGB's own records after the end of Cold War I (Cold War II is on the horizon) but it was scary for anybody who believes in the US Constitution and real personal liberty. Anybody who wants to see a return hasn't thought of the ramifications of all that rage being directed in a different direction. It's already happened. What about the post Katrina gun grabs? What about TSA bodily intrusions? We can all think of examples if we try. Still, all this is but a pale shade of how bad it's eventually going to be. Ever read the final book of the Bible? That's the true essence of McCarthyism. The Anti Christ goes after everybody who refuses his mark, the Mark of the Beast. How does he treat the children of the Living God? The folks who stand up for Jesus Christ? We haven't reached that point yet, but the beginnings can be seen around us all the time. How does that make you feel?


“...because when the firing squads start,...”

They can have our liberals for target practice.

Then we’ll take over and take care of THEM.

Pretty hard to shoot people who can AND WILL shoot back. This isn’t Europe. We’ve had over half a century of training our people to shoot and kill communists. It’s NOT a problem.

They want a war... Fine. It’s been a long time coming.

I’m sick of their sh*t, sick of their smears and propaganda and bullsh*t.

“Let’s roll.”

Blog Name Vote

Hello followers and people who searched for "Obama Sucks" in google images,

As I recently mentioned, I'm very amused by the ways people get to my blog through google, yahoo, bing, etc. But today a new one popped up based on a rage comic from Reddit that is too amazing: "Occupy Derp Street"

I am considering changing my blog name to that for the remainder of the OWS movement, but I wanted to know how everyone feels about it. Thoughts?

Friday, October 21, 2011

BREAKING — President Obama Will Announce Today Complete Drawdown of US Troops from Iraq By Year End

“It is Very stupid to tell your enemy your plans”...Shih-T’Zu


God help the folks at our embassy and consulates as well as the NGOs. The State Department will be responsible for security.


I’m in support of this if the reason is Iraq’s refusal to give our troops immunity.


Won’t it be harder to collect all that oil and money that’s owed us, if we’re not there?


Poll numbers dropping, have to do something. Khadafi won't help his numbers much, if at all. He got almost no bump from offing Bin Laden.


"A White House official says that at approximately 11:30am today, President Obama convened a secure video conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to talk with him about this news."

And you posted this around 12:30 pm. Real secure that WH his...


"I’m in support of this if the reason is Iraq’s refusal to give our troops immunity."

I agree. Add to that an agreement to recoup money to defray the expense of the war via oil pricing incentives. Freedom isn't free.

Yeah, Freedom Isn't Free. Really? That is like Comical Villainary 101.


Yes, according to the African Muslim Obama destroy America plan, Iraq is to become part of Iran the moment the USA military departs. Yes, the Obama plan to turn the entire Middle East into a radical Muslim bastion of America hate is right on schedule!!! And....just as African Muslim Obama wishes, Israel will be isolated, surrounded by legions of Obama’s “Muslim Brotherhood” brethren!!! And....African Black Christians, watch your back. Obama has you in his sights!!!


He is building the elements of a caliphate. Setting in place ‘electors’ so to speak.


Libya - check

Egypt - check

Iraq - check

Lebanon check

Iran - wink and nod

Attack on Israel - on schedule.


The Caliph-N-Chief waited for the Arab Spring to jump into high gear before removing troops from Iraq.

When Iraq falls to Iran the Caliph-N-Chiel will only get a poll boost from his blind admirers. The rest of us will see it for what it is. He hopes for the destruction of Israel. The SOB is once again on tv to hear himself speak.


Once again putting his re-election desires above the safety, security and needs of this country.
And we’re suppose to be surprised or shocked?
He don’t care. He has not a clue of what it means to be an American...but run a crooked election campaign? Boy Howdy, he da man!


At least they will be able to vote in 2012 at home in the USA. We won’t have to worry about the dems not counting their votes.


The UN, Euro’s and Obama fully support the creation of a Caliphate across the Muslim world. They think it will be easier to deal with than many different governments. heh.

Why do you think the UN and France went to war to install a Muzzie leader in Ivory Coast?? It got very little attention at the time.


Anyone notice Scott Pelley (CBS turd) getting his little dig at Bush at the beginning saying the troops went into Iraq at the beginning under the false assumption that there were weapons of mass destruction?


Part of the motivation might be eliminating a large outflow of our money. There are no ways of cutting expenses that are free from drawbacks. Maybe this drawdown will interfere with our objectives in Iraq. So be it. We gotta cut expenses, don’t we?

I’m anxious to hear feedback from our military experts.

---This one got no replies.


People need to know the Democrats were 100% behind stopping Sadam and his WMD programs before Bush was elected, then they changed their tune. They are liars, just like Obama.


Good let them come home. Obama has ruined the war plan anyway and with his rules of engagement our soldiers are sitting ducks. Good!


This is great news. Would have been better if the announcement was, “we left yesterday”.

Now, let’s also get the heck out of Afghanistan.

Osama, Kadaffi, and Hussein are all dead; Mission Accomplished, We Won, See ya later....

I’ve supported Afghanistan and Iraq, and Libya. While I scratch my head at Obama and Libya, frankly, for a Democrat, he’s executed the WOT pretty well.

For a very long time, doesn’t matter. Democrat or Republican in the WH, we’ll kick your a$$...

Big Kudos to all the fighting men and women of the USA!


Wait... does he mean THIS YEAR?

That’s 2 MONTHS!

Can they safely move out that much stuff in 2 months?

They would have to start immediately



Walking away from friends (Israel, Iraqis who wanted freedom, Iranian youths who stood up against the mullahs) and...

Embracing those who hate America($900 billion to HAMAS, the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt, and al-Qaeda related groups in Libya)

Hussein: hating America every day from the Oval Office.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Search keywords

Okay, today's search keywords were just too funny. So what do you google to find Freep Impact? Let's see...

Search Keywords

obama sucks 13

khadaffi dead 10

freep impact 6

freep 2

certified halal meat at costco 1

costco las vegas halal meat 1

costco selling muslim foods 1

dead of kadaffi 1

derp? 1

freep impact

Khadaffi is Dead (part 1?)

Not only is Khadaffi dead, I heard that Qadafi, Quaddafi, Kaddafi, Kwadafi, Quadafi and Kadafi were killed, as well...

I’m sure Libya will now become a new and wonderful country. (sarc)


So now obama and our very own Juan mcQueeg will claim a victory on behalf of PanAm 103..... only 2 years after McQueeg led a team of US Senators to Tripoli to drink sweet mint tea and shake hands with Qadaffi

(PS: Did Qadaffi hide the Kenyan birth certificate before they got him?)


Maybe obummer will send the Navy chopper to fly him off to sea for a quick disposal.

OK, we have the dna, we promise it's him. Trust us.


I’d say that now might be a good time for any Christians to leave Libya before it’s too late.


It is called State terrorism. What will Europe have to say about it .I hear that Nato was involved on firing on a convoy of 100 cars....what about the civilians?
I am an european and always heard, the lefties especially, cry against targeted killing and the killing of innocent civilians.
I guess the interdiction of killing your ennemies stands only for Israel. The rest of the world can kill whoever they want without fear of being branded “ cold bloded murderers”.
I am sad he had no time to tell us about the dealings he made with the corrupt leaders of the European Union.
It would have been great to see him on trial and telling all.

Now let see the new Lybia emerge as a full Islamist country.
can´t wait for them to settle their scores with each others.


"Yay! Will there now be a garage sale fer all of th'ose fab-u-lus clothes of his?!"

"I smell a shop-a-thon in Libya, gals!"


Poor Qaddafi... nobody listened to him. They were too busy chanting. Well, there was more truth mixed in that rant than anything Obama has to say.


Well I guess we won’t be seeing any gold backed currency any time soon


Obama HUSSEIN must be thrilled! Another Country now handed to the Muslim Terrorist Radicals to follow in the Footsteps of IRAN and Komeini!! Meanwhile Obummer,the Muslim Terrorist Radical in Chief, is trying to topple the United States of America in the same fashion as the Riots in Egypt, Libya, Iraq, etc!!! Don’t forget that Obummer lead the Riots in KENYA after his cousin lost the Presidential Election!


I guess our Nobel peace prize winner will be patting himself on the back now every two seconds “Glory be to the new Iran! Allahu Akbar!” I assume we can expect the threats against Israel to begin in the coming weeks “Death to the Joos! Throw Israel into the sea!” which is just how IslamObama likes it.


I think the Obama people are expecting a huge bump in the polls off of this, something he’s hoping he can keep up and stable until Nov 2012. In other words, he’s hoping this will revitalize his campaign... except no one really cares. It’s hard to get support from Americans for this when none of them (including members of Congress) have any idea or were given any justification whatsoever for Obama’s illegal war there. Yet another failure by the president who yesterday was telling Jake Tappert just how amazing he is as president.


Obummer will be in mourning.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Caption the Obamas picking out pumpkins

Some sample shots: Michelle Obama looking at smaller pumpkins, the Obamas choosing pumpkins, Obama with pumpkins, and the Obamas embracing earlier today.

"Michelle, you already have those two huge pumpkins in your we need a wagon full too?"

She looks more like Aunt Ester every day.


Good thing they didn’t pick something besides pumpkins ...

--- Really trying to imagine what this could mean besides the obvious...


Why do they keep trying to pretend they like each other? It’s obvious in every attempted “cozy” photo that she’s doing everything possible to avoid touching him, short of clobbering him with her purse.


Also, why didn’t they bring the kids??


"look! I found one as wide as Michelle"


"The funniest thing, Barack, is thinking of all the Americans who now can't even afford a big pumpkin! That's what makes me want this one!"


My God anyone with more than two brain cells know’s that these are nothing more than planned phony photo - ops and completly worthless.


Don’t even mention Michelle Obama.

She’s planning to be at the World Series tonight...I’m sure it’s because she loooooves baseball.

And I’ll have to endure the camera panning over to her all evening.

And it’s my Texas Rangers. She and her husband both hate Texas so I’m sure they’ll root for St. Louis.


Neon red at that - and with rust-colored slacks.

She’s got to be color blind. Seriously. Well...color blind in relation to pigment hues.

As far as races are concerned, she “wears”, ie accepts, only one color.


They keep trying to convince us that they are Christian Americans. The reality is that they are racist Black Marxist revolutionaries.

Good job liberal Americans, you finally proved you are not racist by electing the most radical communist to ever occupy the White House.

Now you have to eat your own stupidity.

There they are. You elected them. These are your leaders.


It occurs to me these two should be grateful to we the people who have paid taxes. And their kids too. We’ve presented them with a lifetime of incredible events, good or bad, and all they do is criticize us and whine. It’s hard to take anymore.


The last time I saw someone that repulsed kissing their spouse was when john kerry was running for president. His wife had that look.


"Hey, Michelle - the owner's informed me they're having a sale in honor of me! All the white ones have been have had their value slashed by half!"

Monday, October 17, 2011

Why do women still struggle to get to the very top in politics?

Via the Daily Mail.

Men also struggle to get to the very top in politics. There are very few positions there and lots of people fighting for them.


I’m not sure you will want to hear the truth but here go’s.

Women are not natural leaders. They are weak compared to men and this is natures way. This is not to degrade women in any way as they have capabilities not found in men. Leadership is simply not their biological role.

This is backed up by thousands of years of human history.

It is also the reason that it is highly unlikely that Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin or even Hilary Clinton had or have any real chance of being elected President of the United States. Of the three Hilary probably had the best chance and I will elaborate only by saying it’s not presidential to look hot in a bikini!


For years I had always stated that America would elect a black male president before electing the first woman president. I was right.

After how badly this first experiment has gone, I wonder about the typical white man and his intention in the voting booth.

And I wonder if he’d tell his wife that he will never vote for another candidate based upon race, sex or religion... ever again.


I’d vote for Palin in a heartbeat but liberals defeated my last opportunity to put her in office.


Ask Sarah Palin this question.

She’s the one who quit.


Didn’t a Roman Senator say, “Make women your equal, they will rule you.”


Perhaps because women mistake networking for accomplishment. In business it’s not all networking and in politics it’s not networking, it’s about being able to do your job. Throw in that sometimes women base decisions on personal perspectives, not what is good for the country, and you have a voting bloc that doesn’t want anything unpleasant, just a continuation of the good life. A lot of women voters don’t want what is best for the country, but what is ‘fun’ or ‘social,’ or always pleasant. Sarah Palin turns some women off because she likes to handle a gun, shoot animals, and get her hands dirty, something that a lot of women these days think is ‘icky.’ Obama won a huge vote because he is pleasant and doesn’t want Americans to sacrfice anything but their freedom and self respect. There is no point in denying that and there’s also a snippy cliqueish tendency that if a woman is too much of an ‘outsider,’ then she won’t get voted in. I soemtimes think America has been reduced to becoming one big high school campus. Sarah is the ‘out’ girl and as a result she won’t get into office. She might be widely respected and widely admired aroudn the world, but it’s at home where she has to get voted ‘in.’ No vote, no Presidency.


They have these pesky things called elections. People (for the most part) can’t just be appointed.

I’ll never forget the liberal I heard once explaining that the Supreme Soviet was more representative than the US Congress brcause they had more women.


I’ve noticed at work when I’ve had female bosses, there’s much more emphasis on discussing social activities and one’s personal life. With the male bosses I’ve worked for, it’s much more impersonal and focused on the job at hand which is fine with me since I’ve come to work not to a party.

WALL STREET INSIDER: The Obama White House Wants Us Gone. All of Us.

Interview from The Ulsterman Report.

Mao’s revolution cost 60 million lives. True believers recognize the necessity and accept it. The loose talk about killing the rich must be taken more seriously.


He shouldn't take it personally. Obama wants all white Americans gone, not just those on Wall Street. I think his ambitions have grown since his terrorist friends speculated that they'd have to kill off 25 million of us to take power:

"The thing the most bone chilling thing Bill Ayers said to me was that after the revolution succeeded and the government was overthrown, they believed they would have to eliminate 25 million Americans who would not conform to the new order."
- Larry Grathwohl (undercover FBI agent)


This will unfold in the already disarmed metro areas of the country.

I was going to see what other bites they got, but the thread was pulled by an administrator. No idea why.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Farmers blanch at idea of cow tax, EPA anti-methane effort is ridiculed

This one goes out to Jackson Herring.

Article from the Star-Ledger in 2009.

Comments from various articles.

The goal of “Global Warming” is to control people, to punish them for choosing “unapproved” behaviors and consumption.

This is the same goal for “universal healthcare” - to control behavior.


I hate New York.
If the New York Farm Bureau is so concerned about cow farts why don't they just get in their State Helicopters and fly from farm to farm wiping out the cow herds with M134 Miniguns.

That'll solve the cow fart problem real quick.


A Fart Tax?!?

I can just smell the T-shirt fortune with this one.

What if I eat a lot of beans?!? For every can of pintos, tro Uncle Sam 5 extra bux?

Aren’t Mexicans (beaners) unduly harmed by such a tax?


"After all, 6+ Billion people passing gas is not good for the environment and greenhouse gas levels."

You can make that 5,999,999,999.

President Obama farts pure O3 ozone.


All those farmers in Iowa will get their reward for voting Obummer.


Actually I think we ought to revolt by marching on Washington after drinking a few cheap beers and eating pickled boiled eggs. That ought to be revolting enough.


“What about horses? And Zoo animals.....elephants are many times bigger than cows are.”

What about people who are vegans? They certainly fart a lot - real sheet flappers!!


"We should tax people for just being alive.."

Don't write that in jest.

I have been saying that exact thing for quite some time now.
Soon, a government agency will command control of the atmosphere - for the good of the planet - and tax us all into uniform misery.
I predict it will become a Western World phenomena.

Part of the trend to Western Cultural extinction.


I wonder which state will seceed first? Based on this I’m guessing one of the states with the most agriculture.


The islamofacists should just take the easy road and not fight us. The left is out to kill our society, anyway. Between abortion, restriction on energy use and now, starving ourselves, all they have to do is wait about 20 years before the west falls.

In sum, I concede the point: nobody called him Fartbama. That must have been created by Fark.

Emails Expose #OccupyWallStreet Conspiracy to ‘Destabalize’ Global Markets, Governments

Unsurprisingly, the article is from Big Government.

Freepers are the best at uncovering the real details of any issue...


Breitbart is normally right on the money. I hope they expose these communists for who they really are.


This whole thing is bigger than "us" against "them". The herd has to be thinned. If we kill each other, those at the very top won't have to do it themselves. The one world government has a plan.

They're working on the "MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000"

By pitting people against each other, they don't have to do the killing. They can rile up Muslim countries against the Jews (done), the Christians against the atheist (done), the young against old (done), male against female (done) race against race (done) rich against poor (done), etc.
Neighbor will rise up against neighbor. Nation will rise up against nation. Kingdom will rise up against kingdom. Eventually, a war will break out that will eliminate 2/3 of the worlds population. The plan will be a success.

The 10, standing in pomp and glitter, head for their vaults.
The people, angry and in disarray, loot the shops.
Which of these knew in advance? The Eagle? The Crown? The Bear? The Sun?
No, fate is not a consideration for this race


If Obama is planning on becoming a Tyrant in the vein of the Roman Republic by conjuring up/enabling these useful idiots, he better get millions, probably 10 of millions more lemmings to create conditions of social breakdown.
Martial Law/Suspension clauses would be hard to unilaterally declare within the United States as well as suspending elections. Too many State/County/City laws that will take care of any manufactured insurrections on a local level. All Congress would need to do is quit funding Obama’s delusion of grandeur and shove the Constitution between his big ears.


I pray God they fail miserably and that State Governors will be prepared with their National Guards to put it donw quickly should it start up.


The email ...calls for the Occupy movement to begin “executing higher-risk actions, civil disobedience and arrests,” and suggests: “We must draw a line, disavow the Democrats explicitly, make our messaging a little uncomfortable.”

This is incredibly important. They want to disavow Democrats. Who the hell are they? They just want to start shit for the sake of starting shit?


Hank Williams Jr. is right to equate Obama to Hitler...Hitler disarmed the german citizenry after he was elected in the guise of “public safety”. Once disarmed, the Germans were sheep being slowly led to the slaughter...

We are living in historical times, having the most evil regime in American history trying to fundamentally transform this nation.


I think a little psychological warfare is in order...

If multiple vehicles decked out with the loudest speaker systems available could start playing gospel music as loud as possible, and stay mobile, or place speaker systems in strategic unreachable positions, they could have the entire area vacated within hours.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

BREAKING: all 100 senators have been called into intel meeting on Iran assassination plot.

NOTE: I am not a news site. Someone on FR got this information from Twitter.

Anyway, here are the comments:

Dumb0's not really going to wag that dog, is he? IHRTS? IA?


I’ve heard others say that what Iran did constitutes an ‘act of war’ you think it’s within the realm of possibility that Barry the Boob is actually gonna DO something about that? I mean...recalling ALL the Senate is not something I’ve ever heard of.


Peace prize winner to declare war on Iran?


“Way too early [in the election] to play the war card. Isn’t it?”

He already played the “I got Bin Ladin...honest!” card.


“Do you think it’s within the realm of possibility that Barry the Boob is actually gonna DO something about that?”

Do not underestimate Barry the Boob, especially when he’s in desperation mode.

WWAD? (What Would Alinsky Do?)

Holy KRAP!!!!!

--- Okay, for the record, most of FR has been clamoring for a war with Iran for YEARS. So I love this sudden turnaround where it's something to be concerned about.


Obama’s reelection plan:

Riot’s in our cities and war with Iran. I see food shortages in our future.


“O - ba - mah” means

“He is with us” in Farsi.

....shaking head in disbelief that this guy was actually elected ....

...shaking head in disbelief ALSO that McCain was the Pubbie nominee.....


Barry thinks he is King....Why does he need the Senate? He got Bin Laden...Why isn’t he putting on his combat boots loading up his M-16 and heading for Tehran?? LOL


Notice that Hussein wasn’t on the hit list? There is not another person on this planet that Iran would not want in the Oval Office than Mr. Apology.


Oxymoronic to have an intelligence meeting with 100 Senators.

--- Okay, 1 for you, Freeper.


The smart thing to do would be to tell Israel that we won’t stand in the way or condemn them for a strike in Iran.

Unfortunately we’re talking about the world’s dumbest democrat administration.


If its between Saudi Arabia and Iran, where does Putin side? Will the Chinese want to show they are a super power now and send an Army too?

What happens if both sides build up and then all the Islamics make peace and send their troops after Israel instead? Will the rest of the world find a reason, or manufacture one, to join in?


act of war maybe, but since they wanted to kill a Saudi it wasn’t an act of war against us.


,I sincerely hope the Marxist Moonbeam from Mombasa ...having screwed the pooch is not about to wag the dog, wave the bloody shirt, or cry "Havoc!" and let loose the Dogs of War.
Obama, Our War Time President! Boy that's a thrill down the leg!

(1) Iran is bigger than Western Europe. That's really big. Just finding the targets we don't know about is going to be tough. If they are hardened or underground, it will take a while

(2) Anyone thinking that air strikes, even NUCLEAR airstrikes are going to put them out of business in a few days is delusional.

(3) If on day 1 of the Iranian War we succeed in taking out 95% of their missile and nuclear capability, the 5% left for Day 2 will be falling on Tel Aviv.

(4) If every ally we have puts every plane it has into the effort, the war will continue as the Arabs, even though no friends of the Persians, will unify to help their fellow Muhammedans ... or at least enough of them will to cause us serious problems everywhere from Toledo to Tashkent.

War with the Worthy Oriental Gentlemen of Iran? Not the best of ideas, but a great distractional talking point as Holder's "Fast and Furious" heats up.


Freepers are a lot more plugged in than the general population. We all know about the assassination attempt and various reactions to it because we track such things. If you set people who are news junkies aside, this is a fairly obscure event. If we went to war or did some lesser type of dog-wagging, the majority of the population would be saying huh?! If Great Leader is going to wag the dog over this it is a miscalculation on his part. It is not going to play well with an already grouchy citizenry. I'm thinking loud saber rattling to, as others have opined, take the Fast & Furious and the mismanagment of government freebies (Solyandra et. al) from the front page.

That said, if Great Leader sent a team or a drone or a Warthog to take out Imadinnerjacket, that would be fine by me. The impact in the middle east, oil prices, and the safety of Israel are high prices to pay for scandal white-out. Then again, this is Great Leader we're talking about


If Fast and Furious is bigger than Watergate, a war might be the plan. Didn’t Clinton bomb an aspirin factory to draw attention away from Monica?


I don’t get it? one muslim wants to kill another muslim. Why should we give a hoot? Although the iranians would have tried to blame us. What’s all hullaballoo anyway?


"you’re for starting yet another war and sending Americans to die because Iran tried to kill someone else’s diplomat - our soil or not? l.u.n.a.t.i.c"

If they were planning to do it Mafia style with a shot to the head at close range I would agree with you. However since the plan involved a car bomb and a restaurant full of Americans I do take issue with Iran over this. Not because of the ArabI honestly don't dive a darn about a Suadi one way or another, but we need to make it very clear to Iran that American's are not collateral damage. And if we had a president who cared about American citizens that is what we would do.

Of course that isn't what Obama will do. He just needs a distraction. If it wasn't for F&F this would never have made the news.


I will NOT suport ANY new war while that misfit POS is still in office.

This is “wag the dog”.

Send in the human shields.


Interesting, many of the people that are calling for Revolution have ties to Soros. Well funded.

There is a reason Obama has hidden his past.

Meghan McCain speaks to UConn students (McCain attacks conservatives as "people who don't evolve")

Meghan McCain specifically was speaking about LGBT rights and spoke about how conservatives should be for equality.

That is some equality. Doesn’t count those who have different opinions.


Can’t this twit just go someplace and hide in a cave?


LOL - what’s the over/under on her IQ? 80? 90? Any true insight that comes into her brain will be the first. How much better evidence do we need that the mainstream media is biased - why on earth would this woman’s views be reported in the first place if she weren’t someone they could trumpet as an “apostate” from her nominally Republican father?


Fat and stupid is no way to go through life...


Here’s a fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives; which would you prefer if you could only have one, freedom or equality? those on the tight sill always choose liberty and those on the left will seek equality because excellence scares them


Was recently at the home of a flaming lib, trade unionist acquaintance a while back and low and behold I see a copy of “Dirty, Sexy, Politics” on the book shelf.

MM is a flaming lib Democrat and should be treated as such.


She is in Connecticut. She likes to inhabit areas with ready access to large bodies of water. This helps to support her immense weight, when she is not on land,,,feeding.


Ever wonder where Meghan gets all her smarts from?

Is it her Mom? Or her Dad? Or her Nanny?

You'd think a politician wouldn't want their children gratuitously insulting his voters. But, hell, McCain's spent entire campaigns flipping the bird at his voters.

It will be so satisfying to be rid of this asshole.

Hey, he called me one. I can call him one.


stuff a cheese burger in her face. that will quite her down

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Iranian terror plot in US foiled

Let me add that there are three different threads in Front Page News and Breaking News about Holder, and two about the Wall Street protests.

Incredible timing with the Issa memo to Holder. With that said, if this is true, this should mean war in the size and style of WWII.


If you believe that, I’ve got some swampland in Florida to sell you.


WAG.....THE.....DOG. Didn’t they say the Zero was briefed in JUNE on this???


Iran, Mexico, and NYS...All friendly and cooperative venues for the admin. What a coinkydink.


Sure, sure....biiiig plot foiled, uh-huh. Biiig and daaaastardly.

Rule #1 —don’t compromise your sources & methods.

So WHAT is the extraordinary need to TELL us all this? I mean eeeeevery other time, even the most stringent new security measures, it’s all justified with flamboyantly few details — “YOU LITTLE PEOPLE NEED KNOW NUTHINK...”

Yet here, suddenly, we gets TONS of exotic detail from the ObaMubage Admin.

Gosh I wonder WHY, ya know?


“Attorney General Eric Holder said the U.S. would hold Iran accountable. Clinton told The Associated Press the Treasury Department soon would put more people under sanctions. She also predicted the plot would further isolate Iran.”

What does “accountable” mean?
What does “put more people under sanctions” mean?
What does “further isolate Iran” mean?

It never ends with Iran. Even with the previous administration.


Iran attacks the USA. Response?........... hello hello.....where is the response?

The above was until about 4 EST, I just got back to add more. The new article's title: "U.S. Ties Iran to Plot to Kill Saudi Envoy (DC bomb plot)".

Obamma is in bed w/those Iranians...war timed for elections..


timing of all this is much too convenient.

what has Manucher Gorbanifar been up to lately?


"The charges are also a rare instance of Washington accusing Iranian groups of fomenting terrorism on U.S. soil."

Washington's been dead for 200 years.

The president is Obama, and his Administration is accusing the Iranian government of planning to put bombs in our nation's capital.

The response is up to Obama now. Not Washington.


Convenient, how Holder is trying to divert attention away from Fast and Furious as he tries to make himself look like a responsible Atty General.

BTW, how were the Iranians able to plot an assassination attack in our country? Seems like they aren’t afraid of obama.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bloomberg: Occupy Wall Street Can Stay Indefinitely

Summary: Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on Monday that he’ll allow the Wall Street protesters to stay indefinitely, provided they abide by the law, marking his strongest statement to date on the city’s willingness to let demonstrators occupy a park in Lower Manhattan.

Well if he let Muslims build a Mosque a few blocks up from the WTC, what’s the big deal about some smelly freeloaders ?


Good, this means we’ll cancel our Thanksgiving plans to go see the family in Yonkers - we had always liked the pilgrimage to WTC, the Met - etc.

We’ll spend that money elsewhere this year.



sooner or later, these pampered trust-fund babies, parent-supported, and taxpayer-assisted students have to return to class eventually.


Say goodbye to NYC tourism. Without that and wall street, NYC won’t have enough revenue to keep itself afloat.


How is camping out in a city park not breaking the law?


Bloomberg is right. Leave the occupants alone. They have the right to assembly. So long as they aren’t hurting anyone or breaking any laws, then protecting their right to assembly is protecting our right to assembly.

Also, I, too, am tired of Corporate Welfare. I can sympathize with them on that one. They don’t like it for the same reason that international socialists have always disliked national socialists, but that is a different subject.

On that tiny little similarity I see a point of common ground.

The government has bailed out banks, investment firms, insurance companies, car companies, energy firms, and mortgage houses.

If they want to rail against that, then have at it.

I’m half tempted to take a sign that says “A Conservative Who Agrees With you on Cronyism” and carry it in their parades.

Perhaps they’d leave rather than associate with the riffraff.


What about the rights of the person/persons who own that park they're trashing and squatting in(literally)and who wants them out. It's their private property, not city owned.

And what about the rights of McDonalds and the other businesses which "have to clean their bathrooms every 5 minutes" for their unpaying customers.

As another poster said....."move them to Central Park" and let Bloomberg deal with them there.


Would Rudy Giuliani have put up with this? I think not.

IIRC, NYC was a much safer cleaner place when he was mayor.


we need some freepers to infiltrate. Does anyone here have any college age kids who are out of work? and extra $400 to $650 a week might come in handy.


They’re down there selling heroin, ruining bathrooms of local businesses. Hurting the eateries in the area. Obama and the democrats own this mess and whatever happens down there. Obama and Hoffa called for it and they all continue to support it. They are nothing but loser anarchists. I watched a lot of college football this weekend and the stadiums across the country were packed with tens of thousands of college kids who are at school - not living under a tarp doing drugs. What’s happening on Wall Street has turned into a free-for-all place to crash and freeload.


I bet MSNBC will forget to mention that a lot of these protesters are paid during their fawning coverage.

Friday, October 7, 2011

OK Prediction Time: Where do you think the United States will be Nov 2012?

Hot civil war.


At war with China.


Looking forward to getting back on track under President Cain.


“OK Prediction Time: Where do you think the United States will be Nov 2012?”

On the verge of race riots/war as the inner city maggots realize that their “won” is about to lose his job and the free ride is OVER.

Economically.....about the same as now.


Watching the screen door and Obama on his way out. Fumigating, sterilizing, re-painting, re-carpeting, steaming and boiling everything in the WH to make way for President Cain!


Having voted that POS out of our White House, we'll be very worried what a maniac like Obambi will do in his final two and a half months in office: executive orders, release of murderers and drug kingpins.

And of course, we'll watch our cities burn worse than in 1968 by the scum who will be allowed to do such by our Dept of Justice.

It'll be a long 2-1/2 months until Obambi gets his family the hell out of our White House.


Full on 1932 Depression. China, the Middle East and Europe can't keep it together that long. And if any one of those three go into the toilet we are cratering along with them. My bet is that all three will collapse and the US will go right with them.

Global war is a real possibility. When the ME melts down all heck is going to break loose. Especially if Israel gets nuclear. All the oil gets cut off and that takes out the rest of the world's economies.


I’m no prophet, but it’s a safe bet things will be worse than they are now. Maybe it will resemble an 80s apocalyptic thriller, but my guess it will simply be more difficult, frustrating, depressing and hopeless. That isn’t to say that Democrats won’t do all they can to give us a Mad Max reality.t.


with herman cain as our president elect, the market will be on the rise and unemployment will be on the decline and peoples everywhere will be singing the song of recovery.

not to mention the enormous gains in the house and senate will put the conservatives, not republicans, the conservatives in control and people will start to be accountable for the crimes against this country.

i CAIN dream.


martial law


Watching reruns by 10pm, as it’s already declared that Obama has lost.

Israel To Assad: We Will Bomb Gaza, Whole Of Lebanon If Tel Aviv Attacked

Summary: "Israel has warned Syrian President Bashar Assad that should Tel Aviv be attacked, then it will retaliate by bombing the Gaza Strip and the whole of Lebanon. "

That’s what I’m talking about!


Now, that.....THAT is how to deal with thugs. Obama would just write another ‘strongly-worded’ letter sprayed with perfume.


Yes Boam that glow in the East WAS DAMASCUS!


"a retaliation for an attack against it, by Hezbollah, Hamas, or Syria, will not be limited to Syria, but all of Lebanon and Gaza"

I love it, I love it, I love it!

Isa 17:1 Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, and it will be a ruinous heap.


Amen, been waiting for this one for awhile now, light up the sky and turn back these scumbag nations, Damascus tread lightly because I hear hellfires and brimstome a comin’


A nuke on Mecca and Medina would be a great idea to add to that notice....


Why threaten to bomb Gaza and Lebanon?

I would rather say - bomb Israel, and Damascus will be turned into a parking lot.

Not THAT’s something Assad will understand!




Good for Israel, God bless Israel.

Israel ? why don't you just take back what is yours ?
Take back Gaza, the west bank, most of the Sinai.


LOL! Yeahbut...that's only 'cuz all you've seen is Jesus in white robes; you need to get acquainted with Jesus in red.

1 Who is this who comes from Edom,
With garments of glowing colors from Bozrah,
This One who is majestic in His apparel,
Marching in the greatness of His strength?
“It is I who speak in righteousness, mighty to save.”
2 Why is Your apparel red,
And Your garments like the one who treads in the wine press?
3 “I have trodden the wine trough alone,
And from the peoples there was no man with Me.
I also trod them in My anger
And trampled them in My wrath;
And their lifeblood is sprinkled on My garments,
And I stained all My raiment.
4 “For the day of vengeance was in My heart,
And My year of redemption has come.
5 “I looked, and there was no one to help,
And I was astonished and there was no one to uphold;
So My own arm brought salvation to Me,
And My wrath upheld Me.
6 “I trod down the peoples in My anger
And made them drunk in My wrath,
And I poured out their lifeblood on the earth.”

— Is. 63:1-6 NASB

Can you spell "Divine Retribution"?


American Liberal Jews-in-name-only don’t run Israel. We Jews have usually been on our own for the past 5,000 years of others’ trying to kill us. America has been a wonderful if brief interlude in having to run from Cossacks. It’s part of our DNA. We know that when someone comes to kill you — as the Talmud says — “rise up and kill them.” This will, of course, infuriate the Left and its self-hating Jews-in-name-only. Tough. Get used to it.


Good for Israel. I wonder what our Dear Leader will say on that ?


I like it!

If bad actions don’t have bad consequences, how can we expect learning to occur?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Editorial: What's Behind The Bank Protests?

Article here

An excerpt: "The mob assaults against our banking system by unemployed leftists and their political allies are part of a larger strategy to control the commanding heights of our economy. And we'll all be much poorer for it."

Note: I'm including some of the debate, because as you'd expect, some Tea Partiers actually see a connection between their frustration and the Occupy Wall Street frustration. Not that many, though.

Smith and Wesson stock should be skyrocketing.


Obama and Hoffa carrying out what they said they would. Taking down the banks is a bonus.


Many of the leading investment bankers and brokerage firms of Wall Street are liberals and Obama backers. It’s hypocritical to portray Republicans and conservatives as being in Wall Street’s pockets.


This is Obama’s attempt at a communist revolution. He knows it is now or never.


All of this is what Glenn Beck said would happen on his show months ago – and they called him crazy, nuts, a lunatic. Now it is happening, and the Wall Street protestors are calling for global revolution and the collapsed of “the system”, and there is no doubt that Obama is fanning flames and will do nothing to squash what some are now calling the “American Fall” a counterpart to the Arab Spring. The funding is being provided by the usual suspects, SEIU, Center for American Progress, among others, and you know who is funding them, George Sorros. Their playbook, The Rules for Radicals, called it “creating a crises” and what you are seeing is the Bottom Up / Top Down theory also from that same book outlining how to destroy capitalism and what is left of patriotism which will be caught in the middle. And this I am afraid is going to get much uglier.
God help us.


Hidden agenda: Wag-the-Dog move to take Fast & Furious, Solyandra, etc off the news - and the sheeple will swallow it...painting the banks an the GOP congress is just frosting on the cake.

It really infuriates him to have a Republican Congress. Kings aren't supposed to have opposition. He can't come to grips with it.

If we don't push back hard, we may go through 80 years of abject poverty and control, the same as Communist Russia after the Revolution.


“He knows it (a communist revolution) is now or never.”

My family has blood invested in this country. He seems to want more.


Communism, the end of capitalism and the collapse of America. That is the objective here. Anyone who believes otherwise isn't very bright and/or isn't paying attention. IMHO.


“I guess watching your way of life disappear is just fine with you; maybe you’d prefer dealing with the Asian imports that have taken many of these people’s jobs...”

Maybe we wouldn’t have all these problems if more people hit the books instead of going into debt in order to major in some politically correct bogus degree.

Chinese moms are math moms, not soccer moms. That’s why they have a future and we are left with all the crumbs.


"Their degrees are useless..."

Oh boo hoo; their "major" is not in fasion. Cry me a river. Mine wasn't either; I adapted and LEARNED MORE in a new field and made it.

These little twat's want it handed to them on a silver platter.

Funny thing is, for how educated they supposedly are, their damn stupid to history as well as current events; and they will KEEP voting Democrat.

No pity for them what so ever.


"Do you think that the root cause is greed? Liberal entitlement mentality? What?"

Oh come now..

Ya think fatcorps taking tens of hundreds of thousands of jobs to Mexico and Communist countries are honorable and are doing so for their efficiency? No, it's because they work for dirt cheap, they pay little taxes, get around the regs and their new workers think company benefits mean at 10 minute break...


[Obama] has lost independents... he has lost women... he has lost much of his white guilt support... pain is more powerful than PC... and Americans just do not like him any longer. He will get the black vote and the gay vote and the leftist of all flavors vote... but it will not be enough for him to even show... unless... the republican blue blood elite get their man romney in the catbird seat... then many sit out the election and obama wins in a landslide. That is what you should be concerned about IMHO.


For people who don’t collect government pensions, the unofficial retirement age in NJ has been pushed up to 105. As for the illegals, there are much more than “12 million”; we have that many in NJ alone.

At this point we’re even educating the foreigners who will displace us...


These are the same vermin that torched Chicago in ‘68... these are the same vermin that burned and pillaged Universities... these are the same people that spit on American soldiers when they came home from VN. I remember these animals... I see defecation on our flag in NY City today... I listened to interviews today with the leaders of this movement... and if I were President... so help me GOD... I would charge them all with sedition and urge the States to use their National Guard to arrest these people... when van jones and the nbpp start shooting... our side will hold overwhelming firepower. I would go lethal at the first outburst of violence. I watched them almost destroy my Republic once... I will not sit idly by and tolerate them today. I have phoned and faxed DC today... I pray that these anarchists are stopped now... before a lot of good people are hurt and killed.


There’s a difference in the real Wall Street, and bailout business forced and YOKED upon the American citizen. The protesters need to seperate the two.


"I don’t know why people are so dead set against acknowledging what the labor movement achieved a long time ago when it was necessary; the unions outlived their usefulness when the reforms they demanded became law, but that doesn’t mitigate their earlier accomplishments. I have never belonged to a union, and hope I never do, but I enjoy weekends and a workweek usually of fifty hours. What a sense of entitlement.../s"

Henry Ford predated unions and he decided that he should pay his workers $5.00 a day so they could afford to buy what he was building.

Sounds like the unions were late to the gig.


The bad news for the protesters is that eventually the weather will turn bad.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sarah Palin Will Not Run for President

It was a great statement - classy - on the money - and I love her insistence that energy is the first key to our restoration. She will be a huge help to all we believe in in this cycle IMO.


Been saying for the past year, Sarah Palin is smart enough to understand she should not run for president. And I don't mean that she wouldn't be a great one. Thank you Sarah, the conservative movement needs you more than ever.


All I can say is, there is a person who lives her values.


If backstabber Romney is the GOP candidate,
and given that he was behind most of this,
I will vote 3rd party
or write in the name Sarah Palin,
like the rest of America.


Herman Cain! Romney is the GOP’s Al Gore!


Quite frankly...I feel like a fool!

Probably my fault...but a fool is what I feel like. Maybe it's time to bury my head in the back in the sand and regroup. I am actually heartbroken. Sarah should not have let us linger so long, expressing our faith that she would come in. She was following this site, as well as her own.

Family reasons is a good fall back, but it will take a while for me to forgive myself for being so stupid!


"Cain or Perry?"

Whichever one the polls show can beat the Marxist Halfrican. I’m miffed at Sarah, she shouldn’t have left everyone hanging for so long. I imagine she is finished with politics forever. Now she pissed off her fans, what a shame.


I’m sad, sad that a fine candidate for President of the
United States was savaged with tooth and claw, her children
the target of vicious rumor, her office of Governor
beset with lawsuit after lawsuit to the point she could
not continue to do her job.
I am disappointed, I believe she has what it takes but
who can blame her after the handling she got.
She will still be a voice and a force for conservativism
and one that will play a large part in our coming history.



Herman Cain

It's him or the GOP elite's choice, Mittens, and so I choose 'Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness' over RomneyCare's oxymoronic Liberal Conservatism any day.


Horrific news for our country.

Sarah was our only hope to save the nation, the world, the Constitution and the American family.


As I said in another tread:

People who are miserable today at this news: trust me, this was ordained the day she resigned the Alaskan governorship, and I was despondent the day that happened for this very reason.

I hate the scum that launched baseless lawsuits against her. Hate. From the bottom of my heart.


"Come on, [our gloating] is deserved after all the abuse us non haters that knew she was not serious, took."

I was raised not to be disrespectful towards a lady, so I will kindly ask you not to post to me again, or I might forget myself.


"Hope is lost..."

No, there is another...

68 posted on Wednesday, October 05, 2011 6:43:31 PM by BenKenobi (Honkeys for Herman! 10 percent is enough for God; 9 percent is enough for government)
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--- Lol, had to include this guy's username.


Well, my big concern was the safety of the palin family. Apparently, it was/is hers too.

hurt, saddened. But we move on. Objective#1: removing that bastard from 1600 pa ave.

#2 not letting the media pick our candidate.

darn it. I had a grand ready to throw at her. The rest will have to work for it.


"Joe McGinnis—Mission Accomplished"

heck no! That fool man couldn’t take Sarah out, I think she is doing what is best for her family. I respect that.

That is another thing I totally disrespect in Obama, making his young daughters grow up this way. JMO


Melodrama much??
I guess I will just go hang myself in the barn now... Nothing else to live for.


Back in 2008 when McCain selected Sarah Palin as his running mate, my biggest fear was that it was too soon to push her on the national stage, that he would waste her as an asset to his losing campaign and undermine her future potential as a leading contender for the nomination in 2012.

And that’s exactly what happened.


"Sarah was our only hope to save the nation, the world, the Constitution and the American family."

There is no such mortal person.

It is going to take all conservative citizens and many good leaders to restore what has been lost in the past 40 years.

Your statement strikes me as no better than the left thinking Obama was the savior.


She will be on the record with Greta tonight and for the first time I WILL NOT be watching....betrayed is not the word that is strong enough for me, I was ready to help, I was ready to give, and I will NOT be running over to Walmart now for the DVD, which I went to get at 5am this morning....glad I didn’t get it.

She let these bastards win.


"Am no fan of Romney but will he put this nation on a much better track then Obama? yes.."

No, heck no and then some....he's an extention of Obamas agenda...and why the media and the democrates appointed him as their favorate Republican candidate.

Get your head out of the sand....Romney will hand the election over to Obama....just like McCain did.



The libtards heads are going to explode! Sarah is now more dangerous to the left than she would have been as a candidate!


So we get another Bush1 or Bush2 or Bod Dole or Clinton or a McCain again? Sorry I am giving up on national elections the game is rigged. The same team has 2 sides, there is very little real differences between Ds and Rs. I think we need something a little more then just changing the uniforms on our reps in DC.

--- It's a Freep Impact minigame! I think he's talking about, in order, Gingrich, Perry, Huntsman, Santorum, or Romney. What do you think?


I feel as sick as I did on November 5, 2008. God help us.


Sarah is now harder to get in the media crosshairs. There are more powerful people than Obama right now, namely Axelrod, Jarrett, Soros... they call the shots, but remain behind the scenes relatively unnoticed. Obama is just their talking head and golfs when he's not needed. Sarah Palin is poised to become the most influential non-elected power broker for conservative politics out there, if she isn't already.


A great woman is lost as a candidate.

There is no reason to rejoice and I am thoroughly disgusted with all the Palin-bashers on this web site who are so misguided as to celebrate this sad event.

Oh, do I wish you rock-throwers would experience the undeserved hatred shown to this wonderful woman and her family.

Those on this site celebrating Palin's announcement are the truly "damaged goods."


I've been concerned for sometime that God may not swing things around this time.... He has another agenda coming which almost requires we be weakened as the USA has always been a "light" and a Haven of hope for so many...not to mention a war machine He used time and again to keep the evil in this world in check.

I can't help but see the similarities in our country as that of Israel when she turned her back on God. He warned her many times as well, but there did come the day where God said enough is enough....and i fear that day is here now for our country because of the people....and our refusal to keep him as "One nation 'under' God" in our hearts and minds and very souls.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Action Needed: Obama's Internet Takeover to Begin Nov. 20

All of the pieces are coming together.

We’ve got politicians openly talking about suspending elections.

We’ve got a President who’s said numerous times that he wishes he could just bypass Congress.

We’ve got an Attorney General who is implicated in a widespread operation of gunrunning and biased cherry-picking of cases.

We’ve now got the FCC taking over the Internet in November.

Folks, we’re way past that point of no return.


If Thomas Jefferson were alive today, he would be composing a new Declaration of Independence, proclaiming the overthrow of this tyrannical regime.


"We also have a government that has executed an American citizen without a trial in absentia by a court of law.

FReepers cheered. After all, he was a bad guy.

It should have been easy to get such a ruling but for the ACLU which, of course, decried the simple takeout they necessitated. Needless to say, a government that can simply kill a terrorist citizen can turn those same legal means on any who would stand in the way of tyranny and that means us.

Sometimes the irony of it all just blows me away."

Are you serious? Did Ron Paul tell you to write that nonsense?

--- I lol'd


"A few FReepers said the Clintons would never allow another election. That didn’t happen."

You're not taking into account that hussein and his handlers are exponentially more evil than the Klinton regime.


"The terrorist are not far from being in our own backyards."

This is a joke right?

During Bush's 8 years, while at war in Muslim countries, Bush imported hundreds of thousands of Muslims...All while rolling out the red carpet for tens of millions of illegals, from God knows where...During war time.


"I am a long time Republican and conservative but I cannot understand the great hatred of net neutrality shared by my fellow conservatives. Do you really want to see an internet that allows preferences of packet transmissions? Do most of you really even understand what that means?

I’m not about wanting to see my ISP be able to charge me an extra $XXX dollars a month just so I can pull up in under 3 minutes over someone who pays an $XXX extra a month so their Skype packets get priority over mine. That would be at best. At worse (and more likely to occur) would be ISP’s creating packages of sites that you can access for extra fees over not even being able to get them at all. Want to be able to pull up google/FR/foxnews, etc? Great! Just pay an extra $50 a month and you’ll have access to them. Don’t pay and they don’t come up.

Or am I just not understanding the whole ‘net neutrality’ thing??"

The whole goal is CENSORSHIP.


Isn’t there anyway we could stop this. Is there 1 “off” button that shuts down the entire internet?

From everything I’ve heard, there is no way to do such a thing. People always find a way around it.

A computer expert I most certainly am not. There’s got to be SOMEONE out there with the skills and know how to prevent such a thing.


Yep, the American people have lost our freedoms and today its just a whisper goodbye..makes me sick...dorkus POTUS is a curse on us..God help those that love you...its not going to be pretty..


I don’t claim to know all the ins and outs of ‘net neutrality’, but I vehemently oppose it for the following reasons:

1. It is a solution looking for a problem-the above scenario you describe is NOT happening and is not likely to happen if the govn’t gets out of the way and lets the free market take care of itself.

2. Liberals lie! Whenever a liberal/socialist administration proposes doing something under the guise of ‘fairness’ or ‘neutrality’, you can pretty well bet-as was the case with the Fairness Doctrine years ago, that their regulations will have the opposite effect. Bottom line-I don’t trust anything this administration does, cause I fear the underlying motivation is more control over our lives.

3. The courts have stated clearly that the FCC has no authority whatsoever to impose this, and yet they don’t appeal to a higher court, they just completely ignore the court ruling and move forward to impose the regs anyway. Based on this fact alone, EVERY person who calls themselves a “lifelong” Republican or conservative should be 100% opposed to this.

If there’s really a problem that needs addressing, let the administration take it before Congress and ask them to write a new law to fix it. That’s the way our Republic works-at least it was until this regime took over.


We have to start crime suits against the government and pointless civil suits. Then we got to enforce the results and dare them block the law. It needs to be organized as they do affirmative action: presumption of guilt and constant state of prosecution. Dare them shut us up.

Community “organizing” my arse, this is f@g union conspiring.