Thursday, April 26, 2012

First Hispanic Supreme Court justice takes prominent role

Summary: Sotomayor played an interesting role in the recent Supreme Court case on the Arizona Immigration law.

She's proven herself to be anything but “wise” so far.But those of us who've been paying attention aren't even a little bit surprised.

prominent role ? Give us all a break. She asked some questions that reflected her ignorance and all of a sudden she's a prominent force on the court. Very sad.

Every time I think of the Jug Eared Jackass’s SC appointees, I think of this quote from Julius Caesar:
“The evil that men do lives after them....”

The “wise Latina” on the Supreme Court is proving herself to be a pandering Hispanic lackey, who will never see justice for all Americans at the expense of her Caribbean brethren
SowtoEore was unqualified for his position.

"Just remember Rick Santorum voted to confirm her to the Appeals Court when Clinton nominated her knowing she'd be on the fast track to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Think about that any time someone laments Santorum isn't the nominee."

The Senate always just "rubber-stamps" presidential USSC nominees. Why that occurs, I don't know. My guess is it's about the "good ole boys" club in both parties. Other than Bork and Thomas, I can't remember the last time the Senate contested a Supreme court nominee. Of course, it was the Dimocrats who fought against the above.
I'm no longer a republican. They are gutless. Obama will get 4 more years to destroy us with "liberal lite Romney" as a weak nominee. Would have loved to see Newt debate Bambi, but he wasn't pretty enough in our "cult of personality". With all Newts faults, he knows what's good about our heritage and history, but has a goofy smile and talks above the dumb-downed populace. Santorum was also a pretty boy like Mittens, but doesn't know squat. Ron Paul is a dipshit.
This dying nation wants smooth talking celebrities who speak in generalities for what they will do for the "gimmes", and that includes Soccor-Moms. Newt knows history and the failings of socialism, but no one wants to hear such big concepts and historical precedents as to why Hopey and Changey is failing. Just look pretty and promise me stuff, please. Pfft.


I get fairly dark in the summer and am often spoken to in Spanish [which I don’t speak]
But I have plenty of *paper work* to identify myself, should I be asked.

A former business partner of mine went to high school with Ms. Sotomayor (Cardinal Spellman, I believe). He said she was no great shakes intellectually and she has an Ivy League background for one reason- she is a Latina. My former partner is a Democrat.

the member of the hispanic KKK gets her/its day in court. La RAZA, La Sodamaker.

I will make sure to refer to her as a white hispanic from now on. Her skin is lighter than George Zimmerman’s.

Soto Sayso is easy to get rid of. Just prove Obama is unqualified under article II of the Constitution, and every appointment Obama ever made would be null and void.
That is actually much easier than many think.

Alabama is on the right track in terms of examining the issue in the courts.

53% of New Graduates are Jobless or Underemployed

Good! Little Che t-shirt wearing, Marxist voting a-holes! Learn to love it! You voted for it!


This is the reality of the world that a lot of these kids wanted when they supported Obama. Socialism and taking from the rich sounds good in theory. Getting degrees in Social Work and Wymyns Studies and going to work to help the disadvantaged sounds good in theory. And then reality smacks you in the face — there are no jobs. When everyone is sitting on their ass unemployed because they have a Social Work degree, no one is generating the income to pay for the rest of society to live. We are running out of other peoples’ money.


Hope and Change, clowns! You went to “college” and got a “degree” in something that was never designed to make money, especially now that 1000000000000 other Gen-Y dupes got the same thing. Maybe if you were smart enough to go into something with a demand, and not have been so stupid to vote for O, you might actually have a chance.

Enjoy your college debt. Oh, and where’s my damn fries?


Not every college kid voted for 0. I for one knew exactly what his presidency would mean for my job, my ability to pay off my college debt, and my ability to get out on my own.

I graduated in the summer of 2008 right when the bottom fell out, and not everyone can be an engineer or a doctor, so some of us who are more creative or struggled with math and science and wanted to go to into careers that suit our talents couldn’t find a job in those fields and ended up unemployed because there wasn’t much professional work available. It took me two and a half years to find my first “real job” after working two jobs part time to get me experience (many jobs after the bank crash weren’t entry level and many of them wanted 3 years of experience) for the field I wanted to get into: marketing. Happy to say I’m now employed as a Marketing Associate and while I wish this would have happened a couple years earlier I just have to grudgingly admit that sometimes life gives you a challenge and that you just have to work hard and stick it out to do what you want to do and be where you want to be.

I’m part of Gen Y, I didn’t want this economic apocalypse, I voted against 0 and I have sympathy for those in my generation who saw the same thing and are now struggling to get work. The others in my gen who support this guy are idiots, but for those who woke up I feel for them, and maybe, hopefully they learned an important lesson. My point is, is that not all Gen Yers are libs, if anything this economy might be a grand awakening for many of them. The ones who are now demanding handouts (and it isn’t all of us, I have debt, but I will pay it off without government aid) are the same idiots who would vote for this clown regardless. Some of us, a lot of us, want to have careers, start a family, and live a better life.


Gee, isn’t 53% the percentage of people who pay no federal income taxes or get a federal income tax “refund” called the earned income tax credit? Coincidence, or maybe it has something to do with the fact that so many people “earn” degrees that qualify them for nothing more than they were were qualified to do when the received their high school diplomas?


YES WE CAN!! Si se puede!!! Yes we can!!! SI SE PUEDE!!!
How’s that “Hope and Change” thing working for you guys?
Sorry, I have very little sympathy, knowing that most of them worked, and voted, for Obama.


"They’re taking some risk, too."
Not least of which is that of attracting the notice of the corrupt government leeches who live to suck the life out of success.
If they're in Detroit, it won't take long.

Successful Democrat Governors

Vanity post:

Out of curiousity: Is anyone aware of a current successful democrat governor?
We hear success stories out of Ohio, Wisconsin (despite Walker's current recall), North Dakota, South Carolina, Louisiana, New Jersey - all with dynamic Republican Governors at the healm.
Where are all the success stories from states with democrat governors?
Why isn't THIS a talking point wit the RNC?
Why are we always playing defense?
Just curious....


The problem with your question is that the dim media and the dim governor define their on success and therefore it is so.
If you mean is there a dim-gov that isn't running a huge deficit, huge taxes, etc...the answer is no.

They don't exist!
I cite my own state of Maryland as exhibit 1.


Schweitzer of Montana hasn't done to bad for a Dim. He's pro-gun, pro-states rights and Montana has a large budget surplus.


“Why isn’t THIS a talking point wit the RNC?
Why are we always playing defense?”
A better talking point would be: who runs the toilet states/cities? Who’s been in charge of Detroit/Baltimore? Who was in charge of NYC pre-Giuliani, or California pre-Arnie? Wait a couple years before bringing up California, on second thought. Thankfully, should be just in time for the rest of the nation to start smelling its rotting corpse.


"“Zig-Zag” Zell Miller. Democrat governor of Georgia.
Of course, he was more conservative than a lot of ‘Pubbies and waaaaaaay more conservative than the Democrat party in general."
I would VOTE for Zell Miller for president over Mittens Romney, heck I would vote for Zell over ANY of the GOP runners in the last 3 elections cycles, heck the only one who would win over Zell in the last 30 years would be a ressurected Ronald Reagan!!!!
And you stole my thunder, I was going to post Zell Miller as the LAST sucessful Democrat Govenor.


I am disappointed that MY former governor is the Republican apparent candidate BUT....
You must remember that Mass is so overwhelming LIBERAL democrat that there is really no a lot a governor of any party can do. Evidence the number of our LEGISLATIVE former leaders are either in jail, disgrace or under indictment.
Also, many of the bad stats came from eastern areas of this zoo that are so far to the left they are in danger of falling over.
If TODAY’S government had been in office in 1776, we’d still be speaking ENGLISH as we pledge our alligence to the KING, rather than the Flag of the USA. (N0 2nd amendment)


We have a successful Governor here in the Gay State.His greatest success was convincing a fellow Rat office holder to pretend to leave the Rat Party and to run against him as a “conservative”.The result? Coupe Deval,Osama Obama’s good buddy from their Chicago street thug days,won reelection with 48% of the vote.


George Wallace?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Cut His Head Off!" Illinois union thugs rail against Wisconsin's Governor

Excerpt: "Rev. T. Ray McJunkins of Springfield's Union Baptist Church and USAction's William McNary engaged in violent rhetoric to rile up a union crowd of thousands just yards away from an Illinois appearance by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. McNary challenged Walker to "knuckle up" while McJunkins said they're going to "cut off his head," likening Walker to Goliath."

This is an example of what our poor Governor has had to put up with for the last year. But, I have to admit that I can see no reason for such violent rhetoric in ILLINOIS against the Wisconsin Governor, who has no say over Illinois wages whatsoever.


"Reasonable people will soon lose patience with such thuggery. I'm afraid it won't end well, as this leftist bunch from Zero on down is all in to set their communist dictatorship in stone. There will be a lot of innocent blood spilled before it's all over."
Hussein’s voters are not reasonable people and they number about half of our population.


Ilinois union thugs are always confused. Probably because their wives and daughters are at home entertaining AlQaida terrorists in the delights of the bedroom.


Even if the ignorant, self-serving, Union deadasses “win”, they are just kicking the can down the road for a brief respite.
That isn’t basic economics, or even basic mathematics.
It is fundamental arithmetic.


Shouldn’t these lowlife, commie bass turds be getting a visit from the Secret Service the way Nugent did?


It’s very easy for those in IL to peak next door into WI and see that the financial condition of that state is improving under Gov Walker. The IL thugs are alarmed that they and their policies are next in line for the chopping block and they are unnerved and VERY afraid.


[Someone posted a picture of the minister in question. He is a black man with a nice suit and some jewelery on]

“I wonder how much that suit and jewelry cost.”

I was wondering how much skin came off of my white ass to pay for them....


Get a load of the ‘bling’ with which that fat man has adorned himself.


That’s a $1200 Movado watch that fat turd is wearing. A product of stealing from the plate I would assume.


I will feel much Schaudenfreude towards the libs and union people when Walker wins again. And make no mistake, he will. I’d bet the house on it.


Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (D) stole the 2010 election. His two predecessors are in jail.
He probably would agree with the union thugs.
I have a good feeling that Walker will win. All the tools form the Universities in Wisconsin will be on Summer Break fornicating in their home states or in some hell hole tourist joint in Mexico.
So it'll just be Trumpka his fat friends and the commie teachers..

Wisconsin must be solvent. I received my state income tax refund FIVE DAYS after filing! Wisconsin was insolvent when Walker was put in office. That says it all.


Simply being Baptist does not make one a born again saved Christian. Personally I doubt that a true Christian would ever make such a remark, especially in public. So Rev McJunkins may be an unsaved Baptist minister, but he is not a born again Christian.

I would venture to say that most black churches (of whatever denomination) are nothing more than liberal, socialist, welfare, pro-union, pro-homo/lesbian, pro-Islamic, social gospel, black liberation type of theology. That includes the Black churches on TBN as well. That's why every 4 years you see demoRAT presidential candidates making their ritual, show of false Christianity by appearing at predominantly black churches.

When supposedly 98% of blacks vote for radical marxist, pro-abortion, pro-LGBT, muslim like 0dumb0, I question whether any of the blacks voting for 0dumb0 are really born again, saved Christians. They will find out, when they appear at either the Judgement Seat of Christ (for believers) or the Great White Throne judgement (for the unsaved).

Friday, April 20, 2012

Does Anyone Really Believe The New 46/46 Poll Coming From CBS? Obama at 46%? Laughable?

I think these polls are intentionally manipulated to be close to the 50% level so the independent middle will think it is close. When we get closer they will start to break higher for O and lower for Mitt and the independents will follow the trend. Correct me if you think I am all wet.


"If the price of gas continues to increase and the economy remains stagnant or deteriorates Obuggery will lose and lose bad."
Barring an October Surprise of epic proportions, I agree. The MSM is covering for the big O with all its muster. The GOP nominee must attack with negative ads for the single purpose of depressing the base of the big O. Surely, that is what the DNC will try to do to the Repub voters. Pray for cold rain in the first week of November.


Any conservative candidate could win.
(except they would be attacked
by the Soros-BAIN-Romney-Reid team.)

Romney is absolutely sure to lose. He is despised
from his attacks on GOP candidates, and lies,
and fascist impositions of whatever
he was thinking at the time.


I think the GOP has an October Suprise of epic proportions to hit the Won with.


I became convinced long ago that ‘independents’ and ‘moderates’ claiming to ‘vote on the candidate, not the party’ are more interested in voting for the eventual winner and enjoying that imaginary sprinkle of stardust than in any real election issue even if such a vote conflicts with their livelihood, morality, religion, etc. These are the same people who suddenly discover their city has a pro sports franchise when said franchise reaches the championship game or series.
It’s a juvenile, simple-minded and counter-productive act but it happens every election.


These “self-rolled” polls are the “In-the-Tank-For-Obama” Media’s uppers.
These are fake stimulants and the pathetic liberal media know it.


why don’t we poll one million people who hate paying $4.50 a gas? Romney or Bozo?


Polled were 45% liberal communist Jews, 35% blacks including New Black Panthers, Black Muslims, and other assorted black POS, 15% OWS, Greenpeace, SEIU and assorted union goons, 5% homosexuals and Hollyweird celebrities.


Actually Romney is stronger with Independents and they typically swing away from the incumbent according to what I’ve read. I hope they’re not wrong.


and you got to wonder how many blacks CBS called? hmm?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ted Nugent Declares ‘I Will Either Be Dead or in Jail’ if Obama Is Re-elected

Excerpt: "Ted Nugent is hitting the pavement for GOP president hopeful Mitt Romney. The rocker called for attendees of the National Rifle Association’s convention to go out and recruit thousands of people to vote for Romney in the coming election. Nugent said, ”Our government is wiping its a– with the Constitution.”"

I love Ted's passion for freedom and RKBA.
It's his wisdom in siding with a Ivy league gun grabbing a$$hole that I take issue with.

I am honestly surprised to be alive right now after the last few years of Zero's Socialist reign. I'd be even more surprised to survive another four year of the same...


Asspress reported this with all their attempts at hysteria. What they didn't realize is that the truthfulness of his remarks stand in contrast to the media's daily smokescreen.


I don’t get it: Romney is more liberal than even Obama yet Ted is supporting Romney.


ABO is a very strong belief. I struggle with it daily. I'm am furious that a weak no conviction lying liberal butthead will possibly garner the GOP-e nomination. And then I consider Zero and the dark minions in his administration and I think ABO.


“I don’t get it: Romney is more liberal than even Obama yet Ted is supporting Romney.”

You’re right. You DON’T get it.


Anyone seen any bumperstickers reading, “Da Bro’ Gotta Go!”?


Four MORE years of Obama would be MUCH worse. A nightmare!


Obama is a COMMUNIST not a liberal.


I’m with you Ted!...If this disaster gets re-elected it’s over for America as we know it!


Romney has made some awful mistakes, and has some awful positions, but there's simply no way that he is as bad as Fauxobama. I'm am seething mad at the lack of choice that we have (and will still vote for Gingrich in the TX primary next month, regardless of whether he's in the race or not), but Fauxbama is the enemy. Just like the US allied with the Soviet Union in WW2 to get rid of Hitler, so must conservatives ally with Mittbots to get rid of Fauxbama. Just like we got rid of the Soviets over the ensuing years, so we will get rid of the Mittbots and restore our Republic - but we must first survive as a modestly free nation before we can do that.

Yeah, Romney rots - but he's not Fauxbama. Besides, if we have a reasonably solid conservative majority in Congress, we can stop the worst aspects of Mitt's liberal tendencies. He, unlike Fauxbama, has some respect for the law and won't be issuing Executive Orders all the time in order to undercut the Congress and all of us. He's at least somewhat persuadable - unlike the Manchurian Candidate in the WH.


If you could go back and get rid of the politicians that brought us the Income Tax, or the administrations that brought us SSIP, Medicare, Medicaid and the WOsD programs, would you do it?

Obamacare is all of that rolled into one giant liberty stealing program. Yes, Mitt MIGHT do something, but we all know that Obama WILL do something. He already has. If the USSC does not overturn it, then we MUST repeal it now or it will never be repealed.

I prefer to play russian roulette with one bullet in the chamber instead of filling all of the chambers.


Your Russian Roulette analogy is backward. Romney would effectively provide all six rounds. If Obama won, the very fact that Republicans had so soundly rejected liberal Romney, would empty most of the cylinders.
You say Mitt might do something? THIS IS THE MAN WHO DESIGNED AND IMPLEMENTED THE MODEL FOR OBAMACARE! Hello???? Observation indicates that it's probable that his vanity and pride are as wrapped up in seeing it pass as Obama's. Romney's registration as a Republican is a beard that, sadly, few are willing to allow themselves to see through becasue they are so blindly fearful of Obama, and they are paralyzed with fear because they have fallen for all the hype attributing omnipotent powers to Obama. But because Romney is a Republican, HE would have the greater power (and would very likely use it) in destroying limited government conservatism, which is the ONLY political defender of our freedom.

The most substantial thing better about Obama than Romney, is that Obama is a Democrat.

Romney has a long, documented record of PROMOTING liberal policies on the five major issues -- cap-and-trade, nationalized health care, subsidized abortion on demand, activist liberal judges, and the homosexual agenda.

And it's just SAD to see folks here hanging on to the ridiculous hope that "If we can just maintain a conservative majority in Congress, we can hold Romney's feet to the fire." Yeah -- and if we can just talk enough sense into cats, we can get them to love going to NASCAR races.

Fear makes people do stupid things -- like vote to surrender everything the Republican party needs to DEFEND.

Marine Faces 'Other Than Honorable' Discharge Over Anti-Obama Facebook Comment

Views on this are split, since there are quite a few military families on FR.

We can only hope that the next real president will be able to overturn this injustice and restore this patriot’s honor.


Soldier nailed by Obama Nazis. The Progressive Communist pan Leninists mean business. The soldier is lucky to be alive, unlike Breitbart who died after vowing to tell the truth about Obama.


"He knew the rules. He clearly violated them, & dishonored himself in the process. Very stupid & very sad."

agree that the Marine was mistaken about what he was allowed to say and what he wasn’t allowed to say. I don’t think he dishonored himself.

1. He can’t conduct his personal opinions on a government computer.

2. He can’t speak contemptuously of his commander-in-chief (or any commander, actually). Let him say, “Screw Captain Jones!”, his company commander, and see what that gets him.

3. He can’t give the impression he is speaking as a Marine or on behalf of the Marines, any disclaimers notwithstanding. (I think his website was something about Marine tea party, or Marine protest.)

None of the above is dishonorable, in my opinion. In fact, it doesn’t rise to the level of court martial, if you ask me. I think it was non-judicial, letter of reprimand to the official file kind of stuff. And that would have ended his career in that he would have failed promotion, and it would have been far more quiet and dignified of the Marine Corps to have handled it in this manner.


if the commander in chief had ordered him via his commanders to commit war crimes, he would have had a legal precedent to disobey.

other than that, he signed an oath and was duty bound to obey his superiors.

I find this fascination with putting ones life out there for all to see on facebook disquieting at best.


I can only hope that Americans choose a next Congress carefully - that my fellow Americans do not send “useful idiots” to Congress but Patriots who will insist on the IMPEACHMENT of any Pagan Communist like Obama-or any of his Administration.


So when does John Hanoi Kerry get booted out for his anti Soldier comments on Iraq, Afghanistan and Viet Nam. I am not a war criminal or a baby killer.

"Hanoi Kerry had already been booted. That’s what the discharge upgrade program under Carter was about."

He made his comments on Afghanistan and Iran during the Bush Administration which was after his supposed DD before Carter. He is still in the Senate so he has not been booted yet.


Hey Barack O’Quota Baby...just remember that that marine made the mistake of saying openly what virtually all of our military thinks of your sorry illegal *ss.


Obama’s not fit to shine this Marine’s shoes.


I also want the next president to overturn the injustice done to LTC Lakin.
Can you imagine if - even Romeny - were to casually make the statement in a press conference, "the first week of my administration, I will reinstate all benefits to LTC Lakin and expunge the injustice done to his record." The left would go apoplectic. Mittens wouldn't have to say anything for or against the eligibility issue, but it would instantly be up in front of the public. Arpaio's findings would be front and center. Mittens could just say, I am not discussing the presidents eligibility. It is a decision that each American has to consider when voting in November. :-) I can hope and dream, right?


“Nonsense. The rules are clear, and he knew what they were. He blew it.”

I actually applaud him for thinking it. I think it’s possible a 2nd term Obama might try to become President for Life. On the other hand Obama, legitimately or not, is CIC and you can’t publicly announce your intention to disobey your superior officers.

33 Years Ago

Summary: Vanity post reminding Freepers that 33 years ago, Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister

Unlike most posters here (not all), I have actually met and talked to Obama. You look into his eyes and there is nothing there. No soul, no feeling. It is like looking into the eyes of a shark.


Ms Thatcher, even in her present state, still has quite a few IQ points over the Obamaloon.

Totally agree in RINOmney...he is a vapid dork.

I’m worried, but preparing for CW-II....which appears to be our only way out.


Still fighting. I have great hope in heaven, but little hope for America. Thirty years ago, people talked about the political pendulum swinging left and then right. Unfortunately, we’re not seeing anything swinging right. Single moms, the number one cause of poverty, are now hero’s. ABC is now gAyBC. Europe is succumbing to Islam. Africa is falling to Islam. South America is moving towards Communism. Freedom is not expanding.

The quality of a Democracy can not exceed the qualify of the press. The lamestream press has gone from bad to corrupt, and is now unrepentant when caught in a lie. Fox is moving to the left. Romney may slow the slide, but he’ll keep moving us left.

My fellow Christians need to prepare for a severe persecution.


We have a real problem with the MSM here in the US and I know it is global.
Our system was never designed to allow a President (ANY President) to be the unconditional spoiled darling of the MSM.

An MS with an unchecked and wholesale bias (in either direction) was never in the equation and should not continue. It compromises the political dynamic, it hobbles our strength, unity and stability as a nation and it disfigures our national character.

Voters MUST reject leaders who gratuitously polarize Americans, AS policy! This will keep the media honest as well.


"I have actually met and talked to Obama..... You look into his eyes and there is nothing there. No soul, no feeling....... It is like looking into the eyes of a shark. Watching Romney, who I have not met, I feel the same basic revulsion."

Yes indeed. They don't look...they glare at best.

Times going to run out soon....and if this Primary goes to Romney I will be planning for the worst...both Romney or Obama will simply be the pawns being used to carry out what we know is coming.


"Been reading many threads on FR recently and have been horrified and saddened by the general feeling of defeat pervading the threads. So I want to share something that happened back in 1979, here in the UK."

And that's supposed to cheer me up? You can't even own a handgun anymore, much less carry one. Your country has no freedom to speak of, and that's just one example.

Thatcher was an anomaly (I'm beginning to think Reagan was, too). After her, the UK went back to socialism as usual.


Here’s anecdote I’ve just finished reading:

“In one instance towards the end of the Reagan administration, Gingrich discussed complaints about things left undone. Writes Hayward of the president that Jack Kemp fondly nicknamed the “Oldest and Wisest”:

“Reagan put his arm around the young Georgia Congressman and said in his typically gentle fashion, “Well, some things you’re just going to have to do after I’m gone.””


After they make up the facts the MSM tries (successfully in many cases) to tell us the meaning and how to “feel” about their made up facts.

My father-in-law years ago would yell at Cronkite, calling him a communist and liar. Said the news was mostly lies, we should not believe their propaganda. At the time we thought FIL was losing it, nope he “got it” and was trying to sound the early warning alarm.

FR Exclusive: Convicted Sex Offender Headlines Obama Campaign Event Emceed by Manager Jim Messina

Excerpt: "Obama reelection campaign manager Jim Messina emceed an event for Obama campaign volunteers Sunday night that was headlined by a rock singer convicted of sexual battery on a college student in 1990.

The popular rock group The Red Hot Chili Peppers played a concert at the House of Blues in Cleveland last night for about 1200 Obama for America supporters who volunteered time at Obama phone banks."

Obama lives in hell. THe worms are coming out of his nostrils and eyes and are claiming the presidency themselves, much the way he came out as a worm from the eyes of the RINOs like McCain.


Muslims LOVE sexual perversion. Why would it be a surprise that he headlined for his dear “leader” hussein?


Holy crap, the Obama Administration truly hates women.


I’d be careful on this one. Looks like George Mason university, in DC,, and the innocent female student was in their dressing room after the show as she said, to offer to drive their bus back to the hotel. (cause buses never come with drivers)
He was undressed in his dressing room, where she entered, and he being a rock star, made a lewd joke, asking if she was sent there to give him a Monica. She makes a complaint the next day.
He plead out to a few misdemeanor charges.

This could very easily be another humorless radfem east coast type like Kagan, Fluck, etc ad nauseum. It’s more than enough to dislike this guy because he supports Obama. We are way past the era where the word of coeds in universities should be trusted. (especially at universities within a few hundred miles of DC) In fact,,, you are more likely to meet the radfem type there than normal.


"IIRC, he slapped her in the face with the body part - did not simply make a request. "

He still denies that what she said was true. Why should i believe her word above his? A lot of the accusers at Tailhook were/are believed. And they were full participants,, to the point of drinking drinks by sucking them out of a phallus shaped container.

It takes more than an acccusation. Men, including rockstars, are totally defenseless against anything a female says. There are a million reasons that women lie about this kind of thing. Attention, to make a boyfriend jealous, to extort money, because they werent ready for a Mid-term the next day and needed an excuse, and just plain crazy,,etc etc.

Im just saying she accuses/he denies,, no injury, no proof, and no defense was possible except to deny it. And she was in HIS dressing room,, why? Please spare me the indignation,,, since at least 1965 women know exactly what going into the dressing alone room means.
Last,,, there is a striking absence of other women claiming similar behaviors. He gets the benefit of the doubt here against a secret accuser. But i’ll reserve the right to think he’s stupid for supporting Obama.

Besides,,,if the goal is to discredit Obama you’ll need to do better than to tar him with the RHCP association. Thats like if Santana plays for him, having some breaking news worls headline “Obama associated with pot smoker!”

After all, Merle Haggard played for Reagan,,, We are on extremely thin ice if we insist thast every musician associated with campaign events have decades of purity and chastity. The worry is that all kids generally like the RHCP, a LOT. And we get nowhere with such silliness,, except to give college kids a reason to roll their eyes at how retarded we sound being all freaked out about it.


I worked a number of rock shows during that time, but not this one. I never observed employees being sexually assaulted or abused like what took place at this show.


“Your attitude is why some women are reluctant to press charges when they are sexually assaulted.”

The Peppers are notorious druggies. They were probably all high when it happened. The men and women who work these shows do it because they love music. However, [the Freeper arguing that she was lying] seems to think that famous and powerful men have a right to do what these please with unwilling women and that doesn’t strike me as very pro-family. I’m sure DUers would have tons of fun with his quotes because they make the “War on Women” look real.


"Your attitude is why some women are reluctant to press charges when they are sexually assaulted."

Not to play devil’s advocate, but the Duke rape case is why some men, including me are afraid of dating. Because it turns into she said, then she said. It’s never he said/she said with something like that.


I’ve told my girls not to get near ANY of these rock star clowns if they know what’s good for them. It’s no different than telling little boys to stay clear of ‘friendly’ men that offer them a ride. Or how about walking the other way when a grizzly is on the trail in front of you? Or even worse, when you’re in Baltimore and see some ‘locals’.

There are simply people that are best stayed away from - and if you don’t, while you can technically blame them for being who they can’t claim it was a surprise.


you talk like an Imam explaining why women are asking for it.

In this case we can blame the sex offender. There were witnesses

Breivik trial

Summary: Breivik is the Norwegian man who went on a killing spree last summer, killing dozens of teenagers at a liberal political camp and bombing a building. His views are somewhat Freeper-ish, and he hates Muslims and liberals. He apparently really like World of Warcraft, too.

I keep wondering how the trial would be handled if the killer shot members of a far right group instead of the Norwegian socialist elite ?
we must keep in mind Utoya Islans was a haven of socialist hatred towards Jews and an enclave for Islamists.The youngs on the Island were praisingsuicide bombers and welcoming islamist speakers with open arms.
I am not saying in anyway Breivik was right, just wondering how the media would have dealt with the case. Would they have been very sympathetic ? would they have found excuses for the killings?


I know how someone can really get the goat of the Norwegian leftists left right now. Refer to Anders Behring Breivik as “Anders Behring Breivik Dragen”.

Breivik’s hero is Vlad Tepis, who is seen in modern Romania as a hero for defending his nation against Islamic invasion, which was utterly brutal on both sides, not just the Wallachian side.

Vlad Tepis’ father was “Vlad II Dracul”, the appellation “Dracul” meaning “Dragon”. Thus Vlad III Tepis, or as he was called posthumously, “Vlad the Impaler”, had the appellation of “Dracula”, or “Son of the Dragon”.

Thus, by calling “Anders Behring Breivik”, “Anders Behring Breivik Dragen”, the Norwegian word for dragon, it implies that, though he did not directly smite Muslims, he smote those sympathizers who wanted to overrun Norway with Muslims, to destroy its culture, and subjugate its people.

And by wiping out the socialist-communist equivalent of the Norwegian leftist Hitler Jugend, the next generation of ideologically pure international socialists, Breivik may have very well changed the course of his nation, to remain Norwegian, instead of becoming a socialist “administrative district”, full of ethnically heterogeneous “generic persons”, a weird “Marxist Islamic state”.


"Breivik mastered all 85 levels of “World of Warcraft”."

...and had no sex life. No wonder he went a bit over the edge.


What is the big deal? There is no death penalty and how much time can he get in Norway anyways? Do they have life imprisonment, or are they like Germany with the maximum sentence being fifteen years?


I wonder how quickly they’ll restock that school with little freedom and liberty haters in training.


This isn’t the first time I’ve seen some disapproving nanny-state glare thrown at [WoW]. One of the things that has to annoy party hacks and control freaks everywhere is the amount of skeptical discussions in game about political factions, ideaologies and personalities. Very unscripted, irreverent and critical. Like coffeeshops in the Islamic world, someone is going to want to shut off all that thinking and talking going on in there.


What else should be on trial, is a society that allows camps for political indoctrination of thier youth.


"The trial will be very interesting."

I'll bet.

If Breivik doesn't lie, is direct and doesn't rage, the lefties have a real problem.

If the Muslims that testify also tell the truth (not likely) it will be a disaster. If they aren't allowed to testify it will also be a disaster.

So basically this guy thinks that a guy who freaks out at an immigration increase and shoots a bunch of kids deserves to hear the immigrants side of the story.


I believe that Breivik is not just sane, but that his actions were carefully and expertly planned, well executed, and importantly, achieved Breiviks goals. And in doing so, he has altered the future course of his nation.

Here is some background not widely covered by the media.

1) The Workers’ Youth League (Norway) was founded in 1927 with the merger of the Communist Youth League and Socialist Youth League of Norway. While it officially considers its founding based on the 1903 Norwegian Social-Democratic Youth League, its real impulse came in response to the formation of the Hitler Jugend in Germany, in 1922.

In all of these cases, whether communist or socialist, the purpose of these leagues was to create an ideologically pure generation to replace the current communist or socialist, socialist-fascist political leadership.

Importantly, over the course of almost 100 years, these youth leagues maintained the idealistic, ideological focus of their political movements. This is a winning strategy against conservatism in any form, because conservatives have no inflexible doctrines, and tend to use a static defense of retaining the status quo, whatever it is. Which invariably loses.

2) In modern internationalist-socialism, a primary goal is to eliminate national borders and national, cultural, and ethnic identities, as well as philosophies other than their own. To do this it encourages unrestricted immigration, on condition the immigrants give political loyalty to the left.

That the immigrants are also deeply ideological and in strong opposition to leftism is of small consequence to the left, because it sees them as inherently weak and corruptible, their ideologies far weaker than conservative nationalism.

Norway has a relatively tiny population of only 4.7m, so they are remarkably easy to infiltrate with immigrants until Norwegians are in the minority.

3) So the end result with be an absolute majority of political power for the left, the destruction of Norway as a unique nation, and the Norwegians as a unique people and culture, what remains being a “generic” administrative socialist district of Europe, lead by an ideologically pure elite of internationalists with no loyalty whatsoever to what had been Norway.

4) However, the left made a major mistake by “putting all its eggs in one basket”, with virtually its entire future generation of socialist leaders on an island with no ready means of escape.

Breivik first used a bomb to distract the socialist government, the arrived at the island to systematically kill everyone on it. Once he had achieved that goal, his mission was over and he surrendered peacefully.

5) What he achieved was to completely handicap not just that political party but their anti-Norway agenda. Almost by default, they will soon lose political power, and the more conservative opposition will derail the most destructive of their schemes, hopefully expelling a large number of these immigrants, requiring integration of the rest, restoring Norway’s national pride and culture, and to dismantle much of the socialist government’s bureaucracy.

As such, after many years, Breivik may be regarded as a national hero, though he will be bitterly vilified and cursed by the left even longer, as a “counterrevolutionary.”


Lefties quickly learn to "work" the law, and run into problems when their opponents also learn to "work' the law.
Interestingly, although the left presents Breivik as an extreme rightist, in fact he is a nationalist, and is more socialist than not.

As in Germany, this is a fight among socialists.


"What else should be on trial, is a society that allows camps for political indoctrination of thier youth."

So you want the government to prevent people to volunterly join groups like the boy and girl scouts, church camp??

(think before you say you want something forbiddened)


The media and "intellectuals" have pushed the phony meme for a half Century that Fascism is from the right. In fact, it is a leftist philosophy as it's proper name, National Socialism implies. The pre war fight for control of Germany was between Communist groups having nothing to do with the right.


I read an analysis of what Breivik did, but rewritten to put it in terms that make more sense to Americans, supposedly taking place in America.

It begins with a non-violent Muslim youth league, that over many years becomes increasingly powerful as a political movement in the US, to the point that now and then the Muslim political party has a majority in congress and even the presidency.

Their ends are to get rid of the US constitution, and replace it with Sharia law. All the while assuring non-Muslim Americans that they mean them no harm. But soon, all government largess goes to those who support Islam, and there is unrestricted immigration encouraged from every Muslim nation in the world. Hundreds of millions of Muslims coming to America.

Eventually they wish to even discard the name “America” and replace it with a Sultanate. And they train all their children in a giant, public funded madrassa, with the idea that eventually they will become the future leaders of the Sultanate. No one can become a leader in their political party unless they have graduated from this madrassa and follow precisely the agenda of the Muslim party.

Yet one non-Muslim American sees where this is going, and does not like it. He likes living in a constitutional nation. He likes his fellow Americans, but does not like endless immigration of Muslims to America.

And he knows that if he wipes out this giant madrassa, the cause of the Islamization of America will be set back perhaps a hundred years or more. It will be highly likely that the spigot of immigration will be turned off, and many of the immigrants already here will be made to leave.

He is an American version of Breivik. Is he a villain or a hero for wanting to save his nation the way it is?

This is a fair approximation of the situation in Norway. So again the question is, do the ends justify the means?


Interesting that they are treating him so well, since his actions were the opposite of politically correct.

If it happened in the U.S., the whole liberal establishment would be bashing him non-stop as a terrible example of what vast right wing conspirators and Christian militias will do, if not prevented.

And Obama would be using him as a campaign weapon. Just like bill clinton used the OKC bombing as his winning message in 2006, even though clinton, the FBI, and the CIA were actually involved in that conspiracy.

*EDIT* Adding some more quotes:

And by wiping out the socialist-communist equivalent of the Norwegian leftist Hitler Jugend, the next generation of ideologically pure international socialists, Breivik may have very well changed the course of his nation, to remain Norwegian, instead of becoming a socialist “administrative district”, full of ethnically heterogeneous “generic persons”, a weird “Marxist Islamic state”’

....?????? Sorry, but are you actually trying in some way to justify or make excuses for what this man did? That may not be your intention (I’d certainly hope not) but it sure as hell reads like it, with the above comment and your recommendations for people to add referential honorifics to his name.

This is a terrorist who planted an indiscriminate mass car-bomb in a crowded city center, then systematically massacred 69 kids (and yes they were largely 14-18 years old: that makes them kids in my book) because of his warped, twisted and in all probability insane views. If you find anything to praise, respect or admire in that, then I’m desperately sorry for you, and you need help.

This has and had nothing to do with ‘changing the course of a nation’ or of a valid political viewpoint, even one taken to extremes: it was mass-murder and terrorism, pure and simple. Whether the kids Breivik massacred were socialists, fascists, communists or followers of the flying spaghetti-monster has absolutely no relevance whatsoever. We don’t murder teenage kids in this country on the basis of their (or more likely, their parents’) political affiliations, nor do we make excuses for those who do. I believe, in general, we give them the needle.

If such viewpoints are accepted and acceptable on this site, then I’m clearly in the wrong place, and happy to leave. I’m a proud conversative, not an apologist for mass-murderers and terrorists.

Response:Your arguments are typical, and to be expected in a reasonable situation, but this is an extraordinary situation.

I cited the Hitler Jugend (1922) for a very good reason, this being that the AUF Workers’ Youth League (Norway) was created as a socialist-communist merger just five years later (1927), to accomplish similar political goals as the Hitler Jugend. That being the socialist-communist agenda, instead of the fascist agenda.

> “Whether the kids Breivik massacred were socialists,
> fascists, communists or followers of the flying spaghetti
> monster has absolutely no relevance whatsoever.”

In the case of fascists, the Hitler Jugend were trained to be militarily aggressive, to conquer other countries and exterminate the ‘inferior’ peoples within. Those male “kids” at age 17 would be inducted most likely into the Waffen or General Schutzstaffel, to commit horrific acts, or they were to become the next generation of government to promulgate and manage such acts.

They were not “just children”, but raised and indoctrinated to be sociopaths.

I have met older adults who had been members of the Hitler Jugend, and every one of them were still proud of that membership, and had every intention of doing those things when they were of age. They still carried within themselves the desire for racial purity, antisemitism, and military aggression.

But what about the AUF? The Workers’ Youth League of Norway? While not as direct and brutal as fascists, they were just as indoctrinated and ruthless in carrying out the goals of international socialist-communism. As such, they actively worked to destroy their own nation, and to wipe out Norwegians as a people. That this was to be done with gradualism, using democracy as a subterfuge, the end result would be the same.

Does it matter to a person if they are killed by being bashed on the head with a baseball bat, or they are slowly poisoned over the course of a week with good tasting food?

In either case they are dead, and in either case they have been murdered, and in either case, the murderer wins.

I have met so many people that have lived under socialist-communist regimes, which they have described as like living with cancer. It eats away at your substance, taking away your prosperity, your health, your happiness, and eventually your life.

They have perfected their twisted faith, to corrupt, distort, steal, pollute (physically they are an environmental catastrophe), and take away the joy of others. That we have the ability to reject them for now is good, for now, but they are persistent. Like Islamists, they have complete faith that they will conquer, that all people will eventually be under their sway.

Though I agree that Breivik does not really deserve accolades, he did see himself as in a role like Vlad Tepis, defending his nation against Islamic conquest. Yet not acting directly against Muslims, but against those who wished to destroy his nation by inviting unlimited numbers of Muslims across the threshold.

You may be horrified that they were “just kids”, but had these “kids” become adults, his nation would likely have been forfeit. All that Norway is and was, and the Norwegian people themselves, would have been swept away as detritus before “the cause”.

Would you be willing to lose your nation, your people, and your history, just because they stood in the way of those that wished to supplant them?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

We will not waste our limited resources on FR in support for a liberal progressive LIAR

Well, Jim Robinson can't make his lack of an endorsement any more clear. The number of Freepers who will openly vote for Romney is still around half from what I can tell, and while I don't think they're being banned quite yet, I think some are leaving because they're being called "wusses" and "liberal scum". You know, as adults do.

Anyway, we'll have to wait and see if Mitt's VP choice can energize the base like McCain's did.

Excerpts from Jim Robinson's vanity piece:

A reminder for those who are not receiving the message:

Romney is a pathological compulsive liar. Lie after lie papered over with more lies. Doesn’t even flinch when caught in bald faced lies, simply tells another big whopper to cover up or dodge the issue. Funny thing, the man actually seems to believe his own latest lies and simply ignores the glaring record of his past actions/lies. And you have true blue establishment elite RINO Republicans like Karl Rove enabling and backing up his lies. Their motivation is simply to hang on to power (and riches) any way they can.

I’ve stated many times since Romney started running for the presidency way back when that I’d never vote for him and I will not. He cannot lie his way out of his decades long record of support for abortion, Roe v Wade, planned parenthood, gay rights, gun control, global warming, amnesty, liberal judges, big government, compulsory or socialized health care (RomneyCommieCare), mandates, Keynesian economics, support and approval of TARP, bailouts, stimulus packages, i.e, every damn liberal progressive issue that comes down the pike.


There will be no campaign for this Massachusetts liberal liar on FR!!

Damn the libs and RINOS, full steam ahead!!

But no matter what happens we must turn out in November to vote IN as many conservatives and vote OUT as many rats as possible at all levels of government. If we don't have a conservative at the top of the ticket we must turn out anyway and vote straight conservative DOWN ticket!! Just think of it an off cycle election and pour on the TEA!! It'll be doubly important that we control both houses of congress and as many statehouses as possible.

Restore the 10th amendment!! Impeach the leftist president whoever he may be!! Restore Liberty!! Rebellion comes from the bottom up!!


This newbie is RIGHT THERE. No Romney votes coming from this house.


Thank you. Yappers have been nipping at my heels all day long because as a conservative on a conservative web site, I'm saying that I'm going to vote for a conservative.
Which isn't Romney.

Listen to them and you'd think I singlehandledly am re-electing Obama.


I’m all in Jim.

Hey, it’s like consevatives are now the subversive
revolutionaries. I’m going to go out and but a beret and some sharp but funky boots!


"Forgive me if I misunderstood your post, but you’re telling us to absolutely insure the Generalisimo gets reelected. Just stay out of the presidential election altogether. I’d vote for just about anyone to bid adieu to President Worse-Than-Carter, Lyndon Johnson, and FDR combined. Are you insane?"

Both Obama and Romney are pro-SodomyIsMarriage, pro-abortion,anti-gun, pro-socialized medicine and will appoint liberal judges.

I’d rather have that liberal agenda labeled as Democrat than Republican. Two years later the congressional elections will swing away from the party that gained the POTUS. That means we will have a chance to block Obama in 2 years. But if Romney gets in, neither the rats nor the establishment republicans are going to stand in the way of Romney’s liberal agenda.

The only downside I see to letting Obama win over Romney is that Israel might fare better under Romney.

But the upside is that faced with another 4 years of Obama, Congress might get serious with him and start enforcing the checks and balances that are supposed to be there.

I can’t in good conscience vote for either candidate because of their pro-abortion pro-sodomy stances.


Since 2nd Amendment issues have been and always will be my number One priority, Mittens will not get my vote.

I will be there to vote the Down Ticket, but will vote Constitutional Party at the Top.

I heard that Mittens was speaking at the NRA today.

NRA ... selling out once again.


"I’m no fan of mitt’s ether, but you need to get over it and put your country first. If things pan out the way it looks, you can ether help obumber get re-elected. Or you can help mitt get elected, it’s just that simple."

You are one dumb wuss. A vote for mitt is a stamped vote for barry. He's not winning any debate with him - you have some major pie in the sky thinking with NOTHING TO BACK IT! Vetting him will be a cake walk for the liberals - it's no contest. He has NOTHING to debate the one you fear the most with!! Get a grip man! You have been duped!

The only way one can put their country first is $upport NEWT!! It's that simple.


As much as I dislike Romney you would have to be insane not to vote for him if he is the nominee


Are you kidding me?
You actually believe we would be better off voting in as many conservatives as possible and having Obama in office than if we voted in as many conservatives as possible and had Romney?

If that's your position then something has gone dreadfully wrong in your thinking. We have an undocumented, unvetted, full blown commie in the white house. We must rid the country of this fraud of a man no matter who the Republican Nominee may be. We can't elect enough conservatives to make the country safe from 4 more years of Obama, Holder, and all the rest of the commie thugs he brought along.

Wake up!


romney is evil... if he were a good Christian man, we could believe in his redemption... but he is not... he is a member of a cult and the more that I learn of his religion... the more that I understand what it is not... and it is NOT a Christian religion. He says that he has had a change of heart... but I hear no apology for the murders of the innocent that he has enabled. He owes all of us apologies for every single progressive thing that he has done and every single progressive action he took as governor... but do not hold your breath... he is a progressive and only lies today for power and money. I will not vote for him under any circumstance whatsoever. I will vote for every single Conservative down ballot... but romney will never see a vote from my hand.


"and how many of us voted for Perot? which got rid of Bush I and got us Bubba"

Which exposed liberalism to the world and brought us Speaker Newt Gingrich 2 years later in response and his balanced budgets, booming economy and budget surplus. Then the Repugs nominated Bob Don't and lost the White House. Notice they're repeating history here...1992-1994-1996...2008-2010-2012. All we have to do like Jim says is gridlock Obama the way we gridlocked Clinton. It won't make government conservative of course but it will lessen the damage and set the stage to retake the White House in 2016.


ABO means what it means. Anybody but Obama. That includes Newt. But since this thread has turned into some kind of harsh 'FU' thread, it seems pointless to continue.

This is not a discussion, it is a tantrum.

Friday, April 13, 2012


This comment is so ridiculous that I have to let it stand alone.

On an article about a "Muslim rape wave" in Norway - an increase of rape in the Muslim community of Oslo - December 2011:

Sounds like there needs to be a “shooting wave” in Oslo.

Too bad they have leftist gun laws and an abundance of scummy Muslims.

Rosen: 'I Apologize to Ann Romney'

This media circus happened so fast that I'm skipping to the end.

"She wants to put the toothpaste back into the tube."

Nope... she’s trying to recall a stinky release of intellectual flatus.


Hey Obama, this girl is an albatross around your neck and you won’t be able to remove it...


Hilary Rosen is a trashy gay lesbian!


She was FORCED to appolize. This was a disaster for his excellency. At first she stonewalled. After a visit by the imperial enforcer, she RELUCTANTLY issued a mia culpa for HAVING SAID IT, not for thinking it.


Panther symp Michelle Williams apologized for her racist tirade the other day, now Hilary Rosen gets her mea culpa going. At the risk of sounding sexist, are liberal “womyn” in need of anger management therapy?


That ship has sailed. Rosen blew this whole phoney issue for the Rats. It was all they had to distract from Obummers record. Rosen is going to be persona non grats at the DNC headquarters for sure.

Good to see we exposed and destroyed this BS meme they were selling about the GOP hating women.

Disdain for stay at home moms is so common among leftie femists that she didn’t think twice about saying it in the first place. The fact that many familes make economic sacrifices so they don’t have to have strangers caring for their kids is alien to her,


It just goes along with everything else of the left -
if God values it, they hate it.


A LESBIAN PSYCHOTIC attacking someone for being a full time mother? How bout Moochelle making almost 400 K for doing nothing at the University of Chicago???
Then we have Jay Carney who couldn't live without a script just like Barry can't speak without a teleprompter.

And I don't consider that lesbian fascist as a mother. Her children will turn into lunatics from being raised by a creature like her...

And are her "children" adopted or created with a turkey baster?


The real problem that these radical lesbian Democrat dingbats don’t understand, is that a LOT of women who are not stay-at-home-moms WOULD LIKE TO BE, and envy those who can do it.

It’s backfiring in their faces, and they don’t understand why.

They were told this would be a perfectly good attack line!


it is disgusting that some creature like that is going to criticize a stay at home mom.
How bout the stay at home welfare bums who wait each day for more Obamabucks???


So just wondering out loud if the “StopRush” group who was mad that Rush called Fluke a “SLUT” will form a “StopRosen” group and demand she be taking off the air for her slap in the face to All women!


Hillary Rosen is a vicious viper. All of her kind are in need of therapy. They all are baby killers and that’s where all their problems start. They hate babies so they want to abort all of them. All of their other foolish thinking stems from this basic non-Christian value of killing defenseless human beings.


I would guess Rosen as she is playing the role of a sterotypical male sexist pig trashing women. She probably splits and scratches her crouch a lot,too.


Goodie for you.

Now apologize to the millions of OTHER stay at home moms you insulted, you worthless POS!

Oh yea, Moochelle has defended Ann Romney....I’m sure she doesn’t want people to start to talk about the fact that she is a millionaire.....who had a fairly wealthy upbringing, has no job.....and still can’t be bothered to raise her own children, instead using her mother as an indentured servant while she runs around in boob belts trying to become a television star.....


"I have to admit that I agreed with some of what Rosen said concerning Anne Romney.
I was a homemaker for many years before entering the work force...and I can attest to the fact very little of homemaking prepared me for the world outside my home....though I had volunteered in various organizations, and did fund-raising etc. And also participated in my husbands business... It is a another beast altogether to adjust simply punching a time clock! Getting “permission to take a bathroom break”...Let alone work for someone else which your income and such is dependent on your performance.

I don't believe that Mrs. Romney has a clue to the emotional and mental impact a woman has when she alone, or with her husband, has to do to make life work at home AND in the workplace. Not even remotely.

She speaks of how difficult work raising a family is....well most woman do that ‘in addition’ to working a 40 hr. week. They do not have the “leisure” of working their own schedule, but are fixed on times and places in order to juggle the work load of both home and Work.

So no...I don't think Anne Romney does understand the plight of many woman....she was and is, as I later saw myself,...”protected and sheltered” from having to deal with
the realities of “provision” and making ends meet along with raising a family. Further it's much doubtful Anne has ever known basic needs going her world is vastly different then most. She and Romney are of the elite...and that's a far cry from the average working class man or woman."

I find your post despicable. I don’t care how much money her husband has or how liberal you claim she is. She stayed home and raised five children, has dealt with cancer and has MS. Let me know when you do the same.

Some of you people really make me think some conservatives are as bad, if not worse, than some liberals. I guess you’re just mad she was smart enough to pick a spouse who could support them so she could stay home and raise the children they decided to have.

Are you aware that the Romney’s never had any money until his work at Bain paid off? They weren’t always wealthy and had no help from their parents.


Well, Rosen is stupid, and Obama deserves it. It’s what happens when you prop up the like of slut Fluke. They open their mouth and defeat the democrate strategy of portraying conservatives as being at war against women.


The real name of that game is...say what you want, get the word out..create havoc...then apologise after the fact.

Interesting factoids on how Rosen is tied to the Obama Adminisration:

Hilary Rosen Visited The Obama White House At Least 35 Times.

Former CIA director and current Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, 12 times.

Perhaps most surprisingly, the name “Joseph R. Biden” appears . . . 6 times.

Geitner 40 she’s close to as significant as Geitner.

the notion that Rosen is just some Democrat talking head, completely disconnected from the Obama administration and campaign is . . . not plausible.


"The undeniable truth is that the vast majority of the “elite” inside the beltway mom’s, whether they stay at home and raise children or work for a paycheck, or whether they have a “R” or a “D” after their name, have no comprehension of what life is like on Main Street."

That's exactly right.....but this does not mean we go to war against those who've earned and worked for their wealth....which is what Obamas pushing...class warfare.

He's successfully got the nation, along with the media complying, talking about Zimmerman, (race), religion is now on the table and causing division, and now woman. None of which these have to do with his dismal record but all have to do with playing the piped pipers tune to see who goes along....and the nation yields. How foolish and ignorant we truly are.


Ann Romney can’t comment about working moms but Big Ears is quailified to comment about military, owning a business, being an American, holding a real job, the Supreme Court rulings, transparency, etc.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Take Me Back To The Fifties (flash video)

Linked to a flash video that I cannot access.


I’m 35 and believe America peaked as a nation in the 50’s. It’s been all downhill since then.


Count me as one very lucky parent. My 9 year old son hates the music and cartoons popular with kids today. He prefers listening to oldie stations, loves watching the Monkees on a retro channel on our cable, and he goes to bed each night playing Edgar Bergen Charlie MacCarthy shows from the 40s, a CD set he asked for for Christmas.


All the World has peaked back then.


Yesterday we drove by my granddaughter's elementary school, less than a mile from her house.
I commented to my wife.
"When we were kids, we'd walk or ride our bikes that far. Not take the bus."

It's just not safe today. What has happened to our society?


gold standard, no competition from the rest of the war torn world. modest expectations. intact families. no “wall of separation” between church and state invented by liberals. no Miranda rights. no welfare or child support for unwed mothers. no endangered species act to use against progress. no blanket right to sue to punish people who committed no crime....

we took it all for granted, just like the Greenspan years and pre Obama/Pelosi years.

Obama comes into the Senate in 2007-—and in 5 years he turned the United States into an also-ran.


“It’s just not safe today. What has happened to our society?”

Perverts and criminals get a pass that’s what happened. Kids sit in front of the tv and play video games because gang bangers, sex offenders, etc. are taking advantage of the fact that both parents work outside the home.


I was born in 58, and I think the 1960s was great time to grow up as well. Granted, it was not the simpler times of the 50s, but we did enjoy the pleasures of Saturday morning cartoons, new color televisions, the explosion of new toys, transistor radios, 60s rock & roll,landing on the Moon, stingray bikes, and we could go on forever about our favorite TV shows of the 1960s.


I am 71 and I loved the music of the 50’s. I resented The Beatles when they came in and changed things.


Things began to loosen up a bit in the 50s. It all seems rather innocent in retrospect - and seemed that way to many folks at the time, I’m sure.

Things continued to loosen up, and loosen up, and loosen up some more. Today we know where it all leads.

Perhaps we shouldn’t get too nostalgic about those “good old days”. After all, that’s when the seeds were planted which have now borne their ugly fruit.


Rock N Roll’s been going downhill ever since Buddy Holly died.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rockwall teacher fired for out-of-wedlock pregnancy

Summary: Christian school fires unwed woman for becoming pregnant.

She signed a contract that probably had clear rules of behavior. My wife works at a private school and has a contract that has things like no drinking, no smoking, etc. There is no mystery, it is just a matter of honoring your word in the contract you agreed to.


"I’m a Christian and I don’t believe this is right.

Christians beat their chest about abortion and contraception and then ostracize women who become pregnant out of wedlock.

So much for loving the mother and child...

And I doubt the fourth grader is going to know or care that she was or wasn’t married"

And is it Christian to bring a baby into this world without a husband and the protection of marriage? Just watch Maurie every day to see the ridiculous results of disgusting behavior.

This is basically no different that Obummer trying to force the Christian organizations to provide and pay for abortions, birth control pills, etc., which run against their very dear teachings.

I hope this teacher stays fired because of a signed behavior code and cannot come back.


Wouldn’t it have been simpler for her to just get married.


This is a Christian school, and every school has a handbook that is handed out every year, to teachers. Among the many requirements is a "Morality Clause". This means, no drunken orgies, no drug use, don't molest students at home, do not be seen by students going into local bars, drinking in public, swearing in public - and many other items.

She knew she was in violation of the school policy - now seems shocked to see that the policy is being enforced. There are other schools with lower standards out there; but is seems pretty hypocritical to tell young teenage girls not to have sex, or to use birth control - then have an unwed and pregnant teacher as a role model.


So. You would have no problem with sending your child to a school with hypcrites for teachers?

“Christians beat their chest about abortion and contraception and then ostracize women who become pregnant out of wedlock.”

I guess your solution would be for us to just shut up about abortion and contraception.

Hoo boy.


Another example where someone who doesn’t follow the rules, wants everyone else to break theirs so she doesn’t have to take responsibility.
She had the choice to not have sex while being unmarried and knew she had a chance to get pregnant and lose her job. She loses.
Go find baby daddy to get your hospital bill and pre natel care along with child support. Instead she chooses to do it with a lawsuit so we all pay.


we’ll be paying a lot more when she receives welfare and food stamps.


You are way off. The school has an obligation and a privilege to provide the students with walking talking examples of “practicing what they preach”. Her job is not charity! She is obviously a walking contradiction and the children should not be exposed to her or her fouled witness.


"What if she was raped and decided to keep the baby? Should she be punished? Your sense of morality is full of holes and you also know nothing about the circumstances here."

What if? Really?

OK, I can play that game. What if she was the Virgin Mary???


And YOU castigate others for knowing “nothing about the circumstances here”?


She should be on her knees giving thanks that this wasn’t a Muslim school.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Notice: FR is and will remain a pro-life, small government conservative site.

Just today, someone on Fark was talking about how they were looking forward to seeing the Freepers start zotting (read: banning) anyone who doesn't toe the line and support Mitt Romney.

They went the other way.

Post by Jim Robinson, founder of FreeRepublic:

To hell with the GOP-e. Barring a miracle, they got their big government, unconstitutional mandate loving, socialist abortionist Obama-lite RINO on the ballot, they can now get him elected.

We are the resistance!!

Shove him down our throats today, we shove him up your donkeys in November!!

I can see November from my house!!


That’s some of the best news that Obama has had in a long time. He is now well on the way to getting reelected. I never thought that Free Republic would help to destroy the country. I was wrong.


The Republicans will go the way of the Whigs before them, they have thrown a big **** you to their own support, if by the grace of G_D we cannot help Newt put Mittens back down, than we will have no choice to discontinue our support of the Former Grand Old Party.

That is why your base spoken for by Jim Robinson has to say Repubs, what say You!?!?!?!


Jim, thank God, and thank YOU!

No longer will I be the establishments prison bitch and do their bidding with contributions and votes only to be told to take it in the ass every four years with THEIR moderate selection.

Resist we must, and I stand on the front line with you!


Constitutional Conservatism does not tolerate abortionists, the homosexual agenda and mandated health care. Mitt Romney is a big-government, eastern establishment politician much like the Nelson Rockefeller of 1964 who tried to derail Barry Goldwater. I have a long memory and as a worker for AuH20 nearly 50 years, I can't forgive what the GOP-e did than and is doing now.

Long live the real America! Long live Free Republic!


yeah this is terrible news today. I honestly don’t know what to do. I can’t with a clear mind vote for Mittens but what we have now is just abominable.


"So what do you propose, Jim? Not vote, vote third party, or vote and hold our nose?"

My question too, what are we supposed to do, let the dictator be re-elected? I don't like this either, we're voting, once again, for the lesser of two evils.


I would vote for a wind-blown phonebook hit with a dart over Obama.

Hell, at least you have a chance at getting someone who isn’t trying to destroy this nation for my kids.


Ok, I understand Jim, but, if it’s Romney on the ballot in November,do we support him over Obama, or should we just cut our nose off to spite our face and stay home? Seriously, can we afford four more years of Obama? Will there be anything left to salvage in 2016?


"My primary reason for voting in November will be to replace Debbie Stabenow with a conservative."

Like the conservatives we voted for in 2010? The ones who are now supporting the resulting nominee?


So what is this board going to be talking about on election day 2012? Writing in Duncan Hunter? Everyone was talking that way when McCain got the nomination, but be election night everyone on this board was fully behind McCain. I expect it will be the same way this election.


“Republicans” are the last thing you’ll have to worry about!

This attitude will elect Obama and DESTROY America!


“So what do you propose, Jim? Not vote, vote third party, or vote and hold our nose?”

Don’t worry, you are about to be presented a THIRD CHOICE, the AmericansElect Party, largely financed with MILLIONS in Democrat money, to peel your votes away from Romney in Swing States.

Remember folks, these aren’t your father’s Democrats we are dealing with, anymore.


100% behind you Jim!

I am a conservative first! So what is the plan if Romney is the nominee? How do we register a protest vote so that the elites know how many votes they LOST due to their unwise choice to be a party of moderates?

Do we jump ship and move our party registrations and then send a letter to the GOP?

Do we all vote for or write in another candidate?

What does the Freeper community think? And dont tell me to vote for Romney ‘cause that wont fly.


The OP is the most immature statement I have ever read on FR, made at the time of desperation, when all good forces should seek to unite against evil. Sitting out the most important election in history is equivalent to treason in my mind. And what for? To be able to exclaim: “I told you so!”? I am officially disgusted...


Romney is 10 times more Liberal than McCain as his record attests to.

Furthermore, Romney won't find anyone as charismatic or as limited-government conservative than Sarah Palin.

Your expectations concerning FreeRepublic are about to be fully proven wrong.


Before, I only wanted to get “O” out of the WH in the next national election.

I am so angry and affronted NOW that I want him OUT in the most embarrassing and telling avalanche of American Conservatism in the US history of Presidential elections.

I want a landslide so overwhelming that “O” will spend the rest of his life having gravel surgically removed from his a$#!

I want Liberals humiliated.

I want the score settled.

I want Liberalism to reel for decades.

I want Liberals to consider long and hard about EVER again defrauding and insulting Americans in this way


There will be no conservative on the ballot, why should I vote when there is no candidate representing me?

I don’t vote blindly with the party, that is for sheep. I vote based on ideals, and Romney’s ideals are closer to liberalism than conservatism. In fact what scares me is that I can’t even say for sure what his ideals are; he the definition of a politician, he will swear that the moon is made of cheese if it would get him votes.


We need a Conservative political party, whether it is called Conservative Party or Tea Party or Constitution Party, I don’t care.

There are so many disenfranchised GOP conservatives, and TONS of independent conservatives who have dumped the GOP over the past 20 years. If we had a unified conservative party that only had conservative cadidates and stuck to a small government platform, I swear it would out-draw the remaining RINO GOP.

For the life of me, I don’t get why Obama and Hannity aren’t demanding this, UNLESS they aren’t genuine conservatives.

We need a conservative national politica party, now!

Are you listening, Sarah?????


Obama certainly hopes you’re right. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some “new” members of this board in the form of Daily Kos plants who encourage everyone here to “keep the faith” and stay home on election day.

I favored Santorum over Romney, but the choice between Obama and Romney isn’t even close. Do you choose the guy who will TELL you flat out that he’s going to destroy your country and has proven that he’s trying to do so, or do you take a chance on the guy who at least TELLS he’s going to support lower taxes, smaller govt, etc. Sure, maybe he’s lying, but we KNOW Obama is telling the truth about what he’s going to do.


Seriously, can we afford four more years of Obama? Will there be anything left to salvage in 2016?"

There is a strong probability that there will NOT. That’s why this is going to be the MOST critical election in the history of this nation.

I intend to follow Newt’s example and do everything in my power to prevent Obama from getting reelected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Romney will not have the Congressional support to do the things you fear, even if he were so inclined.

Obama’s objective is to destroy the country.

So you can complain about the poor menu or starve, it’s your choice.


Mittens is a fraud but he doesn’t hate our country. Obama’s attack on the SCOTUS was the last straw. We can’t afford four more years. Just like Palin says, it’s ABO.


First we must make a stand ar the covention. We must let the e-GOP know how angry we are.

Secondly we focus on down ticket races to elect as many conservatives to local, state and especially congressional office.

Third no matter who wins we get more active than ever before. When the going gets tough the tough get going.


OK Jim, but what do we do at this point in time?
Do we sit it out and watch Obama sail to another four years or what?
Isn’t anybody better than Obama?


I’m a voter, not a hostage.

Why do we now have to work so damn hard to STOP a Romney nomination when the GOP-E, KNEW that Masscare was a FATAL DISQUALIFICATION for the nomination in the first place?

Now Romney’s got Coulter, Drudge, Rove, and dozens of others drooling on his kneecaps this late in the process. Millions of dollars and millions of volunteer hours will have been wasted because somebody couldn’t talk sense to this guy THE DAY MASSCARE PASSED THE MASSSACHUSETTS SENATE!!

All it would have taken was, “Mitt, nice work, but you know you can’t be the nominee, right? You know that was the price, right?”

Nope, like Dole, like McCain, he was next in line.

So, yeah. The GOP picked their candidate over a year ago, and they are PISSED we aren’t going along with it. Peggy Noonan wrote as much about a month ago.

There WAS a nominee. We changed that at the grass roots, but at what point is this party going to get a clue in to the idea that it is time to FINALLY give a conservative a shot at it.

Sorry, but its guys like you that are trying to hang the future of the country on guys like me who WILL NOT STAY ON THE RESERVATION when I WASN’T THE GUY WHO LEFT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

Nope, if you get Obama. Do. Not. Blame. Me. You can blame the Cardinals in the GOP college that sent the white smoke up the chimney on this fraud from before the first primary. Romney was a presumption. You are trying to perpetrate that presumption.

For me, I think Gingrich SHOULD stay in. Between Santorum and Gingrich, they should pull every free-thinking, liberty-cherishing conservative left in the party and when they go to broker the convention, they can be a ticket and send Romney back to the People’s Republic of Massachusetts.

Now that Santorum is out, that friggin’ coward, it’s down to Newt. Had Santorum stayed, the possibility of a brokered convention would have been plausible, given the amount of completely justifiable damage Romney’s sustained to this point.

So SICK of the lectures about another four years of Obama.

Can you IMAGINE if McCain had actually won? I’m glad this idiot had to pull the scabs off of all the banks, the CME, ratings agencies, Fannie, Freddie, and Sallie. The D’s created this in the first place during Rubin/Clinton - LET THEM OWN IT!

Obama went so much better than owning the economy. He assaulted the church, bilked taxpayers out of billions, destroyed the commodities market with Corzine, etc.

If we win, let it be a conservative, or let the idiot Obama completely destroy the country. We apparently aren’t smart enough to learn from the last 100 years worth of mistakes. Before its over, I’ll be dead, or we’ll be chasing liberals down in the streets with weapons.

I’d rather not see it come to that, but if Romney gets the nod, Obama wins by default. “Thanks for the idea for Obamacare, Mitt, I couldn’t have done it without you!” And that’s it. That’s the election.

So please, peddle the ‘Obama is going to be your fault’ among McConnell, Cantor, and the rest of the college of Cardinals that picked that charlatan in the first place.

I’m not buying it, and neither should any sentient being still left in the conservative caucus.

Moreover, IF you vote for Romney, you are now personally responsible for what he’s about to perpetrate, which is a half-hearted attempt at repealing Obamacare, (which was his idea), and a temporary liberal lovefest from the press when he gives up and learns to love it.

He’ll bask in the love from the MSM, the narcissist that he is, until he needs them again, and like every other DC Republican, he’ll be shocked to find the press has turned on him.

You want me to get behind Etch-A-Sketch?


have to tell you, I was in Washington last week and had not yet seen the WWII Memorial. Upon being there a little while, and seeing the great victory the Lord had granted the allies, being suddenly overcome with the gravity of the peril we faced, I burst into tears. I let the tears flow without shame. A couple women came by and hugged me because they understood. No words were needed. There was also a lovely WWII veteran there that I was blessed to shake hands with and thank. Sir, my beloved grandfather was at Okinawa. I cannot allow my country, Providently birthed and established and standing today from the blood of my elders, to fall at the hands of a hateful (and I believe demonic) man Obama. This is my country and his ilk can’t have it.


I’m not voting for Romney.

I’ll vote for the candidate who is closest to my views.

If the Republican party wants me to vote for them, then they have to nominate a candidate worthy of my support.

The real winner today is Obama, this is the day that his campaign finally won.

Congrats Obama on four more years.


this countries last chance of salvation before going down Obama's toilet is ASSURED by crybabies not getting their perfect candidate. I'll vote for Mitt, holding my nose. Then when Obama is reelected I'll vacate this formerly great country to my tropical island and enjoy the rest of my God given life.


Yep, a complete failure of reason by the "Better Obama than Romney" crowd. Cutting ones nose off to spite his face comes to mind.

Mitt's pretty lousy, but he is worlds better than Obama and anyone who can't see that simple fact has lost all perspective.


Jim, Newt has said that if Mittens gets the nomination, he will work to get him elected and work as hard as he were the nominee himself. What say you to this? I fully understand and agree that Romney is Obama lite but I feel I have to close ranks, hold muh nose and vote for him because replacing this regime not only gets OBOZO out but also all the LACKEYS and thugs of his administration. Holder and Big Sis Janet and all the minor officials that are helping to more actively destroy the republic by actually carrying out the edicts of the "Dear Leader." Newt is a much better candidate for sure, but to replace the cabinet with our cabinet has got to be an overriding goal. We're bound to gather up some good conservatives in a Romney administration. Imagine Sarah Palin as Energy Secretary? Maybe Bolton as Secretary of State. I'd personally feel better if Allen West was the veep. Wouldn't you? That's the real reason to vote for a lackluster POTUS nominee.


If you reward bad behavior, you're sure to get more of it. The GOP-e has decided they're going to ram Romney down our throats. I'm not about to reward them with my vote for doing so.

To hell with them.

No Obama. No Romney.

Bring on the third option!


You still have my support on this! If the Republican party is only concerned about winning to the point they will put forth a RINO to do it then they can do it without my vote. I WILL NOT vote for such a candidate only to then hear the bastard talk about his winning as a “mandate” like we did with Bill Clinton after he won.


After 30 years of the GOP working with the commies to defeat conservatives.....

MOST of FR has had enough, Obama and the GOP can have each other.

I want nothing to do with those who hate me and hate my values.


Romney is a draft dodger. Cowardly rich boy with connections refused to serve his country. None of his sons ever served either. It’s a family tradition. Romney loathed Reagan-Bush and conservatism. Ran and governed to the left of Ted Kennedy on gay rights, abortion, gun control, socialist healthcare, appoint liberal judges, etc. He’s nothing but a lying two-bit leftist political whore who will screw you in the end. No way in hell will I support him.


I will not bow to the GOP e either! We need to organize a massive write- in of one conservative. Newt or Santorum would work for me. The rally around the eventual nominee extortion is not working.


Obama vs. Romney seems to come down to one thing: Can we survive 4 more years of Obama?

If we can, then voting 3rd party to send the GOP a firm message about RINOs, is a good strategy. If that short term loss gives us a long term gain, then this is a good strategy.

If we cannot survive another 4 years of Obama, then it matters not what the long term gain is since the game is up and the USA is irretrievably a hard socialist nation, and what follows won’t matter since we won’t be able to vote ourselves back to freedom.

This is why the Obama vs Romney debate is so violent.

You have people adamant that Obama must be removed from office at all cost or doom will occur. This is short-term doom.

You have people adamant that the GOP must be punished for shoving Romney down our throats and to take their boy on top of McCain, is going to entrench the RINOs and we will never again see a conservative Republican. This is long term doom.

So you have the “anybody but Obama” crowd who are terrified of letting him have a 2nd term and can’t see beyond those next 4 years. These are polar opposites to the “anybody but Romney” crowd who prefer Obama to Romney because that sacrifice is necessary to teach the GOP elites to listen to us.

These 2 sides will never reconcile.

If you think our nation will be defacto destroyed by a 2nd Obama term, you can’t think beyond that to whether you are caving to RINOs in the GOP leadership.

If you think the Republican party will be defacto destroyed with the RINO that broke the elephants back, then you can’t think beyond that long term goal to the potential catastrophic damage Obama could incur to the nation, and believe the Dems will have to take the fall for their own policies.

We are irreconcilable. Half of us will win. All of us will lose.






Where is out Conservative George Soros and William Ayers to fund and push our conservative agenda?????

Mitt Romney: The Liberal

Well, against all odds, it looks like the Anyone But Obama movement (now called ABO on FreeRepublic) is losing to those opposed to Mitt Romney. There have been a series of 4 threads called Mitt Romney: Liberal citing various evidence of his supposedly progressive views.


A liberal, a Conservative, and a Moderate go into this bar. What did the bartender say?
Scroll down:
Hello Mitt


While there isn't much difference between a pro-big government, pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-homosexual liberal from Massachusetts, and a pro-big government, pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-homosexual liberal from Chicago, you ought to vote in the other races.

Me, I will only vote for somebody who is truly a Conservative. That means I'll find somebody else to vote for/write-in if the Republican is not a Conservative.


Unfortunately, it’s either Romney or Obama. Romney is a plastic political weathervane who believes in nothing but his nown ambition, while Obama is a willing tool of people who want to destroy the United States. It sucks that it’s come to this. Your complaints about Romney are accurate, but now, bringing them up accomplishes nothing constructive. There is one big difference between the two. I’m confident that can survive a President Romney. I don’t think we can survive four more years of President Obama.


"If we must have an enemy at the head of Government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible, who will not involve our party in the disgrace of his foolish and bad measures." - Alexander Hamilton

Besides, I have no interest in the race if it is Romney vs Obama. *yawn*. That is like going to be like watching the DU Party primary. I'll probably sleep in on election day.


Furthermore, for those of us who are holding true to our conservative and Christian principles and unwilling and unable to accept a Lying, Left-Wing, Progressive Liberal as our nominee, this is very constructive if, even if the chances are small, we help to force a nominating convention.

Even if we don't, we won't be voting for your boy, and there are still a lot of lurkers that are not aware of Romney's record, so we are providing them a service as well.

Finally, it provides an eventual innoculation and firewall about the inevitable complaints and accusations from posters such as yourself that when Mitt loses, and he will, we are blamed for said loss when it was Mitt's fault all along and those supporting him.

The only thing inevitable about Mitt Romney is he is the only candidate who guarantees the re-election of Obama because of the record we are posting and you are complaining about.


Romney, McCain, Dole, Bush 1, Ford and most likely Nixon. The RNC does not represent me, although I must say I no longer send them a dime. I have also been thinking of re registering my political affiliation as Independent as I am not much interested in them.


Since 1988, with George H. W. Bush, Bob Dole, George W. Bush, and John McCain, we've got a 24 year stretch of moderate candidates who support big government, lost to Democrats or turned the White House over to Democrats. Until Obama decided to break his record, George W. Bush gave us the biggest, most expensive, most intrusive, and most powerful government in our nation's history, and he did it with the support of a Republican Congress!

And God forbid, now we have Romney who is far more liberal than all of them.


Folks making the stay home or third-party argument are fools without a clue as to what Obama is. Romney and Obama are both true believers. The difference is that Obama is a true believer in the International Communist Revolution, whereas Romney is a true believer in ... Willard Mitt Romney. As President, Romney will do his best to accomplish whatever he thinks will enhance his resume, whereas Obama, no longer facing reelection, will work to complete his agenda to cut America down to size (relay that to Vladimir) and realize his father's dream of a socialist paradise.

If, as now seems highly likely, Romney is the nominee, it will be up to us to drag him across the finish line, along with enough conservative congress critters to make sure he etches the right sketch in 2013.


“What will you do if Romney becomes the candidate? Will you continue to bash him?”

I asked him that very same question and “yes” was the answer that came back. Come August 27th when the convention in Tampa opens, IMO if SoConPubbie is still flooding FR with anti-GOP ticket post then he becomes nothing less than a reelect Obama activist, working FR.


Anyone saying they'll vote for romney is being completely dishonest about having looked into the guy's background.

He's a disaster and I will have nothing to do with him whatsoever.


Anybody who thinks that the left-wing MSM has not been salivating at the prospect of facing off against Romney and that they don't already a myriad of hit-pieces against Romney piled up and ready to go is a political neophyte.

Furthermore, the only people helping Obama win re-election are those pimping such a sure-fired left-wing, progressive Liberal like Mitt Romney.

If he wins the nomination, we lose the election, because the left-wing Media is not goint to be bashful of using the following Mitt ROmney record against him like a baseball bat to bludgeon his candidacy into a bloody pulp:

1. Implemented Gay Marriage (Father of Gay Marriage in America)
2. Supported Abortion.
3. Implemented state level cap-and-trade Carbon trading system
4. Implemented a state-level "Assault Weapons" Ban AFTER the federal AWB was allowed to expire.
5. Whole-Heartedly Supported the Gay Agenda while Governor.
6. Whole-Heartedly supported the Abortion Agenda while Governor
7. Supported the Brady Bill.
8. Supported McCain-Kennedy (Amnesty)
9. Supported TARP
10. Implemented a Socialistic Healthcare program called RomneyCare that included an individual mandate and $50 abortions.
11. Increased Taxes/Fees by 300% as Governor.

Add to that his constant lying and bearing false witness against the actual conservatives in the race and all you have is a recipe for electoral disaster come November if Romney is the nominee.


So what if he's philosophically and historically pro nationalized health care, pro on-demand cheap taxpayer-funded abortion, pro gay agenda of forcing Americans to accept open homosexuality in everything from children's schools to our military, pro cap-and-trade global warming edicts, and has a documented record of appointing extremely liberal activist judges???? SO WHAT???

I tell you, he can't be as bad as Obama because he's a Republican. Only an idiot doesn't think it's OKAY to vote for a person with a political record of promoting every single major liberal issue, when the guy is a Republican!!!! Because he's a Republican, he can't be as bad as Obama!!!! If Obama himself re-registered as a Republican, he wouldn't be as bad as Obama!!!


If it's R vs O, I pray that all Americans who comprehend just how fatal Romney would be for conservatism, the GOP, and therefore the hope of America, resist the temptation to sit out the election, and instead crawl over broken glass to VOTE THIRD PARTY for the sole purpose of diluting the vote percentage of whichever government bondage-pushing socialist wins, to the smallest plurality possible.

Vote ABOOR and that vote WILL COUNT against both Obama and Romney, and thus will make whichever one wins weaker politically. We HAVE TO FIGHT BACK, and the way we fight liberalism in THIS election, if it's R v O, is to VOTE THIRD PARTY. It's the ONLY CHANCE.

The more who vote ABOOR and go third party, the more likely we'll be looking at a socialist president (Romney or Obama) elected by, ideally, only 34-39 percent of the vote. If it was Obama who won on 34 percent, the liberal wing of the Replican party will have had its asses kicked, it would greatly help strengthen the conservative movement, would make Obama extremely vulnerable, and would probably make 43-percent-plurality Clinton's mid-term Republican Revolution ass-kicking look like child's play.

People, if you vote for Romney and the bastard wins, YOU AND AMERICA WILL GET WHAT YOU VOTED FOR: socialized medicine, global warming regulation, on-demand abortion funded by YOU, liberal activist judges, and punishment for resisting open homosexuality anywhere in your or your child's life. That's the price of voting "against" Obama by voting FOR Romney. VOTE ABOOR INSTEAD.


And I will still vote for him over the guy who hates America and wants to start a race war.....


That SOB Romney is running an ad here in PA (Johnstown, Ebensburg) in which he invokes Katie Couric, Gloria Borger and other MSM scum reporters to blast Santorum.
It's a dirty, filthy ad.

I will never vote for Romney!

I will write in Sarah Palin instead. I don't care. I can't vote for him.


What is the point and what are we to do??? Romney is probably going to be the nominee, so what are we to do? If we don’t vote for him we get Obama for another 4 years, can we really risk that? I don’t like Romney anymore then you do, but having Obama re-elected just can’t happen. So what is your plan? Please tell us, continual bashing of the nominee isn’t helping our cause. If there were any chance anyone else could grab the nomination, I would be the first in line to help, but we have done all we can do and we still have Romney. It will be ABO for most everyone, but if we continue to bash what we have, then what. Please explain your reasoning for this. I feel lost in the woods in regards to this election, but front and foremost is not re-electing Obama.


1. If you are a conservative, Nominating a left-wing, Progressive Liberal doesn't help your cause.
2. If you are a conservative, and if he wins, he won't help your cause either, because like he did in MA and Arnold did in CA, progressive Liberals with an R next to their name in executive positions destroy their party.


REMEMBER that Clinton got in with a plurality of 43 percent, proving that the majority of voters REJECTED him and helping Republicans take back Congress to the degree that it was called the Republican Revolution. If Obama wins with 34-40 percent of the vote, it will be a huge blow to liberalism in BOTH PARTIES. If Romney wins with 34-40 percent of the vote, however, there'd be a powerful agent in the White House working to castrate conservatives in the Republican Party.

THAT is what we do: vote AGAINST LIBERALISM by voting third party, making the plurality victor as politically weak and vulnerable as possible.


This is why I made up the nickname Robamney for him.

Once again, the establishment globalists give us a false choice.

The etch-a-sketch comment has me really considering third-party. We’re screwed either way and I’m not sure I want to be a part of it.


We have to make hard decisions. You are right, glossing over or painting Romney's liberal past as rosy will not change the future we now face of what Romney is capable of. But if faced with either Obama or Romney, I have to choose ABO.