Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Norway massacre: Breivik declared insane

Short but terrifying post.

He probably does belong in an asylum . . . along with all the Muslim-importing politicians


"arguing that that the attacks were atrocious but necessary for his campaign to defend Europe against a Muslim invasion."

Enthusiastic, yes; insane, no. /sarc


Breivik is insane? I disagree. The Norwegians who keep supporting more Muslim immigration despite the disgusting increase in Muslim-on-Norwegian rapes and violent crimes...those are the people who are insane.

As to Breivik, his decimation of the next generation of Norway’s leftist elites is, pragmatically speaking, an act of strategic brilliance.


Norway is the most wealthy and open country in the word —last year EVERY single rape in Oslo was perpetrated by Muslims who hate Norway, or at least behave as if they do.

Evil? Sure, what he did was evil.

Nuts? No:

Norway is very ambitiously committing suicide by importing ever greater numbers of these people who with breath-taking clarity are destroying his country.

He gave up specifically BECAUSE he wanted a trial in order to nationally showcase his motives for this horrible crime.

My guess is that the legal system has guessed his strategy.

Shutting him away in Norway’s Prison-version of Club Med is their way of preserving their slow-motion multicultural process of national suicide.


He massacred a communist preparatory camp for children of the political elite.
I think he knew exactly what he was doing.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Newt Gingrich may face backlash in Iowa over immigration comments

Summary: Gingrich supports an amnesty and conservatives are clutching the pearls and halting their support of him.

AMEN! Stick a fork in him, he’s done. Whether we like it not, Cain, flawed as he is, he is the ONLY conservative alternative to Mittens. I like Santorum and would also support Bachmann but they are not going anywhere in 2012.


Gingrich IS a liberal. Some call him a moderate. The more conservatives learn about where he stands, the less they will like him. He has a lot of baggage and he is politically radioactive with his amnesty comments. He will never beat Obama.


"Whether we like it not, Cain, flawed as he is, he is the ONLY conservative alternative to Mittens. "

I like it just fine. What I don't like are the pro-ILLEGAL alien candidates...and we know who they are.


I'm starting to get a little pissed.
Jump in Sarah. You're the only sane person on the planet who can do it.


Imagine someone who robbed a bank, perhaps several banks, perhaps several times; then that someone helped several family members rob some banks; and they got away with robbing banks for several years, then decades ...
Since this lucky fellow, and all his lucky family, and all their lucky friends, and their families, got away with robbing banks for so long, ...

Now all these lucky bank robbers get free bank accounts, loaded with free money; they get to be honored members of the boards of the banks they robbed, with full voting rights on the disposition of the remaining wealth of the bank customers they previously robbed into oblivion.

Whatta country!!!


Fly them home and bill the home country for the full cost of repatriating them.


The pro-ILLEGAL alien crowd likes to talk about the kids of ILLEGAL aliens (who are ILLEGAL aliens also) that were brought here by their parents. Why disrupt their lives when the parents are to blame? Consider this...
If an ILLEGAL alien stole your car and gave it to his son who was also ILLEGAL, should the ILLEGAL son be able to keep your car? After all, he didn't steal it, his father did.

There are millions of out of work American citizens who are out of work because their jobs have been taken by ILLEGAL aliens. I have compassion for those Americnas, not the ILLEGALs who have their jobs.


For the last ten years, new immigrant citizens have voted 80% for the Democratic Party.
That is the essential issue.

Would the Hard Left support Amnesty and Open Borders if new citizens voted 80% for Conservatives?

Of course not.

Current immigration policy is political suicide for the GOP.


"What Reagan did" was DEAD WRONG, as was his turning tail and running from Lebanon after our Marines were slaughtered. Reagan is not a god. He screwed up big time, and created a demographic disaster. Had Reagan thought it through logically, he would have anticipated that MILLIONS more than predicted would bum rush the border to get amnesty. He would have realized how many of them would have babies, push schools and hospitals to the breaking point, create Spanish-only towns throughout CA and TX, leave hundreds of thousands on welfare, WIC, food stamps, Medicare, etc. None of that mattered. We were "a nation of immigrants". Illegals "shared our values". Etc. And anyone who disagreed was simply racist. So we got amnesty, and a demographic disaster ensued. Gingrich was all for it. And made it even worse as Speaker in the 1990s. And now he wants even MORE amnesty, as did McCain. No thanks. I will never support another such candidate.


I should have trusted my instinct, the global warming, ethanol, sitting on the sofa with Pelosi,, teaming up with Hilary, supporting Scozzafava is the real Newt.

He’s an extremely good debater, and very well read about the history of our nation. Making it more unforgivable for him to support 20 million illegals over us.


We need to remember why Gingrich was knocked out of the Speaker’s chair in the late 1990s to begin with. Conservative House members got fed up with him constantly caving to Clinton and allowing Clinton to hike federal spending as a percentage of GNP to what was then a post World War II high. Gingrich wasn’t knocked off for being too conservative, but for being too conciliatory.


"Republicans are headed to losing an unlosable election"

Spot on. We’ve managed to shoot our own wounded. The only ones left who have not been destroyed by the media and all of us narrow-minded Conservatives (and I’m just as bad as everyone else) is Romney, Huntsman and Santorum; two RINOs and one Conservative (with the charisma of a footstool) who got booted out of the Senate by the people of PA by about 19 percentage points. I see four more years of Obama coming. I hope he friggin’ destroys the Economy to the point that we deserve what we get. That’s the only thing that’s going to “send a message”; not, forming a Third Party or sitting out the Election. I guess we’re going to have to be brought to our knees in order to get our s**t together. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL MAMA!


Illegal Immigration, Amnesty, Instate Tuition, letting Illegal aliens who commit crimes to get away scot-free are Not family values, or a American value.
The agenda behind all of this is to reduce the federal government into bankruptcy, and undermine our national sovereignty.... and anyone who favors this is NOT a conservative, they are working for the enemy.


“You would vote for the abortion flip-flopper?”

If the choices were Obama and Romney, I would certainly vote for Romney. Are you saying you would refuse to vote and thereby subject America to four more years of Obama just so you could preen in front of the mirror bragging to yourself abour how you never voted for the “abortion flip-flopper?”

"I will never vote for an abortion candidate. Ever. I have to answer for my actions someday, and that won’t be one of them."


I have a cousin who was murdered by an illegal alien, but hey, so long as we have an immigration policy that suits your particular religious bent, that’s just fine isn’t it?


I have advocated - and I’m completely serious - allowing border guards to shoot-to-kill anyone crossing the border. It’s a violation of our sovereignty.

I also favor a fence. I’d even go for Cain’s electified fence. I support strict sanctions on employers also.

But the country is NOT going to deport otherwise law-abiding people who’ve been here for a long time and have families. Even if WE think it’s the right thing to do - guess what, we’re in the minority.

Newt’s plan of a case-by-case evaulation with NO citizenship at the end of the rainbow makes as much sense as anything I’ve head that’s likely to ever happen.

What many here don’t seem to realize that the important goal is to make sure illegals never get citizenship. So long as that’s part of the package, who really cares about anything else?

And believe me, it will be a VERY hard fight with those who think they should get full citizenship. Remember McStain was for just that....pay a fine, become a citizen. Newt’s plan does NOT - I repeat, does NOT - grant citizenship. He’s playing chess while the wild-eyed purists are playing an emotional game of checkers. He knows demographics are hurling us toward true amnesty if we can’t somehow stop it. Work permits with the understanding there will be no citizenship is the way to do it.

I know, I know, deport them all.


Pakistan Demands US Vacate Suspected Drone Base

Article from Yahoo

Summary: "The Pakistani government has demanded the U.S. vacate an air base within 15 days that the CIA is suspected of using for unmanned drones.

The government issued the demand Saturday after NATO helicopters and jet fighters allegedly attacked two Pakistan army posts along the Afghan border, killing 24 Pakistani soldiers."

We can't very well nuke their sorry @sses back to the stone age.
They're already there.

Worth a shot all the same.


A sensible leader with a brain would determine that Pakistan is an enemy of America and whatever allies we’re left with. Pull the plug on ALL foreign aid and get our forces back here to defend this nation.

Monroe Doctrine!


I would say align with India, but seeing how this administration does business, I wouldn’t trust this administration.


We should have ended the punitive expedition phase with the Taliban deposed and OBL lost around Tora Bora and probably moved to Iran or Pakistan. Said “screw up again, and we’ll be back to screw you up worse”, and gotten out, having never started the meals on wheels nation building nonsense we’ve mostly been doing since. That stuff doesn’t work with savages.


Is it possible to see formal alliance between Iran, Pakistan and the Taliban?
Can their common political and strategic interests over ride their religious animosity?



People lambasted Herman Cain when Scott Pelley asked him “is Pakistan our friend or foe”, and Cain answered “we don’t know...I would judge them on their actions and decide. Every nation must be held accountable”. He was called “dangerously naive”, and “reckless”. But he got it right. It was Bush who was dangerously naive in trusting Musharraf as an “ally”, which he NEVER was. We could have seized their nukes on 9/12/2001 and no one in the would would have made a peep about it. Pakistian is NOT our ally.


Remember, Zero’s college buddies were Pakistani and he went there to visit with them when it was illegal for US citizens to go to Pakistan! Wonder where those buddies are now ?....

Most likely lawyers in Washington DC!


If only the Dear Reader could finish a golf round in under six hours, he’d have more time to devote to foreign affairs.


Osama was living right next door to their military academy. THEY KNEW HE WAS THERE! We should have bombed the entire academy flat.


We should not have been buying them off to begin with. Either they are with the Taliban or against the Taliban. They are with the Taliban and have made that clear.


They wouldn’t be raising such a stink if Zero had any balls. “Relations at the lowest point in history” Zipperhead’s behavior is condemning the ME to perpetual Sharia hell.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Special Edition: Fox News comments

I decided to start adding comments from other dark and murky corners of the internet occasionally, and where better to start than with our favorite Definitely Not Biased network, Fox News.

Please keep in mind that Fox reaches a wider range of people and that it also has a different system of modding, which means there's more likely to be some trolls. However, my recent Thanksgiving dinner with my conservative family assures me that the majority of these people at the very least represent a sincere point of view.

Article: Obama Takes Daughters to Bookstore for 'Small Business Saturday' Link to article.

I will not make any major new purchases till Obama is out of office .


He purchased: Marxism for Morons, 20 Years of Unheard Sermons by Jeremiah Wright, The Positive Accomplishments of Barack H. Obama - 400 pages all blank.


I'll bet he paid for the stuff with our money


I guess we are all wrong. Forget about all the thousands of regulations his administration has put into effect, forget about trying to shut down Boeing and the raids on Gibson guitars, forget about the ballooning costs of Obamacare, forget about confiscating capitol (needed to hire and expand) to supply his never ending need to spend, Obama really supports business...see, he bought a couple of books.


This was not purchased with his own personal money. It will appear somewhere on his next expense report.


I am surprised his two w h o r e offspring can read. The first w h o r e must have been turning some tricks.


On the cover of USA Weekend, there's a Norman Rockwell type illustration of the Obamas at the Thanksgiving table with Sasquatch dressed up like Betty Crockett, apron and all, serving her turkey. Not a butler to be seen.



1. You MUST buy health insurance.

2. You may not create a new location for your business w/o govt approval (Boeing).

3. You must eat only food authorized.

4. You may not use the name Barack Obama in vain (ie AttackWatch).

5. The name God shall not be uttered in public events, unless CLEARLY referring to Barack Obama.

6. You must support the homosexual agenda.

7. You must hand your kids over to the Government of pedophiles.

8. You may not speak/write anything against the gov't.

9. You may not possess or distribute the American flag at public events

10. You may not assemble in groups more than 2 people.


One Nation under Sodomy

I pledge Allegiance to

the flag of the United States

of Sodomites to the degenerates

for which it stands one Nation

Under Sodomy with Liberty

and Justice Only for Sodomites.


The only thing this guy supports is "NO JOBS AMERICA." He doesn't have a clue about any business. The best this Odummy could do for America is stay home.


I bet Planet of the Apes just got purchased........


"That particular store must have a large ebonics section...."

don't think so, since the President graduated from Harvard and is well read enough to have been a US Senator, and currently the President of the United States of America, i think his english is pretty well above average.

But I see the connection you were trying to make, its kinda pathetic.

"This fool got a free ride off the goverment and people with money..

(2 people like this)"


If he wants his lil' chittlins to understand how business works, he should take them to the Boeing plant in South Carolina and explain how his NLRB is keeping thopusands of people out of work.

What a total moron!!!

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If he really wants to support small business why all the anti-bussiness rhetoric for the last two years the demagoguery, the class warfare....please.
Want help reduce the size of the federal government, get rid of oppressive regulations and taxes.
Fat chance he really wants to help.
Progressivism = Totalitarianism
The "ONE" is DONE
The "O" has got to GO


"Descent into Chaos: The U.S. and the Disaster in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia." Good read for you Obama since your the one who caused the chaos.


What a crock. If I take my two daughters monique and unique and shop at Sears will that count?

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I must wonder- will the girls resent their daddy for giving them an adulthood where race relations in the USA have reverted to 1866?


It seems he's still in sympathy with the Occupiers. Is Decent into Chaos his biography?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Michelle Obama booed at Ford 400

Summary: Michelle Obama and Jill Biden were booed while attending a Nascar event in support of military families.

She hated them first.


Invited my a**.


Why were they sent there?

To get material for a “two-minutes of hate” (Orwell, ‘1984’) against white rednecks. Which the media is broadcasting.

Obama has secured turnout of the racist Black vote. It’s interesting that he felt he needed to do so.

Oh, never mind that the booing is the response to Obama’s utter failure- that’s not the media’s storyline so it isn’t so...


Minnie the Moocher and her ‘beard’ husband are so out of touch with reality, they think the commoners can’t see blatant pandering.

Honoring country music and Nascar? How desperate can they be?


"We are better than booing the First Lady and Second Lady. By booing, all we are doing is diminishing our own nation.

Just sit on your hands."

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.


Surprisingly, more of the NASCAR crowd didn’t boo the bitch for using them for political gain. Moochelle hates these people and they should see that very clearly.


It was absolutely great that the commie moochelle and joey bite me’s wife got booed. The people spoke and the truth hurts.


I hope that this is the start of NASCAR turning its back on the political correctness and environmental whacko direction it’s taken recently. NASCAR is perhaps the most all-American of sports which is why it’s so popular with Conservatives.


"Many citizens have nothing but disdain for this woman and her husband!"

Well said. I'll just alter your statement as follows:

All patriots have nothing but disdain for this woman and her Marxist, wannabe dictator, American-hating husband!


I see she has a small white nose these days and her skin is lighter. Mine as well get the tax payers to pay for all this.


Marie Moochelle Antoinette Obama's handlers weren't too swift in lining her up for a vote-begging performance at a NASCAR race on behalf of her worser half. They know her pansy husband is not popular at all with the real men of racing and their lusty patriotic fans.

As the campaign trail wends its way toward Barack's armageddon, Michelle will find that the only place she won't be booed is on the campus of an institution of higher leftist learning, or in a kindergarten room with little black kids who can't wait for her aide to pass out the sugarless Gummy Bears.


"I stand behind no one in my opposition to Obama's presidency and the damage he has done and continues to do to the interests of the US. That said, I think booing any First Lady who appears at a public event for ceremonial reasons without making political statements is just bad manners. It's also counter-productive - rudeness like this just makes opponents of Obama look ill-mannered and unreasonably hostile."

Standing there and having a look of contempt on her face during the playing of the National anthem IS MAKING AN UNWELCOME POLITICAL STATEMENT.


I’m glad they booed them, well done NASCAR fans. What genius decided to allow her fat a$$ to be there? It’s just another way of the Marxists intruding into places where they are CERTAIN that they are NOT wanted, showing they can do what they want, when they want even if they aren’t wanted there. That way they can say NASCAR fans are racists. It never crossed their minds that it has nothing do to do with race, and everything to do with love of country and dislike of Kenyan Marxists perpetual vacationers in the Wite House ... unless your name is Mr. Burgis from Greenville, Mississippi. If you’re wondering what that means just search You Tube for Mr. Bergis Nascar.( warning if strong language offends you don’t watch the video). Mr. Bergis is a very angry guy that a radio station prank called several times over a couple of years.


She has her chin done too. She had major plastic surgery done in August of this year. Remember when she was MIA for a few weeks.... major work done on her face, jaw wired so she lost about 20 pounds because all she could eat was fluids, no chewing.


Nothing will convince me Obama loves America.

Frankly, that is what will motivate me to vote for ANY Republican over him. As bad as “ROMNEY/PERRY/GINGRICH/CAIN/WHOEVER” might be, I believe ALL of the Republican nominees (even my least favorite Huntsman) *love* America. I think even this separates Jimmy Carter from Hussein.

Carter was, until Hussein, the worst President of my lifetime. His ideology was bad, but I believe he wanted America to grow stronger and be a better place as most people define it...but Hussein, I believe, hates America and is eager to see it fall behind.


"They did remove bone when she had her chin done to try to make her mouth seem less.... how do it put this so as to not appear like a raging racist, even though many white people have the same short of mouth....... hmmmmmmm.... well, so it wouldn’t seem so... curious georgie. Has nothing to do with race. Plastic surgeons do the same fix on other races. Let’s just call it a horse mouth, even though that really doesn’t describe it accurately."

I agree with you 100%. But, you know how things get twisted and portrayed. If you compare someone to an animal because of their looks and that animal is a wolf, or a fox or an armadillo, there is no problem but this comparison opens the door for criticism that isn’t needed. I don’t believe it. I don’t like PC and I don’t like liberals getting a pass. But, it is what it is.


"I didn’t like it when the other side disrepected and acted in a trashy manner to President Bush either."

There is no equivalency whatsoever. President Bush loved America and did his very best (along with Vice President Cheney as well as the beautiful Laura Bush) to advance our country's interests. And he did so with class and dignity.

Obama, Biden and the rest of the criminal bunch hate America and are working day and night to destroy our country. A mere booing of Obama's wife by patriotic NASCAR fans is very tame behavior indeed.


"I don't want to give the impression that I think President Obama is an effective or very competent president. My big thing is we can't judge what runs the guy's motivation. But we don't have to know his mind to see that his policies are faulty and damaging."

Your post is interesting and very telling. 1.PRESIDENT Obama? he maybe yours, he is NOT mine. 2. You don’t think he is a very competent president? As in not a lot but somewhat? How bout he’s a Marxist incompetent jerk and is totally INCOMPETENT! 3. If you don’t know his motivation I suggest you do some research. You can actually find a great deal of it here on FR or try the Obamafiles.
Nice profile page [[referencing the user's quotes from Abraham Lincoln]]... your hero?

"I make an effort to call him President Obama because I remember how I hated the disrespectful way liberals spit out BUSH, NIXON and REAGAN. Calling him president forces me to respect the office and the wishes of our Founders who wanted our political life to be characterized with a little more dignity than that found in the crowd of a pro rasslin match.
Sure I admire Lincoln. He and George Washington were our greatest presidents. And he saved my ancestors from the political tyranny of the despot Jefferson Davis. Why don't you like Lincoln?"

I don’t like Tyrants or terrorists. I think you have it backwards, Davis wasn’t the tyrant, Lincoln was. Speaking of our Founders, I seriously doubt they would expect us to respect the office if they were alive and saw what we elected. A Marxist, Muslim, homo, cocaine using,...... I could go on forever.. you get the picture. So what you’re saying is that if Hugo Chavez happened to get elected I should still respect the office. FTS


I had many friends that were there today that were among the booers. They didn’t even know big mooch was going to be there. They said it was MUCH louder than what you hear on the video at the link. Check out You Tube tomorrow for some videos of how loud it really was, then you can throw a fit and cry because people disrespected that fine, patriotic woman( or half woman or whatever that big thing is).


"And I don't want to give the impression that I think President Obama is an effective or very competent president."

Balony! You are an obama supporter and don't want to admit it.

There is no comparison between President Bush and the present occupier of the White House.

President Bush respects the ordinary American citizens. obams and Biden holds them in contempt.

President Bush served in the Armed Forces and admires and respects those in military service. President Bush is basically honest. obama never served and despises the military. obama does not have an honest atom in his body.

In closing, would you feel more welcome over at DU . Then you could bring your worship of obama in the open.


Anyone else see the staggering hypocrisy here? The OWS crowd rapes, robs, assaults, and destroys property and the corrupt MSM defends and downplays this. Why they even cast the OWSers.
Michelle Obama gets booed, and WOAH! WE CAN'T HAVE THAT! How disrespectful!



Michelle Obama is not proud of The United States of America, which is OK with us, we're not proud of her, either. This country's given her opportunities most people never even dream of, but, instead of being humble and grateful, she's arrogant and bitter. Some NASCAR fans are wealthy, but I'll bet that most are hardworking, churchgoing, family-loving, gun-owning, salt of the earth Americans. They didn't get affirmative action scholarships, they've never vacationed in Spain, and they prefer collards to arugula.
Go back to Chicago, Michelle. You wouldn't understand these good people.


Can't take the heat MOO-CHELLE?
Get the hell out of our kitchen. And take the Kenyan with you.


It’s not only that she tells us what to eat, and then she goes off and stuffs her mouth with french fries, it’s also the fact that this Moochelle person has spent 10 million dollars of taxpayers money in the last three months traveling on government owned airliner sized jets, five-star hotels, and expensive restaurants.

The media, of course, says nothing.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Nancy Pelosi declines debate challenge, mocks Rick Perry

Summary: "Nancy Pelosi rebuffed Rick Perry's debate challenge this morning, POLITICO's Jake Sherman reports, giving three reasons for her decision:

"He did ask if I could debate here in Washington on Monday. It is my understanding that such a letter has come in," Pelosi said in the Capitol Thursday. "Monday I'm going to be in Portland in the morning, I'm going to be visiting some of our labs. I'm in California in the afternoon, that's two. I can't remember what the third is.""

“Monday I’m going to be in Portland in the morning, I’m going to be visiting some of our labs. I’m in California in the afternoon, that’s two. I can’t remember what the third is.”***

Here let me help, I can remember the third. “Given access to a restricted stock offering in exchange for congressional favors”.


I know you lost your Air force Nancy Plane but who is paying for your travel plans?
With you being one of the Nations best Fund Managers I think you should pay.


So then, if I understand correctly...her answer is “No”. She’s not going to debate him.

I don’t think she offered another, alternative date that might work better. She just played the “smart ass” card.

So who appears to be on the run, now? Her or him?


Just by ASKING he put her into the weeds!

Strategic and outside the box. Posters say “Well, she’s not running. Why debate her?”

Weellll...doesn’t look like he is, but she looks like she’s running from him.

Big win.


Good by Rick. Start provoking the DC phonies. Take the Donald Trump approach. Shame these DC Democrat thieves.


Reminds me of when Obama had a stop in Texas and Perry tried to hand deliver him a letter regarding the border. Say what you will about Perry but you can’t say he does not have some cajones.


"Who writes Nancy’s material? She should give up her day job."

I'll bet she has a nearly all female staff...with a few feminized guys


So if Monday doesn’t work, perhaps you could find a time in Iowa over the course of the next month to discuss these issues in front of the people of America’s heartland as the big palooka suggests?

You're really not afraid of him are you?


‘rats & leftists really CAN’T debate any issue based on its merits, workability, or actual effectiveness - they would lose every time because reality does not favor leftist ideology.

So, instead, they appeal to emotion, attribute nefarious motive to their opponent, and name call.


Perry knew it before he asked.

So like in poker, you don’t play your hand, you play the other player.

And he played her. So now, even though she’s not running, she’s running from him. And if they work it right, Perry now has Pelosi running from/against him...not just Obama.

Now folks have TWO enemies that they despise...and since Perry can’t really debate Obama face-to-face yet, he’s got another one to throw his glove down with.

Everyone talks about “going after Obama, not each other!” Perry’s done that. NOW, he’s directly engaged Pelosi; not just talked about how bad she is, but asked her to go toe-to-toe and explain herself.

I don’t see how this does anything but help Governor Perry. It raises his stature, it raises his visibility, it gives him an common opponent with all conservatives and it demonstrates his balls [if I can say that here].


If he’s such a laydown; if he’s such an easy mark...why’s Pelosi running from him?

You’d think she has nothing to lose and he has no chance in a debate, the way people talk.

I think he’s been “lying in the weeds” and has been planning things like this for a long while.

He probably didn’t “Oops” in the debate purposely, but from what I know and read about Perry, he’s WAY strategic. He likes to be underestimated until it matters.

Then, LOOK OUT! Here come the boots!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gabrielle Giffords wants to feel ‘better’ before returning to D.C.

Article: From the Chicago Sun

Summary: "Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, in her first public interview since she was shot in the head in Tucson last winter, doted on her husband, former astronaut Mark Kelly, and called him “brave, brave, brave” as she kissed his bald head.

Giffords appears on ABC’s “20/20” show Monday night. It’s her first extended interview since the January rampage that killed six people and wounded 13."

(The television interview comes as fellow victims of the shooting came to Washington to testify in favor of a gun-control bill. They said that Giffords’ appearance represents a major milestone for them as it helps them cope with the trauma they’ve endured over the past 10 months.)

That’s where any sympathy I had evaporated immediately. This just becomes another cheap way that the Libs (as Ann Coulter gives so many examples about) trot out people you cannot criticize to push through contravertial laws that they want, that limit liberty for the law-abiding citizen.


“About a dozen survivors and family members are in Washington lobbying for legislation that would extend criminal background checks to all gun sales and enhance the quality of the FBI’s criminal background checks.”

This is really the central point of this “emo” piece.


I’ll tell you who is “brave, brave, brave”, it’s the conservative judge who sacrificed his life to save hers. I doubt HE was for gun control, and somehow I don’t think the “reporter” would ask his surviving family members if he did or not. I am so unbelievably disgusted with the lot of them. There is no shame in using anything and everything and everybody to advance their fascist agenda. We saw the same thing with the healthcare debate.


I know I will be accused of being insensitive and mean-spirited but it seems that she can’t string together cogent complex statements or thoughts. Doesn’t that suggest that she will be unable to understand most complex processes (including understanding and voting on legislation written in legalese that exceed 1000’s of pages)? Maybe just rehabbing and living should be the best course for her. Maybe she should resign?


This is quickly turning into another democrat freakshow.


So on one hand, I am told about Giffords incredible recovery and then scolded for opposing her point-of-view?

Sorry, but all this tells me is that one of my enemies has made an incredible recovery.


The liberals have a real victim this time and will milk it for all it’s worth.


When I clicked on this thread, I was ready to criticize anyone making a political point at her expense.

Now, I am ready to criticize Giffords, and all other statist liberals, for being so incredibly sleazy.

These people would sell their own mothers, if it would help advance a socialist agenda.


She’s the perfect democrat. Since when does one need a fully operating brain or the ability to string together a sentence to vote how Nancy Pelosi says you should.


she'll be back to DC soon, equipped with a 'grunt/drool' button to record her votes...
WOW, i think that mightve been a bit harsh...

eff the commie bee-atch...just another commie foorsoldier willing to fight to the end, like fat-dead-ted...

the whole lot of em remind me of longshanks in Braveheart...to the dying breath, hopin to see the fruits of their lifelong pursuit of evil...

maybe her and jim brady can go on the road and do a duet, between the two, i think theve still got half a brain...

dang, another mean comment??? ask me if i care about either one of their feeeelings as they work tirelessly to kill me...???


She’s going to do exactly what she would have done had she NOT been shot - ironically, by a Liberal Poster Child Protege. Loughner was one of THEIRS - a PERFECT example of what happens when you absorb liberal BS all your life.

This isn’t a game. It’s for the survival of the country, ultimately, and sentimentality or “compassion” for the enemy only gets them further ahead in their agenda.

I don’t mourn, nor eulogize, nor have compassion for the other side. They would dance on our graves in a heartbeat.


I heard something this morning about Giffords’ husband jumping ugly on Boehner. I’ve got a question for Kelly: Why the heck didn’t you make certain your wife had police protection at her appearances? You never thought to ask, make an issue? People in glass houses, bud.

White House hit by AK-47 bullets

0bama’s base continues to turn on him.


Is this an attempt to distance Obama from his nutjob supporters in the OWS movement?


"Probably a plant to boost his brand."

That was my first reaction - setup to try and move the news from SOlyndra, Fast & furious, jobs, economy etc.

Create a 'threat to the President' to try and rally people around him.


Just a drug deal gone bad. DC is like Chicago, a total war zone outside of those areas frequented by politicians


The prime suspect:

Oscar Ramiro Ortega.

Probably an illegal or from OWS.


Don't exclude the possibility that obama, himself, had it done, building toward a "national emergency" delcaration in order to avoid having elections, and to declare himself as "indefinite" president.

The man is pure evil and I would not put anything past him.


I don’t want this idiot to be a martyr but can’t figure out why foreign govs haven’t tried to take him out. THEY know that when he takes this country down, the entire world goes down.


Oscar Ramiro Ortega is an Occupier. He’s only 21 and has a long arrest history already. I’m not seeing if he’s an illegal or not. But if he is a resident; he’s probably an anchor baby.


Another round discovered, bullets found, gun recovered.

All too convenient.

Everything about this shooting benefits this administration.


More Dems have come out in favor of the Occupy Protesters.
If this guy was indeed a part of that movement, the Republicans will (should?) make every American voter AWARE of the ties and full support by the Democrat Party for these terrorists.


He's a white hispanic from Idaho. Here is the description of one of his tatoos:

"A fourth tattoo on his left chest has hands clasped in prayer and the words "Israel" on the left side of his neck"

Sorry...but he does not sound too much like a OWS to me. Maybe he is...but they can spin it easily with just that much information into the other.

I hope it is not so...but I have no trust whtsoever in this admin and particularly in the DOJ under Holder.


I completely disapprove. Whether or not anyone in the current regime has any value to the United States, the White House is a national treasure. It’s disrespectful to shoot such a beautiful and formerly reputable building.


Is the shooter’s birth name “Lee Harvey Oswald?”

This is so ridiculously set up.

The only good thing about Omoslem is that his Communist regime can’t do anything right. They’re so convinced of their own “smartness” that they routinely botch every operation.

That’s what you get when your cabal is a ragtag band of moslems, communists and anarchists.


Did you see Diane Sawyer’s interview with Gabby Gifford the other night? The sweet little thing, so brave and dedicated, was being threatened by those nasty, hateful, dangerous tea party people at her town meetings because she supported Obamacare. Sarah Palin had an ad with bullseyes on it for Democrat districts that should be overturned. Once again, the MSM was implying that right wing radicals and Palin were responsible for a climate of fear and intimidation that led to the shooting of Giffords. This has been disproved over and over again but Sawyer and the rest won’t let it go. Every chance they get they exploit it to try to destroy the credibility of Obama’s opponents. And idiots in the electorate believe them.


I call BS on this one.

Who leaves their weapon at the scene unless they were hit by return fire and incapacitated or something.

Way to convenient.


I keep waiting for a burning of the Reichstag moment, but I think this bunch is more clever than that. I would they’ll try 1,000 smaller staged events for the same purpose.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy Wall St., Zuccotti Park being raided by NYPD LIVE thread

One of the greatest sounds on earth is when a police baton hits a libtard hippie’s head...it’s like the sound of victory


“They’re destroying our personal belongings”..
I thought all private property was theft.


Send in the National Guard, they know how to handle these types.


All that repetitive chanting reminds me of the Manson family.


Once they cut the head off of this Occupy BS (Zuccotti Park), I think the rest of it will dry up and go away.



Live feed at the park is DOWN. Others outside the park are being filmed, the only communication is via cell phones with those at the park.

2 things, Everything in the park is being trashed by the cops.and the protesters are being arrested one by one.


Has Obammy condemned the brutality of the raid yet from the Whitey Hut?


Back to bed for me. I will rest easier now knowing that hippies have been properly beaten and a shower is a real possibility for them in jail.


Even Ed Koch knew what to do with the riff raff.

Bloomberg is a moron who took months to do what should have been done in the first 48 hours.


Cannot be a more idiotic position to put your body into, then sitting on the ground, with your hands grasped under you knees, daring a New York policeman to crack your skull open, just a couple of blocks from the ruins of the WTC.
These people need to go home to mommy and confess their sins.


Their inflated sense of importance is astounding. History in the making?


Yay! Hippy beating!


They’ve been excruciatingly patient with these filthy hippies.


...all while their HERO HUSSEIN is out of the country!


"Wimpiest protestors ever!"

Agreed. And these are the spawn of Ayers and Rudd?


the “drum circle” should be the very first recipients of rubber bullets.


The goal of every leftist event is to create a martyr. Without the martyrs the events are failures.


"Well, something happened, and it probably was not a coincidence"
I think they found out these people and their supporters don't vote.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Cain: Majority of US Muslims share extremist views

Summary: In an interview with GQ, Herman Cain said: "I have had one very well-known Muslim voice say to me directly that a majority of Muslims share the extremist views."

Daring to say what needs to be said...
The Muslim experience and The American Experience are incompatible.


Moslems who come here from majority moslem nations have a very difficult time adapting. There are some fundamentals we believe in deeply that they reject. One is the elective principle ~ that we the people should elect our leaders. They believe God will reveal them to us in terms of their apparent strength or power.


I know he’s going to get a lot of heat for saying that but I happen to agree with him.

It’s like Freeper Travis McGee (I believe it’s him) says, “Moderate Muslims are the Trojan Horse for the extremists” or something like that.


There were no “moderate” Nazis either.


Well I have to agree with Cain here and good for him for saying so. One slight little nit pick, IMHO most are not extreme however the “extreme” minority can move the “moderate” majority to extreme without to much effort. I personally do not think of Islam as a religion per say since the goal of the religion is to institute Islamic government. Curious how that is different then say Marxism.


Wasn’t there a story that on 9/11, there were Muslims in this country celebrating when the planes hit the Twin Towers and the Pentagon? I do remember seeing them celebrating in Israel, passing out candy and that woman with the glasses doing the Xena Warrior Princess cry but I thought I had read somewhere that there were some who celebrated here too.

I could be wrong.


Herman - please don’t say this time you are misconstrued.

They are ALL extremists, they hate us and they wish to do us harm.

That’s the truth about Islam.


Better way to make the same point:

I’m concerned about the inaction of 99% of Muslims and their failure to forcefully condemn the terrorist acts of Muslims!

If there were even a small minority of Muslims who were “moderate”, there would be an outcry or some sort of public disapproval of Islamic Terror.
The silence from that quarter communicates approval of the terrorist acts, NOT “moderation”.


Herman is spot on for this topic. Political Correctness about the muslims will kill us all before you know it!


Want to make a Conservative angry? Tell him a lie.
Want to make a liberal angry? Tell him the truth.


I know a woman who was married to a Saudi and lived there for years.....she says all muslims in America believe in Sharia law but are told not to admit it.

All-American Muslim: A Programmed Deception

Article from Front Page Mag

Summary: With the new show, All-American Muslim, starting soon, Front Page Mag wants to complain about how it is deceiving the younger generation into thinking that Muslims can be All-American and not terrorist-loving Shariah bots.

It really bugs me that vulnerable American youth, spoon fed on "reality tv", will be exposed to this warped view.


And the tragedy is that the typical American viewer is so stupid as to allow this propoganda to influence the way they think.
Hollywood did this re faggots and look where it got us. It'll be the same thing with ragheads.


The only people buying crap like this series are the one's who are already lost.
The rest of us know an attempt at mind control when we see it.


I saw a preview of this show the other day, and was disgusted. I recall seeing a Muslim woman basically lecturing us how uninformed we are, and demanding that she NOT be searched at airports, etc.

Sorry, lady, but you guys are not just like everybody else here and thank God at least some of us recognize that.


You can be a muslim living in America, but you can never be an American muslim.


"They hate the West.
Why are they here ?"

A fifth column is a group of people who clandestinely undermine a larger group such as a nation from within.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

[Live Thread] Herman Cain to respond to sex allegations at Scottsdale press conference (Tue 11-8-11)

and let the whore paychecks begin...isn’t it time to declare open season on liberals and start taking them out one by one?


I don’t care even if he did do it. Everyone’s entitled to one free grope. I now believe in order to win this battle for this country we’d better be just as dirty as the enemy. And we’d better start today.


I don’t understand her demands for an apology. IF something happened, she clearly threw herself at him and should be the one apologizing. I say this as a woman who has worked in male-dominated fields my entire life.


"Cain lost my vote when he stated that there were no sexual,harrassment settlements, then backtracked and said there were...his credibility was gone at that point."

Cain never had your vote, fraud.


Why it is our conservative candidates need to be as clean as the Pope every moment of their lives (and be able to prove it), while the leftist pukes can put ANY immoral, drug-snorting pervert in office, and we’re ruthlessly attacked for even bringing up the subject?

I agree with many others... at this point, I don’t care WHAT Herman Cain did or didn’t do. Though he’s nothing more than the best of a lousy selection of candidates, in my mind, I hope he gives them hell and comes out of this stronger. To smear one of our guys like this without any proof at all is a lowpoint... even for the leftist commie scum.


JFK used to get it on with multiple women while president and he had the Secret Service tip him off when Jackie was heading back to the WH. It is even rumored that Marilyn Monroe's "suicide" was related to the WH hanky-panky. And that's just scratching the surface of one Dem president.

I am holding my fire on Herman Cain until I hear him respond formally to these charges later today. If he denies the charges, I will take him at his word and stand with him. If he admits to it, I will still support him nevertheless as I will appreciate the honesty and will chalk his behavior up to how many powerful men act. The only thing I would not forgive would be if he comes out today and gives a mealy-mouthed evasive explanation - you know, a Bill Clinton type response - that will confuse things and allow for more future bimbo eruptions to distract us from the campaign.

So all Herman Cain has to do for me is step up to the plate like a man and either deny it (if it didn't happen) or own up to it (if it did happen) with no apologies. Either way, he'll have my vote.


The only reason he is being attacked is because he is the ONLY one who can beat Obama


I don’t know Herman Cain. I met him once and he was a gentleman.

We knew Sarah Palin and we witnessed the lamestream-demonic-rat 24/7 slime, smear and unrelenting lies about her.

The aim was to make certain she would not be the first woman president.

The aim this time, IMHO, is to make certain that Herman Cain is not the first black American president.

The half white-Kenyan notwithstanding.


I agree with you 100%. We don’t know if any of these allegations are true, but they certainly sound fishy as hell. Now even some FReepers are buying into the whole purpose of the ‘multiple’ allegations and believing where there is so much smoke,well... there has to be fire. BS...it only means that the people that are out to get Cain have started a whole bunch of fires at the same time, but who is holding the match? Who is the arsonist?

And after they lynch and set Cain on fire....who is next?

Surely we aren’t stupid enough to believe that an arsonist will stop with ‘one’ of our conservative candidates? They have already burned Sarah at the stake simply for being a smart,beautiful and god fearing conservative woman!

They will go after every single one of our true conservative candidates until the only rats standing are Obama and Romney.


Hey media: PS .. the current resident is not black;
he’s bi-racial, mulatto



n., pl., -tos, or -toes.

A person having one white and one Black parent. See Usage Note at octoroon.
A person of mixed white and Black ancestry.



Where there’s smoke there’s fire means nothing.

Obastard and Clinton were on fire with tons of smoke and the MSM pretends they are as cool as a mountain waterfall.

I’m willing to bet (if I was a gambler) that every single one of these allegations is 100% false.


A caller today on Rush suggested the dems are terrified Cain will break the monolithic hold they have on the black vote. Obama got 96% of the black vote and if he loses even 10% of that he could be in real trouble.

The libs are deathly afraid of a black conservative president. That’s why the attacks are coming. No other reason.


It’s hard to stay ahead of lies and smears when you never know who is setting the fires. We find out who set this fire and then we will know. The main thing that makes no sense to me on the whole Cain allegations are why..if he was so well known for being a ‘serial harrasser’ have we never heard of it before now?

IT MAKES NO SENSE! Herman Cain has been in the spotlight for decades. If he was that sort of character, we would have heard rumblings and rumors way before now.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Freep Impact email!

Hi all,

At the suggestion of JacksonHerring, I'm having all emails sent to freepimpact@gmail.com forwarded to my mail. This means you can make requests there and I will try to get to them.

I'm also thinking of writing up a FAQ post, so let me know if you have any questions you want me to answer.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Occupy arrestee Kayvan Sabehgi badly hurt (armed forces veteran)

Summary from article: "An armed forces veteran was in the intensive care unit of Highland Hospital after suffering serious injuries that he said were caused by a confrontation with police during this week's Occupy Oakland protests.

Kayvan Sabehgi was among the 103 people arrested early Thursday after a day of peaceful protests turned violent. He was arrested for remaining at the scene of a riot and resisting arrest, police said."

Congratulations, Mayor Quan and City Council.

No dead .. yet.

but a lot of tension and hostility is still bubbling below the surface,, stay the course.

You’ll get your immortalization of the cause yet.. even get to have pics of you at the funeral services empathizing with the ‘cause’ , I bet.. and the inquests that will likely follow.. oh yeah, lots of pics.


He chose his side.


They’ll drag Neil Young out of retirement to perform “One Hurt in Oakland”.


Veteran or no, I have zero sympathy for these scumbags.


When I was out of the military and in school, some professor said, you are ex military what do you think about what happened at kent state. My answer, do not throw rock at a man with a gun. He never ask me another question.


In 1974, four of us ex-Viietnam vets were in Madison, WI. There were a bunch of University of Wisconsin long-haired, maggot infested, dope smoking, anti-war types holding a rally and waving their North Vietnamese and VC flags in a local park.
We watched their antics in silent disgust. Then we moved on. As we were walking along, I said: “I'd wish for one thing — a ground-to-air radio talking to two A-6E Intruders loaded with 250-pound Snake Eye retarded bombs and napalm. I'd give these bastards and bitches the experience of their worthless lives.” We agreed it would be interesting to watch.


Yeah, sucks to be stupid.

Hurts, too!


Anyone find it odd that the ONLY (supposedly) seriously injured Occuoy protestors/rioters are “veterans?” Something is hinky.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hillary Clinton's Mother Dies at 92

Note: the majority of the comments were respectful and it was by far the cleanest obit thread I've seen over there. I attribute this partially to the fact that Hillary is to Obama now as John McCain was to Bush in 2000; liberal voters would have much preferred McCain to Bush, and so he became something of a darling for a while. I've seen many, many Freepers suggest that President H. Clinton would be much better than a President Obama, and that they wish she'd won the primary.

"Rest in Peace. It’s not every woman that gets to live such a life to see her daughter become First Lady, a Senator, and Secretary of State. I’m sure she was rightfully very proud of her."

This is NOT a comment on the deceased, but Hillary is pure anti-American filth, so I would hope that the deceased was not proud of her.


[after getting called out on the previous comment]

"she pals around with anti-American terrorists and took her thesis “There is Only the Fight” from Saul Alinsky who DEDICATED HIS BOOK TO LUCIFER! Trashing Hillary is ALWAYS called for in every way imaginable."

For all I know, Hillary and her mother shared the same unconsionable Marxist politics, but we make it our point here at Free Republic, to keep death threads at a higher standard than those at DU and other such lowly sites.


Hillary’s parents brought her up as a republican and then Hillary became radicalized in college


Hitlery should take solace in the fact that her builder would have died a lot sooner if she were under Obamacare.


I hope she is being treated better than Obamby’s granny who was on ice for a couple of weeks while Obamby was shredding his birth and college records at her house.

Obama did throw her a tombstone pizza while she was in the freezer, though. Then two weeks later she “died” and they had to unthaw her from the freezer and convert her to ashes.


Thank you, Vor, for posting this.
Shame on some others here who make conservatives look like troglodytes.

Some things are best left unsaid at certain times, not because they aren't true, but because they make the speaker look rude and offensive without accomplishing any good purpose.

Our goal is not merely to make liberals mad. We make them mad because we breathe air and have too big of a carbon footprint. Our goal is to defeat the liberals. Some comments may make us feel good, but do nothing to accomplish the goal of defeating liberals.


Obituary threads are not the place for this, unless the deceased was a true monster (such as Ted Kennedy, or Jeffery Dahmer). Hillary's mom was not.
Please show a little grace and class.