Friday, November 30, 2012

Wait Til You Get Home: 6 Things You Don’t Do in Front of White Folks (alert of your choice alert)

Race, race, race. It's all about race these days at FR.

A Freeper stumbled across an article by a black woman that explains how she acts differently in front of white people than she does in front of black people in general. She makes a list of six things she purposely does not do in front of white people, such as eat watermelon, dance or sing music by black artists, and use slang associated with Ebonics. She also, to the ire of the Freepers, says she will not bring up politics or race to a white person for fear that they might be Republican or racist.

7. Don’t use the word niger in front of a white person. Just because we us it they think they get to use it. And they don’t. It’s our private word.


 How long do we continue to coddle “minorities” by participating in their double standard?


And Republicans just don’t understand why “you” think you are entitled to a share of our private property...


“I don’t understand why folk can’t see the Republicans are just about money.”

This is the exact opposite of the truth and it annoys me no end that this is so widely accepted. It is liberals who think that the government should be involved in money and finances. It is liberals who in politics classify people according to how much they make and how much they have. It is liberals who think that the government needs to concern itself with shifting money from some to others. They are the materialists.

But then up is always down with these people.


Blacks flourished under Reagan

Blacks languish under Obama.

Its sad. 


 Arguing with a liberal is like playing chess with a pigeon.
No matter how well you play chess,
the pigeon just knocks over the pieces,
craps on the board,
utters unintelligible, vaguely obscene sounds,
and struts around like he won.


The Republican party was born out of opposition to the slave-trade supporting Democrat party.


"Let’s see, my wife called my office this morning spitting with anger. She had taken our son to his doctor’s appointment (at the hospital she used to work at.) First, in the eight parking spots in front of the hospital that used to be designated “Reserved for Expectant Mothers” it now reads “Reserved for Hybrid Cars”. Inside a sign greeted her: “Free Mammograms for African-American Women” She said the only thing that kept her from exploding with rage was my son asked her not to.

The maniacs have won, and Trickle Down Government just became an avalanche."

OMG, I'm as angry as your wife and I wasn't even there. How do they get away with this blatant racism and discrimination?


Things white people shouldn’t talk about in front of black people or else they are just uppity racists:
1. Talk about staying in school.
2. Talk about getting a job.
3. Talk about not having babies out of wedlock.
4. Talk about not doing drugs.
5. Talk about pulling up their pants.
6. Talk about speaking proper English.
7. Talk about staying out of jail.
8. Talk about not trying to dress like your favorite sports star all the time.
9. Talk about being responsible for your own actions and not being a mooch on society; a Taker.
10. Talk about not voting for the racist party, the Democraps.


“7. Don’t put your nose in the air and saunter past without saying “thank you” when a white person holds the door for you as a common courtesy.”

YES! That particular statement strikes home, as it has happened to me more times than I can tell you. Also, when a black driver is waiting to get in your line of traffic and you let him/her in, MOST of them stick their noses in the air and don’t even flick their finger at you as a “thank you.” I’ve concluded they feel they are ENTITLED to be let in the flow of traffic, or ENTITLED to have whitey hold the door for them.


She wants to know what white people do not talk about in front of black people. Or how about some questions that other races may have for Blacks? Like:

1) How come so many black women have such low self esteem that they will have sex with so many men that show them no respect at all and treat them with such contempt? If you don't want to be treated like a Whore, don't act like a Whore!

2) How is it that more than 70% of the black children in this country grow up in homes with no father? Does the lack of guidance from a father figure help to cause the incredible amount of social problems associated with being Black in America? Perhaps you could refrain from having children until AFTER you are married!

3) Do black people think that the fact that their ancestors where slaves fifty years before my ancestors escaped what amounted to slavery in Ireland and Germany in the late 19th century entitle them to special preferences in employment and government benefits? Or do they simply like the fact that they are getting over on whitey?

4) Do Blacks born in America ever wonder why Africans that immigrate to the United States TODAY are twice as likely to get a college education and become members of the middle and upper classes? Maybe it is not their race, but their culture that are to blame for there own problems!P> 

5) Do Blacks in America understand that their social problems of rampant drug & alcohol abuse, illegitimate children, poor education choices and despicable living conditions MAY actually be the result of THEIR OWN poor life decisions and have nothing to do with White people? Perhaps THEY are to blame!

6) Do Black people ever consider that during Jim Crow and Reconstruction, there was a better chance that their children would grow up in a house with a mother and father and have a BETTER and MORE successful education than they have SINCE the 1960’s? Maybe a little self reflection is in order!

7) Do Black people ever look around at formerly upper Middle Class and Wealthy neighborhoods that are now completely inhabited by Blacks and are now completely destroyed and still wonder WHY members of other racial groups decide that they don't want to take the risk of investing in neighborhoods that are majority or even significantly populated by Black people? Perhaps THEY are responsible for the down fall of the neighborhood!<

8) Do Black people ever consider that the Whites and Asians that they BUMP out of the way in college and jobs with Affirmative Action Policies are actually real people who are truly deserving of the place or job that was just redistributed to them? Maybe the people whose jobs they unjustly stole with the help of the state are equally down trodden and deserving!

9) Do Blacks ever consider that Democrats take their votes for granted and voting in lock step at rates of 90% + for Democrats MAY not be in their best interest? If just 20% of blacks refused their votes to the Democrats, their situation might improve exponentially!

10) Do Blacks really believe that people like Condoleezza Rice, Alan West, Walter E. Williams, Herman Cain, Janice Rogers Brown, Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Sr.,Alveda King, Shelby Steele, J. C. Watts, and millions of other successful Black Republicans are all just a bunch of ‘House N!*&%^$’? Of course they are!

11) Does it ever occur to Blacks that Whites, Asians and even some White? Hispanics get a little tired of their incessant bitching? Suck it up butter cup!

12) Do Black people ever think that the constant cries of ‘RACIST!’ may actually be counter productive to their advancement? Apparently NOT!

13) Does the average Black person realize that, for whatever reason, African Americans do significantly WORSE on IQ tests than Whites & Asians Do they realize that 40% of ALL African Americans have an IQ BELOW 80. The Average IQ of an African American is actually 85. and that ON AVERAGE Blacks have an average IQ 18 Pts BELOW Whites and 20 PTs BELOW Asians AND THAT THAT FACT IS NOT THE FAULT OF THE ASIANS AND THE WHITES!? Maybe it is caused by generational dependency and a desire NOT to succeed because success at school is 'acting White'! I am sick to G.D. Death of the Black culture and ghetto mentality that everything wrong with blacks is beyond their control. NEWS FLASH! White people don't give a crap about color. We care about civil society and the adherence to the rule of law. 

Generally speaking, black people think in incredibly racial terms. Republicans refuse to approach them racially, believing it to be inappropriate and racist.

To get the black vote you would have to engage in some pretty reprehensible behavior. In other words, act like democrats.


It’s really sad that black people seem to forget Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream that people will be judged on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

The argument that the Republican party is the party of “rich” people is illogical. If it were true, all Hollywood stars and pro athletes would be Republicans. But they aren’t, are they?!
And by the way, I am getting really, really sick of the word “folks.”

Cribs for needy families stolen in Woodstock (unintentional irony alert)

Excerpt: "Inside that trailer, five brand new cribs intended for needy mothers like Angela, who earned them by attending parenting classes. Angela arrived at the ministry for pregnant women and new mothers on Thursday afternoon, hoping to pick up the crib for her three-month old son, David.

“Just to find out this,” she said, shaking her head in sad surprise, “I’m really disappointed.”"

There's some confusion amongst the Freepers, since this is a very young poor girl who attends a ministry and carried her child to term, but she is also a poor single mother who might be on welfare and was expecting to get a crib for free.

Note the comments from "Angela." Here she is expecting to get something for nothing - a handout, and she has the nerve to say the thieves should be ashamed of themselves. WELL TOOTSIE ROLL DO I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU! You are a parasite and a burden on society. YOU should be ashamed of YOURSELF for being so irresoponsible as drop a kid that you expect someone else to pay for. 

From my viewpoint there isn't any difference between "Angela" and then thieves except they weren't too lazy to steal on their own, and "Angela" was too lazy to even do that - doubtless relying on the government to supply her EBT card loaded with stolen dollars form the taxpayers and charity to supply her lifestyle. I wonder if she has a flat screen TV. I also wonder where be the baby daddy. 


 Did you ever wonder whether Angela is only 15, still a legally innocent child herself, and has been spawned by irresponsible parents and also abandoned by the baby daddy and his family? Have a heart. At least she did complete the parenting classes and we aren’t as likely to see her yelling at her crying baby and hitting it in the grocery aisles.


well...If you don't want the (little) bastard sleeping w/ you, put 'em in an open Chester drawer....
and "a pill between your knees" to keep the (big) bastard out!..
just some "helpful advice"..
& don't give me the doggie-style joke either.


"Didn't Angela show up at a ministry, and attend parenting classes?"

So what? Does that mean she's going to give up her (assumed) EBT card?

"Perhaps a more forgiving attitude to fellow sinners is in order"

You can forgive all you want. But irresponsible a$$holes like her are what is ruining this country. Want to guess how she voted? Going out on a lib here, but I'm going to say 0bama.

I doubt that 15 year old Angela voted at all.


There are lots of people whose parents aren't the greatest that don't continue the cycle. Unless she was the victim of rape, she spread 'em willingly and knowing what the result was likely to be. Birth control is very widely available, and if you can't afford kids without burdening other people with the cost of your pleasure you shouldn't have 'em. 


in the 70’s, 50% of illegitimate babies were put up for adoption. Adopted children do much better in life than even children born to two parent homes.
Now less than 1% of illegitimate children are put up for adoption.


 There are so many of these “ministries” where they believe they’re helping these people. Yet, I’m not sure they’re really correcting attitudes (which they should be about) or just giving handouts (which is what they’re doing). It’s simply another method for redistributing the wealth. People feel sorry and give. Others take. Just because Angela attended a parenting class doesn’t mean that she has changed her attitude or her desire to “better” her life situation.


Re-enstate the work requirement for government assistance for a starter. Make it MORE DIFFICULT, not less difficult to get on the welfare roles. When you do this you force people to be more fiscally responsible. Without fail every food stamper and now EBT card user I've had the misfortune to get behind in the grocery store makes two piles. first the groceries, and then the beer/wine etc. and (usually) dog food. They pay for the groceries, get cash and then use the cash to pay for the beer and dog food. And let's not mention the grocery choices. These usually fallinto two categories: The expensive prepackaged entrees that require minimal work to prepare, or alternatively expensive cuts of meat. 


Mary was a homeless teenage mother.

McDonald's, KFC, Burger King workers protest in NYC

Excerpt: " Pamela Waldron makes $7.75 an hour as a cashier at the KFC in New York's Penn Station, where she has worked for eight years. 

That's just 50 cents above the New York state minimum wage. The 26-year old nursing student, and mother of two, says she has asked for a raise but her pleas have gone unheeded for weeks. "

I highlighted parts to emphasize that this is a woman who is in nursing school and has worked at this KFC since she was 18. Reading between the lines, we can assume that she has been a student through all or most of her time with KFC and probably has not been working full-time, and that she does not expect to be working at KFC forever.

I am sure shee had some marketable skills and knowledge, she should find a job that pays better.

Probably got a Ph.d in Vagina Studies


Betcha Ms. Pamela you drew a lot of attention to Burger King and they will be VERY BUSY tomorrow, thanks for the free advertising for them babe. good job..... 


Hey Pam, try looking for a better paying job or try to work hard enough to be considered for a KFC manager position. I love these people. They deserve a better wage because well, they just do. Don’t work harder to get ahead, just ask for more money. Typical democrat mentality. We are so screwed as a nation.


Yo Pammy, let me ax you a kestion... you be having some skills, yo, so lemme ax you this....

Why you not find a better job?

Why you not put your fat trunk on the market?

You think your worth more than $9 an hour? Then prove it.

Start your own bitness and pay yourself what you worth, girl.


 Pamela Waldron doesn't seem to understand this yet, but her entire job depends on people choosing not to take an extra five minutes to pack a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. If ObamaCare raises employee costs which get passed to the consumer, or if they strike for higher minimum wages, or whatever new regulation comes around, customers won't just pay the higher price automatically. They will substitute. The result would be that the high end restaurants would still exist, but the fast food industry would be gutted, and only vending machines would be profitable. 


3 weeks after 0bama's re-election, McDonald's, KFC and Burger King get hit with workers' protests, just a couple of weeks after Hostess gets taken down by its workers.. Wow, so many coincidences.. 

0bama, unions and coincidences, what a trio! Four iconic American companies, hmmmm... 


You can bet THIS is what the ‘community organizer’ in the WH was orchestrating with his co-conspirator agitators right after his re-election. OWS wasn’t effective enough, I guess.


Yes, it irritates me, too. You’re right - this is not the kind of job one should expect to support a family on. She mentions her husband works to support her family. Well, that’s the way it is supposed to be, Pamela.

Considering the employee turnover that exists in the fast food industry, I would say after working there 8 years - this woman ought to be at least an assistant manager by now.


So will she still have a job tomorrow ? Cause if I was her boss I would fire her a$$ the second she walked out.


I would say this. Fast-food is ok to start out at....but you need to plan on staying less than four years and moving up to something else. If your life plan is to stick to Fast Food....unless you can get up to shift manager or store manager in eight years...I wouldn’t be sticking around. I will admit that a shift-manager does make a good salary at McDonalds....but if you aren’t there by your late aren’t going anywhere.


"If this was some where else I might agree with you. The volume of business is enormous. I read once people who owned a 24 hour pizza shop in Penn station made 20 million dollars a year. Since it is in the most expensive place to live in the world. The cost of transportation for workers is outrageous. Everything in NY city is nuts. I lived there. Just imagine how many times more money than an average Burger King or McDonalds in a city of 15 million. If these fast food places want quality workers they should give them a raise. IMHO. "

It’s a fast food joint. They’re all over NYC. There’s probably one within walking distance of Pam’s home. A couple of my kids worked fast food in high school. You know why? They could walk or ride their bikes there. And I live in suburban Philadelphia. If you decide to make fast food your career then you need to get into management if you expect a living wage. Otherwise, it’s a job for kids and retired people. 8 years and still a regular shift worker? Shame on her.


"I almost got thrown out of my college economics class for pointing out that Ebenezer Scrooge (Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”) must have been paying a fair wage to Bob Cratchet. There was no slavery. If Bob Cratchet could have made more money someplace else he would have gone someplace else."

 Wasn’t Scrooge ALWAYS a stingy old ba$tard and if he was, why would Bob Cratchit bother to ask him for anything when he knew what the answer would be.
Seems to me, Bob was just as big of a loser as fast food workers...they have had years to find a better job.


Fire them and put up HELP WANTED signs as they protest outside. They will be killed by the stampede of those seeking jobs.


 This is why America needs to be free from New York. New York is the liberal centroid, the point from which Marxist collectivisims oozes. The Great Satan is on the Hudson.

-- I wonder how many crying eagles proclaiming NEVER FORGET this guy has posted about 9/11


They want a “living wage” on a job skill set for a semi-literate high-school student?

MOVE OUT OF NYC so you can afford your rent. You don’t belong there if you can’t feed yourself.


I worked fast food for 6 months in my younger days. I HATED it. It was that hate that motivated me to find another an assistant drug store manager. Several years later I was running an “area” of 5 stores.

Her condition is the result of the democrat/progessive brainwashing. Is she worth more than $7.75 per hour? Only she can determine and then find an employer that will pay her what she is worth. It is her choice to succeed or fail.


I sincerely pity these people. Not because they're not making a "living wage," but rather because they lack a work ethic and cling to a sense of entitlement that unless changed, will prevent them from ever realizing their highest potential. 


 The economic narcissists in this country just don’t get it. And they’ll only grow in number and continue to demand more stuff from producers.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

[From The Day Before The Election:] Do you think any liberals are nervous tonight? (Vanity)

It's been a bit of a slow day at FR, so I dug back and found this little gem from the day before the election.

Vanity post:

I watch Dick Morris's predictions and I feel pretty good. But then I check out DemocratUnderground, and it looks like those guys are REALLY confident that Obama's going to win tomorrow.

What do you guys think? Do you think these liberals are all 100% confidence or do you think a few might be a little anxious too? 

If anyone has an personal stories about an anxious liberal they know, please share!


"My liberal neice did a posting on FaceBook intending to console Romney voters that life will still go on with another four years of Obama. I’d say she’s confident."

I hope she's a "Walking Dead” fan because that's what the future holds for women with the government gimme types living the part of zombies when the free goodies run out. 


Nah, they are too dumb to be nervous.


If there is any Democrat in any contested race anywhere - be it dogcatcher, sheriff, city commissioner, county commissioner, state senator or representative, congresscritter, senator, or president, they need to be worried because they are likely to be replaced before tomorrow is done.  


ANY Democrat pretending to be confident is just plain stupid and clearly drinking Obama’s kool-aid. Obama campaign this afternoon told them not to get discouraged when they start hearing the actual vote numbers coming in tomorrow. Why? Not because those numbers are inaccurate — they are — but because they still want Dems in the west to turn out so Obama doesn’t get smoked in the popular vote too. Obama pushing the head fake to discourage Republican turnout. Chicago pulled out all the stops, including psy-ops. Say your prayers tonight and rest easy. Tomorrow will be a good day for the good guys.


Liberals are very confident. The mainstream media and the vast majority of election guru’s like Sabato, Cook, etc, are predicting an Obama victory. And of course Nate Silver’s “model” gives them great comfort.


I don’t know about anybody else but I feel like an expectant father and if Romney wins, it’s a boy. If Obama wins, it’s a girl...No offense, ladies!


The liberal people I work with are confident. LOLOL!!

Looking forward to seeing their faces on Wednesday, just as much as I look forward to seeing Mika’s and Chrissy’s and Soledad’s the morning after.


Nope - I don't think the average Dim on the street is one bit nervous - they've been told Obama has it in the bag. 

On the other hand, those with half a brain knows there is big trouble - but, many of them bank on voter fraud (more this election than at any other time.) So yeah, they're nervous as hell. 

But at the highest ranks of leftist politics, they KNOW Obama is likely toast - yet they hope to pull off a narrow win with their massive disinformation campaign. Of course it won't work - Romney will win - bigger than they would dare imagine.

 Liberalism is a mental disorder. I’m a conservative and I’m nervous. a rational person should be nervous because nobody knows who will turnout in what numbers tomorrow. But the nervousness is the same nervousness I had before a football game. Slight elevation in adrenaline ready to go. Go Mitt!


My lib co-workers are cocky as hell this week, acting like they’ve got it in the bag, bragging about how O has “so many paths” to 270.

Joke’s on them though.. they’ll get to experience the horror as one door after another slams shut in their faces! Almost makes me wish we were having an Election Party, just so I could see their reactions in person.

Too bad. I’ll just be content to taste their tears on the 7th. Suckers! They’d better start praying that Ginsburg can hold-on for another four years; ha!


Strange that my liberal acquaintances just haven't been into any kind of political exchanges this year whenever I've run into them in all kinds of situations.

I've seen only two bumper stickers for Obama in this liberal town. My liberal sister is also quiet.
I recently joked to her about our new President Romney will be taking over a mess and I got a chuckle out of her and she went on to say how important the senate races will be.

She seem resigned to the fact that Romney will win and she's an MSNBC addict and seems to know nothing not mentioned there.

I feel good about this election. More Americans see Obama and his crowd as serious threats to our country and it's future 


My ultra lib sister in Chicago is confused, they have been running anto Obama commercials starting today. She can’t figure out why because the state is not a battleground.


I also have liberal relatives.

While a ‘truce’ has been declared over the last couple years, (after I rubbed their ‘racist’ charge hypocrisy, and the historical dem party racism hypocrisy in their face, from which they didn’t recover), the silence from them is deafening. The record of this president for the last four years just is too much to answer to.

Not engaging me though is probably wise. I am loaded for bear.


For the liberals to be nervous that means they actually care about this country. They are arrogant, fantasy driven, entitlement gripping, you accept my sin and I’ll accept yours type of people. They are not nervous because they think this election will be “taken care of” just like their food stamps and welfare checks.

When Romney wins tomorrow - shock and awe will pour over them because they will realize they just might have to go to work .... and then riots will commence.


The libs in my office are mute -— they will not speak of the election, but if you prod them enough about the outcome, they will portend a doom, the likes of which have never been seen, should Romney win.
It’s how I lift my spirits each day.

Targeting Old White Men (...every age has its fashionable prejudices)

Article here.

Brave, very brave.

But largely true. Truth hurts.


"You can see where this line of thought leads, Rhodesia. There s your future template."

Estate taxes give the government an incentive to kill you while you still have money left.


 I cannot think of a more important & relevant point. 


"I’ve often wondered why Africa, which is often pointed to as the cradle of civilization (they had Egypt, for example), and clearly pre-dated the existence of the US, never emerged as a global military and economic super-power during any of its history.

Maybe economics and wealth are just angry, old, white male concepts."

If everything started in Africa why did they never invent anything?

I mean they never invented anything at all!

I don't count picking up a rock or stick to bong each other as an invention. Even today's apes do that, and they aren't showing any signs that they will ever ‘evolve’ into anything smarter


As a group, white men are the best fighters on Earth, bar none. All the crushing armaments and strategies to use them were largely developed by white men. That scares the hell out of commies and leftists, which is why they’re desperately trying to ally themselves with muslims. They need a surrogate army to take on white men.


 White males have been fair game for a long time now. Just pay attention to the role of the white male over 30 in advertising today. 

Even when they are under 30 and are the usual super powerful, mousse headed, Lexus driving mavericks...they are NOT more powerful or relevant than the women they wish to impress with their coifes and cars. Those women are supreme in the hierarchy. Only topped by the ones who are black. Those women are untouchable, indefatigable and untouchable. 


"Honestly the only peoples who seemed to make really great accomplishment are caucasian and oriental."

They have the highest % of Neanderthal DNA.

Africans have none.

Neanderthals had bigger brains, bigger brains is associated with higher IQ's.
Brain sizes are trending down in modern humans. 


"[On Africa not being a world power]

It has largely to do with geography.

Jared Diamond wrote a book, Guns, Germs, and Steel, which pretty much explained why.

Africa and other places, like Central and South America, did not have land masses which stretched distances lattitudinally. It is possible to travel across Eurasia from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans, and he described how that was advantageous to cultural, agricultural, and scientific advances.

For example, the types of crops grown in the equatorial region of Africa will not thrive in the southern most tip of the African continent. The Dutch found that the food they grew in Holland did very well in that climate, which explains why no native agricultural tribes were established that far south."

 That book is so political correct that I have refused to read anything else by Jared Diamond since reading it.

All the worlds problems are blamed on White men.


 No doubt there will come a day when we will be pitted against in warfare like they did to those folks if the State has not already convinced those of us still left that “we do not exist”. I see this happening in South Africa to a high degree where they openly talk about killing the White people while also denying that race exists. Talk about an odd dichotomy! Race “does not exist” ie: White people “do not exist” hence we are “figments” of own own imaginations - yet we clearly exist to them when they are killing us in massive numbers! Even the President of Genocide Watch Dr. Gregory Stanton has publicly noted for over a decade now that the Boer farmers are at stage six of facing total genocide. This will be exported here as well but by then most White people will think they “deserve to die” for the imagined crimes the Left ascribes to them - forgetting that White people are victims as well.


"If everything started in Africa why did they never invent anything?"

Well, it would seem that even a fairly stupid person would notice that a round rock was rolling farther down the hill than all the others.

At some point in thousands of years they must have seen a rock slide and pick up on that fact.

You wouldn't have to be very clever to figure out that ‘round’ might be a better way to move things.

But no, as far as they ever got was dragging things around lashed to sticks.

Close all the grocery stores in the ghetto, thus removing the supply of stolen shopping carts, and you will again see the stick dragging method in common use.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Voting For Obama Keeps Families Away From Each Other For Thanksgiving

Summary: These are from a few articles about how liberals and conservatives are dealing with each other during the holidays. Some of these are from Thanksgiving day.

"No commies under my roof today..."

 I didn’t think I had “those kind” in my house until one wandered through my living room wearing an Amnesty International tshirt this morning. I informed them right then and there they’d better go take it off immediately or else. I’m trying hard not to let it ruin this day but it’s right below the surface.

 Very simple. I don’t care who you are. If you vote Democrat, stay away. You are not welcome at my home, ever. Done.


" Don't understand families that have both commies and conservatives in them. Weren't they all raised right? EVERYONE in my family is conservative, to a fault."

 some probably went to college..thats were the trouble begins


" Maybe that’s why Golden Corral was packed today. Too many couldn’t face their family."

 LOL, yours too? We went to GC for lunch today. Best Thanksgiving in years. No all day cooking and no dishes. Yes, it was packed and a long line out the door when we left.


I turned down my commie sister’s invitation. I can no longer stomach her presence. Her reason for voting for o was she “ just didn’t like romney”.


 I told my wife to tell her liberal, Obamabot sister and her a-hole, elitist Columbia grad, douchebag husband to go to Obama’s house. They are not welcome at mine!


"It’s the civil war all over again..."

No, but it’s the warm-up. I fully expect ACW2 to be going full steam withing 18-24 months. . .


What a watered-down liberal BS article. Personally, I have no desire to sit with any liberal couzins again. Sorry. But this article veers off course about pot and other BS. Who cares. I could not ‘break bread’ with anyone who was stupid enough to vote for hussein.......AGAIN. Period.


I’ll bow my head and pray extra hard as I sit at my daughter’s dinner table today that she comes to understand.

All I can do.


At one point during the reign of FDR, Republicans and Democrats celebrated Thanksgiving on different days. That might happen again I guess.


I’ve unfriended a friend that I’ve known since 1972 when I was 6 over this.


Same in our family where the young people voted for Obama. Typical liberals, we received some very nasty emails. They can’t discuss the facts but have to spew out hatred. Then they look forward to “seeing us”???? I don’t think so. My wife and I had enough and we have shifted not only our holiday plans but vacation plans. We would rather spend our time where we know we are genuinely wanted than with people who support illegals, drug use, homosexuality, abortion, higher taxes, etc.

The sad thing is most of these people are unskilled labor. They will be the first to be hurt by Obama’s policies. I told my wife that by Christmas 2013 most of them will find themselves as part time workers and having to pay for their health care insurance. Already it has started with a number of companies annoucing reductions and closings. This is only the beginning and they don’t have a clue as to what they voted for.


We didn’t even try this year LOL. We’re scattered to the four winds. My generation in my family are all libs. There’s hope for a few of the kids.

Going to a friend’s house, but unforuntately she invited one lib. How could she do that? Now we can’t talk about what’s on all of our minds.

Oh well, invitees can’t be choosers.


 This American won’t break bread with commies, pinkos, Marxists or socialists. They have always been the enemies of democracy


 I have two libs coming over today, one is my spoiled cousin who graduated in 2010 with a degree in history, and now she's studying to be a massage therapist and doesn't pay her mom rent or work a job. The other lib coming over is my other cousin who's going to law school and just conveniently came out of the closet two weeks ago after we sent out invitations. Suffice to say my day is going to be interesting and will be the last one with the liberals on my side of the family. Next year they can have a gay old time with each other somewhere else. Texas is looking pretty damn good right now to my parents and my family. 


I’m surrounded by liberals, so I tend to just smile and say “Well, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.” When they boast about all the miracles Obama’s going to perform, I smile again and say “I hope you’re right. We’ll just have to wait and see.” (Meanwhile, I’m saving money, paying down debt, and stockpiling rice and beans, because I think we’re heading for harder times yet.)


 I’ve already told my obama supporting relatives that they are no longer welcome in my home and I will not bother them with my presence in their homes.


I have no liberal relatives or friends. All of my relatives are thinking people, not guided by emotions as are liberals. The majority of my friends are members of the church of Christ congregation that I attend or are from my Harding college days of years ago. They are all Constitutional Christian Conservatives, 100% pro-gun (our preacher proudly carries a gun to services as do most of us in the congregation).

From my perspective, liberalism and satanism are identical. Since I have no satanist friends or relatives, it makes no sense to tolerate anyone who hews to the values of liberalism. In short, I shun evil.
I don’t associate with communists. I have a couple of relatives - I don’t talk with them or associate with them in any way. There is no such thing as a friend who is a communist, in my book. A friend will look out for a friend, and not harm you - how can a friend be a communist? It would be like saying, I have a friend in the KGB, or a friend who is a concentration camp guard, really? A “friend”?


I don't go because of the hatred displayed by the more angry, militant leftists in the family who cannot be in a room with a conservative without frothing at the mouth. Then there are those who agree with me politically but sit silently and watch it happen. I'd just rather not be around any of them and I don't want my wife around them either.  


  Leftists these days (and they’re leftists, they’re not “liberal”) aren’t just people with a different view, they’re evil. I can’t be friends with evil people, therefore I don’t associate with leftists. Fortunately none of my relatives are leftists, or I’d cut them (socially speaking) in a heartbeat.


Talk about how your own electric bill has gone up. Ask if theirs has gone up. Ask them if they've heard of Obama's war on coal, harassing coal power plant operators and coal mines until they have to shut down. Then ask them if they know that China is building 100 new coal power plants each year. Ask them if they heard about Germany's switch from nuclear back to coal power. 

Chances are, they have no clue about any of these things.


I'm 46. I've unfriended people (or they unfriended me, I don't care) some people I've known for 40 years because they were true Obamabots. I've resolved to myself that I'm going to do my best to dig in and survive, take care of Mom and my cats and hopefully find Mrs. Right that believes as I do. I'll lob a few shells their way if they get out of hand but right now it a time to take stock, eliminate people and things from our lives that drag us down and to work on strategy. Almost anyone born from 1955 onward that voted for the Bamster is "persona non grata" to me. The older folks, I still see them as making a stupid move but they are so ingrained with FDR well, they will never change. The younger ones, they should know better.  


I cut off relations with my Leftist relatives (my parents) for about 1 1/2 years now. I have no regrets; I have tried in vain to convince them of the evils of the Left and 0bama, but to no avail. It’s time we think of these people as the enemy, with no excuses for ignorance. You can show your love for them by praying for them to wake up from their delusion. But, you should never give them the mistaken impression of approval by showing them respect. Otherwise you are conferring tactic acknowledgement that their ideology can work.


Liberals do not celebrate Thanksgiving ,they fake it


OK, OK, I’ll give you my opinion straight and serious; this is what I am doing: Cancel friendships with all known liberals. Period. End of discussion.

Yes, I did that. No phone calls, texts, emails, invites, nothing. I will not in any way participate with any Obama Voter that voted to do me harm. That is the way I look at it and it is the way I will act. I will refrain from any activities that in a direct or indirect way support, help, or sustain liberalism. Of course, I cannot possibly cut out all liberals as who knows what made my socks or gasoline, but anything I can identify and cut out I am.

For that invite to a liberal’s house: “No, thank you. I cannot possibly be friends with someone that votes to harm me. Voting Obama wasn’t funny, and it is going to have serious and harmful consequences to you and me both. Grow up and stop rebelling against your parents. Life isn’t a game.” I said that to more than one person lately. Friends? Screw them as they screwed me. With “friends” like that I don’t need enemies.


 Honestly, if any of my relatives even WHISPER the name of zer0 in a laudatory manner, I will leave POST HASTE! I don't give a damn if it's family, ignorance is ignorance no matter to WHOM it's attributed. 


 I just interviewed someone for a job in our office. She mentioned that her son just graduated from Occidental, The same college Obama attended. She lit up when she said the name Obama. Guess who won’t be working in our office.


1) Don't go to a liberal relative's house for Thanksgiving, host a Thanksgiving meal at your place. 

2) Don't invite liberal family members. If questioned as to why they are not invited, tell them this meal is only for those who have worked for and earned what they have, and are not thankful about stealing from others to redistribute. 

3) If contact with liberal family members is unavoidable, go armed with facts about socialism's failures, hussein's (numerous) failures. Refuse to get drawn into an emotional argument, stick to the simple facts. When you are inevitably personally attacked, don't sink to their level, point it out, announce that the discussion is obviously over when they have nothing but vitriol left. 

I'm doing #1 & #2 this year, and thankfully won't have to do #3. Idiot liberal BIL will not be in attendance. 


My Dad remarried after my parents divorce. His new wife was a flaming leftist and co-opted his whole being. I lost my dad.

Fortunately she died this year in February so she couldn’t vote for her King Obama one more time and see him win.

I have to ask everyone here:

—Have you ever had friends/relatives who are very intelligent people who are leftists and then ask yourself in bewilderment: “How is it possible for people who are so intelligent not to see the folly in their value system???”

I’ve had to ponder this question many times and the only thing I can come up with is that INTELLIGENT people can also be NAIVE. That’s the only explanation I can think of. Does anyone else have an answer?

One friend is an alcoholic more or less, so even though he’s a brilliant software engineer, he sits in front of cable TV at night, probably watching Piss Matthews on MSNBC and in a state of stupor, the brainwashing has crept it.

I welcome anyone else’s point of view on this, because I’m totally confused how can intelligent people be so wrong...

Argument over loud music led to teen's fatal shooting, cops say (Trayvon Martin redux?)

Here is the article

A lot of them are saying it's too early to know what exactly happened yet, so I'm sure I'll be posting another one of these down the line, once they've figured out a narrative (or accepted that a white guy killed a black kid and it was bad, but that isn't likely).

Not everything is a “Trayvon Martin”, where the guy is leaped on and is on the ground fighting for his life, and is already bloody and battered as he desperately squeezes off a shot that saves his life.

It isn’t fair to Zimmerman and to extreme self-defense cases, to keep using this “Trayvon” thing so casually and as a catch phrase.


We don’t know what kind of a weapon (if any) Davis pulled on Dunn. Dunn claims self-defense, but the story is silent about what he was defending against Is this silence intended to make the hooded corpse into another supposedly innocent boy victim?


Notice the pleasant, almost smiling demeanor on the victim as compared to the sullen, frowning face
of the shooter.

Not to mention the victim's first name being used exclusively in the article while only referencing
the shooter by his last name. Pretty easy to see how this story is going to be framed by the MSM....
....regardless of the facts. 

Gotta feed the narrative. 


"There must be more to the story. Looks like he’s lawyered up for now. His GF was inside the store, so he couldn’t just leave. If he couldn’t shut out most of the noise by just keeping his windows rolled up, it must have been really loud."

Of course it was deafening....enough bass to rattle the store windows. That’s their way; it’s all about them, you see.

See/hear it all the time.

Recently, my lady friend’s boss (they run a security company; he’s a former 30-year detective) pulls into a convenience store, hears the same.....but there’s a little toddler strapped in that vehicle with the windows rolled up, baby mama inside the store. The kid was literally being tortured.

He called the cops. She was arrested on the spot.


"Gunning someone down at the quick stop and then fleeing the scene and spending the night in a motel, doesn’t help one to appear like a man with a clean case of self-defense"

how is that stay and talk defense working out for zimmerman?


Sometimes you go to a convenience store and see something you don’t like in the parking lot. Could be loud music, could be a couple doing a severe make-out session, could be a bunch of louts drinking beer, etc.

So, buy what you came to buy and get out of there. I don’t see an upside to confronting strangers and shooting and killing them over their obnoxious behavior in a parking lot.

I just don’t.


"I’ve been waiting for this to happen. This is not merely loud music, This is WAY beyond that. It’s extreme low frequency vibration that carries for blocks. And nobody is doing anything to stop it. Want to see what it looks like? Just google images “Subwoofers in Cars”. I knew somebody was gonna get hurt for this - eventually."

You were waiting for someone to shoot 8 bullets at people who had no guns because their music was too loud?

Anyone who uses self-defense here is trying awfully hard to find it. Not saying it is not possible but nothing in this story points to it.


“I never, ever, ever read anything on those [liberal] sites about the rampant black on white violence.”

That is why I couldn’t care less why this guy shot this kid; let somebody else care. I wouldn’t do it or defend it, but I literally couldn’t care less. It is like reading about 2 life forms on Jupiter battling it out.


Well, did they turn the music down or not? I can’t believe the article doesn’t even say.


Hey! You can’t blame the man.

When I hear blaring African fertility rites shaking my car and home I go crazy.


From what has come out so far, it sounds like 2nd degree murder. I hope it does not drag the whole issue of stand your ground down with it because it is not so based on what has come out so far.

While I agree with the notion the Ramar of the Jungle music is aggravating, it is not justification to kill anyone not posing a real threat. The shooting happened in a section of town which is definitely not “the hood”.


 I see a big problem here in that Dunn did not contact the police right after the shooting.

The police tend to take the first people reporting as the “victim”. Dunn had a lot to consider. There was no body or vehicle to even show that there was a shooting. If he involves the police, he is likely to miss his son's wedding. He does not even know if anyone has been hit.

He should have reported it, to get his side on the record, even if it made him late for the wedding, because criminals often make up stories that put them in the best possible light.

Jordan's friends in the SUV had lots of time to consider their story, and plenty of motive to come up with a good one and to sanitize the scene to their advantage.

They had the whole Trayvon Martin episode to act as an example of what they should concoct. 

--- Yes, that's a Freeper straight-up calling unarmed black teenagers who went to the police after their friend was murdered "criminals".


We are only getting the side put out by Jordan’s friends. Dunn says he saw a gun in the SUV, and the SUV fled the scene after he shot.
If this is true, Dunn did not have any certainty whether he hit anyone or not. If a gun had been pulled on him, the other people in the SUV had plenty of time to dispose of it before the police searched the car.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Little Falls man describes 'finishing' teenagers with shots to heads

This tragic story comes from Little Falls, Minnesota, where two teenagers broke into the home of a 64-year-old man on Thanksgiving evening. There are rumors that the kids may have been drunk or on drugs. He shot and killed both of them, apparently injuring each first, and then pulling them onto a tarp and then shooting them through the head, execution style. He then just let the bodies lie there for 24 hours until a neighbor called the police.

Here is an article about the events.

The two teenagers broke into his home to steal something to support their drug habit.

The first shots were legit, the finishing shots were murder.


I’m not going to shed any tears for the victims.


That is how real home invaders should be treated though


He is charged with ‘murdering’ two teens.

Gad, the propaganda. “They were such nice kids, everybody loved them, inseparable, yadayada.”
What, exactly, are the workplace guarantees that criminals can expect when they choose this line of work? To be only shot once? To be asked, politely, to leave. To have to pay for the broken windows and smashed in doors, or is that just the victim’s tough luck? To be able to laugh and ‘express their feelings’ to the person they are robbing?

Might be none of the above.


"...what he told police was a "good clean finishing shot.""

Never say anything except "I was in fear for my life". 


I don’t know which way to go on this story.. It’s possible these kids were breaking into his house and stealing stuff over a number of many days or months.. Or, it’s possible they didn’t even break into his house and that he lured them in. I’d like to see the police reports from prior burglaries. Also, if this man has lost valuables on numerous occasions I can understand his rage. These kids don’t look thugs but.. Who the hell knows anymore.


No way to condone what he did, but criminals had better understand that their actions have consequences, sometime severe, or even final.

Tragic, but I won’t waste any tears over these two.


The guy would've gotten off without charge if the teens had been gunned down while breaking in. The fact that the guy had been robbed before and was under high stress will, I suspect, play a major role in his defense.

A kid I knew from my high school days once told me that he got an adrenaline rush by burgling homes. I told him he should take up a safer sport like alligator wrestling because he could end up dead. Unfortunately for him, that is exactly what happened not long afterward.

"Normally I root for the homeowner who's being intruded upon and threatened with bodily harm or death,but this just sounds like someone who was ready,willing and able to kill."

 There is somthing wrong with that???


So, what should have happened to the drug-addict thieves?

Tea and crumpets? Maybe a nice warm bath with some hot cocoa? Maybe they should have chosen a different home with an elderly guy that wasn’t armed that they could have beaten to death and THEN taken all his stuff...

Maybe that would have fit your delicate sensibilities better.


"Still, if it’s true that an execution-style killing ended this sad story, can you really defend it?"

Yes. I have ZERO sympathy for thieves and anyone else who initiated force/fraud/theft against someone else.

She was dying anyway. If he had just let her gasp on for a few more minutes, would that have made him "more humane" in your eyes and that of the Leftist Mlps Star Tribune?


"These teens were not "nice kids."

However, Smith shot the woman, who was unarmed, until she was incapacitated and then - instead of calling 911 - deliberately finished her off.

He is a psychopath and a murderer"

So, what you are saying is that it is a bad idea to break into someones home because they might go all psycho on you and kill you...

Good advise.


Why do we think the only people allowed to execute anyone is the government? When someone is a predator and enters someone else’s home to commit an act such as theft they deserve to be executed on the spot.


When some criminals invade my home I'm not going to conduct an investigation as I don't know how many of them are there, what guns they have or will draw on me , I will shoot first and ask questions later, shoot with a high calibar semiautomatic weapon . I advise all to do the same. Of course you can sit there and ask questions and so and let some thug or yute draw and shoot or torture you to death as i have read so many stories of but I don't recommend that.  


When the SHTF, we will have many more of these incidents. In some cases, nice, good looking kids will be killed while looking for food, and in other cases, a van will pull up with 3 guys with ARs looking for food and whatever else they can find. Of course, the media puts out a story of a kook recluse with a wild looking mug shot and two beautiful looking teens.

If someone breaks into your house, you shouldn’t have look up castle law cases before reacting. And shouting out to the intruder, “watch out I have a gun” will give away your position and might be followed by a few rounds in your direction.

But that being said, this guy sure had a sick streak. Finishing them off and not calling the police right away will not win him any points.


In one of the stories it said Bauer heard them enter his bldg, got his gun and sat in his chair until they started down the stairs. AND according to stories, when his first weapon jammed and the girl laughed at him, he retrieved and used another. He wasn’t exactly ‘trapped’ and unable to retrieve another weapon.

From a legal perspective, what’s important is that they weren’t exactly dead after the initial shots. After his legitimate self-defense, Bauer chose to execute them, thus violating the law


"I'm saying two things:

(1) It is always a bad idea to break into someone's house.

(2) It is always a bad idea to murder a helpless woman in cold blood.

If she hadn't broken into the house, she wouldn't be dead.

If he hadn't murdered a helpless woman, he wouldn't be dying in prison."

2 isn't necessarily correct. From his wording, it sounds like she was dying already from the initial shots and he put her out of her misery. 

Of course, you are free to spin it the other way if that is your inclination. 


Charge him with improper storage of human remains then... He didn't murder them. They committed suicide using his bullets. 


Highly intelligent? Retired professional? No criminal history?

Doesn’t quite live up to the blood thirsty psychopath folks are trying to paint him as.


""[Picture from Last Crusade]: They chose... poorly."

The subtext of your post is: "This torture and murder of a teenaged woman has a real funny side to it.""

Make up your mind. “Torturing” her would have been to allow her to choke to death on her own blood.

Or are you just making crap up now...

Fox News ends interview abruptly when guest slams network

Excerpt: "Jon Scott was interviewing Thomas Ricks about his book, "The Generals" when Ricks accused Fox News of hyping up the recent attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi"

If the Media isn't interested in the story, then we are obviously being nothing but political (sarcasm). I don't know why anyone would join this Admin in any capacity. The only important person in the world in The Won. Everyone else is expendable in his pursuit of the destruction of our beloved USA.  


Who gave the order to our military to “stand down” and NOT implement plans to rescue our men in Benghazi on 9-11-12?




When the guest referred to the terrorist attack as a “small firefight”, it exposed him as a communist/muslim sycophant.

Good for John Scott to boot him off and stop the dishonesty.


 Ricks and his fellow travelers will declare his attack on Fox to be a great victory, much like the towel heads who got their butts kicked recently by Israel. Expect them to begin firing their guns into the air, ululating all the while.


 Isn’t it funny, that to question the President’s motive and lies about Benghazi (a job the media used to do) equates to being political... GD the left and all they stand for, why do we even give them a platform...


I don’t think news programs do this enough. When a guest shows up and refuses to address the questions, choosing instead to just regurgitate prepackaged talking points then he or she should be given the zot. I want to hear thoughtful discussion not mindless propaganda.


The liberals are filled with rage. They won the WH, seats in the Senate, and House, and they are still filled with rage. No doubt, this situation will not end well. The liberals are tipping their hand, and our side is falling in line like little puppies, and still there is rage coming from the liberals. Always knew the liberals wanted it all, and soon anyone disagreeing with liberals, will be an outlaw. This planet has moved quickly to the 1930s. A prayer God will stop the slide, of this planet, on the razor blade toward the pool of alcohol. Too bad the liberals haven’t awaken to the fact that they too are on that razor blade.


In the world-wide global islamic “ummah,” Benghazi is seen as America’s Stalingrad. Seriously.
The Amriki crusaders were driven out of Eastern Libya, the cradle of jihad, it total defeat, humiliation, and disgrace. The Amriki ambassador was killed and defiled, dragged through the streets. The Amriki did NOTHING in response.

Benghazi is seen by a billion-plus muslims as a sign of total collapse of American will.
As bad as the four dead are, the symbolic defeat is much, much worse in terms of setting us up for more attacks.


I hope this incident gets more exposure. Maybe some book reviews at Amazon would help. 


Everyone who could testify about who did or did not give the order has been systematically removed from positions which offered them some official semblance of security and credibility.
They are out in the cold. 

Pretty soon these nonpersons will be removed from official photographs/images. I would wager the obscure are beginning to fade away as we type, if a few haven't had unfortunate events/accidents already.

Persistence on their part will be likely rewarded with prosecution on some charge, the systematic destruction of their reputations, or a dirtnap.

The high profile people involved are a clear message to the little folks that no one is too big, none too prominent, none too important, so the lesser players had better keep their mouths shut.

Calling this a Stalinesque obscenity is an understatement. For the second operation we know of (Fast and Furious/Castaway, now Benghazi, both likely gunrunning operations) which was likely approved at the highest levels within our government, people have been slaughtered and the Ministry of Propaganda (ABCNNBCBS) has barely made a peep.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Why aren’t Asians Republicans?

"My thesis is that the GOP is in trouble across the electoral board because it has become identified in the public mind with social conservatism."

Then we are doomed as a nation. I know of no historical precedent for a country whose greatness did not reflect the moral fiber of its citizens. 


 This is a good question. I live near a HUGE Asian concentration in the San Gabriel Valley. I’ve noticed that they are hard working, they are homeowners, they are business owners, the are professionals, they are upscale, they are suburban, they believe in higher education, ....I ‘ve also noted a far higher rate of regular church attendance than the general population as well as a stronger family unit than the general population. Bottom line: They work hard, pay taxes, have strong family values and are very religious. Why this group is favoring the Dems is BEYOND my powers of understanding. Because Asians do so well in academics and education in general, they over-represented in many of the state’s universities and therefore subject to reverse discrimination and adverserly impacted by racial quotas. The only thing I can figure is that they perceive the GOP to be too tough on immigration and not inclusive enough. Other than that it makes no sense. The Asians I see are not into the free stuff bs. They LIKE to work and make money and own businesses and go to church.


 My 'thesis' is that Asian-Americans, whose natural values tend to be conservative, send their kids to the Public School indoctrination system. They cannot help but come out of this system with the idea that Republicans are represented by the Simon LeGree's, and Robber Barons, or the past. They may be well educated in the areas of Math and Science (as their parents will often provide tutors, and programs outside the Government Schools system - to improve their children's competencies in these areas), but they are woefully ignorant of the history of this Nation -- how it was founded by Christians who believed in limited government, and a self-sufficiency dependent on the mercies of God and help from family and neighbors in the time of need. They aren't taught about the abysmal failure of previous attempts at socialism - and their inevitable descent into the enslavement of the populace.

This is also true of the Euro-Americans (except, perhaps, for the part about parents pushing their children to excel at Math and Science). Our 'schools' have become brainwashing camps, which output good little slaves to the Godless Government. 


Free Stuff: Where my sister works as a public health nurse in one of the wealthiest counties in the U.S. (just outside of Washington, D.C.), Orientals flock to the free clinics for health care, including vaccinations, prenatal exams, medications, primary care, acute care, etc. And they frequently arrive and depart in luxury vehicles. !!! Free Stuff !!!  


Asians are not a naturally conservative voting block … they hate and resent whites too. They may be intelligent, but they’re also rather “beta”. I used to subscribe to like 30 asian-american blogs at one time and it turned me from a asiaphile to a asiaphobe. What made me laugh the most is when they would CONSTANTLY conflate Hollywood and “conservative, white, christian America”. There is no reasoning with these people. The only exception to this rule is ironically asian Christians.
Religion is the only thing that keeps people from acting as racialists.

The GOP is fighting a losing battle and need to acknowledge it in their hearts. The best route to go is Milton Freidman in public and Guillaume Faye in cloak and dagger.True Conservatives would reject America and plan for what happens afterwards.


Funny, but I never thought of Asians as moochers and slobs. But I guess the numbers don't lie. 


 "Why this group is favoring the Dems is BEYOND my powers of understanding. Because Asians do so well in academics...."

But you've put you're finger on a huge part of the problem: the more time you spend in academia (either as a student or as a professor), the more liberal you become. Also--and this has come as a shock to white folks--racial identity is an amazingly powerful force in voting decisions. It's more powerful than values with most minorities. Asians see themselves as "outsiders," and Obama as one who can sympathize with them. Those judgments may be absolutely irrational, but they hold sway with a lot of voters, even those in the "cognitive elite." Racial ID and liberal indoctrination are important reasons Asians voted for Zero. 


 "Are you kidding? Every Asian that I know is a Republican.

My Vietnamese sister-in-law even says that the Democrats act too much like communists for her likes (some years ago, she spent a half year in a communist reeducation camp)."

Asian_ Americans voted Obama 3-1. That’s not a fluke, that’s a fundamental divide between us and them.


The Christian section of Asian American community may tend to reflect Western values, however, the vast majority are not Christian open to moral relativism. My wife observed an Asian couple (professionals) attempting to steal valuable items from a vendor’s table. She managed to confront them politely and they coughed up the items before they could get away. I do see a lot of open cash boxes in the Asian small businesses. They pay what taxes they can’t figure a way out of. These people are not puritans and a lot are very adept at milking the system. They do like freebies.


 Yes, Asians tend to, like the Hispanics, have stronger family values.

But the Asians, like the Hispanics, go for the freebies.

As one Chinese told me, who has strong family values, “If someone offers me (freebies), I’ll vote for them.”

It’s the freebies.

GOP Lawmakers Break "No New Taxes" Pledge

Excerpt: New York Rep. Peter King and Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday they would break the pledge and accept tax changes to generate more revenue to curb the trillion-dollar federal deficit.

Once again, and I’ll say it slowly. We have plenty of tax money. We need less spending.


The GOP better stop talking and instead demand the Rats explain what “entitlements” they are going to cut.

Demand an answer now or skip the table. 


Feed the Beast. The Beast will not be denied and its hunger is infinite. Those who now say their pledge is obsolete are putting themselves on a target list for defeat, but their greater loyalty is to the ruling hegemony than the people they represent.


Funny mister king... I have no faith in you, lightfoot twinkle-toes graham... the republican party or mister boehner. I have such little faith in your government that I am closing my 40 year old family business because I can no longer trust your words and deeds and a business must have trust to expand and survive. You idiots have destroyed the greatest gift GOD has bestowed upon man... and over the past 60 years... through direct action or allowing the incremetalism of the left to march on... you have killed it.

FU all on both sides of the aisle. A pox on all of your houses!


Can’t they see the real problem is the growth of government ?

Close the departments of Education, commerce and Energy. Keep whatever important functions they’re responsible for and lay off 95 percent of the staff.

Turn off the heat in their buildings.


Everyone that stayed home in November deserves this. You got what you voted or didn’t vote for in this case. Good luck surviving until 2014.

I am a life long registered Republican—51 years.

I will change my registration.

I will donate what I can to defeat the Republican turncoats.


We have nothing less than 1-Party government, as there is NO difference between the Republican and Democrat Parties now, except their (R) or (D) prefix.

NONE are going to stop spending for votes, NONE will challenge un-Constitutional Executive Order mandates, NONE will attack the Un-Constitutional Obamacare (the USSC is complicit with this Dictatorship/Communist Takeover), and NONE care about ANYTHING We The People want, but rather just want to continue to instill a New World Order, and a Communist system of government that enslaves everyone, and makes them dependent on the Will of the Ruling Elite.

Only a Military Coup, Civil War II, or Revolutionary War II will right the ship..... 


We need to cut these bastards off at the knees. A massive nationwide tax revolt. Refuse to file on Apr 15th. If you are self employed, refuse to send them anymore of your hard earned money. Small businesses can refuse to send in tax payments. Maximize the number of dependants from withholding. Etc, etc, etc.

There are lots of ways to do this, but it will take brass balls from millions to get it down.

It’s really time for drastic measures. Either we cowboy up or we hang. It’s really that simple.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Latinos Spending 3 Times as Much as the Average Shopper

Here is the article. What is not stated in the title is that they are specifically referring to supermarket shopping, not shopping in general.

"These looters are using the money extorted from the producers though the confiscatory taxation of the Obama regime. Thrifty, hard-working Conservatives are getting the shaft yet again by these minority groups gaming the system. It's well past time for the Tea Party Rebellion to rise up and take America back."

What a ridiculous thing to say. Mexicans work their asses of, at least for the most part. Quit your race baiting.

"They voted by 71% for Barack Obama in 2012. Like the blacks, the Hispanics want gifts from Santa Claus. See the Free Republic thread, "Mitt Wasn't Wrong About The Gifts". It's very informative about the reality of the Hispanics:

This is a huge community being sucked into the morass of a mammoth welfare state. Consider a typical Hispanic household with children. 

It is headed by an unmarried women who receives food stamps and public housing or rent supplements to feed and house her children. 

Her kids are educated free from Head Start to K-12 and fed by school breakfast and lunch programs. Should they graduate high school, Pell Grants and student loans are there for college. 

For cash, mom gets welfare checks. If she takes a job, she will receive an earned income tax credit to supplement her income. If she loses her job, she can get 99 weeks of unemployment checks

For health care, there is Medicaid and Obamacare. And like 45 percent of all Hispanic households, she has no federal income tax liability.

It's not race baiting, it's the facts."

"I live in Las Vegas, if you would come here you would be surprised, the Mexicans have gotten educated, and they do everything from laying carpet to operating the high tech devices used in the Doctors offices and the Hospitals.They are not setting around waiting for a hand out they are working. and working hard."

That's certainly inspirational but in Nevada, Obama won the Hispanic vote 70% to 25% in 2012. That's tantamount to casting a ballot for handouts from the producers.

One of my best friends, Gil (he eschews his birthname of Gilberto), is of Mexican ancestry. He's the role model for an American who happens to be of Hispanic origin. He's a Christian who proudly flies the American flag at his home not far from where I live. He never utters a word in Spanish and, although he doesn't curse, he has some choice words for Mexican food, which he detests. He won't even take his family to Taco Bell! :-)

And need I add that Gil and I have attended Tea Party events here in Texas together. He's all American through and through and is an example of a non-hyphenated Patriot. He son just wrapped up his military service and will join the family carpet installation business. He's a great guy with a wonderful wife and an outstanding son. Unfortunately, he's among the minority of Hispanics who see the danger in an Obama regime.


One of the biggest unpleasantries of colonized, is having to live in a formally dual language nation, where even our food packages make us feel like we live in a foreign country, as we have to look for the English on the box. It must be like losing a war and being adsorbed by the conquerors as they erase your nation, and replace it with theirs. 


 The night we took our puppy to the e-vet hospital in Winchester VA, an Hispanic family brought in a Pit who’d been hit by a car.

While we had to max out our cards, empty our wallets and *still* beg for money to cover her expenses, they simply paid cash for a fixed up dog who had two surgeries, multiple pins in his hind legs and numerous stitches.

It had to have cost them several thousand dollars, based on the $1300 we laid out just for an exam, worm check, CBC, IV drips and overnight stay [at 90 per 6 hour increments] and some antibiotics and prescription food.

They didn’t look like doctors or lawyers.

I also see them at local car auctions in droves, laying out wads of cash for used vehicles.

WTH are they getting all this money?


Granted, many Hispanics are productive citizens, but many are cynical socialists from socialist countries and have been raised to hustle governments (heck, Baracka Claus is even working with Mexico to coordinate welfare hand-outs to entice illegals) so their welfare involvement is much greater. Welfare is not a savings plan it is meant to be spent.

The task of the conservative is to find a leader or leaders who can convince the white haters, looters and just plain shiftless that Madison is preferable to Marx 


"I’m shocked to learn that Latino’s are now a third of the population of my hometown.

I can’t afford to live there anymore.

I wonder how they can?"

How can they afford it let me count the ways

A) If getting fake documents is so easy why not get several?

B) Work had off the books and then apply for every social program you can find, since your reported income is so low.

C) Have several Bambino’s each one increases your take from Uncle Sam

D) Make sure you only speak Spanish at the hand out office so you will be assisted by one of your own

It would seem the old saying is right the streets are paved with gold in America. Is all you have to do is apply for it. Maybe we conservatives should take lessons from them since they have perfected going Gault.


 Of course they’re spending more. But it’s not their money. It’s our money, laundered through Washington. I’d spend more, too, if Uncle Sugar were giving it to me. Other People’s Money.


"Mexicans do not come to the US, whether legally or not, to collect welfare. They come here for jobs and a better life for their tight-knit families."

What an utter pile of B.S. A significant number are receiving some sort of government assistance. Do you deny our Federal government has been advertising for years in Mexico about how to go about getting government assistance?

"Keep driving that wedge between whites and Hispanics and we’ll never see any of that vote back."

What utter an utter arrogant and insulting comment on your part. Do you not understand perspective? 

The left on all fronts on a daily basis are telling the people that Conservatives are racists, that they are essentially the devil.

The left has marched through out institutions and are daily playing the Alinksy playbook against us.
I have relatives of Cuban descent who listen to Spainish television -- they stated that in the past year the message has been a relentless attack on Republicans and how Obama is "their hope." They are disgusted over the coverage.

With all this you attempt lay further blame on a frustrated Freeper. It is the height of hubris.


So amazing...I used to enjoy shopping at Potomac Mills when we lived in No VA, quite a few years ago...went there abt three years ago to do some shopping for number one and only son and was stunned at the change! The place was packed with loitering Hispanics, all at the food court and walking around, didn’t see much buying. I’ll never go there again because of the rudeness, non-shoppers, loitering, etc.

I visit a relative in Ventura, CA every now and then and expect this in the Walmart but cripes! No VA was a shock...


" I don’t care how they great are ... what good is it if it’s going to crash our economy? Our country is being stolen from us."

I don't care how great they are, either. It's irrelevant. They could be the most beautiful, brilliant people in the world, but I still don't want them sneaking across our borders and changing our language and culture.

At least the Native Americans fought for their land. They didn't say, "Oh, these settlers are so much more advanced than we are, goody, goody, let's let them take over!" They fought, and lost. But we're not even fighting! We're letting illegals take over and we're even babbling about what wonderful people they are. Maybe we deserve to be overtaken.

How the West Was Lost by Native Americans

Civilization and savagery cannot co exist. One has to lose to the other. 

The coming of the white man was a net benefit to the white man and the indian living in North America.

P.S. Everyone born here is a native American. No one group has the right to arrogate such a title. 


The idea that Native americans have some special rights is ludicrous. They were nomads. Conquering territory wa the rule both for the world and the indians at the time.


We get it: white people are inherently evil and earth would still be the Garden of Eden if they weren’t around.


 When I was in school (50s & early 60s) the PC term for indians as Aboriginal Americans. Americans like me were called Native Americans, because we were born here and our families had been here for generations.

In this day, how far back do you have to trace your ancestry to be able to use ther term Native. My family is traceable back 406 years.


It just took one hundred and eleven years for the ignorant freedom loving Indians to lose America to the Europeans.

It has actually taken less than that for the ignorant freedom loving whites to lose it to the socialists.

The only consolation in the whole thing is that there has to be a purpose behind it that is ordained by God.


I think of it this way.

Why was the nomadic nature worshiping Amerindian given so much credit for living at one with nature and being enlightened - while the nomadic nature worshiping Mongol is given so little credit for living at one with nature and being enlightened? 


I read a biography of Lewis and Clark awhile back (?Undaunted Courage?). In it there was a basic culture clash between white guys who thought that manhood meant growing up to be prosperous, and well-respected for leadership in the community, and native guys who thought that manhood meant being a warrior. The whole idea of having peace with other tribes, including the white one, seemed ludicrous to young tribesmen, because it would basically mean that they would never have a chance to be real men. Peace was for wusses. If those were the underlying assumptions of the two groups of men, I can see why peace and understanding didn’t happen.


‘well, for classification, what term would you use to define a person who identifies with a pre-columbus ethnicity?’


On the flip side:

" I keep seeing the words “nomad” here and only the Plains Indians could be identified with that word. I do not know what the percentage of Indians could legally be called nomads but I believe it to be a small number on the total population. Tribes like mine, the Yuroks, of the Klamath River in N. Calif, as well as all their surrounding tribes, were settled along the river in redwood plank houses and hardly ever moseyed outside their tribal area. ( Yuroks are thee biggest tribe in Calif. over 5000)"

Too many people on this board don’t know or understand basic American history. Their ingnorance tends to show up in comments such as the nomad statement.

(Short one) Kelsey Grammer's critically acclaimed Starz show 'Boss' canceled (Rahm couldn’t take the truth)

Summary: There's a show called Boss starring Kelsey Grammar (I know, you've never heard of it), and it was just cancelled. He plays the very corrupt mayor of Chicago. Believe it or not, this show has been on STARZ for two seasons. After some truly abysmal ratings this season, STARZ has decided to cancel the show, but of course if you are a True Conservative, you know the real reason it was cancelled is because it came too close to the truth for Mayor Rahm and he had STARZ cancel it. Or something.

That’s right. Rahm did a cameo on Chicago Fire but cannot condone anything that smacks of precisely the corruption that is Chicago.


Also, remember that Kelsey Grammer is a CONSERVATIVE and was a target for the Hollywood Left.




"The Cancellation was due to NOBODY watching the show. The show received less than 500,000 people. That is atrocious. However, if you feel better thinking it was political, I guess it will help you sleep at night. The reason was it bombed. Kelsey is lucky to have had 2 years."

 Geeez...a Maryland RINO! Give me a break, you only speak to hear your own idiocy, and then only in between crabcake farts.

A truly great show. Grammer's character was dead-on. No wonder Dead Fish didn't like it.


I thought Chicago Code was the best crime show on. No hocus pocus super computer CSI crap. I knew it wouldn’t last as it depicted a corrupt black alderman as the head crime boss. Way to close to home for Cook County politics.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Eric Cantor knew before the election about Patraeus Scandal - Did not go public

As we all know by now, the FBI whistleblower who leaked the whole Petraeus case went to Eric Cantor in late October and told him what was going on. Reportedly, Cantor tried to get the facts of the case to come to light before the election but was unable to hurry things along. 

Of course, since Freepers seem to have no idea have classified information works, and they are entirely sure Romney would have won in a landslide if the public knew about Petraeus, they are curious as why Cantor didn't just make a speech about it once he found out, in order to valiantly deliver them from a second Obama term. In fact, in Freeperland, him not ruining his career over this means he must have chosen to protect Obama.

It sure was nice of Cantor not to leak the info to Drudge BEFORE the election, wasn’t it?

What a nice freaking guy. After all, if the shoes were on the other feet and the President running for reelection was a Republican, the rats would NEVER leak that kind of damaging info to MSNBC.


I don’t know what to make of this story other than it would not hurt my feelings if somehow Bonehead and Cantors dropped the ball, whatever
That ball may be, and both lose their leadership positions.


It is a Banana Republic now. I would rather retire in Costa Rica... at least they have an upfront banana republic and all of the smart Doc’s are going there.


Cantor is a cowardly turncoat. Israel can thank him for helping to keep Obama in office.


What a moron. A man in a who is one of the leaders of a political party that doesn’t seem to understand politics.


Cantor was a guest on Greta Van Susteren’s program the other night. He kept looking down and to the right as he was talking. At first I thought he was reading a script or checking notes but as he continued, I realized it was a weird, very slow blink. His shifty eyes were signaling lies. 


Guys like Cantor and Romney think that at the end of the day, we’re all on the same side, all Americans. I disagree.

I think obama is the enemy and I’m not exaggerating that. I think he is equal to al qaeda in terms of his desires to destroy America.

So I think guys like Cantor and Romney dance the we’re all Americans dance by allowing obama to lead.

There is no better explanation. Otherwise, care to tell me what you think obama has over Cantor that shut him up? Closet homo? Felony theft? What exactly?


What would a Democrat Congressman do in a similar situation, with a scandal involving a Republican administration?

First, he’d do exactly as Cantor did—report the news to the FBI.

THEN, he’d leak the news to a friendly reporter at, say, the NY Times.

That’s how the D.C. game is played. And if our leaders aren’t willing to do this, it’s time to get new leaders.


"[Boehner and Cantpr] are as much to blame as the idiots who voted for this a##clown. The GOP regime lost the presidency 2 times to a street agitator who is nothing more than a jesse jackson or al sharpton. This in it self should tell you something. Its your turn to be president didnt work. These fools need to go if they want thier party to survive."

it is the American mind set,watch TV pay close attention to the programs, commercials, cartoons,
propaganda everywhere.

Examples intelligent black women tell ignorant geeky withe guy what insurance to buy.

Children making dad look like a moron.

There are hidden messages everywhere.


First time I heard Cantor, I swore he was a demwit. You could have blown me over seeing the R by his name.


Cantor has some serious explaining to do. I believe he has been elected minority whip, and this calls his party loyalty into question, as well as his patriotism.


"Cantor did the right thing, he couldn’t know that this might impact the election."

You must be joking! Cantor and all Repubs hould have use any and all material to sink Obama before the election! Just keep throwing of his own crap at him...some of it will stick.

What was Cantor thinking??

Waaas this the deciding factor in the electon? No of coursen not. But this combined with all the stupic Repub errors (hello Gov. Cristie!!) sure helped to toss the Narcisist-in-Chief over the goal.

Sorry for the typos! That’s the result of posting after a 16 hour work day (and getting paid for only 8 hours——thank you Dear Leader)


"Why Did Cantor Protect Obama?"

Let me think:

1. Bought and paid for

2. Likes little boys

3. Combination of the above.

Piece of cake. Next question? 


"They're all in it together."

Sure appears that way. Which tells me they all answer to someone else.