Tuesday, July 31, 2012

President Obama related to country’s first enslaved man

"Punch tried to escape indentured servitude in colonial Virginia in 1640 and was punished by becoming enslaved for life."
Looks like Obama is a decendant of the first dead beat! ;-)


Interesting, his slave blood comes from his white mother and his slave dealer blood from his black father’s Arab side.


“Punch tried to escape indentured servitude”

He agreed to work to pay off the cost of him coming here. He tried to run and get out so it makes him a liar. That is how he is tied to the current generation I guess.

He is also not the “first enslaved man” - that goes centuries before him but, he is not the last, slavery is alive and well in Africa, Asia and Middle-East.


I submit that this story's 'engine' started up when it was stated a few weeks ago that Obama wasn't a true black because his mother was white.

How better to redefine the narrative by making the white trollop a black slave descendant??

Man, these libs are really sweating some Kool-Aid puddles . . .
Slavery is when someone else receives 100% of the fruits of your labor. Total freedom is when you receive 100% of the fruits of your labor. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness is when you get to keep, say, approximately, 70% of the fruits of your labor (the value of which is up for discussion), 30% used to allow you to keep the other 70% in relative safety.
Federal cut: 25%+
State cut: 5.1% (MA; others vary)
Local cut: ~5% (may be tied to real estate, etc)
SS: 12% (6.25% you, 6.25% employer)
HI: 1.5%
Sales: ? 2% (hard to say, but trying to estimate as % of gross pay)
Oh wow, we're all the way up to 50%!
What were we saying about slavery????


Not only did ol' Stanley Anne get around, apparently so did her forebears. What a family.


We work 1/3rd of the year for our Massa govment.

It is little known and not oft remembered that blacks were not always slaves in America. It started right then, with Mr. Punch. Then, bit by bit, it expanded from indentured servitude to the forcible kidnapping and export of human beings. And we all know who the slave catchers were, don’t we. Brock’s people from the OTHER side of the family.


Stay focused folks...this silly BS is propaganda designed to make you forget the Obama Take Down of America. He is Socialist/Communist desperately trying to complete his promised ‘fundamental change’ of this Free and Capitalist Nation into a dissipated and hopeless nation once the shinning light to the world. Obama’s hate for capitalism and successful people apparently knows no bounds. How many of you would knowingly elect again a Marxist/Socialist as POTUS?


Monday, July 30, 2012

Michelle Obama sparks fury after splashing out on $6,800 designer jacket for Palace reception

The woman is a waste...as is her vapid dork hubby.

And folks still have the audacity to pick on Sarah, who has twice the IQ and multiple times the morality of either of the Obamaloon pretenders.


Moochelle Ubamugabe.


France had Marie Antoinette and America has Michele Obama.


Typical left wing scrounge. She's scrounging up as many freebies as she can get her hands on while the going is good. This woman has no class.
You can take the Obomas out of the Chicago ghetto, but you can't take the Chicago ghetto out of the Obomas.

I know this will be difficult for a lot of FReepers to believe, but on the site for 20-somethings that I troll undercover, MooseChelle is still quite admired


I realize that this is going to be disliked by most of our readers.

As much as I dislike the current administration and the way they are destroying this great country I would still prefer that our leaders (yes, unfortunately she is considered a leader by some people in the world) are at least well dressed.

In fact it is an even bet that the designer either loaned her the jacket or gave it to her.

Anyway I would prefer her to look at least like she is trying to look nice than see her representing this country dressed in sack cloth.


and she STILL looked like a silly fat cow...


As long as it wasn’t my money I could give a fidge less what her clothes cost.

Of course it is a bit hypocritical for the Obama campaign to try to tell Romney where to put his money while they spend $6800 on a blouse.


Kate Middleton wore a $60 dress off the sale rack a few days before the Olymics and looked stunning. Message for moochelle is no amount of money will ever make her look like a human


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Do YOU really think Obama might be Muslim?

Of course he’s a Muslim. And a crypto-Marxist.


His pattern of behavior indicates he is Shia muslim.

Also, Shias are common among the priveleged families in Indonesia where he was schooled early in life.


I think he’s a narcissistic agnostic, but a cultural Muslim because he grew up thinking Muslim things were cool.


I would say he has sympathies with Islam over other religions, but that he is an atheist - not because of intellectually embracing the concept of the universe springing into existence by itself but because he is a hedonist who must reject all outside moral authority.

Larry Sinclair was believable.

As a bisexual who prefers males there is no room for truly embracing Islam in O’bonghits life. 


He is an amoral marxist with muslim leanings. He grew up muslim. He is fundamentally unamerican at his core.


Quite frankly, I do not think he is Muslim. But I don’t think he is particularly Christian either. I think he just goes through the motions for political gain.


Of course he is a Muslim.

My internet connection is too slow to watch the video. But he is a Muslim by numerous definitions.

1. His father was a Muslim. According to Muslim belief, all children of a Muslim are Muslims, on pain of death if they leave the faith.

2. His Indonesian step-father was a Muslim when he adopted him.

3. He was registered as a Muslim in Indonesia, where he studied the Koran, attended mosque services, and spoke the prayers that make you a Muslim.

4. There is no baptismal certificate in evidence. He said he attended a “Christian church,” but has never said that he was baptized. And his “church” was in practical fact a Black Muslim church, run by a former Black Muslim minister, which publicly announced that Muslims could be members without being baptized or renouncing their faith.

5. If he had abandoned his childhood Muslim faith, numerous fatwahs would have been issued against him, calling for his death. Nothing of the kind has ever happened. The only obvious explanation is that all those extremist Muslim clerics do not believe that he HAS abandoned their faith. He has quietly assured them that he is still a Muslim, while using with Takiya to fool the unbelievers in America.

6. At every opportunity he has worked against Christianity and in favor of Islam, but at home and abroad.
Is this proof positive? Not quite. But I’d call it about 99.9999% certain. How else to explain all this?


0bama is a Muslim


I think he is a Satanic being. Probably has no religion except what he thinks will help fool people.
If he is anything tho, it is probably Islam which I consider Satanic anyway.


I think Gay Muslim. Speaking of which......

I recently read a reply where someone mentioned that photo of Obama on the couch with his pakistani roommate. He’s smoking a cigarette (roomate). They’re close, very close. They look like they just got done having sex. His roommate looks satisfied, Obama not so much. Anyway, the FREEPER making the comment noted that their hands were intertwined. I had never noticed that before. I see now that it’s true. I tried enlarging the picture and sharpening it. Didn’t work well. I can see multiple fingers intertwined. Can anyone enlarge that picture and sharpen it to clearly see Obama holding hands with that guy, and post it? Thanks.


He grew up with a muslim worldview-—he sees women and human beings through the muslim prism. (He prefers bath houses and Rahm for recreation).

His mother was a Marxist/Atheist and hated everything in Western Civ—and the basis of its power and ideology—Judeo/Christian Ethics. So, God is always mocked and marginalized by atheists like his mother, where Truth never exists. That is why zero is a pathological liar-—there was no Truth in his early childhood—just Marxist/Muslim indoctrination.

The Founding Fathers were reviled, as was God and God-given Rights and people like Winston Churchill who believed in Right and Wrong—according to Judeo-Christian Ethics.

It is why Evil is now “good”-—according to zero—to finish the elimination of the Christian paradigm in America so children are conditioned to think evil is “good”, so that we have no God-Given Rights. Zero wants to be a god and dictate every thought (sodomy is great), etc that people are allowed to have-—like Cathy. He is trashing and mocking Biblical belief.


 I think he is a marxist, bi-sexual, athiest muslim. I think he does not truly believe in allah per se. I think he just was raised in the culture, identifies with it, and loves it more than anything “America”.

And he is into oral gratification with men. The most disgusting president of all time. In 100 years they will scratch their head at him as they ponder our self hatred of this era.


When Obama refers to the Quran he refers to it as the Holy Quran.

When he refers to the Bible he just says the Bible. 

Cheney: Palin pick in ’08 “a mistake”

Dick Cheney is WRONG! I would never have voted for McCain WITHOUT Sarah Palin being on the ticket. McCain would have lost by a landslide without her! Cheney is just another establishment GOPer!


“I’d say picking John McCain was the huge mistake.”



Why did Cheney personally attack Palin and on Leftist ABC AKA the belly of the enemy beast?

Orders from the GOP-e?

It was totally petty and a shameless MSM butt kiss on his part.

Lost some respect for the former Veep... 


In 2008 I voted for Palin -- I continue to think very highly of Sarah Palin, and I would vote for her again if given a chance. But I do regret my vote in 2008, because it registered as a vote for McCain. I am ashamed to have voted for that man.

In 2012, the country will get either Romney or Obama. I won't be participating in that particular voting exercise because I would be ashamed to have voted for either.

It's people like Cheney -- deep establishment guys -- who have built a political system that feels broken, and dirty and wrong to me. The Tree of Liberty thirsts and I have no plan to do anything that might delay the drink. 


Palin was more ready then McCain.


McCain was the loser from day 1. He remains one of Obama’s biggest fans.


Cheney also almost singlehandedly set us in the course we are on now with homos in the military. He decided that aan all male fighting force was bad. Women didn’t fly fighter jets when he came in. But they did under him. And his handling of tailhook gutted the finest Naval Air arm the world has ever seen.
He destroyed numerous careers. Some of the best we’ve ever had.

There is nothing to admire in Cheney. He’s a coward who amazingly gets “man” credits for being willing to send others for doing what he wouldn’t.

PS, and his wife writes porn, and his mother was a softball champion. (just saying)


Mr. Cheney, if Palin was a mistake, what do you call Joe Biden?

Another reason why Nov. 6th will be my last GOP vote.

On November 7th we lay the groundwork for 2014 and 2016 with a new conservative party.

The GOP is a shadow of its former self, and part of the overall problem in DC.

Palin was good for at least 10 million votes.

Quite frankly, McCain was the “mistake” in 2008.

And Palin would have helped win it for the GOP if she was not muzzled and if Johnnie Boy didn;t take a dive 
for his Commie overlords.

Plus Palin had more executove experience than McCain, Obama, and Biden COMBINED!!!!!!


This is AFTER his heart transplant (gave him a Lib heart?). Also he does NOT say weather Sarah made them lose. He does not comment on pathetic paucity of Obama’s “experience”


This overrated clown has given me some perspective.

I am not a Romney fan but i despise Obama. In recent weeks, i’ve come to begrudgingly accept the reality that i either vote for Romney or Obama. I’ve seen jim Robs arguments against Romney, and sadly thought he was mistaken.

I thought the GOPe would at least show some basic respect to conservatives/TEA. That i should go with the lesser of two evils. Now i’m agreeing with Jerry Garcia. “The lesser of two evils is still evil”.

This statement by Cheney about Sarah, and Romneys behavior towards Sarah vis-a-vis the convention is an open warning to us. This is pure GOPe resurgent. They will not show the slightest respect to us after a victory.

They demand our vote as a devine right.

I am now back with Jim Rob in his assessment of this election. Short of a massive ass kissing, short of the GOPe kissing Sarahs ring, i sit it out or go third. The main goal in this election is damaging the GOPe brand all we can and set our sights on 2016.


Sarah Palin is sitting on between 18 and 20 years executive experience. This is more than almost any other President we have ever had.

Palin’s record includes a term on the Wasilla Council, two terms as Wasilla, AK Mayor, a stint as Chairwoman of the Alaska Oil and gas Conservation Commission (which she left to almost single-handily take down the corrupt GOP Establishment in Alaska). She served as president of the Alaska mayors association and as chairman of the Republican governors. As governor she accomplished more in two years than most do in eight years. Alaska has the largest national guard and they are always on active duty with the governor briefed daily.

The Governorship of Alaska, as defined by the Alaska state Constitution, is the most powerful in the nation. This has left Sarah Palin uniquely qualified to go from being the most powerful Governor in the nation to being the most powerful national leader in the world.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it...DICK!


She is the only Conservative that has been able to make an impact directly on the pop culture... you know... that thing that is destroying our Republic.


There was a time when I just loved Cheney — I even have a cat named after him. So sad to find out what he really is....


Maybe it's good that people will have to think it over and make a choice.

I never got all the Cheney worship. It seemed like he had an agenda of his own that didn't have much in common with conservatism.

I do understand why so many people like and admire Palin, though some times I think they don't see her clearly enough.

But now that Cheney's set himself in opposition to Palin, people are going to have to rethink where they stand. 

Does billboard comparing Obama to alleged shooter go too far?

Let's use the same logic the left uses when they put a crucifix in a jar of urine, or when they burn American flags, etc.- Who are we to judge who thinks President Barack Hussein obama (mmm mmm mmm) is a mass murderer or not? The purpose of art is to provoke, and this art is very thought-provoking. 


Four words to answer this question: Major Hassan Fort Hood.


President Obama has been saying so many crazy things lately—“The private sector is doing fine.”, “You didn’t build that. Someone else made it happen.”, “We tried our plan and it works.”—I’m afraid he must be getting ready to dye his hair orange and plead insanity.


One of them is a psychopath who doesn’t care about killing the American men, women, and children that he hates, and the other is . . .


Does it go too far? Heck that billboard doesn’t go far enough!

One of the things that the leftist extremists have used to powerful effect against the rest of us is outrageous theatrics. Gay pride parades, die-ins, etc. And the expected response from the rest of us is to simply tolerate it. Never to respond in kind.

Thankfully in recent years the rest of us have been taking some halting steps towards responding in kind. Note that the response of the leftmedia towards anything that is even timidly theatrical when employed by the rest of us is to call it “over the top.” But when the leftists say take a crucifix and put in a jar of urine, its simply artistic expression that we’re supposed to quietly tolerate.


If it’s okay for the communist left to compare Loughner and Holmes to the TEA Party, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh, I don’t see anything wrong with Americans on the right comparing them to Obama.


I think this is fine. After all, weren’t Lefties showing Bush’s head on a pike in a TV show a month or two back? They saw no problem with that, obviously. This is pretty tame compared to that.


This billboard needs to go up in thousands of location across America especially in Swing States.

They could also do billboards likening Obama to Charles Manson, Jeff Dahmer, Adolph Hitler. Pol Pot, the Columbine killers and Idi Amin.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

CONFIRMED: Huma Abedin connected to Al-Qaeda

Summary: I'm not even gonna dignify it, but it's basically two degrees of Kevin Bacon.


Now the question is if Hillary knew or even cared.

Is this not a reason for a congressional investigation to find out how many state secrets have ended up with AQ?

Hillary should be fired. (or perhaps this will give her more reason to run for POTUS)


In better days these treasonous POS’s would be lined up against the wall, given a cigarette and blindfold and finished off.


The personal assistant/possible lover/confidant of the Secretary of State of the United States of America is connected to and worked with certain members of Al-Quaeda, a murderous group of freedom-hating terrorists. Did I get that right? Her brood mare is a den mother for the brotherhood or something, too. It’s like a Tom Clancy novel but scarier.


There is no way, NO WAY, this should be allowed to happen! She should be on a watch list, as well as a no fly list, instead she is working for the Secretary of State. This is perverted and if this is true I think it is fair to say that this is probably the tip of the iceberg, as to who has infiltrated our government.


If they don’t vet the POTUS why should she vet her staff?


Lots of people have been on this - I first heard about Huma when her hubby was having all his troubles (Pecker Weiner). Is he a tool providing Huma cover to operate within our Govt.??? If Huma rejected Islam to marry a Jew, there would be a death sentence on her head. Why hasn’t this ever been asked by our illustrious Media??? Of course Hill knows about Huma, and she thinks she’s really cute! Also, you can tell by Hill’s anti-Israel comments and State Dept. policy that they’re all lockstep with the Muslim Brotherhood. Including the Dunce McCain.


I expect Hillary knows and doesn't care....... the thing that I can't fathom is that Huma is married to a Jew! Why hasn't she been stoned to death by now? 


I know people love to accuse Hillary and Huma of a homosexual relationship but I don't buy it. Dykes don't marry a man, get pregnant and have the baby and both Hillary and Huma did that. A dyke would die first. 


"[McCain knows], but when you’ve grown up with daddy and grandaddy at your back you think you’re invincible. He is the real Forest Gump, stupid is as stupid does."

Hey, be nice to Johnny. He only crashed 2 Navy airplanes goofing off before he got shot down in Vietnam.


Now....need to find out if McCain, Rubio, Boehner, and some of the other PhonyCons who trashed Bachmann....are tied to Al Qaeda

There better be some apologies real quick....


Does anyone have those stats about muslims taking over a country?

Obama wedding-ring mystery dates to Harvard (Short but funny)

Summary: Obama wore a ring on his left hand ring-finger before marrying Michelle, the implications of which are astounding to WND.


Sham marriage to stay in the country. Add that to his growing list of apparent felonies...
Same sex marriage wasn’t legal back then.


he sure looks older in those photos from 1990


Maybe from the Pakistani couch cuddler! We may have our first gay marriage president!


Remember when the ring disappeared during Ramadan and was supposedly being “repaired”? And is it true that muslims don’t wear jewelry during Ramadan? Time to check any current photos for the ring.

The ring itself bears muslim and hindu references, IIRC.

Muslim Antichrist? Idea stirs hornet's nest

Summary: Basically, some Muslim equivalent of Glenn Beck who live in Turkey saw an WND article about the idea that a Muslim could be the Anti-Christ and got pissed off, so he went on TV and said that Christians were in fact the people on Satan's side.


I started thinking about this a couple of years ago. What if the “false religion” of the Beast is not some perverted Christianity at all but, rather, is Islam.

Even Hal Lyndsey missed that back in the day.

Not saying it is, but it is an interesting thought.


Wait a minute . . . I thought the Anti-Christ was supposed to be a Syrian Jew?


Don’t think it will be a Muslim. The Antichrist will have the personal charm and integrity to be able to fool the people of the world into believing that he is a deity.
And, he will sign a peace treaty with the Jews.

If a Muslim were to sign a peace treaty with the Jews, he would not be able to guide and pressure the Muslims into accomplishing his will. The Muslims would rebel against him.

Muslims do not have a monolithic religious structure—note the vast differences and anger between the Sunnis and Shiites. It is not difficult to see angry Muslims rebelling against another Muslim.


A simple comparison of the life of Christ and the life of Mohammed.
Jesus said that the Thief (that is Satan, the enemy of your soul), comes to steal and to kill and to destroy.

That’s exactly what Mohammed did. Steal, kill, and destroy. His followers continue to do so to this very day.

Mohammed was a pirate, a polygamist, a pedophile, an adulterer, a rapist, a mass murderer, a torturer, an executioner, a slave owner, a slave trader, a liar, a truce-breaker, a Jew-hater, a genocidal savage, and an unspeakably cruel tyrant.

Jesus never married, never stole, never lied, never killed, taught that you should love them that hate you, bless them that curse you, be kind one to another, to do unto others as you would have them do to you. Jesus took upon himself the sins of the World and paid the penalty of death so that we could have eternal life with Him.

Which one is the true Prophet of God?

It’s a no-brainer for any rational person.
"Well, anyone who will not take the “mark of the beast” during the great tribulation will be beheaded. Sounds pretty muslim to me!"

I noticed something many years ago, devout moslems recognize each other by the callus on the forehead formed when they pound their head on the pavement five times a day.

Could this be the mark of the beast?


By definition Islam is AntiChrist and Moslems are anti-christians.

Hey Muslims, stay out of OUR religion! Since you do not believe in the divinity of Christ, you are explicitly against the supreme doctrine of all Christians. Christ means the Savior in Greek. YOUR savior is Muhammad. Christians do not recognize him as anything.

If what I say wasn’t true, then can I build a Christian church in Saudia Arabia? No? Why not? Becauser Moslems do not beliweve in the divinity of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Redeemer, the true CHRIST. That makes you ANTI-Christ and anti-Christian.
Google “islam 666” and you get over 6 million results.


Bible or Koran, TV preachers are the same everywhere, neglecting the spiritual, overemphasizing the physical and the here and now for fun and profit. Mostly profit.

--- Rational Freeper siting!
The Antichrist will have the personal charm and integrity to be able to fool the people of the world into believing that he is a deity.
Sounds like (mooslim) Obama.


If Islam will be our future it will be only because we have a Congress that does not object to the idea.

That their children will become the real victims of their apathy is of no concern to them.


Monday, July 23, 2012

For first lady, Olympic trip is 'dream come true'

Summary: Michelle Obama is excited to go to the London Olympics and represent America. She is also sad over the tragedy in Aurora, CO, and says that in the wake of the shooting, America has come together as a family.

Another 5 star vacation for MooseChelle and the girls.
I’m sure given Baraq’s worsening re-election prospects they’ll milk it hard the next 6 months.


Americans ARE ALREADY one family, contrary to this two-bit grifting wookie. We don't need her Kenyan-born, pencil-necked illegal alien husband to tell us that we're one. She's pathetic.
And off she goes again, on the tax payers' dimes, on a poorly deserved expensive and totally unnecessary trip.


Those 4 are on the Gravy Train for the rest of their natural lives.


What will she be stuffing her pie-hole with while she tells the rest of America to eat rabbit food?

Will it be lobster or BBQ ribs again?


Yeah, I can just hear the conversations from 1600:

Barry, I am going to the Olympics, call one of your generals and get a plane or two up here asap

Yes Dear, but I cannot go on AF1 as I have to continue to run for office...however; I will fly over on AF1 to show my face when necessary.

Well, Barry, that is your problem, just keep the goodies coming.


What else is new? The universe’s #1 Welfare Queen showing everyone what a lifetime of living off ‘the system’ and hating whitey can do for ya.

By the way Peaches, try not to embarrass us again like you did last time you were there.

www.mirror.co.uk/ news/ weird-news/ navy-warship-ordered-to-stop-pointing-85513

And don’t forget to pack your $50,000 worth of lingerie for yo honey.

news.yahoo.com/ michelle-obama-drops-50k-luxury-lingerie-150007836.html


I wonder if she will be allowed past Olympic security wearing her Klingon Ammo Belts.


My deepest sympathies to our friends across the pond.

Wonder if the First Homegirl and her entourage will stiff the purveyors as they usually do. Only the little people have to pay for things, you know.


If I could ask MO one thing, it would be this:

Does it bother you - even one little bit - to spend so lavishly from the taxpayer well of a Country you were never proud to be a member of until your husband got elected?

Actually, I’m more upset that the President isn’t going to support his country’s athletes. Maybe he’s still not proud of his country and still thinks the U.S. is no better than any other country. He didn’t go to Vancouver two years ago either.

I remember President Bush attending the first U.S. men’s basketball game in Beijing in person. He brought his dad—and 41 got to see the first U.S. sweep of the games in women’s fencing.


Witness: Someone Let Gunman Inside Colorado Movie Theater

Excerpt: "As I was sitting down to get my seat, I noticed that a person came up to the front row, the front right, sat down, and as credits were going, it looked like he got a phone call. He went out toward the emergency exit doorway, which I thought was unusual to take a phone call. And it seemed like he probably pried it open, or probably did not let it latch all the way. As soon as the movie started, somebody came in, all black, gas mask, armor, and threw a gas can into the audience, and it went off, and then there were gunshots that took place."


You know, I hate conspiracies. I really do.  
But then there is a major mass shooting JUST PRIOR TO EVERY SINGLE GUN CONTROL EFFORT.
And now this.
It's almost like I simply cannot deny the conspiracy any more, especially after "Fast and Furious" and the Obama's deliberate trafficking in US arms to drug lords. On purpose. To create gun control.


Remember Gabby Gillford’s shooter is a Dem.

And Holmes is a Dem.

Conspire? Or just insane. You know anyone who drinks the Dem Cool-Aid is INSANE or very dumb.


You know - these guys never operate alone.

Look at Oklahoma City Bombing - I’m convinced that there was a Iraqi Republican Guard link that aided Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nicholas in the construction and funding of that bomb.

After Reading Jayna Davis’ book - I’m highly convinced.

Look at Sweden (Breivik)- there’s a link going through parts of Europe and into what was left of Lybia and Gaddafi’s Regime.

Yes - there’s a tie to others in this. It just wasn’t Internet searches and buying rogue cookbooks from militia members that got this guy to the point where he launched this attack.

Conspiracy or not - there were others.


OSW= Democrat and O minions..so it's not so surprising after all. Trying to take peoples minds off “you didn't build that and making Middle East more radical was starting to show in the polls .the Press beat on this story constantly for past 3 days and now O gets nice positive face time for visiting the victims.
"But then there is a major mass shooting JUST PRIOR TO EVERY SINGLE GUN CONTROL EFFORT. "
Is that true? It sounds true, but I don't know. Such a story might be a Pulitzer winner.
It is not outside the realm of possiblity that
our government has departments with operatives
skilled enough to manipulate some borderline
personalities into acts that appear to be of
their own volition, the use of drugs cannot be
ruled out. Even something like Rohypnol that
creates short term amnesia could have been used
with Holms dressed and waiting outside while
the actual shooter completed his task then leaving
to let a stupified Holms be apprehended

Sounds like something out of Hollywood but it
would be possible.


Too many people asking questions now. Facts don’t add up. Unemployed college student has thousands of dollars worth of gear, some which is not readily available to civilians. Now the records and evidence related to the case are sealed. The coverup is in progress. Pay not attention to the man behind the curtain. Nothing to see here, now just move along.

Ramadan began Friday.......


"...Timothy McVeigh ..."
It always amazed me how quickly he was executed. Most people on Death Row are there for 10, 15 or 20 years before justice is served. How did that happen so fast?

It was almost as if they wanted him out of the way before he exposed others.

This is what bothers me. The very first reports describe an “Indian male” as a suspect. That doesn’t really match the description of the shooter, If anything they might have decribed him as having bright red hair. They didn’t. I understand that when he was shooting, he had a hemet on and the room was filled with smoke so I doubt they would say he was “indian” based on what was seen during the shooting. The police said he was still in riot gear when they found him. All I want to know is who was this “indian male” and why did witnesses think he had something to do with this?


"But if they can control things to such an extent, then why not have the shooter be (pretend to be) a huge NRA supporter? For that matter, why not have him attend some Tea Party events? Certainly if the left really had their way the shooter would have been a Tea Partying NRA card carrying DittoHead shouting things like "down with the left! down with Obama and all minorities! down with gun control!" while being taken into custody or in between shots."
EXCELLENT point. This is a great point that pretty much debunks the conspiracy angle. You KNOW they would do this.

--- So basically, the only thing that keeps the Freepers from thinking Holmes was a sleeper agent sent by Obama to shoot people is the fact that he's not a Tea Party member.


Eye witnesses say there were two... but what in the hell do they know... listen to brian ross and george stuffoneupyourbutticus!


It works like this. A policician prepares an anti-gun bill. A shooting takes place not long afterward. The bill is immediately advanced to LAW.

Worked in 1968, with the 1968 Gun Control Law.

And in California years later after citizens voted down a handgun ban.

Anyone wonder why California had an anti “assault rifle bill” ready when Pat Purdy was released from the nut house SEVEN TIMES, allowed to buy a rifle in Oregon, passed the California requirements to get a handgun, then shot up the school yard in Stockton California, immediately after which California rushed through and passed the weapons ban in their state.


Cantor Urges Tolerance On Gays, Muslims

What about their tolerance of us?


Cantor is a loss.

The muzzies and gays already have tolerance. Way more tolerance than any that is extended to Christians or the Tea Party.

What they want is SPECIAL PRIVILEGES so that they can do things that nobody else can do.

What they’re going to do by pushing their agenda is to foster a backlash.

And the first order of business for the rest of us is to PURGE CONGRESS from the likes of Cantor!


They must have photos of Cantor with a young boy.


Tolerance of opposing views is admirable, however, supporting immorality and advocating deconstruction of our nation is not


Republicans always fall into this trap. Gays and Muslims are welcome in the Republican Party if they adhere to its views. That means no gay marriage. That means support for profiling. That means no “hate crimes” laws applicable to gays and Muslims.


Nope, not gonna embrace perversion. Not under any circumstances. Get that, GOP? Put up a candidate from city councilman to prez who supports gay marriage, and I will NEVER give him my vote. The country can be descending into total economic chaos, leftist dictatorship, or any other impending doom... but I still won’t support some sicko who supports gay marriage, no matter how supposedly ‘conservative’ they might be on all other issues


The GOP being the ‘party of inclusion’ is how we got the liberal idiot Mitt Romney who is no different policy wise than the liberal idiot already in the WH


As presumptive nominee, Romney should have considerable pull within the party and could stand with Bachmann and others who have spoken out on the muslim brotherhood infecting our government. Instead he chooses to let them twist in the wind at the mercy of democrats and RINOs.


Why are you embracing the planks of the Communist party, Mr. Cantor?


This is from being in Washington too long. They go into that damn Beltway cocoon a Conservative and morph into a RINO. Read the comments the Fags aren't going to suddenly vote for him are any other Republican because he spouts this “Kinder Gentler Conservatism” BS!

Islam is a cult! It will destroy any civilization it becomes dominate in. They will not give a damn about The Constitution or this country at all. Islam is all about the subjugation of all of humanity nothing else.
Tolerance to the intolerant?
Go, Michele Bachman. You got them worried. DO NOT BACK DOWN.
We all need to let Michelle know we've got her back. We either stand up and let our voices be heard - or bend over.
We Sheeple have to get active. We have fallen into a ‘sit back and watch and let others do the heavy lifting”, expecting them to do it all for us.
oh, and CANTOR has to GO!
Now is the time we can gather a list of the ‘cantors’ and put them on the defeat/retire list. Good grief - they're just fine with the Muslim Brotherhood fully embedded in eh WH and the Homeland security - and Huma has been on the inside - hitched at the hip with hitlery since she was first L. And Major Hussain, the Fort Hood jihardist, was on the board of Homeland Security -
Our gov’t is rife with jihardists making decisions we have to live with - WHY do you think bomb sniffing DOGS are no longer used at airports? Anything to do with Muslims hating dogs = ‘unclean?” Bet your bippy.
And who do you think is laughing their heads off at us accepting the sexual molestation at airports - while moose-slime workers feel up nuns and women in burkas are exempt from molestation?
All in the name of ‘tolerance’ and ‘inclusion” - the new weapons of mass destruction


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dreams From My Real Father

"In Dreams from My Real Father, Barack Obama is portrayed by a voiceover actor who chronicles Barack Obama's life journey in socialism, from birth through his election to the Presidency. The film begins by presenting the case that Barack Obama's real father was Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist Party USA propagandist who likely shaped Obama's world view during his formative years. Barack Obama sold himself to America as the multi-cultural ideal, a man who stood above politics. Was the goat herding Kenyan father only a fairy tale to obscure a Marxist agenda, irreconcilable with American values?"

So 0bama is a bastard is EVERY sense of the word. No surprise to me


"It all seems rather unlikely that Davis would be Obama’s father as Stanley Anne would not have gone to Kenya to give birth if Davis were the Baby Daddy."

Who says Stanley Anne is the mother?


In late 1971, BHO Sr. returned to Hawaii to contest the loss of his parental rights when the Soetoro adoption was finalized. To preserve the Soetoro adoption, Stanley Ann testified BHO Sr. was not the biological father and she perjured herself in 1961 when signed a sworn statement with the Hawaii DOH to create the original long form birth certificate.

After hearing testimony and examining evidence, a Hawaii Judge ruled BHO Sr. was the biological father and the Soetoro adoption was annulled. We know this because the original long form birth certificate has remained sealed and archived since the Soetoro adoption was finalized.

A sealed and archived vital record is void and of no legal value. The only legal document available for use to establish fraternity is the short form COLB with a “date filed.” A COLB was filed after a Judge ordered it created and filed. The original long form BC was accepted after Stanley Ann, the hospital administrator and the delivery doctor signed sworn statements attesting to the live birth event.

Hawaii, and a few other states, allow adult adoptees to obtain copies of the original long form BC after they have been archived for genealogy purposes only. A sealed BC has no legal value and is void.


Please do a similar comparison between the BHOs, both Sr. and Jr. and a side-by-side with Malcolm X. There are some folks who think Zero resembles X more than Davis


"Everyone that has the slightest inkling of the evidence available which proves she is the mother. "
And what proof is that? The fake birth certificate, or the other fake birth certificate, or the other fake birth certificate.
Or, photos of Stanley Anne PREGNANT. Or anyone who saw Stanley Anne pregnant.
Let's say she was pregnant. Maybe she got an abortion, and then adopted (not legally, but then what is legal in Indonesia?) little Barry.
I could agree that Stanley was his biological mother, but I have never seen a bit of proof.
Heck, she got rid of him as soon as she could.

SO.... show me some proof, so I can be as 'knowledgeable' as everyone that has an inkling.


"I regard the notion that Stanley Ann went to Kenya as very far-fetched. Barack Obama Sr. had to work picking pinapples in 1961 just to pay for his own room and board. The notion that he had the money to burn to fly two people to Kenya and back is just ridiculous to me. "
Stanley Armour Dunham and Madelyn Payne were intelligence agents with access to multiple bank accounts. They would have financed the trip to Canada and/or Kenya.

"Not only that, but they were secret descendants of the Rockefellers and the Bilderbergs."

Cite, please?  
Also please cite your notion that there is even a family called "the Bilderbergs."

"My point was to give you a gentle nudge in the direction of realizing that you are staking out a claim in nut territory. Unless the evidence is overwhelming and concrete, it serves no useful purpose to postulate secret cabals at the heart of this issue, including connections to the CIA"
--- Oh snap. I fell for that. Poe's Law indeed. "The Bilderbergs" might be the funniest (intentional) thing I've ever seen from a Freeper


"If Obama's mother was only give FREE birth control (I dunno, about $3,000 worth of condoms each year) this never would have happened. "
Too funny!
Being a Seasoned Citizen who was around back then, there are many names we attributed to "loose" women (though we young men sought them, few though they were, lol) and in addition to "tramp," "whore," "skank," etc., the one which Rush referred to Sandra Fluke as, "slut" was first and foremost, the moniker of choice....not that I would ever suggest Barry's Mom was one as well.
Perish the thought!


I’m thinking Grandpa Dunham knocked up some black hooker or maybe even Davis’ wife and then said it was Stanley Ann’s kid. I’ve always been curious as to why Madelyn didn’t want to be buried next to her husband


"DNA would tell. Although Davis is dead, he has a living son. Barack Obama Sr. also has sons who are still alive. A determined investigator should be able to figure this out."

Oh, yeah, go to Africa and tell some of those guys you want some cells from the inside of their mouths so you can test DNA ~ right~!!!!
Good luck ~ they burn witches at the stake around there.


she was a ....sixteen year old girl.

Davis had written about his sexual preferences conerning young’uns. If memory serves me correctly he even names one girl...”Ann”

You want the hair on the back of your neck to stand up?

Look up a poem Obama wrote when he was young, titled “Pops”


We in the present owe it to the historical record to find truth while it is possible.


More likely scenario:
Teenaged Ann was seduced and gotten pregnant by Frank Marshal Davis, Grandpa Dunham's good friend (and probable Communist Party cell leader).
Davis is married, and therefore cannot marry Ann (besides being much older).
Grandpa Dunham refuses to allow Davis to get into trouble over this, and convinces Ann to quickly marry Obama Sr, one of the few blacks on the island. Obama agrees because this way he gets citizenship eventually. Madelyn is upset but goes along.
This is why Grandpa brings Barry along so often to meet Davis -- because Davis wants to see his biological son.
When Barry is older, Davis pulls strings of his old black radical friends to help Barry get into Harvard, and then set up in Chicago with the help of radicals like Ayers and Jarrett.


I agree Obama is a dead ringer of Malcolm-X..... Not Frank M Davis!!

Those who have been paying attention may have noticed that Obama’s older daughter is the spitting image of one of the daughters of Malcolm “X.” Of course, Obama himself resembles “X” far more than he resembles Obama, Sr. or Frank Marshall Davis. Obama also shares some facial resemblance to his maternal grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham. Obama, Sr. had a deep voice like James Earl Jones, but junior (Obama) has no such voice. Compare videos of “X” speaking and Obama speaking and try to argue there are no similarities.

Obama also often voices the “sssss” sound much like “X” did. (Listen to Obama say “Congresssss” in his “pass this jobs bill now!” speech to a Joint Session of Congress. It can clearly be heard in his very first words: “Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congresssss…” “X” had that same speech impediment.2

Many readers may also recall Obama’s victory speech at Chicago’s Grant Park on election night.

Obama wore a black suit with a red tie. His youngest daughter, Natasha, wore a black dress; older daughter Malia wore a red dress; and

Michelle Obama wore an arguably unattractive red and black dress that appeared to represent a large “X.”

The stark colors and the “X” suggest that the outfits are meant to honor Malcolm X.
Red is the traditional color of socialism, and is associated with social democrat and socialist political parties; black is the traditional color of anarchism, and black power


Show me anything YOU have that makes Stanley Ann Dunham the mother. The first we see of them together is when the boy was about two years old. You don’t know where he came from so you can’t know who his parents were or where and when he was born.


At this point, maybe 0bama doesn’t know who his mumzies or dadzies were or ARE.
It must be all the coke.


The wierd pouch under the lip ... That has had me baffled for the longest time because it didn’t come fromn O Sr or his mother. Davis has it, and it’s very distinctive. The purple area Obamas lower lip is smaller, but that big ol chunk of skin looks Davis to me.



FreeRepublic is Down! Let's see what's going on in their Yahoo! group...

FR goes down on a fairly regular basis. One saavy Freeper made this post during the most recent server crash:

While pulling in hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, FR remains a
1980's version of the old dial-up websites, only it actually has a dot-com web

FR boasts thousands of contributing members, but rather than investing any money
to improve this graphicless desert or fixing options that havent worked in years
- but remain visible to the user - the money is used for....well, it's not
completely clear. The 2-3 people who are said to be staff persons apparently
have little to no technical skills. Their only role seems to be fixing an
incorrect headline or two.

And when it comes to posting an article on FR, well, waiting in line at the DMV
is less aggravating! In fact, the hoops one must jump through before posting
could fairly be compared to filling out your tax forms! I'm convinced the
individual who designed the interface IS a former government employee!

Refusing to improve user experience by streamlining the posting process or
allowing multi-media content like other 21st century news formums, or
recognizing that graphics are not evil, has resulted in FreeReplic.com remaining
a stagnant uninteresting dudlge. Today, FR may have finally died from neglect.

Your whole post shows how really clueless you are. Go back to Trew Blew.

Btw, FR started as a hobby when Jim Robinson owned his own software company.

Go troll somewhere else.


So you're one of the ones who participate in DOS attacks on FR and then complain that FR is "down all the time" and "collects too much money."

Now that you're sure it's crashed forever, why are you coming here complaining that it's down for good?

If you're an innocent, loyal FReeper, then stop and think about whether your
poison post is doing anyone, especially yourself, any good here.


You need to be zotted in the WORST way. Shut up.


"I actually agree with you.


There's really no excuse for the site going down so much. Instead of owning the servers, for example, they could have the site hosted on established server farms that are maintained 24x7 by experts. RackSpace.com or MediaTemple.net are two great options.


AND ... everyone is including ads on their sites; FR should include banner ads, so that they can pay for better hosting and get rid of freepathons."

Jim has covered all of this. No blinkies and no ads. Ads would effect content.
FR is free from outside interference. As to the blinkies, plenty of juvenile
sites have them. People are free to use those sites.


Good luck with that. I hate graphic loaded sites burns up my monthly gig on my cellular card.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Indian Americans ahead of all other ethnic minorities in US

Summary: According to the article, Indian-Americans are highly educated and paid, and also are marrying within their community and having children at a high rate.

They get paid all that even though you can't hardly understand a word they're saying when you call 'customer service?' /s 


And most of them are, uh, “black”. What to do now?

--- I have no idea what this person is talking about. Anyone?


The rules of caste - varna and jati - are so complicated, it’s a wonder Indians find anyone to marry at all.

Fortunately for them, there’s a billion of them, which makes finding someone - anyone - somewhat less insurmountable.


Indian Americans - dot or feather?


I seriously did not know indians were considered asians

more power to all asian immigrants, they work hard and know how to take care of their families
the democratic leanings are probably counterproductive for them, I think/hope they will realize that sometime


"This is an interesting development. They tend to be solidly Democrat most of the time, but can be persuaded to vote Republican with the right candidate and the right kind of appeal."

Don’t count on it

They are another race who feels they are entitled and that YT owes them.

The young ones might be successful but they quickly bring their relatives over and sign them up for all the goodies given out by the government.

Simple question, if Indians value hard work and education so much then why is India a 3rd world cesspool?

"Learn history! The British ruled India until 1947 for 150 years, who systematically prevented industrialization by exporting raw materials from India to Britain and then exporing finished goods to India"


Their religion makes them very insular. Uniquely Indian.


"Only 12% of Indian-American newlyweds between 2008 and 2010 married out of the community"

This is because the majority of their marriages are arranged while the children are still young. Sometimes they marry outside of this, but most often it still is arranged. While this seems out of date to us, in a company I worked for I did notice that the majority of Americans were divorced, while the Indians had stong families and seemed perfectly happy. 


“Indians are also the fastest growing source of illegal aliens.”

I don’t doubt that. The left coast is overrun with Asians. I am sure many of them are here illegally also, but people only think of Mexicans that walk across.

And aren’t the Indians beneficiaries of Affirmative Actions and government set-aside contracts also?

Ironic, a billion of them in the world, the creators of the caste system, and preferred above the white American populace by an official USA government racist policy. When will Affirmative Action be sunset?

"Nope. Indian Americans, like other Asian Americans, do NOT qualify for affirmative action of any sort."


India, a country with a billion population, managed to get only one medal in the last Olympics. That was in marksmanship. That should tell you something.


I’m all for mixing of races and ethnicities, but there is something to be said for marrying in your own group....

Just 4 short years ago.. (Vanity Post)

This one deserves the full post. It's long, but worth it.

Vanity Post:

4 years ago no one was afraid of being retaliated against or SWAT'd for their speech or blog comments.
4 years ago no one thought an American President might declare martial law and cancel the presidential election so he could stay in office.
4 years ago no one thought we'd withdraw from Iraq COMPLETELY.
4 years ago no one thought NASA would be all but eliminated.
4 years ago no one thought an American President would ATTACK our right to choose what we eat and drink.
4 years ago no one thought an American President would create an atmosphere where schools seize Twinkies from children's lunch boxes
4 years ago no one thought we'd have SELF PROCLAIMED Marxists in our White House.
4 years ago we'd never thought that leaks of highly classified information would become a common occurrence from the White House.
4 years ago we'd never thought that an American President would flood Mexico with UNTRACED guns as a plan to undermine our 2nd Amendment rights.
4 years ago we never thought an American President would attempt to ban domestic oil drilling in the United States.
4 years ago we never thought that not buying health insurance would be a CRIME, punishable with a fine.
4 years ago we never thought we'd have an American President whose religion is unclear.
4 years ago we never thought an American President would say "57 States".
4 years ago we never thought we'd have a president whose nanny was a transvestite.
4 years ago we never thought an American President would overturn Federal Law without consent from Congress.
4 years ago we never thought we'd have a president who has illegal alien relatives living in the United States.
4 years ago we never thought an American President would SUE our States.
4 years ago we never thought an American President would disallow associating Islam with terrorism.
4 years ago we never thought an American President would be ineligible to hold office and be allowed to stay in office.
4 years ago we never thought we'd have a president who is actively working to destroy the private sector while funneling billions of dollars to public and government sector union enterprises.
4 years ago we never would have thought we'd have a president whose mother's naked photos are on the Internet.
4 years ago we never thought we'd have an openly gay-friendly president who throws gay military parades.
4 years ago we never thought we'd have a president who forces a university to remove a Christian cross prior to his speech.
4 years ago we never thought an American President would force religious institutions to administer contraceptives and subsidize abortions.
4 years ago we never thought an American President would wage war on Bibles in our military.
4 years ago we never thought an American President would require a teleprompter while speaking to 6th graders at an elementary school.
4 years ago we never thought an American President had once eaten portions of a dog.
4 years ago we never thought that an American President would have ever used an alias.
4 years ago we never thought our president's parents would both be communist activists.
4 years ago we never thought our president and his regime would have complete control of our news media and its message.
4 years ago we never thought our president would wage war on our free-market, capitalist Republic and our Constitution and succeed at doing so, unchallenged and with impunity.
4 years ago we never thought an American President would actively work to 'CHANGE' or 'TRANSFORM' America into another form of government.
4 years ago we failed to realize that a race card can allow one powerful person to destroy all that our Forefathers fought and died for..


The only leftist freaks disappointed in Hussein are the ones ticked off that he hasn’t done MORE to America.
FU Hussein Heads - F U !

4 years ago we’d not thought an American president would accuse police officers of ‘acting stupidly’ and holding a ‘beer summit’ afterwards.
If you think the first 4 were bad.... they are NOTHING compared to the next four.

And Romney won’t make a damned bit of difference.

We need 435 new members of Congress in 2014 or the game is over


4 years ago we would never have dreamed a single Supreme Court Chief Justice would totally destroy the relationship of the individual with the Federal government


It is downright shocking! However, I, for one, will not give up. Yes, I will vote for Mitt Romney because religion is not supposed to be the litmus test to run for President. We have that freedom and I want to keep it. He is a moral man, husband to one wife, financially responsibile and hard working. He does love United States of America. Is he perfect, no. Do I agree with him on everything, no. He is a natural born American and, while not perfect, will definitely be absolutely better than 4 more years of what is President now. No way would I vote 3rd party and hand over our country to the person in the White House now. Only by changing the President and getting as many like minded people in Congress can we hope to undo any damage this present administration has done.


I like your very comprehensive list. It’s downright scary what is going to happen if Obama gets a second term.

But he almost certainly will if Conservatives don’t stop whining against our own candidate and bickering among ourselves. Romney wasn’t my ideal either.

If you object to a Moderate, the result will
be a Communist/Marxist. If you object to
a Mormon, the result is most likely a closet Muslim.

If you object to the American, the result will be a man who may have been born on American soil but was brought with ideals far from anything we believe in. The time is past for complaining. We need start helping the only chance we have.
The fellow who said that those who refuse to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them... he was prescient.

And, by the way, so was George Orwell.

John McCain defends Huma Abedin against Michele Bachmann

McCain defended Abedin against recent accusations made by Rep. Michele Bachmann that Abedin's security clearance should be questioned due to alleged ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

John McCain: Cluelessly Dangerous


I notice that, in defending her honor, he didn’t bother to actually address the facts of the case. Which is her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

And since O seems intent on putting the Brotherhood in power all across the Middle East, I would have to ask the same question about him.

And since the Brotherhood is essentially the above-ground wing of Al Qaeda, we seem to have switched sides in the War on Terror. November can’t come soon enough for me.


McLoser-—that Manchurain Candidate SOB.

Has to defend an Islamist, but couldn’t his VP candidate in 2008.

Has to worry about -Abedin, but can’t be bothered to find out why an Arizona Sheriff is saying Obama’s birth certificate is forged.

When the history of this period is written, John McCain will not be remembered well


If he doesn’t stop stealing his daughter’s talking points, she is going to have to put him in a nursing home.


Idiot is the right word. McCain’s not a traitor - he’s just an extremely stupid person who’s coasted on the family name for most of his adult life


FU mccain... I wish your daddy had given your sorry ass to the North Vietnamese.


You've got that right, he was mealy mouthed when it came to defending Sarah Palin, his choice of running mate.
There is a lot I admire about McCain, but I sure don't admire his politics


Where in the world does this loser find the time to go on record in defense of what’s-her-face?!?! Who cares?? Doesn’t he have anything better to do during an election year?? Sheesh


Let me be perfectly clean, John McCain is a delusional traitor. His past service to this country is no more relevant than Benedict Arnold's heroism


And to think that I voted for the sob in ‘08. I will not make the same mistake with Romney.



Caption This: Willow Smith (daughter of Will) in the seat of Chairman John Kerry

Here is a picture of a kid fooling around on a trip to the Senate:

Surely the Freepers won't say anything offensive about her!


I really just put this here because I think it is outrageous. I didn’t know people testifying before Congress could get up and take photos like this


Ugly kid or just a bad picture?


That’s a girl??? Geez, more Hollyweird gender confusion it appears.

"She is quite possibly one of the ugliest kids I have ever seen. She is androgynous at best "
...or at least tied with Chelsea.

"I proclaim FREE STUFF for all lesbians! Sheila Jackson Lee?.. WATCH OUT I'M COMIN' OHHHH LORDY!"


WHAT THE HECK is wrong with Democrats that they allow behavior such as this in the Senate? She should be banned for life from ever entering the Capitol again.


Somebody put a hook in that mouth.

Those celebs are raising their kids to be gay. So sad for the children.


"Will Smith visited wounded soldiers in the hospital and when he saw the housing for visiting family members, he wrote out a check for the entire cost of building another house."

I think you are thinking about Denzel Washington.

I wish she would act like a little girl. Also grow some hair. Not the kind Halle Berry has which looks like a head full of bumblebees.
Her shirt says: "I Free Slaves." What the hell?
And like others here, my first thought was "That's a Girl?" Sad that she looks so much like her ugly father. If she's not gay, then he'll have to pay some guy big bucks to marry her one day.


I think her mom is full of herself .She’s a ghetto girl from Baltimore.

Will Smith is the catch in that relationship

Tea Party Express picks Marco Rubio for VP

rubio and jindal are not eligible, same as soetoro obama. get with the program.

Does Tea Party Express not care about illegal alien amnesty?

Thank you Tea Party Express for simplifying who I donate my 2012 dollars to: you are OFF my list!


I don’t know why they would pick Rubio. He started distancing himself from the tea party 2 weeks after they helped to get him elected. Oh and he’s not eligible either.

"I disagree about Jindal and Rubio not being nbC"

Please explain why/how Rubio is a natural born citizen. Were both of his parents United States citizens at the time of his birth?


"Sorry, the precedent has been set with the Kenyan—if you are an anchor baby you are now eligible to be president.
Got a problem take it up with SCCJ Roberts...I'm sure he will give you a hearing--nyuck nyuck reality sux don't it?"

If Chester Arther and Obama set the precedent by getting away with it then since some have gotten away with murder, murder is now legal. Do I have that correct?


Why should we have a VP who can’t run for President, or succeed Romney if he dies of a heart attack?

Red and all those who say Rubio is not natural born. Obama asked his good friend George Soros to change all those pesky findings, precedents and laws so they would be easier to understand that anyone who knows someone who owns an hawaiian shirt is a natural born citizen and therefore qualifies for the office of President of this great nation The United States of America. Wasn’t that special?
"Both Rubio and Jindal are citizens of the USA, being born in Florida and Louisiana, thirty five years old and have lived here for the last fourteen years, and they can prove it. "
All of that being true, they are still not natural born citizens of the United States, as their parents were not citizens at the time of their birth.
They are eligible for Senator or as Congressmen, as the requirement is only to be a citizen.

Natural born is only for the position of President. But you knew that.
“Both Rubio and Jindal are citizens of the USA”  
Yes, but they are NOT Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, NATURAL BORN CITIZENS. BOTH parents have to be “U.S. citizens” at the the time of the child's birth.
EVERYONE at the time of the founding knew exactly why “citizen” was changed to be “Natural Born Citizen”. They relied on Vattel’s “The Law of Nations” definition. Copies of which were in the library, in French AND English, where the constitution was written.
The Supreme Court has stated the same in several opinions/decisions.
There is NO DOUBT,
“There is no law that requires citizen parents. Wise up!”

lololol...the law states that only Natural Born Citizens are eligible to be president......The Founding Fathers didn’t coin the term Natural Born Citizen, it was well used and understood in the 18th century to mean a person born in a country to parents who were it’s citizens.

Your post makes no sense.

I don’t think Romney is going to chose RINO Rubio as his VP. Romney the politician, as we all know, (LoL) knows how to stick his finger in the wind and who will chose to avoid the NBC controversy

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Are Millennials the Screwed Generation?

Excerpt: "Today’s youth, both here and abroad, have been screwed by their parents’ fiscal profligacy and economic mismanagement. Neil Howe, a leading generational theorist, cites the “greed, shortsightedness, and blind partisanship” of the boomers, of whom he is one, for having “brought the global economy to its knees.”"

"The whiniest generation weighs in.

Oh please...what we’ve done to future generations is a crime.


IMO, they are becoming ‘entitle-ized’, via zero’s Socialist/Marxist policies.


The Boomers only sin is working to older age. The Millennials and Whiners should have learned how to work when they were young instead of getting awards for using the potty properly (God knows the kids I see coming out of College don’t know the meaning of the “w” word).

Anyone younger than 55 who thinks he/she will see a DIME of Social Security is delusional. SS is exactly zero in my retirement planning.


Elections have consequences. They voted for Obama. Now they can enjoy the fruits of their vote.

The millenials are the biggest bunch of whiners in history. Their parents mom and dad, yes the evil boomers and some older Xer’s, both worked so their little darlings could have everything they ever wanted without having to, gasp get a job. They went into debt to pay for pre-school, college, buy iPhones, iPads, and cars so their children wouldn’t be left behind. They paid for band and sport fees so their kids could participate in all the activities at school. They ran their little league teams and made sure that everyone got a trophy and now that things are little tough for the urchins it is all mom and dad’s fault that the world won’t give them a high paying job that they are not qualified for. I am tired of listening to these little sh*ts who have never lived with out A/C, cell phones, computers, big screen HD TVs with 400 channels complain about how hard they have it. Get over yourself nobody owes you anything and as my old man told me once when I was griping, “The world isn’t fair son and the sooner you learn that the better off you will be.” Geez

I have 4 grandsons in college and I had talked to all within the last 3 weeks. They are happy to stay on their parents insurance and can't wait to start paying their fair share to assure all people have insurance and food. One is in final year med school; one final year undergrad(going to be lawyer) 1 grad this summer(going to be lawyer; 1 freshman(music major). Good for them. Hope they can afford to provide for all of us and the illegals.

What a disaster this generation is.


So my little whiney boys and girls born after 1964, we are all in this boat together. The boomers have been screwed all our working lives supporting all the “greatest generation” with SS payments tied into the cost of living along with generations of welfare folks who never paid a dime into the system.
Those of us boomers still working know there in NOTHING for us after we supported all these guys on our working backs for decades!
Quit your b@tching! It is the Socialists who kicked this ponzi scheme down our throats. Time to pay the piper.
This generational demonizing that you fall for is pure bullsht!!!


"The really dark side to all of these stories about one generation (Whatever that is exactly! Why do we let ourselves be defined by being lumped into groups?) is that they are preparing us for euthanasia. If you can convince the younger generations that their parents are useless old coots who screwed them out of their future, how much easier it is to convince them to pull the plug on the oldsters in order to save money."
And that is what sometimes happens if one gives someone else the power of life and death over them, even now. In this family, we don’t go to the medical estasblishment unless we are dying already, or need a bone set, stitches etc. We take no drugs, only natural supplements and eat fresh foods. Our legal directives are plain-do not bring us back, period. When God says time to go elsewhere, that is what I’m going to do-no way will I allow anyone but Him to be in charge of that

Monday, July 16, 2012

Romney’s Palin Problem: Where’s Her Convention Invite? (Advisor: she will be prohibited to speak)

I believe the GOPe would rather have a second term of Ubama than allow Sarah Palin anywhere near the White Hut.

I’d like to officially go on record as STRONGLY discouraging the GOP from cutting back at all, on Palin’s time.

In fact, I would strongly, strongly encourage Romney to maximize his Palin time, and even nominate Palin as his VP.

Yes I mean that. Go Palin.


To the headline: Why is anyone surprised? Romney has done everything he can to destroy her.
He loathes conservatives.......laughing at the thought of those who really think they can hold his feet to the fire and force him to work with conservatives.

Team Romney has decided that banning Sarah Palin from the convention is going to make Mitt more appealing to independents and have decided to dare conservatives to stay home on election day if we don’t like it.

And Romney’s re-hiring of Kevin Madden, the Palin-hating, Troopergate smear peddler of the 2008 convention to replace Eric Fenstrohm was sending her a message that she is not welcome at this year’s convention.

That’s why she returned Newsweak’s email and responded to this story and Romney is going to regret banning her.


don’t want Sarah... then you don’t want my vote
The MAIN reason we lost the 2008 election was McCAIN but establishment RINOs just cannot see that as a possiblilty. Palin blew Biden away in the debates. McCain...was good at one debate but the rest put me to sleep where he acted like he needed to be.

Without Palin in 2008, I could not have endured the convention to the election.
I knew the election was lost when McCain told that elderly woman that we “Dont have to fear an Obama presidency” what kind of idiot says THAT! The ONLY reason why I gave money for the first time EVER to a campaign in 2008 was because of Sarah Palin..she energized me in a way I never imagined before. The only reason why Romney doesn’t want her to be there is because he knows she will take his spotlight, something he craves. They make the excuse about her working for Fox News, OK so I guess Karl Rove and Mike Huckabee won’t be allowed to speak either?
I’m tentatively pending on confirmation of this story.

I think it sounds like bunk.

But then again, I’ve been wrong before.

I certainly hope it’s bunk.
Sarah Palin is intelligent, caring and real. She leads by example and if her prescriptions for energy independence, free market principles and less government were followed, the country would be on a path to recovery. It would be to the detriment of the GOP and Romney if she is not given a role in Tampa.
The Republican Party is rotting from within. I wish Sarah and other like-minded politicans would flip the elites the bird and all join another party, like the Constitution Party.

They all are so clearly not welcome, as are the rank-and-file conservative, it just doesn’t make sense to waste time with them.


I remember when Glenn Beck was talking about how the progressives and communists had taken over the Democrat party and were starting to take over the GOP and I thought to myself “Nah, not the GOP” but these RINOS they act just like the Democrats too. I can say one thing that the Dems do differently than the RINOS do in our party, they don’t eat their own. You’ll never hear any Dem trash Wasserman Shultz even though she is a walking epic fail of stupid..but with the GOP elitists, for some reason, love trashing Conservatives. If Romney had ANY brains in his head, he would have invited Sarah a long time ago, even if he doesn’t like her, he could have used her support, by doing this, all he has done is alienated a large portion of the GOP, is Romney THAT desperate for Independent voters that he will throw us down the shaft
All I can say to this is,If Sarah Palin was A Disaster that tells Me That Romney Buys the Media Propaganda and that does Not Bode well for HIS campaign. Sarah Palin was the reason I voted for McCain Not Him. We shall see what Romneys Philosophy is when he makes his Pick,I would hate to be Romney if after this disaster of a Presidency Romney Loses the election. This is as Close to a NO BRAINER as there could ever be. Only a TOTAL LOSER,and I mean total LOOOOOOSER,could be defeated by this America Hating serially Liar and Traitor.
So Far The Bus Driver is Getting ready to get into the Bus,Im not ready to star Chanting, Start The Bus,Or Hey Hey Na na na na, Na na na,na, Hey Hey Hey Good Bye! YET,But its getting Close