Friday, September 30, 2011

Islamist cleric Anwar Awlaki 'killed in Yemen'

Summary: "The US-born radical Islamist cleric and suspected al-Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki has been killed in Yemen, the country's defence ministry has said."

remember Fort Hood ....

Hey! payback is a bitch ain’t it Anwar

Rot in Hell you POS . May dogs lick up your blood and guts


His father was a Fulbright scholar. He conducted a prayer service for muslims in the US Capitol in 2002. He was convicted twice for soliciting prostitutes. He got a $20000. scholarship under a false SS number. Killing him is only the beginning of the solution to our homeland problems. His family should be so honorably killed. Wilipedia is a very interesting read.


It better not come out that he was killed by the US or Obama is in a world of trouble


Oh, PLEEEEEEEEASE let this be confirmed!!!!!
You’ll be able to hear my “WOOHOO!!!!!” for miles. LOL!


Well, there are millions ready willing and able to take his place, so I don’t think this is much of a win.

He was in Yemen - the invasion force we have here inside our borders is what we should be working on repelling but we do nothing.



"His father was a Fulbright scholar. He conducted a prayer service for muslims in the US Capitol in 2002. He was convicted twice for soliciting prostitutes. He got a $20000. scholarship under a false SS number."

I wonder if liberals are still clinging to their belief that poverty breeds terrorists.


Another Muzzie A-Hole wins a Darwin Award!


"In a video posted to the internet in November 2010, al-Awlaki called for Muslims around the world to kill Americans “without hesitation”, and overthrow Arab leaders."

Funny how that preceded the "arab spring."


“if they could just find Adam Gadan”

This is the guy whose fate I’m most interested in following, if not having a say in. Right up there with Loughner, even though Loughner seems to be just a lone nut white punk on dope.

I still object to using the term “home-grown terrorist”. We don’t produce these people as though a natural by-product of our society, they have voluntarily transcended boundaries which help to define what it means to be a home-grown American hero or just an average US citizen. They are Jihadi-grown. They’re al Qaeda-grown. They’re not (US) home grown.


The going cost of the last “gutsy decision” was 25 SEALs.

Hussein won’t hesitate to pay it again to appease his terrorist buddies.


"Brace yourselves for a new round of Obama adulation in the press. Another “gutsy decision” by our president to waste an Islamic dirtbag. Bringing the drone operators to the White House for brewskis."

Can't be helped when Obama continues those Bush/Cheney policies ... he's bound to do something right.


I am not sure i believe this. I mean here we have an islamic favoring president desperately needing a boost in the polls and we have an islamic terrorist needing to disappear and take the heat off himself. No pictures and no proof to the public for confirmation. Sound familiar?


I am thinking more along the lines of he took out a US citizen, denied him his Rights to a trial for treason.


I am thinking this is a bad precedent. Not disagreeing at all that this guy should have gotten the death penalty.

But...I’d be very wary of who and how the DHS classifies ‘terrorists’ and while this is a foreign precedent ...I don’t trust this administration.


So far, we've been TOLD Osoma and this guy are dead. We were also told Oboma was a Constitutional scholar, but there's no proof of any of it. Oboma isn't known for being the most trustworthy - especially when his poll numbers are at rock bottom. (He needs to create a new "image.")

I think we should see the body and DNA reports this time. Just to be safe. If it's him, that's good (except for the killing a U.S. citizen thing, which will come back to haunt us someday).


Why do we refer to these people by their terrorist names? It only feeds in to their madness.


A: (regarding the lack of a trial) "It’s war, no holds barred. Kill the bastards before they kill more of us. How is that so hard to understand?"

B: "Well then God Bless 0bama for changing the military Rule of Engagement and disregarding the Conventions and Rule of Law.

0bama is our savior and hero to the nation. And a much better war President that GWB ever was."

A: "??? Don't be ridiculous. It is not some general endorsement of Obozo to say he got something right. If Pres. Bush were still POTUS, or indeed for any POTUS ever, I'd hope they would give this order in these specific circumstances.

When you can't argue you resort to silly sarcasm. Interesting.... "

B: "Well...

Clinton knew where Osama was....what did he do?

Bush knew where Osama was and he did what?

I find it odd that little skinny 0bama is doing what previous administrations failed to do. Sarcasm yes. Silly?

If you check through my posts, you will see I don’t often disagree with the take no prisoners in the war of terror. In fact I often have ranted about the ROE we are supposed to be operating under.

But it does concern me that 0bama is throwing around this much brutal power. It concerns me as his people consider many groups “terrorists,” and just encourage good strong consideration as to how they hold the Rights of citizens.

When I joined FR I was often told it can’t happen here...well a lot the can’t happen happening here. I don’t necessarily discount a person’s citizenship and their Rights."


Hopefull, the Obozo administration and their MSM puppets will not release the names and home addresses of our people, who put down this pos.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Iran says could deploy navy near U.S. coast: report (RED on Drudge!)

Folks, go get the Jericho series...
it might be a documentary.


C’mon, Iran. Quit talkin’ and lets dance!


Odumbo would only authorize helping them set up an attack, no actual shots taken in defense of our country.



NOW can we bring our troops home to protect US?


No way will Zero protect AMERICANS on AMERICAN soil. He has made THAT abundantly CLEAR.


Exactly! I can’t imagine he would allow the US to take any offensive action...just sit here and be a huge target!


People forget:
Atomic Bomb:
Invented in America:
Tested in Japan - - - with great success.
This time we can test the MOAB off our Atlantic Coast. . . . .


Mac daddy will not even let the USA protect it’s own borders. He has already supplied Mexico’s drug cartel with guns paid for by the America tax payers.


The lefties are co-joining w/ the Islamists. “Take Back Wall Street” and the “Arab Spring” to create unrest here and abroad...then, BAM. Great opportunity for our enemies when we’re stretched so thin


Bring it on, muzzies. I’d give my eye teeth to get back into a fighter and make you a target.


First reaction is "good news," cause the US Navy is always up for more target practice.

Then I remembered, unfortunately, the occupant in the White House...

All he would do is respond with the usual, dreaded, strongly worded letter, in response.

What an embarrasment...enemy at the gates, and he sends a courier, not a soldier...


Not to worry, Pelosi, Reid, et al. have lots of white flags handy.


The first article I ever read that mentioned both EMP and Iran said that a single EMP pop over Tehran would instantly decapitate the mullahs’ command and control and turn the entire nation into the world’s largest kicked-over fire ant mound. The resulting electronic turmoil and confusion would degrade the Rev Guards’ ability to police the country, and liberation just might break out (yes, I know like the “Arab Spring”, be careful what you wish for).

Anyway, Iamadamnnutjob keeps shooting his mouth off and Israel is still there, so why should anyone believe that the Iranian Navy will soon be crossing the pond?


If recent history is any indication, we will respond with a couple of small frigates, full of gay sailors, who will use loud speakers to try and persuade the Iranian ships to keep outside the 12 mile limit. If the Iranians refuse then the gay navy will use water cannons and their ships to nudge the Iranian vessels.

Should the matter escalate and an Iraniian ship get sunk, probably afte a Navy ship is damaged or destroyed, then Cindy Sheehan,Code Pink, BIll Ayers, et al will start publicly protesting the Navy’s actions and brand them as brutal killers.


Remember that in the Fall of 1941, the “Imperial Japanese Navy” was the punchline of a lot of jokes.

Until one day in December...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Double your pleasure!

Good news, everyone! I recently discovered that the blogger VikingKitties has a site where s/he documents absurd quotes from FreeRepublic. In fact, VK has been doing this much longer than me. You should definitely peruse the archives!

I salute you, comrade. Keep fighting the good fight!

Talking with Muslim Republicans

Summary: This article is from September 2008. It discusses a Muslim Republican and how he feels the party has abandoned him. He cannot vote for McCain because of the anti-Islam messages in the party, and he feels like Obama will not fight for Muslim rights because he will spend too much time fighting the misconception that he is Muslim.

Put them in any “wrapper” you want — they are ALL trouble. Like Obama is trouble.


A vote for the Democrats is a vote for weakness, which will only lead to more terror and threats of war.

You can’t have it both ways, Republican Muslim. If you truly believe in the “Religion of Peace” you’d seek ways to end terror, not encourage it.


Conservatism and Islam could not be more opposite. One cannot be an American conservative and a Muslim.

This article is 100% propaganda.


“Obama will have to come down twice as hard on ‘mooslums’ to prove to the heartland.... that he is not, never was and never will be a Muslim,”

Can’t be done. There is proof that he was (is).


There is too much evidence that one cannot be loyal to Islam and to America at the same time, that's why. The core values are too different. There will come a day when they have to choose, and everyone fears that choice will be to side with enemies of the USA who are doing "Allah's" work.

If American Muslims can convincingly demonstrate otherwise they would be welcomed, but after the inflammatory statements that have been made by too many Islamic leaders in America in recent years, the burden of proof is squarely on them.


I suspect that there are few Muslim Republicans.

BTW, I never heard any Muslim Politician talk about defense of our Country against Islam Fundamentalist.

Maybe I'm just not reading the right websites or newspapers.


I challenge every so-called Muslim Republican (notice how the Muslim always comes first?) cited in the article to recite the pledge of allegiance with me...

especially that ‘ONE NATION UNDER GOD’ part.

God not allah.


Another Muslim’s version of the “truth”. If there’s one thing I learned from living in a Muslim country, that was to NEVER believe a word they said. They learn early that lying is a form of survival in their world, and they never stop.


Gosh, that naughty Bush. After 9/11 he should have opened the immigration doors to more Muslims.

Good grief, as it is we have been flooded with Muslim students andd Muslims on green cards, even after 9/11. If anything, we should have closed that door.

Bush even used the phrase “War on Terror,” refusing to include the word “Muslim.” And he has been inviting Muslims to the White House and observing Muslim holidays, while we teach kids how to be Muslims in our public schools.

What more do they want? Total surrender. Oh . . . . yes, that’s right. Islam doesn’t mean “peace,” it means SUBMISSION.

Obama faces a white flight

Op-ed from, by Melissa Harris-Perry a black political scientist and professor at Tulane (who recently subbed for Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, so the Freepers are becoming peripherally aware of who she is).

Summary: "In 1996, Clinton was reelected with a coalition more robust than his first. His vote among whites increased from 39 to 43 percent. President Obama has experienced a swift, steep decline in support among whites - from 61 percent in 2009 to 33 percent now. I believe much of that can be attributed to their disappointment that choosing a black man for president did not prove to be their redemption or the nation's."

“Melissa Harris-Perry is a professor of political science at Tulane University.”

Perfectly indoctrinated, poorly educated, too.


I can’t eat hope and change,sweetie!


"whether Obama will be held to standards never before imposed on an incumbent"

FDR was reelected three times while pursuing much the same economic lunacy as Zero has, with the same results. But at least he wasn't trying to help the Iranians get nuclear weapons.


"I found Melissa Harris-Perry’s picture on Google, and she looks like a liberal."

Wasn’t your first clue the hyphenated name?


You've got it exactly bass-ackwards babe. We witnessed electoral racism in its most egregious form in 2008 when essentially the entire black population voted for a person because of the color of his skin, NOT the quality of his character (or any other damned thing).


"These comparisons are neither an attack on the Clinton administration nor an apology for the Obama administration. They are comparisons of two centrist Democratic presidents"

It had my interest until I came to that statement and then, I had to stop reading. Neither was or is "centrist" and to refer to Obama as centrist is incredible.


There is racism in America... and it is rampant in the black community... obama is the movement's leader... black liberation theology... **** whitey... and that is exactly what obama has done since day one... in fact he has harmed the black community even more... and set race relations back 100 years... and this author is a blatant racist pig.


It’s okay for 95% of blacks to vote for a candidate because of his race, but not okay for whites not to vote for someone because of the candidate’s race (although the reason for white flight from Obama is not race, it’s policy and performance).


Melissa Perry is anything but an intellectual. The truth is Melissa, Obama is an abject failure at governing. He is an absolute success at destroying. Blacks should be turning their backs also if they want any semblance of this country to remain


This “professor” is one of many people who have been teaching multiple generations of her own race that they are instantly “disadvantaged” at the moment of birth by reason of the color of their skin. She and many others continue to perpetrate white racism towards blacks whether it is real or imagined, while ignoring the rampant racism among themselves.

Antisemitism, hatred of whites, hatred of different Asian races and black on black violence and murder are the modern hallmarks of Professor Harris-Perry’s people, but you can be sure she does not focus on any of those issues.


Look at the bright side, this line of attack by the liberals is going to BACKFIRE bigtime. I had an apolitical female friend who supported Barack Obama tell me the other day that she is really sick all opposition to Obama being labeled a racist. She said she won’t vote for him again based on that reason alone.


Yeah yeah white conservative here so I gots to b racist


Hey Melissa,
Call me what you want, but I’ll NEVER vote for this muslim, gay, crackhead, commie..



150 years of freedom and it's still racism that keeps blacks down.

Hey Melissa!

Want to know what keeps blacks down?

Talk a walk, at anytime during the day or night, through Louis Armstrong Park, right there in New Orleans.

Then take a walk through the Garden district.

Teach THAT!


I didn’t vote him, because I’m not stupid. I can see an idiot for what they are and no amount of hype n hope will change that. This article is all about stirring up a little of the lost white guilt that helped 0bama get elected in 2008. Nice try miss perry, but not only would I not vote for that marxist a-hole, I wouldn’t pi$$ in his mouth if his teeth were on fire.


“Electoral racism in its most egregious form is the unwillingness of whites to vote for blacks regardless of qualifications or ideology.”

QUALIFICATIONS???!!!??? What the hell are you talking about??? This assclown doesn’t even have a legitimate BIRTH certificate!!! Looks like affirmative action is alive and well where you are concerned, sweetheart. Gotta love that white guilt...


Affirmative Action PERSONIFIED. Imagine the spittle the students sitting in the front row of her “lectures”, have to wash off their faces every day, as a result of her “honky bashing” diatribes.

Maxine Waters: Obama Would Never Tell The Jews Or Gays To Stop Complaining

Well of course. Da One’s thinking is so infused with race at every moment that he feels entitled to absolute support from “his people.” He’s annoyed that they have been complaining about HIM, which they have every right and reason to do.


I love the phraseology from this racists crypt keeper idiot..The Jews..The Gays. Very telling. Does she know that calling a person of the Jewish religion, A JEW or referring to them as THE JEWS is like someone calling her a N****er. I am not that sensitive to it, but calling someone foul names is an attempt to steal their dignity as a human being. She is a Nazi, as are the rest of ilk, they do think they are different physiologically, the whole Black Supremacists movement is based on the Nazi philosophy that anatomically differences mean a difference in the species. She is not just a babbling old idiot, she is a dangerous babbling idiot.

--- what is this i don't even


When is the Latino, gay, lesbian, Jewish caucus;) going to speak up?


Shup up, Maxine, you empty headed racist.


The coalition, known as liberalism, falls apart as each group within it turns on another and the true colors each emerges. The glue that held them together begins to breakdown and they each other like wild savages as the very differences they used to celebrate begin to break down.

In the end there was never any real glue, only fantasy as they look for someone else to blame and the long knives come out.


He is African then American. He is not African American! How gullible are the black race, for God’s sake?


Maxine Waters wishes she was a Gay Jew!


No, Maxine, he wouldn’t!! He also wouldn;t have told Jews or Gays to get out of their SLIPPERS! He was IMPLYING that you guys are LAZY!! When the HELL are you going to come out of your STUPOR?????


"Black supremacists make truly absurd Afrocentric claims, for example that Cleopatra was black, that blacks designed and built the Pyramids, and that they knew about atomic energy in Zimbabwe, 40,000 years ago!"

Yea kinda silly, no Negroid Africans did not build the pyramids, invent calculus or geometry or found Democracy. If we are going to get technical if we go south of Sub-Saharan Africa we have basically a conglomeration of stone age animist cultures with no technological achievements to point to. You know why so many black Africans would up as slaves, because they could be. Their lack of sophistication and cultural retardation led to them being viewed by Arabs and Europeans as livestock. Not saying it was right, but please Maxine and Louis Farrakhan, your history of accomplishment and achievement started when you were dragged off a boat in Virginia or Jamaica in the 15-19th centuries, Negroid African accomplishments you could write a two page pamphlet.


When will 'they' see. . .that Obama is NOT 'one of them'?

Barack's tribe was the 'slave master' and sellers of slaves. How many 'Hussein's' or Barak's came out of America's cotton fields?

('Guaranteed', Obama has never worn a pair of slippers; certainly not when his sandals, were/are. . .in arms reach.)

The Black audience Obama speaks to - those whom he pretends to identify with

- should be outraged; but even those who are angry; are missing the larger point of "Obama-made' arrogance; perspective and world-view.

(Not to mention his agenda; whick is not working for them now; and it is guaranteed, not to work for however long, Obama remains in White House.)

’Ground Zero mosque’ opens quietly

Summary: An Islamic cultural centre close to the site where New York's World Trade Center once stood has opened quietly in spite of scenes last year of vehement protests from those who said the area should not house a mosque.

Let’s see if they permit Jewish meetings to be held there .....


Obama is moving towards his ultimate goal of shariah for every American!


Thanks a lot Bloomie. May you and the Kenyan get everything that’s coming to you. Both now and in the afterlife.


"opening its doors to New Yorkers of all backgrounds for interfaith workshops, films and lectures [praising Islamism]"

Interfaith.. that's Islamists (political Islam, sharia law advocates) talk for, "let us teach you about Islam, we don't care one whit about your inalienable rights, social contract, constitution.. none of that stuff matter to us."


Obama isn’t anything, he just pretends everything.

He is not Christian, he is not Muslim, he is not American, he is not African, he is not Hawaiian, he is not Chicagoan, he is not white, he is not black, he is educated, he is ignorant—on and on.

Obama is an empty fraud. He is what ever your imagination wants to pin to him. That is how he has gotten by in life...being nothing in particular.


Can’t somebody park a wood chipper in front of the site, and run a bunch of pigs through it?


I was thinking a BBQ...Roasted Pig...etc etc etc...

Overall I’m just amazed that no one ever, in this entire process ever said that this might not be a good idea...

And why, with all the events leading up to the ten year anniversary of 9/11 did any of the families of any of the victims of this murder spree, ever get reported to walk by this facility and voice their dissaproval...

They were being interviewed for every other damn thing in the days leading up to the opening of the Ground Zero Memorial...Commenting on a lot of things, and not one mention of this abomination...


Wow! That is almost as bad as electing a Muslim for president 7 years after 911.


“I wonder how many events of arson will befall that location.”

I will hope many, many, and more many.

I'm hoping that FDNY is "unexpectedly" busy that day.


What is ANYONE supposed to think of a country that lets the same brand of murderers who pulled off 9-11 to build a monument to their hateful beliefs on the site?

What is ANYONE supposed to think of government that (literally) approves such a building in a midnight meeting of the building board?

What is ANYONE supposed to think when such government officials and their supporters GET RE-ELECTED????

What is ANYONE supposed to think when a Christian church at the 9-11 site and destroyed by the actions that terrible day can't get building permits from the same board that midnighted the Ground Zero mosque?

Like it or not, deny it or not, our government is just a reflection of the people it represents.

So what is ANYONE supposed to think when they see said government sneering, flipping the little people the bird and talking down to the very people it represents?

The world is watching - anyone want to guess what al Queda thinks when they see the Ground Zero mosque?


Rubbing Salt in an Open Wound.

The muzzies deserve everything that is coming to them.

Lamar Alexander quitting leadership post in Senate

Summary: "Sen. Lamar Alexander will resign from his influential Republican leadership post in January, according to a letter obtained by POLITICO - a stunning decision by a former two-time presidential candidate who has played a central role shaping GOP strategy during President Barack Obama’s time in office. ... Alexander says the decision was rooted in his desire to foster consensus in the gridlocked Senate, a role he felt constrained playing while spearheading the partisan Senate GOP messaging machine."

Alexander says the decision was rooted in his desire to foster consensus in the gridlocked Senate, a role he felt constrained playing while spearheading the partisan Senate GOP messaging machine.”

“Consensus” = compromise. Glad he’s gone. Thune will be better and actually seems to stick to his convictions.



I figured as much, without knowing anything about him, the moment he wants to promote understanding and cooperation across the aisle.

That is always a clue.


Well so much for Lamar Alexander’s other announcement today — his demand that Eric Holder investigate Solyndra! That’s going nowhere, to be sure.


Lamar wants to reach across the aisle and compromise with Dems in the new (post 2012 election) Republican controlled Senate. Just another RINO doing what RINO’s do.


I've been trying to figure out a good way to do exchanges between Freepers for a while now, so let's try this:

A: "God Himself is a RINO.

Everyone’s a RINO.

Circular firing squad.


Heck, Ron Paul’s a RINO. So was George Washington.

Maggie Thatcher is a RINO. Ronald Reagan was a RINO. So was Moses.

But not Sarah. Wait, I forgot. She endorsed McLame.

RINO, RINO, RINO, RINO. All the world’s a RINO."

B: I didn’t know God was an advocate of abortion.....thanks for the clarification. And yes, most of the GOP establishment are progressive POS RINOs....that is the problem, so you are correct in your assertion that MOST (90 percent) of the GOP is and will always be RINOs.....until we the people change things.

A: What’s so interesting is that we now have to break down RINOism into first and second and third degree RINOS. The word (is it a word?) is so overused here on FR that it’s become, by itself, meaningless, so we have to add “first order” and POS for villains like Alexandar (I agree, he’s bad) and then fit the others in down-rank.

So, my question to a profound political philosopher like you is,

given that Sarah endorsed McLame for reelection, if that makes here a 42nd-Degree RINO, is she or ain’t she a RINO?

And who among us has the guts to work out a really solid, acceptable list of the degrees of RINOs from 1 to 42 and give good examples of each rank?

Or could we just stop it already with the RINOing and say, “yeah, Alexander is a really liberal Republican but Thune is a lot less liberal and . . . .” so forth? The RINO thing has become a useless label on FR. This equating of an otherwise solid conservative with the worst of the liberals via “RINORINORINORINORINORINOing” because someone does something I don’t like is really not helpful.

That was my point, which I think maybe a few people understood.

B: I think the problem is that so many progressive pubbies run around lying their collective asses off about being “conservative” that no one really knows who is a stinkin RINO and who is a constitutional Conservative....

People, like yourself, who are mental lightweights can't tell the difference, but we Conservatives sure can....see, we Conservatives look much closer then the mental lightweights such as yourself...we actually look at DEEDS, not words.

I know, I's not easy being a mental lightweight...but try to keep up with the big boys at least.


I have two brothers that live in TN and are chomping at the bit to vote against Alexander and Corker in the primaries.

They have been infected by McStain’s insatiable need to “reach across the aisle, ah, hell lets just stay over here with the libs a while...” The democrats view them as useful idiots.


Speaking of a primary to get righ of Boehner, who elected him speaker anyway?

I remember that they held that election BEFORE the old congress left and the new congress with a republican majority took over.. what’s up with that?


The intolerable liberal chick (Beth Adams WHAM 1180) who hosts a morning show on a local conservative radio “applauded” Lamarr for “moving across the aisle” to “compromise with dims”


Sunday, September 25, 2011

SNL off to a great start!

Summary: This thread was posted by someone who actually did find the GOP debate spoof funny, but the commenters did not agree.

I have nothing but distain for what the creator of this “comedy show” did to Sarah Palin and Gerald Ford. two great Americans who didnt deserve that



SNL mocking Republicans.

zzzzzzzz..... no wonder their ratings are low.


I am shocked this looooser of a “show” is still on.

well I guess it serves a purpose- destroy America,
prop up O’bummer, call the TEA party racist- and deride
conservative republicans.


Lorne Michaels and Tina Fey should go the way of Chris Farley


A great sketch they won’t do is one where Obama comes to terms that he is in way over his head. Shaking and crying under his desk.


To this day a large segment of people absolutely believe Palin said she could see Russia from her front porch.

Several months ago I was listening to Rush and some totally idiotic lib was laughing incredulously when Rush informed he she never said that. He absolutely refused to believe it.

It’s moments that that when a comedian and her writers become guilty of a great crime against morality and the American people.


SNL and Tina Fey is the main reason governor Palin’s negative rating is so high. I hate anything SNL does. I bet they did not make much fun of RINO’s Mitt & Jon H.


they even made a comment about it being “wide open” for Christie, of course SNl is going to schill for the RINOs.


Baldwin? SNL?


We’re at war folks, though some of you can’t see that.


If Tina Fey had been an honest woman, in interviews and such she would have made a point of it, mentioned it in places. She was the media darling after she helped take down the “Evil Palin”. She was everywhere. You could tell she revelled in what she did - it was never about honesty.

If people wanted to think a good woman was an idiot because of her, all fine with her. And that’s besmirching someone’s character.


It’s Whote House propaganda...NBC is owner by GE whose CEO Jeffrey Immelt is in bed with Crackhead Barry.

Herman Cain wins Florida straw poll in stunning victory; Rick Perry in deep trouble

Summary: During the Florida Straw Poll, "Cain’s victory with 37 percent of the vote was a major defeat for Perry, the frontrunner in Florida and national polls, who garnered only 15 percent after wooing the nearly 3,000 party faithful with a free breakfast and mailers. "

“Many straw poll voters were especially dissatisfied by the answers Perry gave over his moderate immigration position”

It was not a moderate answer. It was a classic liberal answer. Amazing that Perry isn’t even conservative enough to even pretend to speak like one.


Still is time for Perry to right his ship. Question remains whether I WANT him to. (I guess I just have no heart. /sarc)


"Mitt wouldn’t be trying to muddy the RINO Cowboy’s water by conducting a little Operation Chaos action, would he?"

Liberal blood runs in his veins and I would not put it past him.

I would like nothing better than both of them announcing they are leaving the race.


This just may be the kick Cain needs to get ahead from here on. He’s my man, above all others. I love Sarah, I love Michelle, but I honestly believe in this day and hour, we need a man at the helm (flame away that I’m sexist - not so - it’s just that neither S nor M are a Margaret Thatcher...)

Taking another risk, I’ll post what I said in another thread:

Cain is the one for me: Straight shooter with solutions that can out-debate almost anyone; true blue conservative & Christian; proven executive with turn-around expertise; brilliant, articulate, counters with between-the-eyes strikes, ALWAYS directly answers the question asked of him, and he’d get at least 40% of the black vote. His answers always #1. Identify the problem; #2. Explains the solutions. Lastly he disarms the liberal claims that to oppose Obama is racist.

He’d clobber Obama in any debates because O would have his TOTUS.

I don’t like his 9% national sales tax (all libs have to do is later double it), but it’s better than what we have now and does solve a LOT of problems.

I do believe Cain is the MAN of the hour above all others...


It's not "society's" education dollars, that is the money earned by each family, and worked to earn it for their own kids, Rick. We passed the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery. Charity is a positive force for good, but each individual retains the right to make that charitable decision, including the choice to give funds voluntarily to help poor children from around the world obtain more education - it's not the government's decision.


Ricardo Perry lost it when at first he went on the states rights when it came to the homo agenda when homo’s are trying to get even more special laws and now openly serve along with cross dressing freak but then blew it when it came on to the immigration and then called many bigots


I’m not sympathethic with the anchor’s and the education thing.....They need to go....Education for our AMERICAN children...fine.....Other then that, good bye...


I love this.

The idea of putting a real CEO in charge of the Executive Branch following a proven business plan (the Constitution of the United States of America) - seems fitting.


I am not shocked, but nicely surprised. Hooray for the man who is best qualified to get this country running right again.

I have been a Cain supporter since the first debate. I noticed then, and as always, that he does not get into the "fray" when it comes to picking on, or degrading other GOP candidates. He is straight business, very direct and concise with his answers, very sure of himself, and maintains his composure. All marks of a true leadership abilities...which his record of achievements proves 100%.


Sarah will choose the time to announce when she's good and ready and not when the media tells her to. She's running an unconventional campaign. She's not in it to please the establishment.

Palin is the superior candidate. Why would she give the media time to pick her apart on the issues and pick apart her family when she can wait until the right time to announce.

On Wednesday, November 7, 2012 I suspect Sarah Palin will make her decision based on whether or not Cain has beat Obama.

That way he can hand her over the Presidency. She'll be the default President. Cain will be Palin's VP. Whoever ran on the ticket with Cain will just claim they cannot serve due to family problems.


"Herman Cain deserves the top of the ticket and would make a far better President than Sarah Palin."

Cain appears to be a nice fellow, seems sincere, and speaks of some conservative truths. But, stating he would make a "far better President than Sarah Palin" is stretching things to the point of leaving me wondering on just exactly WHY this case can be made.

What is his "record" that would support that versus former Gov. Palin?
What are his stated "positions" that would support that versus former Gov. Palin?
And the trump card here (for any candidate) versus Sarah Palin...

What are the ACCOMPLISHMENTS that would support that versus Sarah Palin?

I would engage this debate with FACTS and not rhetoric!


"I love Sarah, I love Michelle, but I honestly believe in this day and hour, we need a man at the helm (flame away that I’m sexist - not so - it’s just that neither S nor M are a Margaret Thatcher...)"

Since I'm wearing my flame retardant suit, I'll draw away some of the flame by agreeing with you. I'm as big a Sarah fan as the next person, but the Oval Office is a MAN's place. The most grave responsibility that the occupant of the Office is burdened with is the choice of who lives and who dies. Women of Sarah's ilk want everyone to live. There are circumstances that render that render that desire moot.

It's one thing to send uniformed military against another country's uniformed military in armed conflict. It's an altogether different thing to vaporize 2 million North Koreans or 100,000 Chinese babies in a strike on Beijing. Yet the thought that an American President will not hesitate to do so to protect America goes a long way toward giving the despots pause. My fear is that a woman will act according to her nature and seek resolutions that aren't possible to avoid doing the unthinkable when she should be launching ICBM's.

Having said that, If Sarah ends up being the nominee, I promise I'll be the first in line to vote for her and work for her victory.


Everybody is NOT deserving of a college education.


Happy 15th Anniversary! Established September 23, 1996

Just a short one.

Thanks, John and the mods for all you do!

And thanks to all the FReepers who over the years have kept Free Republic the liveliest, most informative and fun place on the Web!

And a special thanks to all those who have donated to keep Free Republic online. Woo hoo!


I remember being on another forum and one of the regular posters popping in and talking about some place named Free Republic that had just went on line the day before. So I checked it out, saw all the anti-Clinton stuff and thought ‘awesome’.

Can’t believe it’s been 15 years.


Fondest memory: the site crashed due to heavy traffic the weekend Drudge broke the Lewinsky story.

The Sore / Loserman wars.

The Great Schism -

The Clinton Trial


It is my absolute conviction that IF we manage to save this great republic it will, in no small measure, be due to the existence of and all the GREAT folks brought together by this great forum that YOU put in place Jim Robinson!


Happy Birthday to the BEST place to be on the internet if you are a conservative, God-loving gun toting Patriot.

Thank you for making it possible for our voices to be heard!


Seems just like yesterday we showed up 5000 strong and helped impeach a worthless scumbag...

If only we had been so organized in the early 60's when there was still a chance to stop this slide into abject tyranny...

God bless Jim. Certainly God has blessed those Americans who still believe in a Constitutional Republic by giving us Jim...


I firmly believe that if had not existed during the recount in 2000 Al Gore would have been declared the winner.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Worst Fox News-Google Debate Moment: Audience Boos a Gay Soldier

Article from the Atlantic

One man's worst moment is another man's finest, most heroic hour.


"Booing a soldier serving our nation is uncalled for."

He’s not being booed for being a soldier, he is being booed for his behavior. Being a soldier does not indemnify one against their other actions being judged.

"And I suspect if a soldier was booed at a Dem event, you wouldn't be defending the action because "he wasn't being booed for being a soldier" (which NO ONE has suggested).

As a soldier, he deserves the respect of those whose lives he is defending with his own. Has nothing to do with condoning his point of view.

Man, we can't even show simple respect to our soldiers anymore unless they're "our" kind of soldiers? What the heck is going on here?"

---Since I know you'll ask, the person who said soldiers shouldn't be booed was not banned, but their profile now says that they have voluntarily left because they are annoyed with the hive mind mentality.


“Any type of sexual activity has no place in the military”

This can’t be repeated enough. Gays out. Women waaaaay in the back / homefront. Soldiers in.

Keep that stuff at home, off base, or on shore-leave.


Honesty is the best policy. Coddling a pervert who incidentally got beat up, fired, served his country, is sick, etc., is polite, but not honest. These homos need to accept that their actions are sick demented and immoral, not parade their deficiencies as though they were badges of achievement.


If you say you will put DADT back—you will get the military vote.
The privacy of the ballot protects from being arrested by the PC MPs for the new military thought crime of “homophobia.”


How do we know that some of the booers at these debates weren’’t agents-provocateurs planted by the other side? (Inquiring minds want to know).


That soldier wanted to out himself as gay and people didn’t approve—just like that gay military magazine said—GET OVER IT.


It's interesting how the MSM can spin this by saying Republicans were booing a soldier.


He got to ask a question ONLY BECAUSE HE"S GAY!!

Open Gays in the military is the WORST thing that has happened to this country.


What if he said he’s a PEDOPHILE???? What would be the difference??? He ONLY wants to think about SEX, ANAL SEX!!! They were RIGHT in BOOING! It’s DISGUSTING!


The only bad thing was that it was only 3 or 4 people that had the courage to boo. People are so afraid to speak the truth. A Republican debate...full of Republicans.... where people boo or cheer the positions they hear...and only 3 or 4 boo this pervert? A sad day indeed.


I don't give crap about queer soldiers they can GTH. The only reason why this DADT repeal is flying is that the economy is so bad. As soon (if ever) the economy picks up the volunteer military is finished.


"How is he 'forcing his sin on' you, unless you're hanging around people like that?"

We pay their salaries, Every sailor, soldier, airman and/or marine is a representative of our country. The faggot soldier give the wrong impression, that we are weak and effeminate and not serious like the Europeans. It's dangerous. You are dangerous and are probably gay to boot. Heck maybe that was you in the youtube.


He was booed for promoting the homosexual agenda. He should be thrown out of the army for homosexuality or at least tested for steroids. People are sick and tired of tolerance politics.

Santorum hit a home run on that question.


"Man, we can't even show simple respect to our soldiers anymore unless they're "our" kind of soldiers?"

If you can't tell the difference between a respectable soldier and an embarrassment to the uniform, you are a moral castrato and your opinion is worthless.

Honor apart from morality does not exist.


“As a soldier, he deserves the respect of those whose lives he is defending with his own. “

Nope. No defending fudge-packers. He wasn’t booed for military service. THAT would be a Democrat debate!

He was booed for wanting fudge-packers to be allowed to openly parade their perversion in the military. He was booed for believing a guy stuffing his cock into another guy’s butt is the same as marriage. He was booed for violating natural law, for it doesn’t take much sense to realize that a man’s penis wasn’t meant for another man’s anus.

If the soldier had asked for approval of screwing little boys, or dogs, or having 4 wives, would you say we still need to applaud him?


I think it was the question that was booed, not the soldier.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fox News Under Fire For Article Calling Obama's 50th Birthday Bash A 'Hip-Hop BBQ'

One month old, but just as tasty!

Article is about this actual screen shot from Fox Nation:

For more on that, here's an article.

What is really hypocritical is that MSNBC was the same network that edited out Black People to sell their debunked point that the Tea Party was suppose to be full of racist. Turn about is fair play.


Fox didn’t do anything but dscribe it accurately.


Interesting. I had wondered if there had been any reports about Obama being a drinker after reading in The Bible, in the book of Habakkuk what seems to be about the antiChrist, that he would be a drinker. Much of the rest of the context sure reminds me of Obama.

Hab 2:3 For the vision [is] yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.

Hab 2:4 ¶ Behold, his soul [which] is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith.

Hab 2:5 ¶ Yea also, because he transgresseth by wine, [he is] a proud man, neither keepeth at home, who enlargeth his desire as hell, and [is] as death, and cannot be satisfied, but gathereth unto him all nations, and heapeth unto him all people:


Who cares what the critics have to say? They're a joke, and unable to offer serious solutions to our culture's demise.

"Racism" is barely a serious charge any more. It won't be long before being tagged a "racist" will be a badge of honor.


As I said before, and I will say it again, “I DON’T LIKE THE “WHITE” HALF EITHER’!!!!
This guy is Half White - what is it with all this race crap.
It makes no sense at all. He had a white Mom -


Such sensitive morons.

You gotta call it as you see it.

BTW, If Bush had a BBQ at the WH and ran around
barefoot, what would the left say?


Fearmongering and the race card is all the white communist liberals have to convince the uninformed and/or ignorant to vote for them.


It s disturbing to see how racism has got us where we are. The Housing crisis was started by the anti-red lining rules that were based entirely on race. These rules eventually led to lenders being required to make loans to people they knew weren't credit worthy based on making amends for "racial injustice".

Obama, of course, would not be president if it were not for overt racism. It's doubtful he would have been a Senator, an attorney or even a college graduate if it weren't for racism.

Hacks like Holder would surely not be in their position of power if not for racism.

Racism fuels the "progressive" movement and "white guilt" over racism is the basis for much of the liberal ideology.

If we don't recognize and confront this problem, our country has no future as the Republic our Founders envisioned.


How come the gender card is never called into play when the bashing of Palin-Bachmann-Coulter occurs?


Fox News Under Fire For Article Calling Obama's 50th Birthday Bash A 'Hip-Hop BBQ'

Anything that reflects poorly on der 0berFuhrer 0bama will not be tolerated, even if it is true!

DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz:‘We own the economy’ - June 15, 2011
We're going to hang you, your commie boss and all the dims with this Ms. Wasserman Schultz!

FUBO GTFO 2012 !


The problem is that Fox News is so white they can’t tell the difference between hip-hop and gangsta rap. Word tuh ya mutha, yo!


Moochelle smells like cooking chitterlings.


Zero is NOT black...he is a mulatto.


One should NEVER EVER ,Apologize to a professional Racist!


Shucking and jiving barefoot in the rose garden yeah is was a POS hip hop party.


“Racism fuels the “progressive” movement and “white guilt” over racism is the basis for much of the liberal ideology.

If we don’t recognize and confront this problem, our country has no future as the Republic our Founders envisioned.’’

The problem has already been addressed in South Carolina. Six obuma thugs are each facing 20 years in prison under the state’s anti-lynching law for forming a mob and “rioting.”

What is your state, Minnesota, doing about obuma thugs?

If you need assistance, we’ll be happy to help.

GOP leadership faces possible tea party revolt in 2012 (electoral bloodbath for both sides?)

Summary: "Tea party activist David Lewis’s announcement Friday that he plans to mount a primary challenge to House Speaker John Boehner could indicate a larger problem for the GOP leadership, and point to restlessness among an important segment of the tea party faithful. "

Note: While looking up articles about David Lewis, the Tea Party activist who will be challenging Boehner in 2012, I found this more general the most interesting, so this is based on that request.

Repealing Obamacare was also part of the deal—Anyone remember that?


And some folks here think that Tea Party members are going to blindly support rinos like rick Perry and Romney.

The GOP establishment types here and in Washington have another thing coming.


Some ask what happened to that $100 Billion in spending cuts promised by the GOP going into the 2010 election?

They promptly kicked that can down the road, as they have every 'cuts' bill while putting 'spending' bills on the front burner.

The GOP leadership are being called on their ole dipsy-doodle fast-shoe shellgame.


Yes, it will be a blood bath on both sides. The Repus have a leader who is more likely to go along with obama than not, has done squat in repealing obamaCare. We have dems that are becoming more insane by the minute and marzist coat tails of obama will drive conservatives to the polls to get rid of these people.


I guaranty it! The silent majority is roaring!


Obamacare and quit shifting debt to our grandchildren. Cut spending to bring it in line with revenues. Any idiot knows that. Also stop corporate welfare. I pay more Federal taxes than GE. Incrediable.


This david Lewis guy is a whack job. Heard him interviewed on Fox and he has one issue funding for Planned Parenthood. Texas ended any State funding for it and several of them have closed.

When asked about other issues he couldn’t comment and just returned to the same isue over and over.

Makes the Tea Party look less than serious. I hope the vast majority of TP’rs, don’t make the mistake of jumping in for another Christine.


“Tea party activist David Lewis’s announcement Friday that he plans to mount a primary challenge to House Speaker John Boehner...”

I saw the guy being interviewed on Fox. Boehner doesn't have anything to worry about for him. He sounded like an idiot ranting about stuff he didn't have a clue about.

It was embarrassing to watch, like a Ron Paul or code pinko nut off the deep end on everything.

--- This POV is why the comments on the other articles about Lewis weren't that interesting.


Exactly what has Boehner done to derail Onada’s Marxist agenda? Please be specific and do not include things he allegedly “tried” to do. We have a bullet proof majority in the House. Boehner made no attempt to even bring bills to the floor and force the demrats to vote.

Any objective person can only conclude he has acted as Onada’s useful idiot—aiding and abetting the Marxist’s agenda.


I could watch Tammy Faye Boehner clean out his desk without shedding a tear if a tea partier was taking his seat.


David Lewis makes Ron Paul look measured and responsible. The guy is a nutjob, which is why you’re reading this story on Yahoo - they love crazy “Tea Party activists”.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Navy officer weds partner as gay ban ends

Article from CBS

Summary: "When Navy Lt. Gary Ross and his partner were searching for a place to get married, they settled on a site in Vermont, in part because the state is in the Eastern time zone.

That way, the two men were able to recite their vows before family and friends at the first possible moment after the formal repeal of the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. Just after midnight Tuesday, the partners of 11 years were married."

I cannot comment on the article for fear of getting banned from this forum for life.

--- The ironic thing is that this could mean he intended to make a death threat, or that he intended to congratulate them.


""It requires you to lie several times a day," Ross said of the old system. "Being in the military is extremely invasive. It becomes a web of excuses you make when you try to be as honest as possible but you can't be honest.""

He's right. This IS why DADT was a terrible idea. We should go to pre-DADT policy and BAN ALL HOMOSEXUALS. That would make military life much easier.


What this administration has done to our military is beyond disgusting.


"The question is, can it possibly be undone?"

I was wondering that too. I don't know the answer to that, but I would assume it could be done. If all the Republican candidates are saying they can do away with something so complex as Obamacare, I would think they could reverse this. Deserves some web surfing.


How in the hell could either of those two possibly pass a drug test?


Expect more and greater disasters to hit the U.S.


"We" told God to buzz off.

"We" decided that killing babies is a constitutional right.

"We" spent years propagandizing for diseased faggots on movies and television.

Now "we" are shocked to see a picture of three diseased-looking queers, one in a Naval Officer's uniform, pretending to have a wedding?

I'm not shocked.

Scandalized and disgusted, but not shocked. It was predictable.

This will end badly, and lots of "innocent" folks will die, because of this.


"I’m 72 and amazed.
Just never thought I would see this country go this low."

You have three decades on me but I feel the same. It’s happening faster each year. Things I never would have considered even 10 years ago are common today.

As someone else stated above..... there are societal consequences and the price we will pay eventually continues to grow.


What I don't like is the headline: "Navy officer weds partner as gay ban ends"

That is purely discusting.

Instead of saluting I would give them the middle finger and get thrown out.
If they want to do it on their own that is their business. But now they are flaunting it.


How can the medical profession, condone those who substitute the anal cavity (with its HIV & ecoli germs) for a female’s vagina? How many servicemen need the rectum surgery?


They did not marry each other.

They entered into a legally constructed partnership defined by a state government, which has defined the terms of a specific marriage for the sole purpose of advancing special class rights above the rights of all others.

A marriage is the union of a man and woman. It is universally accepted and longed for between men and women and parent for their progeny.

There are no parents who don’t cry upon learning their child is gay as their family tree has just ended and they realize there will be no grandchildren for them to fuss over or spoil.


Next they will be legally marrying animals and (then) having live sex with them on their "altars" after the civil or legal ceremonies. Don't laugh. If this can come (sorry, no pun intend), than anything can transpire.

All bets are OFF.

Unfathomable by any of the Founding Fathers, the greats like General Eisenhower or Patton or LeMay.


THIS is Obama’s legacy and comdemns his sorry soul to the fires of hell. He and his fellow dimocrats who hate the Lord Jesus Christ will burn in eternal fires of the Lake of Fire for all time. Their time is coming. Of that I am sure. GOD will deal with them. THAT I AM SURE!


Which one will be the wife? Or do they take turns?


"Gays are now openly serving in the military and I can’t see how it can be changed now."

Executive Order. Good order and discipline in the Armed Forces of the United States, of which the President is Commander in Chief and the solitary authority.

If he wants them out, they're out, no arguments. He could defy the Supreme Court if it came to it, and simply declare the matter to be under his sole jurisdiction IAW Article II of the Constitution.


I predict another Civil War. I also predict the New Confederate Army will not be homosexualized.


The longer it stays in effect, the harder it will be to undo it. More so because there will be no visible negative effect, whatever there will be, is going to be hard to prove as a cause-effect relationship.


>>>What this administration has done to our military is beyond disgusting.<<<

And this muslim-in-cheif didn’t even offer those that volunteered (which is everyone) for service under a DADT policy the option to get out now that he changed the rules on them.


What color dress did the bride wear, and how many children are the couple plan on having—— oh wait two guys married, never mind.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Let me know if you have any requests!

Obama arrives in New York for UN talks

(This picture is in the article; this is another of Michelle's outfit. To be honest, I picked this article because I'm a New Yorker, the Michelle bashing was an accidental discovery)

It makes me physically ill that our military has to salute this POS!


Jeez, She is a frigging rodeo clown.
What a complete disaster these two are, in so many different ways.


Why the hell is she carrying a purse. Every possible damn necessity is on that plane.

--- The First Lady is carrying a purse? OUTRAGEOUS.


Speaking as a normal good old country boy with no interest at all in fashion........
"What the hell is that!!!"


Oh, Good Grief! Does she think she’s the Queen of England with that purse? That is a really ugly outfit. Those wide, elastic belts were popular when I was in Jr. High. Move on, Michelle. Move on in your fashion and move on right out of the WH and our lives.


Did she just get off the banana boat? I suppose it’s appropriate attire for the first lady of the third world country they are turning America into.


i just don’t get it.
I live around a 20 minute drive to the ocean here in MA and i HATE Lobster.
What the heck is it about these sea cockroaches that people love so much?
mushy, bland white muck. yuck.

Then again Texas, Cajun food is nothing without a few crawddies involved somehow.

still, yuck.
Don’t know why people like it so much.


Classic Michelle. Boob belt,small sweater, obnoxious print, old lady handbag, and inappropriate flats. Whomever is dressing her is just setting her up and laughing at her behind her back.

Now an more important issue: why is she going to New York? Surely she isn’t doing anything at the UN. Is she going on a shopping trip? Seeing a show? Fund raising? How much is the addition of her to the trip going to cost us in added security?


Handsome is as handsome does.

She looks as hideous as she behaves, speaks and thinks.


OMG She looks like crap, no style, no grace and why on earth can she not find clothing which fits her massive body .


why are her sweaters 5 times too small and why do we have to suffer knowing she will eat lobster at the ritz and shop while America suffers?


Her sweaters are too small because she’s in denial about her actual size. She’s still buying the same size she wore in seventh grade. This ranks up there with the pinata outfit for sheer ugliness.


This arugula munching, vodka slurping, piece of trash needs to be sent back to the Chicago ghettos where she belongs. After this neanderthal shemale is booted out of the White House in 2012, lobsters around the world will be rejoicing.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Japanese pilot who led Pearl Harbor WWII attack became US citizen

Summary: "This man [ Mitsuo Fuchida ] who led the first wave of airplane attacks on Pearl Harbor during the Second World War was honored with United States citizenship in 1966. His attack caused the deaths of 2500 Americans the morning of December 7, 1941."

I still cannot believe that the US government honored this Japanese pilot who caused the deaths of 2500 Americans with US citizenship. It is no wonder our immigration policy is in shambles. Next thing you will know is that Obama will sign an executive order to give the family of the dead 9-11 terrorists retroactive social security benefits. You laugh but our immigration policy is so ridiculous now that this would not surprise me. Or maybe the family of the 9-11 terrorisat will sue the airlines for not having better security thus causing the deaths of the terrorists. We live in madness.


The past is the past. We have to move on. The USA was right in granting him citizenship. After all, he converted to Christianity.


We elected a muslim after 9-11...our government has been infested with commies since the ‘20’s...what other result could one expect.


I don’t see what the big deal is. He was a legal naval combatant fighting for his country at the time. If you read the wiki article, it goes on to state how he came to reject the bushido code he believed in as a Japanese citizen, converted to Christianity and came to respect and believe in American values of the country he eventually adopted as his own...


I agree that our immigration policy is messed up and we shouldn’t have let this guy in. But, not because he killed Americans in a war. He was a Soldier doing his job.


Well I am stuck on the idea that he spearheaded the killing of 2500 Americans.

Why did we pursue German soldiers for war crimes? We should have forgiven them too after all they were doing their jobs.

Come to think of it, I don’t recall the Japanese showering the Americans who dropped the nuclear bombs in Japan with Japanese citizenship. They too were doing their jobs.

while we are at it, what is the big deal with building a Mosque at ground zero. Those wanting to build the mosque had nothing to do with 9-11.


God may forgive him, but I won’t.


I guess my point is that no one should be rewarded with US citizenship when they killed Americans on that scale. This is ridiculous.

The message I get from this is that the more you crap all over America even by killing thousands of Americans the more we will reward you. I live in Arizona and let me tell you that out southern border is a blood bath with roughly 10,000 killed every year. Some illegals come over the border go on crime or killing sprees and then go back or are caught and sent back only to start again.

Now we have an immigration policy that seeks to give those killing Americans citizenship. There is such poor database enforcement that police have no idea who the bad guys are.

The point I got from this article is that whether it was 50 years ago where this Japanese guy helped kill 2500 Americans or now where narco terorrists regularly kill Americans, it seems that US citizenship does not stand for much these days.


This guy claimed to have led Pearl Harbor, as well as many other sneak attacks across the Pacific. Been at the Battle of Midway, one of the few Japanese pilots who escaped with his life. Been at Hiroshima & attend the Japanese surrender on the USS MO. Oh & he was a witness at the Japanese war crimes tribunals.

Either this guy is the Japanese Forest Gump, or he is an abject Liar.

If he was such a believer in the Bushido code then why wasn’t he one of the kamikaze pilots towards the end of the war? Why did he sit by & watch 15-16 year old boys with little to no flight time enter the cockpits on their suicide missions?

In my opinion this guy was a coward, fake & fraud. We don’t need trash like him dis-honoring our country.


“The past is the past. We have to move on. The USA was right in granting him citizenship. After all, he converted to Christianity.”

so did Obama. :/


Jacob DeShazer was a Doolittle bombardier. He was captured and imprisoned by the Japanese. HE could accept Fuchida as a friend and a brother in Christ.

If Jesus and a Doolittle raider can get over it, maybe you should too. Or point us to the Bible verse where Jesus said to never accept apologies, never forgive, and always throw the first stone. Fuchida wasn’t a member of a Mexican drug gang. And he wasn’t some homo NAZI who had the goal of killing all the civilians he could.


It’s been ten years since 9-11. It would not surprise me if in 15 years the government announces that it is time to forgive the terrorists. After all they were following orders and they were poor and useful idiots; therefore, we should pay them reparations, maybe give their relatives social security, and apologize for making them attack us.

The government wnats to grant loans to build mosques. We are not that too far away. Thinkgs are so upside down that doen in the right way the more Americans you kill the more government goodies you get.


I come from a family who lived under Nazi occupation for over four years in France.

My grandad was in the resistance.

My uncle was in a concentration camp. He was 6’ 2” and disappeared one day during the occupation. He came back after the war weighing 55kg. He died a few years later. He had been abducted by the Germans and hauled off to a work camp. His name was Tony.

My dad lived on a farm in France. One day a German garrison came to take all the livestaock, butter, blood sausage, salami to feed the soldiers. His dad said they did not have any because they had hidden everything. The garrison proceeded to machine gun the farm house with heavy guns until there was rubble left of the farm house. He said it lasted well into the night and early morning. He was about 10 years old. If you know anything about that construction it is solid two foot thick rock wall construction. Five family members were buried alive because the Germans forced them to stay insde the farm house as they were pulverizing it.

This was very, very common during the war. Soldiers acting out like this becasue of those precious orders.

They were all doing their duty as soldiers according to the definitions on this blog. Nothing ever happened to them.

If you ever suggested to my family that these soldiers should be rewarded with French citizenship because well they were sorry and found god, I can tell you they would never have agreed to it. this would have been unimaginable.

You simply do not reward people for mass killings like this regradless of the circumstances. This is madness.


Many are willing to look the other way when someone kills thousands of people as long as it is done in the name of war and for the right reasons.

I am not. You do not honor people who have killed thousands with US citizenship regradless of the reason.

Many on this blog are willing to accept individuals as US citizens who have killed thousands if they had the right reasons like being in a war.

This Fuchida guy was a known quantity. As a society we should draw the line. Mass killers whether with good reason or not should not be honored.


"Again, this guy spearheaded the killing of 2500 Americans. That is what I am stuck on. No one should be rewarded for that regardless of how sorry they are. This was not done by mistake. It was intentional."

Thank God you aren't Jesus.


So you must have a hard time dealing with everyone from the southern US.

White House brewing its own beer

Summary: Obama asked the White House chefs to brew beer. They released the White House Honey Ale in time for the Super Bowl and served it to guests.

Well. Ok. Who doesn’t love a good beer?


As much as I admire home brewing, I hope Obama’s beer fails.


"Obama is known for his love of beer."

Is he really? Maybe he would let on as to how many cases a week he quaffs.


By brewing his own beer rather than buying it, Obama is denying tax revenue to the government. Like any liberal, he wants to keep his own money while spreading around the wealth of others.


Still think it's a bad example for their young girls...just add to their abortion permission slip..


Honey is a major commodity of Yemen.


"While Obama won't be rolling up his sleeves himself..."

No, I didn't think so. Neither does Michelle. They just wave a hand and their staff hires a dozen or two more people to cultivate the veggie garden or brew the beer or fly in the pizza.

Muchelle's personal staff is already about ten times as large as any other First Lady's in history.


"Obama is known for his love of beer."

He inherited that love from his alleged father, who was a drunk and who eventually killed himself while driving drunk.


Must be nice to have a job as President with no worries—to be so carefree as to worry about such frivolities as HOME BREWED BEER!!!


Didn’t nobama’s doctors say he had a drinking problem at his last check up? Maybe this is just a way to cover-up just how much this marxist loser, nobama, is drinking to excess.


So much for that anti-obesity eat healthy campaign. What a bunch of pretentious parvenues.


"Obama is known for his love of beer."

Outside of his silly "beer summit" this is simply not true.

He is known for his golf, his basketball, his endless parties, his vacation mileage, his vacillating on world events, his lack of understanding how a job is created, his union ties, his muslim ties, his lack of birth records, his lack of school records, his lack of respect for his office... But he isn't known for his love of beer.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Before Medal of Honor, beer with obama (Hussein exploits hero, media plays along)

I heard that the beer served at this photo op was this. The Presidents favorite. [pic of Olde English 40]

It was served to the Medal of Honor recipient in the 40 ounce bottle with the traditional paper bag wrapping.



The father of my three grandchildren is infantry (Big Red 1...Hoo-ahh) in Kunar.

I don’t think he would grace Obamugabe with some photo-op and beers. He’d convince his superiors to agree to him taking his honorarium and then leave.


"To be fair Sgt Meyer requested to have a beer with the President."

Indeed he did... Wanted to speak his mind?


One of the few times in my life I had tear of sadness in my eye and was very happy:
Herbert Shughart, Randall Shughart’s father, attended the Medal of Honor presentation ceremony at the White House, where he refused to shake hands with President Bill Clinton. He then proceeded to openly criticize the president, saying, “You are not fit to be president of the United States. The blame for my son's death rests with the White House and with you. You are not fit to command.”

And the following comments are from an article titled "No Bud Light in the White House".

Summary: Dakota Meyer asked for a Bud Light when he visited the White House, but they did not have any.

Muslims. No alcohol in the house.


I figured if I read enough news I would eventually find something that Obama and I agree on.

--- Threw this in the mix because it made me laugh.


he shoulda asked for a kenyan light.


Bet they have a lot of donuts for Her Royal Hind-Ass! What else would explain her back porch and driveway.

But Obambi could have given him a cigarette, right??????? Gee, Obambi smoking in a publicly owned building . . . bet we couldn't smoke on a tour through that building, could we? But the muslim-in-chief can . . . hmmmmmm


You would think obama would spring for some pretzels or peanuts to go with the beer. Guess the WH entertainment budget has been depleted by moochelle.


It demonstrates complete disregard
for anyone outside the WH.

Someone who cares would have called ahead
and asked sending someone out to buy whatever
in order to make the visitor welcome.

This was all about a photo op for ZERO.

It shows ZERO's utter contempt for our HEROs


Bud Light is the number 1 beer in the US. Not that I would ever drink the stuff because I am a HUGE beer snob. But come on Zero, for a “man of the people” I’m shocked he doesn’t have this on tap.

On the flip side:

Come on guys — let’s avoid the ODS. Good on Obama. This Marine hero wanted a beer with his Commander-in-Chief and the president complied. The fact that Obama gets political mileage out of the photo op is irrelevant.

My son is a Marine infantryman and I teared up hearing this story today on the radio. I am going on my 26th year of active duty in the Army myself including some combat tours one of which was along side two MOH winners. Men like this Marine are exactly why we serve.

For the record, I have never seen someone say anything this complimentary about Obama before, ever, at FreeRepublic. And, no, the Freeper was not banned or replied to.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Texas restaurant gives Muslim patron 'Happy September 11th' message

Article: From the Daily Mail

Summary: Muslim guy and his buddy go to watch a game at their local bar in Texas. Halfway through the game, they decide to watch the rest at home so he orders a burger. The bartender delivers it in a container with the words "HAPPY SEPT. 11" written on it, with a plane flying towards the 11. The bartender and manager continue to be rude about it, and the customer goes home and writes a Yelp! review.

Muslims are some world-class whiners.


"How did they peg the chap as a Moose? Arab Christians and atheists look the same. And no serious Moose would be eating non halal hamburgers. Whatever was intended, the execution was wanting."

probably by the suicide vest.


"How did they peg the chap as a Moose?"

Must have been wearing that Blue Turban .... ROFLMAO ... I find this story to be one of the funniest things I've ever read.


I wonder if there was not an Muslim working in the kitchen who drew that because he was in fact happy about commemorating in his view a great successful strike at the Great Satan? If you are looking for anti-Islamist imagery, why would you think a drawing of one their to their minds greatest success would do it?

So the more I think of it, I suspect this was to be a little inside joke from one Muslim to another.


they can only survive in packs. When’s the last time you saw or heard of a muslim man and his family alone, cut off from any clan trying to make their own American Dream?

Never have, and never will. They’re a virus that is finding
amazing good luck and opportunity with their new enabling host, Christendom.


The punk was probably in there shooting his mouth off
about how Israel was behind 911. And all the “to watch the
Dallas Cowboys-New York Giants game” and “working near the
World Trade Center on 911” and the spiel about the loss
of 3000 people were just lies in an attempt to boost his
status as victim. Their religion is a cult of death yet
their defense is always as the victims.
Mr Ghalayani, you lie, it’s in your religion to do so.


As we say in Jersey, “fu*k em if they can’t take a joke”


Poor guy, what a trauma.

Member of the Church of the Perpetually offended.


Isn’t this sort of like tailoring a holiday message to someone’s religion, like saying “merry Christmas” to a Christian or “happy Hanukkah” to a Jew?

Since 9/11 was a day of joy and celebration for Moslems, why would “happy September 11th” be considered an insult?

On the flip side:

Unless he personally did something wrong which is not in the story, then the guy was right to complain.


I'm thinking that Mr. Ghalayani showed a hell of a lot more class than the dumb-shits in the bar.


This customer was a guy watching “America’s Team” play football while he drank beer with a friend. He’d been there before and spoke highly of the place even after being insulted. He was not some rag head burning our flag or looking for trouble.

I would have a beer with this Muslim fellow (and perhaps debate football and religion) before I’d sit down with some of the so-call FREE Republic folk here.

For crying out loud, the Muslim guy was the one talking about respect for 9/11 victims and what a tragedy were the events of that day. I don’t agree with his faith, but he sounds like a fine American.


It sounds like he was just minding his own business, enjoying a football game and ordering something to eat. He didn’t deserve to be singled out and insulted like that. I’m glad he held the restaurant accountable.

Mrs. Obama to join Olive Garden announcement (Eat your peas!)

Summary: The company that owns the Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and several other US chains is pledging to cut calories and sodium from its menus over the next decade. "The company will pledge to reduce the calories and sodium in all its meals by 10 percent over five years, and by 20 percent over 10 years. For children, French fries and sugar-sweetened beverages will become the exception and not the rule." Mrs. Obama will be present at the unveiling of their new menus.

I'll not spend one dime in a communist sympathizers restaurant... not one dime... and all because a fat a$$ed wookie b!tch has self worth problems... her ass weighs more than the Saints defensive line... combined!


When Chewbaca gets around to reducing her ass down to a size that doesn't turn the head of a Clydesdale ... maybe then Darden management should start listening.


My wife and I went to an Olive Garden in Florida a few years back for the first and only time, they served us what can only be described as "children's portions". I even asked the waitress if they were children's portions they were so small, she assured me that they were regular portions. We haven't visited another since.


We’ve been to both an Olive Garden and Red Lobster in the last month. This really frosts me. How often do children eat at any of these restaurants that it really makes a difference? If these restaurants are in bed with Michelle Obama, we’re out. Good-bye lobster bisque.


Any corporation that even sniffs at these grifters Will see sales and profits plunge.


Doesn't matter what she does. Her husband's policies are making it impossible for my family to spend money at restaurants.

I wonder if I should report myself to

I hope they keep this nonsense up, 1984 is upon us.


I never eat the entire portion at restaurants, I cut everything in half and get a take-out container. I'm savvy enough and heave the self-control to be able to do this all on my own, I don't need "mommy Michelle" to tell me what I can and can't eat.


"Michelle Obama's campaign to reduce childhood obesity"

She should start with her fat rump and chunky legs . . . what a hypocrite . . . don't they have mirrors in the White House or are they all being used by Obambi?


When that wench loses about 20 inches from her 50 inch rear end and about 10 inches each from her 40 inch thunder thighs I might listen to what she has to say. Nah.

Meanwhile, no Olive Garden for me. They suck anyway.


This announcement is disgusting. I guess we’re all just like animals that will eat everything that is put in front of us without thinking. We need someone to control how much is put on the plate. And God help the waitress who gets her hand too close to a patron’s mouth or they might bite it off too.

While they’re at it, they had better take deserts off the menu too. Or have a policy of weighing patrons before they give them a desert menu.


I just went to Olive Garden’s website and filled out a contact form and told them that I will not be visiting their restaurants now that they have taken up with Mrs. Obama and propaganda/big brother mentality. I told them that her husband has promised to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” and I will take my business elsewhere. I said I am perfectly able to make healthy choices without the help of Mrs. Obama.


Queen Moochiechel Antoinette's says: "Less food for the masses; let them eat LESS!". While she FEASTS and stuffs HER FACE on WAGU BEEF, LOBSTER, CAVIAR and all the deserts SHE WANTS... and Olive Garden AGREES with the queen's command!

Olive Garden will never get another penny from us or our extended family! They want to do the evil Queen Marxist's bidding, then let HER eat there and pay to keep Olive Garden afloat! But the reality is queen Moochiechel, her brood and her " peeps" wouldn't be caught dead going to Olive Garden because it is BENEATH them, besides, they do not serve the danties or delicicies THEY require.

I plan on calling and writing Olive Garden and letting them know they have lost our business and WHY!


Go take a look at the Darden site.

They talk diversity and sustainability.

Looks like they hopped into bed with Barry and Moochelle a long time ago.

If folks were smart they would give Darden hell.

Boycott them.

--- Yeah, screw sustainability for a business. Damn communist buzzwords.


FLOTUS is Jezebel.

"1 Kings 18

17 And it came to pass, when Ahab saw Elijah, that Ahab said unto him, Art thou he that troubleth Israel?
18 And he answered, I have not troubled Israel; but thou, and thy father's house, in that ye have forsaken the commandments of the LORD, and thou hast followed Baalim.
19 Now therefore send, and gather to me all Israel unto mount Carmel, and the prophets of Baal four hundred and fifty, and the prophets of the groves four hundred, which eat at Jezebel's table."

The wickedness in the White Hut is great, because Ahab and Jezebel squat there.


Cool. I just freeped all of their "Contact Us" forms...

"I will never give a penny to any of your restaurants again. You hitch your wagon to the failed Obama obesity campaign, that's fine. I can keep my $ in my own wallet. All of your restaurants can go bankrupt quickly in my opinion. See you in the soup line!"

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Marines: "We're Gay Get Over It"

Article: It's just linked to this Mother Jones picture (which hilariously has a GRAPHIC IMAGE WARNING), but basically, it's the Corps Marines Times headline for an upcoming article on gay Marines and specifically the recent Birthday Ball.

wow - don't think I can serve this country ever again ...


Just what we need, flamboyant men defending our country....What would happen if a bunch of heterosexual people in the military said NO? How could you feel safe with a queer watching your back in combat? LITERALLY WATCHING YOUR BACKSIDE.

-- As I often do when something is just too hilarious, I went the extra step and researched this user and I really don't think it is a troll.


My company promotes this crap and we’ve even got cross dressers at work - I’m sorry, it creeps me out when you hear high heals in the men’s room ...


my limosine liberal obamaniac former Marine brother would be so proud .....

sometimes,I 'm glad Mom and Dad are in the best see what is going on, would be so painful for them...


Will the next GOP President be able to, successfully, “fix” this mess? That’s the definitive question to ask about this issue.


Towel Parties, things like that will utterly deter gays from telling anyone they are gay. I don’t care if you’re gay, I don’t want to hear it, and I definitely don’t want homosexuals openly serving in the military, I could never trust someone that wears their sexuality on their shoulder.


You can’t feel safe...that is the point....destroys our military from within because people who practice homosexual acts can never be moral people. They demean their bodies, mock men and mock God. They are pagan narcissists and idolaters. You can not build trust with seif-absorbed homosexuals...they have one priority.

Bambi has to ruin the military so the US will never be able to recover when he is booted. Homosexuals can’t control their urges-—and they like boys and young men—it is why the priesthood became corrupt....when they allowed homosexuals into the order because the APA said to treat them as normal. It is why the boy scouts is being sued—homosexuals get in and they molest hundreds of boys.

Our military will be no different than the pagan Russians or the occultish homosexual Nazis==who would kill their own citizens. They did not have Christian morals which is why our military was superior to all others. Christian ethics.....nothing else works, except Judaism.

Read the bottom-—it is true....I studied this topic.


Homosexuals are desperate for something they can never have - normalcy. No matter what is taught in school, reality creeps in.


A Marine recruter just told me he is receiving briefings on this already

It took a generation, about the 1980’s, that I remember, people were making homosexuality appear normal, it is no wonder so many adults say it is no big deal

maybe earlier, how about Paul lynde in holywood squares?

how about that wierdo on Laugh in?

How about LEE MARVIN being in favor of gay rights in hollywood?? (Gosh, there’s a sad reality, a genuine Marine WWI Vet turned actor who promoted sodomy...)

So, the brainwashing took a full gneration, and our kids all ehard us say, “NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT...”

and it should come as no surprise we see this now.

In one generation, it will be mandatory to have at least one homosexual encounter before graduation of high school, for the children


I hate queer faggots. Want to sick the politically correct "hate" police on me? Wouldn't be difficult. Just check with my ISP. But guess what faggots? Political correctness is getting old and boring and turning middle America off and against you. Frig you and your stupid GAY parades.

What? You think you're cool 'cause you march down a street in feathers and leathers? Other than your own brut-buddies, most think you look like a-holes and all news commentators are LAUGHING at you in every year's reports.
Lock this into your over-sized ego brainpan: Everyone who watches the news reports are cracking up in their living rooms thinking what fools you are. But then, you're probably SO screwed up that you don't even care and will keep swishing around in your silly costumes.

Keep working it, girl (hand swish). You're pissing off more and more for being in our face. Most don't care about your sexual leanings behind closed doors, but now you are going too far by pushing your "crap", yes I meant that innuendo, in our face and on our last bastion of honor, the US Military.

First, you wanted us to understand. Then you wanted us to tolerate. Then you wanted us to believe your cause. Now you want us to accept you without reservation? You all are out of your frigging minds and should go back in the closet.

Yes, I said that. Go back in the closet and shut the hell up. I'm sick of seeing you degenerates on so many TV shows. There are not that many of you for Hollywood to justify you being everywhere in their inane shows. So get the frig off my TV set. And yes, I tune you out every chance I get.

Here's an example of a TV show that took your perversion to the lowest level. It's called, "The Big C". There was a love affair between two teenage boys that was a big side story to the show. Other than that, it is a good show about a woman facing death by cancer. But no, that wasn't enough. Hollywoody had to include some teenage gay nonsense.

Notice, that the producer/writers wrote out the teen boy love affair? And now the boy is in love with a girl. How sad for you faggots. He actually turned hetero.

Last thought, queers. I actually believe you are born with the wrong wiring in your brain-pan that makes you want men and not LOVE the feel of a woman. Still, why do you need to broadcast your bad wiring? I'm okay if you're okay with your different synopsis connections, but why must you push your strange connections on us?

We don't accept schizophrenia or bi-polar or sociopaths or psychopaths or multi-personalities or even autism as normal. We try to help and deal with their illnesses/different wiring. None of them try to push their different neural connections on the rest of society.

Screw up my Navy/Marines and I swear I will be back out on the streets protesting you and your brut-buddies like I use to about political issues. And yes, you get to target me as being intolerant. Go find another f*cking job, faggot. Try Starbucks.


Our military will be no different than the pagan Russians or the occultish homosexual Nazis==who would kill their own citizens. They did not have Christian morals which is why our military was superior to all others. Christian ethics.....nothing else works, except Judaism.


The Marines will find a positive way to handle this just as the Navy did when I was in.

Whenever there was a fag (yes, we had them and yes, we knew who they were) that got out of line, the next morning there would be a shipwide search for them. The usual assumption was that if not found, then he must have stolen more anchor chain than he could swim with. It happened more than once.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Freepers on 9/11 (Part 1)

9/11 still leaves a burning hatred for what those bastards did to the country I love

I’ve learned to dread this day because I’m not normally a hateful person and don’t like feeling this way

A couple of MOAB dropped on Medina would sure square things up


Nothing changed on 9/11.

Some people woke up, others refused.
The attack and the scope of it was a surprise only to those who pay attention to nothing of any sort outside their daily routine. Or to those who decided long before not to know, in exactly the same way that a wife whose husband starts not coming home until four in the morning half the time and never wants sex doesn't know he is cheating.

The Muslims had attacked the twin towers before.

I was with 2nd MEF during the ninety to ninety one war.
At that time, a lot of us thought it was a blunder of incalculable proportions to deploy the fuel air explosives we used on the Iraqi forces. After decades of manuevering to prevent the world's tinpot dictators from geting access to nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons...we went and showed how much damage could be done with jet fuel. Something readily available.

On 9/11, I spent a lot of time on the phone with “I told you so”s. Not because I was proud, it was a prognostication on the order of telling your wife the car with an empty tank wont make it to town if she doesn't get gas first. My intention was to get people I knew to actually study what the Koran and the Hadith teach. Some have listened, but most know not one whit more today than they did then.

Semper Fidelis.


Sadly, America is weaker today than it was on 9/12/01.


The Markers of our American Way Culture:
Pearl Harbor
Death of FDR
VJ day
Assassination of JFK
Nixon Resigns
What will be the next marker?
Resignation of Obama
Sarah Palin elected President.


Bloomberg has turned this Memorial into a Memorial to HIS POWER.


We must never forget that evil has a name...Islam


"majority of Muslim Americans still say it’s more difficult now to be Muslim than before 2001."

It's more difficult to be a decent, law-abiding, family-providing, commercial airline flying, AMERICAN than before 2001.


Muslims either 1. are terrorists or 2. terrorist sympathizers. The former will work to destroy everything but Islam, and the latter will not oppose them. Their so-called Prophet was a man who set himself up as a king ruling a bunch of robbers, and personally cut the heads from his enemies. His successors pursued, and continue to pursue, Mohammad's goal of world domination. I have no sympathy for these people- if you don't like being disliked, go to some turd-world dungheap where everyone is a Muslim, and stay out of the US.


My wife and I drove from San Francisco to Big Sur that day. Every station on the dial was simulcasting network news audio feeds. Every station but the rap/hip-hop stations. The rap stations were going on as though nothing was happening.


I didn’t think I would [get emotional] until I heard some recordings
of broadcasts during the event itself. Brought it all back.

The emotions evoked were not sympathy or sadness.

Not even close.


I get pissed off every time I see some muztard chick walking around in complete freedom here in the USA (it’s harder to recognize males).

I still want to take a Louisville Slugger to the fat, ugly pali beotch clicking her tongue and passing out sweets in celebration I saw on the news.

I flip off the local mosque every time I drive by.

I will never forget and never forgive. I have stupid libtard relatives that visted a mosque and continually take up for islam.

When I ask if they’ve read the koran (which I have, several times)...they can’t answer, and I don’t suppose they want to face the truth.

I’d love to kick Bloomberg in the butt for his treasonist activities.


"I am angry that we have a president that bends forward to islam."

Words cannot describe the absolute disgust, disdain and hatred I have for that individual. He is slapping the faces of all those who lost loved ones on that day, and those that responded to the attack, whether in NY or Afghanistan.

It is simply shameful. But then, that individual has no shame, the egomaniacal political "it's all about me" narcissist that he is.


All I need to know about islam, I learned on 9/11. [this is actually a popular bumper sticker that is discussed and/or quoted regularly among Freepers]


it astounds me how little mention if anything is made of Islamic Terrorists or Muslims fanatics. That’s who it was that perpetrated the horrific events of 9/11 and not just merely Terrorists or extremists. I absolutely hate Political Correctness or is that they are actually shielding Obama the Muslim & Chief?


The government intentionally flooded our country with hundreds of thousands of Muslims, and tens of millions of of illegal aliens, during war time no less. They have subverted and corrupted America to the bone.

The Communist and Socialist running the U.S. Government have successfully divided the united.


Politically Correct Creatures like Michael Bloomberg CAUSED 9/11 to happen.


The Obama White House is behind a cynical, coldly calculated political effort to erase the meaning of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks from the American psyche and convert Sept. 11 into a day of leftist celebration and statist idolatry.

Our voices need to be heard not only at Town Hall sessions or Tea Party demonstrations but in the very halls of Congress. We have to speak out to stop the desecration of September 11th.


I don’t find this self-pity helpful at all, and will not watch a second of 9/11 coverage. I remember what could one forget?

Want to do something to remember 9/11? Buy a gun and prepare for the next time muslims try something.


I'm have been watching some of the ceremonies and saw the VP at Shanksville yesterday, saw the VP at the Pentagon just now, and the ground zero ceremony is going on now.

Where is ZERO? Shouldn't the POTUS be participating in any of these?

I already know my answer. He doesn't consider himself an American, he is a Muslim and he hates this country and all it stands for.
I saw him and his wookie feeding the homeless yesterday.
That's because it is America's fault that these poor folks are without a meal and a home.
Him and Moochelle are probably having a feast celebrating the "victory of the oppressed".

Today he went to Ground Zero. But he was there for "obligation," you know what I mean? He and his wife looked like they didn't want to be there.

He read a biblical quotation. No applause.

President Bush goes into the stage and he got cheers before and after the speech.


In the past decade, key members of al Qaeda were either captured or killed by the U.S. Military, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks is in Guantanamo and Osama bin Laden was killed.

In my view, THIS is what we should be commemorating today. No disrespect to the victims, but reading off their names in solemn sorrowful rememberance seems masochistic and weak. Maybe if it were just a part of the day. But it seems like a lot of people are using the day to grab a hanky and have a good cry.

We should be reading off the names of all the dead terrorists, not the victims. We should celebrating with fireworks and parades, and recommitting ourselves to defeating and obliterating the enemy. We should be trumpeting to the world what we have accomplished against these animals, and pumping ourselves up to keep the pressure on.

Today should be a pep rally, not a funeral service.


Sentimental bullshit.

I believe, if they could communicate with us, the murdered souls would tell us to re-build the towers and put people to work.

I believe too, that they are sick of our dawdling over the ones that murdered them.

They may not have known what happened the day they were murdered, but somewhere in eternity I believe they got the information.

If it was you ... wouldn't YOU be screaming at us from eternity, "Stop foolin' around and GET those bastards ... look what's happened to my wife/son/daughter, etc .... "

Or would you be sending peaceful flowing cascades of kisses ...


I don't see why buildings were not put up to replace jobs that were lost. What's with those stupid pools and who's idea was that. Idiot Bloomburg.


How about a really office tower — taller than either WTC tower — rounded at the top?

And on either side, low squatty buildings housing generators, electrical and such?

A giant middle finger flanked by two knuckles.

And it could be pointed East.

(I would prefer a cross, but realize there are plenty of Americans who would prevent it.)

I think Americans in 1945 would have built it the Middle Finger Building. And laughed about it.

My generation is such a bunch of losers. We go in more for candles and reflecting pools.



OBAMA is no different than the 911 HIGHJACKERS.....he's a MUSLIM TERRORIST who has Highjacked the government and is flying the FIFTH AIRPLANE into our economy.