Friday, March 1, 2013

Sarah Palin Says Feds Are Stockpiling Bullets For Civil Unrest

The article barely says anything, so here is her Facebook post, in which Palin says, among other things, that the Feds are stockpiling bullets because they know we're going to default as a country, financially, and they expect there to be riots.

By the way, FR is now firmly split as to how they feel about Palin. Some blame Obama's reelection on her for not running in 2012.

She's always. Sarah Palin is a savvy observer of what's transpiring under the corrupt Obama regime and we best heed her warnings, taking prudent, proactive measures for the coming dire days ahead. 

May God continue to Bless this remarkable patriot, a champion of American Exceptionalism. 


"Sarah is wrong."

How so?

I think she's extremely well informed and is privy to data that is suppressed by the lamestream media. Her love of America is unquestioned and I believe, much like Paul Revere, she's letting "We the People" know about the looming crisis. Obama and his evil sycophants will use all available resources to turn our land into a socialist state, at best, and a Muslim-centered theocracy at worst. I, for one, will not be dismissing the clear warnings now being issued by Mrs. Palin.


This information was in print well before Palin said anything. It was old news by then. I don't disagree with her or the original stories but it doesn't take a political genius to figure this stuff out.  


"So who in Homeland is going to fire on civilians Sarah? Who in our government are you calling potential Nazis?"

 Obama is driving out the good men from the ranks of the military and replacing them with sodomites and Muslims. It's quite plausible -- in fact inevitable -- that firing on civilians will occur. As was the case in Germany, Hitler molded the Wehrmacht to achieve his diabolical ends. In his crafty way, Obama (the Hitler of our times, a fascist in every way) is transforming our once proud and patriotic military and law enforcement agencies into one that can and will suppress real Americans. Sarah Palin is sounding the alarm. 


How awesome would it be if our President cared about OUR Liberty as much as this lady. Mmm?


[Responding to a debate on whether the National Guard would side with the government or the patriots]

Not to put too fine a point on it, and by no means to be disagreeable with your many valid points or you, but regarding the National Guard I think there may be a difference. A couple of things, I noticed Mao-Bama photo ops during the ‘12 campaign that featured people in uniform and started paying attention to the demographics. Nothing scientific and presuming they were in fact Guard or even military related people and not props, those people in his background were often largely africanhyphenamerican and/or women. Given that that demographic is very loyal to Hussein Mao-Bama, are they likely to hold fire on people who are obviously not his rabid supporters?

Another point, two Novembers ago I was in Charleston SC visiting my daughter. We went to the Veterans Day Parade. There were a lot of well disciplined formations from the armed forces in the parade but, there were also formations from local JROTC programs from high schools outside Charleston consisting largely of africanhyphenamericans and/or women. Not all, but most were strikingly undisciplined. They were not marching in formation as one would expect a well trained outfit to march rather swaying along chanting different chants by the “formation” sometimes even dancing past the Exchange Building where we were viewing. This reminded me of reports a few years back that were posted here about africanhyphenamerican leaders sponsoring JROTC formations of young ahyphenas who it was posited were being trained to be a sort of a militia to take on the white man.

I truly don’t mean to make this stuff racist, it is what I have observed. My only point being that I would not be so sure about the National Guard. I would also point out that there is another paramilitary organization, the blue shirts of the TSA who are only too happy to perform invasive searches on specific groups of people not including those of the islamic persuasion.


Why isn't any other so called Republicans speaking out about this? Why does she always have to take the lead? 


Good thing she is not with FauxNews anymore. They would not have let her say this

No secret that fed agencies are stockpiling bullets. You have to be real govt brainwashed or Obama Lover to believe otherwise


“So who in Homeland is going to fire on civilians Sarah?”

Hmmm, Ask Randy Weaver’s wife or his son. Opps, sorry they are dead.

Ask the children in Waco. You might wait a long time to get that response also.

IMHO there will always be someone willing to take that path.


"Quoting Governor Palin: "We’re going to default eventually and that’s why the feds are stockpiling bullets in case of civil unrest.” 

Have you ever lived through civil unrest in America, seen many thousands of paratroopers and marines at the ready guarding choke points and bridges, been sent to a detainment center without food or beds, held with many thousands and thousands of other people?"

Nope: Haven’t seen it.

The Germans never saw Hitler coming either. The Holocaust? First time for the Jews. Stalin? Russia never had that before either.

Didn’t Obama just ask new Generals if they would fire on Civilians?

They didn’t buy all those bullets for target practice.

Just because something never happened before doesn’t mean it won’t happen.


"How is Sarah wrong? DHS and several other government agencies have been buying up ammunition like never before. For example, why would the Social Security Administration need 174,000 rounds of .357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow point pistol ammunition? What’s with the NOAA ordering 46,000 rounds — also of hollow point ammunition? Since March, DHS has ordered 1.5 billion rounds, nearly half of which are hollow-point and/or wall-penetrating.

If you want to buy the line it’s all for “training,” go on ahead. I’m not so gullible."

Hollow points are used for training that is a fact. DHS has always used hollow points for practice. Hollow points were used for practice by the legacy agencies before DHS was created . I know that doesn’t jive with your CIVIL War II fantasies but it is the fact nonetheless.
Debating the “Sarah is the best American since George Washington crowd” combined with the “Black Helicopter Crowd” would be an exercise in futility.


By reading some of these posts about Palins comment I have to believe that y’all drank some of the Barry Hussein Soeotoro cool-aid. The best thing that could happen to our Country would be Sarah Palin as POTUS, she would clean up the Demorats and the Republicans.


  1. Freeper Palin threads. Always good for a laugh.

  2. "The best thing that could happen to our Country would be Sarah Palin as POTUS"


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