Thursday, May 24, 2012

FCC takes calls to pull Fox's broadcast licenses 'very seriously'

Summary: Groups, including Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), have urged the FCC to pull Fox's licenses because of evidence that its parent company News Corp. hacked people's phones in the United Kingdom to get stories.

Yeah, sure they do.

Can you imagine them actually doing it?

Not until AFTER they declare martial law.


I dare them to do it.


Undoubtedly horrific behavior by the News Corp., but probably about as horrific as NBC secretely rigging trucks to explode in an attempt to bankrupt a company.

And definitely not as bad as CBS knowingly presenting forged documents as genuine in an attempt to swing a US Presidential election.

This is not a road the networks really want to go down. 


So, other networks have been caught making stuff up out of whole cloth (i.e. “fake but true”), but they’re fine.

Fox actually hires a few slightly-right-of-center commentators, and a few centrists, and they no longer “of good character?”

Go figure.


“Wouldn’t an organization like the IEEE handle stuff like licensing a lot better?”

An IEEE janitor has more technical qualifications than any Obamaloon appointee to the FCC...(actually more quals than the Obamaloon itself).


Go ahead. We can get rid of Shemp, Whorealdo and Juan that way.


Phone hacking isn’t even illegal in the UK. This is a contrived “scandal” started by the Marxist “Guardian” to bring down Murdock’s conservative empire and silence that voice.


Do you think the people who were fired up by the Tea Party would just sit around and watch Dear Leader shut down one of the only news outlets that isn’t completely in the bag for Obama?

If they tried to shut down Fox News, it would spell the death of the Democrat party in every governing body in the country.


Government, doing a job it wasn't asked to do, and doing it badly.
Remove them from the equation and let things settle out amongst the shareholders. 


Not to mention the mainstream media in 2000 declaring that Gore had won Florida while the polling places in the Panhandle were still open (Central time zone)—that has been estimated to have cost Bush 10,000 votes of people who went home rather than waiting in line because they thought it was over. Without that we wouldn’t have had Gore’s battle to win the electoral votes of Florida over the next five weeks.

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