Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dead pig found at Houston mosque

Summary: Worshippers at a Texas mosque found a dead pig lying on the ground and blood on the door handles. It seems whoever did it was trying to place the animal inside the mosque. The pig's intestines were hanging from the front gate. This was probably intended to be an affront as traditionally Muslims consider pig meat unclean.

"Sad to see.....

There is a way to beat Islam within our borders, this isn’t it..."

Mean while Christians in this are being denounced , beaten and murdered and slaughtered in the name of Islam and the religion of peace . The meek will only inherit the ruins . There are no moderate muzzies they love death more than we love life . A moderate muzzie would stand up to the radicals in their faith ,, so where are they ,, do they out number the radicals ??? Islam is an evil faith ,,, take my word on it or suffer the consequence of ignorance . Look at the UK for proof .


What a shame. (For the pig that is)
Hope he didn’t suffer.



The Imam did it (or had it done)."

Sadly, that was my first thought. I hope I’m wrong and a good citizen did it.


In India, when Muslims want to create riots/seek attention, they play same game, drop parts of pig and claim this was done by Hindus and start riots on Friday.


At last, people are starting to fight back.


 I’m thinking a Muslim wearing rubber gloves (to protect himself from pork contamination) - may have done it to provoke either sympathy or anger or both. I’m agreeing with Cletus.D.Yokel.


Should have just taken a portable compressed tank and an auto body paint gun and misted about a gallon of pig’s blood would never come out.


Sorry, but I don’t give a smelly Muslim Obamadork about anything having to do with Islam. My advice: remove the pig, clean things up, sell your Mosque, and get your sorry butts back to the mid east.

They’ve got go a loooooooooong way to get to the place the rest of the civilized world was roughtly 1,000 years ago.


 "But I think it is wrong to denegrate any religion, even Islam."

Islam is a system of tyrranical government wrapped in the respetable cloak of religion. If only Hitler had formally declared himself a god, nazism would have engendered the same degree of respect as islam.

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