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Susan Rice In 1986 Book: Make White Students Learn Black History

Summary: Susan Rice wrote a book in '86 arguing for greater visibility of black Americans and great people, stating "The greatest evil in omitting or misrepresenting Black history, literature, and culture in elementary or secondary education is the unmistakable message it sends to the black child. The message is ‘your history, your culture, your language and your literature are insignificant. And so are you.’”

"I think most kids would be cool with that. What would it take, all of 24 minutes?"

that about how long it would take some today to find Africa on the map. That’s all you need to know.


Make Black students read about the history of the Irish, the Welsh, and the Poles. Oppression and slavery weren’t unknown among whites until it was abolished by Christianity.

Stop the whining! Black people aren’t the only group in history to suffer at the hands of oppressors. Your ‘people’ are still being enslaved today, by Muslims in Africa. The communists in this country are pulling out all the stops to distract young Black Americans from the revealed truth as it plays out in Africa today.


It’s fine with me. All of humanity’s history should be taught. Including how Africa under European colonialism fared vastly better than under independence - about how Africa has been in a relentless downward spiral since de-colonization. That’s just a fact, and an important one for all students - including white students - to understand.


"Susan Rice is worth at least 23 million. Any  freepers know how this genius made so much money?"

From DCs upper crust. Wealth from banker father. She seems not to have ever had a real job. Husband works for ABC news.


"Going back to my HS days and College, we studied world history, but the world seemed to be the USA and Europe. Nothing about China other than the mongol invasions, the Boxer Rebellion, and Hong Kong. Japan was a feudal society and we open the door to Japan. India?? Don’t recall anything but Ghandi. Russia got into world history via the war and the Communists. Did we ever get into anyone else besides Europe? Yes but only lightly. Ancient history was Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Macedonian. Most of the focus was on the European continent. So? She may have a point. However, finding anything written that dates back more than 2000+ years to support it could be a problem?"

History study has to be streamlined somehow, and that is why it is important to learn about Greece, and not the aboriginals of Australia.

Studying the ancient history of Sub-Saharan Africa just isn’t important to nations of the planet in a general sense for common knowledge, if something gets cut, that is one of those things that are expendable.


What black history? (Recognizing there is an attempt to create a history- which would be better classified as fiction.)


Maybe blacks should be taught that it was a WHITE REPUBLICAN MALE that freed them from slavery.


IF it weren’t for Western Civilization, they’d still be in loin cloths tossing spears at each other. Let’s face it: They stared at the ocean for hundreds of years and never once thought of a sail. Never thought of a wheel either. They’d still be dragging stuff if not for Western Civilization. They’re on the low end of the Bell Curve and no amount of “political correctness” or “affirmative action” is ever going to hide that. Obama, himself, is living proof.


Same for the Mayans. No wheel and no primitive metallurgy yet millions in civilized nations are spooked terrified by the Mayan apocalypse date of December 21st this year. Mayans- Bunch of dumbasses if you ask me. All wogs east of Suez  


She could help a lot of poor urban black kids with [her millions]. Of course, so could the Obama’s with theirs, if Obama wasn’t so hell-bent on making sure no urban poor black kid can get find job can be used to jump up to better things.


1986, eh? White students have been force-fed "black history" since the early seventies, and maybe before. I was a Reagan kid and a huge history buff even back in high school. During my US History classes (early eighties) I kept a secret list of how many curriculum-days certain people and subjects were discussed, and the tenor of the portrayal. I no longer recall the exact counts, but I recall that black history topics were second only to organized labor topics and the number one historical personage was Harriet Tubman, who was given as much instructional time as Abraham Lincoln and George Washington COMBINED. We actually spent more time on Harriet Tubman than we did on the entire Civil War.

I shared the list with selected teachers and faculty when I was a rising Senior. It was not received well, and I am convinced that it would have negatively impacted my final grades had those not already been published. 


Since a disproportionate number of black students don’t learn anything in school and drop out...shouldn’t they be “forced” to learn something? Why the focus on whites, susie? What a racist pig.


"There’s not much to black history that anyone would care to learn about it. As individuals they’re charming; as a group they’re about as pathetic as human beings can be."

So somebody died and left you judge of human worth and value, condemning whole groups without bothering to learn their history? Contemptible. 

"History is my guide. And at this juncture I’m in a particularly ugly mood. If you don’t like it you can bugger off."


Rice should’ve also included

“And we should make sure that we make black students learn black history.”

For example, most younger blacks with whom I’ve spoken are shocked when I tell them that up until around the mid 1960s — the time of LBJ’s “Great Society” programs — most blacks voted Republican, as did Martin Luther King, Jr. for his entire life. They are shocked to hear that the Democratic Party was the party of slavery in the 19th century, and the party of “Jim Crow” and “Separate but Equal” laws in the 20th.

We might want to include the interesting (if embarrassing) fact that the wages of black workers had been rising steadily since the end of WWII, and that in specific areas of skilled labor, they surpassed those of white workers, and that this changed for the worse AFTER the civil rights movement and the Civil Rights Act.

In other words, as part of a black student’s education, he should read some of the works of Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell.

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  1. "During my US History classes (early eighties) I kept a secret list of how many curriculum-days certain people and subjects were discussed, and the tenor of the portrayal."

    Good to know this one was already insane before becoming a Freeper.