Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hagel Approved for Defense in Sharply Split Senate Vote

He got just enough votes from Republicans to make try and make it look like their is not one party in in the United State Senate with just a few exceptions. McCain is a Democrat and no one can tell me he is not playing for the other side.


Paul’s vote floored me. It appears there is really no one left to trust. I don’t live anywhere near Kentucky, but I contributed to his campaign because I believed he really supported Tea Party principles. Suckered again.


RINOs - still pretending they aren’t big government liberals.

But not fooling anyone but themselves.

The good Ol’ Boy Senate Club is more important to them than the defense of the country.


This will only embolden the kenyan to nominate more buffoons. That the GOP allowed themselves to be so brazenly buffaloed is historic.

Dems would have never, ever have allowed a vote with Hagel still refusing to answer the questions asked by the committee. We are led by cheese eating surrender monkeys. Words fail me.


Our country will never be the same...ever.


I wonder whether instead of Obamaphones, we can all get a Rosetta Stone Farsi translation app on our iPhones???


"We aren’t going to agree with every Senator on every issue, dammit.

Rand Paul is being dismissed on this board because of a single frickin’ vote.

Folks who do that are absurd. They’re content to forever pissed off, apparently.

Good luck getting a governing majority with that attitude."

Rand Paul is now dead to me. There is no way anyone can justify allowing that POS Hagel to rule over our military.

He had the absolute worst and most ill-prepared confirmation hearing in our nation’s history and Rand Paul still confirmed him.

Rand Paul has easily and fully shown himself to be a political hack and an enemy of our nation’s military.

I don’t care what he says. I judge him based on his votes.


I tried for decades to believe there was still hope for this country but it was only an effort to fool myself. I tried to warn people when I was in my twenties what was coming but all I got in return was a heaping helping of disdain. Being proven wrong when you wanted to be wrong is not as nice as being proven right when you wanted to be right but it is infinitely preferable to being proven right when you wanted to be wrong.


Hagel was nominated by Obama for two main reasons:

1. Obama can hide behind a "Republican" while the Defense budget is eviscerated even further than the $487 Billion cut that began in 2011 and the now imminent $650 Billion in Sequestration

2. Hagel shares Obama's hatred for the Jewish people and Israel

Even worse, Republicans are now seriously considering giving Obama "special power" to execute Federal funding because the Republicans refuse to deal with the Sequestration mess that they agreed to.

Only a few Republicans realize the danger of giving Obama "extra, temporary power." This all reminds me of Germany during the 1930's.

The Republicans just handed Obama the knife the cut the Defense Department's throat, and now they are sharpening the knife even further.

Weep for American. We are in rapid, rapid decline.

I have never been so frightened for my country. 


The most demoralizing about living in America today is not that we have radical leftists like Obama in power but that his opposition is so supine. Where are our Reagans, Goldwaters and Tafts?  


Hagel is one complete, flaming goofball. He probably reversed himself a dozen times in front of Congress, some of them on the fly. Cut down/defund our military and put this potatohead in charge of the DOD and we are walking a fine line towards tempting other nations to attack us.

We will regret this. 0bama won’t.


"Most of the criticisms I have heard are pathetic when you compare them to his years of of service to this country. His critics have taken comments out of context and called him many things, one being that he is a Jew hater. Was it George Orwell who said, “freedom is being able to tell people what they don’t want to hear”? Hagel seems to have the courage to do that. Over the years, we all say many things — look at the contributions he has made to this country. I entered this comment before only to find the thread had been pulled?????"

What service are you talking about. Being drafted with hundreds of thousands of others and going to Vietnam for less than a year? And the minute he got back started badmouthing the war likt all good little liberals do? Or the few years he had as US senator siding with democrats and bashing Bush for eight long years? Hagel is a disgrace as a republican and has the intelligence of a third grader. I would suspect his garbled words and acting punch drunk, to go along with the baggy ass eyes, are from years of snorting that white stuff up his nose, or drinking a fifth of Jack a day. Anyone that thinks this character will be calling the shots at the Def Dept are sadly mistaken. He was put there to bash Israel and kiss Iran’s ass. No other reason. We are the laughing stock of the world with the American-hating Marxist as president, the America-hating traitor Lurch Kerry as Sec of State and now the punch drunk Pvt. Goober Bagel as Sec of Defense. Putin laughs himself to sleep.


Hagel is a tongue-tied joke. Anyone that saw his performance three ago before Congress can see the aint the brightest bulb in the chandelier. He has never any position in Congress that would remotely qualify him for Sec of Def. He has never been on the Armed Services Committee. No qualifications whatsover for the job. He was chosen by the dear leader because he was against the war in Iraq and was a consistently Bush basher


  1. "The good Ol’ Boy Senate Club is more important to them than the defense of the country."

    Either this freeper's making sense, or I've been staring into the derp too long.

    1. You've been staring into the derp too long. America's bloated military could stand to loose a few hundred million in funding. You guys spend more money on your military than the next three largest militaries combined. You will be quite capable of defending your country with half of what you already have.