Wednesday, February 27, 2013


These are from a few articles. One quote seems to get the sum of them well: "We’re rapidly approaching a point where Americans are going to have to make a choice to gut the power of the federal government, or the federal government is going to gut us."

"The time is drawing nigh, we will not get out of 2016 with the America that we all thought we knew."

2016? All will be well with President Moochelle. Not to worry.

* seems almost mandatory.


I swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I, unlike so many political “leaders,” take my oaths seriously. If they abandon the Constitution I will use every means at my disposal to restore it. Every means.


"A second Constitutional Convention might become the only way to ensure a peaceful transition from the old DC government, to a new one.

There are those here on FR who say “no, no, NO!” when this subject comes up. Short of an uprising 1861-style, what other alternatives would be preferable?"

a CC would be dominated by leftists. Imagine mandatory prison sentences for school kids who refused to shower with trannies of the opposite sex.


Many of us, will not see the day, when Our Republic is re- Constitutionaly established. Regardless, this will happen. By the grace of God, and our great efforts now.


There’s nothing wrong with the original Constitution, applied equally to everyone. Any variance from that is an insult and danger to freedom. If we could only push a reset button on the Constitution. Now that would be wonderful, before the 16th and 17th Amendments...


It’s inevitable. There’s no damn way we can co-exist with libtards.


Sure there is ~ one that is guilt free. Repeal the 13th, convert the Leftwingtards into a slave class, and move out smartly. This will make everybody happy and keep the toilets cleaned.


Frankly, the assault of liberalism/leftism upon the US Constitution is an attack fomented from the outside by their allies on the inside. The liberals are the literal modern-day fifth column. Therefore the term “civil war” would not really be applicable.


It really won’t be defined as a Civil War. A second Revolutionary War is more of a correct definition.It then could turn into a hybrid Rev-Civ War if states start to fight each other.


 I have posted for years that “two different cultures cannot occupy the same space” any more than can two objects. Two years of Latin in High School left me with some idea of what happened to Rome. Like you, it became aparrent to me years ago of the conflict that is seemingly inevitable in our future. Some months ago it occurred to me that my assumption at the beginning night be wrong and maybe there might be a way for to cultures to occupy the same space. Distinct economies would be a fundamental requirement. I conjectured that we could have “Blue Dollars” and let them have their “Red Dollars” (for the commies they are). Patriots would only take or do business with Blue Dollars and Progs would only deal in Red Dollars. No way it would be stable but it would allow a degeneration of their culture of no values while leaving ours almost unscathed. Something to ponder, anyway.


Here in Louisiana we are ready for cw2 against the democrats/socialists  


There actually hasn’t ever been a civil war in this country.

We had a group of sovereign states, in 1776, that decided to be independent of the central governing authority, and they won an armed conflict to do so.

In 1860, we had a group of sovereign states that decided to be independent of the central governing authority, and they lost an armed conflict to do so and were forced to remain under that authority.

201X? Tie breaker.


 The muslim member of islam brotherhood wants a race war that is all he is about, that and printing money every day to prop up the stock market. Our American dollar is worth half and the printing press at the mint is making it worse every day. The head of the snake must be removed to prevent blood in the streets. 


Ahaaa, that’s why we need strict gun bans it for gabby and the chill-ren.


When they take the guns, it's because they're planning on killing you anyway. 

The choice is to die in a pool of your own blood on the streets, or starve to death in one of their camps or on one of their marches. 

One thing to keep in mind: there are more of us than there are of them.

Many people are not stupid. Far from it. After the first few shootouts, smart people with guns will get to work. The tyranists will not be safe anywhere. Neither will their homes and family.


I'm single. I live alone. My kids are grown and gone. I've met my grandkids, at least. 

I don't intend to sit at home waiting for a 'knock on the door'. 

I will not surrender my firearms. Period.

Everybody dies sometime.


These soulless monsters have proven themselves fully capable and willing to use mass killings to consolidate their greed for power and property. Bo is the head snake and he hates American Patriots with a passion. Moochie has the same attitude and they now hold the power.


"But what of your family? What about your friends? Would you be willing to accept the loss of their lives too for your freedom?

And- even if you would be, how about the rest of the gun-owning population? Would they be willing to accept death before disarmament?"

those are the same questions we must all ask ourselves. I pray God give me the wisdom and courage to make the right choice.

It’s like Mel Gibson as William Wallace in “Braveheart” told the French princess: “every man dies, but not every man truly lives.” She wanted him to take a drug that would have numbed the pain, he kissed her and spit it out when she left his cell. He knew the torture & death he faced, but took it on bravely. It gets down to intensely personal decisions doesn’t it?


John Mohammad and Lee Malvo paralyzed the DC area with one rifle and sniper attacks. I have to believe that an all out attack on gun owners would invite an army of snipers to prey on government officials, whether they be local or national. America was born out of a desire for freedom and I have to believe there are enough patriots left to stand and fight.


The Left murdered 250 million during the 20th century and that isn’t including the unborn!

There are roughly 300+ million people in the US, and we are in a new century, this does not bode well...


“I will take a couple of them with me.”

This is the point. If the ‘tyrannists’ - a brand new word coined here that I think is brilliant - the enablers of tyranny -

If the tyrannists wake up from fitful sleep, send meager food down to a stomach filled with knots, and leave their homes by kissing wives and children - perhaps for the last time - to enforce policies they are enforcing only to ensure they aren’t the ones being oppressed, then their re-experimentation with fascism will fail pretty quickly.

Like Kissinger implied, the crisis won’t be ideological. You’ll run to the bosom of the state because they will be the ONLY ones with antidotes, for example.

The ideology will come later.

The kicker here, of course, is indeed - you have to die of something. If death is preferred, then death it is.

Patton’s words, however, also ring in my head. “Nobody ever won a war by dying for their country. They won it by making the other guy die for his (profanity excluded).”

Government, by and large, is horrible at most things. They’ll be horrible at fascism too. As such, the tyrannists won’t have the manpower or equipment to do the job right, and it will end with the tyrannists turning on the tyrants.

“A lie goes halfway around the world before the truth can get its pants on.”

That used to be true. I remember when they tried to frame W with the National Guard letter they concocted in MS Word that got busted on this very forum. Took less than 8 hours.

The truth is catching up with the lies. It’s going to be an interesting collapse. If the GDP contraction was the surprise they thought it was, it will be sort of funny too.


Uncle Sam spent lots of money training me to fight guerilla tactics. Evade and hit, rinse, repeat. Also my time as an LEO taught me their system as well.

Also target the heads of the snake, Chiefs, Captains, etc...


My kids are all grown and the last two are close to being out. They were raised as strong patriots (all boys were in Corps in actual combat billets) and would be standing with me. If not I am ready as there would be nothing left to enjoy in the country anyway.


I would rather die defending myself from evil than surrender my right to live to them. Most people do not truly grasp what evil men and women will do to you free of all restraints. If we lose this battle now, evil will prevail and believe me you will wish you were dead when you experience life under their boot.


I'm 43 and would love to live forever...

Just not as a slave. Nor do I want my children living as slaves.

And yeah, I'm willing to die to protect that freedom.

That's not Plan A, but it is being taken into account.

I’ve told my children from the time they were little that it is better to be killed where they stand than to go with someone who tries to kidnap them. This is NO different!


Simple, IMO.

You take the fight to your enemy, you don’t wait around for them to pick you off a few at a time.
You either fight the police state to it’s demise or yours.

Go on the offensive. Death can take you at any moment from any direction, so do the best job you can with the tools you have at your disposal. Survive as long as you can and take as many of the enemy down as you are able.

Don’t sit around waiting for your turn to be picked off, snitched on, or what have you. I refuse to live under their boots in such a manner of life. If you choose to live like that, fare well. 


"I have already decided MY course of action. I will KILL at LEAST 3 of their “agents” before they will kill me. My order of Killing:

1. ANY Federal Agent

2. ANY City “Policeman(hireling)

3. ANY US/UN “Military””Officer”

4. ANY US/UN “Military””NCO/Petty Officer(they SHOULD know better)”"

You are thinking too small.

The statists will be threatening to send JBTs to our homes to confiscate our weapons. The FedGov would not be trying to confiscate weapons without the cheerleaders in the Democrat Party (including those at the city and State level), the MSM, and the leaders of the so called charitable organizations who push the statist agenda.

They and their offices and their homes deserve at least some attention.


  1. As always, 'Execute the specific action you're curiously going out of your way to imply you'll verily do, you homosexual.' seems the best response for Freepers.

  2. "Sure there is ~ one that is guilt free. Repeal the 13th, convert the Leftwingtards into a slave class, and move out smartly. This will make everybody happy and keep the toilets cleaned."

    The person who made this comment has no idea the depths to the undertones in this (admittedly laughable) proposal. These are very, very dark waters they’re swimming in.

  3. I really hope the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory is somewhat in effect here, and that they aren't this stupid in real life.

  4. Lots of creepy derp in this thread. Keep up the good work!

  5. What a bunch of drama queens. They're ready to take up fellow citizens as target practice because they're uncomfortable living round them. Join the club, assholes. The difference between you and me is I'm only annoyed with you, and you think about murdering me.