Friday, November 30, 2012

Wait Til You Get Home: 6 Things You Don’t Do in Front of White Folks (alert of your choice alert)

Race, race, race. It's all about race these days at FR.

A Freeper stumbled across an article by a black woman that explains how she acts differently in front of white people than she does in front of black people in general. She makes a list of six things she purposely does not do in front of white people, such as eat watermelon, dance or sing music by black artists, and use slang associated with Ebonics. She also, to the ire of the Freepers, says she will not bring up politics or race to a white person for fear that they might be Republican or racist.

7. Don’t use the word niger in front of a white person. Just because we us it they think they get to use it. And they don’t. It’s our private word.


 How long do we continue to coddle “minorities” by participating in their double standard?


And Republicans just don’t understand why “you” think you are entitled to a share of our private property...


“I don’t understand why folk can’t see the Republicans are just about money.”

This is the exact opposite of the truth and it annoys me no end that this is so widely accepted. It is liberals who think that the government should be involved in money and finances. It is liberals who in politics classify people according to how much they make and how much they have. It is liberals who think that the government needs to concern itself with shifting money from some to others. They are the materialists.

But then up is always down with these people.


Blacks flourished under Reagan

Blacks languish under Obama.

Its sad. 


 Arguing with a liberal is like playing chess with a pigeon.
No matter how well you play chess,
the pigeon just knocks over the pieces,
craps on the board,
utters unintelligible, vaguely obscene sounds,
and struts around like he won.


The Republican party was born out of opposition to the slave-trade supporting Democrat party.


"Let’s see, my wife called my office this morning spitting with anger. She had taken our son to his doctor’s appointment (at the hospital she used to work at.) First, in the eight parking spots in front of the hospital that used to be designated “Reserved for Expectant Mothers” it now reads “Reserved for Hybrid Cars”. Inside a sign greeted her: “Free Mammograms for African-American Women” She said the only thing that kept her from exploding with rage was my son asked her not to.

The maniacs have won, and Trickle Down Government just became an avalanche."

OMG, I'm as angry as your wife and I wasn't even there. How do they get away with this blatant racism and discrimination?


Things white people shouldn’t talk about in front of black people or else they are just uppity racists:
1. Talk about staying in school.
2. Talk about getting a job.
3. Talk about not having babies out of wedlock.
4. Talk about not doing drugs.
5. Talk about pulling up their pants.
6. Talk about speaking proper English.
7. Talk about staying out of jail.
8. Talk about not trying to dress like your favorite sports star all the time.
9. Talk about being responsible for your own actions and not being a mooch on society; a Taker.
10. Talk about not voting for the racist party, the Democraps.


“7. Don’t put your nose in the air and saunter past without saying “thank you” when a white person holds the door for you as a common courtesy.”

YES! That particular statement strikes home, as it has happened to me more times than I can tell you. Also, when a black driver is waiting to get in your line of traffic and you let him/her in, MOST of them stick their noses in the air and don’t even flick their finger at you as a “thank you.” I’ve concluded they feel they are ENTITLED to be let in the flow of traffic, or ENTITLED to have whitey hold the door for them.


She wants to know what white people do not talk about in front of black people. Or how about some questions that other races may have for Blacks? Like:

1) How come so many black women have such low self esteem that they will have sex with so many men that show them no respect at all and treat them with such contempt? If you don't want to be treated like a Whore, don't act like a Whore!

2) How is it that more than 70% of the black children in this country grow up in homes with no father? Does the lack of guidance from a father figure help to cause the incredible amount of social problems associated with being Black in America? Perhaps you could refrain from having children until AFTER you are married!

3) Do black people think that the fact that their ancestors where slaves fifty years before my ancestors escaped what amounted to slavery in Ireland and Germany in the late 19th century entitle them to special preferences in employment and government benefits? Or do they simply like the fact that they are getting over on whitey?

4) Do Blacks born in America ever wonder why Africans that immigrate to the United States TODAY are twice as likely to get a college education and become members of the middle and upper classes? Maybe it is not their race, but their culture that are to blame for there own problems!P> 

5) Do Blacks in America understand that their social problems of rampant drug & alcohol abuse, illegitimate children, poor education choices and despicable living conditions MAY actually be the result of THEIR OWN poor life decisions and have nothing to do with White people? Perhaps THEY are to blame!

6) Do Black people ever consider that during Jim Crow and Reconstruction, there was a better chance that their children would grow up in a house with a mother and father and have a BETTER and MORE successful education than they have SINCE the 1960’s? Maybe a little self reflection is in order!

7) Do Black people ever look around at formerly upper Middle Class and Wealthy neighborhoods that are now completely inhabited by Blacks and are now completely destroyed and still wonder WHY members of other racial groups decide that they don't want to take the risk of investing in neighborhoods that are majority or even significantly populated by Black people? Perhaps THEY are responsible for the down fall of the neighborhood!<

8) Do Black people ever consider that the Whites and Asians that they BUMP out of the way in college and jobs with Affirmative Action Policies are actually real people who are truly deserving of the place or job that was just redistributed to them? Maybe the people whose jobs they unjustly stole with the help of the state are equally down trodden and deserving!

9) Do Blacks ever consider that Democrats take their votes for granted and voting in lock step at rates of 90% + for Democrats MAY not be in their best interest? If just 20% of blacks refused their votes to the Democrats, their situation might improve exponentially!

10) Do Blacks really believe that people like Condoleezza Rice, Alan West, Walter E. Williams, Herman Cain, Janice Rogers Brown, Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Sr.,Alveda King, Shelby Steele, J. C. Watts, and millions of other successful Black Republicans are all just a bunch of ‘House N!*&%^$’? Of course they are!

11) Does it ever occur to Blacks that Whites, Asians and even some White? Hispanics get a little tired of their incessant bitching? Suck it up butter cup!

12) Do Black people ever think that the constant cries of ‘RACIST!’ may actually be counter productive to their advancement? Apparently NOT!

13) Does the average Black person realize that, for whatever reason, African Americans do significantly WORSE on IQ tests than Whites & Asians Do they realize that 40% of ALL African Americans have an IQ BELOW 80. The Average IQ of an African American is actually 85. and that ON AVERAGE Blacks have an average IQ 18 Pts BELOW Whites and 20 PTs BELOW Asians AND THAT THAT FACT IS NOT THE FAULT OF THE ASIANS AND THE WHITES!? Maybe it is caused by generational dependency and a desire NOT to succeed because success at school is 'acting White'! I am sick to G.D. Death of the Black culture and ghetto mentality that everything wrong with blacks is beyond their control. NEWS FLASH! White people don't give a crap about color. We care about civil society and the adherence to the rule of law. 

Generally speaking, black people think in incredibly racial terms. Republicans refuse to approach them racially, believing it to be inappropriate and racist.

To get the black vote you would have to engage in some pretty reprehensible behavior. In other words, act like democrats.


It’s really sad that black people seem to forget Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream that people will be judged on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

The argument that the Republican party is the party of “rich” people is illogical. If it were true, all Hollywood stars and pro athletes would be Republicans. But they aren’t, are they?!
And by the way, I am getting really, really sick of the word “folks.”


  1. "6) Do Black people ever consider that during Jim Crow and Reconstruction, there was a better chance that their children would grow up in a house with a mother and father and have a BETTER and MORE successful education than they have SINCE the 1960’s? Maybe a little self reflection is in order!"


  2. Oh, I get it! Freepers aren't racists, they just hate black people! Now it makes perfect sense.