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Do you know any repentant Obama voters?

In which Freepers lie about how many minorities and Obama voters they know to make themselves feel better.

Vanity post:

I know a guy who voted for Obama because he said "you have to admit, we really need change." Now he claims he's the worst President ever and he can't wait to vote against him (although I guess his wife didn't let him sleep with her for a month after voting Obama)

I knew several senior citizens who voted for Obama out of anger at Bush who now hate Obama because of the ObamaCare thing.

Any of you know any repentant Obama voters? Anyone ever heard of a McCain voter now supporting Obama?


I've several family members and a dozen or so friends (All with ties to Unions and such) All claim they are voting against Obama. 


I met two young people at Home Depot who were buying materials to work on their new office. Somehow we got to talking about the election and they said they both voted for Obama because they were caught up in the rock star hype and really didn't listen to the issues.

They were just starting their business back then and some thought thought everything would come up roses with him in the White House.

They have been watching the news and listening to his speeches for three years, they said and are not going to vote for him again. 



All of them young, white, professional, moderate independents. They feel obama ruined their children’s future.


No. I live in NY and most obama drones still blame bush and the GOP for EVERYTHING


I think most won’t admit it publically, afraid of looking stupid
but it makes me sick to hear thse obamites say he is doing everything he can
and that the GOP is blocking all the things that would help us

and the worst?

when they sau because romney si wealthy he doesn’t “ get ‘ the rest of us

i so hope this is all public shtick
and the really see what is going on


Nope ! Not one. I live in the Peoples Republik of Maryland. There is no such animal. In fact I have seen plenty of Obama 2012 bumperstickers and only one Romney sticker. Interestingly enough there are a handful of Ron Paul loons still out there.


I heard one man say he was “coming out of the closet against Obama” - like it took a great deal of courage to say he was against Obama this time. Is there some reason disappointed voters are hesitant to speak their minds?


I'm pleased to say that my 80 year old mother will be voting Republican for the first time in her life this year.
She voted for the maggot Hussein because of the D next to the sissy's name (may eternal damnation be upon it).
She has finally realized that the Rats are socialists, and that socialism in all its guises is destroying our nation.
Better late than never .. and I gotta believe there are millions more just like her out there, though many would never admit to it.
For that reason alone, put about Ø faith in any polling taking place between now and November.
Even given the CF of Milt, that communist piece of mulatto excrement is going down in FLAMES !


Yes, have definitely spoken with a few. However, I have not talked with a single Black former supporter of Obama. I keep reading and hearing that there is some disenchantment among Blacks with Obama, but I am not seeing it. On election day I don't expect his support to decrease more than 5% among Black voters. I will be surprised if it decreases that much. 


I know many that voted for him and refuse to admit their error in judgment. However I sense they will secretly vote for Romney. 


I know some Obama voters who have too much personally invested in him, who identify strongly with him, who feel that to vote against him would be admitting that they were stupid to fall in love with him in the first place.
Their pride won't let them admit their error.
However, I'm wondering if a lot of these types will end up staying home, and not voting for anyone in November... 


For my Kennedy-democrat parents, his ‘coming out’ in support of gay marriage was the final straw. My mom told me recently she is probably going to vote for Ron Paul. I told her that would make her grandchildren very happy.
I gave up a while ago arguing for the republican side with them, no traction at all. Once I switched it up to blaming things on the permanent politicians, “they ALL stink, they all need to go” they were much more receptive. If I can’t gain votes for Mitt, at least I can take away votes from the Kenyan.


I’m going to a clan reunion in Atlanta next month. It’s going to be very interesting to see how many of my wild-eyed life-long demonRat cousins are still as slobberingly devoted to hussein. My brother is a lost cause, but my sisters more than make up for him. Being a bunch of Detroiter Micks, we voted rat for many cycles before seeing the light.


I know a very obviously gay guy who is furious with Obama over his giveaways to the parasite class, while he’s struggling to make a living.

I don’t know if Obama bought his vote back with his gay marriage pander. I certainly hope not.

I know another guy who said he was always a democRat, but Obama has pushed him into the Tea Party.


My friends who voted for Obama in 2008, will vote for him again. One of them volunteered at Obie’s inauguration, and told me she will do so again in 2013. Another one has been unemployed for the last several years. She claims her problems started under President Bush and that the reason she is still unemployed is that those heartless Republicans in Congress are fighting all of Obama’s programs. She actually hopes when Obama is re-elected, he will “do away with Congress” so he can accomplish everything he sets out to do without further restriction.

These are true believers. I just can’t talk about anything political with them. I tried to explain to one of them about the death panels under Obamacare. I was told this was propaganda perpetrated by Fox News and the Republicans, and that “they will never happen.” It’s frightening because these friends are well educated. They have the internet so they should be able to do their own research, but they won’t. Whatever lies Obama tells them, they believe without question.


2008 election was a referendum on BUSH, it had nothing to with Obama... Obama has governed as though he got a massive referendum, and he didn’t, his election was a rejection of Bush, nothing more.
This election is going to be a simple referendum on Obama, it really doesn’t matter who the R candidate is.. all the R had to do was put up someone who could not be painted as more dangerous or scary than Obama.
Obama is going to be spanked, I am no fan of Romney, and am frankly disgusted that the R party is putting him up, but he’s going to win, and win big. Hell, Mickey Mouse would win and win big against Obama. He’s got a national peak, if he runs a flawless campaign of 42-43%. That’s it, and frankly he’s not running remotely a flawless campaign. Just look at him, he’s romper room. He’s out there trying to attack Romney’s economic record, when his administration has the sole distinction of being the only administration in the modern era that will end its term with fewer people working that the day he took office! Even CARTER managed to better than that! This guy and those around him are fools.. abject fools.

He’s running his campaign as though he actually won in 2008 by what he believes in, and thinks america wants it and more of it.

The guy is toast as are a lot of Democratic Senators and Congressmen this fall.


Many of my daughter’s college friends are not voting for Obama again. They are mad about gas prices.....and my two cousins both married women who voted for Obama. They both are now voting for Romney :)


My sister who has been a drooling lib all of her voting life has finally opened her eyes! She came for a visit from kalifornia last week and I could have sworn there was someone else inhabiting her body. There was true venom in her voice as she spoke of omuzzie.


He's lost the youth vote. My nephew voted for him because he believed he was going to get free college tuition.
Seriously. That's what a lot his voters thought..they would get something for nothing. It was a new world where Obama was going to take stuff from the haves and give it to the have nots.
I think they're all realizing they got played. 


I think there is a lot of regret among Obama’s white supporters. Among black and Hispanic supporters, not much at all. So we’ll see if his shrinking white support is enough to put Romney over the top.


I have a friend who’s the manager of a busy diner. He sometimes appears to be all things to all people, since he knows chatting with everyone is good for business. But he privately told me that many Obama-voting customers have switched their loyalties. This is in a very liberal neighborhood.

When I see my family next time, I am going to try to be the good salesperson who steps back and leaves a lot of space for the customer to make up his mind. I have observed that that is a good way to close the deal, rather than pressure and aggression when you sense that agreement is near.


My girlfriend voted for Obama but she will vote GOP this fall.

We met after the 2008 election. She had always voted ‘Rat and didn’t really understand politics.

She is honest and moral and is a small business owner. She is not some environmentalist or feminist wacko.

But she has always lived in the Bay Area and been surrounded by leftist nonsense and previously just kind of went along in a moderate way.

Now she sees things quite differently and talks with her girlfriends about how leftism ruins everything.
Chipping away.

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  1. "She has finally realized that the Rats are socialists, and that socialism in all its guises is destroying our nation."

    But don't you dare touch her Social Security or Medicare!!