Saturday, June 2, 2012

Obama to sleep in his own bed

From the article:

President Obama is finally getting his wish: some peace and quiet at his old Chicago home.
In the Windy City Friday for three fundraisers, Obama will spend the night at his South Side house.
"It is good to be back home, I am sleeping in my bed tonight," Obama told supporters at one fundraiser. "I'm going to go to my kitchen, I might cook something. It's good to be home."


Who knows who will be sleeping there with him,.

Where is Wide Load.?


Get use to it Sucka!
Consider it a preview of things to your upcoming eviction notice from the voters.


Hopefully come November we Americans can send you back to your wonderful Soro’s paid for home. and hope you stay there.


Well get use to it fool you will be back in Chicago for good before you know it..Along with Amazon woman and kiddies.. Unless of course you decide to move back home to Kenya,,Hey you could run for office there..


As posted on another FR thread......

“...Obama is becoming pathetic....”

We all know liberalism, or whatever name you want to call it, is a chronic deteriorating mental disease. However in zippy’s case, I think what we’re seeing is him slipping off into complete insanity. I think he’s losing it totally and his handlers are beside themselves with what to do with him. I would not be surprised in the least to see zippy with a total mental breakdown before the election and the DNC run Hitlery in his place.


Is Zer0 going to be stopping by the bath house too?


"I'm going to go to my kitchen, I might cook something. It's good to be home."
Probably going to cook up some crack. 


Better check the neighborhood for missing dogs when he leaves.

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