Friday, December 7, 2012

146,000 Jobs Added In November, Beat Expectation Of 85,000, Unemployment Rate Lower At 7.7%

The communists are still in campaign mode. They’ve got to make Barry Benghazi look good for the current “cliff” battle. I sure wish the average I.Q. of the people living in this country was just a few points higher. This wouldn’t be so easy for the communists to pull off. If chimpanzees could talk, I know they wouldn’t be falling for this.


 ...soon there will be a report that there never was a Benghazi incident


More corrupt Obama number crunching. The adjustments will get made, and unemployment will “explode”, shortly after we go off the fiscal cliff and the Republicans start getting the blame.


What types of jobs are included? Are they good paying, permanent? Are there any career types of jobs included? So many questions so few answers.


I can't believe people are buying this, but since so many voted for him (fraud aside) I guess they must be. 

Does it ever occur to people that every month we hear that unemployment has dropped, even more jobs were created than expected, that economy is revving up...And yet they still can't find a job, their friends still can't find jobs, the cost of goods is higher than ever, taxes are going up...Good-gosh-almighty people are are breathtakingly stupid creatures. 


"Same number of people employed as 1980?

1980 US population 227 million

2010 US population 308 million

that's 35% more people and the SAME NUMBER EMPLOYED? 

How do 35% more people not work then in 1980"

You’re doing the job the MSM won’t do.
Sadly this astounding fact will be unknown to 98.6% of Americans.


Christmas hires? The unemployment numbers will rise dramatically again in January. Funny watching the MSM drool all over themselves thinking we’ve turned the corner in our economic troubles. The rest of us know this is the calm before the storm.


 Another 350,000 workers magically disappeared from the work force or this would have been another disastrous report. Is there a total number of these workers who have disappeared since Obama took office?


 So what happens when the total civilian workforce is down to 10 people?


"1980? I guess that Obama really is a return Jimmy Carter."

Right now, worse than Carter, and it's getting worse by the day. Wait until his cliff taxes kick in.
I think he's managed to finish the job his muslim brothers failed to do on 9/11 - and the 49% voted for him to do it, too. 


We have never been at war with East Asia/Benghazi...
We have always been at war with East Asia/Benghazi...

And in other news, chocolate rations have been increased to 8 from 10 grams! 


What about the 180,000 jobs lost because of the shutdown of Hostess Twinkies? Didn’t Citiibank just announce laying off 10,000 people? These unemployment numbers are about as fishy as the North Korean announcement of finding unicorns.


are there any stickers I can put on my vehicles which say something along the lines of if you;re stupid don;t vote , or if you;re going to vote then get facts.
Anything like that to make these idiotic voters think of themselves as dopes for voting for obama.
I did see one which said OBAMA, why stupid people should not vote.


It is easy to fix an economy when all you have to do is lie about it.


Wow. This is really good news. We may owe trillions, but just think, we’re printing money 24 hours a day thanks to our super intelligent Fed Chairman Bernanke.

With an Obama administration firmly entrenched for another four years what possibly could go wrong? Congress, forever looking out for Americans, is considering a surtax even as I type this of at least 1% on our worth. That’s adding up the value of our home, cars, furniture, stocks, bonds, cash, anything of value.

We’ll have that 16 trillion dollar debt retired before those who may be here in the year 3000 (if God hasn’t stepped in to put an end to the world) which is only a few decades away.

Good news for our great-great-great grandchildren.

The world they’ll enjoy will have lots of same sex married couples, no Christmas, no God, but plenty of taxes to keep the wolf away from the door. Humans will marry whatever they want and do with their little willies and muffs whatever their little godless hearts desire.

Muslim and Sharia Law will be big then. There will never be a mention of Christianity, so Santa Claus will have been euthanized.



  1. "Humans will marry whatever they want and do with their little willies and muffs whatever their little godless hearts desire.

    Muslim and Sharia Law will be big then. There will never be a mention of Christianity, so Santa Claus will have been euthanized."

    Somebody doesn't know anything about Sharia law, I see.

  2. @ Yes Man: what are you talking about? The secular, homosexual movement in theocratic Islam is at our doorstep! The only solution, clearly, is more Jesus in government. And tax cuts. Lots of tax cuts.