Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Marco Rubio 2013 State of the Union GOP Response (English Version)

Racism: not just for Democrats anymore.

English version? Which country is this?


Doing a spanish version is an insult to all Americans, including legal immigrants who made the effort to learn English. Rubio is a pro-illegal RINO. He expressed his support for illegals when he stated that he would sneak his family into America if they were in poverty.


"I just heard on Fox that Rubio will give the response in both English and Spanish. So, why the pandering Marco?"

Because Rubio sees himself as a latino first. Otherwise he would respect the culture and language of the United States by restricting his speeches to our common language.

Giving his speech in Spanish puts it on an equal footing with English.

That’s a major problem that the millions of Mexican nationals who live here illegally bring to our country, and Rubio is pandering to them.


"This is not pandering. Until we make English the official language, why not do a response in Spanish? How many illegals voted? Our country is broken, he’s trying to attract those people. We might not like it, but, it is reality."

You're right, I don't like it one bit. Indeed, you're quite correct, English is not America's official language but it's the default language of our country.

In my opinion, what it comes down to is this: If a Mexican (or other Latino) won't bother to assimilate by learning the defacto language of America, how can we be sure they'll embrace other aspects of our values and culture? 

I'll freely admit to being a traditionalist and, truth be told, intolerant. But I want to see America go back to the country I so fondly remember when there was no "press 1 for English" messages and I could turn on any television station and understand every word without half of them being in a foreign language. And, respectfully, that's why I perceive as pandering what Marco Rubio plans for tonight.


The Dems are just jealous because they don’t have anybody who speaks good enough Spanish to do that. Rubio does - he’s not somebody from an illiterate family who grew up speaking Spanglish, but actually speaks good, grammatical Spanish and isn’t “pandering” to anybody.

Also, if we want to develop our markets in Latin America and, in fact, extend capitalism in the face of the Latin American left, we have got to have good spokesmen. He’s one, and we only need more like him.


Why not in Vietnamese, Italian, German, French and other languages?

This does not sit well with me.

First of all, it does not sit well with me because it’s in an other language. English is our national language and should be all that’s needed.

Secondly, if you start picking and choosing languages it looks to be as you’re saying “pandering”. 

Very political. The democrats play this game. Something a liberal would do. Now the GOP?


Just fifteen years ago, I would go into a local store, and the sound of ANY foreign language would be so unusual and rare that I’d just instinctively turn and make a mental note of it. That was fifteen years ago. Now, I go into the same local stores, and 75% of what I hear is Spanish. I’m now the stranger in my own land... I’m now the one getting dirty looks... and I’m now the one paying through the nose, for schooling, insurance, taxes, and now living in a ratty, degraded third-world atmosphere of increased crime and blight.

At least I haven’t paid as much as my friend across the street, whose young nephew and sister-in-law were smashed into a bloody pulp on the highway by a drunk illegal. Or, the honor student who was down the street on his bike and got run down by two illegals fleeing the quickie-mart they had just robbed.

This is what I think of, when Rubio gives a response in Spanish. The mere thought of it makes my blood boil. I hope every bastard politician that IGNORED our rule of law and let this invasion occur... they can all die in a fire. I’d even lend the matches to get it started. Damn them all to hell. I will NOT be tuning in to Rubio and his amnesty talk.


Rubio is a fraud. If people believe Rubio is Conservative, then they have not read enough about him. He is just a smooth talker that can parrot Conservatism.

The simple fact that Rubio will give the response in Spanish shows he is a panderer of the worse kind. 

Only English should be spoken by our leaders. 


 Enough of the melting pot, where America and the American spirit are being melted away. It’s time for THEM to conform to US.

As well, I could be wrong, but I do believe ALL other countries require this of anyone who migrates into their country. Why should America be different? If people don’t like it, don’t come here.


I don’t like that our representatives...get that.....OUR representatives.....feel the need to speak in a language that is NOT an American language. Some may disagree that Spanish isn’t an American language, because so many that live here speak it, but I believe ENGLISH is our official language, even though there is no law that has made it so. I also believe and feel VERY strongly that if you come to this country, YOU need to assimilate into OUR society and culture. Which includes, and is not limited to, learning OUR language and speaking it with efficiency.

In all honestly, I am somewhat leery of Rubio, however elegant and sharp he is as a speaker. You are correct, he comes across great. But many said, and still say, that Obama was this great orator as well. So to me, how someone speaks, gives speeches and comes across to the public, does NOTHING for who they are and what they are about. For all I know, he’s another wolf in sheeps clothing. I didn’t fall for it when Obama pulled that and I’m not falling for it when someone “supposedly” from our side does. IF Rubio is who he says he is, only time AND his actions, will tell. So far, from things he’s said, and actions he’s taken (the latest amnesty push) and I’m sorry, but it’s made me not trust his true intentions and where he truly stands.


What’s next, will Rubio give his next speech wearing a sombrero and a mariachi outfit while strumming a guitar?


I understand the affinity that Mexicans have for their culture, so I'm OK with the Fiesta logo for example. As for businesses flying the tri-color, the line is drawn there. Some of that stems from the 10th anniversary of 9/11 when I driving through town to get the grandchildren. The vast majority of homes had the American flag unfurled out of respect but I was galled when driving by used car lots that had the Mexican flag flying on that sacred day. About a flag pin similar to Sarah Palin's but with the Mexican flag, that too is another line I'll not cross. In the case of Mrs. Palin, it's clear that Israel is a solid ally and shares our American values, so it makes perfect sense and is a demonstration of her commitment to liberty and our Judeo-Christian principles. 

Just for the record (lest I be accused of being a bigot), there are indeed some Americans of Mexican descent who fully embrace the United States and our heritage. I have a very good friend who is of Mexican ancestry who is 100% American through and through. His parents were legal immigrants, initially working on the King Ranch in South Texas and later creating a carpet installation business.
He never speaks a word Spanish, flies Old Glory from a mast in his yard and has cut all ties with the country of his origin. In short, he thoroughly assimilated. He even sneers when we're diving and pass a Mexican restaurant, calling the food [expletive deleted]. That's a rare instance of him cussing since he's a good Assembly of God type of guy. Although he kept his Hispanic-sounding last name, he Anglicized his first name (to Gilbert from Gilberto). 

He's proud to be an American and embraces his country in every way -- his favorite music style is C&W. So I'm proud to call Gil my friend. Wish there were more like him and I don't have to speak in Spanish when we talk. 

--- If this sounds familiar, that's because this Freepers has shared tales of his great friend Gil the Ultimate Mexican-American Patriot before


Rubio has some mental problem with his mouth? He lost it when he grabbed that stupid bottle of water.


My uncle never had the slightest bit of racism in him, but when telephone recordings started that “press one for Spanish” and when street signs in Spanish started popping up, he just exploded in fury. It was like a visceral slap in the face to him, an attack on his lifelong views of what constitutes America. The whole melting pot thing. He’d be mad as hell at Rubio for doing this. Would never forgive him, never support him, just due to this.


Rand Paul is big libertarian by osmosis. He just keeps it well hid, compared to his father. But so far he seems to be a decent presidential candidate for 2016. Better than Rubio


 To the Dems: There are more pressing issues in this country that who took a drink of water when...


At least Rubio doesn’t draw flies...something that has happened so often [to Obama] that the European press has even started snickering about it.


  1. "In my opinion, what it comes down to is this: If a Mexican (or other Latino) won't bother to assimilate by learning the defacto language of America, how can we be sure they'll embrace other aspects of our values and culture?"

    I agree with this one. How can we be sure a Mexican (or other Latino) will be a racist, homophobic, religious zealot if they ain't talkin' no 'mercun?

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  3. "He's proud to be an American and embraces his country in every way -- his favorite music style is C&W. So I'm proud to call Gil my IMAGINARY friend. Wish there were more like him and I don't have to speak in Spanish when we talk."

  4. So if a freeper moved to Mexico he would never utter a word of English? Forget about America? Etc riiiiiight

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