Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Is Barack Obama Gay and What Has Media Done to Hide that

People were asking in my last post when the meme that Barack Obama is gay began. It's not actually new at all. It goes back to the 2008 election, and while I'm not clear on which of these "conservatruths" came first, but one is that a coked up Obama had sex in a limo with a guy named Larry Sinclair, and the other one is that four gay members of Obama's church were murdered once he got the nomination, ostensibly to cover up his affairs with them.

This is a dicussion from November 2011, mostly surrounding an interview with Larry Sinclair (who is himself the source of these rumors, and I believe wrote a book about it).

"You have to wonder how they managed to have the 2 girls."

Invitro fertilization
Surrogate father


The girls have a resemblance to Obama - don’t they? We hardly ever get a good look at them - but seems to me they got the family looks...such as they are.


Within just ONE month of Obama announcing his candidacy, FOUR different young gay guys from Obama’s USA-hating black supremacist church were murdered.



How were the Obama kids conceived?

A. Invitro

B. Artificial Insemination (turkey baster)

C. A close friend (like the late ‘mudered’ Donald Young or Obama’s “Body Man” Reggie Love... one reason he was near the girls)

D. None of the above


This seems to be a Liberal Thing!

Remember that Bill Clinton told all of his alleged Rape Victims these alleged words!:

“Don’t worry, I am sterile!”

That is supported by the fact that Chelsea looks nothing like Billy Clinton, but is a Dead Ringer for Webster Hubbell
with facial features that can’t be disputed.


Bi-sexuality ... is that where a heterosexual male likes getting hummers and doesn’t care which sex gives them? Wasn’t sonnkEmperor a bisexual by that definition?


Driver planned to introduce him to a friend. Introduced by name. Did not know he was a senator. Never knew who he was until the keynote speech in 2004 when he saw him on tv.

He said in Spanish to his friends present that “I gave this guy a bl** job.”

- The interview that they're quoting Larry Sinclair from at this point gets pretty explicit and I'm just going to leave a link to it here instead of quoting, because I know some of you peruse here during work. Also, it proves without a shred of doubt that Freepers really like talking about gay sex, lol.


This is far more credible than anything about Herman Cain.

Plus having watched Obama for 4 years now, he certainly seems gay.


Donald Young murdered multiple gun shots Wright announced his death.Response from chicago police slow....


Was DY murdered because of his knowledge of Obama on the down low?

“without a doubt in my body”
“his mother believes it too.”


larry says zero will never admit to being gay or he’ll lose money and power and michelle will cover for him because she wants the same power and glory...


Larry: “Gloria Allred and I had discussions about all this, but at a later time she emailed me, requesting that I delete any reference to my consultations with her regarding all this...”

“Larry did you SAVE that email..?”

“On oct 10th 2008 hackers took over my email account and deleted all of that...”



The show will soon end so....what is it like now, being Larry Sinclaire..?

“I am investigated by social security almost every 60 days cuz i’m on disability and they say I’m faking it...I’m in debt $73,000 cuz I had to SELF publish my book cuz one after the other publisher were threatened and harrassed...”

I almost got one company to publish it, but the boss said, hey we have families to feed and it fell though.

Social security is always saying I’ve had book signings at which I’m getting money so I’m not entitled to social secirty payments cuz my income should be zero...they investigate me almost every 60 days.

You can go to amazon, and you can get the kindle version of my book for $9 —you can also go 2 LarrySinclaire.org —”buy now!” button is there.

That’s pretty much it. There is another book I published, “Go tell Aunt Roady” (spelling?) and you might think about reading it, ok?

Thanks Larry, we’ll have you on again at some point in the future, ok?

OK, thanks, bye-bye.


if he is gay, he’s the worse kind.....mix homosexuality with a hateful attitude towards many human beings and you end up with a Hitler....


“You have to wonder how they managed to have the 2 girls.”

Who says that they’re his?

I’m just sayin..........


Larry’s tale represents only a small fraction of what the press needs to investigate about Obama.

Until the get serious about researching “Mystery Boy’s” past, consaervatives should tar him with every suspected act of fraud, dishonesty, indecency, and treachery we can think of. Let the lefties sort it out.

We should include Zer0’s school, Selective Service, and medical records. We should drive the LSM batty with our insistence that they DO THEIR G.D. JOB!


he got be bisexual I think his kids are HIS there no question both of them do look like combincatino of First Wookie Michelle and Barry


The thing that I hate to see and looks really limp is when he runs down the airplane latter and holds his arms in with crooked elbows and jiggles them. Watch any clip of him running off a plane or for that matter running for any reason and you will see what I mean. It looks very wimpy.


Just the oldest one might [resemble him]. If you were going to do a fake family for someone you would try to cause the kids to look like pa if you could. Not saying that they are not his but dna tests might prove interesting.


He doesn’t look at all presidential when he bounces up or down the steps with his arms jiggling like a chimp scratching....... Oh oh. I’m gonna be in trouble for saying that.


  1. ....I'm.......just say..............in

    best fart........................

  2. It's interesting just how fixated Freepers are on secret gays. I guess with all the conservatives who turn out to be closet homosexuals they've learned to be wary.

  3. Wary, and secretly excited.

    1. Emphasis on the secretly excited. The amount of detail that homophobes have about sex acts that they "abhor" is impressive.