Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Newt Gingrich reveals sexy Valentine’s Day plans for wife Callista while stumping in California

For the record, I do have two requests pending (one on Whitney Houston, the other on the rape apologist lady on Fox this week), but one is pretty extensive and the other hasn't been addressed yet. Sorry for the short furlough.

"Callista is only 45 - still time to get pregnant for an October surprise.

Maybe we should start a rumor. Unfortunately, the left MSM would spin it into some sort of scandal - as they did with Sarah’s baby."

Oh, it would be a HUGE scandal ...

Unlike the death-eating left, the Gingrichs wouldn't kill their baby.

To the death-eating left, the only good baby is a dead baby.


"...you know reconnect a little bit," he said with a smile."
I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit...


His earlier marriages were very long...longer than most marriages of people I know.
Quite different from a west wing rendevous with two distinct 20 year old interns BY TWO DIFFERENT DEM Presidents.


Newt’s critics are unable to find fault with his policies, plans, philosophy or record in public office - so they resort to tripe like this.

I am disappointed that FReepers are so gullible or eager to embrace this type of personal destruction by lies and innuendo.


"All I can promise is that I believe she will be quite happy,"

Will Tiffany's be also?


if he’s not getting your vote then why are you here?
Go away!


I expect Newt has a better chance of winning the White House than he does of messing up Calista's hair. Does it ever move?


I’m not sure how “happy”, dinner for two, and gifts is “sexy and intimate.”


Why do we have to hear about this? Fighting the mental imagery...ewww


  1. I love how utterly conflicted Freepers are about their various Clown College Candidates.

  2. Dude! I'm no longer just a liberal, I'm a death eater! Voldemort/Malfoy 2012!