Tuesday, February 14, 2012

rious, why do liberal so LOVE abortion?

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Post: OK, I'm sure we all have friends or family members that we disagree with who call themselves "pro-choice."

These people will often feel ambigious about when life starts and don't feel it's right to make legal legislation about this. These are not the people I'm talking about.

I'm talking about those that for whatever REALLY REALLY REALLY love abortion. The ones that strongly support funding of abortion left and right, and those who seem obsessed with making it more and more available and considered. Like Obama working to get it into Kenya. Come on, it can't be about "women's rights?" In a third world, high Muslim population nation?

Is there anyone here that used to be pro-abortion? (not just "pro-choice". If so, could you offer some insight on their mentality?


Because they are evil.

Notice they want you to pay for it!

You are paying for murdering millions of babies. They want to spread the guilt.

I guess it makes them feel less guilty.


They worship Moloch.


Honestly, it is this simple.

When you can absolve your conscience from killing a child - when you can rationalize it away, you are a God unto yourself and accountable to none.

The leftists in love with abortion are merely placing their ‘godhood’ above God himself. They refuse the life under his rule and the love of abortion is mere the expression of the most repugnant thing possible.

“F-You God, your most precious creation is NOTHING to me.”

That’s all there is to it.


Liberals love abortion because they love to kill the helpless and innocent! They would NEVER stand up to an adult psycho with a knife or a gun because they are COWARDS!


Because they view every soul, every life as a burden to society! One more mouth to feed, one more dependant on the state.

It’s also why they endorse euthanasia.


Like all liberals, they want all reward and no risk.
Also explains their disdain for capitalism, BTW.


How can they enjoy such evil as baby killings? The very thought of it scares the hell right out of me. Being cast into a fiery hell forever is the absolute worst thing imaginable—— gosh that scares me... Thank You Savior Jesus for heaven!


Because they hate God.



I think it's puzzling that liberals (usually) are trying to kill their own babies while conservatives are trying to save them. That we would care more about their offspring than they do is...unexplainable.
Also, I wonder what the black population (percentage wise)would be in the US had they not aborted so many babies... I wonder if THEY ever wonder that. Seems to me, they made up about 13% 35 years ago and it's about the same now. Maybe I'm mistaken? Surely, they should be at 20% by now?


It depends what kind of liberal you’re talking about. They love it for one or more reasons.

Feminists love it for power over men. Supposedly. It’s really just killing off their own children. But if it hurts a guy, that’s what’s important.

Population nuts love it because it reduces the population of people, which they view as the source of all problems in the world.

Certain liberals love it because they use it as a wedge issue to keep certain groups against each other, rather than focusing on them (the liberals).

Some liberals love it because they make a living at it, one way or another.

Some liberals love it because it hurts people.

Some liberals love it because it’s blood sacrifice. ANd there is power in that blood sacrifice.

Some liberals love it because anything they can do to strike at the church and Christians, they will keep doing.

Some love it because they believe it’s better for certain kids not to be born, for any variety of reasons.

Many libs have overlapping reasons.


Lesbians run some abortion clinics. It’s a great place to pick up chicks. Abortion torments a woman’s soul. It leaves them vulnerable and hurting. After taking the life of their own flesh and blood, and often feeling abandoned by their husband or boyfriend, they are desperate for love and acceptance. Then they are open to advances by the twisted sexual predators.


think some women deeply resent the pressures put upon them by their parents, society or some god-based morality that "irrationally" kept them from guilt-free "taking on" the whole football team, unlike their male counterparts, who were relatively free to get it on with any and all of the women's volleyball team that would have them.
These elite, young sluts lived their youth "knowing" there were dozens if not hundreds (thousands?) of young men that would've bedded them in an instant and they would've loved to reciprocate and notch their own bedposts, but for the fear of "being punished with a baby."


What does modern day American and European liberals, the German National Socialist Party (nazis), Russia's Stalin, China's Mao and modern day Chi-coms have in common?
People who based their governing ideal, identity and ambition on coveting their neighbor's good, end up with a lot of innocent blood on their hands.

Maybe God knew what He what he was doing when He banned coveting in the ten commandments. It is a deadly sin that leads it's minions to rationalize and commit genocide.


Many liberals are basically selfish, immature people. They tend to see anything that involves an obligation to others over self as an unconscionable burden.


They are slaves to the spirit of this world. That spirit demands blood and rewards slaves with power. RATs are modern servants of Molech no matter how enlightened they may feel they are. Killing babies has no sane or moral excuse.


Just trying to do a better job than Hitler, Pol pot, Stalin
and every other commie leader that ever walked the face
of the earth. You can’t have communism without murdering
a whole bunch of people. This is the new and improved, PC
version of state sponsored murder.


Most of the forgoing is true (I didn’t actually read every comment) and one more reason: They are in bed with the eugenisists. Their deluded brains are dreaming of “purifying the race” - killing or preventing the gestation and/or birth of human beings they consider inferior.


  1. "Some liberals love it because it’s blood sacrifice. ANd there is power in that blood sacrifice."

    Blood for the blood god?

  2. Derp for the Derp God?

  3. "Lesbians run some abortion clinics. It’s a great place to pick up chicks. "

    I'm guessing this person probably hasn't gotten laid in a long, long time.

  4. Lesbian Abortion Clinic Sex Predators.

  5. Some of these people have clearly been thinking this over for far too long.

  6. Lesbian Abortion Clinic Sex Predators: This fall on Fox!

  7. That much straw's gotta be one hell of a fire hazard.

  8. my fav is calling Hitler a communist...too funny