Monday, February 27, 2012

Poll: 75 percent of Americans think wealthy should pay 30 percent or less in taxes

No one should ever pay any income tax at all. The miniscule Constitutional Government, should be entirely funded through tiny used fees for it’s services, and relatively small duties placed on imports and exports. Shrink government to Constitutional proportions, not raise the racketeering to profitablity. Foreigners have largely quit buying our debt. Not the Fed is printing money to keep up spending. The collapse in the house of cards is accelerating. Best to get readyfor it, now.


since 50% pay NO taxes then a real fair tax for all is 0% but I won’t look for it anytime soon.


Ah, yes, those “greedy, selfish, moneygrubbing, uncaring” denizens of the “1%” who rake in more than $250,000 in income.
Has the “Occupiers” and “Fairsharers” ever, ever critized the mega MILLION amounts paid to Rock Star, Actors, Actresse with plastic (you know),political insiders and cronies, football players, baseball and basketball players, tort lawyers, and assorted liberals? I musn’t ommit Union leaders, and College/University officialdom.
If they have, I must have missed it
Apparently it is only business people, doctors and those in the medical fields, industrialists, and conservatives in general.
In other words, “I demand my rights to what YOU have.”


How many of the actually really absolutely “wealthy” pay even close to 30% of their income in taxes?
Romney admitted he paid ‘around’ 15%.

Kerry paid less than 3% on millions of income back when he was running for President.

30% to 35% would be a good start.

A lot of us working schlubs have to pay well over 30% to make up for people like Romney and Kerry paying 15% and 3%.

-- Shockingly, no one contradicted this. They're probably quite bitter about how much money Romney's been able to throw at problems.


I think we should ban people who recieve government funds (like checks) from voting.

I wonder how’d that turn out?


Marginalizing people isn’t the answer. Getting rid of the socialism is.

That can happen essentially one of 3 ways:

1) Civil War
2) Producers “Going Galt”
3) Collapse because we run out of money

I’m not willing to say people can’t vote. I think that’s misguided. The problem isn’t with people voting themselves goodies, it’s with cradle to grave indoctrination via public education and mass media. The solution to one form of tyranny isn’t another. The pendulum ALWAYS swings back. The solution is individual freedom and limited Government. Not more special classes and inhibited classes. I know it’s not the popular or feel good view, but it’s the truth.


I’m not sure the average democrat realizes that if a millionaire paid the same percentage as everyone else, that he would still pay greater sum than everyone who makes less than he does. I think the prime enemy of this republic isn’t abject poverty. It’s abject ignorance.


You can tell the rich by the cars they drive, the clothing they wear and where they hang out.

The welfare recipient is sometimes much harder to identify because they also drive the rich mans car, wear his clothing, and have the same toys he does.


  1. "The welfare recipient is sometimes much harder to identify because they also drive the rich mans car, wear his clothing, and have the same toys he does."

    Oh, yeah. I see homeless people driving Masserati's all the time. And that single mother down the street from my place? Yep, Lois Vuiton and Gucci all the way.

  2. I would have no problem with the "job creators" in this country just plain leaving, as one freeper prescribed. Anyone who would do such a thing over a minuscule tax rate like that is just a greedy asshole who does more harm than good in the long run, and they're easily replaceable.

  3. I wonder how they feel about Snowe's retirement...