Friday, February 3, 2012

Article from The Hill

Excerpt: Jen Talaber said the five-term lawmaker "left quietly" in the middle of the president's remarks.

“He was disturbed and offended by the president’s use of prayer and reflection time for partisan politics and class warfare,” Talaber said. “Rep. Gingrey enjoyed listening to the keynote speaker and found the breakfast to be inspiring until President Obama began politicking.”

Nobody can ever accuse any Ubama of having one shred of class.


I bet that more than one person quietly walked out.


the (excretalbe) O'Bozo, is using every opportunity to spread his smelly message.


Why only one republican? The Nat’l Prayer Breakfast has never been about crass politicking. They would all have been within their rights to leave.


Of course, Obama’s professions of Christianity are a complete fraud and he will answer to a higher power for being a wolf in sheep’s clothing. His real religion is politics, as it is for all leftists.


I told my husband this morning that wild horses could not have gotten me to go to that event, because I’m sure I would have vomited in the middle of it.

Then I said maybe I should have gone precisely BECAUSE I would have vomited at it. Somebody, somewhere needs to give the appropriate response.

Sounds like this guy gave the next-best response.


Slipped out --maybe he should have been more visible if he was so offended

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