Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The War for America: Americans vs. DC, NY, LA

*This is a vanity post, which means the article is just a post by a Freeper, instead of a link to a separate source.*

Excerpts from vanity piece: I won't pretend that there has been any one, single event or occurrence of late that has prompted this discussion. Suffice it to say that I'm absolutely, positively fed up as a Christian, a veteran, and as an American.

I'm well into my 50's now, and in my lifetime I have never seen a more open, blatant attack on not only our freedoms as Americans but also our beliefs (e.g. Christianity in all of its forms), our sensibilities, and even our intelligence.

There are multitudinous examples of enemies out there who loathe our country, our faith, our founding principles, our traditional economic model.....Islam, Socialists/Communists, OWS'ers, Progressives, radicals of all stripes. However, the threat posed by these individuals/groups are either part of, or pale in comparison to, the internal threat that has now forced us into open warfare: I'm speaking of the axis of Washington, DC, New York City, and Los Angeles (Hollywood, Burbank, et al).


Obviously I am not speaking of a "shooting war", but a cultural war; a media war....a war for the hearts and minds of this country. They have had free reign for decades and have continued to clamp down upon us with demonstrably Leftist (aka "proven stupid") policies, departments, laws, pronouncements, Executive Orders, regulations, filth over the airwaves, secular humanism, mockery of anything and everything Christian and/or related to our nation's founding and founding fathers, etc.


Enough is enough, and I'm sick of the tyranny of the few.

It has sickened me that anti-American groups such as CAIR, the ACLU, and so many other fringe organizations seem to carry so much clout in this country.


We have the numbers. This is still an overwhelmingly Christian nation. Look at any "red/blue" map, especially at the county level, and you can clearly see that there are two Americas: one represented by the Axis, another...and much, much larger....represented by those of us who love this country, serve her unabashedly, and go about our lives trying to be good neighbors and productive citizens.

We need our own organization. Shoot, I may even start it myself if no one else does. There are the odd groups here and there that do great work (most notably, the recent rise of the Tea Party), but it's simply not enough.

The Tea Party is often mistaken to be...and treated as...a political party. We know better, but the perception is there, nonetheless. What I am referring to would be a counter to the ACLU, CAIR, and other Leftist special interest groups that can be heard collectively above the din; one that can approach a broadcast network, a newspaper, a legislator or legislature...and let 'em have it with both barrels (figuratively speaking), letting them know of our disapproval or even anger.

If a tiny handful of Muslims in a Christian country can intimidate the media and legislators, what can millions and millions of outraged American citizens do?


Let's take on this Axis on our coastlines and put them in their place once and for all. What say you all?


How about, For The Love of Americans. And yes, hyphenated names with nationalities or “religions” need not apply. I think Breitbart gave a pretty good speech this weekend in reference to the same ideas.


Breitbart and other individuals have been carrying the burden, doing the heavy lifting for the rest of us for far too long.

Time to lighten their load considerably.


With all due respect, the "battle for hearts and minds" was lost a generation ago. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the left and the media Americans now have a multiplicity of identities, cultures and moral codes, many of which are not compatible or are diametrically opposed. We are not one nation but are actually several nations uncomfortably superimposed within the same geographic boundaries. History teaches us that is only a matter of time until our civilization descends into chaos.
Welcome to the American Balkans. Hard choices are coming, my FRiend.


I am much of the same mind as you.

However any organisation you build or try to build will be called racist, Fascist,homophilic,islamophobic,or prudish.

You feel there are millions out there who would rush to join such an organisation, and really, there should be, but there aren’t.

Only a few of us are trying to keep up.
The others are entertained by “Swamp Men” and “Repo wars”.
Watching Reality shows while they should be paying attention to what is going on around them.


I even think that the headlong rush to homosexual marriage is a skirmish in this war.

As homosexal marriage becomes allowed in more places, attention will turn to the fact that no mainstream religion allows homosexual marriage. Eventually lawsuits will be filed against churches over the marriage issue. Mainstream religions will be in position in which they will be in violation of civil rights laws by holding to their positions on the sinful nature of homosexuality. Attempts will be made to legislate these religions out of existence.

This recent battle over birth control and Catholic organizations is another battle in this war. Liberals such as Obama see nothing wrong with forcing a liberal value on the Catholic Church. The same will eventually be done with homosexual marriage.


Our government K-12 schools are evil. Conservatives should remove their children **immediately** and work to see that they are completely shut down!

Government K-12 schools are godlessl They are controlled by Marxists. Simply by attending children must think and reason godlessly just to cooperate in the classroom. And...Children risk learning to be comfortable with socialism. Hey! If the voting mob can give them tuition-free school, why not use that mob to get **lots** of free stuff?

Nearly all of our colleges and universities are evil as well. Conservatives must work to find other ways to educate and train our young adults. ( Charles Murray's idea of qualifying exams is a good one.)

If our children were properly educated and capable of defending their faith and our nation's founding principles, in just 10 to 15 years we would begin to see major changes in the culture.


Sending a child into the nation's socialist K-12 schools is definitely feeding the beast.
Also, I pray for the day when there will be free, 24-hour, Internet-based, conservative TV with the same polish as the Marxist mainstream media and Fox News.


The Welfare Democrats have bred a dependent generation so passive and shiftless, they are far too lazy even to go out and participate in a good riot...In the end I suspect that will be our salvation.


  1. I've said this before about Freepers and I'll say it again: What a bunch of drama queens!

  2. Okay, I am gonna ask for some clarification: "hyphenated names with nationalities or “religions” need not apply." What in the world does that mean?

  3. They're referring to people who call themselves (or are called by the media) _____-Americans, such as Korean-Americans (nationalities) or Muslim-Americans ("religions" -- and the parentheses are to indicate that none of them are valid ones)