Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DNC is just sickening

Vanity post:

I am not a Romney fan at all, but listening to the DNC speakers it is just sickening how they are blaming capitalism. These "workers" talking about how they were fired from "their" companies despite them being "productive".

Do these losers have any idea about how stupid they sound? If they were adding value, why would they be cut by a profit oriented company? They were cut because they were DRAG on the company. A profit oriented company is not a charity, it needs to survive by making money. Leeches(or slacking workers) need to go and if they are cut, it is up to them to improve and become more valuable, not complain about "BAIN CAPITAL".

This is just sickening to listening to these "hard working Americans" speak.


Yes, I’d like to see their performance reviews.


Your right, Obama may get a negative bounce out after today's debacle. 


Sandra Fluke is on now fear mongering. Whoever chose her to speak is a hero...for our side. What a veritable smorgasboard of parody. If SNL misses it, we MUST find a way to capitalize on this sl*t’s stupid comments.


I wonder who’s idea it was to put Fluke then Bill Clinton speaking in close succession? So they could “warm up” in the back together?


The slut’s speech was all about murdering of babies for a woman’s right to convenience. Horrendous!


Notice the psychology of Fluke’s necklace? Round hoops like condoms? Slick Willy wanted her to wear a different kind of necklace, probably.


Even Slick Willie, who even I admit can give a speech, especially to a captive audience, is failing miserably to make a case for the muslim.

Slick Willie could sell ice to the proverbial Eskimo, but he’s got nothing tonight. Barry sucks harder than Monica.

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  1. They're willing to concede that Bill can form words into sentences. How very fucking cooperative and bipartisan.