Thursday, September 13, 2012

Waffle House Fight Caught On Camera

One (apparently drunk) woman started a fight at a Waffle House when her food is not prepared in what she considers a timely manner. She threw a stapler at the cook and a ketchup bottle of a woman calling a cop.

Didn’t even have to look at the picture to know it was one of Holder’s “peeps.” Or perhaps one of Zero’s daughters.


“According to Troy Police Chief Jimmy Ennis, the angry omelet orderer was Erika Raynell Chambers, 21, of Luverne.”

Member of a protected class. Just ask Dept. of Injustice’s Eric Holder.


" I really hate that almost everytime I see an article about something like this I hope that I see a white faced perpetrator but invariably they’re black. I don’t want to believe that blacks are inherently more agressive than whites but the anecdotal evidence seems clear."

It's that arrogant entitlement mentality that has intensified since 0bama became POTUS.


President Lincoln felt that “Black and white can not live together”. He supported the “Back to Africa” movement via Liberia.


It's not inherent, i.e genetic, it's feral.

They're raised without parents, love, God, rules, limitations, respect, manners, responsibility, education, morals, shame, and on and on and ... 


 Dey be entitled you know.


"I have a lot of black friends and co-workers. My best girl friend is black. All educated, all well mannered and all successful.

And sadly, they would have guessed the same as I did, that the moron having the fit was black. In fact, I had a co-worker, who had just bought a house in a very white suburb, tell me she “didn’t want to live around a bunch of blacks”..

She laughed at the look on my face, and proceeded to tell me she wanted to keep her property values up.

So it certainly isn’t all black folks by any means."

No one suggested it was "all." However, the blacks you described are the 1% ... and would probably be described as Uncle Toms.

I have a few relatives who teach and when any minority gives them that "you want me to act white" BS, they get an earful of - "No, I want you to act like an American." 


 "So it certainly isn’t all black folks by any means."

The ones you know and write about are the statistical outliers. The part thrown out when performing the statistical analysis.

My best friend since we were five years old (I am in my early 50s) is just one of those outliers. He has no black friends and has never had one. He never dated a black women, married a wonderful Cuban woman and his parents would not let him associate with blacks except within his family. He is a senior engineer at an automotive manufacturer.

The problem is they are a very small minority of the black population and are regarded by the majority as "Uncle Toms" because they had the audacity to want an education and become successful on their own.

It is not just Liberalism that produces this, it is thousands of years of genetic evolution within a tribal mindset that weeds out the non conformers.


The Black community is fed a steady diet of hate and disinformation about our society. It is being done by the Left to foment a race war. They also play off Latinos against Blacks and Whites. The Left thinks a race war is winnable by them to usher in their new socialist/Marxist utopia. They really do not understand that this would be Civil War 2 and such wars are messy and not “civil”. Lots of the Lefties would perish along with other innocent Americans. 


 I was in physical therapy awhile ago when the Rhianna/Brown beat up was aired. A large black woman was on the table next to me and said loudly that Rhianna was arrogant and deserved the smack down...

All us white folks were stunned.

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  1. Not a single racist comment. I think the Freepers are slipping.