Monday, September 10, 2012

This Is The Most Bullish Moment We Can Recall Since The Financial Crisis Ended

Summary: The article is about how the stock market has been rallying.


Aren’t we basically in a depression?


The crisis ended and I missed it?


If they want a crisis, just let Obama be re-elected
and see what happens to the economy.


I have 40 years experience up until today in small business... we are in a depression and ALL OF THESE COMMUNISTS are trying to get obamao reelected... yes... wall street/corporate America does have a communist division... see robert reichhhhhhhhh for example.


And this is the most bullishit news I have seen.

There is no reason for it. As one person posted, no fundamentals support it. None.


of course the market will get a bump...

just as it’s had over the last 3+ years.

as you deflate the dollar, things measured in dollars... require more dollars to acquire

"China is faltering, Europe is in shreds, the US is about to re-elect a trillion dollar deficit and Israel is stalking Iran. Great time for a stock market rally. "
Who you gonna believe - Obama's media, or your lying eyes?
The markets will be goosed by new printing ,, that is all ...
Higher taxes in 2013

Obamacare kicks in ..
Europe continues to collapse ... China is probably at the start of a collapse...

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  1. It's all doomsday scenarios now, but after the election these same people will just go right back to taking up all the bench seats at that Dairy Queen I like and mooching the wi-fi.