Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yemeni protesters storm US embassy in Sanaa

Yet another cost we pay of having the idiot from Chicago in charge. I wonder how much longer the media can run damage control for Obama before the dam breaks.


 Obama and Hillary are being exposed as amateurs

Wanted to Loved and now hated. 

Their might be hearings on Huma NOW 


This is yet ANOTHER gift to Romney as horrible as it is. If this doesn’t move the polls to his direction and erase Obama’s lead in swing states...nothing will. At this point you have people who are considered heroes who rob banks in Los Angeles and throw out tens of thousands in cash. We really need to get the hell out of the Middle East at this point and regroup. Obama is gonna get a lot of people killed.

How Romney is not up 15 points is BEYOND ME.


Militant Muslim Uprisings = September Surprise

Puts bad news of the economy, jobs, unemployment on the back burner.

How convenient for Obama.

Allah truly watches over him.


 It took the Yemeni Military and a lot of violence to get them out of our Embassy. Fox reported that there were no Americans there... ALL of our people have been evacuated. We have abandoned our posts in the ME. We are a weak and defeated nation in the eyes of the terrorists... for now. Maybe not next year.


 Lets be honest... would anyone really miss Yemen if we just wiped it off the map?


 This hurts him on top of the economy... there is no way to spin this as anything but the failures of the left and hillary and obama personally. They own this and the media is starting to report the truth over the lies of clinton and obama yesterday. This is far from over... this has just begun. Do you think iran will just let this slide by without trying to seek advantage? Watch... this is serious business.


 Rome burns while Obama plays golf.

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