Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Was America Founded As A Christian Nation?

"The secularists are wrong, period. But we cannot remake the Founders in our image to claim they were something they weren't."

30% of the founders were ministers. Most were religious men.

They came here to practice Christianity out from under the control of the King.

“One Nation Under God”, and all that stuff.


"America was NOT founded as a Christian nation.

A true Christian nation would not have allowed false gods to be worshipped in it’s society.

Islam, Buddhism and satanism would have been banned outright."

Technically, freedom of religion in the colonies only applied to Christianity as all other “comparative religions” were considered pagan or false religions.

This was especially true of British, Scottish, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swiss, and Russian settlers.

Judaism was also considered consistent with Christianity as the root of Christianity. Islam was not in consideration except as a false belief system.

Just study Church History and a globe and follow the growth of freedom in the West.


Our Constitution is based on the Ten Commandments, not the koran.


Every part of America had been the subject of intense lobbying by Christian institutions long before the Founders managed to get here.

This was the GREAT PRIZE OF ALL HISTORY ~ a whole new world! 


Articles / writers use the ‘controversial’ meme to rewrite history in support of liberalism. And they/their publications should be told in great number that their credibility ends, as does their income, when they attempt to blatantly lie.

Whether it’s this, the gay ‘rights’ bs or Dem anything, Stop patronizing them, inform them why and that’s about all we can do.

Why people still watch TV or by MSM pubs/visit their websites/then wonder why the MSM has such influence, is beyond me.


We are a republic and republic’s make an end of Kings. Such an end was only made possible by Christ.
The moment Christ died a new covenant was born. The curtain in Herod’s Temple which separated the holy of holies from the people was torn asunder. From that moment forward no one stood between each person and their God. No Priest. No King.

We have a one on one with God. Oh my...that means we are born with rights from God. Oh my....then there is no such thing as a noble. I am equal to any man and every man before God and the law.

It took another 1750 years, a Reformation, and an ocean between us to figure it out....but we did.
All men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of indeed a Christian principle.

As is the tolerance for sinners and heretics who must find salvation and repentance on their own....not by force or compulsion.

Not all men who say they are Christian were or are. Likewise, not all men who say they are or were irreligious can be so easily filed.

The founders, like all of us, undoubtedly went through many phases of belief and unbelief in their long lives. They would be far too remarkable had they not. But the record does show that for most of them most of the time they lived....they abided by Christian principles as well as any sinner might.


“Was America Founded As A Christian Nation?”

Yes, of course it was.

To try to deny this is to deny Western culture and history.


"Our Constitution is based on the Ten Commandments"

Yes, and the dead giveaway is how the Constitution contains precisely none of them. 

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Well, all the Founders were Christians and the document could have only been written by Christians. And at the time of the Document’s adoption, about 99.9 percent of the non-Native people living here were Christians. 


When the State centralized control of education and enshrined the principals of the French Revolution rather than the values of our own Revolution, it was only a matter of time until Christian principals were discarded.

Once "everyone" went to college, it was all over. People had been brainwashed into accepting non-Christian behavior in public rather than allowing others freedom of worship as long as they conformed to a Christian moral code and public behavior in keeping with Christian principals. Having achieved their goal of brainwashing a few generations, the democrat fascist nobility was able to begin to openly take over. Since they couldn't start by murdering the priests and pastors, though, they did the same thing the pre-Revolutionary French folks did and got everyone used to violence and an absence of law.

Face facts, when King Barry was able to first grab power within the democrat machine and then get elected, the fascists won. They had and have exactly the sort of society and government machine they've been working towards ever since they lost their slaves.

It's just a matter of time before the final confrontation between the majority and the new nobility takes place. They can't actually win and it will be nearly impossible for them to blend back in and hide their real intentions, but they can make it a very, very, difficult time in our history.

There Will Be Blood. 

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  1. After reading that last, awesome post, this is all I could think of:

    It’s called drainage. I own everything around I get everything underneath it.

    But there are no derricks there. This is
    the Bandy tract. Do you understand?

    Do you? I drink your water, Eli.
    I drink it up. Everyday. I drink
    the blood of lamb from Bandy’s tract.

  2. What is there to say, really? A paltry few reasonable comments lost in a flood of wishful thinking.

    For anyone interested in some decent scholarship of this debate, check out Jon Meacham's book called American Gospel.