Friday, September 14, 2012

Were We Warned? (Obama Knew)

Clinton and Obama might just as well have put bullets in the head of those four poor souls. This report came from our own state department.


 Impeach the treasonous bastard bastard and run him out of Dodge!


 Obama didn't need warning this was SEPTEMBER 11 !!! In the MIDDLE EAST !!!! Should have been on full alert or hiding. This was a MAJOR BLUNDER! !!! BUT VIVA LAS VEGAS.



 He did it on purpose..He needed to change the subject here at hope and win muslim support for cash..what could be the reason for he and hillary offering up human sacrifices. what do they need a crisis for?


 Congress should demand that the President and Sec. of State appear before the Foreign Affairs Committee next week. They need to find out who is responsible for this flagrant dereliction of duty. When there are dead Americans coming to Andrews AFB today, we no longer can pretend we have leaders who know what they are doing.


I am more convinced than ever it was false flag. US false flag orders go out to AQ actors in Cairo and libya, security apparatus detects and reports threat, intel on threat goes ignored by USA, Kinectic against Ambassador and embassy occurs, people die, Clinton and Obama not surprised, lament dbad day after apologies.

Classic false flag cockup killing Americans on order of CIC.

Will happen all over mid east and Europe tomorrow, in muslim countries, after prayers. The horse is out of the barn now, will go crazy 3 times.


 It was the anniversary of 9/11.
They had 48 hours warning.
Guards were not allowed ammunition.
That muzzie sob has blood on his hands.
Impeach him now!


 The empty suit has become the biggest criminal in America.


This I believe is true. I can’t say why I think this but I believe it.

When did we first hear of the attacks in the media? Was it Monday night?


 It’s Wag the Dog time for Barry Hussein Soetoro as we are getting close to Nov 6. Think TWA 800 in 96 when Bubba was going for relection.


  1. "The empty suit has become the biggest criminal in America."

    Empty suit? I thought he'd finally leveled up to 50 and evolved into an empty chair.

    1. That's the Obama that only Republicans can see. The real Obama is both an empty suit and a tyrannical dictator.

  2. "Guards were not allowed ammunition."

    Yes. I am sure that Obama called each embassy guard commander and personally ordered them not to give out ammunition to the marines. Obvious.