Sunday, November 27, 2011

Newt Gingrich may face backlash in Iowa over immigration comments

Summary: Gingrich supports an amnesty and conservatives are clutching the pearls and halting their support of him.

AMEN! Stick a fork in him, he’s done. Whether we like it not, Cain, flawed as he is, he is the ONLY conservative alternative to Mittens. I like Santorum and would also support Bachmann but they are not going anywhere in 2012.


Gingrich IS a liberal. Some call him a moderate. The more conservatives learn about where he stands, the less they will like him. He has a lot of baggage and he is politically radioactive with his amnesty comments. He will never beat Obama.


"Whether we like it not, Cain, flawed as he is, he is the ONLY conservative alternative to Mittens. "

I like it just fine. What I don't like are the pro-ILLEGAL alien candidates...and we know who they are.


I'm starting to get a little pissed.
Jump in Sarah. You're the only sane person on the planet who can do it.


Imagine someone who robbed a bank, perhaps several banks, perhaps several times; then that someone helped several family members rob some banks; and they got away with robbing banks for several years, then decades ...
Since this lucky fellow, and all his lucky family, and all their lucky friends, and their families, got away with robbing banks for so long, ...

Now all these lucky bank robbers get free bank accounts, loaded with free money; they get to be honored members of the boards of the banks they robbed, with full voting rights on the disposition of the remaining wealth of the bank customers they previously robbed into oblivion.

Whatta country!!!


Fly them home and bill the home country for the full cost of repatriating them.


The pro-ILLEGAL alien crowd likes to talk about the kids of ILLEGAL aliens (who are ILLEGAL aliens also) that were brought here by their parents. Why disrupt their lives when the parents are to blame? Consider this...
If an ILLEGAL alien stole your car and gave it to his son who was also ILLEGAL, should the ILLEGAL son be able to keep your car? After all, he didn't steal it, his father did.

There are millions of out of work American citizens who are out of work because their jobs have been taken by ILLEGAL aliens. I have compassion for those Americnas, not the ILLEGALs who have their jobs.


For the last ten years, new immigrant citizens have voted 80% for the Democratic Party.
That is the essential issue.

Would the Hard Left support Amnesty and Open Borders if new citizens voted 80% for Conservatives?

Of course not.

Current immigration policy is political suicide for the GOP.


"What Reagan did" was DEAD WRONG, as was his turning tail and running from Lebanon after our Marines were slaughtered. Reagan is not a god. He screwed up big time, and created a demographic disaster. Had Reagan thought it through logically, he would have anticipated that MILLIONS more than predicted would bum rush the border to get amnesty. He would have realized how many of them would have babies, push schools and hospitals to the breaking point, create Spanish-only towns throughout CA and TX, leave hundreds of thousands on welfare, WIC, food stamps, Medicare, etc. None of that mattered. We were "a nation of immigrants". Illegals "shared our values". Etc. And anyone who disagreed was simply racist. So we got amnesty, and a demographic disaster ensued. Gingrich was all for it. And made it even worse as Speaker in the 1990s. And now he wants even MORE amnesty, as did McCain. No thanks. I will never support another such candidate.


I should have trusted my instinct, the global warming, ethanol, sitting on the sofa with Pelosi,, teaming up with Hilary, supporting Scozzafava is the real Newt.

He’s an extremely good debater, and very well read about the history of our nation. Making it more unforgivable for him to support 20 million illegals over us.


We need to remember why Gingrich was knocked out of the Speaker’s chair in the late 1990s to begin with. Conservative House members got fed up with him constantly caving to Clinton and allowing Clinton to hike federal spending as a percentage of GNP to what was then a post World War II high. Gingrich wasn’t knocked off for being too conservative, but for being too conciliatory.


"Republicans are headed to losing an unlosable election"

Spot on. We’ve managed to shoot our own wounded. The only ones left who have not been destroyed by the media and all of us narrow-minded Conservatives (and I’m just as bad as everyone else) is Romney, Huntsman and Santorum; two RINOs and one Conservative (with the charisma of a footstool) who got booted out of the Senate by the people of PA by about 19 percentage points. I see four more years of Obama coming. I hope he friggin’ destroys the Economy to the point that we deserve what we get. That’s the only thing that’s going to “send a message”; not, forming a Third Party or sitting out the Election. I guess we’re going to have to be brought to our knees in order to get our s**t together. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL MAMA!


Illegal Immigration, Amnesty, Instate Tuition, letting Illegal aliens who commit crimes to get away scot-free are Not family values, or a American value.
The agenda behind all of this is to reduce the federal government into bankruptcy, and undermine our national sovereignty.... and anyone who favors this is NOT a conservative, they are working for the enemy.


“You would vote for the abortion flip-flopper?”

If the choices were Obama and Romney, I would certainly vote for Romney. Are you saying you would refuse to vote and thereby subject America to four more years of Obama just so you could preen in front of the mirror bragging to yourself abour how you never voted for the “abortion flip-flopper?”

"I will never vote for an abortion candidate. Ever. I have to answer for my actions someday, and that won’t be one of them."


I have a cousin who was murdered by an illegal alien, but hey, so long as we have an immigration policy that suits your particular religious bent, that’s just fine isn’t it?


I have advocated - and I’m completely serious - allowing border guards to shoot-to-kill anyone crossing the border. It’s a violation of our sovereignty.

I also favor a fence. I’d even go for Cain’s electified fence. I support strict sanctions on employers also.

But the country is NOT going to deport otherwise law-abiding people who’ve been here for a long time and have families. Even if WE think it’s the right thing to do - guess what, we’re in the minority.

Newt’s plan of a case-by-case evaulation with NO citizenship at the end of the rainbow makes as much sense as anything I’ve head that’s likely to ever happen.

What many here don’t seem to realize that the important goal is to make sure illegals never get citizenship. So long as that’s part of the package, who really cares about anything else?

And believe me, it will be a VERY hard fight with those who think they should get full citizenship. Remember McStain was for just a fine, become a citizen. Newt’s plan does NOT - I repeat, does NOT - grant citizenship. He’s playing chess while the wild-eyed purists are playing an emotional game of checkers. He knows demographics are hurling us toward true amnesty if we can’t somehow stop it. Work permits with the understanding there will be no citizenship is the way to do it.

I know, I know, deport them all.



  1. "Reagan is not a god."

    I never thought I'd see that from these people.

  2. I think it won't be long before they're calling Reagan a godless commie.