Wednesday, November 16, 2011

White House hit by AK-47 bullets

0bama’s base continues to turn on him.


Is this an attempt to distance Obama from his nutjob supporters in the OWS movement?


"Probably a plant to boost his brand."

That was my first reaction - setup to try and move the news from SOlyndra, Fast & furious, jobs, economy etc.

Create a 'threat to the President' to try and rally people around him.


Just a drug deal gone bad. DC is like Chicago, a total war zone outside of those areas frequented by politicians


The prime suspect:

Oscar Ramiro Ortega.

Probably an illegal or from OWS.


Don't exclude the possibility that obama, himself, had it done, building toward a "national emergency" delcaration in order to avoid having elections, and to declare himself as "indefinite" president.

The man is pure evil and I would not put anything past him.


I don’t want this idiot to be a martyr but can’t figure out why foreign govs haven’t tried to take him out. THEY know that when he takes this country down, the entire world goes down.


Oscar Ramiro Ortega is an Occupier. He’s only 21 and has a long arrest history already. I’m not seeing if he’s an illegal or not. But if he is a resident; he’s probably an anchor baby.


Another round discovered, bullets found, gun recovered.

All too convenient.

Everything about this shooting benefits this administration.


More Dems have come out in favor of the Occupy Protesters.
If this guy was indeed a part of that movement, the Republicans will (should?) make every American voter AWARE of the ties and full support by the Democrat Party for these terrorists.


He's a white hispanic from Idaho. Here is the description of one of his tatoos:

"A fourth tattoo on his left chest has hands clasped in prayer and the words "Israel" on the left side of his neck"

Sorry...but he does not sound too much like a OWS to me. Maybe he is...but they can spin it easily with just that much information into the other.

I hope it is not so...but I have no trust whtsoever in this admin and particularly in the DOJ under Holder.


I completely disapprove. Whether or not anyone in the current regime has any value to the United States, the White House is a national treasure. It’s disrespectful to shoot such a beautiful and formerly reputable building.


Is the shooter’s birth name “Lee Harvey Oswald?”

This is so ridiculously set up.

The only good thing about Omoslem is that his Communist regime can’t do anything right. They’re so convinced of their own “smartness” that they routinely botch every operation.

That’s what you get when your cabal is a ragtag band of moslems, communists and anarchists.


Did you see Diane Sawyer’s interview with Gabby Gifford the other night? The sweet little thing, so brave and dedicated, was being threatened by those nasty, hateful, dangerous tea party people at her town meetings because she supported Obamacare. Sarah Palin had an ad with bullseyes on it for Democrat districts that should be overturned. Once again, the MSM was implying that right wing radicals and Palin were responsible for a climate of fear and intimidation that led to the shooting of Giffords. This has been disproved over and over again but Sawyer and the rest won’t let it go. Every chance they get they exploit it to try to destroy the credibility of Obama’s opponents. And idiots in the electorate believe them.


I call BS on this one.

Who leaves their weapon at the scene unless they were hit by return fire and incapacitated or something.

Way to convenient.


I keep waiting for a burning of the Reichstag moment, but I think this bunch is more clever than that. I would they’ll try 1,000 smaller staged events for the same purpose.

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