Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Norway massacre: Breivik declared insane

Short but terrifying post.

He probably does belong in an asylum . . . along with all the Muslim-importing politicians


"arguing that that the attacks were atrocious but necessary for his campaign to defend Europe against a Muslim invasion."

Enthusiastic, yes; insane, no. /sarc


Breivik is insane? I disagree. The Norwegians who keep supporting more Muslim immigration despite the disgusting increase in Muslim-on-Norwegian rapes and violent crimes...those are the people who are insane.

As to Breivik, his decimation of the next generation of Norway’s leftist elites is, pragmatically speaking, an act of strategic brilliance.


Norway is the most wealthy and open country in the word —last year EVERY single rape in Oslo was perpetrated by Muslims who hate Norway, or at least behave as if they do.

Evil? Sure, what he did was evil.

Nuts? No:

Norway is very ambitiously committing suicide by importing ever greater numbers of these people who with breath-taking clarity are destroying his country.

He gave up specifically BECAUSE he wanted a trial in order to nationally showcase his motives for this horrible crime.

My guess is that the legal system has guessed his strategy.

Shutting him away in Norway’s Prison-version of Club Med is their way of preserving their slow-motion multicultural process of national suicide.


He massacred a communist preparatory camp for children of the political elite.
I think he knew exactly what he was doing.


  1. This just reinforces my impression that the only difference between Breivik and the freepers is that Breivik was crazy enough to follow through on his fantasies.

  2. Yes, killing a bunch of middle-class Norwegian kids is going to stop rape. W T and indeed F?

  3. And these people are allowed to own guns.