Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Special Edition: Fox News comments

I decided to start adding comments from other dark and murky corners of the internet occasionally, and where better to start than with our favorite Definitely Not Biased network, Fox News.

Please keep in mind that Fox reaches a wider range of people and that it also has a different system of modding, which means there's more likely to be some trolls. However, my recent Thanksgiving dinner with my conservative family assures me that the majority of these people at the very least represent a sincere point of view.

Article: Obama Takes Daughters to Bookstore for 'Small Business Saturday' Link to article.

I will not make any major new purchases till Obama is out of office .


He purchased: Marxism for Morons, 20 Years of Unheard Sermons by Jeremiah Wright, The Positive Accomplishments of Barack H. Obama - 400 pages all blank.


I'll bet he paid for the stuff with our money


I guess we are all wrong. Forget about all the thousands of regulations his administration has put into effect, forget about trying to shut down Boeing and the raids on Gibson guitars, forget about the ballooning costs of Obamacare, forget about confiscating capitol (needed to hire and expand) to supply his never ending need to spend, Obama really supports business...see, he bought a couple of books.


This was not purchased with his own personal money. It will appear somewhere on his next expense report.


I am surprised his two w h o r e offspring can read. The first w h o r e must have been turning some tricks.


On the cover of USA Weekend, there's a Norman Rockwell type illustration of the Obamas at the Thanksgiving table with Sasquatch dressed up like Betty Crockett, apron and all, serving her turkey. Not a butler to be seen.



1. You MUST buy health insurance.

2. You may not create a new location for your business w/o govt approval (Boeing).

3. You must eat only food authorized.

4. You may not use the name Barack Obama in vain (ie AttackWatch).

5. The name God shall not be uttered in public events, unless CLEARLY referring to Barack Obama.

6. You must support the homosexual agenda.

7. You must hand your kids over to the Government of pedophiles.

8. You may not speak/write anything against the gov't.

9. You may not possess or distribute the American flag at public events

10. You may not assemble in groups more than 2 people.


One Nation under Sodomy

I pledge Allegiance to

the flag of the United States

of Sodomites to the degenerates

for which it stands one Nation

Under Sodomy with Liberty

and Justice Only for Sodomites.


The only thing this guy supports is "NO JOBS AMERICA." He doesn't have a clue about any business. The best this Odummy could do for America is stay home.


I bet Planet of the Apes just got purchased........


"That particular store must have a large ebonics section...."

don't think so, since the President graduated from Harvard and is well read enough to have been a US Senator, and currently the President of the United States of America, i think his english is pretty well above average.

But I see the connection you were trying to make, its kinda pathetic.

"This fool got a free ride off the goverment and people with money..

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If he wants his lil' chittlins to understand how business works, he should take them to the Boeing plant in South Carolina and explain how his NLRB is keeping thopusands of people out of work.

What a total moron!!!

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If he really wants to support small business why all the anti-bussiness rhetoric for the last two years the demagoguery, the class warfare....please.
Want help reduce the size of the federal government, get rid of oppressive regulations and taxes.
Fat chance he really wants to help.
Progressivism = Totalitarianism
The "ONE" is DONE
The "O" has got to GO


"Descent into Chaos: The U.S. and the Disaster in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia." Good read for you Obama since your the one who caused the chaos.


What a crock. If I take my two daughters monique and unique and shop at Sears will that count?

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I must wonder- will the girls resent their daddy for giving them an adulthood where race relations in the USA have reverted to 1866?


It seems he's still in sympathy with the Occupiers. Is Decent into Chaos his biography?


  1. Oh dear gods, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! don't go scraping the muck at Fox News, you'll be buried up to your eyeteeth in poison, and you'll destroy the whole originating rationale for your blog.

  2. Don't be so worried, I won't do it often, maybe once a month, and it won't just be Fox News. If I happen to notice the comments section on an article I'm reading on another website is particularly insane, I'll post some of the comments here.

  3. Hehehehe one nation under sodomy. Doesn't sound so bad to me