Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gabrielle Giffords wants to feel ‘better’ before returning to D.C.

Article: From the Chicago Sun

Summary: "Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, in her first public interview since she was shot in the head in Tucson last winter, doted on her husband, former astronaut Mark Kelly, and called him “brave, brave, brave” as she kissed his bald head.

Giffords appears on ABC’s “20/20” show Monday night. It’s her first extended interview since the January rampage that killed six people and wounded 13."

(The television interview comes as fellow victims of the shooting came to Washington to testify in favor of a gun-control bill. They said that Giffords’ appearance represents a major milestone for them as it helps them cope with the trauma they’ve endured over the past 10 months.)

That’s where any sympathy I had evaporated immediately. This just becomes another cheap way that the Libs (as Ann Coulter gives so many examples about) trot out people you cannot criticize to push through contravertial laws that they want, that limit liberty for the law-abiding citizen.


“About a dozen survivors and family members are in Washington lobbying for legislation that would extend criminal background checks to all gun sales and enhance the quality of the FBI’s criminal background checks.”

This is really the central point of this “emo” piece.


I’ll tell you who is “brave, brave, brave”, it’s the conservative judge who sacrificed his life to save hers. I doubt HE was for gun control, and somehow I don’t think the “reporter” would ask his surviving family members if he did or not. I am so unbelievably disgusted with the lot of them. There is no shame in using anything and everything and everybody to advance their fascist agenda. We saw the same thing with the healthcare debate.


I know I will be accused of being insensitive and mean-spirited but it seems that she can’t string together cogent complex statements or thoughts. Doesn’t that suggest that she will be unable to understand most complex processes (including understanding and voting on legislation written in legalese that exceed 1000’s of pages)? Maybe just rehabbing and living should be the best course for her. Maybe she should resign?


This is quickly turning into another democrat freakshow.


So on one hand, I am told about Giffords incredible recovery and then scolded for opposing her point-of-view?

Sorry, but all this tells me is that one of my enemies has made an incredible recovery.


The liberals have a real victim this time and will milk it for all it’s worth.


When I clicked on this thread, I was ready to criticize anyone making a political point at her expense.

Now, I am ready to criticize Giffords, and all other statist liberals, for being so incredibly sleazy.

These people would sell their own mothers, if it would help advance a socialist agenda.


She’s the perfect democrat. Since when does one need a fully operating brain or the ability to string together a sentence to vote how Nancy Pelosi says you should.


she'll be back to DC soon, equipped with a 'grunt/drool' button to record her votes...
WOW, i think that mightve been a bit harsh...

eff the commie bee-atch...just another commie foorsoldier willing to fight to the end, like fat-dead-ted...

the whole lot of em remind me of longshanks in the dying breath, hopin to see the fruits of their lifelong pursuit of evil...

maybe her and jim brady can go on the road and do a duet, between the two, i think theve still got half a brain...

dang, another mean comment??? ask me if i care about either one of their feeeelings as they work tirelessly to kill me...???


She’s going to do exactly what she would have done had she NOT been shot - ironically, by a Liberal Poster Child Protege. Loughner was one of THEIRS - a PERFECT example of what happens when you absorb liberal BS all your life.

This isn’t a game. It’s for the survival of the country, ultimately, and sentimentality or “compassion” for the enemy only gets them further ahead in their agenda.

I don’t mourn, nor eulogize, nor have compassion for the other side. They would dance on our graves in a heartbeat.


I heard something this morning about Giffords’ husband jumping ugly on Boehner. I’ve got a question for Kelly: Why the heck didn’t you make certain your wife had police protection at her appearances? You never thought to ask, make an issue? People in glass houses, bud.

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  1. So what it basically boils down to:

    - Freepers are cool with people who have criminal pasts acquiring guns legally. (I say legally because we all know there are ways of getting guns through other means)
    - Making fun of a victim of a horrible crime is "classy"

    Keep it up Freepers!