Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chick-fil-A to stop giving money to 'anti-gay organizations,' according to reports

And I guess that Target, Penny’s etc, etc, etc will stop giving money to pro-gay organizations?

Silly me, I always thought that the purpose of a business was to make money and hire people.

Earth to gays, I was going to tell you to mind your own business and shove it up your smelly Obamas. At least you’re following half of my recommendations.


I always liked the Chick-Fil-A and liked even more in the last few months after the chain was attacked by agents of the sodomites.

Now, without their support for solid family values, I may have to stop dining at my local Chick-Fil-A.


 "No one has to send money to any organization except the greedy, brutish government.

Perhaps Mr. Cathy was worried about having to close his business if the homosexual Gestapo got him on the IRS and EPA and Labor Dept. hit lists. He cares about all his employees who would be out of work when lawsuits would shut his doors.

That’s the kind if thugs we have running this formerly free country."

And it is such “thugs” that WILL and I REPEAT WILL make a second American revolution much more likely to happen.


 Unfortunately for CFA they’re not keeping in mind that the same people that supported them with record breaking sales a few months ago can also avoid them and we are the 53% that actually have money and like the wholesome surroundings and service of CFA. I’d like more info on what they plan to do before turning away.


 "Instead donate to groups that support traditional marriage. wink wink"

Exacly. Cater to their expectations. They think you are stupid. Give them a sentence they want that does not conflict with the corporate values. Done and Done.

Let's sell chicken and support our communities!!!! Yea!!!! 


 CFA is compromising their values to appease the liberals. Halting support for pro-family groups is just the beginning. Homosexual activists won’t be satisfied until Dan Cathy is on his knees begging for forgiveness and have lesbian cows marrying.


sounds like they caved

incrementalism. homos will perceive this as a ‘win’


  1. "... we are the 53% that actually have money ..."

    Love how they've *already* co-opted this line.

  2. Actually, Anon, Romney co-opted it from them. I'm not sure if I've addressed it here, but it's been a commonly referenced number since the "WE Are The 99%" movement.

  3. Never mind that to a man they are all part of the 99% and I would wager it's pretty likely a majority are part of the 47%.

  4. "I always thought that the purpose of a business was to make money and hire people."

    Once it starts hurting the bottom line, every business everywhere will backtrack, apologize and bend over backwards to get customers back. They might not really be people, but businesses are a damn sight smarter than the average Freeper.