Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kid Rock and Sean Penn do a PSA...


Summary: Penn and Rock agree to set aside their differences as a liberal and a conservative for a PSA to try to tear down harmful political rhetoric.

Since Freepers literally think liberals have scales and horns, this is fairly ineffective there. Also, check out the most ironic comment of the year at the bottom.

libs are not capable of compromise. Good video though.


Liberals openly admit that taxpayer funding of PBS is miniscule and won’t solve our fiscal problems and won’t harm the nation if PBS were forced to stand on their own but can’t give up even those few crumbs.

There is no compromise with them. EVER.


 It was entertaining, and there is merit in the message of recognizing differences and what we have in common. On the other hand, I don’t think much of the idea of selling out or compromising your principles.


 Meh. Penn isn’t a “liberal”, he is an outright Communist who supports tyrannical regimes. He does NOT support American values, period.


My idea of differences of opinion is related to which restaurant to go to for dinner.

It’s not related to backing Hugo Chavez, and fellow travelers of Islamic adherents, Bill Ayers, Bernadene Dorn, Louis Farrakhan, and Barack Obama.

Go out and get tattoos. Wear whatever you like. Bed up with whoever you want. Leave my kids alone. Don’t try to redefine marriage. And don’t ask me to allow anti-Americans into the White House.

I don’t mind differences of opinion, unless that difference of opinion means we soon have a nation half supported by loyalists, and half being torn down by people who hate the Christian God, and everything our Founding Fathers stood for.

The video was misguided, because it sought to legitimize hatred of our nation on a par with love of it.



I look for common ground with my liberal relatives but that’s about it.

Basically I avoid politics and we talk about baseball, dogs, kids etc.


My impression was that it seemed that Kid Rock did almost all the symbolic compromising - all Penn did was wear a NASCAR shirt.

The overall message was that watered-down conservatives should tolerate all the crap that ultra-libs put forth, but the libs don’t have to do squat.

And it didn’t deal with the real issues, just fluffy fringe BS.

I ain’t passing this on to anybody.


 Unadulterated hogwash!

Kid rock has been hornswaggled by the leftists.

Don't buy this crud. The left is incapable of playing nice except to fool you into complacency. 


 "... Lots of division right now."

No. There is NO division among the leftist commie scum. They are lulling you into giving up. Don’t buy it. You are falling into their trap 


 I hate Communism and Communists, every one of them. I wish Joe McCarthy lived long enough to see Gorbachev unseal the KGB files and the Venona Files so that McCarthy was vindicated, 100% right about all those traitors.



Kid Rock rassled with a pig got all dirty and smelly.. for no gain..
Quite stupid..

Worse he treated Penn as an equal..

Penn is so quilty of treason and sedition contempt is not necessary..

Rock is living in fantasy-land.. BUT Penn is not..
Republicans most all seem to be delusional.. not a good sign..


 This was an interesting video and I agree with the several comments about the inability to compromise true values vs. falsehoods. . .its like mixing ice cream with fecal matter. . it's still unfit to consume. 

However, the one positive thing from this is that it shows the Left that they should relinquish their hatred. . .I think the Left's hate is more volatile and dangerous. . .sure we have hatred on the Right, but it is more a hatred of evil and not as personal. . .but the Left has a hatred that allows them to dehumanize those with whom they disagree. . that is why they are dangerous. . .and it is why it is always movement's of the Left that eventually march their own people into the collective farms and reeducation camps. When you oppose the Left, you lose your value as a human in their world view. Conversely, on the Right, even with those with whom we disagree, we recognize they maintain their inalienable rights endowed to them by God.

Another thought about this video, . .it think it is evidence that the Left can sense that their boy Obama is toast!


  1. There's truly no hate so strong and violent as liberal hate, amirite?

  2. I really should be used to seeing Freepers post things like that last one.

  3. It's nothing personal, but the left is literally worse than Hitler.